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Fall 2011


You Are What You Eat Practice Makes Perfect

10th Anniversary

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Fall 2011

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Topless Travel Takes Over Caribe Resort

Practice Makes Perfect By Aaron Bailey ........................................10

International Swingers Day The Convention

Full LifeStyle Resort Take-Over!
Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic August 8 - 12, 2012 Visit to book your room or call 877-90-SWING.

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By LifeStyle Counselor

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, I love your posts you have written on SwingLifeStyles swinger blog. I have never written in to anything before but me and my wife need your help desperately. The wife and I have been secret swingers for more than 7 years, we enjoy the lifestyle but are confused, as I am a Pastor at our church. We attend swingers clubs and meet people online and are very discreet. One time at a swingers party we ran into a couple from church and it was awkward, should we talk to them soon? Please help and thanks in advance. Signed The Swinging Preacher Dear Preacher, First off, you dont need to feel bad about embracing the lifestyle. Second this is not uncommon, I know of two Pastors in two different states that are swinging couples. I would address your concerns with the couple that you want to be discreet about the lifestyle, as I am sure they want to be discreet as well. You may want to address them in person or maybe a simple phone call would suffice. Because you ran into them at a swingers party, you both were there for the obvious same reason. You can always come clean and admit it or you can always say wow I didnt know what kind of party this was, I thought it was swing dancing. Sincerely, LC

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, My husband and I are fairly new to the lifestyle and have had a few soft swaps and recently a couple of full swaps. My questions are, Are STDs a problem with swinging and we have not encountered jealousy yet, should we? Signed Curious Wife Dear Curious Wife, Two very good questions, let me start off with the STDs. I have read conflicting research on the issue of swinging and STDs in general. I have read that the swinging community has fewer STDs and I would agree with this. However I read a survey which showed most people in the lifestyle do use condoms and the prevalence of STDs are lower for any group including monogamous and heterosexuals. Why is it lower, I would guess it is because Swingers do not cheat, and recent studies show over 50% of married couples not in the lifestyle cheat. When you cheat you take the risk of an STD and bringing it back to your partner. In the lifestyle couples are open and honest and do not cheat. Rule of thumb, you and your partner do not want to catch anything so I would recommend always using protection. As far as jealousy, you can and may encounter it. It is normal to be a little jealous every time you swing. The stronger your relationship is and the closer you are in being honest, the better you will bond in your relationship. Sincerely, LC

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, My husband and I are new to the lifestyle and I have been watching pornographic videos of women having multiple men penetrate them at once. We started out as a soft swap and then graduated to a full swap. I am a 32 year old woman in my sexual peak, and I was wondering how often women fantasize about being double penetrated or even to be gang banged. I have not told my husband of this yet because I do not know how normal it is. I really enjoy anal sex, and like the attention two men can give me. I am wondering how to bring it up to my husband and how to go about setting up a gang bang, and wondering how many men I should start out with and how to ease into double penetration? Signed DP or Not DP, that is the question Dear DP, It is perfectly normal for a woman, especially going through her sexual peak, to fantasize and even live out these fantasies. The beauty of it is that you are in the lifestyle; remember people do not judge you and I believe your husband would be totally supportive of it. The lifestyle is about exploring your sexual desires with your spouse. I am sure if he wanted a threesome with another woman you would be supportive. By all means express to your husband that this turns you on and you want to try it out. As far as setting it up, I would recommend a double penetration, before a gang bang, because you may be double penetrated in a gang bang with more than two men. To start out, make sure the man doing the anal penetration performs analingus on you (licking his tongue around the opening of your anus) getting you aroused for the penetration. Most women find this as a perfect ease into the anal penetration. Once this is performed both penises can enter with maximum enjoyment. As far as a gang bang, once you have been double penetrated you can probably gauge how many men you want on you at once. They are very easy to set up. A friend of mine sets up gang bangs on and they are up front and honest how many guys etc. Be true to the ad post and take it from there. Remember you can screen the guys you want and dont want. Sincerely, LC


Dear LifeStyle Counselor, My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for a while now and we have recently joined one of those social sites. To make a long story short, we are a member on this social site to connect with family and friends. However we have posted some of our parties inviting other like minded couples. Our son who is now 21 years old has a girlfriend his same age both found out about our party we were throwing and my son asked how long we have been swingers? My son also asked if I was his real dad. What should we say to our son? Signed Social Couple Dear Social Couple,

You are not alone with the ever growing concern of the internet and the information it can provide. Some couples choose to come out and admit it, whereas others may want to keep it quiet. Since you and your wife choose to publicly display your party, then you are obviously ready to disclose to your family about your activities. First up I think you know the answer is simple, tell your son that you are his father, and you may want to explain the LifeStyle to him so he and his girlfriend understand. Remember the Lifestyle is not about cheating and most swingers engage in protected sex, so make this clear. Explain to your son that you and your wife are very much in love and the lifestyle can be rewarding. Your son is old enough and I am sure he knows a lot about swinging, especially if you publicly displayed this. You may also want to disclose your LifeStyle to the rest of the family soon if you have not already, because as most social sites, what you post can easily be tracked. Sincerely, LC


SEX Pleasing Her TIP

Move your entire body up about two inches. Your pubic bone will rest on top of hers so that the base of your penis presses on her clit. This position provides continuous stimulation of her clitoris during intercourse

SEX Pleasing TIP Him

Surprise your man by occasionally removing your pubic hair completely (depilatory cream is best; no itchy regrowth). This simple trick is audacious and mesmerizing.

