生活 在欢 乐中 (新 译文 )

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Living In Joy

生活 在欢乐 中

The Buffalo Species through Karen Danrich "Mila"

大白牛物种通过 Karen Danrich "Mila"传递 April 8, 2001 2001 年 4 月 8 日

Joy is perhaps the greatest gift of the choice to evolve for any species. Evolution or ascension brings forth greater and greater joy in the life expression of any species. We, the Buffalo species, stand in far greater joy overall as a collective than a few years ago. Such joy is an internal and external state of being. It is external because the joy is fueled by greater

connection with our ensouling factor, God Goddess all That Is, and Source of All and all forms of Buffalo.

对任何物种来说欢乐或许是选择进化的最大礼物。 进化或提升带来了任何物种在 生命表达中的越来越大的欢乐。 我们,大白牛,作为一个集体全部站在比数年前 远大得多的欢乐中。这样的欢乐是内外的存在状态。 说它是外在状态是因为欢乐 由我们的赋灵因素、 一切万有神/女神、 一切万有之源和大白牛所有形体所加强。

There are many musical artists in human form that have been tuning into the dance of sound behind the molecular rotation in all living things upon Earth. One such artist is known as Enya. One will notice that the music of such artists has become increasingly joyful over time and far less mournful. The release of the grief upon Earth is creating a joyful dance beloved. Such musicians are tuning into the new sound of joy that is permeating the molecular structure of Earth! Humans, in choosing to ascend, may join the dance of joy and leave the grief behind just as all other kingdoms are.

有 许多人类形体的音乐艺术家已调谐入地球上所有生命事物的分子旋转背后的 声音之舞。这样的艺术家中的一位即恩雅。 你将注意到这些艺术家的音乐随时间 欢乐日益 增长而悲哀逐渐减少。地球上忧伤的释放正创造着欢乐的舞蹈,至爱 的人类。 这些音乐家正调谐入地球的分子结构正渗透的欢乐的新声调!人类,在 提升选择中,能 加入欢乐之舞并把欢乐扔下,就像所有其它王国。

In the human dance, joy has been existent only in the moments perhaps of triumph when some creation within the life dance fulfilled upon one's dreams. Therefore, those moments of seeing one's dream come to fruition, whether it is in graduating from college, obtaining the job that one desires, getting married, having a child, or watching one's offspring do the same, such moments bring humans joy. However, joy has become associated with success. What this means is that the human dance precludes those whom seemingly fail at manifesting one or more of their dreams from the dance of joy.

在 人类舞蹈中,欢乐已只存在于或许是胜利的时刻,当生命舞蹈内一些造物实 现了你的梦想的时候。 因此,那些看到你的梦想被实现的时刻,无论是大学毕业 时、 得到 一份你渴望的工作时、 结婚时、 生小孩时或看到你的儿女同样如此,这 些时刻带给人类欢乐。但是,欢乐已与成功联系起来。 这意味着人类舞蹈预先把 那些在显化一 个或多个梦想上看似失败的人们排除在了欢乐的舞蹈外。

How many times beloved have you sat in suffering because your dream failed? The job didn't pan out or laid you off, or you didn't qualify for the home loan, or the boyfriend/girlfriend ended the relationship, or the marriage ended in divorce. One then sits in non-joy because joy is associated with dreams succeeding, not failing. Buffalo would like to point out that joy has nothing to do with success or life manifestations. Joy is an internal state of being that comes from divine union between body, soul and form in a dance with God Goddess All That Is. This is authentic joy. Success from our perspective is a form of inauthentic joy based upon "triumph".

至爱的人类,你有多少次因为梦想失败而坐在痛苦中?工作没有成果或你被解 雇,或你没有家庭贷款的资格,或男朋友/女朋友与你分手,或婚姻以离婚而告 终。你随之坐在无欢乐中,因为欢乐与梦想的成功联结着,而不是失败。大白牛 想指出欢乐不是去做成功或生命显化的任何事。 欢乐是一种内在状态,来自身体、 灵魂和形体与神/女神/一切万有共舞中的神性联盟。 这是真正的欢乐。 你们观点中 的成功是一种基于“胜利”的不真实的欢乐方式。

We would like to point out that ascension brings about change. The loss of job, spouse, friend, lover, house, car, or child, is the result of completion of karma. Karmic contracts and bonds come from unfinished business of one's prior ancestors. Each human is related to millions of ancestors, and as a result, there is often a lot of unfinished business, particularly amongst those ancestors incarnate in the past 4000 years. The life span of the human species has been so compromised over the last 4000 years that most incarnations never completed upon the karma incurred, leaving many contracts to be fulfilled upon at a later time.

我们想指出提升带来改变。 失去工作、 配偶、 朋友、 爱人、 房子、 汽车或小孩是业力 完成的结果。业力合约和债务来自你在前祖先们未完成的事务。每一人类都与上 百万祖先们相关,而作为结果,经常有许多未完成的事务,尤其在那些于过去 4000 年中化身的祖先们之中。 过去 4000 年中,人类物种的寿命已如此被危害, 以至于绝大部分化身从来都没有完成已招致的业力,留下许多合约要在后代被 完成。

In the current dance, one marries the spouse, buys the house, has the children, creates the job, based upon unfinished agreements from a prior time. As the agreements are completed upon in the act of ascension, one ends the marriage in divorce, allows the children and friends their own choices in path, changes jobs, moves, or any one of thousands of other possibilities that are a reflection of karmic completion. Karmic completion means that the dance is over and a new dance can begin. From our point of view, this should be a time of celebration, for one has just allowed for karmic completion, which is a part of ascension. In the new dance, there is greater freedom, and perhaps the opportunity to draw others on a parallel path of ascension whom shall grow and change in relation to oneself.

在 当前舞蹈中,你与配偶结婚、 买房子、 生小孩、 创造一份工作,都基于前一代 未完成的协议。当协议在提升行为中被完成,你以离婚结束婚姻、让小孩和朋友 他们自 己选择道路、 改变工作、 搬家,或成千个其它反映业力完成的可能中的一 个。业力完成意味着舞蹈结束,而一个新舞蹈能开始。我们的观点是,这会是一 个庆祝的时 刻,因为你正好让业力完成,其是提升的一部份。在新舞蹈中,是 更大的自由,而或许有机会吸引其他在相同提升道路上的人,他/她会相对于你 地成长和改变。

The joy that Buffalo feels as the result of ascension comes from the increasing sense of freedom as karmic contract after karmic contract with other species and other planets or stars are completed upon. This includes

our agreements with mankind, whom we have agreed to act as guide to. The seven articles (of which this is the sixth) is all that Buffalo shall ever have to say to humans whom are choosing to ascend. Our channel is allowing us to fulfill upon our karmic contracts in acting as a medium for our expression. And this we greatly honor her for. Above and beyond our writing, we shall stand at the side of any awakening human that so invites us to, and shall support your ascension if you so wish. This too shall fulfill upon our karma, and this brings us great joy beloved!

