Screenplay and Dialogues Raj Kumar Gupta Directed by Raj kumar Gupta

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F A D E I N CREDITS RUN THROUGH THE VOICE OVER OF Varsha(27) a woman Journalist CUT ON A referential VISUAL MONTAGE WITH MUSIC. VARSHA (V.O.) 1999. Ek saal pehle India Pokhran mein apna doosra nuclear test karke nuclear club ke darwaze pe dastak de raha tha. The mushroom of a nuclear explosion. The screen goes black. VARSHA(CONT 'D) Duniya aane wale naye

millennium ke darwaze pe dastak de rahi thi aur main ek news channel ke darwaze par dastak dene ke baad reporting shuroo kar chuki thi. Posting Delhi mein thi. Shots of Delhi…it's people. VARSHA(CONT 'D) Delhi jahan mein paida hui, jahan main pali badhi aur jisey main aaj tak samajh nahi paayi. A girl is brushed by a man in a DTC bus. She is angry. VARSHA(CONT 'D) Log kehtey hain Mumbai is about money but Delhi is about power! A queue in a government office. Promptly

the clerk puts up a' LUNCH' board. People in the crowd fume. VARSHA (V.O.) (CONT'D) Pehchaan ladana, Jack lagana, Pull badana...Is ke bagair koi sarkari office mein ek application bhi nahi deta... An argument between a cyclist and a motorist has stopped all traffic. VARSHA (V.O.) (CONT'D) Aur har jhagde ke shuroo mein har aadmi kehta haiJaanta nahi main kaun hoon? Everybody is somebody in Delhi, Nobody is a nobody. Shots of traffic being diverted for VIP movement. VARSHA(CONT 'D) Pearls of wisdom hain ya

over simplificati on, main decide nahi kar paayi...isliy e apne tareeqey se Delhi ko samajhney ki koshish ki. Shots of the major centres of power in Delhi... the Parliament, the Supreme court, North Block etc. VARSHA(CONT 'D) I failed. Phir socha har bade shehar jaisa ek aur shehar hai lekin jitna kareeb se dekha utna hi iski complexity mein khoney lagi. 'Hero Pharmacy- Milein Ya Likhein' advertisements on the wall for sexual disorders. VARSHA(CONT 'D) Isliye samajhney ki koshish hi bandh kar di. Shots of the major landmarks of the city.

People and residential areas. Coolers being carted in huge numbers. VARSHA (CONT'D) Cooler mein paani bharkey Delhi garmiyon ke liye taiyyar ho gayi thi. Cricket world cup ke liye exchange offer mein hazaron TV khareed liye gaye thaiy. Tabhie achanak discussion garmi aur cricket se hatkar ek aur badi khabar pe aaya... Shot of people glued to their television. VARSHA (CONT'D) Kargil ki peaks par Pakistani army regulars aur militants ne kabza kar liya

..a man shouts...O... MAN BHARAT MATA KI JAI.JAAN JAYE PAR EK INCH NA JAYYE.Shots of TIGER HILL…gun shots…rockets being fired… VARSHA (CONT'D) Bahrat Sarkar ne kabza chhudaney ke liye ek major military operation shuroo kar diya Shot of heavily armed Soldiers on military trucks on the move… VARSHA(CONT 'D) KARGIL ki jung shuroo ho gayi..INDI AN ARMY . VARSHA'S VOICE OVER (V..) Hindustani aur Hindustani ho gaye.. Shot of a crowd with Indian flag.. BOFORS tanks being fired…Mirage in the sky.

) Pehle cricket matches ke dauran India ek hua tha aur ab ladayi ke dauran India dobara ek ho gaya.O. VARSHA'S VOICE OVER (V.. Kargil se main reporting kar hi rahi thi ki ek aur ghatna ho gayi.WE ARE WITH YOU! Guys on bike carrying Indian flag and shouting. BLACK F A D E I N .. Main kargil chali gayi...aisi ghatna jo Delhi ki shakal aur power ke matlab donon ko badalne wali thi.

......: SUPER: 1999 DELHI. switches off her cell phone and goes back to bed...) Didi..we don't see her clearly.few seconds..the darkness of night is cut through by the screen of the cell phone by the bed side .. SABRINA HOUSE .the phone goes off again.gets the phone closer to have a look at's 2am.few seconds..she look back at the screen for a second......few rings..... FEMALE VOICE (O.a cell phone rings.Pradee p bhaiyya .hint of irritation on her face.she looks at the table clock..face of a female as she looks at the screen in half asleep half awake state.phon e hai.PRADEEP CALLING flashes on it....... searches for the cell phone.......somebody in the other room picks it up....finds the red rings few more time before a hand comes..we just hear a female voice say 'Hello'.S.we hear footsteps.....this time the hand involuntarily picks it up... F A D E O U T : INT..this time it's the land line. Again a phone rings..she pulls the quilt over her head. disconnects..then disconnects the call.....NIGHT Black...

Je ssica is hurt..hain. not clearly though.she is Sabrina(25).. SABRINA Pradeep..she reaches for the land line phone on the side of the table. Table lights comes on.....bol rahe hain urgent hai.come quickly! SABRINA What......wha t do you mean she is hurt? ...unwillingly picks it up. MALE VOICE Sabrina....Pr adeep......her eyes are still closed..... SABRINA Hello...Now we see the face of the female.R aat ke do baj rahe hain? PRADEEP (i m p a t i e n t ) Sabrina.

..tum log ho na udh..PRADEEP (u r g e n c y i n h i s v o i c e ) Usse chot lagi hai... theek ho jayegi.take her to a doctor.... SABRINA (ir r i t a t e d ) Arre yaar usse chhot lagti rahti hai.i can't come now. .

C U T T O : EXT..... Sudden silence..STREET.Sabrina springs up off her bed.Je ssica ko goli lagi hai....NIGHT Car speeds up..goli lagi hai? Beat PRADEEP She has been shot! Expression on Sabrina'a face changes... SABRINA What do you mean..PRADEEP (c u t s h e r s h o r t ) Sabrina.scared ..Face of Sabrina..

