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The ISSUE Template

The ISSUE Template

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The ISSUE Template

The template below is only a rough guide DO NOT use the words exactly as they are written here on your GMAT essay. Find ways to say the same thing in your own words, and make these your “pre-fab” essay structure. That way, at the time of the test, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

“Thesis” paragraph The issue of________T__________ is a controversial one. One the one hand_________A_____________. On the other hand____________B______________. However, in the final analysis, the most compelling view suggests that _________A rephrased___________________. Support paragraph #1 One reason for this is___________R1____________. (back this up now with a minimum of three examples, or three explanations.) Support Paragraph #2 Another reason why this stance may be accurate is_______ ___R2______________. (back this up now with a minimum of three explanatory sentences.) Support Paragraph #3 Perhaps the most compelling reason is______R3________. (back this up now with a minimum of three explanatory sentences.) For all of these reasons______A rephrased again________. [R1 rephrased]. [R2 rephrased]. [R3 rephrased]. One final point to ponder or poetic thought that ties it all together. Now proofread and make sure it flows.

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