It is the 41st millennium

for a hundred centuries... The false God of mankind has sat, rotting in his own filth, atop a golden lavatory. The blind call him the master of mankind, we call him the imperator of idiots. And it is by the will of the chaos Gods do the peoples of mankind live, for now. The truth is that the emperor is already half dead! and a thousand witches are needlessly slaughtered each day to some arcane throw back to the dark age of technology ; the so called golden throne. Across the the realm of man, battlefleets traverse the immaterium, guided by the phantasmagoric light of the astronomicon, a deceptive beacon-like symbol that the weak willed and hopeless cling to as evidence of their absent father; the so called emperor of mankind. Mankinds only hope lies with the chaos marines, who first saw the truth of the emperors lies, It lies with abhumans ; the next step in mankinds evolution, it lies with the dissenters of orthodoxy whom the blind call heretics, and mankinds future lies with the powers and denizens of the warp for whom nothing is impossible...

Prologue ; District immoral eight

His foot steps beat the cobbled sediment stone with increasingly laboured force. Mani tumgyz was slowing down. “just,60 metres...58,56...almost there” he gasped. He knew he couldn’t keep up this speedy flight from his pursuer for much longer. If he could just reach the OUT-HOUSE INN! “ 48,47- cough-cough 44-metres to go !” “Tumgyz !!! g’back’ere you grox-scite i’m gonna tear you a new crappa hole !” Tumgyz chanced a glance over his shoulder. All he could see through the near toxic smog was a dark shadow rapidly coming closer. “29, 28 ,27 oupfh !” Tumgyz tripped but instinctively twisted in mid air to land right-shoulder side on to the ground trying desperately to negate the full force of the fall .
“cough-cough warp damn this fog!”

Tumgyz tried to stand but felt dizzy. He reached for his head and felt a wetness“blood? I didn’t land that hard did I ?” “TUMGYZ!! I SEE YOU, YOU FEEVING WHORE-SON !” A pallid, bald be-muscled brute, materialised out of the fog, he was literally foaming at the mouth. Now Mai-Tumgyz was close enough to make out the black knife tattoo on right shoulder and tan

waist coat adorning his pursuers rippling chest; this was the tale-tale ‘uniform’ of one of Sodom-Hive’s two most feared paramilitary gangs; The Black knifes. The black-knives foot soldier was also brandishing in his right hand the signature weapon of a Black knifer, a twelve inch serrated blackened long knife. The black-knife foot soldier was no more than five metres a way from Mai-tumgyz now . To his eyes mai-tumgyz looked like easy prey, no more than a skinny youth wrapped up in grey overalls who stole from the wrong people. He approached Tumgyz slowy savouring the moment before he would make this latest kill. This shouldn’t take long, the black knife foot soldier thought. “Tumgyz, i’m gonna give you two choices; give back whats not yours and i’ll Gut ya fast, don’t give back whats not yours and i’ll gut ya slowly and i’ll still get back whats mine! Understand?!” ...Mai-tumgyz tilted his head to his left straining to see through the smog filled ocre-red sky as if considering the foot soldiers ‘offer.’ In fact He first decided against a sardonic response. (pointing out the black knifes eccentric syntax would only anger the man , then he’d really be in trouble!) secondly, Tumgyz decided to listen to the way the ambient sound was ricocheting off of the nearby smog blackened tenement blocks. Tumgyz was also guest-ta-mating the pitch and volume needed for sound to reach the OUTHOUSE-INN from his position. Tumgyz inhaled and hoped that this would be one of those times his near-preternatural skill at oration would be of benefit. “Black knife I name you sclavus and fol !” Mai-tumgyz whispered almost spat the words at the bemused looking blacknife footsoldier. The foot soldier suddenly staggered back as if he’d been slapped, this sediment stone is bloody chippey, the soldier thought to himself. A brief smile on Tumgyz’s face faded as he saw The soldier wafting real or imaginary whisps of smog away from his face and again affixing his now angry looking glare on Tumgyz. This momentary distraction, was all Tumgyz had to work with and Tumgyz started bellowing at the top of his voice“BLACK KNIFE! BLACK KNIFER!! BLACK KNIFE FOOTSOLDIER !!! I DON’T CARE MUCH FOR YOU MASTER BLACK KNIFER! OR YOUR PRETENTIONS ON MY LIFE SIR!, BUT IF YOU COULD SEE IT IN YOUR BLACK HEART SIR , TO RETURN TO ME AN ANSWER, MOST POSTIVE THAT I will REMAIN ALIVE SIR, NOT TOO LONG AFTER THIS ENCOUNTER, THEN I SWEAR BY SAINT SEBASTER, AND BY your HOLY THRONE OF TERROR that I MIGHT return your treasure. WHAT SAY YOU INFRONT OF MY, PEOPLE OF THE D.I.E. TO YOU AND I, THATS; DISTRICT. IMMORAL. EIGHT hmm, what say you ?”

For good or ill this was where he would stand. “master black knifer there are times when even i must admit that we can’t have it all and there are some abstract things. Or die. Tumgyz had hoped and half planned. IMMORAL. As he was about to board a civilian shuttle that would take him forever away from Sodom hive.. He was too tired after his chase of mai-tumgyz to flee. and coliflower ears to prove it.. . bullet holes. It was beautifully brutal. the black knives principle rivals. IMMORAL. Tumgyz would now defile this near holy relic. Historians would later say that the events in DISTRICT. EIGHT. If only the white knives had abated their blood lust for a moment to see why the Black knifer had blindly chased someone into white knife territory. The rivalry between the two KNIFE paramilitary groups was almost as old as Sodom Hive itself. he looked up to the now crimson sky imagining the black-knifers near de- . The black knifer was an experienced street fighter with the knife scars. Tumgyz thought and smiled outwardly to the black knifer while spinning to look at the three men who in turn were closing in on the black knifer.Tumgyz brandished his universal pass like some talisman warding off the port securitas enforcers. He chuckled to himself. He dabbed the still wet blood on his forehead. He’d stolen the pass from some Black knife major who considered it almost a holy relic.. that even I. The pass was supposedly over 900 years old. nor THE BLACK KNIFES CANNOT HAVE .. He would take his chances with these half drunk men. The pass was worth a million times it’s weight in gold coin and granted it’s bearer unfetted passage via any chartist or naval merchantmen to any planet in the emperium. he still couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from.The black knife foot soldier was now only a few feet away from Tumgyz.. thrice blessed universal void pass. The pair were now being surrounded by passers by including some drunks of the OUTHOUSE-INN three of whom had a history with the Black knifes. The three white knives moved silently and slowly walked and encircled the black knifer.. EIGHT... the hive that he was born in. He savoured the ‘schlouch’ sound of a white-knife blade entering black-knife flesh. Mai Tumgyz left and made his way to the lower DISTRICT..” the black knife foot soldier thought this odd but still pointed in the direction of the OUTHOUSE-INN without taking his eyes off of Tumgyz “ i can take that when ever i want Tumgyz” you are a slave to your ego and now i have you fool. it’s golden silica coated border glintining in the dull light of an over hanging gas street light rested in Tumgyz’ hands. “ you must’ve fecking hit your head on the ground harder than I thought ya gob-scite” Tumgyz’s loud rant had brought a small crowd of people out onto the street.The Administratum sanctioned. He painted in the bottom left hand corner an almost imperseptably small SIGN OF KNHORNE! He looked up to the now scarlet sky and craned his head so that he could hear the cacophonous sound of a Black/White knife street battle.. If only the black knifer had known that the OUTHOUSE-INN was one of the favourite drinking dens of these three lower tier white knives’... Was the spark that started of one of the worst periods of intergang violence to ever hit sodom hive. like that sign over there-the OUTHOUSE-INN for example. . unsheathing their trade mark white knives.void port. he waited and was rewarded with the gurgling gasping sound as a white-knife blade (he prayed) must have entered a black-knife throat. The blood suddenly drained from the black knifer’s face as his eyes meet those of the three rapidly sobering men. No.. slipping down a smog blackened side street to savour his stolen prize. Outnumbered. he could hear the ‘smack’ of a black-knife fist hitting a white-knife face. Tumgyz was stepping back now holding his hands up as if to surrender.Tumgyz backed off.