Nalini(30).NIGHT Shot of Ashlok hospital..Nalini looks towards Sabrina... C U ... NALINI Which hospital? Sabrina is too stunned to respond. NALINI (CONT'D) Sabrina? Sabrina looks towards her.ASHLOK HOSPTAL.there is urgency ..her friend driving the car. C U T T O : EXT. NALINI She will be fine..and confused.Nalini realizes.. Nalini looks at her... Sabrina doesn't respond...keeps looking ahead blankly... NALINI (CONT'D) Which hospital? SABRINA Aashlok.

ASHLOK HOSPITAL.. SABRINA Hua kaise? . everything happens very fast........ a lanky guy rushes to her.T T O : INT. SABRINA (t o e v e r y b o d y ) Kahan hai? Pradeep(32).there is lot of tension and confusion.everybody turns and looks towards Sabrina.... PRADEEP OT.whispering..lots of people waiting there.....NIGHT Corridor flies open.Sabrina and Nalani rush in.. we just hear the cacophony.... SABRINA How is she? PRADEEP We don't know. talking to each other.

.It happened inside the restaurant.. Quick cuts intercut with blank reactions..Vikram Jaisingh was there.. People really don't have an answer SABRINA Aise kaise kisi ne goli chala di? Usske saath kaun tha...t um log to party mein thaiy na? . kisi ne dekha nahin. ...kitni goliyaan. SABRINA (CONT'D) Was there a fight? Kaun? Tha kaun? Was anybody..PRADEEP Exactly mujhe bhi nahin pata... main bahar tha. how can somebody just shoot her?? hua kya tha? A frazzled voice.... kisi ne roka nahin....I don't know.k itni.

.Koi gun leke kaise aa gaya ? Sabrina looks for an could he...S. Sabrina reacts..... Standing in a corner is Vikram Jaisingh (20).......from the crowd a voice informs. He is surrounded by a few policemen. VIKRAM (i n c o h e r e n t ) Crazy one responds.the PI looks at Vikram Jaisingh .. Sabrina walking towards him in the corridor. RAVINDER HIRAN.) Vikram was there. maine...loosing his patience.. He starts sobbing.blabbering to himself..There he goes again look..the re were no drinks lekin wo. sniffing.I... .Sabrina walking towards them. VOICE (O. VIKRAM (CONT'D) .

. Looks at his watch. RAVINDER HIRAN Behenchod. poor Jess.... VIKRAM (s n i f f s ) Sab kuch itni jaldi hua. . she didn't get it.. He tries to say something... The other cop looks at Ravinder Hiran.. Sabrina reaches them. Ravinder Hiran shifts his weight... VIKRAM stops mid sentence as he looks at her. The other cops look at Ravinder Hiran. Tears well up in his eyes....Shocked VIKRAM continues blabbering..(c r y i n g ) Time hi nahi tha and what could I do. He . curses Under his breath in frustration. bahut fast..

VIKRAM (CONT'D) (b l a b b e r i n g ) He shot her...he shot her..i was right there... The police men scatter awkwardly to give them time together.... VIKRAM (k e e p s l .....usn e drink maangi . Ravinder Hiran steps a bit away but within hearing distance.then he shot her.makes a sign for them to step aside. Sabrina is much more composed then she was few minutes back.. SABRINA VIKRAM look at me. kaise hua? Ravinder Hiran looks at Sabrina..look here.

..and fired.i wasn't lying...... usne pistol nikali....o o k i n g a w a y a n d b l a b b e r i n g ) He shot her.. SABRINA Vikram..Vi kram (g e s .. Sabrina holds him....drink thi nahin.she refused him.

. kisne goli chalayi? Ravinder Hiran looks at Sabrina and then at VIKRAM....VIKRAM stops blabbering..... looks straight at her. .. She almost holds his face.....MUSIC FADES IN... . . the mike is hijacked by a very pretty looking female in a white shirt and denim shorts.. C U T T O : INT.NIGHT....SHHH.... DJ Ladies and gentleman. SABRINA (CONT'D) Hua kaise..enjo y Before the DJ can finish his announcement.She is Jessica.FEW SECONDS. FACE OF VIKRAM.t u r e s ) SHHHHHH... Face of DJ.TAMARIND COURT..last song for the night.

from bureaucrats to politicians to police officer's.from young to old one's. This place is an open courtyard.among others is Naina Sehgal(25).SO GET SET.. smile and both go in unison BOTH GOOOO!!! Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life' streams in As soon as the music comes on... from trendy to the not so happening.. Various cuts of her and others dancing. with a drink in her hand.... C U T . DJ and Jessica look at each other...JESSICA (a n i m a t e d ) LADIES AND GENTLEMA N ALSO LAST DRINK AT THE BAR.she is letting her hair loose..and is teeming with people. from designers to film stars.the eclectic crowd on the dance floor that had temporarily halted for the announcement immediately springs into action.

T O : VIKRAM and Jessica are behind the bar counter serving the last few drinks left to whoever is asking for them..... a guy walks up to the bar.he is Bhuvan(30) BHUVAN (c a ll s o u t t o J e s s i c a ) Coffee ke liye aa rahi hai na? JESSICA (s h o u t s b a c k ) Haan .

.too tired. C U T T O : His POV.she is Veena Sehgal(55).... She turns to VIKRAM JESSICA (CONT'D) Chalna hai? VIKRAM (S h a k e s h i s h e a d ) No. He looks up.. A lady in the crowd amidst a conversation gestures for a drink..haan..aur subah college jana hai.....dus minute....... C ..

. MAN Your daughter is something! VEENA (s m il e s ) Sure she is.and she looks peeping hot.Naina Sehgal dancing.. MAN 1 (a d m i r i n .U T T O : DANCEFLOOR Music tempo increases.her moves much wilder now..... C U T T O : Man turns looking away from the dance floor to look at Veena Sehgal(50).....

.. PPETER(60) stops... VEENA (CONT'D) PETER..walks up to her VEENA .g t h e p l a c e ) VEENA. VEENA (CONT'D) Thank you it to VEENA and Man 1.calls out....Thi s place is lovely! VEENA (b o a s t i n g ) The best in town dear! VIKRAM walks in with two drinks.. VEENA notices a foreigner passing by....

..P PETER.This is Prem Nath's son.(CONT'D) (t o t h e m a n s h e w a s t a l k i n g t o ) My husband....The Chairman Of.Pet er . C U T T O ......

