The RMS Titanic, that ill-fated luxury liner now known all over the world, had a passenger list of the some of the world's richest and most influential people. It also carried on board a host of middle class, and low class.Its full compliment of travelers ranged from the very rich, to the very poor; very successful men (and their doting women), along with those who were struggling just to make ends meet. There were those who were highly educated and well traveled, alongside those who had no education to speak of, and for whom The Titanic voyage would be their first....and last trip. The Great Ship was supposedly unsinkable, yet she went down in the icy waters of the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage in the early morning of April 15, 1912. Over 1500 perished at sea; less than half this number survived. Despite all the aforementioned things that distinguished this vast group of people from one another, at shore their names were posted in two simple and unmistakable columns – SAVED and LOST. In the end that was the only difference that truly mattered. Just like the story of the Titanic, on the final Day when the names are posted on the shores of God's heaven, we will not be listed according to our wealth, status, fame, achievements, religious affiliation or ethnicity. No. There will be but two columns of names recorded in august and sobering finality – SAVED and LOST. On which list, my friend, will your name appear? You are faced with a titanic decision. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. This means you. Even now, if you will call upon the name of the Lord, He will save you — and secure you in His strong and loving arms, both now and forever. Oh, do it my friend — an end cometh. And the penman stands at shore, waiting to record your name.

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