recognise the truth of the imperial creed. hundred gallon drums of chilled promethium wasn’t doing his back any good.oh.. since leaving scarus sector. in 48 hours hence. acknowledging the truth of the hidden gods and through their enlightenment bettering humanity. So. ‘blood for the blood God my first offering to my first God. acknowledge the power of the Imperator in all things.may you not be my last’   The Puiblic motto of the schola. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to steal a look out of the lower deck view ports..Over the ships loud hailer system the captain of the Good-Hope spoke to the crew. Good-Hope. And be watchful of any yawning void gates in deck three aft section..and any coolant viens in deck three mid section. then for thrones sake don’t try to now! This is the last time that I will remind you all not to! And that anything untoward experienced is on your head! My tech adepts inform me that the mechanisms and machine spirits will be ‘appeased’. eventually. Chapter one: warp bound A thrice sanctioned universal void pass may guarantee passage to the stars but it does not decide the manner of ones passage. Being wedged between three. Tumgyz had spent the best part of four weeks cursing the cramped.. Mai Tumgyz tried to rub the feeling back into his numbed legs and spine. my navigator informs me that we will be translating back into real space. . and counted the days until the ship reached its destination . to the passengers and crew of the Good-Hope.. and His enlightenment bettering humanity. “Is this thing on?. ahem. near freezing conditions.capitaion at the hands of the white-knives and whispered to himself... until such time avoid the view ports on deck three forward section.” . Terran time approximate. The storage vault that Tumgyz had been assigned as his ‘quaters’. That is all. emperor wiling. The secret Didactica Magna/motto of the secret schola. recognising the lie of reality.. This is captain Boutros Blythe the 67th . was on a lower deck in a thermally cooled section of the merchant ship. It wasn’t improving his mood either.

was Ferrane the one-armed ships medic. Ferrane was truly corpulent. Past the other tables of black uniformed mostly men sat a solitary woman.13 years after her refit-” “-thank you! mister Blewitt. blood red lips and ashen skin captivated and intrigued Tumgyz how could somebody so corpse white still be breathing? Tumgyz thought. The sight of Her flame coloured ringlets. cast strange shadows below her table.. a flickering lantern. Often pushed to her limit. better to control the eating habits of the crew and make sure nobody wasted any food.the Merchant vessel Good-hope was a civilian refitted.Then.. Ferrane lost his left arm whilst he was in the imperial Guard and was currently using his remaining right arm to attack a knobbly brown ration bar on a plasticard plate with a two pronged fork. my first mate does love so reminding me. khaki pantaloons and grox hide boots.3366 she suffered a calamitous event and was practically gutted. “.” Still in grey overalls. had stopped eating.I see her royal snooty-noseness hasn’t deemed to speak to anyone today” ferrane said food still dripping from his mouth. but by the light of the astromonicon we will make calixis!” “with or without those deck-three view-port shutters closed” mr Blewitt mumbled. Unlike the normal hierarchical separation of the captains dining area and crew mess. dressed in his synth-silk azure blue waist coat. Tumgyz didn’t like watching Ferrane eat. the captain and his first mate. “. “my ship may still have some damned rats in her-” “. to the extent that it almost looked like part of his uniform. but the name was already inscribed on the universal pass.. Whereas Blewitts black one piece ship uniform looked oversized.. and given over to the Blythe family as recompense for a heroic action. The captain often ate with those of lesser responsibility. master malthaite. Tell me young man. . Renovated. it reminded him of seeing a mega-rat rooting around the ancient detritus mountains back in Sodom Hive. ex-navy cobra destroyer. captain i mean’t no offence. how should my vessel be run?” “forgive me. Above her. The captain and his first mate were a double act providing Tumgyz with the only vague entertainment throughout the entire voyage. cream shirt. Gone were her forward torpedo bays and 90% of her port and starboard ballista cannons. Ferrane wore a mane of shaggy black hair and his beard was similarly shaggy black. Ferrane stopped momentarily masticating his food to have a look into the far corner of the mess hall. through the warp. Ferranes identical black one piece uniform looked like it was about to burst at the seams. In their place were enlarged storage vaults. distances spanning entire sectors.. the ship was almost totally demilitarised. under her original navy designation as C. The only other person on the round table with Tumgyz. diminutive and wiry first mate. now classed as a light courier vessel. I was merely passing comment on the longevity of this distinguished and seasoned vessel. her only companion. I did not mean to over step my place..D. the Good-hope was time and again expected to traverse. Compared with the bald. but well kept. there was a central mess hall where all the crew ate. The silver haired clean cut captain. always on the verge of exhausting her reserves of fuel and consumables. “i have you now!” Ferrane exclaimed as he hefted the ration bar whole into his mouth. and this afternoon was no exception. onboard the Good-Hope. The collar of ferranes one-piece was always dappled with unkown green stains. Tumgyz loathed being called malthaite.

And besides. morphia ! i beg you give me morphia AAARRGGHH !!!” “i’m sorry my friend.” Captain Blythe chided. “clearly mistress lilli is found of her own company.. “. A day or so away from those deck-three viewports should fix them right up.. sighed. in the ships infirmary.. atop a pile of filth.... “pastor..I see him he has. or a ration biscuit might put some colour back into her cheeks. Then. ferrane medic. The pastor stoped squirming and lay prone. everywhere that is.he is not divine! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!” the pastor started convulsing and frothing about the mouth. “AAArrrgghhh!!! . A single round yellowing lantern above the pastors gurney provided the only light that ferrane was working with. it is important you try to remain calm” said Ferrane.. The pastor suddenly stopped. The monitoring device ferrane was starring at now showed two perfectly horizontal green and red lines. how are your patients doing?” “oh. I see him. But i doubt it.. go over there and offer young mistress lilli some grogg-amasec . captain Blythe put a hand on Ferranes shoulder. “tell me. master malthaite.. The medic Ferrane looked at an antiquated monitoring device hooked up to the pastor. i really can’t explain it... listen to me.” “PPLLEEAASSEE! it hurts!” the pastor screamed. “BBUURRPP! pphhuurrt” the pastor started uncontrollably breaking-wind and belching . Tumgyz was looking forward to a more ‘private’ meeting later on....Blurrrgh ” the pastor projectile vomited into the air..he saw her gazing out through a view port. emerging out of a darkened corner like some deathly reaper come to harvest. You’ll wake the other patients” On the monitoring devices screen. staring blank eyed straight up..I see. you know we’re rationing it. and you’ve already enough morphia in your veins to knock out an alpha-Grox.“for Shame. “AAARRRGGGHHH!!! It burns Emperor help me!! My stomach !! i can’t take it !!!for Thrones sake Ferrane give me something for the pain. vainly trying to hold the pastors head from knocking back on to the gurney. and gently undulating blue lines suddenly became erratic peaks. The Good-Hopes pastor.Meanwhile. fights for his life. and i would not want to intrude on one so lost in thought” Said Tumgyz. they seem to be suffering from a little warp fever Mr Malthaite. . His face was deathly pale.. Lilli was being bathed in the raw light of the warp.A few hours later mani tumgyz made his way silently past dozing crewmen sentries on deck two. atleast remind her that the mess hall is for eating and not brooding. sweat glistening on his forehead.” ... The clashing radiance of the warp threw an indescribable incandesce on to her face. Tumgyz had searched almost the entire ship from stem to stern looking for Lilli. “perhaps a little amasec. it’s green. . lying strapped down to an infirmary gurney. out across the miasma of the warp.” mr Blewitt remarked. then closed his eyes. except for deck three.. “my friend you must try to calm yourself. Ferrane stayed silent and just kept starring at the monitoring device.. his greying brown hair slicking to his scalp. red. and crept down a winding emergency staircase. breath not stirring from his body..