....S.. camera follows him.. C U T T O : VIKRAM making his way through the crowd.) Nagpal sahab… commission er kab ban rahe hai? DADWAL . We hear a voice off screen MAN (O... VIKRAM (a s h e m o v e s a l o n g ) Excuse me.: DANCE FLOOR Dancing continues.

Rina and Tarun among them...a hand comes in from behind and taps e here.. main toh bas intezar mein baitha hoon! Laughter. ROHIT Hey dude....close to where Naina Sehgal is and start moving their body...tempo has increased... .. VIKRAM looks at him....) Mantriji aap jab bhi bana dean.S.It is Rohit.Rohit is standing with a group of friends. C U T T O : DANCEFLOOR Dance continues....VIKRAM turns..three guys come to the dance floor........ C U T T O : VIKRAM passes by looking at the dance floor...(O...

..VIKR AM.. VIKRAM looks at them and smiles VIKRAM Hi.ROHIT (CONT'D) Let me tell you.. (p o i n t i n g t o w a r d s V I K R A M ) This guy is going to burn the ramp next year...... ROHIT (t o V I .. Tarun and Rina.

..Rohit turns to Rina and Tarun.. they are the people you should be dying to walk for! VIKRAM nods aand excuses himself. ROHIT (CONT'D) So what do you make of him? RINA (l o o k i n g a t V I K R A M ) He has a nice face and good ...K R A M ) If you have to walk the ramp in Delhi.leaves..

body..... Tarun takes a sip from his drink TARUN I doubt it.Manish gets closer to Naina Sehgal and just brushes her.he looks like a tight ass to me! ROHIT Tarun..they are Manish....they look completely out of place.Vishal makes a gesture at him..she makes her moves oblivious of their presence...These guys try to dance. not sure of any movement they are making...Vishal looks at Manish and winks. Manish keeps staring at Naina Sehgal.......... Vishal and Tony......Naina doesn't react.he has a tight ass! Everybody bursts into laughter.then looks at Vishal. C U T . he might just do well... Manish smiles.... C U T T O : DANCE FLOOR The three guys dancing just beside Naina Sehgal.trus t me.

..Manish keeps looking at Naina.. JESSICA (t u r n s ) Kya? VIKRAM smiles and gestures towards the dance floor C U T T O : DANCE FLOOR Manish Vishal Lucky with their dance moves look completely out of place... C U T T O : BAR JESSICA (CONT'D .T O : BAR VIKRAM Jess..

.. RAHUL(30) stops......kitne coupons hain tere pass? .. RAHUL (s m il e s ) Yes darling.(s m il e s ) Hain kaun yeh log? VIKRAM Pata nahin. Jessica notices a guy passing by..... JESSICA (c a ll s o u t ) RAHUL.fin ally you want to marry me? JESSICA Shut up.walks up to her..

..crowd moves their bodies matching the beats..RAHUL Do.....then gets close to Naina Sehgal and almost rubs against her.moves out. C U T T O : .... C U T T O : DANCE FLOOR Tempo of music at it's highest.. RAHUL Kyon?? JESSICA Drinks kucch hi bacche hain........he exchanges a look with Vishal..Naina Sehgal realizes it this time.Manish keeps looking at her...phir rona mat. JESSICA Give it to me..Naina does it perfectly.takes a last swig from her glass. RAHUL quickly takes out the coupons from his pocket...

.. ....BAR RAHUL grabs his last two drinks from the counter. VIKRAM YES! NAINA NO.... RAHUL I knew you love me! JESSICA (t o R A H U L ) Fuck off. NAINA Don' tell me the drinks are over! VIKRAM (s m il e s ) OVER...Naina Sehgal enters.. NAINA NO... VIKRAM smiles.RAHUL moves out...

.JES S you .jus t one..VIKRAM YES!! NAINA (l o o k s t o w a r d s j e s s i c a ) Please please... (s t a r t s p l e a d i n g ) please please please...

. (a n i m a t e d w i t h f o l d e d h a n d s ) pleassee.pulls out a glass full from under the counter...always save the last one for me..... NAINA (CONT'D) (e c s t a t i .. pleassssse Jessica smiles.

c ) I knew...i knew you love me! NAINA moves out...Jessica and VIKRAM look at each other... smiles... VIKRAM Everybody loves you! Jessica just smiles... VIKRAM (CONT'D) Ab kya? JESSICA SAAF SAFAI...aur kya! They start clearing...just then... VOICE (O.S.) Humen bhi ek ek de de! VIKRAM looks up...its Manish Bhardwaj and Vishal VIKRAM Sir drinks are over! VISHAL Arre upar neeche dekh le...nikal aayega... A beat JESSICA

(h e r b a c k t o w a r d s t h e m ) Drinks are over! A beat MANISH Sab ko toh baant rahi hai! Face of Jessica...a beat...she turns...and flips the board announcing 'BAR IS CLOSED' towards them. C U T T O : DANCEFLOOR Last thirty seconds of 'Lust For Life'...tempo at it's highest...faces of people...the crowd makes the most of it...wild movements...

C U T T O : Manish bumps into RAHUL.. MANISH (l o o k i n g a t t h e g l a s s i n h i s h a n d ) Yaar humen ek nahin mil raha, tu do do le kar

ghoom raha hai... C U T T O : DANCEFLOOR - NAINA is the wildest...few seconds...she excuses herself and walks away from the dance follows continues... C U T T O : INT. RESTAURANT Camera follows NAINA as she walks inside the restaurant with her drink in her hand...She heads straight to the bar... VIKRAM is arranging the empty bottles at the non functional bar...there are two other men inside the restaurant...Shiv Das(34) standing behind the bar, who is helping VIKRAM arrange the bar and Dharam saxena(37) sitting in a corner just beside a piano player. NAINA (t o V I K R A M

) WILD IT WAS! Kuch khane ko hai idhar? VIKRAM (s m il e s a n d g e s t u r e s ) Look behind the counter... NAINA goes behind the counter...finds something...picks it up. NAINA (d i s a p p o i n t e d )

Peanuts! At that moment Vishal, Manish and Lucky enter...walk straight to VIKRAM. VISHAL (t o V I K R A M ) Chal idhar ek ek de de! VIKRAM is surprised to see them again. VIKRAM Sir maine aapko kaha na drinks khatam hain! Manish looks at him...takes out two five hundred rupee note from his pocket and flashes it to VIKRAM. MANISH Ab toh milegi na? VIKRAM Sir kaha... MANISH (c u t s h i

m s h o r t ) Sir pair bahut kar liya tune....notices the glass in her hand ...few seconds... NAINA (i n t e r r u p t s ) Usne kaha na drinks nahin hain! Manish looks towards NAINA....chal nikaal le abhi. MANISH (g e s t u r i n g t .

