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Nri Ac Opening Form1

Nri Ac Opening Form1

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Published by: Sandeep Thaira T on Nov 10, 2011
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(fo'f Branch use only


Ap PI icatl on Form


Na"me :





NRI Account Openiing Appllication Fo,rll1l
Account Type: STATUS
(P~ease.t· the appropriate Box)

D Non-R,ss ide nt

IInd ian (N R I)

D Person

oil lndian Origin (PlO)

lnstruetrens for the Applicants for Account Open~ng

Your Signature appearing on the document should ta~~y with the signa.tures on the account opening form .
Please ensure that all ap plicants s,ign th e to rm an d affi x photog raphs in the s pac e p rovid ed in th e to rm .


Pleas,ss nsure that your prefers n CEl 01 8ran chis mant ioned in t he form .
You should authenticate corrections

I alterations if any in the account opening form.
and in the form should be Ilegible and same ,everywhere .


You should not use more than one specimen signature and the same should be uniform across the form .
Name mentioned on all the documents


Avoid writing "Same as above" I "Do" in the address fields .
Telephone No. and Fax No. should be mentioned with the ISD

I STD cades .

.! .!

~ointly held" Account Holders would nor be given transenctlon rights through lnternet Banking !Al"M Card facility, Signatures of all account holders are required for all instructions .
In case of apphcanons

with a Power of Attorney to operate upon the accounts, the relevant Power of AUorney the certified and du~ynotarised copy thereof must be attached alongwith the application . and charges, please visit am website.

For procedure

Toll Free Numbef in India (from IBSNL I MTNL Landllne) 1800112211 Toll Number in India (fmm other lines) +91 80 26599990 E·mail: c.ontactcentre@sbi.co.in·Website:wWW..anlinesbi.com/nri
AUSTRALIA - 1800012473 • BAHRAI N - 80081724 ~ NETHERLANDS· FRANCE - B00740B49 • GERMANY - 800l83G736 JAPAN· 00 6633812439 RUSSIA· 81080029301012·

State Ban k of India

• BELGIUM - 80076562 • HONGKONG 8000223D31 • CANADA - 18663284209 • ITALY - 800789407 - 800932045

• NEW ZEALAND - 800449909


6001 ()12333 • SOUTH AFRICA - 0 BOO982 360 • UAE - 60009119005 USA - 1B663284209

UK - Q 8081017633·

Copy of Telephone I Electricity Bill mentioning the overseas address Cancel Ied paid cheq ue of yo ur overseas ban k AI c Copy of proof of drawing income I Employee 10 / Labour Card. Signature in the account opening form. A person known to the bank Notary Public In case of NON. Visa of relevant pages of Passport & Residence officials at our Foreign office or Public or Embassy or known to the bank or Two self attested D o Photocopy liD Card Copies duly attested by o A person o Banker D D o Notary o Indian Authorised Initial remittance (Cheque j Draft should be drawn in the favour of "STATE BANK OF INDIA Alc Applicant's Name".FACE CUSTOMERS. lnd ian Embassy J Consulate I High Cornlssloner Your bank abroad.Check List D j Documenls to be attached by customer passport size photographs. enclose additional documenls (any two of the following): D n n U D Cheque drawn on bank account abroad. Late st Ova rseas Bank state rnent in ori gi nat. . verified by anyone of the following persons o o o o J entities.

