5 Keys to Successful Movements

1. Storytelling

Purpose creates 21st Century Movements
We look for ways that technology-driven social movements can help solve major global problems. To do this, we partner with some of the world’s biggest companies and mission-driven organizations, and we also launch our own movements. Our work combines key insights from political organizing, behavioral psychology, and brand strategy. We create cutting-edge technology, strategy and branding to enable large numbers of people to come together and self-organize.

How well does the movement convey its message verbally and visually? Does the movement have a clear theory of change? Does the story have clear, early wins? And does it document failure well?

2. Accessibility
How does the movement invite member participation? Is it easy to join? Are they responsive to member needs and input? How does the movement manage and simplify complexity?

3. Agility
What is movement’s strategic and executional capacity? How well and how rapidly do they respond to change? How interdisciplinary is the organization and its network of partners? How well do they work within constraints?

4. Ecosystem
How well do they play and share with others? How strategic are their partnerships? How open are they to new ideas?

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5. Independence
How do they stand out in a crowd? What is the plan for financial independence?