大 白牛感受到的欢乐作为提升的结果,来自日益增长的自由感,因为与其它物 种和其它行星或恒星一笔又一笔的业力合约已被结束。 这包括了我们与人类的协 议,我们 曾同意来扮演人类的指导者。七篇文章(这是第六篇)是大白牛想对 正选择提升的人类们所说的一切。 我们的通道通过充当我们的表达的媒介而正让 我们实现我们的 业力合约。 因此我们非常尊敬她。 在我们的文章之外,我们会站 在邀请我们的任一觉醒人类的一边,如果你愿意,我们会支持你的提升。 这也是 来完成我们的业力, 而这带给我们巨大的欢乐,至爱的人类!

For a long time, the human species has reached out to the nonphysical realms. They could not connect with Buffalo or any other species due to veils of illusion that surround the human dreamtime creating a barrier and a false representation of nature. These veils have lifted at last due to Earth's ascension beyond the vibration at which they once existed, allowing a true communion with any species by any human that so chooses to connect. We can act as guides and hosts to the inner worlds and dreamtime planes that can be confusing or frightening otherwise, and as such, can act as guardians to one's own unconscious.

很 久以来,人类物种已脱离了与非物质界的接触。由于围绕着人类梦想层的幻 像面纱制造了一个屏障和一个性质是虚假的表征,他们不能与大白牛或任一其 它物种通 讯。这些面纱最后由于地球的提升超出了它们曾经存在的振动而被消 散,让任一选择来连接的人类与任一物种的真实的通讯能进行。 我们能担任内在 世界及梦想层指 导者和向导,否则你可能会迷惑或受到惊吓,而如此,我们也 能担任通往你自己的无意识的指导者。

Mila connected with Buffalo long ago as Buffalo was a part of her soul from birth. It was viewed that the veils were so thick that if Buffalo didn't choose to incarnate in at least one human to assist in human awakening, that human awakening might never occur. And so Buffalo took the plunge, along with a host of other souls whom had co-agreed to bring forth ascension. Mila is not the only human Buffalo incarnate into, and indeed many other species incarnate likewise in human form beginning in the birth of those in 1958 to likewise fuel human awakening and the journey home. One may be surprised to discover that one has been co-ensouled by one or more species since birth!

Mila 很久以前就与大白牛连接,因为大白牛是她自出生以来灵魂的一部份。 当时 考虑到面纱是如此厚重,而如果大白牛不选择化身为至少一个人类来帮助人类 觉醒,人类的觉醒可能从来就不会发生。 因此大白牛与其它一群有着共同承诺去 Mila 不是唯一一个由大白牛化身为的人类,其实 展现提升的灵魂们采取了投入。 在 1958 年出生的人类之中,有许多都是由其它物种同样地化身入人类形体,

同样来激活人类的觉醒和回家之旅。 你可能会惊讶地发现你自出生那刻就由一个 或多个物种共同赋灵!

There are other species that would like to speak forth, and Mila has agreed to act as medium for such communications along with many other affiliates of her organization, Spiritual School of Ascension. Many in her organization are discovering nature to provide neutral and accurate guidance to assist in the internal awakening and transcendence of fear based thought-form. They share what has been said to them for all others to benefit. (See our Spring 2001 Journal and Affiliate Article Section for more information)

有其它想来说话的物种,而 Mila 已同意来为这些通讯以及她“提升之灵性学堂 ”机构内许多其他的成员们担任媒介。 她机构中许多人正发现自然界为他们提供 着中立和精确的指导,来帮助他们对以恐惧为基础的思想形态的内在觉醒和超 越。为了让所有其他人获益,他们要分享已对他们所说过的一切。(请阅我们的 2001 春季杂志和会员文章栏目以读取更多信息。)

Authentic joy, when experienced and expressed, leads to unity amongst all species. For in a state of joy, one honors another and all of their gifts, talents or contributions, in full. One perceives not another as more important to oneself, as in joy, all species contribute, all humans contribute something to the dance of global ascension, even if it is simply the choice to complete upon Earth through the act of death. In understanding that each serves a purpose,

each contributes, one can more readily embrace all others and all other dances unconditionally.

真 正的欢乐,当被体验和表达,通向所有物种间的统一。因为在欢乐的状态中, 你尊重其他一切和他们的天赋、才华和贡献,一切,全部。你不会觉得其他部份 比你自 己更重要,因为在欢乐中,所有物种都在贡献,所有人类都对全球提升 之舞做着贡献,即使只是选择通过死亡行为结束在地球上。 在了解每一部份都服 务于一个目的 之中,每一部分都贡献,你能更轻松地无条件拥抱所有其它一切 和所有其它舞蹈。

Unconditional acceptance is a prerequisite for humans to attain the state of the Bodhisattva in their ascension. The Bodhisattva is one whom has embodied compassion and unconditional love in relation to all others, and acts in harmlessness in all that one does. Harmlessness means that one ceases to interfere with the evolutionary process of any other human, any other species, or Earth at large.

无条件接纳对人类来说是在提升中达到 Bodhisattva 状态的一个先决条件。 Bodhisattva 是一个在与所有其它一切的关系中包含同情和无条件之爱的人,且 在他所做一切之内都表现着无害。无害意味着你停止干涉任一其他人类、任一其 它物种或地球的进化过程。

Many humans upon the spiritual path are confused. They believe that they somehow have to "heal others", "fix Earth", or repair Earth's Lay Lines in order for Earth to ascend. Beloved, Earth is taking care of herself and her own ascension, and requires not one or any human to fix lay lines or fix Earth. Such humans interfere, and often what is created has to be repaired by Earth as it does not serve. In so doing, such humans incur global karma, and if enough global karma is incurred for interference, one will not be able to ascend in this lifetime.