this time the blue undulating lines of the monitoring device finally went flat. opened a draw and started rummaging around. er-the part of the body that doesn’t require him to be alive to operate.. ferrane” “. sir ?. at first i thought he was suffering from a little warp fever.. silly me. what sort of illness kills a man like this?” “well. “ferrane. Little streaks of blood and brain matter spurted out around the edges of the spike where it sealed with the pastors skull.. there are other crewman with similar symptons in the infirmary.. stony faced. half smirking at the captain. ferrane starred at the captain with a worried look. if any one asks to manner of the pastors death..“he has given up the ghost Ferrane ?” “captain! I didn’t see you back there” “well. is he dead ?”...” ferrane said coldly. The spike was still imbedded in the pastors skull when Ferrane looked at the still bobbing blue line of the monitoring device. plague . “ .. “oh.. but now -” “ –I’ve never heard of a little warp fever killing a man like this before” cut in the captain. deliver unto him the Emperors mercy” Ferrane turned back to a dusty grey cabinet.. ‘fraid so sir” “Are you certain? what of that blue line on that device of yours?” the captain pointed toward the screen that registered only the blue line barely rising and falling. The spike finally left the pastors crown with a pop sprayng more jets of blood on to the floor.” added ferrane. I assure you that body can no longer hold a soul.... forgot for amoment where the medulla-oblongata was” said Ferrane.. tell me. Ferrane tried to prise the contraption’s spike from the pastors skull like he was removing a stubborn cork out of a bottle of red wine. “ The thing is. that line measures no more than brain activity in the ‘medulla oblongata’.. When he turned back to the prone body of the pastor he held in his hand an odd looking contraption that looked like a cross between an ice pick and a revolver. The spike at the end of the contraption shot out of it’s barrel with a psst-stoom! sound and impacted on the pastors head with a dull schloocth sounding thud... “oh. The captain stared back. “Then put his body out of it’s misery.” . “may your soul find it’s way to the emperor” said captain blythe “Ferrane. Ferrane again picked up the contraption and aimed it at the nape of the pastors skull and pulled the trigger. keep this to yourself. Ferrane carefully placed the contraption on the gurney next to the pastor while he turned the pastors head to face left. say that he gave himself too much morphia-” “-but captain if others start dying the same way-” “-then we will have proof-” “proof sir ?” “i suspect you know of what i fear. Ferrane held the contraption at the crown of the pastors head and pulled the trigger.

once port authority announces us unclean.... where one side never sees our sun. Ferrane i want you to burn the body as discreetly as you can. But the small clues were enough for a mind like Tumgyz’s.. have you ever seen anything as dazzling?” lilly pressed. i will have no choice but to declare us to Port-Authority as Blight Risk-” “-But captain. “you see I come from a feudal world. On my home world we believe it is a sin to witness our sun and a very bad portent to witness any star while in system.-” “-you have less than twelve hours ferrane. a white sun can blind. 12 hours ferrane” . they will quarantine us. Witling and cross referencing. “no. her gaze never turning from the faint incandescence of the warp-light. Tumgyz’ mind was almost instantaneously rifling through hundreds of possible planets and sifting through them with the brief detail lilliy had given him. He was standing no more than four feet away from lilly now.” Tumgyz smiled lasciviously. sir. “i’m not sure. have an odd custom.“plague. till we translate back into real space. “you really shouldn’t be starring out there you wouldn’t want something untoward to happen. but i’ve been told that if seen. Tumgyz finally announced his success “the people of Strigoi .” Sniggered lilly. for much longer it can even combust soiled undergarments. i’ve heard tales of entire ships crew being allowed to die while planetary governers sit on their arses-too afraid to even send in apothecaries to find out one way another if a plague is on a ship. “like what ?” answered lilly. Tumgyz was starring at lily’s chest.” With her brief explanation over lilliy turned back to the warp. just out of the light of the warp. looking for the almost imperceptible rise and fall that told a person was breathing.. and if a criminal has been particularily nasty they execute him and bury him or her . The light made her blood red lips so much brighter.Meanwhile. but in truth i’ve never seen a sunrise let alone witnessed a sun in system. but the captain seems to think-” “-have you ever seen anything as vivid before? ” cut in lily. surely you have at least seen a red dwarf. The only faint light was coming from the warp. “you jest now.. Lilli finally broke her gaze from the warp for a moment to briefly look in Tumgyz’ direction. Tumgyz was close enough to Lilly to see that she was wearing a purple blouse and long black skirt. “ but you travel in a merchantman.. ah. “i’m sorry ?” “the warp.. if memory serves me. If you cannot identify some alternate cause of the pastors death by the time we reach port. Tumgyz thought this very strange. back on deck three. “i’m afraid I didn’t see the brown dwarf” “Hm. of burying a bottle of amasec with their dead. The corridor strip-lanterns on the ceiling that the pair were standing under were all off. STILL staring through the porthole.” Tumgyz moved around the edges of the fall of the warp-light. It did not rise nor fall as he expected instead it stayed level and constant. He admired the curve of her lower back. i will not disgrace the good name of Blythe by brining some contagion to blight a world of the emperor . that’s a bit odd if you don’t mind me saying” Tumgyz couldn’t quite place why this was feeling so peculiar. still looking through the port hole.. and deducing lilly’s homeworld with near preternatural accuracy.” Said Tumgyz.. Her flame coloured hair strangely complimented the almost garish purple top. but for an instant. we past a brown dwarf just before we translated into the warp if memory serves.

The Intensity of her eyes was enough to distract Tumgyz from Lilliys red hair that.my. Madame lily” “it must have been an extraordinary Schola master maltwaite” “the Schola that I attended was quite exclusive.” “How mysterious. even Forbidden Lore. was truly radiant.. Her eyes were both so cold.i was taught it at a Schola. tell me more...T. ‘and what happens to you if you graduate this schola?’ lilly asked coyly Tumgyz was screaming internally to stay silent.. EATOG CIN academy .. it only tutored those of an aptitude and potential that was above and beyond the very best. but to no avail. He for the first time had a good look into her eyes..” Tumgyz flashed a knowing grin at lilly. institute de CO. It was pure bliss. members of the administratum. but the words seemed to leave his mouth of their own accord.. ‘-you wound up dead before the end of the day and every trace of your existence was erased’ tumgyz was perspiring with the shock of divulging one of his biggest secrets. “yyyooouou graduate knowing that the skills that have been learnt at the ‘schola’ will help you to intsert yourself within the upper echelons of imperial society. Scholastic Lore. This in theory.. He felt as though he could disappear into the nothingness of her eyes and surrender all that was his knowing that he would be filled with utter joy. so warm and yet so inviting. what was lilly?! . What strange eyes You have.. only one child of every generation was apprenticed to a master. He could think of almost nothing but wanting lilly.. in the faint glow of the warp-light. Imperial guard if need be. they seem to be of a different colour to each other.. Never before had he seen such dark irises. Tumgyz was at once filled with an indescribable sense of dread. You do seem to be quite knowledgeable about my homeworld.the schola was very exclusive. The schola had many names.” In his very first year of attending the ‘schola’ he was taught how to erect psycho-resistant antiinterrogation mind mazes and methods had been imbedded within his subconscious to give false positives when being hypno-probed. He tried to will his legs to work so he might at least run away but they would not move. was supposed to provide him with an ability to resist very potent interrogators of a standard that even those servants of the holy ordos could muster. “. If you failed to surpass the head mistresses expectations on a regular basis you were.. Tumgyz was something of a prodigy even amongst his peers at the ‘schola’ but still his various levels of mental barriers were being broken apart like they weren’t even there..” Tumgyz suspected strongly that he must be being bewitched. In his mind’s eye he scrolled through almost every counter-acting spell and incantation. desperately.. pictured every warding rune he could think of to ward of pyskers and psychic attacks.at a cross road.A. surplant legitamite members of ruling councils. to if need be.. you didn’t pick the ‘schola’ the ‘schola’ picked you.E to name a few. where did you learn of it ?” Tumgyz was immediately filled with the most intense feeling of pleasure that he had ever experienced in his entire life. Lilly finally spoke “malthwaite. few people are even aware of it’s existence.I. ‘. Lilliy slowly turned her gaze from the warplight that had so captivated her and turnend to stare at Tumgyz.’ Tumgyz tried desperately to stay silent.. You were taught all sorts of Common Lore. shadow names. madly trying to will his mouth shut but to no avail. isn’t it?. all in aid of destroying the established order to bring down imperial society to please the ppaatttrroonnss..N.

