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AK Press 2012 Catalog

AK Press 2012 Catalog

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Published by: AK Press on Nov 09, 2011
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BRIGGS, Raleigh

Herbal First Aid

$3.00 • pam • Microcosm


From the author of, your favorite
and mine,
Make Your Place
comes a guide to using plants
in your environment for their
medicinal properties! Cute
illustrations from Giovanni

Caputo and a generally fun vibe and feel! Includes
healing cuts and scrapes, burns, rashes, sunburns,
building a frst aid kit, gut problems, aches & pains,
bugs, bruises, bleeding, parasites, and a list of
further reading resources!

BRIGGS, Raleigh

Nontoxic Housecleaning

$3.00 • zine/journal • Microcosm


From the Zine Archive and
Publishing Project’s series of
DIY Academy workshops, we present to you: how
to clean your house while avoiding gross and
dangerous chemicals! You get: a lesson about
the value of DIY cleaning, basic ingredients, some
sample cleaners, and various cleaners for various
surfaces. What more could you ask for?


Dream Whip, Issues 1–10

$12.00 • pb • Microcosm


Spanning 1994 to 1999, this
352-page pocketsize anthology
collects issues 1 through 10
of the long-running
Whip zine. Inside, Bill Brown hits the road and
fnds adventure far and wide. Each page is
lovingly handwritten or typed and illustrations
and photographs abound. It’s tornadoes and pet
cemeteries, Alaskan highways and the lonely
ruins of government missile sites. Bill Brown’s
America is seen with the big, dreaming heart of
a romantic, everything recorded in sweet, smart,
funny, beautifully-simple prose.


Everything Dies #7

$5.00 • zine/journal • Microcosm


One of the best and most
promising new comic artists out
there today, Box Brown writes
and draws the
Everything Dies
zine series as a hard (and oft
times hilarious) look into the
religious myths of our world. Issue seven (the
frst we’ve had at AK) is a comic retelling of the
pan-cultural “food myth.” Here we see Sumerian
wind god Enlil (a total badass jerk a la an evil pro-
wrestler) setting out to destroy the newly-created
people of the Earth. The “Noah” of this polytheistic
ark story is King Ziasudra, and his trajectory and
fate are much different than the Christian Biblical
version. Beautifully drawn and deep-packed with
“the things that make you go hmm,” Everything
Dies will keep you reassessing who we are and
what we’ve built our shared narrative from.


Burn Collector #15

$3.00 • zine/journal • Microcosm


The expatriated Al Burian
refects on a year spent living in
Berlin, Germany. His wildly free-
range topics include: freedom,
happiness, animal liberty,
Aristotle, modern dentistry, riots
as rituals, uncomfortable proximity to drunken

teenagers, and how to best color co-ordinate an
outft that includes a Black Flag T-shirt and a baby
stroller. Plus: “when you realize the freedom,” an
illustrated essay by Anne Elizabeth Moore. “Burian
is one of our generation’s great storytellers, a wily
and insightful observer of the human condition,”
says Davy Rothbart of
Found magazine, and this
zine is “the best one yet,” says Al. Who are we to

CAGLE, Susie

Nine Gallons #2

$5.00 • pam • Microcosm


It’s issue two of Susie Cagle’s
celebrated Food Not Bombs
comic zine,
Nine Gallons! This
time around Susie addresses issues of volunteer
burn-out, misguided agendas, and activist in-
fghting. Hers is the story of San Francisco
Food Not Bombs (specifcally, for this issue, the
underdoggy Civic Center lunch.) Over the course
of thirty-two packed pages we get Susie dealing
with her roommate just not gettin’ it, fellow
activists offering critiques but not solutions, and
working hard with little help. But it’s also fun—and
funny—and Susie gives both a conversational
insider look and a brief biographical sketch of the
(non)organization. Susie Cagle lives in Oakland!


Add Toner: A Cometbus

$12.00 • pb • Last Gasp


Add Toner brings together
classic, out of print issues of
Cometbus magazine, including
“Lanky” (a novella), “Back to
the Land” (an oral history of the
children of hippie homesteaders) plus sixty other
interviews and short stories. The text is lovingly
handwritten, interspersed with bold graphics and
illustrations. Includes never-before-published
Cometbus has been variously hailed as
“a classic in the subterranean world” (
Time), “the
best loved zine ever” (by the
San Francisco Bay
Guardian), and “disappointing” and “a waste of
paper.” Those who love it, love it a lot! Pick one up!

