Syllabus for Project Management Session No.

Topic 1 Introduction 2 Generation and Filtration of Ideas 3 Market and Demand Analysis 4 Technical Analysis 5-6 Financial Estimates and Projections 7 Estimation of Project Cash Flows 8 Investment Criteria – PB Period, Benefit Cost Ratio 9 Investment Criteria – NPV, IRR and PI 10-11 Cost of Capital – Debt, Equity and WACC 12 Risk Analysis – Stand Alone Risk 13 Risk Analysis – Firm and Market Risk 14 Special Decision Situations 15 Social Cost Benefit Analysis 16 Multiple Projects and Constraints 17 Financing of Projects – Capital Structure 18 Financing of Projects – Working Capital and Others 19 Financing Infrastructure Projects 20 Venture Capital and Private Equity 21 Project Implementation – Project Management 22 Network Techniques – PERT 23 Network Techniques – CPM 24 Project Review and Administrative Aspects 25-30 Problem Solving, Revision and Review Text Book : Projects – Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing, Implementation and Review; Author – Prasanna Chandra; Pub.: TMH. Reference: Project Management by PCK Rao. Evaluation : Continuous assessment system is followed for student’s performance evaluation. Minimum two surprise quizzes, assignments, class participation, mid-term exam and end-term exam are part of evaluation. Sanjeev Bajaj Between 12:00 to 13:00 or Email: Mondays and Fridays Bring your own calculator and PV/FV table to the class without failure. Keep your laptops and mobile/cell phones switched off in the class. Assignments and Projects will not be accepted after due dates. Any submission of assignments or projects through proxy will debar you from mid-term/end-term exams

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