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Published by: Vijay Hatti on Nov 09, 2011
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Question 1 Rapid Test script wizard is not available to tester if a)VB addins is not loaded b)web addins is not loaded

c) all the above d)None of the above What are the types test you can create in Rapid Test Script Wizard ? a) GUI Regression Test or Bitmap Regression Test, User Interface Test , Test Template b) GUI Regression Test or Bitmap Regression Test, User Interface Test Only c) Only Test Template



What are no of testing stages in Testing Process a) 3 b) 4 c) 6 d) 9


What is command to set the focus to the required window before executing test window ? a) win_activate b) set_window c) win_open d) win_setfocus What is function for loading a Compiled Module a) load_compiled b) Do not require any function. It is automatically loaded, when you run test script. c) load() d) Function_name load To which category does the function get_text belongs to a) Context Sensitive Function b) Input Device Function c) Text Checkpoint Function d) GUI Checkpoint Function What are types of GUI Map Files a) Global GUI Map File , GUI Map Per File b) GUI per Test File c) Only (a) d) Only (b)




a) First line in the test script b) GUI Map Editor c) From Results window d) From Checkpoints To Find the object properties in WinRunner we use a) 4Test Agent b) Inspector c) Object Spy d) GUI Spy Method which is NOT used to learn GUI Objects in WinRunner a) Learn button in GUI Map Editor b) Data Driver Wizard c) Recording d) Rapid Test Script Wizard In which GUI Map File mode we do get Rapid Test Script Wizard a) Global GUI File Mode b) Recording mode c) Playback mode d) GUI Per Test mode How WinRunner handles varying GUI Object labels a) Regular Expression b) Exception Handling c) Batch Files d) Compiled Module What is checklist extension for GUI Checkpoint a) . How to identify which GUI Map File is loaded.gui c) .8.ckl b) .t What are types of batch tests in WinRunner a) Shell Script b) Test Suite c) Task Group d) No Batch Types are present How to write information to Test Results a) SQALogMessage b) agent.display c) tl_step d) report_msg The shortcut key for GUI Checkpoint for object / window 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 .c d) .

a) Ctrl_R+ F12 b) F12 c) F9 d) F2 17 How many Syncronization Points can be added in between two steps in a Test Script a) 1 Only b) 2 Only c) As appropraite d) 10 Only There __________ types of Synchronization Point in WinRunner a) 3 Types b) 4 Types c) No Types d) TSL Types Which among the following is an Checkpoint in WinRunner a) Standard b) Table c) Region Image d) Text What are NOT types of cursor commands for Debugfing in WinRunner a) Step Into b) Step Over c) Step Out d) Debug 18 19 20 .

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