Both Tumgyz and lilliy had to shield their eyes from the warp-light. Tumgyz felt transformed by the light and no longer thought of only desiring lilly.. grey haired. Tumgyz was amazed at the speed her digits moved at operating the weapon. he now thought of only desiring himself and the pure pleasure of how magnificent mai Tumgyz was. Lilly spoke as though her words were being scratched out on a chalk board “ i know the powers of Darkness and Chaos Maltwaite. At first i thought there was just one of you. Her fingers were a blur depressing both the hammer and trigger. “. who were these patrons?” Tumgyz tried one last time and put all his faith in his true masters.. Lilly was finally distracted enough for tumgyz to flee and he ran for the nearest emergency staircase and didn’t look back. pink mini intestines and other bits of organs sloshing around the floor but still hundreds of the rats came on. this ship is operating under lockdown protocols until further notice that is all. as if something was skittering around across the deck plating. Lilly replaced spent cartridges with fresh bullets so fast with such a blur of speed.. falling almost meekly.. khorne! Tzeench!! Slannesh!!! Nurgle!!!! As if in reponse Tumgyz felt an unbelievable surge of adrenalin. Tumgyz heard a dialogue of squeaking.“Tell me malthwaite. Until further notice any nonessential fraternising is banned. Lilly pointed the gun at the mounting horde and pulled the trigger. after row of rats. Lilly heard it too and looked down into the gloom of an adjoining corridor... Row after row. but now i know there are two!. click-bang sound echoed off the bulkheads of the corridor. Tumgyz looked over at lilly but the warp-lights intensity had transformed her too. As he ran up emergency stair-case B. The scratching sound intensified becoming a shower noise. I am confining all non essential crew to quarters. blood dripping from the deck plating. Tumgyz was horrified and barley noticed that he was able to back away. In her hands was held a . Where once before there was a young eye-catching woman.. The they appeared. as they know my kind.. now shone an almost blinding light bathing both Tumgyz and lilly. Red eyed. to the passengers and crew of the Good-hope. Then an avalanche. This is captain blyth the the 67th speaking. Tumgyz could still hear the faint click-bang click-bang sound of lillys gun echoing off the bulk heads. Tumgyz started hearing faint scratching. mangy rats. The quick fire click-bang.” lilly started moving towards an increasingly alarmed Tumgyz. Tumgyz wondered if she also had the power to speed up time! Dozens upon dozens of rats lay in pieces. the light of warp up until then. Lilly was ripping and blowing bits of rat aprt with each bullet. There now stood a grotesque cadaver-like whispy haired crone with fangs where there once were teeth. then a trio of squeaking turned into a mini chorus. Tumgyz suddenly heard a click and looked over to Lilly. who saw that lillys fingers now had six inch talon-like nails curling out of her finger tips. his true patrons and he hoped they were listening “I name them.45silver clad revolver. they seemed to be drawn to lily. Tumgyz didn’t see lilly produce the weapon and wondered where it came from. The rats were coming close enough now for Tumgyz to see their yellowing teeth.” Tumgyz was back on deck two and still trying to get his breath back after his escape dash from lilly .

even though. or the forced flight from lilly he couldn’t be sure. I found this rat brood dead though. and lover of knowledge and your vessel being simply fascinating to me-” Tumgyz peered into the plas-steel crate “-and being curious I’m simply awestruck at thought of the sheer strength of character that one must possess to tame. Mr blewitt rounded the corner. i was just on my way to my compartment now. “yes. and some say time in general looses It’s meaning when your in the warp but. The way concern often made a person increase ones’ pace. but. no. or worry decreased ones stride. For example. Each distinctive gait. didn’t you hear the captain over the loud hailer system ?” mr Blewitt had stopped in his tracks the look of guilt etched on his brow. “ i name you loquax” As sure as night follows day.. Tumgyz could even make out a lowering of the tone of one’s usual walk. Tumgyz whispered to the air. what purpose does that box play in this ships running. we really couldn’t afford that. eh. or is it good moro now mister malthwaite? I know that The time of day looses some meaning when your onboard ship. Tumgyz took a few steps closer to blewitt so that he was within peering distance of the open topped plas-steel crate.” “what. operate. He plucked from his memory a deep breathing catechism that he’d learn’t from the Schola. Me being a naturally curios person. this ?” Blewitt shoved the box in front of himself a little confused. Mr blewitt “sounded” like he was distressed. The fing is.when first mate blewitt apperead just around the corner. Had to scoop up all their nasty little in’ards. But concerned about what? Tumgyz’ insatiable curiosity and lust for knowledge made him take a chance. ” “-you didn’t find those rats any where near deck three did you ?” “how’d you guess that mr malwaite? I did so find them near an emergency stair well at the end of a trail of blood leading away from deck three. what are you still doing up. concerned about something. shouldn’t you be in your compartment by now. indicating if somebody was carrying something. I shouldn’t really be telling you this. it IS quite early on in the morning. Tumgyz had commited to memory the distinctive way all the senior crewman walked. As Blewitt saw Tumgyz he tried in vain to shield the crates contence from Tumgyz’ eyes.. He had just started to apply the technique when he heard the tell-tale regimented staccato beat of steel soled boot on deck plating. the captain ordered me to do a bit of last minute rat extermination. but i thought i might take a more circuitous route.” . good evening. “without these uglies chewing on the power cables and logic engines the ship would run alot smoothly I tell ya’. not that the GOOD-HOPE usually has a real rat problem mind you! But The captain looked really worried when he gave me the order. “oh. i guess he doesn’t want local customs authority slapping him with any undeclared-pests fine. either from the bizarre encounter with lilly. Tumgyz’ ear was telling him that the ships first mate Mr Blewitt was coming around the corner carrying something. he was carrying a battered open top plas-steel crate. “mr malwtaite ? shouldn’t you be back in your quarters by now?” Tumgyz’ head was spinning. and master a void vessel of this magnitude. eh. Tumgyz willed his body to slow down. each exaggerated stride.

. the rest of the crew will eventually learn the truth of it sire. closed his eyes and listened. practically any type of knowledge. Tumgyz pressed his ears to the seam the the cold rusting metal doors made... good moro mr maltawaite” with that. With most of the ships non essesential crew safely in quarters it wasn’t difficult to snake around around the ship unnoticed. It’s definitely spreading to the rest of the crew despite their confinement. were the two orders linked in some way? Tumgyz wondered. Damed if i know what it is. just to be sure. the tests are negative’ “ I’ve sent Blewitt out to cull the rats.’ ‘. being in a state of ignorance gnawed at his mind.ferrane. The captain was a person of habit and would often inspect vital areas of the ship at the start of or at the end of each ships’ watch. and in particular the only truth he had spoken. It wasn’t unusual for a ship’s captain to cull rats.. he ruminated on the conversation he had just had with Blewitt.’ ‘ captain. foaming about the mouth and mad ramblings.. a problem shared is a problem DEDNE” “ ’beg yer pardon ?” “-ended” “eh.. Tumgyz though this unusal. . He hated not knowing .. If the captain kept to habit then he would be in the ships infirmary ‘bolstering’ the moral of his ill crewman..“you have to somethimes wonder if that deck is cursed” “-let’s hope not. who looked to me more like a father than a captain. He died the same way all the rest did.a few hours later Tumgyz came upon the doors of the infirmary and found the double pig iron doors locked. quite. He was about to put the latter theory to the test when he heard muffled shouts coming from the doors. It was less than 15 hours till the GOODHOPES estimated translation back into realspace and tumgyz hadn’t slept for almost 24 hours but the thrill of uncovering a new mystery drove him on... well i hope i haven’t taken up too much of your time mr malwaite. but I fear it may be too late” ‘well it was a forlorn hope anyway. I don’t know what came over me telling you all the ships troubles and problems en’all” “nonsense. you know what they say.. spasms. mr Blewitt briskly walked off.... In theory The lock on the doors could easily be picked using nothing more than a bristle thin strip of metal or a particularly rigid toenail. Rossi.All dead ! men and woman who were loyal to me.. we’ve less than 12 hours till we translate back into realspace..’ ‘-and you have tested the rations and the ships bowel-cyclers ?’ ‘aye sire. massive intestinal inflammation.. Void vampyr be damned he needed to know the truth of it. but why wasn’t the task given to a lowly rating instead of being given to the ships second in command ? was the task that important? And the confining of passengers to quarters was unusual so close to the end of a ships voyage. he had to know for sure. Throne! why didn’t the grim finger of death touch me!?’ ‘-crewman Rossi makes 30 and counting captain.. ‘.?’ . Tumgyz’ natural curiosity made him wonder about the last minute rat extermination order given by the captain. I thought that culling the rats would at least slow it down but that doesn’t seem to have happened.innocents must suffer so that the imperium survives. As tumgyz strolled off toward the general direction of his compartment. Tumgyz was indeed a lover of knowledge.

