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Fairview Firefighters Contract 2011-PDF

Fairview Firefighters Contract 2011-PDF

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9.01 Employees elected or appointed to represent the Union shall be granted time to

perform activities related to the grievance procedure without loss of pay. Union activities may

be allowed at the fire station. Union meetings shall be permitted in the recreation room and

kitchen area of the fire station, and all on-duty Union members shall be allowed to attend,

providing such activity, meetings and attendance does not interfere with the operation of the

Department and the Employer is notified in advance.

9.02 The Union President or designee shall be granted direct access to the Mayor, Fire

Chief and Assistant Chief for the purpose of transacting matters relating to Union business.

9.03 The Employer shall permit the Union to use space in the classroom for two (2)

file cabinets and typewriter, and shall allow the Union continued use of the storage area in the

classroom closet until the Employer determines such space is needed for departmental use.

9.04 The Union President or his designee shall be entitled to not more than three (3)

tours off in increments of not less than three (3) hours each, with pay, per calendar year, for the

purpose of attending Union functions. The hours may be borrowed ahead from the following

year and any unused hours may be carried over to the following year. The Union shall give the

City not less than seven (7) calendar days' written notice of the use of such time, and such time

shall be subject to the scheduling considerations as approved by the Fire Chief.

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