Waukee Family YMCA 2011-2012 Basketball 3rd-4th Grade Girls Schedule

A. B. C. D. Hawkettes(Angie D./Tadd H.) Monarchs(David Baccile) Sky(James Gipple) Bulldogs(Todd/Trina Neilsen) E. F. G. H. Wild(Dan M./Tim Weiss) Storm(Lou Flori) Shock(Robert Novak) Lynx(Derrick Johnson) I. Dream(Alex/Amy Hoover) J. Sparks(Matt T./Mark R.) K. Hawks(Courtney Weaver)

*Denotes Double Header Nov. 12th Court 1 Court 2 12:00 A vs E C vs G 1:00 H vs I D vs F* 2:00 B vs J K vs F*

Nov. 19th 12:00 1:00 2:00

Court 1 E vs F A vs D* J vs D*

Court 2 C vs I G vs H B vs K

Dec. 3rd Court 1 12:00 D vs E* 1:00 B vs E* 2:00 C vs H

Court 2 I vs G A vs F K vs J

Dec. 10th 12:00 1:00 2:00

Court 1 Court 2 I* vs C K vs A I* vs G D vs H J vs E B vs F Picture Day Court 1 G vs A F vs J* H vs J* Court 2 C vs K E vs B D vs I

Dec. 17th Court 1 Court 2 Jan. 7th Court 1 Court 2 Jan. 14th 12:00 E vs K H vs B 12:00 H vs E F vs G 12:00 1:00 I vs F G* vs D 1:00 A vs B I vs K* 1:00 2:00 C vs A G* vs J 2:00 C vs D J vs K* 2:00 Notes: All Games played at Waukee Elementary: 850 6th Street, Waukee, No Games on Nov. 26th for Thanksgiving No Games on Dec. 24th or Dec. 31st due to Holidays First Team listed will be the Home Team and wear White Jerseys

Court 1 H vs A F vs K C vs J

Court 2 E vs I D vs B* G vs B*

Jan. 21st 12:00 1:00 2:00

IA 50263 (From Hickman, go south on 6th street)

Optional Greater Des Moines YMCA BB Tournament will be Saturday, January 28th! More information to come! Optional Extended League will begin Feb. 4th More information to come! Cancellation Policy – In the case that severe weather would cause for cancellation, games will be called off approximately one hour before the first game. All cancellations can be found on the Waukee Family YMCA website at www.waukeeymca.org

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