.. He decided to personally test all the possible carriers of the disease.. It was little more than five hours till the appointed warp translation time and he’d still to test the ships bowel-cycler latrines. Yes. If the captain and medic could not find the cause of this malady. Tumgyz stole an entire ration pack meant to last a single person four days and persuaded a hungry crewman to gorge himself. He made sure to sabotage the heating units of his respective test subjects quarters to speed the progress of the any infection.tumgyz didn’t need to pursued one of the ship’s Ratings to down several pints of highly watered down amasec-grogg laced with rat blood. Tumgyz had finished checking what little rations were left in the mess halls kitchen. As it is. It involved exposing massive amounts of a possible contagion source to a test subject and waiting for the result..‘. but also increase the likely hood of running into lilly but if he did nothing he would be dead anyway. . A life times worth of stitching battlefield sutures made Ferrane woefully underprepared for the rigors of void faring-medicine. the rats... but that would also quicken the time of the captain dooming the ship.. On his out of the crewmans quarters. The thought occurred to him that this would not only increase the likely hood himself of catching the disease. after all they were so close to the end of their voyage. of the diseases symptons. he quickly narrowed down the possible pathogen to three most likely culprits. If his Wyrd way with words could not get him out of any compromising situations ( and his wyrd words did often fail him) then his stub pistol would... i’ll personally overload the plasma furnaces and cold-drives. If the pastor were still alive i’d ask him to give the ships living crew last rites.are you with me ferrane ?’ ‘. the food supplies and the latrine-cyclers. he diverted slightly to the ships small armoury compartment and pocketed a small stub-pistol. more like a plague has blighted the ship and the honour-bound fool of a captain would rather destroy the ship with all souls aboard than chance spreading it on some throne world. But where to begin? Tumgyz’ schola had taught him many. i will not contaminate a throne world with this blight. of this he was sure.. I may not know how to nurse my ship fully back to health. then Tumgyz would. The method Tumgyz was using to test the rat and food source was primitive and not the most reliable. The captain may be prepared for death but i’m not! The captain may have given up hope but I have not! The schola had infused within Tumgyz a lust for life’s mysteries that had not yet been satiated.An hour before we are due to pass the threshold of the warp gate back into realspace .i-i-i am with you my captain’ Well im bloody well not! Thought Tumgyz.. no a disease.no pressure then. it would be their little secret. Tumgyz needed to reduce the list of culprits from three to one. but i do know how to kill it.. we must make peace with the emperor and prepare for death. A contagion. many things. Odd that Ferrane seemed so bewildered? But perhaps Ferrane was simply incompetent. the likely hood of him running into the haemovore would decrease if he took a more circuitous route to choeck all the possible sources. And from what little he could discern from ferranes description.. Tumgyz wouldn’t betray the crewman to the captain. On the way out he happened upon a dead rat.

‘please don’t stop on my account. It was draped in lily’s billowing skirt and lily’s blouse.’ Lilly was first to cut in ‘ he is an agent of the great corrupter and would see your flesh sicken and putrefy. i will shoot you dead. he is the plague . no more than a dozen metres away could still smell the cloying. But it’s clothes were being blown aloft by an unseen force and the spectre was wearing lillys human face. now. growled ‘ferrane. both Ferrane and lilly stared back at Tumgyz. He or she whom i find untrustworthy will draw the ire of this weapon. Muffled grunts? Shouting and arguments? Crunching and slashing sounds of a fight. The ships cyclers were located on deck 4 just forward of the main plasma drive control compartment.’ Tumgyz’ keen mind tried to figure out how these two individuals happened across each other... Yet Tumgyz. As Tumgyz was about to turn the locking wheel to open the door when he noticed that it was already slightly ajar. rotting stench of bile.’ Lilly still hovering. when from above a thing. your prey ferrane will surely escape you and almost certainly return with a small group of armed crewman and even your wyrd sight cannot bewitch them all at once. of all the places onboard the vessel. He dredged from the greenish human detritus a very corroded rod he frantically waved it back and forth like some ward... to no avail. black spectre glided just above ferrane.Tumgyz whispered under his breath into the air directed at the two figures and to no one ‘I demand of you treowth’ Tumgyz drew the stub-pistol from his trous pocket and cocked it.. Ferranes only remaining left arm was frantically searching for something where he landed. Ferrane?! Was thrown back into a mound of grey/green sludge by something unseen. ‘lilly if you attempt to bewitch you again.. Tumgyz thought he heard a voice inside the compartment.. I promise you both this. what scenario could possibly bring them together.. it could mean only one thing. The doors separating the solid waste cycler compartment was made from a solid looking metal door of unknown quality. At last ferrane found what he was looking for.Tumgyz finally made his way to the ships bowel-recyclers. Lilly slowly hovered toward ferrane. The cyclers were basically a very large distillery separating out solids on the bottom level viscous semi-liquids in the middle compartment and pure liquids recycled in the top compartment. this was least likely to attract attention or loiters. but pointed it’ shining black barrel downward. And then his mind finally put the snippets of clues together that he’d dismissed or overlooked. Turning his head so that his ear was facing the ever so slight opening. ... both of you will divulge to me the truth. if you attempt to flee here. faeces and urine and something else indescribable. But who? Tumgyz chanced opening the Gap in the door a bit more. a wraith-like shadow. Tumgyz came across the door almost without fear of discovery. the encounter with lilly on deck three. Tumgyz swung the door open.” -the captains failed attempt at stemming the spread of the mystery blight and ferranes absolute bafflement at even positing a guess at a possible cause. he was still searching in the muck. and her words “At first I thought there was just one of you.

‘i said those I found untrustworthy would draw the ire of this gun. i beseech you ferrane.. and proof is before you now. so i did. Ferrane smiled. trailing wisps of putrescence.’ Ferrane slouched relaxed his bowels. ‘. but i was not delirious. and other internal body stenches. he would no longer hide his faith.I was damned the moment I was born... it is a thing of nightmares and fears to unfathomable to mention. i also smelled it’s putrid breath as it spoke to me.. Ferranes guilt is spoken from his own mouth’ lily screamed ‘ i need to be sure .. The geysers engulfed lily. for rightful health and longevity.. you experience a sliver of what it must be like for the divine’ Tumgyz brought his snub-pistol up to firing position ‘there! Malthwaite. for whom all of mankind should pray to. Taking on an almost dejected posture.bearer that blights this vessel. bile. and you will live. you admire how so little a thing as a scratch can develope into a thing that transforms the living into the dead. lightly touching it.’ Lilly screeched ‘malthwaite look at it. she is a thing clothed in the flesh stolen from the innocent. That thing couldn’t speak the truth if the emperor himself compelled it of her!’ Tumgyz held the pistol more firmly in his hands his index finger over the trigger. Lilly’s body fell limply. He inhaled deeplyand coughed almost retching.i first heard it’s gurgling . He imagined that the ships waste recyclers were like the sphincter of some huge mechanical beast and he was like some parasitic worm stuck in the digestive track of that same mechanical beast. have faith.’ Lilly was hovering no more than a few feet away from Ferrane now.. Ferrane. ‘ -through those little acts. Ferrane smelled the unrecycled waste of the ship allaround him.. allow a little sepsis here or a death from a cough there. each geyser disgorging scents of shit.. put your faith into the true master of your destiny. her talon-like fingers open but ferrane continued his confession. you become addicted to the power of dispensing disease and curing. ‘ . believe in me it said... She just had time to utter the words‘shot me and be damned’ before Tumgyz turned Lilly’s head into a bloody stump loosing off all the bullets in the guns magazine. she fell from the air spluttering. stab the body through it’s heart!’ shouted Tumgyz . All it asked was a small offering in return. . what was the name of this divine?’ ‘ . wheezing voice just after they told me the shrapnel wound caused gangrene to take my arm. And so i did. Ferrane was close enough for lily’s brain matter and bone fragments to be sprayed all over one side of his face. later it spoke to me again and said it would cure the infections in my other limbs if I worshipped him. He looked almost orgasmic. But once you start.he did not tell me his name maltwaite’ ‘I believe I know his name and it is- NURGLE’ At once geysers of green and brown mist shot up from the surrounding pills of waste. and i lived.. Tumgyz aimed the barrel of the gun at lily’s head. so ferrane I ask you again. quickly ferrane..

