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Software Engineering There are risks factor in every field. At the same time, there are ways to control them too. Hence, when it comes to computer aided software engineering, so called CASE, there are certain common risks that are required to be controlled at the earliest. A reputed software development company takes care of these issues in order to provide premium quality services to their clients. A few of them are as follows: • Incompetent Standardization: If products do not use standardized code structures and data classification, it would be difficult to link CASE tools from different vendors. File formats can be converted, but it may be expensive task. This problem can be controlled by using tools from the same vendor or using tools based on same protocol. It also helps in compatibility. Impractical Expectations: CASE technologies are used to alleviate developing costs. Implementing CASE strategies might involve high start-up costs. Senior managers should be hired to implement proper CASE technologies. Slow Implementation: Organizations should not use CASE tools for the first time on critical projects or projects with short deadlines. A software development services provider should use these tools should be used on less complex projects. Feeble repository controls: If adequate control is not put over CASE repositories, it may result in security breaches, which may damage work documents or code modules. Thus, repositories should be protected by appropriate access, version and backups.

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A specialized custom software development company can offer all these controls to take care of damages due to risk involved. A person should check in all these control measures before hiring any software development services provider.

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