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Ta Ann Final Report 2011 Web

Ta Ann Final Report 2011 Web

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Published by: Adam Burling on Nov 10, 2011
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EP031B is a 63 hectare aggregated retention logging
operation in the Peak Rivulet area, Huon District
forests. Road construction and logging operations
have degraded a core section of pristine forest, part
of the valuable Peak Rivulet area adjacent to the
Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
EPO31B contains pristine tall eucalypt forest
recommended for inclusion in the adjacent Tasmanian
Wilderness World Heritage Area. Forest types prior to
logging included, tall Eucalyptus nitida, tall Eucalyptus
obliqua, callidendrous and thamnic rainforest.112
Te area contained suitable habitat for the
endangered Tasmanian wedge tailed eagle, white-
bellied sea eagle, masked owl, grey goshawk, spoted-
tailed quoll and Tasmanian devil. Te logging coupe is
within the eastern breeding range of the swif parrot.
Logging commenced in 2011. Forestry
Tasmania gave permission to harvest over 2000 man
ferns (Dixonia antarctica) from the operation.

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