it went in surprisingly easily. Ferrane. He drove the pole under the bodies ribcage. both knew that the captain and his loyal first mate had to go.ferrane had promised to allow Tumgyz to depart. took a step back but then dived at the body aiming the rusty pole he held in his hand just under lily’s rib cage.. with the last of his strength he drove the rod deep up into the chest cavity of the body.+++ +++commiserations and welcome to josian reach calixis sector. Our destination is canopus and only one passenger will be going ashore... ‘. please identify+++ +++this is the frigate merciless. heave to and prepare for manifest inspection. Both decided not to divulge to any other souls about their encounter with the haemovore. The bodies hands clasped shut around ferranes neck. and then slowly sat up.. . battlefleet calixis.ferrane my friend we have much to discuss. all fine and certified. the bodies neck stump spurting blood. instead deciding to keep an eye looking over their shoulders incase any more of Lilly’s wyrd kin came looking for Chaos worshippers. grox hides. the late captain Boutros Blyth and his first mate were killed in an accident during maintenance inspections of void gates on our Third deck. only two more crewman died. snap out of it man.and did you say acting captain?+++ +++Frigate merciless.‘Ferrane..... Our cargo includes spices. this time of explainable causes. Ferrane could feel his windpipe closing. when he told ferrane of the captains plans to destroy the ship. disease free thankful for telling him the true name of his saviour. shocked. As the most senior officer on this vessel I am now master of this vessel until an heir can be contacted and the warrant of trade passed. drive something through it’s heart..Tumgyz shared in prasing of Nurgle with ferrane. quickly!’ ‘B-but she’s dead’ lily’s prone form twitched .. patrol squadron Josian Reach. the body fell back lifeless ..’ +++This is acting ship’s captain Petraeus ferrane of the merchantman Good Hope to navy vessel 100 klicks off port bough.. What is your cargo and destination. Good Hope +++ .

his journey exploring the Chaos Gods was just beginning..he would soon change that. The third of these meals will contain a cure that only cures the poison in the second meal. No. C. Tumgyz stepped foot on canopus a world of the false emperor.T. and he didn’t need to be distracted.. with accompanying names.I.I.Tumgyz toyed with the idea of killing ferrane. E.E secrect corporal punishment for being caught by local magistratum stealing. cowed. true hierarchy of deamons.A. ferrane could always be useful at the very least as a pawn or scapegoat .A.T.N.O. school READING LIST  Veritas monarchia daemonum ..O.A.I.N academy secret corporal punishment for failing to corrupt one of the ecclesiarchy’s Altered-boys  being thrown into a cage of four half starved mega rats.O. One of the meals will have a poison in it that kills within one day the effects are immediately felt. A second of these meals will have a poison in it that kills within three days. This world didn’t know chaos. But decided against it.G.  Being locked in a room for 7 days with only three meals and no fluids.T. Secret G. Institute de C. ordered.. But is neutralised if ingested with the first poison. .N. With nothing more than one inch metal needle for defence.

pre-heresy. Rambures guide to radical inquisitional philosophies. .           Collected catechisms of lorgar versus 1:25 to 2:25 only. Indexed red to violet Ork weird boy observances: an ordo xenos classified study. The power of true names. musing by pysker Scholar Empyrean Blane. Tumgyz then spent the next day loitering around the more fashionable quarters of Foonis Hive . League of black ship/ Adeptus Tele-pathica vessel sightings and methodology. the dark city Mani tumgyz had ‘acquired’ much coinage from simple pick-pocketing around the void docks planet-side. Various crewman of innumerable merchant ships were often flush with money. Codex Hereticus Psykana Occultis Space Lanes of The Imperium and the Perils of the Galaxy Fabius biles recorded annotations on astartes anatomies. eager to spend the sum total of a voyages stipend on cheap alcohol and cheap woman. Demagoguery for begininers. or which noble house had surpassed that noble house and was now in ascendancy. by pysker Scholar Empyrean blane. Chapter two. With this. collected illustrated prints 1-9 colour coded. he made a point to stop at the more romantic and sentimental art pieces noting the faces of the viewers he stood next to and attempting to Match faces and livery with information he gleaned from the news-cryer. Fashionista whims of fulgrim. essential reading for first year students. One hour was spent listening to the news-cryer in fools-corner prattle on about the upper and ruling classes. he paid a down market tailor to make him an upmarket gaudy blue ensemble that simply screamed new money. Most void farers didn’t give a second thought to how they had managed to lose track of so much money in the shadowy amasec and ale houses in-between docking stations. Over time Tumgyz had managed to accumulate several hundred Gelts worth of gold coin. Three hours were spent in the more fashionable art gallerias.

. The almost gaudy friezes framing the single large. Saint Drussus was admiring some morsel on a fork presumably about to stuff said morsel in his mouth. still this close Tumgyz couldn’t tell it’s sex.aey. i mean you might get mistaken for a rent boy dressed like that. . I can take care of myself if anyone tries to rob me’ ‘na. Tumgyz changed his posture to give a vaguely foppish yet needy sense of himself and briskly walked toward the magistratum enforcer.’ ‘oh.’ ‘OH!. an almost shoulder length mane of shockingly blonde hair.Tumgyz finnished his day looking for trendy coffee houses and restaurants.. wot ov it?’ Definitely male. I say my good man. post Melcher-El style that found itself in vogue this year.’ ‘.. why didn’ cha say so.?’ ‘i’m lost and I’m looking for a place t’eat.. Baron saxberger had visited one fo the gallerias Tumgyz was in only a few hours ago. but skewed on the fork was a piece of flesh from the xenos under his feet. and an simpleton too The male spoke as if he was just going through puberty. if a saint could resort to a bit of eating taboo meat. Tumgyz imagined a more subversive interpretation. You see. Pierre rouges exterior façade was typical of the neo-celebrante. Only a few paces away now. and strait down saint saviours.. The official message to any passer by was: the meals in this establishment are fit for a saint. Drussus was indeed about to eat the morsel from the fork. Looking up he saw that The hazy amber sky was heraldeding nights approach and Tumgyyz was about to give up for the day when out of the corner of his eye he spotted a stationary figure just standing in the middle of the street. Tumgyz looked through the windows of several high born restaurants until he found what he was looking for. But foonis hive was far larger than Tumgyz had initially guessed.’ ‘ perish the thought. I do find myself in a bit of a bind.. Tumgyz put on his best approximation of an upper class foonis hive noble accent and took a guess‘I say. But staring harder he could just make out that the figure was wearing a purple tunic emblazoned with a yellow double headed bird of some sort set against two crisscrossing thunder bolts must be magistratum Tumgyz thought. Almost hidden away in the corner of Pierre Rouges sat a solitary diminutive figure wearing a neatly coiffured mane of auburn hair. With that Tumgyz strolled off. a fine eatery such as one looking like ya’ self is accustomed to can be found down Dat road.’ The magistratum enforcer gave Tumgyz one final look ‘being as dressed so brightly as you are i’d stay away from dark alleyways. I seem to be at a loss at explicating myself to one of this hives masticatory establishments. At this distance he couldn’t quite tell if it was man or a woman.. a right on saints avenue.... his voice constantly breaking. Tumgyz saw the figure wore..’ said Tumgyz with a misgevious grin. do you happen to be a member of this hives most illustrious magistratum enforces by chance?’ The enforcer looked suspiciously s at Tumgyz ‘ye. what other illicit or forbidden experiences awaited you inside! Perhaps this was why baron saxberger choose this restaurant. Tumgyz was almost bowing now‘Kind sir. The subversive message was. take a left on poots street. 3 by 3 metre window pane depicted a smiling figure who looked remarkably like saint Drussus himself in all his finery and flowing garb seated triumphantly atop a mound of dead and dying xenos of comically indescribable nature. covering smooth milky white skin and very high cheek bones.

yes I’d like some cake-sticks and your cheapest bottle of amasec for starters please. dark coloured breeches and a wide white cravat. Pierre rouges was in a district of the dark city that was frequented by the rich and privileged. To any onlooker it was bordering on the outrageous. a wildly young mix of whorls and curls that seemed almost out of place with his rigid moustache . Nehithal . Cassanov Fancy man’ ‘-of course.’ The waiter looked at Tumgyz as if he’d just insulted him. ‘please excuse me.’ The waiter smirked ‘ nobody refuses the baron…’ The old baron was wearing a lilac coloured tail coat. and mildly presumptuous. Tumgyz clicked his fingers into the air ‘…waiter. dark blue under shirt.. what sort of boy do you take me for?’ ‘-but I presumed from your attire and mannerisms that. half wondering if this pretty-boy was of age or could afford even cheap amasec.ah. his hair was suitably coiffured. the sheen of his youthful looking skin. The old barons greying moustache was toothbrush short. wait. do you like it?’ ‘. fondling. then masticating his cake sticks one by one all in the general direction of the old baron. The night is still young even though I may not be.. i love it’ In truth it was chance. or perhaps providence of some dark/pleasure seeking/lusting god that directed tumgyz to the baron. mr. The honourable Baron Saxberger humbly requests that you join him in dining this evening. but eventually walked off to get his order. yes. saxberger the 85th had inherited almost a hundred years ago was an honorific. i know cassanov fancy man. you’re playing hard to get aren’t you?’ Tumgyz tilted his head and pouted his lips bottom lip coquettishly ‘why.?’ ‘Fancy man. to make the most of it let me finnish my meal and we shall depart post-haste to my apartments for-’ ‘-master saxberger you are quite forward. Tumgyz wasn’t too sure if the old baron had noticed until the waiter walked up to his table.. The man now sat before Tumgyz looked like an athletic 40 year old. Young Tumgyz then spent the next half hour sipping his cheap amasec and suggestively groping.D. According to the news-crier the old baron was well over one hundred and fifty years old but judging by his high cheek bones..Tumgyz bribed the doorman with the last of his stolen coins and made sure to pick a table close to the old baron.F uniforms for the Emperors never ending armies on Canopus and many other worlds in Josian reach. and cherry red puckered lips. The saxberger family had made it’s fortune in producing guard and P.’ ‘…and if I refuse. ‘m’lord I am-‘ ‘-yes. . The barony title that Helmut.. please sit.. the baron had clearly gone through numerous rejuvenant treatments.

