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Protest Final Test 1L Littrature

All questions must be answered on a separate paper except questions 2)b) & c) that may be done on this paper. A)

I Aint Marching Anymore

1) Who & to whom ?
a) Use the lyrics to identify who is speaking (0,5pt). b) Who is the addressee? Justify your answer (1 pt).

2) What about?
a) Here are different dates of conflicts mentioned in the song: 1775/1783 1876 1846/1848 1861/1865 1914/1918 1945 Identify those conflicts and explain them in your own words using the lyrics (3 pts). What is the common point between these conflicts (0,5 pt)?

b) What are the two main topics in the song? Quote precise words to identify the different lexical fields (2,5 pts). Lexical field of _____________________ Lexical field of _____________________

c) Literary devices: The singer uses different tropes in his song. Some of them are listed in the table below: identify them and explain in your own words how these figures of speech help him convey his message (your analysis must be as precise as possible) (6 pts): Quotation Literary Device Analyse / interpret ( How does this trope helps him express his message?)

Paradox Oh I must have killed a million men (23) But I aint marching anymore No I aint marching anymore (31)

3) Why ? (3 pts) Re-read the song and use elements from your previous answers to deduce why he is protesting: identify several reasons. Write a coherent paragraph (40 words). B) The American Icon. (3,5 pts) In the list below, choose the one who is according to you the American icon. Write a coherent paragraph (8- 10 lines) to justify your opinion. Be convincing! Walt Disney Bill Gates Marilyn Monroe