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Is There Caffeine in Chocolate - Edited

Is There Caffeine in Chocolate - Edited

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Published by: Samay on Nov 10, 2011
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Is there Caffeine in Chocolate?

Synopsis Caffeine may be addictive, but has both good and bad effects on human health. A long debate over Caffeine in chocolate is yet to be proved by biochemists. Till then don’t fret over rumours and enjoy your favourite bar of chocolate.

What is Caffeine? Caffeine is a white crystalline plant alkaloid, chemically known as trimethylxanthine. It is a psychoactive stimulant that tastes extremely bitter. Medically, it is used as a cardiac stimulant and as a mild diuretic (it increases urine production). The primary source of pure Caffeine is the final result of the process of decaffeinating tea and coffee.Coffee beans contain a considerable amount of Caffeine, while tea leaves contain a little less. It is also present in Cocoa beans, but they contain much higher levels of another alkaloid called theobromine. What are the key ingredients present in chocolates? Chocolate liquor: Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and is taken from the equatorial cacao tree. They are roasted and finely grounded to extract the pure unsweetened chocolate liquor. ● Cocoa Butter: The edible fat from roasted or unroasted cocoa beans is obtained by mechanically pressing them using high pressure. ● Milk Products: To make milk chocolates, either whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder can be used. Some manufacturers also use milk crumbs, made by evaporating and condensing liquid milk with heat and vacuum. It forms a dry crumb that can be easily stored and used as an ingredient to make milk chocolate. ● Nutritive Sweeteners: Any form of carbohydrate and moisture can cause difficulty at various steps of chocolate processing. Hence, Sucrose is used in chocolate making process as it is a high grade sugar which is essentially dry and free of monosaccharide products. ● Emulsifiers: Soy lecithin is the most common emulsifier and is used in small amounts for making chocolates. Dark Chocolate bars have above 50% of chocolate content whereas white chocolate is made from ingredients such as vanilla, sugar and Cacao. When the correlation between Caffeine and Chocolate was publicized?

There is a constant urban myth that Chocolate contains Caffeine. However, any reliable chemical reference is yet to be found stating it does. It seems that it is based mainly on misunderstanding between two similar alkaloids i.e. Caffeine and Theobromine. ● In early 1990s, the Biochemists performed tests on chemical composition where they particularly distinguished between Caffeine and Theobromine. They regularly found

● The 12th edition of The Merck Index quotes that the hulls of the Cacao seeds have a very small amount of Caffeine in them but the hulls are always discarded before processing. In fact. ● Although there are some Chocolate products that have Caffeine. there are a lot of evidences that chocolate does not contain caffeine. Hence. . But they never discovered any Caffeine at all. Does Chocolate contain Caffeine? Chocolate does not contain Caffeine in any noticeable amount. but it is added externally to them and does not occur naturally in Chocolate. while a stimulant cup of coffee contains around 100 to 150mg.Theobromine (1.methyl histamine (up to 1.82%). Tele.20%).3% by weight) in Chocolate and other pharmacologically active compounds including Phenyl ethylamine (up to 2. There are about 30 mg of Caffeine in an average chocolate bar.54%) and occasionally Serotonin (up to 5. it has less Caffeine than that in a cup of coffee.

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