NAINA (p o i n t i n g t o w a r d s h e r d r i .takes few steps towards him..... tu hi de de! NAINA darts a look to Manish.o w a r d s h e r d r i n k ) Tere pass toh hai.comes out from behind the bar counter.

n k ) I won't even let you have a sip of MY DRINK for your THOUSAND BUCKS! A beat. JESSICA (O...S. MANISH Can I have a sip of you for.....Dharam Saxenaand SHANKARlook at him from where they are seated......bas daru chahiyye...walks out.they burst into laughter. MANISH (CONT'D) Yeh rakh aur nikaal.. VIKRAM looks around helplessly.... ..) Kya problem hai? Manish turns towards Jessica. Manish turns to VIKRAM.. MANISH Kuch nahin...Manish and Vishal look at each other. whatever you want? NAINA looks at him.feels disgusted........

. starts looking under the counter.. Manish stops.aapko samajh main nahin aata. samajh mein nahin aa raha. JESSICA (l o o s e s i t ) Stop it... Manish pushes VIKRAM aside and goes behind the empty bar. MANISH Kya boli? .....what nonsense is this .......JESICA Bahar aapko bataya na drinks are over.nah in aa raha. now just get out of here....Kitni baar kahenge aapko.. MANISH Nahin.

we don't hear them..we just hear the music...Music keeps blaring..VEENA notices Manish putting something in his pocket...suddenly she reacts to a SOUND.hurriedly walks out. C U T T O DANCE FLOOR: The crowd outside dances to lust for life... camera follows her...there Is a scuffle.. Vishal and Lucky follows...looks at the floor where bleeding Jessica lies in the pool of blood..few seconds......walks towards the restaurant....there is panic ..everybody reacts...suddenly Manish pulls out a gun from his pocket.VEENA runs after him..she turns.......calling out desperately to somebody in the she rushes in..get out! Manish looks at her.... C U T T O : Stunned face of VIKRAM......... Manish violently pushes VEENA aside.she tries to stop him and keeps saying something to him.JESSICA I said..VEENA grabs hold of his hand....she turns and looks towards the restaurant......

and chaos...He looks at a bleeding Jessica...her body in convulsions...few seconds...he runs towards the slow follows he reaches to the door, camera comes from behind to his front...VIKRAM comes out shouting. VIKRAM (s h o u t i n g ) SOMEBODY SHOT JESSICA! Music on...people are still one reacts... VIKRAM (CONT'D) SOMEBODY SHOT JESSICA!! Music...again no one reacts. VIKRAM (CONT'D) (a t h i s h i g h e s t

p i t c h ) SOMEBODY SHOT JESSICA!!!! Music comes to a sudden halt. C U T T O : INT.ASHLOK HOSPITAL.NIGHT Stunned face of Sabrina...speechless...VIKRAM is still in a bad state...few seconds... SABRINA (s t u n n e d ) He shot her just because she refused him a drink! No one responds...few seconds of silence... C U

T T O : Ravinder Hiran, the PI who has heard this, looks at his junior RAVINDER HIRAN Statement le...F.I.R bana aur sign kara isse... JUNIOR Abhi? Ravinder Hiran darts a look at him. C U T T O : Suddenly the doors to the corridor fly open... an old couple walk in... MAY and AJIT LAL, Jessica's parents...they walk towards Sabrina MAY Where is my baby...wher e is my baby ...Kaisi hai voh...i want to see her... Sabrina rushes to them...

SABRINA Mom...she will be fine...theek ho jayegi voh... MAY My baby... Sabrina holds her Mom... SABRINA Mom...thee k ho jaayegi... Before she can finish the sentence... A doctor rushes out of the OT. DOCTOR Patient ko apollo shift karna padega. Sabrina looks at the doctor...ambulance siren fades in C U T T O : EXT. STREET.NIGHT Ambulance speeds up... C U T T O

: INT.AMBULANCE,STREET.NIGHT Inside the ambulance...Jessica lies on the stretcher...her head bandaged...strapped with various equipment, one pumping her keeps an eye on her...Sabrina keeps looking at Jessica's face...face looks very calm...Sabrina keeps looking at it...suddenly there is some movement in Jessica's face...except Sabrina nobody notices it...she looks at her for few seconds...and then as if she has realized something; SABRINA (b l a n k l y ) Jessica is gone! NALINI What? SABRINA Jessica is gone. Nalini looks towards Jessica, then turns to Sabrina... NALINI Kuch nahin hoga usse...she will be fine. A beat SABRINA

She is gone...she has stopped breathing! Suddenly Nalini looks towards the looks at Jessica...realizes...quickly checks her pulse...few seconds ...Nalini keeps looking at the looks back at them...a beat... DOCTOR I am sorry! C U T T O : EXT. WAR ZONE,KARGIL- DAY A coffin crosses from screen left to right revealing Varsha's face. She is showing no emotion but her eyes are not blinking at all. She stands beside a truck on which the coffins wrapped with Indian flags are being loaded to be flown back to their families. Her ear piece crackles. CRACKLING VOICE Varsha you are on Air! Varsha doesn't respond...keeps staring...ear piece crackles again... CRACKLING VOICE (CONT'D) Varsha...we Are are on air! Suddenly Varsha reacts...She breathes and the worlds flow easily. VARSHA Bhaartiye sena ne Pakistani sena aur aatankwadi yoan ko khaded diya hai...ek mahine tak chali goli baari ke baad aakhir sena ne TIGER HILL par wapis apna kabza jama liya hai... C U T T O : A group of Indian soldiers smile...give the victory sign... C U T T O : VARSHA

