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Reaction Paper About TELEPHONE CONVERSATION By Wole Soyinka

The Telephone Conversation by Wole Soyinka is about a black or an African man who is inquiring about an apartment. She phoned the landlady and inquired about the whereabouts and price of the apartment. After the landlady had satisfied his inquiries the man confessed about his nationality as the persona in the poem is aware of the prejudice of whites against people of African descent. The persona was astounded by the cold reaction of the landlady. This prompted the black man to defend himself without using foul or words but with his intellect. The use of satire and unconditioned repetition are used to convey the obvious ''Racism'

The sarcasm and the irony of the story make one mind to think about it and reflect on it. It creates a curiosity deep in ourself that we search for the true meaning of what the author really wants to say to us. The author makes us aware of the situation of the blacks without directly stating the message to us.

The story is humorously created and I myself found it amusing even though it tackles a very serious subject. The story made me understand that difference in color does not make one supreme over another. The intellect and values a man have in himself is what matters most not the color or the physical appearance.