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AK Press 2012 Catalog

AK Press 2012 Catalog

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Published by: AK Press on Nov 09, 2011
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A Plague of Prisons: The
Epidemiology of Mass
Incarceration in America

$26.95 • hb • New Press


Taking the same public health
approaches and tools that
have successfully tracked
epidemics of fu, tuberculosis,
and AIDS over the intervening 150 years, Ernest
Drucker makes the case that our current
unprecedented level of imprisonment has become
an epidemic—a plague upon our body politic. He
argues that imprisonment—originally conceived
as a response to individuals’ crimes—has become
mass incarceration: a destabilizing force that
undermines the families and communities it
targets, damaging the very social structures that
prevent crime.


Between the Fences: Before
Guantanamo, there was Port
Isabel Service Processing

$19.95 • pb • Seven Stories


For six years, Tony Hefner was a
security guard at the Port Isabel
Service Processing Center, one
of the largest immigration detention centers in
America, and witnessed alarming corruption and
violations of basic human rights. Offcers preyed
upon the very people whom they are sworn to
protect. On behalf of the 1,100 men, women, and
children residing there on an average day, and the
1,500 new undocumented immigrants who pass
through its walls every month, this is the story
of the systematic sexual, physical, fnancial, and
drug-related abuses of detainees by guards.

JOHNSON, Kevin “Rashid”

Defying the Tomb: Selected
Prison Writings and Art of
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

$21.95 • pb • Kersplebedeb


Follow the author’s odyssey
from lumpen drug dealer to
prisoner, to revolutionary
New Afrikan, a teacher and mentor, one of a
new generation of prison intellectuals. This book
consists primarily of letters between Rashid
and Outlaw, another revolutionary New Afrikan
prisoner, smuggled between the segregation
wing and general population over a period of
months. These comrades educate themselves—
and us as well—on Marxism and Maoism, the
Five-Percenters, Dead Prez, Capitalism, Racism,
Imperialism, Class Struggle, Revolutionary
Nationalism, New Afrikan Independence, and a
host of other subjects, as they grapple with how to
promote revolutionary consciousness in the most
hostile of environments.

LYND, Staughton

Lucasville: The Untold Story
of a Prison Uprising, 2nd edition

$20.00 • pb • PM Press


Now in a new edition! In telling
the story of one of the longest
prison uprisings in U.S. history,
in which hundreds of inmates
seized a major area of an Ohio
correctional facility, this chronicle examines the
causes of the disturbance, what happened during
its eleven-day duration, and the fairness of the
trials in the aftermath of the rioting. Recounted
from the prisoners’ side and viewed through
a lawyer’s and an activist’s lens, this exposé
sheds light on the horrifc and inhumane prison
conditions, the rebellion and killing of ten people,
the drivers of the negotiated surrender, and the
trial that was flled with misrepresentations and
evasions on the part of those running the prison.





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