(CONT'D) Jahaan ek taraf Sanikoan ko iss ladai mein mili jeet ki khushi hai,wahin shaheed huey apne saathiyoan ke shaw ko kandha dene ka gham bhi... C U T T O : Coffins being carried away... SOLDIER Ji dukh toh hota hai...chahh e hamara gaya ho ya unka...insa an toh insaan hi hai. C U T T O : Varsha looks on as another soldier

speaks to her... SOLIDER (p r o u d l y ) Fauji hain...wardi desh ki raksha ke liye hi pehni hai...ladai mein ya toh aadmi marega ya maarega... VARSHA Kya kehna chahenge desh ke logoan ko? C U T T O : Another soldier...carrying the body of a colleague inside a moves as it takes his reaction... SOLIDER Unko bhi kehna chahenge, aap media walon ko

bhi kehna chahengeladai jab chalti hai toh sabhi log humen yaad karte hain...kai fauji desh ke liye apni jaan kurbaan kar chuke hain...unhe aur unke parivaar ko yaad rakhen itna ki kehna chahenge! Involuntarily Smiles... C U T T O : VARSHA Dedh mahine tak chali iss ladai mein na sirf Bharat ke sanikoan ki jaane gayi, kai Pakistani sainik bhi maare gaye. Dono deshoan ke

samne ek eham sawaal khada hota hai - kya yeh ladai zaroori thi? Kargil se aakhri baar Varsha Dutt star news ke liye! We hear the drone of a plane C U T T O : INT. ABOARD INDIAN AIRLINES - DAY Varsha on the plane. She stops a passing stewardess... VARSHA Can I get a newspape r? STEWARDES S moment maam... A gentleman seated besides recognizes her and is eager and excited to strike a conversation with her. GENTLEMAN Maine

. Varsha looks towards him..Great Job.. Varsha nods.... Varsha keeps looking at him. GENTLEMAN (CONT'D) T.aapko dekha hai... bade gague ki tanks..Bada mazza aaya dekhne mein.bahu t dum hai aap mein.. ROCKETS aurVARSHA (c .. GENTLEMAN (CONT'D) It was so excitingbadi badi bandoonk ean...V pe. fighter planes... GENTLEMAN (CONT'D) Maine kabhi iss tarh ladai dekhi nahin thi..

.. GENTLEMAN ( u n n e r v e d ) Well wo toh. Wo dekhke bhi bada maza aaya hoga? A beat.. VARSHA Vahan hotey na toh G phat ke haath mein aa jaati! Gentleman reacts. GENTLEMAN ..u t t i n g h i m ) Hamarey soldiers ki laashein.

..what did you say? VARSHA (r e p e a t s l o u d l y ) VAHAAN HOTEY TOH (d r a w s t h e l e t t e .(s h o c k e d ) Excused me.

Gentleman is shocked and speechless and looks away...the rest of the passenger turn and looks towards her seat almost animatedly... VARSHA (s .the stewardess stands with the wspaper maam..Varsha turns. STEWARDES S Your.r G w i t h h e r f o r e f i n g e r ) G PHAT KE HAATH MEIN AA JAATI! Suddenly there is complete silence in the plane.. silence is broken by a kid's suppressed laughter....

D.something catches her attention .. CHANDIGARH -DAY R.the headline announcing.RASTOGI Manali wale guest house mein hain.... 'NO ARREST IN JESSICA LAL MURDER CASE...... A visibly upset and tense Pramod Bhardwaj ..m i l e s ) Thank You! She unfolds the newspaper. MINISTERS SON ON THE RUN'. safe hain par zyada din tak nahin .MANISH BHARDWAJ'S RESIDENCE. C U T T O : INT.paper mein istehaar toh aap dekh hi rahe hain! Few more newspaper with the same headlines spread on the table.

(55).) Kucch bhi karo par mera Manish mujhe wapis chahiyye...father of Manish Bhardwaj.. galti ho gayi.Rastogi. .Few seconds of tense silence.. FEAMLE VOICE (O.D. Pramod Bhardwajthinks for a moment.D ( m a t t e r o f f a c t ) Jawan hain.jawa ni mein humne bhi gul khilayen hain! Pramod Bhardwajgives him a disapproving look. surrounded by a few more people.. DP is a man who doesn't think too much before shooting his mouth off. father of Vishal Rastogi... R.S. stands with R..

SABRINA'S OFFICE -EVENING THUD An envelop lands on Sabrina's table.D.. Pramod Bhardwajreacts...It's teary eyed Manish Bhardwaj's mother from the inside room addressing her husband.....then Pramod Bhardwajlooks at him VINOD Voh ladki kaun thi? R.. smiles..doesn't say anything..D.itna kya soch rahe hain... Thi koi do takkey ki model! C U T T O : INT....Sabrina looks up..dar d bhi humen hi sehna padega! A beat.Jessica stands smiling in front.khoo n toh apna hi hai.mera ho ya aapka..... R.. Bhai saab.. .

JESSICA Unhuh...SABRINA Kya hai? JESSICA Khol ke dekh.pulls out it's contents.... SABRINA Bata ol ke dekh....starts going through it. Sabrina takes the envelope.. she jumps out of her seat SABRINA Tujhe job mil gayi! JESSICA As an assistant manager! SABRINA Voh bhi Dubai mein! JESSICA (s m il e s ) India doesn't deserve me baby! SABRINA Shut up...jaana .

suddenly she realizes. JESSICA (CONT'D) Tu batayegi na.kab hai? JESSICA Agley mahine..... JESSICA Oh god.......i .... SABRINA Very smart!! Jessica smiles. SABRINA Mom Dad ko bataya? JESSICA (s h a k e s h e r h e a d ) NOPE! Sabrina looks at her questioningly. Batayegi bhi aur unhe manayegi bhi..

...... NALINI Hi... aaj raat party mein aa rahi hai na? SABRINA Yaar main nahin aaongi..... JESSICA Shut up. JESSICA Kyon? SABRINA I am not used to these parties .main peeti hoon kya? Nalini walks in... SABRINA Kya karoongi uska.i will make a nice cocktail for you. .Jessica rushes late..thodi der ke liye aa jana na.bhagt i hoon..mujhe mazza nahin aata..