CRABB, Cindy

The Encyclopedia of Doris

$18.00 • pb • Doris Press


Cindy Crabb has been


autobiographical, feminist zine,
Doris, since the early ’90s. This
new collection offers stories,
essays, and interviews from
2001–2011, and it collects issues
#19–28 as well as some never before published
writings. It looks great. If you’ve read Doris before
then you know what’s in store. If you haven’t, then
I’ll say that Cindy has a great writing “voice” that
makes you want to keep turning the page.






Zinester’s Guide to NYC: The
Last Wholly Analog Guide to

$9.99 • pb • Microcosm


A top-to-bottom, on-the-cheap,
warts-and-all exploration of the
city that never sleeps. Whether
you’re looking for scam-able coffee or a place to
grab a Japanese breakfast, art supplies, volunteer
opportunities, or a four-story Korean bathhouse,
ZG2NYC has it all.

MONIZ, Tomas

Rad Dad #20

$3.00 • zine/journal • Microcosm


This issues features articles
about special needs children,
traditional Japanese grand-
parents, queer male allies,
and an interview with Brian
Heagney—the author, illustrator, and publisher
of the kid’s book,
The ABCs of Anarchism.
Some of this issue is learning lessons from your
children—or even them teaching you lessons—
and as always,
Rad Dad is a forum and a source
of hope that parents and children can one day
be welcomed in radical spaces. This is important
reading—vital stuff for parents and nonparents

MOORE, Anne Elizabeth

Cambodian Grrrl: Self-
Publishing in Phnom Penh

$7.95 • zine/journal • Microcosm


In Cambodian Grrrl: Self-
Publishing in Phnom Penh,
writer and independent
publisher Anne Elizabeth Moore
brings her experience in the American cultural
underground to Cambodia, a country known
mostly for the savage extermination of around 2
million of its own under the four-year reign of the
Khmer Rouge. Following the publication of her
critically acclaimed book
Unmarketable, Moore
disembarked to Southeast Asia hoping to teach
young women how to make zines. What she
learned instead were brutal truths about women’s
rights, the politics of corruption, the failures of
democracy, the mechanism of globalization, and
a profound emotional connection that can only be
called love.


Xerography Debt #29

$3.00 • zine/journal • Microcosm


Reviewers this issue include
Anne Thalheimer, D. Blake
Wert, Davida Gypsy Breier, Eric
Lyden,Fred Argoff, Gavin J.
Grant, Joe Biel, Julie Dorn, Kris
Mininger, Liz Mason, Maynard
Welstand, and Stuart Stratu.
And on top of the scores of new zines reviewed
in this issue, we are treated to excellent editorials
from Dread Sockett and our trusty editor, Davida
Gypsy Breier, addressing community issues in zine
making as well as “Defning ourselves to death.”

Shirt Shoppe

AK Distribution Tour

$16.00 • shirt | $30.00 • pullover hoodie

Best shirt ever.

AK Logo

$16.00 • shirt | $30.00 • hoodie

Breast logo, bigger logo on
back. Tshirt or hoodie. Hoodies
available pullover or zippered.

AK Logo ”Messenger Bag”

$32.00 • bag

Black material, red strap, screened logo.

AK Logo Onesie

$12.00 • babywear!

For babies!! 3–6 months, 6–12 months, 12–18
months, 18–24 months.

AK Logo Patch

$3.00 • patch

Iron on! Instructions included!

AK Logo Tote Bag

$8.00 • tote

Black, 100% cotton bag, screened logo.

AK Pen & Sword Logo

$16.00 • shirt | $30.00 • zipper hoodie

Big Mistake

$20.00 • shirt • Guilllotine the Greedy

First let me say: Ha Ha Ha.
Actually that’s all I have to say.
Speaks for itself. White on black

Capitalism is Over! T-Shirt

$20.00 • shirt • Stealworks

Brand new shirt by John Yates/
Stealworks! White ink on black
shirt. Front says “Capitalism
is Over!”, back says “Give
Anarchism a Chance!” You will
cause a sensation!

Devolution T-Shirt

$20.00 • shirt • Stealworks

Brand new shirt by John Yates/
Stealworks! Two color design
on light grey shirt. Front says
“Devolution” with image, back
says “It’s Just a Theory.” You
will stop traffc!