nor are you the right sex to be mademoiselle Ebolina.. On the very soft sheets at the bottom of the bed on a platter of polished metal. *** Tumgyz dressed and was wondering the large hallways of what he assumed were part of the baron’s apartments. as twine is to manikin. The bedroom itself was big enough to house four Arvus lighters and each of the four walls featured panel after panel of wood. This inner sanctum of corridors was clad in the same wood as the bed room. The stranger was stooped and dressed in the garb of a man servant. Tumgyz guessed that he was in his late sixties or early seventies. ‘‘i demand of you treowth. Bluds parents had somehow found out about the heretical school through the Bluds family business. when he was no more than eight or nine. he’d dreamed of what real fruit might taste like or what real wood might feel like. Before the schola stole him away from his parents. from a shadowy corner a small. “-miasma is to host. Tumgyz was wondering at the intricate wood carvings when. Weird boy? ‘. and relying on his birth parents moderate means for succour and aid. images of coupling and figures engaged in sexual acts tumgyz thought were anatomically impossible. grey shirt under a black waistcoat. scratchy. Seemingly satisfied with tumgyz’ response the shadow stepped into the light of an overhanging lumin globe.Bluds !? Jeordie Bluds?’ -‘it was lord Bluds to you then. Simple material gain was beneath him.’ ‘ -But I recognise you. “ Errare humanum est: Perseverare diabolicum. You’re far too short to be master Blane. as white dwarf is to black hole” replied Tumgyz. I still remember those mismatched irises of yours. Tumgyz circled the stranger like a predator deciding weather it’s prey was really as meek and vulnerable as it appeared.. If submitting to the meaty desires of a randy centenarian mean’t living like this. The baron and his wealth were just a means to an end. and it’s still lord Bluds to you now! Weird boy ’ Jordan Wilhelmhaven Bluds. but here. appeasing his true masters. he’d guessed that the smooth soft sheets he was laying on were made of fine clothe possibly some synthetic or real satin.-" momentarily taken aback. was unusal in that his parents gave him willingly to the Secret-Scholarum instead of him being kidnapped like every other student. Tumgyz had never been in a bed so large nor a bedroom so resplendent.Tumgyz awoke the falling morning feeling cool air on his naked body.. far too old to be a student at the schola. But no. and bought their sons admittance with Generous . you don’t have that condescending look of Prasutagus. one blue the other brown. Judging by the numerous wrinkles and the way the manservant’s chalky-hue skin hung off his cheek Bones. you don’t look like any of the tutors at the schola. yet somehow familiar voice called out to him. elaborate images were carved on the skin of the wood. tumgyz realised that the shadow was speaking the first half of the secret Schola recognition phrase. real bonified wood.you still messing about with those Wyrd words of yours. MANI TUMGYZ. This particular code-cipher was given to graduating students of Tumgyz’ year. lay some sort of fruit. then he could get used to it.. black trousers.

Bluds and I were taught to strike at and make our designs around unassuming fulcrums. may I call you brother-pupil?’ ‘you are no brother of mine Weird boy! I am your better.the rite of seniority? You never cared about the true aims. I see now that you are the same arrogant. . You’ve probably already guessed that the Baron is integral to my plans too.’ Tumgyz implored ‘oh.. ’ ‘Well.. AND YOU WILL LEAVE THIS PLACE. ‘. You only ever cared about petty corporeal social-advancement and gold coin.. even had a couple of my major arteries narrowed. whatever circumstance has brought you here you cannot stay. i invovke the rite of seniority. I forgot you were a true believer. the real Jeordie Bluds was taught that... here we go. stared angrily at Tumgyz ‘ .. Tumgyz decided to try a different tactic.. spoiled unpleasant child i shared a room with three years ago. and try to see the hidden hands of the true gods at work. your poison .i ’ Tumgyz was beginning to realise that he could spend the rest of the morning batting insults and accusations back and forth with jeordie bluds . ought to correspond specifically and only to the damage suffered besides I’ve refined my modus operandi since the early days of the schola.’ ‘with the amount of techniques we were taught to resist surface reading and pysker manipulation. ’ Tumgyz laughed mockingly at the man claiming to be Bluds. it’s next to impossible’ ‘ nothing is impossible. partial organ necrolisis. here. now have met in these circumstances. nexuses within imperial society. if one exists. claim the rite of seniority?. While at the secret-schola Jordan Bluds had insisted on all his fellow pupils addressing him by his formal title of lord Bluds. think for moment. traditions and beliefs of the schola.you may look and smell half dead.’ Bluds frowned.by the third tenet of the Magna-Didactica.and. ‘i’ve accomplished in one night what you have taken years to do. to my fellow brothers and sister pupils ad quod damnum a remedy. ‘-you could be a pysker. There was no otherworldly hand in us meeting ’ . I have worked years to get into this position and-’ ‘ –you think me a threat to you?’ ‘ you always had a habit of killing anyone who was caught up anywhere near your overly ambitious schemes.. stunned silent. presumptuous.‘you. ‘jeordie. Danteus knoe. like me.’ ‘ warp damn you! Tumgyz The plans I have in place are on a knife edge-’ ‘-no doubt involving the baron?’ the old man... at least for a moment.’ The old man’s scowling lips suddenly broke into a smile as he remembered something from his not to distant past.covert donations.. bewitching me. ‘.I take your silence as an admission that the Baron is intergral. like Governess-Premier Chase used to say. put whatever irrational anxieties you have aside. Tumgyz.. dermal atrophying induction on the cellular level.Bluds.. besides i don’t think you ever declared your true age to your brother and sister pupils. I don’t believe it is chance that the two of us. MANI TUMGYZ OBEY ME !!’ ...’ ‘never the less.. ‘But Bluds was my age’ ‘-reverse juvenant treatments..’ but many people at the schola knew Bluds liked calling Tumgyz weird boy. it’s not surprising... You think that one night spent in the Barons bed has wormed you into his confidence ?! bah! i. but yes.