. SABRINA (c a ll s o u t ) Ye behanji nahin aa rahi. CEMETERY. SOUND OVERLAP INT...TA! Jessica rushes out. Friends and family in full attendance..DAY Face of Sabrina. Jessica'S burial in progress. Hold onto Sabrina smiling and looking at Jess go away...Is behanji ko bhi le aana ...i will see you girls at the party... ..TA..i will see you at home in the morning.JESSICA (t o N a li n i ) Bye. The priest is reading the memorial.

an ESTEEM crosses the ZEN from the opposite direction. But Ajit. DAY Another car.DAY Sabrina in the car..DAY Shot of A Maruti ZEN. Sabrina turns to looks at her mother. .Few cuts of grieving friends. Father occupies the front seat. ROAD ... C U T T O : INT. STREET. May Lal and Sabrina don't shed tears. Mother besides her in the back seat. The Priest finishes reading the last verse.. C U T T O : EXT. No one speaks. ZEN .who stares blankly at the grave. C U T T O : EXT. Camera leaves the ZEN and follows the ESTEEM.

STREET DAY Varsha in the back seat of the car. .. OK..C U T T O : INT. ESTEEM...STAR NEWS OFFICE-DAY Shot of the building. VARSHA Now dad don't start crying like nani! Main kahin aur nahin bhaag rahi .........take care..I love you TOO! She disconnects the call.PROMISE. . C U T T O : EXT..aapke saath dinner kiye begair kahin nahin jaoongi.she is on the phone..

.. There is whistling... People male voice calls out. GUY VARSHA. WILL YOU MARRY ME? VARSHA Your girlfriend said you are lousy in bed. STAR NEWS OFFICE -DAY Varsha walks into her office. As she enters the main work station . GUY Try me! VARSHA (r a i s e s .C U T T O : INT... Suddenly all the screens on the wall cabinet start playing the recorded footage of her coverage of by one all her colleagues and the entire staff gets up and starts clapping. clapping and cheering.

... NAVDEEP Good work.NAVDEEP(35) smiles... VOICE (O..Her managing editor..cong ratulations! VARSHA (s m il e s ) Thank you.. the guy feels embarrassed...main tumse hi milne aa ..h e r m i d d l e f i n g e r ) Try this! Everyone laughs..) Tum celebrity ho gayi ho! Varsha turns.S.

. VARSHA My new assignment .shakes her head. NAVDEEP (i n t e r r u p t s ) .i wanted to talk to you about. NAVDEEP Kya karna chahogi? VARSHA (t o n g u e i n c h e e ..rahi thi..........a vacation or a raise? Varsha looks at him..

. 300 or so. NAVDEEP What about this? VARSHA C'mmon Navdeep ab toh Hindi Films mein bhi politicians villian nahi hotey! He won't get away.......aur aisey waisey witnesses nahi hain. Navdeep there are so many eye witnesses.Koi .MINISTERS SON STILL AT LARGE' is spread on the table.DAY Newspaper with the headline 'MURDER OF A MODEL.NAVDEEP'S CABIN .k ) Kya karvana chahoge? C U T T O : INT..

... Shakal se hi criminal lagta hai.i ts an Open and Shut case.. Ek kaam karo.he is fucked. NAVDEEP Come on . Rajesh Roy se cover karvao.model hai. NAVDEEP Varsha this is a huge.. Main ek bigger aur better story deserve karti hoon.koi police officer hai toh koi celebrity.ther e is lot of public interest in this story? VARSHA This is crime beat stuff..koi bureaucrat hai.

..Who else do you think I was? They look at each other... NAVDEEP You are a bitch you know that! VARSHA I do .. VARSHA Fuck You NAVDEEP..a beat. . Cabin .Varsha ab tumhare profile ko match karne ke liye India koi aur war nahin ladne wala! Varsha looks at him..aur mujhe aisa kyon lag raha hai ki mere profile ko jaan bujh kar lower kiya ja raha hai! Navdeep reacts.maine apne aap ko war correspond ent declare nahin kiya.

...... VARSHA (s h r u g s ) The bitch is always right! C U T T O : TELEVISION Manish Bhardwaj is flanked by police officers including Ravinder Hiran...while the news reporter keeps informing us. GIRL Check out the news.a young girl(22).....Police jeep follows it.a barrage of media people running to capture the visuals....... A beat. REPORTER Dilli mein takes off..reporting cameramen run behind the car..i t's live...Ravinder Hiran puts him in the waiting car.They have arrested Manish Bhardwaj.Navdeep looks at Varsha.door flies open...

...hue model Jessica Lal ke katl ke aaropi Manish Bhardwaj ne aaj chandigarh ke ek court mein aatmsamar pan kar diya..PLAYS REPORTER Hum darshakoan ko batana chahenge ..ANOTHER TIME....Polic e ne usse hirasat mein le liya hai aur pooch taach ke liye usse dilli le jaya ja raha hai. M A T C H C U T T O : ANOTHER TELEVISION.

.ki Manish Bhardwaj ke pita Pramod BhardwajH aryana cabinet mein minister hain. Ajit and May Lal sit on the sofa looking at the television... Sabrina in the background putting dinner on the dinning table... REPORTER (CONT'D) Jab Pramod Bhardwajse iss baare mein poocha gaya... C U T T O : TELEVISION PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Usse phansaya ja raha hai... C U T .... Sabrina looks up towards the television.

.... A beat...... PRAMOD BHARDWAJ(O.mera beta nirdosh hai.T O : Face of Sabrina as she keeps looking. REPORTER (i n t e r r u p t s ) Aur nahin hua toh. S..sacchai sab ke samne aa jayegi .. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ (fi r m l y .) (CONT'D) Mujhe kanoon pe poora bharosa hai ..

their family lawyer.holds her mom..a lanky man in his early forties does most of the talking..Pandit ko case de detey hain .Sabrina rushes to her..he is Amit Pujari .M...... PUJARI B. music......for the first time...Dilli ke sabse bade criminal lawyer hain. C U T T O : INT. Ajit Lal looks towards his wife...R.D is also there...MANISH BHARDWAJ'S RESIDENCE -DAY Tensed Pramod Bhardwaj sits surrounded by men.) Hoga! C U T T O : May Lal breaks down.tears tickle down his cheek.mahi r hain aise cases mein! .....May Lal clings to her like a child.. as if on cue.

