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NOTE: This is for discussion puposes only - these formulae are not proven correct
Mill Specs
X travel in inches 18.13 inches
Y travel in inches 6.25 inches
Z travel in inches 5 inches

Motor Calcs
Motor Rated Peak (Stall) Torque 600 oz. in.
Motor Rated Contstant Torque (Kt) 50 oz. in.
Motor Voltage Constant (Kv) 37.01 volts per 1000RPM
Motor Rated Speed 900 RPM
Stall Current 12 Amps
Power (Watts) 33.31 Watts
Power (HP) 0.04 HP
Power (in.lbs/min) 17681 in.lbs./minute
desired axis feed rate 180 in./min.
Time for full X travel 6.0 seconds
Time for full Y travel 2.1 seconds
force available 98.2 lbs.

Power Supply Calculations

Nominal Driver current 0.93 Amps
Driver Voltage 36.00 Volts
Peak (stall) current 12.00 Amps

LeadScew Calcs
Leadscrew TPI 10 Threads per inch
RPM of Leadscrew for above table feed rate 1800 RPM

Reduction Gearing
Reduction Ratio 2 :1
Force applied to leadscrew 100 force
Force applied to Part 392.5 lbs. force
Leadscrew RPM 450 RPM
Actual axis feed rate 45 in./min

Max Peak Force available 4710 lbs force

Table resolution 0 inch
Counts per inch 10000 CPI
Motor revolutions per 1 table inch 20 revolutions
counts per revolution 500 counts
Counts per encoder line 4 counts
Encoder resolution 125 line encoder

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puposes only - these formulae are not proven correct

volts per 1000RPM

Torque Constant for motor (K T)
Volts per 1000RPM (K V)
formula KV = 0.7402 KT