NACC Handout

National Association of Communication Centers (NACC) Conference

April 20-21, 2012
Noel Studio for Academic Creativity
Eastern Kentucky University

Next-Gen Communication Centers, the theme of the spring 2012 gathering, invites consideration of the future of communication centers. What will the next generation of communication centers look like? What activities will communication centers perform? What roles will they

serve? This call invites participants to recall the past and envision the future of communication centers and their role within the university. Creativity and critical thinking, collaboration, new media and multimedia, research and information uency, invention and communication design, and ongoing challenges facing communication centers will serve as the central themes participants are encouraged to address.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Deanna Sellnow

Conference Chair
Dr. Russell Carpenter Shawn Apostel, Trenia Napier, Leslie Valley

Program Coordinators

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 10, 2012
Conference URL and Proposal Submissions: Twitter
For more information about award opportunities, visit:

@noelstudio or #nacc2012
NACC Conference Facebook Page

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