...Hu ndred percent record vala. poocho? PUJARI Poocha... PUJARI Ram Jethmalan hin maane.. Pramod Bhardwajlooks at him.cas e nahin lete..retire ho chuke hain. FEMALE VOICE (fr o m i n s i d e ) Kucch bhi karo par mera Manish mujhe .. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Kitna chahiyye..PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Aur voh doosra.

.. Ravinder Hiran looks at him..... VOICE (O.ROOM. RAVINDER HIRAN Usko pahle se janta tha? MANISH (s h ..wapis chahiyye... MANISH Hazaar rupiyye tak dene ko taiyyar tha main.. POLICE STATION-NIGHT Haggard Manish Bhardwaj sits in front of Ravinder Hiran. C U T T O : INT..a policeman types his statement on his old tape recorder records it...) Sir gussa aa gaya tha mujhe.phir bhi drinks dene ko mana kar rahi thi. Pramod Bhardwaj reacts.

MANISH Maine pistol nikaali. MANISH 22/..Am bala se..2Z....Barre ta RAVINDER HIRAN Kab kharidi? MANISH Chaar mahine pehle.ital iyan.... RAVINDER HIRAN Kaun si..... A second RAVINDER HIRAN Phir.a k e s h i s h e a d ) Nahin. F L .....

MANISH VOICE OVER Sir bas darana chahata tha main... C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM MANISH Kisi ne kucch nahin bola. Manish fires the gun at the ceiling....A S H C U T T O : Manish pulls out a gun from his pocket... F L A S H C U ..

. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Goli kaan se ek inch door maarna chahta tha?.. RAVINDER .. MANISH Ji. Manish doesn't know what to say.T T O : Manish aims towards Jessica.. RAVINDER HIRAN Us din pehna tha? Manish shakes his head in a no. MANISH VOICE OVER Kaan se ek inch door marna chahta tha. RAVINDER HIRAN Chashma pehantey hai na tu? Manish hesitates.

. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Aagey! Manish is still quiet. ....THUD..HIRAN (CONT'D) Bol......she falls on the ground.. Manish is quiet..terey pe haath na uthaney ka bahut pressure hai. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Dekh bhai..everything slows down.....toh tooney kaan se ek inch door goli chalayi! C U T T O : Fire. aagey bol.a bullet hits Jessica's temple.ANOTHER THUD.. chhup rahega toh mera haath uth jayega.. bleeding....

.. F L A S H C U T T O : VEENA (s h o u t s a t h e r ) Why did you shoot her? F .C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM MANISH Budddi aurat aa kar boli.

why did you shoot her? C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM MANISH Main .L A S H C U T T O : VEENA (CONT'D) (h o l d s h i s h a n d ) Give me the gun...

.ek dhaabe ke peeche garden dikha...NIGHT Manish on the road..wahan se bhaaga. MANISH VOICE OVER Scooter mein lift li.....a motorcycle stops. STREET.hurriedly walks out.. F L A S H C U T T O : EXT.trying to hitch a ride..traffic......... C U T T O : Manish violently pushes VEENA aside.Manish jumps on it.. F L A ..

places the pistol.. F L A S H C U T T O : Manish hitching a ride on a scooter....covers it with the mud.. GARDEN-NIGHT Scared Manish.S H C U T T O : INT....digging. MANISH VOICE OVER Pehle scooter..... F L A S H C U T ..

. Manish on back seat of the tractor.. Manish sits on the passenger seat of a Safari C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM Manish's face.. .T O : MANISH VOICE OVER (CONT'D) Phir tractor.. F L A S H C U T T O : MANISH VOICE OVER (CONT'D)5 Phir Safari mein lift le kar.....

Alok and Manish...Ka un thi? F L A S .MANISH Luckyke ghar pahuncha... Vishal..TONY'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT TONY Lagta hai mar gayi! Scared Tony. F L A S H C U T T O : INT.. C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM MANISH Maine Poocha.

.as he listens.TONY'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT VISHAL Jessica. F L A S H C U T T O : .... MANISH Wo mar gayi sunke main aur darr gaya. C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM Face of Ravinder Hiran..H C U T T O : INT....

MANISH (CONT'D) (a l m o s t p a r a n o ... They all look at each other.meri gaadi wahin hai..INT....TONY'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT MANISH (s c a r e d a n d p e r s p i r i n g ) Yaar meri.

... meri gaadi vahin hai... F L A S H .phir mujhe yaad aaya.. RAVINDER HIRAN Phir.full of sweat...silence...few seconds.pha ns jaayyege....... VISHAL Tu idhar hi reh main aur Luckynikaal ke laate hain... C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM Face of Manish. MANISH Voh gaadi nikaal kar laaye....i d ) Vishal..

VAKAS Kidhar? F L A S H C U T T O : INT. C U T .. Vishal looks on.......mai ne paas hi main chhupa di hai.GARDEN -NIGHT Manish digging the ground frantically....TONY'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT MANISH Yaar meri pistol.....C U T T O : INT.with his hand.Manish pulls it out.the butt of the pistol emerges...then looks around.Manish keeps digging ...

gets up... C U T T O : INTERROGATION ROOM Ravinder Hiran looks towards the door.. RAVINDER HIRAN . Daylight breaking out at a distance.a constable stands...Manish on the passenger seat.......opens it.. Knock on the door. CONSTABLE Bade sahab baat karna chahte hain..T O : Vishal driving Safari. MANISH VOICE OVER Subah hone ko thi..... MANISH VOICE OVER (CONT'D) Tata Safari le kar hum Vishal ke ghar gaye......

goes out.bole abhi baat karao...the constable looks at the typist.. chehra dekh apna... main hoon idhar.. C U T ...the looks at the chit..then leaves..Bola nahin busy hoon... CONSTABLE Bola............ Ravinder looks back towards Manish.gets up.....Manish looks at him.then takes out a chit and hands it to him...ja.constable looks towards Manish.. Typist realizes.... CONSTABLE (CONT'D) (t o t h e t y p i s t ) Tu bhi haanth muh dho ke aa..

