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How to Write a Letter to the Police Against Illegal Parking in Middle of the Road

How to Write a Letter to the Police Against Illegal Parking in Middle of the Road

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Published by: RahualKhanna on Nov 10, 2011
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How to write a letter to the police against illegal parking in middle of the road?

Dear Sir, Please refer below for your attention. This complaint falls under your jurisdiction. Similar complaints have been submitted to you in the past, but till date there are no progress/action evident at your end. I strongly hope the government acts on the numerous complaints on illegal parking in the middle of roads.Please these activities are so blatant and affects so many peoples that the government cannot afford to continue ignoring and shirking its responsibility to the people. On....................................… your case,like no of motor,its description, area where it was parked, difficulties caused to you, any kind of monetaty or non monetary loss which you have occured etc....) In view of the above I hereby request you to take the necessary action against the same. Thank you.

Example complaint letter to police commissioner

Complaint letter to the police commissioner, complaining against the ‘goondas’ that haunt your area. To, The police Commissioner, Zone Name Address Sir, This is to draw your kind attention to a number of lawless activities going on in our area. Hardly a day goes when an incident of theft or chain-snatching does not take place. Illicit liquor is openly sold and bought. Drunken fights and night brawls are quite common. Groups of hooligans and loafers can be seen loitering about in the streets. People of Gandhi Nagar are very frightened. There is a growing feeling of insecurity among them. So immediate steps should be taken to improve the situation.

Sincerely Yours. Thanking you. We gave a complaint to your good self on 12-07-2010 with regard to some business schools which are operating in Hyderabad city without approval of AICTE and cheating hundreds of students and their parents by collecting lakhs of rupees.Thanking you. Name Letter to Commissioner of Police 04-08-2010 To. \ .526 voters for Secunderabad Parliament Constituency in 2009 elections). Hyderabad. Hyderabad City.V. It is not out of place to mention here that even the all India Chairman of AICTE and the Director of Southern Region Committee of AICTE is also gave their opinion about the need for this permission from AICTE. The Commissioner of Police. The indifferent attitude of some police officers in whose jurisdiction these schools are functioning is also a major problem in stopping this illegal activity.Narasimha Rao) (supported by 52. ( C. Basheerbagh. Sir. Kindly communicate to us about the action taken on our earlier complaint.L. We therefore request your good self to kindly look into the matter and launch prosecution as per law and protect the lives of several innocent students.

The other day four miscreants broke into a house and relieved the inmates. Mumbai. at the point of the knife.. Yours faithfully X. No house which is locked even for a few hours during the day is safe. of all the cash and jewellery they had.. some goondas are freely indulging in thefts and robberies. . Taking advantage of the absence of the police around.Y... To. The Commissioner of Police.Date. I am constrained to draw your attention to the growing menace of thieves in my locality...Z. Burglary too is on the increase. I request you to take immediate steps to stem this tide of insecurity.. During this week as many as twenty thefts have taken place.... The policeman is a rare sight in this crowded and growing locality.

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