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ITIL Foundation Certification Guide

ITIL Foundation Certification Guide


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A well implemented Incident Management process will have easily visible benefits. Unlike some
other ITIL processes where benefits may be hard for end users to identify, the benefits of good
incident management will be felt by them directly.

For customers

• Quick restoration of Service following an Incident

• Incidents are not lost or forgotten

• Up to date status of their Incident provided

For IT Organization

• Remove the problem of duplication of effort (once an Incident is solved the resolution will be
easily found and can be applied to future incidents if the re-occur or the resolution can be a
starting point for a different but related incident).

• Clear view of the status and priorities of the Incidents

• Possibility to measure performance against SLA’s.

• Higher user and customer satisfaction

For the business

• Prioritization - the high impact, high urgency, incidents are the ones that jump to the front
of the queue. Resulting in the least possible impact on the business activities.

• Quicker resolution of Incidents leading (productivity gains).

• Management information is provided.

Defining benefits is relatively easy. Realising benefits is difficult as during times of incident a lot of
end users will not want to be convinced that their incident is not a high impact/high priority task
and that there are other incidents demanding attention ahead of them.

This is where the communication skill of IT Staff must be at it's highest (and most tactful).
Carefully selecting the words used to convey this message can be learnt. For instance
acknowledging the frustration they are facing and providing a very brief overview of the things ahead
of them in the queue. This way the person can (hopefully) understand that there are more pressing
issues ahead of theirs. Not dismissing their call as "unimportant" or "I'm busy with other people" or
"You'll have to wait".

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