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Night At The Museum 2

Security guard Larry Daley works in a museum where a magical tablet brings all the museum people to life after the sun goes down. However, the museum is closed down and all the museum people are sent off to the Smithsonian Institute in Washingon D.C. Larry receives a phone call and realizes that something is very wrong. He infiltrates the Smithsonian Institution in order to rescue Jedediah and Octavius from an evil pharaoh called Kahmunrah who is back from the dead after 3000 years.

The Setup (DVD Chapters 5 8): Watch the movie and answer the questions below. Start watching about 15 minutes into the movie and answer the questions. You will need to watch about 15 minutes to answer all of the questions. 1. Who calls Larry at home? Jed the little cowboy 2. Why does Larry go to Washington D.C.? Because something is wrong with the tablet 3. What is the biggest museum in the world? The Smithsonian Institute 4. What is the guards name? Brandon 5. Is the guard nice to Larry? No, he is mean and angry 6. What does Larry do to make the guard angry? He touches the artifacts 7. What will Brandon hit Larry with? His flashlight 8. Why does Larry hug Brandon? To steal his ID card 9. What does Larry take from the Locker Room? A uniform and flashlight 10. How much time does Larry have before sundown? 28 minutes 11. What is Kahmunrah? A pharaoh 12. Who is holding the tablet? The monkey

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The Plot (DVD Chapters 13 15): Start watching about 45 minutes into the movie and answer the questions. You will need to watch about 15 minutes to answer all of the questions. 1. What are the two gangsters doing? Playing cards/ Poker 2. Where is Jed the cowboy? Inside a cage 3. Who captures Larry? Napolean 4. What is Larry going to do? Translate the tablet 5. Why is the octopus happy? He got wet 6. What does Teddy want? His nose scratched 7. Why? Because he doesnt have any arms 8. Does Teddy translate the tablet for Larry? Yes 9. Who kisses Larry? Amelia 10. What song do the cupids sing? My heart will go on from Titanic 11. Where is Larry going? To another part of the museum / Air and Space Museum 12. What does Kahmunrah think Larry is doing? Running away with the tablet

The End(DVD Chapters 20 22): Start watching about 1:15 minutes into the movie and answer the questions. You will need to watch about 15 minutes to answer all of the questions. 1. Who got the combination? Al Capone 2. Who returns to save Larry? Octavius, the Roman soldier 3. What is he riding? A squirrel 4. Who comes with Octavius? Abraham Lincoln 5. What does Kahmanrah want to do to Larry? Kill him 6. Who does Amelia return with? All to the museum people 7. Who is slapping? Larry and the monkeys 8. What do Octavius and Jed do? Stab everybodys feet 9. Who is fighting over the tablet? Ivan, Napolean, and Al Capone 10. What does Larry fight Kahmunrah with? A flashlight 11. What does Larry tell Kahmunrah he is? The night guard 12. Where does Larry throw Kahmunrah? Back into the underworld

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TEFL Lesson Plan: Night At The Museum 2

1. Start off the class by telling the students they will watch a movie. Show them the cover of the DVD and ask if they have seen it yet. 2. Tell them a little bit about the movie. You can explain that in the first movie Larry Daley was a night guard in the museum, and give them a quick run-down of what happens. 3. Chat with them about museums. Ask them what kind of things they might see in a museum. Ask if there are any museums in their city and if they have ever been to one. 4. Go over the questions with them and make sure they understand the questions before watching the first section. That way they will know what to look for. 5. Then let them watch the corresponding section of the movie and answer the questions as they watch it. 6. When the first section is finished, go ahead and give them a minute or so to answer any questions they forgot to fill out while engrossed in the movie. ;) 7. Review the questions with them orally and make sure they understood the questions and answer them correctly. 8. Rinse and repeat with each of the other sections as you have time in class. You may only have time to do one or two of the sections. 9. Optionally, you could just focus on one section and watch it a couple of times in English without subtitles and then with the subtitles to improve their comprehension. 10. For homework, you could have them research and create a poster or report about one of the characters from the movie. (i.e. Al Capone, Napolean, Amelia Earheart, etc.)

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