NAME 1st Ap plica nt 2nd Ap plica nt 3rd Ap plica nt ADDRESS & CONTACT DETAILS DO 00 DO Date Monlh Yelllr Oate of Birth SEX M/F M/F M/F PAN/G IR No. Res Office Mobile Mobile Fax EmaillD D EmaillD ( [2] PIease II ck the ad dress to wh Ich the ma II is to be sent) Currency Amount 0 Petied/Ten ure D ACCOUNT DETAILS 1.rent/Nat ural G LIard ian {I n case any of the ap pi icants is a min or} Overseas Address Ad dress (Com p ulsory) D Address Indian Ad dress 0 IIIIII Pin Code! Tel.ternal} Sa\li n9 s Bank Nc Non-Resident Non-Resident (External) (Ordinary) Current Savings INA fNR ~NR D 2. (It an ass essee) 00 DO 00 DO DO DO Date Monlh Yelllr Date Monlh Year Name of Pa.all the way Please open FCNB/NREfNRO Custo mer Info rmation In d ivid ua I Detai 1$ 1st Applicant Mr./Mrs. Res Fax Office Tel./MrS_/Ms_ Account at your Please (Name of Branch) fin attached customer information Surname sheet First Name Middle Name znd Ap pi ica nt M r.1 rvivor Special Term Deposil MODE OF OPERATION TICK ONLY ONE o o o D GBP D EURO DAUD Self only Former or Survivor Joint Iy haid D D 0 Anyo ne or Su rv ivo r Others (p Iease specify) ./Ms. Bank Ale NA NA NA NA 0 D D D Non. Non-Resid ent (Ex.State Bank of India With you .Resid tint (Ordi nary) C una nt Ale rNR fNR fNR NREFixed Deposit Term Deposit Specijal Term Deposit e_ NRO Fixed Deposit Term Deposit Spsclal Term Deposit INR TYPE OF ACCOUNT TO BE OPENED 0 7 tNR Fe NR (B) De posit Term Deposit 0 D o USD o GBP o EURO D USD DAUD o CAD D CAD DJPY DJPY Eithe r 0 r S 1. D 3_ 45- Nr./M rs _I Ms3rd Applicant Mr.

. Of 2nd Appl icant INTERNET BANKING (INB) EMAILJ SMS ALERTS The Bank offers cnllne banking to allow you another option to access yOlJr account.. . Issued by thts branch please give the ca rd nu mbar to wh lc h thE!accou nt t hat you now w ish to 0PEl is to be lin ked.__ ...". _--_._ ---_ .'-. 0 0 NOMINATION D Yes (Please attach separate Nomination Form) ONo OTHER I intend to avail the ticked (v') products/services also (to be applied for separately by each applicant) ATM-cum·Debit Card {Domestic Card} Intern et Banking FACILITIES 0 ATM-cum-lnernational·Debit (Not tOt NRO account} Card D D Mullicily Cheque Book D DOMESTIC CARD NRO INfL.e afl~ claims ag al nst Sal."._--_ .._--_ ._--_ .. __ __ __ _ _... sen d . {Please fill in the online S81 registration torm in the enc Iosu re) ItWa hereby authorise S 91 to send e-rnai I accountts) Email 10 of first account hold er OR !AND Mobile No.lla1eCi t>~ the R6set)J6 Batlk 'rlola I/We accept ru II r6SpQI'!Slbl'I. _INTEREST PAYMENT = D Transfer to Savings / Current Nc No. ...._._.... _--_._._.__ ._---_..e! ea1a{s~ al'!Ci agtee no._.: (OPTIONAL) D [I 1 SMS alert D reIating to transacti 0 n 5 in mylour III 1 [I[[I 1 [I 1 1 [I 1 [I 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Country Code Mobile No. Cheq ue/D ernand Draft No. l[We un dsrtake that tha usage of 'he ATm-cum-Debil Card arland ATM-cu rn-lrnematicnel [)ebit card will ba in acccrdance with the e~ehange control regu latian and tn the event of anv fail u re.._.. ._". _ ._"._--_ ._. . enc losed DETAILS OF REMITTANCES 2_Wire Transfer No .._..._".. _.. Name and Address of the Remitting Bank/Exchange Co._--_ .NTEREST J PRINC~PAL) D D D Mail/Cheque In INR/USDjGBPjEURO (ON MATURITV INSTRUCTIONS) Transfer to Saving I Current Ale No. r'I Card No.. .__ ._".".".._. ATM CARD NRE The tac iIity is avaiIabl e for mode of operati 0 n : Sin9Ie/Either or Survlvo r 0 rLly If you already have an SBI ATM-cum-International Debit Card. .'-._".. _--_.._--_ . . ..~ tor m~ sa. _--_. Renew with Prineipal onIy._.' fo r .".1. _--_._".._--_ .. 10 malt. _--_._--_ .. _--_. Of 1st Applicant [ [ 1 1 [I [I 1 1 I I 1 1 [I [I 1 1 [I [I 1 1 [I [I 1 1 [I [I 1 1 [ [ 1 1 Card No. loss or distortion in t ransmiss ion of 901ens to the acco unt holde rs. _---..__ 3. dt...__ . ItWa will be liable fur action under the FDreign Exch811ge Management Act 199'9 al'!Ci ttl e ame~(J rnents tnereot stlp1. _ __Amou nt ."....._."._"..... or Name Specimen Signat ure For Verification by Branch Oflicia Is SPECIMEN SIGNATURE 1 2 3 2 ._--_ .'-._--_ .._. _--_.__ .. error._.._--_ . _--_. _ __ __ __ __dt ._. __ __ _ _.....__ ...". 0 0 Aellew Princi pal pi us intere st Do not renew and (Please tick one of the following i) Mail cheque for maturity amount in INR/USD/GBP/EURO ii) Others PAYMENT I RENEWAL INSTRUCTIONS (.... ..' -._"._ _..". .._.... II'! respect thereto. _--_.__ .."._.."._--_ ."."._. "" -" "-....... ._... .._"..._--_ . A PIN will be mailad to you to enable you to use online banking._"._". . _--_._"._.. _--_.. The Bank will not be tiable for non-delivery or delayed delivery of alerts..

