Date: 2011-11-04 All grades are updated on BB.

Please check to make sure that your grades are correctly entered. For some, HW 3 seems to be missing. I have kept your graded material (Exam 1, QZ, HW, etc) outside my office in the plastic folder. Please pick yours only. I will check your HW 5 I-DEAS work on Tuesday next week. Also I will give a short quiz on Tuesday on torsion of bars based on today's class work that you did. So prepare well and collect your class work ASAP. Please print a copy of this document ready before the class on Tuesday. Bring your own working calculator and pencils (no work in pen please). I have shown below CW_HW 6 on using grid equations. This work is individual and you should develop your own MatLab code to solve, and not copy someone else's. We will also try to do I-DEAS for this problem. We will do this during the class hour on Tuesday. To solve this problem, follow the worked example in Figure 5-21 on page 252 of 4th edition (or page 273 of 5th edition) of the book. This is a two-member grid. Do calculations similar to the worked example and submit this individual classwork/homework with learning outcomes, applications and references used to find the correct material properties. Writing units is also required. E.

600 N

50 N-m 65 N-m Solid circular section of 20 mm diameter, length 500 mm, and matl. aluminum

Solid square section of 25 mm side length, length 300 mm, and matl. steel

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