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23 Dengue Deaths in 5 Provinces Alarm Health Execs

23 Dengue Deaths in 5 Provinces Alarm Health Execs

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Published by Angelene Nidua

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Published by: Angelene Nidua on Nov 10, 2011
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Philippine Daily Ìnquirer
First Posted 21:21:00 07/25/2010

Filed Under: Health, Diseases, Children
At least 23 people, most of them children, have died of dengue fever in Cagayan Valley, Zamboanga City and Bicol
region since January this year, reports from the Department of Health showed.
Health officials in Zamboanga City said the situation has become a cause for alarm.
Rodelin Agbulos, Zamboanga health officer, said at least 1,052 others had fallen ill due to the mosquito-borne
disease since the start of the year.
"Ìt has reached the alert level in Western Mindanao. The number of deaths is higher compared to 2008, during which
we declared a dengue outbreak with eight deaths,¨ Agbulos said.
Ìn Cagayan Valley, DOH officials have asked residents in the region to be vigilant to protect their families from
mosquito-borne diseases, especially dengue, this rainy season.
DOH personnel have been sent to various parts of the region to conduct information campaign to prevent dengue
fever as the agency reported six dengue deaths and 336 cases from January to June this year, said Floro Orata,
regional DOH information officer.
He said dengue fever-related deaths were reported in Lasam, Santa Ana and Claveria towns in Cagayan and in
Ìlagan in Ìsabela, Diadi in Nueva Vizcaya and Maddela in Quirino.
He said the number of cases this year was lower than the January to June period last year, which recorded 442
cases and five deaths.
Dirty water
Agbulos said that in Zamboanga City, dengue cases were prevalent in the villages of Santa Maria, Tumaga, San
Roque, Tetuan, Baliwasan, San Jose Gusu, Guiwan, Upper Calarian, Campo Ìslam and Putik.
Aside from coping with the rising number of dengue patients, Agbulos said health workers also face cholera cases in
Vitali and Lunzuran villages.
Two girls, aged five months and 4 years old, died of the disease while 30 others had been hospitalized since Monday,
he said.
Villamor Visaya Jr., Inquirer Northern Luzon; Julie Alipala, Inquirer Mindanao; Rey M. Nasol, Inquirer
Southern Luzon; Carla P. Gomez and Felipe Celino, Inquirer Visayas
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