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Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Letters from our Readers

Greetings LifeStyle Magazine Hey LifeStyle Magazine, I have never written in to anything before but I wanted to congratulate you guys on relaunching the magazine again. I remember the older issues I saw at a club a few years back and I loved it. I really enjoy your articles and even the ads because they are all lifestyle related in nature. I am so glad I signed up to receive your magazine. I first saw you guys post it on Facebook, although I use the internet daily in my job, I always love a good magazine. I will definitely tell my friends about this and I know they will sign up, I am going to buy my swinger friends a subscription and send it to them for a Christmas present. Thanks again Clarence Thank You LifeStyle Magazine My husband loves magazines and I wanted to thank you for a complementary issue of the magazine. I read through some of the older magazine articles and I know my husband will be thrilled when he receives his first issue. What I enjoy most is that the articles are about the lifestyle in general and I love that you deliver it to us discreetly. Thank you again and really looking forward to reading the articles. Discreet Doesnt Matter


I want you to know that I will be displaying your magazine in my barber shop. I dont care about being discreet, my wife and I are open and have been for many years. I intend to place your magazine down in the waiting area, I am sure some men have swinger wives, if not I am sure they will enjoy the read. Thanks again for publishing a great magazine catered to a group of people that continues to grow. James and Jodi LifeStyle Magazine, I just talked to my local swing club and they will be carrying your magazine. I just gotta say thanks for putting this magazine out. The club owner said you guys were taking letters to print and I hope you print this. My wife and our friends are looking forward to your magazine. I had a chance to read through the past issues, they are very entertaining and I love that it is all about the lifestyle. Great luck and much success to you, LifeStyle Magazine. Bill and Mimi

By Brian

Red Light Room

Youve heard about all the LifeStyle conventions and cruises and have probably noticed that they usually offer hospitality suites, but youre not quite sure what that means. Here is everything you need to know. Hospitality Suites are generally the on premise areas at a convention. Rooms or areas designated for sexual play, other than your personal room. The hallways and possibly one or two of the rooms are where you can mix and mingle and get a snack or a drink. The rest of the hospitality suites are usually themed, below are several of the common themes and what they generally are for.

Tantra is the act of making love without orgasm, or with a delayed orgasm. If you want a long lasting session without a climax, this is the place for you. Even if you just want to participate, but save your orgasm for later, this is the place to be. Women usually prefer to have the man they are with come to orgasm (and vice-verse), but if you want to rack up some numbers without blowing your wad, give this room a try. Chocolate refers to African Americans. The Chocolate room is for the ladies that want to give it a try. There are usually several Males (sometimes single males brought in special) available for that special treat. It is generally acceptable for the white males to watch, but participation is not encouraged, just watch and enjoy.

Tantra Room

(watch and/or be watched) (Could also be the Bi Room - Male/ Female) There is a bit of confusion about what the Red Light Room is. Some say its for watching and/or being watched (with your spouse). Others say it like the Red Light District for Bi couples. Our advice is to either ask or watch for a few minutes before you decide to enter.

Electric Room

Erotic Electro-stimulation can be quite a lot of fun for some people, and not so much for others. It might be sexual in nature or just some shocks up your leg, one thing is for certain, youll definitely feel it.

Massage Room

Chocolate Room

This might be your chance to have the erotic massage youve always heard about but didnt want to ask your regular masseuse about for fear of some time behind bars. Since youre not paying for it, that erotic massage is more than OK here. Of course you might have to give one before you get one.

Group Room

Dark Room

The dark room is pitch black and no one can see anything. This can be a very freeing experience where one can lick, suck or fck all manner of things. If youre a bit shy or not sure what your looking for, or you just cant seem to find someone you like, give this room a try and youre sure to find something. Be warned, if youre a homophobe, keep out because when no one can see, things get touched and all sorts of things start to happen. People often ask if the dark room is for Bi males that are in the closet. Well, yes and no. The dark room isnt specifically for Bi males, but if thats what youre looking for, youll probably find it.

If you dont know what this room is for, maybe youre reading the wrong magazine. Its not a gang bang, but a group. You might want to share, or not, but youll certainly hear and see a lot in this room.


A Dungeon on all those Internet sites conjures up images of hot babes getting twisted up in knots and tortured. Thats not realistic at all and not what this room is all about. Its about allowing someone else control over you and the sweet surprise of something unexpected. It might be a slap on the ass or a feather in the ear. Pain and pleasure mixed together to get you wetter and harder than ever. Sensory overload can be a wonderful thing.

Sybian Room

Sybian is a sexual device much larger than a standard vibrator that a woman can mount and produces amazing orgasms. There is also a product for men, Venus 2000, which is a masturbation aid. Sybian has been THE name for female sexual aids for almost 25 years. This is your chance to try it out and see if its worth investing in one of your own.

Naughty Room

Ive never actually seen this room anywhere, but maybe one day it will appear. This would be the no rules room. Enter here with an open mind because its a free for all inside.

Oral Room (Soft-Swap)

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Ladies Room or Pink Room

Ladies only, Ive never been able to get inside to see whats happening in there, but I imagine its just pillow fights in panties.

When youre not quite ready to do the full swap thing, this is a great place to be. There isnt the pressure to perform full swap so you can be more relaxed. Or, maybe you just feel like slowing things down and getting back to basics. However you look at it, the oral room is sure to please.

