Adjusting memory size Jinitiator 1. Start C:\Windows\SysWOW64\plugincpl13122.cpl (64-bit) or C:\Windows\system32\plugincpl13122.

cpl (32-bit) or navigate to your Control Panel and start it from there. 2. In the tab Basic at Java Runtime Parameters, fill in the desired values like the image above. Step -2
Have your LSP change the memory setting for the Sun Java Plug‐in to 256 Mb. The steps in this procedure can vary depending on the Sun Java version and your operating system. The following steps are for Windows PC clients: 1. Launch the Windows Control Panel by selecting Start, Settings, Control Panel. 2. Launch Java from within Windows Control Panel. 3. In the Java Control Panel, on the Java tab, under 'Java applet runtime settings', click View button, and type the following in the Java Runtime Parameters column: (click in the box prior to typing) ‐Xmx256M (case sensitive).

Note: There may be more than one version to select from. Most Integrated System users are using Product 1.6.0_16. The runtime parameter should be added to that line. 4. Click: OK 5. Click: Apply 6. Click: OK

If you are using discoverer client then please use following
DISCOVERER DESKTOP ======================= For Discoverer Desktop, you can increase as necessary depending upon the the client machine resources.

Verify all options as you had originally set for this workbook under Tools >> Options >> Query Governor has not changed for this client. For example, if you have increased the option: "Retrieve data in incremental groups of:" from 250 rows to 10,000 rows, you may need more room in the cache.

Check your Cache settings under Tools >> Options >> Cache. Ensure that the Memory Cache and Disk Cache settings are appropriate for the Disk space and memory size of the PC. You can view the Cache Status to see the amount used. You can also adjust the "Clear this amount from cache when full" variable. Ensure the temp directory or the Disk Cache Directory has sufficient space. Ensure there is sufficient Physical Memory (RAM) to perform the operation. Test on multiple client machines for reproducibility.

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