Date & Place of Issue Nationa Occupation 1) 2) 3) Dce~ar~t~ons 1.Il disputgs Or dHf9rences or matters in relation to the above account ~halll:Je aubjact to 'Jurisdiction of Indian Courts'. 7.. laid down by Resar~a Bank 01 IndiajStatEI Ban~ of India in th is ragarrl.osit raca ipt on my/oLtr pra!Wlnti ng the same on the maturi1y rlale or latar for raflew. .0 !)ay at\1 Interest 01'1U'le oeposlt mMie I)~ me/us I/We egrae mat no claim will be marla by m~!'us for any inlerest on the dapcs it..} I NAME OF I I PEIRSON Abo'lla signatl.llurg of 2nd Appl learn l ( } of 1st Appl ieant Sig natura ~IJrisdi.HilnOri'!!I~n lPllOs) iHH:d r. arising out 01 Or { :s ignatur@ Nom-resident account Indians l { Si gm. I.es.!ll/~aym~nt. QPtad fur and agrge to alJide by thg lerms Md comlitions relatiflg 10 ~. y 01 le~acy .-I tile Bank IIIIIIIIIIII f'assport 1 II Ii ty I III Present ex. Cilizgns 01 PELkistan and Bil.. i nheritanca will be depoaitsd in my/ou r NRO account with the a ~r~ailing stip ulations.~..~dents 0'1 of any or main1aitn~II1'!!I the . I/We hereby declare that I am . e.I'IIJ/e agre~ 10 ebid a tly Ihe provisto ns of the Fareign C UHgn~y {Non -Resident} AGCount.PLEASE SIGN liN BLACK liNK... I/We ~~reb~ cecl are Ihat only leg<tlmate dues Itl Indra .e to opell'l op. ~Oll ate . laid Dy RBI./our ratu rn to Ind ian fur permanent residgnG13 i rnmed iatel~ on arrival. majl be alloweQ 11'1ccordan ce with tl'1 a e ~./Wa hgratJy lin rlertake to i ntirnare y<l u ~bout m9.QUnt wil.Resident CE~tern"l} A~cou nt.n Ihl!' abo~e a~(.. 3. al'lCi l(We also aQlree tMt If al'l~ ot ine statements'dectarat-ons made herein Is '(>una to be 1'101 correct It" materlal pa. Resid~nt Joint account halcler in caae of NR 0 account ami not residents of an~ J u risnictiort (i.the deposit (] n Ih~ rlue date far an i nann cal periocl unless th a instruction to the contrary from me/us is re8ei~ecl by the Bank berofe m aluri!~.1I1ri~jng if'> p.eI'! \'IOlll (.-tleulars. (I ivldeno. Persons of linI. PHOTOGRAPHS SHOUILD BE SIGNED ACROSS BY T~E .ssp crt Applicant's No. I I I I I I I I I I I I I Designation Date: D self an (i n case of of I~.lNon. will b-e in a~(.as~MQk) 1 st VERI FICATIIO N OF SIIGNATUIRE Applicant of Signature to be made by ~ nd a A ppl icant 3rd Ap pi ieant " D D Verification lndlan Consulate Embassy 0 0 High Commissioner Pu an N otary b Iic existing account 0 0 with Bank Person known to the bank 2_ Verification is not necessary il you have SIIGNATUIRE (p1. I/We agree trial Ii 1M premature wltho::lfawal IS per-nltted at m~IOiJr request. th e p. 4.IWg here Dy agree thaI the transacnons relstad to or connected with transaction B.ctioln el1igibie wher..st~n'g customer Details Name ~'a. .ordarl~e \l'/ith the provisions 01 the Rase r~e Bank or India schema in torcs aI at the time oi renewal I/We further llr'lderstan(ll hat 1he mterest appbcable Q n rene . pens IOt\.. I.ease give the Account No.flgladgshl wher9 oparnnq Of rnai ntai nin(J of the Account is prohib itw try the law and Re(Ju latory raqu irgment of such Jwisdictian and far Ihe applicable laws in India_ I/Wa unde[l... IlWg haw rgacl and umrlerslood lIle rules and roglllatkms ollhe productis) I ser~ice(sl the concuct thgre01 and also any chang~ brought about thergi n frOn'l tirne 10 urne.. l[We authoriae the bank to automatically rena ... I...lriSlS varified by (Nama) VERlfYllNG WIITHI RUBBER STAMP SignallJre AND'/OR SEAL. s...count- 1$ proohlbi~ed by 'the ~aw$o.ac.lrilsdh:tlon are not OIliul mall'ltainlhls .APPLICANTS Photo Photo Photo (Enclosa (] ne more PhOtOgf~ph tor .'s for any period elter the det~"B af maturity afthe depositJs.. will be at the appbcable fllilng rates Q n the OIa1e matlolnt~ and tl'1al the ren ewal will toe noted ars of (] n 1t1~ clep.r!ory requllrements such jll.01 bound ./We u nderstand lh at thg rene ..I inclu 0 e cu rrent lncorne hke rent.ening of 3rd App licant (NRls. tie go~ernerl by the app~icable Iaws in India and i!.tElfld dlillt ttle ElI:Jo~e<U:GGUnlwill bg opened on the basis of the stillemgn~sidgGlarations I'I'IMe by rne/us.. & ADIDFtESS Place Introduction Detaijs (anyone) SIBI. interest etc sale procee(l$ or assets h incl ud inQ im movable propenv acquired out af rupea I f(]f~ign curra ncy funds Dy ../ we are n on-residant Indian (S) of Indien Origin .. I.a~ment 01 Ir'lterest 01'11M oeposlt ~r~ailing stipulation s.r re'gul.