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

special feature

LifeStyle Interview Joe & Shelley

owned property together, there has always been some concern about what would happen if we had any legal issues arise like medical powers of attorney or a life and death situation, so we felt it was more prudent to get married. We are happy we did and it has been better than ever.

What do you enjoy least about the LifeStyle?

Well there are many phases that couples go through to arrive at a place where they are fully comfortable with swapping their mate with someone else, and many times there are bumps in the road for couples. We dont like it when a husband or a wife gets involved to please their partner. It never works unless both parties get involved for themselves and often times when this occurs there is friction between the partners and we never like to be around when that happens. Its not that often that people show that side of themselves in public as they usually reserve that for when they leave a swinger situation, but sometimes emotions get the best of people and a couple will make a scene and we end up leaving a party or event on a bit of a sour note. We never like to see that happen and wish couples would communicate clearly with each other what is expected before hand.

How did you get started?

Well, that is a story unto itself. We had been playing with women only for quite some time and then by chance we drove by a swinger club with a big billboard sign and Shelley suggested that we try it sometime. I had no real desire to do so since I was getting all the girl/girl action and never really wanted to share Shelley with another guy; however I had a certain curiosity about it and after a couple weeks of talking about it we both decided to try out the club. We walked into this swing club and to our surprise we ran into a group of friends we both knew from the straight world and immediately had a group to hang out with that had a bit of experience. We ended up going back to this club a week later and while watching some couples having sex in the play room and commenting about how hot it was, another couple approached us and asked us to join them in the play room which after looking at each other for a few seconds, we decided to jump right in and go for it. We immediately went home and did lots of research about swinging on the internet. Before we knew it we were going to every swinger related convention and club we could find. Weve been totally involved ever since.

Whats the most exciting place youve done it?

There really isnt anything we havent done in the lifestyle and there is so much of it that is really exciting but our favorite place weve been to is a clothing optional resort called Caribe in the Dominican republic. As long as you go there while there is a lifestyle group booked that has the run of the resort, then it is as exciting as it gets. Its the only place that actually permits people to have Sex on the Beach ....and were not talking about the cocktail. organizes such events twice a year.

LifeStyle Nicknames:
We dont use nick names, we use our real names. We feel that we dont want to hide who we are and are proud of the lifestyle we have chosen. Our family members all know what we do and after the initial shock it has become a non issue. All of our vanilla friends know about us and only one of them decided to not associate with us after they found out. We felt that they werent really true friends if they were unable to accept that this was how we chose to live our lives. We never tried to impose this on anyone.

Which do you prefer in others, a Friendship or a Sexship?

That is a loaded question.... we love to meet new people to play with, or just have sex with; however when we have really good sex on a first encounter, we generally become REALLY good friends with those couples and then over time the friendship becomes more important. We actually use sex as an introduction. When we find couples that can just walk up to us, or visa versa, and say hey you

guys are hot and then just jump in bed with them and have a really sexy time, then we feel as though they are people that are as uninhibited and honest about their sexuality and personality as we are. If the encounter is both physically and emotionally satisfying then we often become close friends with these people even to the point where sex may or may not continue into the relationship, but our bond of friendship remains super strong.

Any advice for others, or those new to the LifeStyle?

What has worked best for us is to be TOTALLY honest with each other. If there is anything that one is not comfortable with doing then they need to tell their partner.; OR if there is some fantasy that one wants to indulge in then they should share it with their spouse. Dont be jealous but if that ugliness rears its head then use the jealousy as a tool to get better connected and not freak out. Know that swinging is just to enhance your relationship not be a substitute for something missing in the relationship. This is not to be the focal point of but rather the catalyst for renewing and enhancing the bond with your partner.

How long in the LifeStyle?

We met and started dating casually about 15 years ago right after Shelley finished college. We started to experiment with some girl/girl action just a few months into our relationship, then with other couples sometime after that. That was 15 years ago and weve been involved in the lifestyle both personally and in various businesses ever since. We love the friends that we have met and most are as close to us as family are. After all, we share our spouses so this requires a level of intimacy that goes far beyond what people would call the normal friendship.

What do you enjoy most about the LifeStyle?

We like the fact that everyone we meet starts from a similar place intellectually. People in the lifestyle tend to have an open-mindedness that vanilla people just dont seem to have, otherwise they wouldnt have the thoughts to begin with. The average public is so critical that we just cant hang with mainstream people because they are so close minded. We love developing intimate relationships with other lifestylers that are more than just simple friendships.

What is your relationship?

We have a wonderful relationship. We lived together for more than 10 years before we decided to make it legal and get married. We never felt that a piece of paper gave us more of a commitment. However, since we

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Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Tips To Make Your Semen Taste Sweet!