灵 性道路上的许多人类都被搞混乱了。 他们相信他们要设法去“疗愈其他人”、 “修理地球”或修复地球的方位线,为了让地球去提升。 至爱的人类,地球正照 顾她自 己和她自己的提升,并不需要一个或任何人类来修理方位线或修理地球。 这些人类干涉,且通常所被制造的不得不被地球复原,因为它并不服务于地球。 在这样的情 况里,这些人类招致了全球业力,而如果由于干预所招致的全球业 力足够大,你将不能在此生提升。

Few humans if any understand global ascension. Few humans understand the process of their own personal ascension. How can that which does not understand ascension ascend Earth? It is not possible and often the misconceived guidance comes from entities that are as lost as the human species but perceived as all knowing or God. All species are God Goddess in form, and our souls ensoul Earth. It is the souls of all species that ascends Earth. There is a consciousness to Earth, and one may tune into such consciousness and listen. In listening one can understand Earth's process and know how one can or cannot contribute. The greatest contribution any

human can make is to choose to ascend oneself, as in so doing, one supports Earth in increasing in vibration.

很少有人类对全球提升有任何了解。极少数人类了解他们自己的个人提升过程。 不了解提升是什么那怎么来提升地球?这是不可能的,而通常错误指导来自与 人类一样迷失、 却认为自己是通晓一切的神的存有们。 所有物种都是形体内的神/ 女神,而我们的灵魂们赋灵地球。就是所有物种的灵魂们提升地球。地球是一个 意识,你可以向这意识调谐并聆听。 在聆听中,你能了解地球的过程,并知道你 能或不能作出贡献的方式。 任一人类能做的最大的贡献是选择去提升自己,当这 样做,你支持地球振动的上升。

Allow. Allow Earth to ascend. Allow yourself to ascend. If you are truly choosing to ascend, your focus should be upon your own inner process and inner mastery. This is more than a full time job, the goal of inner mastery, and if one is truly mastering internal to self there is no time to fix another. No other can truly be fixed by oneself anyway, as each must choose to ascend and heal themselves. Each must choose to master of their own volition, for the journey of self mastery is an internal process that occurs in the "inner landscape" of one's thought-form.

容 许。 容许地球去提升。 容许你自己去提升。 如果你真正地选择了去提升,你的 焦点会聚焦于你自己的内在处理和内在掌握上。 这超过一个全日制的工作,内在 掌握的 目标,而如果你正真正地对自己掌握内在,你没有时间去修复别人。无 论如何,没有其他人能真正地被除了自己之外的任何人修复,因为每一个人必

须选择去提升并 疗愈自己。每一个人必须选择去掌握他们自己的自主,因为自 我掌握的旅途是一个内在的处理,发生在你的思想形态的“内在风景”之中。

Much of the lack of joy occurs in the human dance when others fail to do as one wishes. The children pick a different path than oneself, or one's mate holds no interest in spiritual endeavors and material, or one's family or parents are born again Christian, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Buddhist, or Agnostic, or Atheists. Often more time and energy is spent trying to change those closest in one's life to embrace one's beliefs than mastering the internal landscape within oneself. Beloved, you cannot ascend without mastering the inner landscape. We guide you to turn away from trying to convince others of your truth, and rather become your truth by self mastering and ascending.

人 类之舞中许多种欢乐的缺乏发生在其他人没有按你所希望的去做的时候。孩 子挑选了一条与你自己不同的道路,或你的配偶没有对灵性努力和资料的兴趣, 或你的家 庭与双亲内有着基督教徒、 或天主教徒、 或新教徒、 或佛教徒、 或无神论 者。 通常许多时间和能量被消耗在去改变你生活中那些最亲近的人,想让他们接 受你的信仰 而不是掌握自己之内的内在风景。至爱的人类,没有对内在风景的 掌握,你不能提升。 我们建议你离开对使别人信服你的真相的尝试,而经由自我 掌握和提升成为你 的真相。

There are so many teachers in the new age and metaphysical realms. Many believe that they hold "the truth". Many entities that such teachers channel likewise believe that they hold the truth, when truth is multifaceted and an

expansive expression beyond the ability for any one entity or human to comprehend while in form. Buffalo as a species cannot see the whole truth of Earth, only our part as a species in the dance of life. We would never claim to have the truth as a result. Beloved, your truth is within. No two truths are alike. No other teacher's truth shall be your truth. Buffalo invites you to turn inward rather than outward, and listen. Listen to your own guidance. And then follow it.

在 新时代有如此多的老师和玄学领域。 许多人相信他们持有“真相”。 这些老师 们所通讯的许多存有都同样地相信他们持有真相,真相是多层面的且是一个扩 展的表 达,超过任何一个存有或人类在形体内能充分理解的能力。大白牛作为 一个物种也不能看到地球整体的真相,只有在生命之舞中我们作为一个物种的 角色。 作为结 果,我们从不要求去得到真相。 至爱的人类,你的真相在内在。 没 有两种一样的真相。没有其他老师的真相会是你的真相。 大白牛邀请你向内调谐 而不是向外,且聆 听。聆听你自己的指导。而随后跟随它。

As you address the inner landscape, and allow the thought-form of destruction, death and fear to be transmuted, your outer relationship to the world shall shift. You shall not longer perceive the world from the same viewpoint. Rather you shall perceive the world from a standpoint of unity. Unity sees the dance of all creations and of all species as one, and yet individual in contribution. Unity also sees the dance of life within the human species from the standpoint that all humans are of import, each contributes something to Earth, and each must be allowed their journey so that Earth may ascend.

当 你呼叫内在的风景,并让破坏、死亡和恐惧的思想形态被改变,你向世界的 外在关系也会改变。你不再以与以前相同的观点来认知世界。 你会从一个统一的 立场来认 知世界。统一看到所有造物和所有物种作为全一的舞蹈,而个体在贡 献中。 统一也从立场中看到人类物种内的生命之舞,所有人类是重要的,每一个 人都对地球做着 贡献,而每一个人必须被容许他们的旅程,以为了地球能提升。

Most humans are not choosing to ascend beloved. You are perhaps a rare bird amongst a flock that has a different focus. Your focus is important to your truth of ascension. Their focus is important to their truth of non-ascension. Allow others their focus so that they may complete and in so doing Earth may ascend. Allow yourself your focus so that you may master and likewise ascend.

绝 大多数人类不选择提升,至爱的人类。你或许是一群鸟中的罕见的一只,拥 有不同的焦点。你的焦点对你提升的真相来说是重要的。 他们的焦点对他们的无 提升真相 来说是重要的。容许其他人的焦点,以为了他们能完全,而这样做, 地球能提升。容许你自己的焦点,以为了你能掌握并同样提升。

It is the intermixing of thought-form that is so confusing for the human species. This is not so for other species. A web of thoughts that are from others surrounds most humans. Most of the time such thoughts are from one's spouse, one's friends, one's teacher, one's children, one's parents or

family, and one's boss. As such, one is often thinking the thoughts of others and projecting your truth onto others rather than living your truth. Ascension brings about the gradual separation of thought-form such that one only hears one's own truth and then can live truth.