I am attachin 9 herewith.1 ~ete by ag ree and un d arlake to give such il'lrorm atlol'ls/docum ents befo re the Sank u node kes so rts the tral'ls. Applicatlon Palii cula rsol received and purpose ascertalned (descrlpnon) _ (xerox co py of the _ by Post 3.e Management f 0 (Umj. Internet Customer Ballking (~NI8J Kit Despatched loaded on site on 7.Jnt of 1st Appli call! Si 9 nature of 2nd Applicant Place.count Authorised on (date) by computer operator (Name) _ _ On _ despatched on _ person/Officer (Name) 6.:h 011 B ranc h Manager _ 1 AUIhmised Offieia I Sig nat ure ot Office r 4 . Date.Jpportin 9 docu ments· to satisry the I am providing below details in support of my claim above dselaeation t I do not hold any uecu ment if! su pport of my dectaration. 8. _ YIN _ dt. Ihe afotes""ld Act or of aily rule regulatlofl. No. (Name) _ Fl. Appllcant(s) Interviewed 2. 1'999) rnenti transactl n (s) the deleils ot wh ich are specjfically net deslgn~dfor the purpose or any eorura v ention Ot evas.lol'I !he proViSions. o I am ltIe sp-ouse of an ~ndian cilize o I amlhe spouse of a PIQo.. Sl. particulars ATM/Debit Card No. Chapter Ime hereby declarethatthe Act.onably satis'Y you about !he ttansaction(s} in lerms of Ihe abO'Je declaration. form entered No. 13.atl. 0 REJECT {REASONS) D _ DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD opened opened Account Ac.ei 9 n E)::. d IteCI ion or otde r mad e I !'Iereu nde r. nolitication. I/We 01. 5. ii} My lath er/mother/grandfather/grandmotMr i$/was a citizen or I. 11.oant FOR OIIrFI C E !IJSE 1.y me/us report th e matter to Reserve Bank of In d ia. id srrt ification documents obtained) OPEN THE ACCOUNT ACCOUNT 4. _ 14. (p1'Base select from the below mentioned choice'S as ap p Ilcab I.er Sec:ti on 1 0 (5). ~_ Sig nalure Place: or 1 st Appl iC8<nt SigMtute 01 2nd Applicant Date: Signatu re of Jrd Appl i.ette r of than ks sent to cu stern er on Acknowledg$ment Nomination TDRfSTDR Threshold YIN rec€:iv$d ncrn customer on -----------------------_ 12. 9. 0' 0' CI ned in the Schedul e h ereund er does not involve and is S ign.. I/W~ also understand that if I/W~ refuse to comply with any such rll'quk(lmllnt or mail€! unsasistactcry compliance therewith. PERSON OIF INID~AN OIRIGIIN (PliO) DECLARATIION (11'0be.$~gn&d ~'f the customer 1$ a IPIO> CIITIZEIN OF BANGLADESH AIND PAKIS1I'AlN AIRE NOT CONsmRED PIO I h~r&by declare that I am a person of Indian origin and I satisfy one of the toUa-wing conditions.hang. Limit Rs. lh!l Bank shall refuse in wfiting to undertake the transaction and shall if it has reason to' believe that any contravention/evasion is conternplated b. Accounttransterred Account closed or"l~ to _ 1 Branl. 1O.mdivided India.actlofl{s) and as FrIa)" be tequit&dfrom time to lime as will reas.~to you} o D i) I Mid an Ind ian pass port.Declaraliolll CUI!I1I Ulndenakling II I OofOf. __________________ IN B 5€ rv ices approved L.

