Directions to Namseoul University from south by car or train From Cheonan IC follow signs for Cheonan Station, City

Hall. Go over suspension bridge which looks similar to the new bridge near Shintanjin. After going through the tunnel take first exit. At end of ramp, take right onto route 1 (1beon kuk-do northbound). Namseoul University is in Seounghwan about 9 Km on right. You will pass Mega Mart, on right (7.7k), then Jiksan Jct. (4.5k) From Mega Mart 6km to NSU, from Jiksan Jct 4 km to NSU. Look for a blue sign for Namseoul University and a green sign for Jincheon Ipjang 34 (8.9k). Three convenience stores outside NSU main gate. There is a campus map by the gate. On Saturdays, you can park in front of Jaesik Jeong-bo Building. By car from Seoul: use Anseong IC. By train from Daejeon, Shintanjin, Jochiwon On Saturday morning, from Daejeon Train Station take 7:47 Mu-gung-hwa, stopping at Shintanjin (7:58), Jochiwon (8:16), and Cheonan Station (8:41), arriving Seonghwan Station at 8:51 AM. Walk to corner for Namseoul Shuttle Bus pickup at 9:11, arriving at Namseoul campus at 9:20. 9:11 is the only Saturday morning NSU shuttle bus pickup at Seonghwan Station. If you miss the NSU shuttle, Catch bus 100 or bus 110 in front of Familymart (frequent bus service). Bus 100 and Bus110 terminate at Namseoul University Campus. From Cheonan-Asan KTX Station: walk through KTX Station to Asan Station (7~10 mins). At Asan Station catch Samaeul train (8:27AM) to Cheonan Station. At Cheonan Station walk to east end of station(5~10mins) transfer to Mugunghwa train (8:41AM) to Seonghwan Station (8:51AM). Transfer to free NSU shuttle bus (9:11AM), arriving at Namseoul University at 9:20AM. If is recommended that you NOT purchase in advance your return ticket from KTX, since it will take at least 40 minutes to get from NSU to KTX. By Seoul subway system: take line 1, Cheonan line, to Seonghwan Station. From Nambu Bus Terminal: Take Namseoul University bus to last stop (This bus also stops at Pyeongteak Bus Terminal). From DongSeoul Bus Terminal: Take Namseoul University bus to last stop (This bus also stops at Pyeongteak Bus Terminal). Our office is in the chapel building or building #5 (화정관), 3rd floor, room 5310 From Seoul Station: take Mugunghwa train to Pyeongteak Station or Nuriro train directly to Seoughwan Station. On Saturday mornings there is a Nuriro train from Seoul Station (7:53AM), stopping at Yongsan Station (7:58AM), Yougdeungpo Station (8:08AM), Anyang Station, Pyeongteak Station (about 8:53), arriving Seonghwan Station (9:01AM), to transfer to NSU shuttle bus (9:11), arriving at Namseoul University (9:20AM) From Pyeongteak Station: take subway to Seonghwan Station (next station in Cheonan direction) From in front of Seonghwan Station, take Namseoul shuttle bus (9:11AM), Bus 110, or bus 100 to Namseoul University. (All these bus routes terminate at Namseoul.) From Seonghwan Station, Taxi to Namseoul, cost 3,00Won. From Seounghwan Terminal: in front of terminal, take bus 100 or bus 110 to last stop, or take taxi (3,000won) From Pyeongteak Intercity Terminal: take bus directly to Namseoul University (purple bus) From Cheonan Station: Take bus 100 or bus 110 to end of line (bus 100, and bus 110 terminate at NSU). From Cheonan Bus Terminals: Walk to west end of the block. Take bus bus 100 or 110 to end of line (bus 100, and bus 110 terminate at NSU).

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