就 是混杂的思想形态让人类物种是如此混乱。 对其他物种并不是这样。 围绕着大 多数人类的是一个来自其他人的思想网络。 大部份时间里,这些思想来自你的配 偶、 的朋友、 你 你的老师、 你的孩子、 你的双亲或家庭及你的老板。 这样,你经常 正在思考其他人的思想并把你的真相投射给其他人,而不是生活在你的真相里。 提升带来 了思想形态的逐步分割,你只听到你自己的真相,随后能活在真相里。

This is a complex and difficult journey, from intertwining to sovereignty of thought-form. However, in understanding that most of what one may think is not one's own thoughts, one can through intent choose to separate each day or several times per day from others. One may do so through the act of grounding and centering of self, anchoring one's I AM presence, and then commanding the energy of others to return to their fields, retrieving one's own energy in return.

从思想形态的盘结到独立,是一个复杂且艰难的旅程。 但是,在了解到你所想的 绝大部份不是你自己的思想时,你可以通过意想去选择与其他人分割开来,每 天或一天数次。 你可以通过接地行为和置于自己的内在中心、 锚定你的 I AM 存在 来做,随后指令其他人的能量返回到他们自己的能量场,取回你自己的能量。

There is a meditation that our channel has brought through for the act of synthesis. Synthesis likewise is another method of separating from others (see "Synthesis Meditation" upon our web site). Synthesis causes one's tones of creation or frequencies that one has embodied to line up like a rainbow surrounding the form in such a manner that those energies that did not originate within oneself are returned to their source of origin.

我们通道已通过合成行为带来了一个冥想。 合成同样是另一种把自己与其他人的 盘结分割开来的方法。(请阅我们网站上的合成冥想)。 在这样的方法中,合成 促使你已包含入的造物音调或频率围绕着你的形体排列成一条彩虹,那些不起 自于你自己内在的能量被送回它们发生的源头。

We would like to point out that most confusion upon the spiritual path comes from the voices of others. As one separates, one shall more clearly hear their own truth and then can follow it. As one stands more and more certainly in one's truth, the joy increases exponentially! For there is a grand joy is living one's truth and living the dream that one's soul and form joined to dance within.

我们想指出灵性道路上绝大部份混淆来自其他人的声音。 当你分割,你会更清晰 地听到你自己的真相,而随后能跟随它。 当你越来越确定地驻留在你的真相里,

欢乐成倍地增长!生活在你的真相和你的梦想里是一场宏伟的欢乐,你的灵魂 和形体结合在此中共舞。

Buffalo is beginning to witness some ascending humans move into their living truth, their living dream. Such humans are beginning to express long lost gifts and talents that bring them joy. For some it is painting, for others writing as self-expression emerges again, for yet others teaching or offering healing services. For yet others such dreams are expressed in their own unique style that serves their own karmic completion. Regardless of how truth is expressed, when one stands in their truth, joy becomes the foundation. One ceases to compare truths when one is firmly in the center of one's own truth within, for there is nothing to compare. Truth is truth, all are necessary, all important, no one truth is more important than another. All contributions are equal to the greater scheme of the dance of life.

大 白牛正开始目击一些提升人类前进而进入了他们的活生生的真相,他们的活 生生的梦想。这些人类正开始去表达带给他们欢乐的、 被丢失了很久的天赋和才 能。对一 些人来说它是绘画,对其他人来说再次作为自我表达的散发的是写作, 甚至对另一些人来说是教导或提供疗愈的服务。 对其他人来说这些梦想被表达在 他们自己独特 的风格里,服务于他们自己的业力完成。不管真相以何种方式被 表达,当你驻留在你的真相里,欢乐成为根基。 当你牢牢地处于你自己内在真相 的中心里,你停止去 比较真相,因为没有事物用来比较。真相就是真相,所有 一切都是必需的,所有一切都是重要的,没有一个真相比另一个真相更重要。 所 有对生命之舞的更大计划的 贡献都是平等的。

In the current human thought-form, one is always comparing oneself to others. Am I or they more beautiful? Am I or they more successful? Am I or they more joyful? Am I or they better for having or not have a spouse and/or child? Am I or they in better physical condition? The cause of the comparison is the intertwining of truth and human thought-form, which causes one to look outside of oneself for validation that one is loved. One is loved if one is "better than" another, and if one is less than in some regard, one is loved less.

在 当前的人类思想形态中,你一直把自己与其他人做比较。我和他们谁更美丽? 我和他们谁更成功?我和他们谁更欢乐!我和他们谁的配偶或孩子更好?我和 他们谁有 更好的现实条件?比较的致因是真相和人类思想形态的盘结,其导致 你看向自己之外去确认你是被爱的。 如果你比其他人“更好”,你就是被爱的, 而如果你获得了 更少的敬重,你就被爱得不够。

Beloved, you are loved unconditional by Buffalo and all other species upon Earth regardless of your size, marital status, job status, whether or not you have children, regardless of what you wear or the property that you possess. The comparisons fade as one separates from the thoughts of others. It is the thoughts of others that cause one to compare oneself to another. Move the thoughts and energy of another out of the field, and one shall cease to think about the other and cease to compare, cease to judge. One can then tune into their own journey, their own process of self mastery, and focus upon what shall allow one to continue to ascend.

至 爱的人类,你被大白牛和地球上所有物种无条件地爱着,不管你们的身材、 婚姻状况、 工作状况是如何,无论你是否是小孩,无论你穿著如何或拥有什么财 产。 当你 把思想形态与其他人分割开来,比较消失。 就是其他人的思想导致你去 把自己和其他人相比较。 把其他人的思想和能量从能量场里移出,你会停止思考 他人并停止去 比较,停止去审判。 你随后能向自己的旅程、 自己的自我掌握过程 调谐,并聚焦于会让你持续提升的事物。

As one ceases to compare or judge, inner joy becomes one's state of being. For one cannot be in authentic joy and judgment in the same moment. Judgment leaves oneself either feeling better than or less than another, and feeling better than is not joy beloved. It may be equated to a form of triumph, but triumph is not joy. It is for this reason that we say that success is not true joy. Perhaps success shall leave one with a sense of triumph, but triumph means that one has triumphed over another! This means that another must lose, another must fail if one is to succeed. Success and failure are not a part of the new emerging unity paradigm. In unity, all may succeed, however, only success that supports the whole of Earth is allowed.

