Tailbone Problems in the USA Tailbone pain is a disorder in or around the area of the coccyx, which causes pa in to the

tailbones of human body. Studies show that the true cause of this diso rder in not yet verified. In some event, tumor, infections or fracture, and the abnormal, excessive mobility of the tailbone infection may cause tailbone pain. Here are some of the symptoms to determine the existence of tail bone pain. 1. Deep ache around the tailbone 2. Sensitivity to finger pressure on the tip or edges of the tailbone 3. Shooting pains down the leg 4. prefer sitting on a marble that moves around 5. Like to sit on a knife 6. Like being impaled on a garden cane. 7. Unnecessary pain during bowel movements, and sometimes before 8. Pain during sexual intercourse, either in men or women. Studies show that the number of people suffering from this kind of disorder in U NITED STATES is still unrealized. However, many Americans suffer from tailbone p ain, and experiencing with different symptoms. Here are some tips to ease the pain without doing any surgery method. People suffering from tailbone pain should not sit for long period of time, and be careful about their position while sitting as the body can make your tailbone pain disappear or make it even worse. There are also exercises which people suffering tailbone pain can do, to correct their body posture, such as the shoulder blade squeeze and often takes only jus t 5-10 minutes their rime each day. Avoid sitting on bumpy or shaky seats for example. Sometimes people suffering from this kind of disorder complain that after sittin g for a long period of time, the pain increases when they stand up. The best rem edy for this is to stand up slowly and gently. If the tailbone pain is caused or increased during bowel movements or constipati on, intake stool softeners and increased fiber and drink more water .

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