00' II. Car Loan Credit Card s Housing Loan Education Loan DYes DYes D No 14. o Yas DYes o No o No o No o Yes DYes DYes DYes o No D No 17. DUS DDDO s MM DO yvDD DO Personal Date of Birth: Marital Status. 10._) o Engineer 3. of Females o Non-Grad uate DGraduate 11·20 D Post Grad uata Q ualifieatio n 2 upto 10 yrs 0+ D+ 0+ 0+ 21-45 3 4 How many times you have bean to India in last 3 years DO you have a Credit Card Assets o Never 0+ 0+ 0'-5 46·60 0+ 0+ times Above 61 0= O~ Total o D o Yes OSBI Card o o above 5 time s Non SBI Card 5 6 7 Vehicles House.US$5000 '20. 9. of Males No. Business 16. 7.__ .. I.. Education o Married DYes 0 Unmarried DNo a uaIlficat Ion Dealing with oth er Ban ks If Yes Name of the Bank and Branch Type of A/cs_/Factlities (0) Exl stl n 9 Cred It 1acUlUe~ if any : . Fathers. Ag ail1st sec urity 12.you live in Lite Policy for o o o ear D Others D Rented US$ 5000 < US$ '0000 USS 50000 ONone DOwn <US$5000 o Employer's >US$ 10000 < USS 50000 0:-> 0> Place: Date.001 US :$20.__ . Your Spouse's Family Mamber: No..Husband's Name Occupation ~ Occupation: It self-employed: Sa urce of Fu nd s 2. . Olhe r (SpeeIfy) o No o NQ (Signature of Customer) Additional Inrormation (Optional) Please fill in the following information in order to help us identify your requirement for better service: Place: Date: .KYC Info rmation Sh eet (Annsxura of Ale Open ing torm To be obtained from each applicant NcfCustomer Full Name No. _ Signature of Customer 5 . 13.000 D :->US $10..ried o o Doctor o Business Student o S Employ o Others o Lawyer o Other el f ed/Professiona I D Business (Specify_.10.__ . o Sala. Monthly Income o D D US $1000 > US $500' . 6. Consume r Loan 15. 4. Annual Turnover (B) 5.. I II lI I1 Il I1 1 ] I l I I _ _ I separately) (Please lick the Appropriate Box~ (A) 1.. __ . (C) 8.__ .000 :> D US $1000 .