You Are


Topless Travel takes over Caribe Resort


A narrative review by John Davis world traveler. Did you ever dream of a fantasy resort where the grounds and views are breathtaking and there are lots of pretty people there that cant wait to meet you? There is a private oasis unlike anything else in lifestyle travel where couples who have visited call it a Haven of Heaven! That quote was taken from Topless Travels advertisements that promise a paradise that you will never want to leave: a place where attractive, sexy, couples are completely open and actively looking to meet other like minded people for sexy fun and games. My wife Linda and I had been to all the lifestyle resorts but this one, and we were a little hesitant because there was so little written about this resort. We booked the trip a bit late and therefore couldnt get acceptable airfare into the Resorts designated airport of Puerto Plata so we had to fly to the capitol city of Santo Domingo (SDQ). This posed a small problem in that the ride is about 30 minutes further from Puerto Plata and we incurred a modest transfer cost from that airport to the resort. All in all though, the airfare to SDQ was so much cheaper that it made up for the small inconvenience and extra cost. We arrived at the resort just before noon and there were Joe and Shelley at the Topless Travel check in desk along with their staff that gave us an arrival package that included a T-shirt, a beaded name necklace, and a schedule of events. They also gave us a brief orientation of how the resort ran. We were very surprised when they turned us over to the resort manager to give us the penny tour of the resort before taking us to our room so we could freshen up. The resort grounds are spectacular! There are 3 pools and 2 very large Jacuzzis that can accommodate up to about 20 people. We spent a little extra money and got one of the ocean front villas and we were in #5 which was right across from the lower pool. We were very impressed with the accommodations! Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with a large King bed with lovely bedding and draperies. During the tour of the resort we found out that the lower section of the resort is an open play area. Now this was a first for us. We knew that the whole resort was clothing optional but what made this place unique was that it was divided in half much like Hedo has a Nude and a Prude side, there is an open play area at the lower portion of the resort where

guests can play openly on the beach or at the pool, or even at the Tiki bar if they want. The upper portion where the office, main restaurant, and the big pool with the swim up bar is a no play zone. Meaning you can go nude but fooling around is off limits. We couldnt wait to get naked and hit the crystal clear blue/ green water! Thirty minutes later we were skinny dipping in the ocean. Seeing Linda naked in the aquamarine Caribbean waters got me so aroused that I just couldnt keep myself from grabbing her and making our way back to the beach for some afternoon delight. We laid there afterwards basking in the sun, sand, and surf until we heard music and games going on at the beach pool. The Topless Travel DJ was blasting it out with contemporary sounds and organizing groups to take part the nightly entertainment that takes place after diner on the main stage. The food at Caribe is unparalleled to any of the other lifestyle resorts. All meals are cooked to order and you choose from a well appointed menu. Portions are European sized but you can order as many entrees as you want. Breakfast was served from 7-11, Lunch from 11:30 to 4pm, and Dinner in the Main dining room from 7 to 10:30. Seating is open and everyone is invited to come dressed in themed attire from Pirates and Togas, to Sexy lingerie and Luau nights. After dinner the main stage was lit up and we all turned our attention to the show. After the show most everyone made their way to Club Colette, an on site swingers club that the resort hosts. It is one of the most elegant clubs weve been to. The highlight was the masquerade party where many people were getting frisky in the community play room with their Mardi Gras masks on so no one could tell who was who, but the crowd was all so attractive we were happy to jump in the mix. By weeks end we had met so many new friendly people from all over the country, and had such a great time at this resort, that we have now vowed to go back every year and bring all our local friends so they can experience this obscure paradise in the Dominican Republic that no one seems to know about. All in all, my findings were this; Every lifestyle resort that we have been to, has pros and cons to them. When it comes to the review of Caribe, at least when there is a takeover going on, the pros so far outweigh the cons that we may never go to another resort for one of our lifestyle vacations. For more information regarding a Topless Travel group event go to of call them at 877-90-SWING.

What you put into your body is what will come out, we have all heard the expression you are what you eat. This statement could not be truer. On MTVs Loveline back in the early 90s, Dr. Drew covered the topic of how to make semen taste better. It was revealed that pineapple juice will improve the taste of semen. Since the airing there have been much discussion and extensive testing into the subject. It was discovered that a couple different fruits can improve the taste of semen and cutting back on certain types of food will also improve the taste.

It is important to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, and monitor what goes into your body. For instance alcohol and smoking are two habits that go hand in hand and actually can make your semen taste very bitter. Coffee and dairy products should be avoided because they will also make the semen taste very bitter and may leave a thick consistency. We all like a good steak right? Well the next time you eat a steak you may want to know that red meat will make your semen taste extremely salty for up to 24 hours. Garlic and onions should be avoided as well, as they secrete through the pores in your skin and also make semen horribly bitter and extremely salty.

One must realize that just by eating fruits that are high in natural sugar, your semen will not magically taste better in a few hours. Your digestive system takes about 12-24 hours to secrete out. This means whatever you consumed, within the last 12-24 hours will be coming out. This is important to understand if you would like to make your semen taste sweet for a next encounter. Rule of thumb, if you want your semen to taste sweet, you may want to start living a healthy lifestyle. It is true that vegetarians usually have the best tasting semen, so long as they avoid the bitter foods, and have a high dose of natural sugar. You may have heard that pineapple is the number one fruit to make semen taste sweet. Pineapple is only the tip of the iceberg, there are several other fruits to take with pineapple or alone to help improve the taste even more. Fruits that are high in natural sugar will make your semen taste sweet. The following fruits are great for improving the taste of your semen: pineapple, papaya,
Start Your Sexual Revolution

cranberry, melons, mangoes, apples and grapes. Believe it or not the fruit highest in natural sugar is the date and the persimmon. The good news is that by incorporating the above mentioned fruit, it will make your semen taste sweet but also get you in shape. When you eat fresh fruits for 36 hours, you go into a fat-burning mode. By doing this for 3 days with this fruit flush, your system is relieved of the digestive burden of eating other foods and can clean out its system. All this while burning fat, because fruit is natures perfect cleansing food. In closing, there are a few spices to keep in mind that improve the taste of semen. Cinnamon, peppermint and lemon are definitely recommended for for making semen taste better. If you consume these fruits and spices for 24 hours, your semen should taste better. If you change your diet and your semen has a strong smell to it, you could have an infection, and you should probably go to a doctor to have it checked out.