当 你停止去比较或审判,内在欢乐成为了你的存在状态。因为你不能在同一时 刻既处于真正的欢乐中又处于审判中。 审判把你自己留在对自己比他人更好或更 不足的感 觉中,而感觉比别人更好不是欢乐,至爱的人类。它等同于一种得胜 的形式,但得胜不是欢乐。就是这个原因,我们说成功不是真正的欢乐。或许成 功会让你有得胜 的感觉,但得胜意味着你已超过其他人!这意味着如果你要成 功,别人必须失去,别人必须失败。 成功和失败不是新形成中的统一范例的一部 份。在统一中,所有一 切都是成功的,但是,只有支持地球整体的成功才被容 许。

Ah, this is a different thought-form perhaps for those reading this material. For a long time, humans have known success that does not support Earth. The mining and toxic mess created through the success of your technological industries does not support Earth. The hunting of whales and or dolphins and the needless killing of them in your fishing industries does not support Earth. The poisoning of land through pesticides in order to reap greater reward by your farming industries does not serve Earth. None of such forms of success are unity based, and in the new dream for Earth and humanity for unity, such forms of success are disallowed and shall eventually fail. They shall fail due to the conscious choice of Earth to ascend and birth a new thought-form that is unity based. All that is non-unity based shall perish in the next quarter century beloved.

唉, 或许对此资料的读者来说,这是一个不同的思想形态。很久以来,人类所 知的成功并不支持地球。 你们的科技产业制造了矿物开采和紊乱毒素,并不支持 地球。 你们 的渔业捕捉鲸鱼海豚并对它们进行毫不必要的杀害,并不支持地球。 你们的农业为了获得更大利润而通过杀虫剂对土壤施毒,并不支持地球。 这些形 式的成功中没有 一个是以统一为基础的。它们会由于地球之有意识地选择提升 并诞生一个统一基础的新思想形态而失败。 所有以非统一为基础的一切会在下一 个四分之一世纪内失 败,至爱的人类。

We point the above out not to illicit guilt, for humans in their choice to ascend shall release the karma and thought-form at creation of such expressions of greed, and as the karma is released, such forms of pollution and harm shall

cease in due course. All that each human need to contribute to this dance is to choose to ascend, and master internal to self. In so doing, a new era of joy and unity can be born, and one shall contribute by participating in the birthing of a new era.

我 们指出上述种种不是不法的罪恶,因为人类在提升选择中会释放在这些表达 着贪欲的造物上的业力和思想形态,而当业力被释放,这些形式的污染和伤害 最终会停 止。要为这场舞蹈做出贡献,每一个人类所需要做的一切是选择去提 升,和掌握自自己的内在。 如此做,一个欢乐和统一的新纪元能诞生,而你通过 参与新纪元的诞 生做出了贡献。

For those whom are ascending, there is success as one begins to live their truth and live in joy. However, such success may not at all resemble the current concept of success, which often requires making a fortune, of having a beautiful home, yacht, investment property, or an investment portfolio. These are not the forms of success that Buffalo is referring to, and from our viewpoint such is only false forms of success based upon the current paradigm of greed and non-unity.

对 那些正提升的人类来说,当你开始生活在你自己的真相和欢乐中,这就是成 功。 但是,这成功完全不相似于当前的成功观,当前的成功观通常需要制造一笔 财富、 有一个美丽的家、 拥 游艇、 不动产投资或证券投资。 这些不是大白牛正指出 的成功的形式,且我们的观点是,这些只是立足于当前贪欲和非统一范例中的、 虚假成功的 形式。

Those whom are ascending live simple lives. They contribute to those whom their fields come into contact with regardless if such humans have any conscious idea that they exist. Those whom are ascending have powerful fields that often reach out touching others for thousands of miles from where they live. Sometimes such humans are retired, sometimes they are still working in the world, some are healers, some are teachers, and some are parents. Some are in partnership, many are single. Such humans are humble and simple, they seek not fame nor fortune, nor do they seek anything but their own ascension and wish to support the ascension of Earth in all ways possible.

那 些正提升的人类过着简单的生活。他们促进那些与他们的能量场有接触的人, 不管那些人类是否意识到他们的存在。 那些提升者们有着强有力的能量场,经常 从他们 的居住地向外延伸触及数千米内的其他人。有时候这些人类是隐居的, 有时候他们仍然在世界上工作,有一些是疗愈者,有一些是老师,而有一些是 父母。 有一些正 在配偶关系中,有一些是单身。 这些人类是谦逊和简朴的,他们 不寻求名声,也不寻求财富,他们不寻求任何事物除了他们自己的提升,并希 望以所有可能的办法去 支持地球的提升。

Long ago your prophets said "the meek shall inherit the Earth". The meek or humble are those whom wish to serve Earth through ascension. Such humans shall not be worshipped, because ascension and worship are contradictory states of being. Success and those whom are successful by current human standards, even those whom are seemingly "great spiritual teachers" are

worshipped. Beloved, their current status precludes them from ascension! All worship creates a form of arrogance in those whom are worshipped, and such arrogance causes the dance of self-mastery to cease!

很久以前你们的先知们说“温顺的人将继承地球”。 温 顺或谦逊是那些希望通 过提升去服务地球的人。 这些人类不会被崇拜,因为提升和崇拜是矛盾的存在状 态。成功和那些按照当前人类标准而成功的人,甚至是那些被 视为“伟大的灵 性导师”的人都被崇拜。 至爱的人类,他们的当前地位防碍提升!所有崇拜在那 些被崇拜的人中制造一种自大的形式,而这样的自大导致自我掌握之 舞停止!

It is such human nature to believe that others are better than self, that others have mastered more than oneself, that others are more "perfect" than oneself, that it is natural to assume that those of great success somehow have it "all together", have "mastered". Beloved, we can tell you in our observation of the human dance that there is not one human of fame or fortune that has mastered anything except greed. And greed is not mastery.

崇 拜他人的人类的本质是去相信其他人比自己更好,其他人比自己掌握得更多, 其他人比自己更“完美”,认为那些由于某种原因而拥有巨大成功的人们已“ 完全”、 已“掌握”是正常的设想。 至爱的人类,我们可以告诉你,在我们观察 中的人类舞蹈中,没有一个著名或富裕的人类已掌握了任何事,除了贪欲。 而贪 欲不是掌握。

All initiates create tests for themselves. Our channel was offered last year the path of fame. She chose the path of ascension. She may never be well known, but she shall transcend, and this is her goal, and her goal supports Earth's goal. So may you contribute by transcending, by ascending, and your contribution shall be no more or less than our channel regardless of initiatory status.

