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chapter 6

1. a, b, c, f, g
2. c, d, f, g, h, i, j
3. e
4. b
5. b, e
6. d
7. c, d

1. you are creating a number of user objects for a team of your organization�s
workers. they will work daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on a contract that is
scheduled to begin in one month and end two months later. they will not work
outside of that schedule. which of the following properties should you configure
initially to ensure maximum security for the objects?

a. password
b. logon hours
c. account expires
d. store password using reversible encryption
e. account is trusted for delegation
f. user must change password at next logon
g. account is disabled
h. password never expires

2. which of the following properties and administrative tasks can be configured or

performed simultaneously on more than one user object?
a. last name
b. user logon name
c. disable account
d. enable account
e. reset password
f. password never expires
g. user must change password at next logon
h. logon hours
i. computer restrictions (logon workstations)
j. title
k. direct reports

3. which tool will allow you to identify accounts that have not been used for two
a. dsadd
b. dsget
c. dsmod
d. dsrm
e. dsquery

4. what variable can be used with the dsmod and dsadd commands to create user-
specific home folders and profile folders?
a. %username%
b. $username$
c. cn=username
d. <username>

5. which tools allow you to output the telephone numbers for all users in an ou?
a. dsadd
b. dsget
c. dsmod
d. dsrm
e. dsquery

6. how do you make a profile mandatory?

a. configure the permissions on the folder�s security property sheet to deny
write permission.
b. configure the permissions on the folders sharing property sheet to allow
only read permission.
c. modify the attributes of the profile folder to specify the read only
d. rename ntuser.dat to

7. a user has forgotten his or her password and attempts to log on several times
with an incorrect password. eventually, the user receives a logon message
indicating that the account is either disabled or locked out. the message suggests
that the user contact an administrator. what must you do?
a. delete the user object and recreate it.
b. enable the user object.
c. unlock the user object.
d. reset the password for the user object.