do you intend to inslave him in someway?’ no facial twitch but a slight interruption of the usual rise and fall of Bluds breathing chest. on a backwater planet off the main warp lanes is unlikely.‘then how do you explain two alumni. And as i remember didn’t score highly in many of your classes’ Tumgyz smirked ‘.. crossing paths at the exact same time ?’ Bluds used one of his wizened hands to scratch his wrinkled chin ‘I admit. meeting in a rustic hive. so in the spirit of our old schola.a full gene transplant?! YES yes i see it now’ Bluds face took on a cherry complexion. They had plans to seed the entire imperium with schola trained alumni and even birth entire generations of schola trained bastards. But suddenly..a. with all the thousands upon thousands of imperial worlds and millions of hives in the galaxy to choose from. but not impossible.but something more extreme. schooled an entire sector away.... our discovery by agents of the corpse God..steal his identity perhaps?’ Bluds mouth muscles involutarily drew his lips down for a mere fraction of a second. ‘Bluds. two schola trained alumni having the entire length and breath of the galaxy to roam. and neither of us will back down. The baron is vital to both our goals.you were always so predictable...’ ‘ I thought you said it was next to impossible to surface read one trained by the secret-schola? Don’t worry I haven’t suddenly developed the ability to read minds. as if some vent had let the bubbling rage escape him... Anthropomorphic reading. ‘not steal his identity entirely. ‘ I agree. let us collaborate and I have faith that the outcome will be mutually beneficial.. a cloned throng?’ Bluds eyes darted back and forth not focusing on anything in particular ‘no not a cloned throng. correct me if i’m mistaken but your plan involving the Baron. ‘-I see. one or both of our plans ending in failure. Danteus knoe.. that i’ve arrived at is that we are at an impasse. what say you ?’ jeordie Bluds looked like a volcano that was about to burst its top. ‘no ? .. ‘STOP READING MY MIND!! You contravene the twelfth tenet of Magna-Didactica . enough to give his face the smallest semblance of a frown. You would know this technique if you paid more attention in class. Open conflict could result at the very least. and gave half a smile to his onetime brother-pupil. you see my goals achieved first?’ ‘and then the barons bodily remains will be mine to do as i wish ?’ .. was a subject Cortigiana-Onesta lady Abaluna said I excelled at.From what i learn’t about the schola just before we graduated.. I invoke the fifth tenet Magna-Didactica . staring out with his mismatched eyes without blinking taking in every detail of his onetime brother-pupil.. well at least not through warpcraft.. why steal one child when you can just create ten! Like I said unlikely but not impossible.’ Tumgyz fixed his gaze onto the wizened form of Bluds.. or worse. bluds exhaled.but let me add a condition. besides i best you at every other lesson we ever hadthe point. rage replacing the previous neutral expression..then explain to me how I best you in every wrestling match we ever had weird boy!’ ‘I don’t wish to start another argument brother.. Danteus knoe. ’ Tumgyz was becoming frustrated by now ‘I have tried to do you the courtesy of one trained in the ways of the schola but It’s clear that you aren’t returning that courtesy.do you intend to. does it entail some sort of usurping of his titles and possessions?’ Tumgyz watched for the minuscule almost imperceptably small facial twitch underneath Bluds right eye that told him a truth Bluds mouth wouldn’t dare verbalise. brother-pupil. I beseech you .

Jeordie Bluds knew that Tumgyz would prefer. I simply must.) None of this was of courses said aloud. it was a universal truth that perhaps in his life fleating seconds of life jeordie Bluds understood this. you will find me an alternative tonight. to be ritually sacrificed to the hidden gods ( such was the strength of perverse dogma the tutors at the secrect-schola had driven into their students. ischievous deity that directed Tumgyz to The baron.‘yes’ ‘then it is agreed.’ ‘milord I could seek out an alternative chirrugeon with a truer reputation if you could wait but another day?’ ‘unacceptable. your chirrugeon.’ Baron saxberger stared up into his man servants eyes through a mask of powered white makeup almost pleading ‘ But I simply must have my treatments. Waiting for a time that the others disappearance. The scandal of being associated with such a man.’ Tumgyz still couldn’t quite get the idea out of his mind that providence was somehow guiding his actions. if he had to killed. Bluds had apparently extolled Cassanov’s impressive knowledge on antiquities and modern gothic art. And that’s when the full gene transplant would take place. Pierrerouges was in a district of the dark . uses the stem cells of unconsecrated foetuses in his juveanant treatments. If I may. *** Over the next few days Bluds informed Tumgyz of his detailed plan to convince the Baron to go to a new chirrugeon for one of his regular juvenant treatments. however unfounded the rumours are. TuMGYZ AND Bluds both knew the other would be thinking on the best time and opportunity to do the other in. The new chirrugeon together with the soporifer would be in reality two of Bluds highly paid servants. Until his loyal manservant had gotten wind of a terrible rumour that was heard from the town cryer in Idiots Corner. and be quick about it too’ ‘ as you wish milord’ Bluds left the up-hive apartments of Baron saxberger and travelled on foot to the out of the way newly leased premises in the barley street district just off It was the place of the weak to provide succur for the strong. That he had even convinced the Baron to keep Cassanov Fancyman in the apartments for a few more days. Bluds told Tumgyz that he was honouring their agreement. could be ruinous. The others death. Instead both Tumgyz and Bluds smiled at the other. And so the day came when the Baron was to make his regular appointment at his regular Chirrrugeons. they say that Raphael. The others murder would draw the least suspicion from the local magistratum or even the arbites. ‘ milord.

" . I'd never be able to approach livy while her retainer-guards were on the look out . than the Divine. knife in the gut aimed at a major artery. Across the grey city thousands of heads bowed almost in unison quiet and private prayers being whispered. in his dark dank room. staring at his reflection in the cracked sliver of polished metal he was using to shave. Ne'er was there a more chaste maiden deserving of the epithet Divine. yes one can admire it's subtle qualities.. telling all that heard it was the twelfth hour of confession.. too cumbersome and ungainly. Mai Tum-gyz stood naked from the waist up. only the most pious stopped lunch long enough in between masticating reconstituted fungus-broth. Livy is on the cusp of adulthood. what better time would there be. " should I end her life by laspistol ? no. part 1: a demagogue is born A distant bell rang eleven times. in a dark dank room a young man thought to himself.. "there's always the classic.. what about poison ? it does have a certain historic almost romantic charm all of it's own. to whisper silent prayers. barely tasting life's many pleasures and not quite taking advantage of opportunities her entrancing gaze should have given her... . hmm. and it is said that her mother has set a dowry for her hand of six hundred and sixty six thousand thrones. simple and straight forward. give or take a gelt. 666.To say that her visage was sublime would be to slight her... for none but a prince among men would truly be deserving of her hand. It is said by many an admirer that the locks upon her head have the hue of freshly Fallen leaves.000 thrones indeed! a princely sum. oh what a delight ! but again. too quick.. Lady Livy... The stiletto blade caressing his chin was as familiar to his hand as any weapon would be to a professional soldier. the pyro-kinetic game the promethium torrents would play across her pearly skin. telling all that heard it was the eleventh hour of confession. deepest ochre. lying on a grubby mattress alone. All that witnessed her approach would say that there was a certain bewitching quality to her beauty.. how to get close witout detection? " Mai Tum-gyz's excited heart was beating fast. proximity would be a problem. chainsaw possibly ? hmm. and he had to slow his breathing to steady his hand." (Seneca) A chaos worshippers progress: THE TALE OF MANI' TUMGYZ. to end her life! A church bell rang twelve times. incinerating every inch. a bit too common these days though.. In soup kitchens all over the grey city. To repeat error is of the Devil. "Hand flammer perhaps ? mmm.‘ style as befitting a man toothbrush style moustache Errare humanum est: Perseverare diabolicum.-"To err is human... although the sight of her cleaved and eviscerated flesh painting some grey street scarlet would be an attractive sight !" Mai Tum-gyz giggled.

.. each individual phalange proximal bone of Beral's hand hitting the plasteel door. ". Mai Tumgyz thought.. In the time it had taken Beryl to knock thrice. But Mai Tum-gyz was no ordinary man...9 ? second delay between the first and second/third knocks.2 seconds of it. Mai Tum-gyz's mind had noted the distinct staccato-like sound of beryls knuckles wrapping against the door and the 0. no. from the very first of three knocks. Mai tum-gyz' ear picked out. while Medichie Bonds were just as common as House. "Madame Beryl. with interest of course.. knock.8 or was it 0. worth the sum of this entire months rent. The medichie were notorious money lenders who ran a parallel bailiff business to compliment their primary one.. are you n'der ?" The woman shrieked.klynsmen bonds or the standard second party affiliated Administratum-Bonds. they would try to kill. it was said that no organisation or rival house went to the lengths the medici would go to enforce the reputation of their bonds. Mai tum-gyz had already deduced long before Beryl the land lady spoke that it was her. did you not pick up my note?" "what note? eh. of Medichie-premium to be sure. on some worlds where the mediche money lending business had a near monopoly. op'n this door!" "-the note directing your most esteemed corpulence to cash in a bond. when the medichie baliffs couldn't arrest. it was as uniquely identifiable a sound (mai Tumgyz' thought) to his ears as Beryls finger prints would be to any forensic augur.?" A whole two seconds pause! no doubt the simpleton was mulling over the veracity of my claim. But any observant individual with average recall could place that tune. the medichie `convined' governers to make falsely claiming to own a medichie bond a capital offence! Beryl weighed up the possiblity of gianing a bond .knock knock. all 0. he noted the 0.05 second gap between each strike of fleshed bone upon plasteel.. Debtors prisons and penal legions all over the sub-sector were filled with those that tried to fake or renege on medidcihe bonds... This. KNOCK!KNOCK! Any normal man would flinch at so sudden a series of knocks whilst so deep in thought. "mr Tum-giss ? mr Mai Tum-giss .KNOCK. he deduced from the first knock.