所 有提升者们创造对自己的测试。 我们通道去年已出现了一条名望之路。 她选择 了提升道路。 她可能从不会变成知名人物,但她会超越,而这是她的目标,她的 目标是 支持地球的目标。 因此你可以通过超越、 通过提升来贡献,而不管你的提 升状况是如何,你的贡献都不会比我们的通道更多或更少。

It is human nature to compare. We have seen students in our channels own organization compare themselves based upon initiatory status, amount of DNA embodied, or the role that they play within the group. We have also seen such students compare their appearance to one another, seeing if their "Buddha Belly" is or is not protruding, if they are or are not manifesting physical signs of their ascension, and on and on. Beloved, ascension is not a race nor is it something to compare oneself to!

比较是人类的本质。 我们已看到在我们通道自己机构内的学生们比较他们的提升 状况、 已收录的 DNA 数量,或他们在团队内扮演的角色。 我们也已看到这样的学 生们比较他们彼此的外表,他们的“佛肚”是否有或它是否没有突出,他们是

否显化了提升的现实计划,诸如此类。 至爱的人类,提升不是一场赛跑,也不是 一件拿来比较的事物。

Ascension has no scales. Mastery is mastery, and it is an internal and biological shift. Each shall take the mastery at a pace that their given form and lifestyle can handle. The body must detoxify upon a biological level the toxic thought-form that your ancestry has existed within. Some forms are more toxic than others, and some are older than others. Some have lifestyles that allow for rapid momentum through the initiations, some have agreed to bridge and awaken others and are choosing a slower pace so that their fields may touch others that perhaps the higher-level initiates can no longer reach. All serves, and in the unity paradigm, each ascending and emerging truth is of equal import and equal value to the whole.

提 升没有刻度。 掌握就是掌握,它是一个内在和生物性的改变。 每一个人会在自 己特定形体和生活方式能处理的节奏上获得掌握。 身体必须在生理层面上除去你 们祖先 曾存在于内的有毒的思想形态的毒素。一些形体比其他形体更有毒,而 一些形体比另一些更老。 一些人拥有容许提升的快速动量的生活方式,一些同意 去架桥和激活 其他人的人正选择一个较慢的节奏,以为了他们的能量场可以延 伸到其他人,或许更高层面的提升不再能延伸。 所有人都服务,而在统一的范例 内,每一个提升并散 发着真相的人对整体来说是同样重要和具有同样的价值。

That which causes one non-joy is generally self-judgment, or judgment of others. All judgment comes from comparison. Buffalo guides each to stop

comparing! There is nothing that your internal mastery can be compared to! It is one of a kind, unique, and of a distinct truth that is only yours! And we guide you to refuse to accept the comparisons of others. Our channel has discovered that as she ceased to compare, others ceased to compare her! That her internal state of non-judgment and non-comparison caused a new relationship to others in which others ceased to judge her or compare her to anyone! And this is how internal mastery works. One changes the inner landscape, and the external experience of the world alters accordingly.

导 致你不欢乐的通常是自我审判,或对他人的审判。 所有审判都来自于比较。 大 白牛建议每一个人都停止比较!没有事物能与你的内在掌握来相比!它是一个 只属于你 的、 适合你的、 唯一的、 独特的真相!我们建议你拒绝接受其他人的比 较。 我们通道已发现当她停止去比较,其他人也停止与她比较!她无审判和无比 较的内在状态 引起了与其他人的新关系,在其中其他人停止审判她和停止把她 与任何人作比较!而这就是内在掌握的运作方式。 你改变了内在风景,对世界的 外在体验也相应改 变。

It is out of the belief that one has no power to change their experience of the world that the concept of a victim has occurred within human thought-form. There are no victims beloved. There is not one experience that any human has made manifest that is not the result of one's karma. However, the delay in the cause and the effect often make it appear as though the experience is a form of victimization. We would also like to point out that there are humans gifted at displacing their karma on to others rather than experiencing it, or rather than transcending it. This can and does cause one to experience difficult circumstances that are not truly one's ancestral cause.

就 是在对你没有力量去改变对世界的体验的相信之中,人类思想形态内产生了 受害者的观念。没有受害者,至爱的人类。 没有任何一个人类已显化的任何一个 体验不是 你自己业力的结果。但是,因果的延迟通常会使它被当成是一种受害 的形式来认定。 我们也想指出,人类擅长于把自己的业力移置给别人而不是自己 去体验它或超越 它。这能且会导致一个人去体验不是自己真正祖先致因的艰难 境况。

In understanding this, one may seek to return all cause, all karma, that is not truly one's inheritance to the source of origin. In so doing, one shall only transcend and transmute fear based thought-form that is truly one's inheritance, for karma and thought-form are intertwined. In so doing, the thought-form that creates difficulties in one's life can be released in full allowing for one's truth to be expressed upon the physical plane.

对 此了解后,你可以设法把所有不是你真正继承的所有致因和所有业力送还给 它们发生的源头。 这样做,你只是超越和改变你真正继承得来的以恐惧为基础的 思想形 态,因为业力和思想形态是互相缠结的。这样做,在你生活中制造艰难 的思想形态能被全部释放,容许你的真相在现实层面上被表达。

One's karma is not one's truth. One's karma is simply unfinished business from prior ancestor's lives. In a sense, all karma must be released and completed upon in order for one's truth to shine through into all aspects of

one's life dance. This may means leaving behind the spouse, home, mortgage, job, family, and entering the new paradigm of unity in full. Or at least this is what our channel has found. Sooner or later, all ascending humans shall leave behind that which is not choosing to ascend and enter the kingdom of heaven and unity again.

你 的业力不是你的真相。 你的业力只是你在前祖先生活中未完成的事务。 从某种 意义上说,为了你的真相闪耀在你生命舞蹈的所有方面,所有业力必须被释放 和完成。 这可能意味着扔下配偶、 家庭、 抵押、 工作、 家族,并全部进入统一新范 例。至少这是我们通道已经发现的。 不久以后,所有提升人类会把不选择提升的 人类都扔 下,并再次进入天堂王国和统一。

However, the pace at which this may or may not occur is up to each initiate. Some may have contracts to support another through to their death, and this is a form of karmic completion. As such, leaving behind such individuals may not be possible until they die. Each has a unique path. Each a unique destiny in the choice to ascend. The choice to ascend brings about a new future in which one shall not die, but live to see the new golden era emerge upon Earth. And this is a grand choice indeed. In so doing, one shall leave behind all that do not choose to ascend in due course.

