Caricature Lamps

BY: Yukti Sood
Manvi Chhabra

Logo .

Punchline “something that brings good hap” .

Characterstics • Less expensive • Attractive • Available in differnt designs n patterens • Lamp customization • Dim light : Doesn’t disturb the children while sleeping and doesn’t make them feel scared during dark. .

Characters .

but somewhat differently than other groups. . So. Market segmentation can be defined as the process of identifying groups of people who behave in similar ways to each other.Market Segmentation The breaking down or building up of potential buyers into groups called Market Segments.

Market Segmentation Bases Geographic Behavioral Market Segmentation Bases Psychographic Demographic .

We have segmented our product taking : • Demographic basis: Age as a determinant factor that is children below 15 years of age • Geographic basis: Target Region is Delhi/NCR .

Cost Involved • • • • Manufacturing Cost Labour Cost Promotion and Distribution Cost Branding Cost • Pricing Techqnique used: “Peniteration” .

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