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Practice Makes Perfect

No, not practicing piano or your sexual technique (that can help), but practice talking to people you DONT know. That is one of the hardest things to do, especially for singles, particularly for some single men.



for you
What can I do? I dont want the whole world to know what I do in my own bedroom.


Q. A.

482 individuals, groups, attorneys, prosecutors, and businesses contacted NCSF for help in 2009. Each incident sometimes required only one or two phone calls, but some evolved into much larger projects. What is NCSF? In 2010, NCSF received 526 distinct inquiries/requests for assistance. 307 required more than one contact/response to resolve, often requiring multiple contacts. It is difficult to categorize many incident requests as clearly falling into one camp or another. Many overlap in categories. For example, many of our custody/divorce related issues involve at least 2 of our core constituent groups (i.e. SM/leather/fetish and poly for example). In trying to do a statistical breakdown of the requests, we placed it in the category it most clearly matched. 9% or 47 were requests regarding SM 39% or 204 were regarding criminal complaint issues 3% or 15 were regarding employment discrimination 24 % or 125 were regarding child custody/divorce issues 15.5% or 81 were related to SM/ leather/fetish group issues 2% or 10 were classed as non employment discrimination 4% or 21 were related to swing community issues 1% or 10 were regarding online obscenity issues 2.5% or 13 were classed as other 2010 saw an increased number of requests around criminal and domestic violence or SM/abuse related issues. NCSF worked with more than 53 attorneys representing defendants in criminal cases. In addition, we worked with more than 17 district attorneys and prosecutors related to SM issues. The vast majority of these criminal cases revolved around domestic abuse or consensual sex/play issues. There is a clear need for education within our own communities about the role and limits of consent and for education to police authorities on the differences between SM and abuse. Our Consent Counts project hopes to address some of these issues.
Start Your Sexual Revolution

Written by Aaron Bailey - Reprinted from

Talking to people is the first step to knowing if you really want to become involved with them. However, starting that conversation is an art that must be developed. It took me a lot longer to develop that skill because I come from a small town and I knew almost everything about almost everyone before I ever met them. There were no strangers in the five surrounding communities, and that acutally hindered (and still hinders) my personal life. Just like I knew the bad habits of people I had never met, people I never met knew mine. And when you are the only person who knows every Star Trek or Lost in Space episode and can quote any line just by hearing a short description of what happened, you are considered wierd. Funny that being able to tell how many points a particular athlete scored is considered useful information but... Where was I? If you are a single man or woman just getting into swinging you have to hone your conversational skills past the point needed for just dating or regular socializing. Unlike a couple, you dont have someone else for moral support or security. Its just you, and you have to be able to tell which way is up before your potential playmate(s) have a chance to pull the wool over your eyes (yes, couples will try to deceive you as fast as those evil single men and attention starved single women). The way to do this is to become so comfortable talking to total strangers that they leave thinking they have known you forever but forgot your name. Practice talking to women on the street and finding out what technique works to get them to open up to you while at a bus stop or in line at a supermarket. Dont try to pick them up, just try to start a light conversation. Then do the same with men you dont know, then, most importantly, couples. Once you can approach a strange couple on the street and get them to talk to you, you will have the confidence needed to make others have confidence in you. For singles, especially single men, that is one of the biggest roadblocks to swinging: making others feel you are here for fun, not because its your last resort for sex or socialization. Again, knowing how to start a conversation with a couple you dont know in a non-sexual environment will go a long way to meeting couples when you go to clubs. First of all, if you are a single man who is practicing meeting couples on the street, you will almost automatically talk to the man and build some kind of rapport with him. If you are a single woman, you will most likely start by talking to the woman. If you do this enough, when you go to a swing club you will automatically fall into that mode. Sure, everyone knows you are there hoping to eventually have sex, but by approaching the same sex member of a couple and talking to them instead of approaching the opposite sex partner will go a long way making the couple comfortable with you. Once you get to the joking and flirting part of the conversation, THEY will be the ones asking you to join them, not you asking if you can join them. Lastly, the confidence thing again. Why do basketball players practice freethrows? So they know what works. Why do they practice jumpshots? So it becomes natural. Once something becomes natural, you will have confidence in doing it. If you are a single used to talking to couples, it will go a long way to making couples comfortable around you. Because they will see you are comfortable talking to them. Once you have confidence in yourself, others will have confidence in you. When others have confidence in you, they are more likely to think of you favorably. When that happens, guys, Nice tits Mrs. O becomes a compliment, not a come on.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) was formed in 1997 by a small group led by Susan Wright under the auspices of the New York SM Activists. The goal was to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression. So what does that really mean?


Now, more than ever, NCSF needs you. This countrys radical shift back to traditional values will only mean more difficulties for those of us who practice alternative forms of sexual expression. You can help by making a financial donation; you can help by donating your time. We need members, coalition partners, and volunteers.Membership lists are confidential, as are donations. The time you spend helping can be on the privacy of your own computer or in a more public forum.The choice is yours.

Q. A.

It means we are the only organization dedicated specifically to making the United States a better place for people in the LifeStyle. What has NCSF done for us?

Q. A.


Over the years, distinct inquiries were made between NCSF and individuals, groups, attorneys, prosecutors, and businesses who requested assistance. In 2010, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) again took the lead in defending the rights of individuals and groups in the SM,leather,fetish, swing and polyamory communities. NCSFs coalition of over 40 educational and social groups is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSFs Incident Response team is directed by Director Leigha Fleming. In total, over

What would YOU do if you lost your job because your employer found out you swing?What would YOU do if your children were removed by Social Services because your family found out you swing?