…And of course, many more designs! See the

Anarchist Props Shoppe


$35.00 • Anarchy, Inc.

Classic, 3X5” anarcho-

syndicalist fag, in all its
red and black glory.


Metal/enemel, washing-machine proof pins
available in the following designs. Each pin is

Anarchist Black Cross Pin

Anti-Fascist Pin

Bomb Pin

Circle A Pin

Class War Pin

Anarcha-Feminist Star Pin

(black and purple)

Anarchist Star

(solid black)

Anarcho-Queer Star

(black and pink)

Anarcho-Syndicalist Star

(black and red)

Eco-Anarchist Star

(black and green)





Tanks for ordering!! Here’s some information we’ve compiled to make this as smooth and unsurprising as possible. Of course, feel free to
get in touch if you have any questions.
It is vital that you put your name and address on each order. We don’t care what name you use when you order (and appreciate the nom du
plume!), but it would make our lives easier if you either use the same name on each order or note previously used names. Most orders go
out in 2–3 days, but occasional delays of up to a week occur. Tere are also occasions when delays occur due to titles being out of stock. Your
patience is appreciated.
We prefer that you use the order form on the opposite page. Please cut it out or copy it. If you run out of space, complete your order on a
piece of paper, and attach it to the order form. On the order form, please list the title, author, price, and shipping costs (see below) and the
total. Friends of AK Press (see Page 1) deduct 20% of your pre-shipping total. California residents add 8.75% sales tax to the post-shipping
total, Maryland residents add 6%. Tose with web access can order from our secure web site (we’ll do the math!) using a credit card, or
alternatively, can print a copy of the order from the site and mail it in with payment. Customers ordering by fax, email, or phone may only
pay by credit card.
If you send a payment by mail, please list alternatives (if you are easy in that regard), as titles you choose may be temporarily unavailable. If
alternatives are not listed, we will credit your account and will send the books as soon as we have them back in stock. If you haven’t received
your books and would like to use the credit for a diferent title or titles, just let us know!



All orders by mail must be accompanied with the appropriate payment. Payments can be made by check or money order (in US funds only),
made out to “AK PRESS,” or by credit card. We take Visa and Mastercard by mail, fax, e-mail, phone (weekdays, 9:30 to 6), and on our web
site. For those ordering by credit card, we require your credit card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, shipping address,
as well as (and this is very important) your accurate billing address (if it’s diferent from your shipping). We will also accept payment in cash,
but this is sent at your own risk.
INTERNATIONAL ORDERING—PLEASE NOTE: Overseas customers are advised to pay by money order in US funds, or by credit
card. For checks drawn in currencies other than US dollars, an additional charge will be added to cover our bank’s extortionate charges. If
this is your only method of payment, get in touch and we’ll tell you how much you must add to your check to cover these charges.
PRISONERS PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that diferent prisons have diferent regulations about what items you can order. You are
responsible to know those regulations and order accordingly. If items you order are rejected by the prison and returned to us, we will issue a
credit memo for your purchase. However, if the prison does not return the order, we cannot issue a credit. Unfortunately, you order at your
own risk. While we cannot aford to send free books to prisoners, we do ofer a 30% discount on all items shipped directly to prisoners
(ordered by you or your people outside). For free books, contact the Prisoners Literature Project c/o Bound Together, 1369 Haight Street,
San Francisco CA 94117.



USPS Bookpost: takes 2–4 weeks, $4.00 frst item + $1.00 each additional
USPS Priority Mail: generally takes 3 days, $7.00 frst item + $1.50 each additional
UPS Ground (no PR, HI, AK, no PO Boxes or prisons): takes 1–2 weeks, $12.00 frst item +$2.00 each additional


International Priority: takes 7–10 days, $11.00 frst item +$3.50 each additional

Rest of the World:

International Priority: takes 7–10 days, $14.00 frst item +$3.50 each additional
IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: Te times listed above are estimates of the time a package will take to get to you after we ship
it. Most orders are shipped out 2–3 days after they arrive at AK; therefore, depending on the shipping you choose, please allow 2–4 weeks
for a package to reach you. We do what we can to ship as quickly as possible.
Please call or email for prices on Next Day Air, Registered, and other forms of special delivery, as well as international UPS and other
international shipping prices.


Desk copies of certain AK Press titles are available to academics for consideration as course texts. Email deskcopy@akpress.org for more

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