may be returned by State 8ank of India. Strike out if nominee is not a minor. / MiSS Aged Account No. 1985 in respect of Bank depos its.. It any NOMINEE Name and Address (Only one nominee) Relationsh ip with Depositor.ny Age If Nominee is a minor. As the nominee is a minor on this date. Address & of the guardian} to receive the amount of the deposit in the account on behalf of the nominee in the event of my/our/minor's death during the minority of the nominee. ItWa appoint (Name. if a. Glve Date of Birth .. of the Nominee I I I I I I I I I I I I II Branch Ma. 45ZA of the Baflking Regulation Act. Date: 20 cir No. in torm DA1 dt. l!We Name(s) & Addresstes) ot the Account Holder(s) Nominate the following person to whom in the event of my/our/minor's death the amount of deposit in the account Particulars whereof are given below. DEPOSIT Name of Deposit(s) Distinguishing Number (Give Account Number) Add itional Deta iIs.ed Officer: 6 .NOM INATION FORM DA 1 Nomillatioll uncsr Sec. Sign ature (Nam e & Add ress at witness) Name & Add ress Place: Date: . J elF Years in respect of your (SB !CA j TD / STD etc). the nomination should be signed by a person lawfully entitled to act on behalf of th e min or . Signature Customarts) Note: Where deposit is made in the name of a minor. No. We acknowledge receipt of nomination made by you in favour of Shri I Mrs.nager J Authoris. Nomination without witness Is not valid & cannot be registered FOR BRANCH USE ONLY Partie utars of Farm DA1 (if received) entered in Nomination Register Sr. 1949 and Rule 2{') ot the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules..

. _ _ __ City: _._. asthat 'faryour branch.<l. . D D OR El1Iqu Ilry .(lI(l)~H..TRATION FORM malIedtc th ~ b ranc h wh $rG t h$ ecce unt is mainta i Md) 10 111e B ranc h Manager SfAE BANK OF INDIA IE! ranc h rN arne : _.nd lran!l.etJ.ONUNE (to I::Hll $ig ned s.o ili'11P . _..sm an cI INiTERNET BANKING (INlB)' REGIIIS.ephone lDD No._.._.Iln~:s. _...___.fJ't B-ankfng S~!Vjc·~ 25 Characters Name of Customer t IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IE-mail lel.._.. . . _.. . __.cUOfill iRigM. __. __._ _. __. _. exec U led over online S B~ unde r my usern arne and passworc will be bind i n9 on m e.I!!._ _. Customers' IE! rancn Use Signatufe Sign ature verified 1 . .s same. _. _._.___._.a.. __. . ._.___.___.: Ma.s 1---+--+-I---+---+-+--+-----f-+--+-----l-+--+---lI---+--+-I-----------+---------1 1--+--+-I--+---+-+---+----+-+--+---1-+--+---lI--+--+-I--------+---------1 l---i--+-I---t--+-t--t--i-t--t---1--i--t----tI---i--i--t-------+--------I "'Mode ot operation for Onlin~ SBI SerVi(:'8 will be th._. 1---+--+-I---+---+-+--+-----f-+--+-----l-+--+---lI---+--+-I-----------+---------1 account atthe I have read and understood I agree that the transactions the provisions contained in the 'Terms of Service document" ot ~Oliline SEW ~ml accept them.qtdry iFlig~rls :!Un9 l.___. j . _. _. .. .iling Adldre-ss: Dale of Hi 1'111 MM yy iEn. _.___. . . 8m '$ In($fn. . Mobile No._. .. wish to register as a user ot 'OnHne SBI'.