NCSF is where you go when you need help in responding to incidents just like these and we cant do it without you. Be a part of this growing organization and join us in the fight for your right to alternative sexual expression. National Coalition for Sexual Freedom 822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127 Baltimore, MD 21202-3707 410-539-4824


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Healthy Swinging

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Have More Lifestyle Fun by Getting Lean & Healthy

Over 70% of people are now overweight, nearly 40% are obese and these numbers are increasing each year. This adversely affects our health, energy level, sexual performance, self confidence and attractiveness to other swingers. Being overweight dramatically increases our risk of developing many avoidable diseases. Smoking shortens life by an average of 4 years while obesity shortens life by an average of 10 years! It was recently reported that U.S. life expectancy is now declining. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we each learn all we can about improving and protecting our health in order to live successfully into old agenot just decline until we die. Staying thin and healthy today seems difficult and confusing to many because of the large number of approaches to weight control and health on the market today. There seem to be as many opinions as there are overweight people, including surgically making the stomach smaller, taking pregnancy hormones or prescription appetite suppressants and a plethora of other portion control gimmicks. All of these approaches fail sooner or later because they do not address the main causes of the problem. The solution to weight gain, obesity and premature aging is actually very simple when you understand the main reasons why were getting sicker and fatter than ever before. Our farming and food processing practices produce foods that lack many key nutrients. Our brain is the organ that determines whether or not were hungrynot our stomachand it is constantly testing our blood for the presence of nutrients. When we eat meals that dont provide the nutrients we need, our brain sends out strong hunger signals and we remain hungry, have cravings and snack all day and end up consuming enormous numbers of calories, yet we remain malnourished. As a result, we eat far more than we can burn off which leads to gradually increasing body fat. At the same time, were being exposed to more and more chemicals and live in an increasingly polluted and poisonous world. These toxins build up in our flesh and cause diseases and hormonal disruptions that cause our bodies to store fat (Google the term obesogen). And weve learned to tolerate chronic dehydration, which causes all our body systems to function less than optimally. The very simple solution to low energy, excess body fat, premature aging and other health challenges is to continuously flood our bodies with the hundreds of nutrients were not predictably getting from our food so we can be very well nourished while receiving these nutrients in a low calorie format. This provides large amount of energy and shuts off between-meal hunger and cravings. We must also continuously cleanse from our bodies the toxic impurities that we cant avoid and we must drink plenty of purified water. Here are 10 things you can begin doing immediately. If you cant do them all, start with one or a few and gradually add more.
1. Choose healthy foods that are denser in nutrients. Shop for your foods on the outer aisles of your grocery store and spend most of your time in the organic fruits and vegetables sections. 2. Enable your body to continuously cleanse out environmental toxins using botanicals and ingredients shown to assist in the removal of toxins. 3. Drink at least half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of purified water. Its better to get a purifier and make your own than it is to buy bottled water. 4. Quit smoking. 5. Take supplements of antioxidants, botanicals, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals and other quality nutrients that fight aging and support your body. 6. Add at least 1 to 2 nutritionally dense protein shakes to your daily regimen to replace meals. Its proven that nutrient density and low caloric intake is helpful in slowing aging and ensuring proper weight control. 7. Cut way back on coffee, soda and other caffeinated and highly acidic drinks and ease up on the alcohol consumption. 8. Practice healthy sleep habits. Eight hours a night is best. 9. Reduce stress. This is not easy sometimes, but finding ways to handle stress is critical to prevent premature aging. 10. Exercise daily, aiming for at least 30 minutes of activity.

By Dr. Mike

If you will adopt this healthier lifestyle the excess fat will literally fly off your body and your lean muscle mass and energy will increase. Youll feel and look better, feel better about yourself and youll be well on your way to slowing down the aging process. There are several nutritional cleansing lifestyle programs available that very effectively address these main causes of weight gain and health challenges (overeating because of nutritionally bankrupt foods and toxic overload because of environmental toxicity) while providing an easy way to adopt a healthier nutritional lifestyle. If youd like to learn more about one, visit and read the info there. You can place your order or send an email requesting more information.


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p March 31 - A ril 7, 2012
Hedonism is a sandbox for your inner child, nourishment for the mind, body, spirit and soul. Pleasure comes in many forms. Choose one, two, or more. And with absolutely everything included in one upfront price you never have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next. And when. Sleep in. Stay up late. Give up counting calories. Have a drink before noon. Give up mineral water. Dine in shorts. Talk to strangers. Dont make your bed. Go skinny dipping. Dont call your mother. Let your hair down. Dont pay for anything. Dont leave a tip. Be your beautiful self in spectacular Negril, Jamaica


Hedonism II

November 3

10, 2012

Welcome to the World of Desire Resort & Spa, the wonderfully exotic, erotic, adults h 3, 2012 - Marc Februar y 25 only resort where each moment is an adventure. Every amenity of this sublime hideaway is designed to pamper couples with everything needed for the most memorable vacation experience of their lives. From exquisite powder-soft, white sand beach to gourmet dining, to new friends, nothing is overlooked. Desire Resort & Spa is the worlds foremost clothing optional all inclusive resort, and its mysterious allure has devotees coming back time and time again. For a tension relieving weekend getaway or for an extended holiday, there is no place on Earth like Desire.