但 是,节奏以哪种方式发生取决于每一个提升者。一些人可能有着通过死亡去 支持别人的合约,而这是一种业力完成的形式。 照这样,扔下这样的个体们是不 可能的, 直到他们死亡。 每一个人都有一条独特的道路。 每一个人在提升选择中

都有一个独特的命运。 提升的选择带来了一个新的未来,在其中你不会死亡,只 会活着看到地 球上的新黄金纪元。 而这确实是一个宏伟的选择。 这样做,结果你 会扔下所有不选择去提升的一切。

As one ceases to compare, one shall cease to compare whether or not another chooses to ascend. There are many paths, much karma, and some karma simply cannot be fulfilled upon without death in a given incarnation. However, death is not an end. The consciousness from the life continues. If those choosing not to ascend are one's parent, spouse or child, the consciousness of such shall join you in your choice to ascend following death. There is no loss beloved. Only consciousness, only evolution, only the dance of life in all of it's varied expressions.

当 你停止去比较,你会停止去比较别人是否选择去提升。有许多道路,许多业 力,而一些业力在一个特定的化身内完全不能被实现,除了死亡。 但是,死亡不 是结束。 生命的意识持续。 如果那些不选择提升的人类是你的双亲、 配偶或孩子, 这些人的意识会在死亡后在你选择去提升之中加入你。没有失去,至爱的人类。 只有意识, 只有进化,只有在所有不同的表达中的生命之舞。

As one opens to the inner landscape, one shall perceive the spouse, child, parent or friend that has exited physicality. One shall see that consciousness continues, and can continue to communicate and relate to such deceased humans at will. In so doing, one shall cease to believe that life ends with

death, and assist in anchoring a new thought-form for mankind that understands this grand truth in full.

当你打开内在风景,你会发现存在在现实中的配偶、 孩子、 双亲或朋友。 你会看到 意识在持续,而能继续任意和这些死去的人类通讯及联系。 在这样的情况里,你 会停止对生命结束于死亡的信念,而帮助人类锚定一个新的思想形态去充分了 解这个宏伟的真相。

Often it is the experience of death that causes humans the greatest grief or times of non-joy in their life expression. In understanding the truth, the truth that consciousness does not die but continues one can release the grief and move into the joy again. And perhaps the joy shall increase in understanding that those whom have seemingly perished will now support one in one's choice to ascend! And there can be great joy in this.

通常就是死亡的表达导致人类生命表达内最大的悲痛或不欢乐的时刻。 在了解这 个意识不会死亡而是持续的真相后,你能释放悲痛,并再次进入欢乐。 或许欢乐 会在了解到那些看似已死去的人现在将支持你提升选择的时候增长!在此之中 能变得非常欢乐。

Buffalo holds all humans dear in our heart. We see how the pairing down of thought-form and inability to see and access the nonphysical realms has created so much fear, so much misunderstanding, so much pain. Was this a

necessary journey, some may wonder? Yes, all journeys are necessary or they would not manifest. Perhaps this journey shall teach all species that no species should be allowed to descend so low in consciousness again. And in so intending this, this difficult experience known as Earth shall never occur again.

大 白牛的心保持着对所有人类的挚爱。我们看到配对下降的思想形态和无能力 观看及访问非物质界是如何制造了如此多的恐惧、 如此多的操控、 如此多的痛苦。 一些人 可能会怀疑这是必须的旅程吗?是的,所有旅程都是必须的,否则它们 不会显化。 或许这旅程会教导所有物种,没有物种会再次被容许在意识上下降得 如此低。而在 意愿会这样之后,这场艰难的体验即地球将再也不会发生。

We reach out to our human brothers and sisters as you are no greater or less than ourselves. You are a species, a conscious species, just as ourselves were once a conscious species. You have had an evolutionary path upon Earth that has been very difficult. You too may ascend out of what your ancestry has created, just as Buffalo is choosing. In so doing, a new tomorrow, a new era for Earth can be born.

我 们向我们的人类兄弟姐妹伸出手,因为你并不比我们自己更伟大或更渺小。 你是一个物种,一个意识物种,就象我们自己曾经也是一个意识物种。 你在地球 上有一条 非常艰难的进化道路。你也要提升出你们祖先已创造的事物,就象大 白牛正选择的。这样做,一个新的明天,地球一个新的纪元能诞生。

You, your awakening, your choice to ascend, is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to all species or Earth. Through your ascension, we come to understand the difficult human dance, and in coming to understand, we can honor, forgive and have great compassion in our hearts for you and all other humans. Ascension begins with forgiveness, and it ends with forgiveness. It is forgiveness that allows the grief to fade into the joy again. For one ceases to blame, blame another, or blame self, for any experience or any creation.

你, 你的觉醒,你的提升选择,或许是你能给予所有物种和地球的最大的礼物。 通过你的提升,我们能来了解人类之舞的艰难,而在了解之后,我们的心能尊 重、 宽恕并 巨大地同情你和所有其他的人类。 提升从宽恕开始,而以宽恕结束。 就是宽恕让悲痛逐渐消失,再次成为欢乐。 因为你停止了去羞辱,停止去羞辱别 人或羞辱自己, 停止去羞辱任何体验或任何造物。

We invite our human brothers and sisters to forgive, forgive oneself, forgive all others, and move into the joy again. Release the resentment towards those whom have harmed you and transit into the new paradigm of unity and honor. Is holding on to the resentment worth sacrificing the joy beloved? Let it go, and we shall all heal together and become as ONE again.

我们邀请我们的人类兄弟姐妹来宽恕,宽恕自己,宽恕所有其他人,并再次进 入欢乐。释放对那些已伤害过你的人的怨恨,并跃进统一和尊重的新范例。值得 去抓住怨恨而牺牲欢乐吗?至爱的人类?让它去,而我们会一起全都痊愈并再 次成为一。

The feelings or thoughts of resentment may or may not be your own. Sometimes, in the intertwining of thought-form in the human dance, one experiences thoughts that are not one's own. So we invite you also to discern, and return those thoughts that belong to another, for you cannot forgive another's resentment any more than one can release another's karma.

怨恨的感觉或思想有可能是你自己的,也有可能不是你自己的。 有时候,在人类 舞蹈之思想的盘结中,你体验不是你自己的思想。 因此我们也邀请你来辨别,并 送返那些属于别人的思想,因为你不能宽恕别人的任何怨恨,就如你不能释放 别人的业力。

We close with a special blessing from our heart to yours. This is a blessing of joy. Feel the joy! Open your heart to our species and remember, remember what unity and communion feels like! If you feel nothing, then intend to retrieve your ability to feel. For living in joy requires the ability to feel beloved, and is an inherent right for any human form.