a valid session will be construed by SBI to have emanated from the reg~stered customer and The customs r wi II not attem pt or permit others 10 anempt access: ng the '0 nlin eSBr thmug h any unl awftJI means.e customer and the Bank ~nthis serviee iss ubject to the j urisdictiorl and governed by the laws prevailing in IIndia.iild afford a 11 tevel of security to th eo igh transactions a"y~ime. you nead to register at sac h branch separately. encryption tee hr1ology.online SBI services w~11 open to the customers be 0111'1 after he! acknowledges the receipt of password We invite you to visit y.n. please bring it to the notice of the branch bye-mail or letter.Onl in$SElI'. The two-way co mmunjcation is secured with 128-bit SSll.lrillg tran smi esic 11. Rules and regulations app1ic. <IS You are we~come to access ~OnlineSBII' from anywhere using Pes with publ lc access. Th$ Cha nge$ wi II b~ Ilotifl~d to the customers tlirough a notification on the Site.guessable or inferable personal data such as name.lhis to others.. All req u ssts received from customers the branc h. The 'OnlineSBI' service is VEHSIGNcertifled whl. bUl transactions would be permitted based on the account ops ratio n rights recorded at ttafl branch. wi I~be aval lsbl e on the ·OnlUne SBI'. The branch wher'Ei the customs r rnsmtal n 6 hi s accou nt willassig a) 1::1) n.abIElo normal banking transactlona in ~nd~a t will b~ appl~C<ilbl€i mutatis mutandis tor the transactions executed thro ugh th is stte. These logether conduct. . (To b.hS 81 at that moment.er~1Inform·artiQn: 1. 4. are logg ed for baoks nd fulfilment and are effective from the tim e they are recorded at 7.our account on the site frequently ror~. a matter of precauuon. 3. The bank pres upposes that login IJS ing val id Username and Password is a val id session in itiatad by none other than the c ustomsr. R 9.) All accounts at the or anch whether or not listed in the re. In a joirn account.e. Bank will make reasonab Ie use of available techno·logy to ensu re s'Eicurity and to prsve nt unautho rlsed access to any 'o-f these services. 3. might give access to your account information 2.& Password choice at the 2. Transaction executed tlirough will be binding on him/her. date of birth etc is best avoi ded. ot ttl. Normally. e. Any 10S$ sustained by the customer due to non-compllance ofthls condition will be at h~$/her own risk and responsibility and the Ba nk will not be Ii. The On lineS BI service can not be clal med as a rig ht. Dispute between ttl. it means that Youa. The user-ld and Password given by the branch must be feplae.nt. address.TERMS OF SERVICE G. telephone number. This is mandatory.lhat It isa secure site.es. There is no way to retrieve a passwo-rd fromthe braneh far re-reg isITa~ion. User·id .able for th e same ~nany man ner.ecunty . It may not be safe to leave the computer unattended during a valid session. Th$ Bank reserves-the rightlo mod ify the services offEir·ad or the Terms ohEirvic€o of . 2.gistration form. The customer is free to choose a password of his own for Onl ineSBI services. S. Dos' & D'on'ts ': 1. CU510mers may avoid he must appmach he 5. Customer's Obll'gaUons : 1.: 6. 5.egin with the services win be extended oilly to singl'e or Joint "E or S~ accounts only. 2.. all account holders are entitled to register. The customer has an obi igation to rnaintai n secrecy in re9ard to Use marne & Password reg istersd with ttle Bank.ch guara. 3. driving license.ra. with access co ntrol methods de'Signed 011 the sfle wol.re d ea. Therefore is a customer forgets his password. 4.ed by User Name· and Password of customer's time of first log-on. . i ONLINE SBI Yo u shou Id register for 'Onli ne SBr with the branch where you mai ntain th e account It you rnamtai n accounts at more than one b ranc n. sysl'em.11ng wi~. As a precaution a passwo rd that is generic in nature. wh ich ensures the co nfiderttial ity of the you dal<il d l. Hlowever. as users of "OnlineSBI'. II you believe that any information relating to your account has a discrepancy. 3.en. However the applicant has the option to selectively view the accounts on the 'OnlineSBI'.e courts in the Repu blic ot Ind ia 10. The customer should k&ep his/her ID' and password strictly confidential and should not divulge the same to any other person. . Bst'llk's Terms.$actin9 buslness ·or viewing account balances. The Bank may also convert lh is into a discreti onary service anytime. Simi larlv it is good practice to c::ommit the password to memory rather than writi Ilg it d OWIl sorn ewhere.

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