Caliente Caribe is as laid-back or highenergy as you wish, and offers beautiful 4, 2012 appointments 8 - Februar y Januar y 2 featuring ocean views and direct access to its own private nude beach. Because the entire resort is clothing optional, you can feel as free as you want, anywhere, any time. Located near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Caliente Caribe is an oasis of luxury in an unspoiled environment, where coconut palms sway by day and Club Caribe rocks by night - giving you a holiday getaway youll not soon forget.

Caliente Caribe

August 4 - 1

4, 2012


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What a Site, What a

FabulouS FirStS FabulouS FirStS


By David Lawrence

Barb and Alan relied on the Internet for everything from Automobile rating services to Zebra protection foundations. They described themselves as savvy surfers. They were also a typical married couple who kept their sex lives very private. Behind their bedroom door, they stashed a few magazines in the closet and a few, choice X-rated DVDs in the night stand. Oh, and there was also one wonderful mega-dildo Barb would bring out when the mood got really playful. To bring about a really playful mood one night, they flipped through their adult mags and spotted an ad for a LifeStyle site. I though it might be fun to browse together, Alan says. So off they went to their home-office to fire up the PC. The site they surfed offered free personal profiles of couples as well as paid memberships with different levels of benefits. We were amazed, Barb says. Not by how many profiles there were, but how many seemed real. So we figured it might be a blast to try and e-mail some we found attractive. And thats exactly what we did. It all seemed so safe at virtual distance. After filling in the required registration and profile data for a free membership, Alan says they sent out six e-mails that night, with simple Hello, introductory messages. Checking the next evening, they received two responses, including one very appealing response from Vicki and Ted. They sounded intelligent, humorous, and easy-going Barb says. Not at all pushy. With Barbs agreement, Alan wrote back, adding more details about who they were and their reasons for writing, which, at that point, was purely exploratory. Vicki and Ted replied, in turn, suggesting a four-way phone conversation. That call happened

the following night. We all just hit it off during the conversation, Alan says, and Barb and I felt comfortable about the next step. Fueled by a mix of new realities and instant fantasies, they set a date with Vicki and Ted.

We got up to dance at Vickis invitation, Barb says. Frankly, I was primed from the conversation, so the thought of holding Alan and feeling him all over me was something I craved. But I wasnt sure what was going to happen. And I was just plain horny, says Alan. The foursome danced as respective couples for one, discoish song. Following the upbeat number, a slow, grinding ballad drifted from the CD player, and Barb and Alan soon felt Vickis hand softly placed between them, fondling one, then the other. Before long, both Vickis hands were going at it. She leaned in with her whole body, alternating kisses on Barbs neck and then Alans neck. Within a minute, they were in a three-way embrace. Then Ted joined behind Barb for a four-way sex-clutch. They fondled away. Fabulously! The two men played up and down with the two women. The two women played up and down with the two men. And the two women played up and down with each other. The evening unfolded so naturally, so easily, Barb says. Ted wasnt rude or rough, just gently feeling my body all over. And though I had never played with a woman before, Vicki was so sensual. I just drifted into the moment, it all felt so good. Any lingering reservations drifted away once an initial layer of clothing came off and familiarity grew. We laid down on their livingroom carpet, and the level of caressing really intensified, Barb says. I found myself enjoying, and being enjoyed, by my husband, and by Vicki and Ted. It was an entirely new and pleasurable experience, from my head to my toes, in front and in back. Hands, legs, tongues were everywhere. It was simply a long session of hot, hot sex. That long session of torrid sex led to happy endings for all. Alan says, And I have to say, the bagel and coffee conversation at day-break sure beat the usual review of the newspaper, including the comics.

Since that memorable evening, Barb and Alan have dated Vicki and Ted and others theyve met from their new-found Web resource. Theyve also discovered local club listings and reviews, and even lined up a LifeStyle related travel destination for their summer vacation. Weve found that, with certain precautions, the site is a terrific way to ease into the LifeStyle, meeting people we feel are right for us, Barb says. So, now, were not only savvy surfers, were sexy surfers, too!

8 p.m. A restaurant located conveniently mid-point. Our two couples meet. Physical attractions grow. Conversation flows. Sexual tension overflows. Vicki and Ted offer an invitation to their apartment Barb and Alan enter the LifeStyle!
I certainly dont recommend that everyone should run off to a strange apartment with almost complete strangers, Barb says, But we had good feelings from our phone conversations and our dinner meeting; lots of laughs, lots of common ground, and no heavy come-ons. So we let spontaneity take its course. Once at Vicki and Teds, conversation about the LifeStyle intensified into a more focused exchange of interests and desires. Vicki and Ted enthusiastically covered a few experiences they had at clubs, and with another couple theyd met through the Web site. They explained a few basics about LifeStyle etiquette: participate only as you wish, and only when mutually agreeable, and No means No. When Barb and Alan asked how things evolved at clubs, Ted cued up some appropriately sexy music and the context changed from a lecture to a lab!

A Quick Guide to Sexy Surfing

Once you select a LifeStlye Website, read couples (or individuals) profiles to gain an idea of the language, tone, and style you find appealing for your own profile. When writing your profile, provide only information you feel is appropriately relevant for others to know: use only first names, nick names or initials, briefly describe your sexy characteristics, relate your LifeStyle interests and expectations. Make sure youre emphatic about wishing to meet couples only, or if youre open to meeting single woman or single men. After several comfortable e-mail exchanges via the site, you should arrange a phone conversation or webcam with all the potential participants. Set up a date with those you are attracted to at a neutral, non-LifeStyle, public place (perhaps a bar or restaurant) for drinks or a dinner. If all goes well, plan a follow-up, maybe at a club rather than a more private venue. Most importantly, maintain the proven, good rules of LifeStyle etiquette. Among the most important: do only whats comfortable for you and your partner, and No means No always.