我 们带着一个特殊的祝福靠近你,从我们的心到你的心。 这是一个欢乐的祝福。 感觉欢乐!向我们物种打开你的心并去回忆,回忆统一和连接的感觉象什么! 如果你没 有任何感觉,随后意愿去收复你的感觉能力。因为活在欢乐里需要感 觉的能力,至爱的人类,而它对任何人类形体来说都是一个与生俱来的权利!

Some genetic packages in the human species have become so paired down that the ability to feel has been lost. Ascension brings forth the reconstitution of all abilities, the ability to feel, express or language, intuit and create. Often humans are afraid of emotions, or deem them unreasonable, hysterical, and the like. In holding on to such judgments, one rejects emotions internal to oneself. As one seeks to be whole again and to express all abilities that were inherent to your species, one shall open to feeling or intuiting again.

人 类物种中,一些基因包已变得如此被配对下降,以至于感觉的能力已丢失。 提升展现了所有能力的重构,感觉的能力、 表达或语言、 直觉和创造。 通常人类害 怕情 绪,或认为它们是不合理的、 歇斯底里的,或等等。 在持有这样的审判内, 你拒绝内在对自己的情绪。 当你寻求再次成为完整并去表达所有你们物种与生俱 来的能 力,你会再次对感觉或直觉开放。

Yet others are gifted at feeling or intuiting, but have a difficult time either manifesting or languaging their thoughts in a manner that others can understood. The ability to language or manifest also is repaired in the choice to ascend. Therefore, if one has difficulties of this nature, then intend to language and create again! And so it will be in due course.

也有一些人擅长于感觉或直觉,但是在显化或以用语言表达他们的思想以让别 人能了解的方面有一些困难的时候。 语言或显化的能力也会在选择提升之中被修 复。 因此,如果你在这些天性上有困难,随之意愿再次去语言表达或创造!而它 将会及时出现。

Unity and joy requires wholeness. Wholeness is an internal state in which one recomposes the field to be whole and complete through the act of ascension. Such a shift brings repairs to the etheric body, chakra system, and subtle bodies (mental, emotional, intuitive and creative bodies), along with the biology of the form. It is in wholeness that joy becomes an ongoing life experience again.

统一和欢乐需要完整性。 完整性是一种内在状态,在其中你通过提升行为把能量 场重组到完整和完成。这样一个变化带来了以太体、 脉轮系统和精微体们(理智 体、 情感体、 直觉体和创造体)以及形体的生理的修复。 就是在完整性中,欢乐再 次变成一个持续的表达。

Ascension also brings forth a return to authentic joy. Authentic joy seeks not outside approval of another, nor outside entertainment to elicit the state of joy. Authentic joy comes through becoming whole internal to oneself, and then as one is whole again, one can dance with all kingdoms in and ongoing dance of unity. It is as one is whole, with a mental, emotional, intuitive and creative

body present, that one can commune with another species. In the communion, one not only experiences joy, but feels interconnected or ONE again with Earth. Such moments are grand gifts in the journey of ascension indeed.

提 升也展现了向真正欢乐的返回。真正欢乐不寻求别人的认可,也没有外在娱 乐能引起欢乐的状态。 真正欢乐通过使自己成为内在的完整而到来,随之当你再 次完整, 你能与所有在统一中的王国共舞并持续共舞。就是当你是完整的时候, 伴随着理智体、 情感体、 直觉体和创造体的呈现,你能与其他物种们交流。 在交流 中,你不仅 体验欢乐,也感觉到了与地球的互连或一。这些时刻是提升旅途中 壮丽的礼物。

Ascension is a gradual process towards greater and greater wholeness, greater and greater joy, and greater and greater time spans of communion and unity with all species upon Earth. Some days may be very difficult, as one pushes through another layer of fear based and destructive thought-form, causing one to feel alone, separate off, unloved and certainly not in a state of joy. As the difficult moments are pushed through, one returns to the joy, and the joy is more expanded than before, for one has become more whole in retrieving and reunited the part of self that had been separated off.

提 升是一个渐进的过程,通向越来越大的完整性、越来越大的欢乐和与地球上 所有物种的、越来越大的持续交流和统一的时间。 有一些日子可能是非常艰难的, 因为你 推动又一层基于恐惧和毁灭的思想形态,促使你感到孤独、 分离、 无爱及

当然处于无欢乐的状态。 当艰难时刻被通过,你返回欢乐中,而欢乐比以前更扩 大,因为你 在收复和重联已分裂的自我片段之中已变得更完整。

Allow the difficult moments. Do not judge yourself as less spiritual, less capable, less of an initiate or less of a master in such moments. Such moments are a part of the process of ascension and ancestral karmic release. One cannot ascend without integrating their own darkness, and sometimes such darkness presents itself as loneliness, or fear, or as a seeming energetic attack from another. All darkness must be confronted, transmuted and transcended in order for the associated lost parts of self to be reunited with the remainder of one's field. As the reunion is complete, a greater sense of self, one's truth, and a newfound sense of wholeness emerge.

容 许艰难的时刻。 在这样的时刻里不要把你自己审判为灵性不够、 能力不够、 提 升不够或掌握不够。这些时刻是提升过程和释放祖先业力的一部份。 不整合自己 的黑 暗,你不能提升,而有时候这些黑暗作为孤独、 或恐惧、 或一个看似来自他 人的能量攻击来呈现它自己。 为了自我相关的丢失部份能与你其余的能量场重联, 所有黑 暗必须被面对、 改变和超越。 当重联被完成,一个自我的更大感、 你的真 相和一个完整的新基础感浮现。

Buffalo too, experiences difficult moments in our species ascension. Such moments are no more or less difficult than any human transcendence in our shared experience therein. Understand that all species are going through such difficult moments just as you as an ascending being, and that we shall

support you if called upon. Therefore, in your dark night of the soul experiences, call upon Buffalo, call upon all species upon Earth, and we will stand at your side and support you. Your transcendence is necessary beloved, necessary to the ascension of Earth. It is for this reason that we offer you our ongoing support.

在 我们物种的提升中,大白牛也体验着艰难的时刻。在我们物种在这里分享的 体验内,这些时刻不比任何人类所超越的更多或更少。 请了解所有物种就像作为 一个提升 存在的你一样,都正通过这些艰难的时刻,而如果你呼唤我们,我们 会支持你。 因此,在你灵魂体验的暗夜中,呼唤大白牛,呼唤地球上所有物种, 我们将站在你身 边支持你。你的超越是必需的,至爱的人类,对地球的提升是 必需的。就是这个原因,我们奉献给你持续的支持。

Until our next communication,




The Buffalo Species The Earth Mother



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