A Connection that Goes from Virtual to Very Real

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SwingLifeStyle On Location

Naughty in Nawlins




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Photography By: Brian Gillespie


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Travel Events

Spring 2012 Splash
May 17-19, 2012 Dixies Clothing Optional Florida Fall Splash Party, May 17 - 19, 2012. Join us for 3 days of fun for our Hotel Takeover! Live Pool Entertainment, Theme Dances, Party Rooms, Body Painting, Meet n Greet Hookup Play Shop, Specialty Vendors. Selective meals included along with Breakfast & Appetizers. Prizes and Drawings for Lifestyle events. Contact us to make your reservation at 888-278-2483 or 954-781-1750. We are giving you Loads of Advance notice this time, so no excuses for not getting there. This party fills up fast so book today! 888-278-2483

Travel Events & Conventions 2011 - 2012

LifeStyle Cruises
Windstar Caribbean Cruise from St. Martin
January 21 - 28, 2012 The largest sailing ship in the world, the Wind Surf is a sleek, five-masted sailing yacht that is also a fully stablized cruise ship accommodating 312 guests. Explore wonderful beaches, Caribbean Villages and other exciting shore excursions. You might choose to skip the shore excursions and opted for a day at the spa. The Wind Surf offers a dazzling array of water sports and toys. When she pulls into one of the many secluded anchorages we will visit she drops the rear swim platform and... voila! Instant marina with all of the toys. 877-90-SWING

Hedonism II
November 5 - 12, 2011 (8 day event) SwingLifeStyle is Hosting the 2nd annual week-long Meet & Greet for couples only, at the world-famous Hedonism II. Meet your favorite couples and invite them to join you along with other members from SLS! Only 100 rooms so dont hesitate to book this all-inclusive private event - Food, Booze, 5 Restaurants, Water Sports, Theme-Parties every night, and sexy games during the day on the beach and by the pool. Its the ultimate guilty vacation without the guilt! 877-90-SWING

Jewel of the Seas

January 28 - February 2, 2013 6 Days and 5 Nights Tampa - Grand Cayman - Mexico - Tampa Join 2,000+ Swingers. Couples Only, Clothing Optional Cruise. NO Kids. Couples Only. Great Entertainment Erotic Theme Nights. Workshops. Meet & Greets Pool Parties. Adult Games. Comedians and More. 877-90-SWING

TampaBayEscapes 4 National Swingers Convention

July 26-29, 2012 Weve sold out completely each year. Every room and over 240 people for 3 days and 3 nights of fun, sensuality, games, play shops, prizes, playrooms, food, dances, entertainment & (optional) Debauchery. Thank you so much for the tremendous response! Every year has been one hell of a party! But sadly, weve had to turn down many couples who just called too late. So please, dont be closed out. Call us now to reserve your room 813-293-7663

Costa Rica
January 11 - 15, 2012 (5 day event) - Couples Only Lifestyle Adventure Weekend A Swingers event unlike any other. Meet lots of likeminded couples and many local Latin Ladies! We are limited to 25 couples to the Exotic Country of Costa Rica where the daytime adventures are World Class and the Adult Night-Life is Smokin Hot. Hosted by SwingLifeStyle and ToplessTravel 877-90-SWING

Brilliance of the Seas

April 13 - 20, 2013 Join over 2,100 people on one of the most impressive cruise ships in the world for another Full Ship Charter, Couples Only, Clothing Optional Cruise. We will be leaving from beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico on a Southern Caribbean Journey that will include Aruba & Curacao before heading back north so we can visit St. Kitts & St. Maarten. Book today so you can add these great islands to your list of places you have visited. Cabins start as low as $775.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING

Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruise

April 29 - May 6, 2012 Exotic and intimate, a select group of lifestyle couples will cruise the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Xpedition. The Celebrity Xpedition is a smaller cruise ship by todays standards, but one of the largest to navigate the Galapagos Islands. It will make multiple stops for everyone to see some of natures most unique wildlife and fauna, as well as indulge in its rich history. Cabins start as low as $4,250.00 per/person, double occupancy plus additional fees. 877-90-SWING

International Swingers Day The Convention

August 8 - 12, 2012 Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic. Celebrate International Swingers Day World-Wide on August 11th. International Swingers Day (ISD) is a celebration for swingers worldwide. The purpose of ISD is to honor the growing sexual revolution among the swinging community while addressing the needs of the industry via a Lifestyle convention. Visit www. to book your room. 877-90-SWING

Caribe Resort Freedom of the Seas

November 11 - 18, 2012 Are you ready for the biggest swinger cruise of 2012? Its time to start making your reservations for the top swingers cruise of 2012. The swinger cruise ship Freedom of the Seas will set sail in November 2012 for sun and fun in exotic Caribbean destinations. The best rooms sell out quickly for this highseas swinging adventure so get started by checking cabin availability now! Cabins start as low as $790.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING January 28 - Feb 4, 2012 SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel has secured a PRIVATE OASIS unlike anything else in Lifestyle travel! Be part of the It Crowd that calls this place the Haven of Heaven! Clothing-optional resort located on the unspoiled coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Where tropical forests and mountains meet the aquamarine sea and a private nude beach! 877-90-SWING

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