.) Jessica lal maamle mein police ne aaj teen aur aaropiyoan ko girftaar kar liya...on his face.AMIT PUJARI C U T T O : Manish keeps looking at the constable... NEWSREADER (V...T O : C H I T : A TEXT ON IT: KUCCH BATANA C U T T O : NEWS MONTAGE-QUICK CUTS VARIOUS PLACES ..

U.B.Camera Flash..Camera Flash... NEWSREADER (CONT'D) Lucky Gill..freeze frame. NEWSREADER (V.Rastogi ke bete hain... On the screen itself in a window we see a picture of R. surrounded by media..freeze frame. He looks up into the camera..O. C U T T O : Lucky Gill being taken away by the police..A hain aur dilli ke rehne wale hain...... C U .....Vishal Rastogi being taken away by PI Ravinder Hiran and his men. P ke neta R.... Camera goes to Vishal's face in the live footage..) Vishal ki ek M.D..he pushes the cameraman.D..

.......freeze Frame C U T T O : NEWSROOM FACE OF NEWS READER NEWSREADER Police ne voh TATA SAFARI bhi baramad kar li jissmen yeh log tamarind court se bhaage thaiy.. C U T T O : .Camera Flash. NEWSREADER (CONT'D) Aur Shlok he tries to hide his face.T T O : Shlok Khanna being taken away. Face of Shlok Khanna....

focus on the bullet...freeze frame. Empty bullet on the car seat.. NEWSREADER Iss gaadi ki talashi ke dauraan..... A gloved hand with the bullet..ABANDONED PLACE NIGHT..... NEWSREADER (CONT'D) Police issey ek eaham saboot maan rahi hai.... C U T T O : Torch light searches inside the Safari..TORCHLIGHT.BANG.Camera Flash.. C U T T ...brings it up...ON ABANDONED TATA SAFARI...... NEWSREADER (CONT'D) Police ne ek zinda kartoos(bull et) bhi baramad kiya.bullet sound...

O : Empty bullet on the floor..another bullet..... Camera angle..BANG another bullet sound...Jha hain . NEWSREADER (CONT'D) ... Quick ZOOM on the bullet.22 Bore ke aisi hi do khaali kartoos Tamarind court mein police ko mile thaiy.. C U T T O : ANOTHER NEWS READER Ismein se ek goli chhat se takrayi thi aur doosri Jessica ko lagi thi jinse unke maut ho gayi! C U T T O : NEWSREADER Hamare studio mein expert Dr....

most likely ussi pistol ke hain jiski goli se jessica ki maut hui.yeh teenon ek hi bandook se chalne wale kartoos hain..unse jaante hain ki yeh kitni eham saboot hai? EXPERT (BEARDED OLD GUY) Yeh ek bahut ehaam sabbot hai chunki teeno kartoos jo miley hain do khaali jo fire kiye gaye tamarind court mein aur ek zinda jo tata safari mein mila...bahut bada saboot hai yeh! C U T ....

RAVINDER HIRAN Ji nahin abhi tak humen murder weapon nahin mila hai..DAY PI Ravinder Hiran talking to the press.POLICE STATION .... C U T T O : REPORTER ...murde r weapon ek. REPORTER Aur bhi saboot milen hain? RAVINDER HIRAN Ji aur kaafi circumstant ial evidence bhi hai hamarey paas.T O : EXT..22 Bore ki pistol hai..

..she thinks for a moment..Main aur meri family yehi chahtey hain ki muzrim ko sazza ho aur humen insaaf miley.looks . aapko darr nahin lag raha yeh chhoot bhi sakte hain? A beat..... FEMALE REPORTER Inke pita bade politicians has surrounded her....Police ne aaropiyoan ko pakad liya hai. SABRINA Meri behan ko maara gaya hai..kya kehna hai aapka? C U T T O : Face of Sabrina....

who is smoking looking at the city lights. Face of Sabrina.....a drawing room..her voice starts to play.....slowly camera comes out from the drawing room to the balcony to include Varsha. SABRINA don't hear what they are talking.Varsha's father and her sister sit around dinning table having dinner talking. joking while a maid serves them. jitni ki unhey deni chahhiyye ! Actor kisi classic film ko mamooli samajh ke chhod deta hai..... VARSHA VOICE OVER Kabhie kabhie zindagi mein hum kuch cheezoan ko utni ehmiyat nahin dete..we pull back to reveal the footage being played on television..we pull back to include.towards the camera... aam aadmi kisi .the television plays at the far end of the empty plate lies on the table.

koi jawan ladka ya ladki kisi anjaane ke chakkar mein apne soul mate ko nazar andaz kar detey hain. Mere saath bhi wohi hua. Shine hone wale India ki History ka ek mile stone nahi! . Mujhe wo khabar sirf khabar nazar aa rahi thi.achi investmen t policy ko jhansa samajh ke chhod deta hai. Vasie hi koi journalist kisi ghatna ko sirf ghatna samajh ke chhod deta hai.

F A D E O U T . ... F A D E I N RAVINDER HIRAN Tu alert ho ja Sabrina.charo taraf se..Nalini sits with her RAVINDER HIRAN Bahut pressure hai.POLICE STATION-DAY Sabrina sits in front of Ravinder Hiran... C U T T O : pe phone aa rahe hain..

.shuts the door of his cabin. wahan kareeb teen sau log thaiy voh... police jaanti hai. aap jaante hain.. RAVINDER HIRAN (i n t ...get up. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Tujhe pata hai na tu kinse lad rahi hai? SABRINA (c u t s h i m s h o r t ) Unhone meri behan ko mara hai.Ravinder Hiran looks at her for a moment....sab jaante hain..

A beat..e r r u p t s ) SIRF SAAT LOG. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Baki koi nahin tha vahaan.main pooch pooch ke thak gaya kya aap tamarind court main thay? F L A S H C . SABRINA Kya? RAVINDER HIRAN Nafrat ho gayi hai mujhe tumhare high society ke logoan se........

C U T T O : A middle age socialite RAVINDER HIRAN ...U T T O : A business executive whom we have seen at the party.barah baje! C U T T O : A female model FEMALE MODEL I left at Twelve O Clock... EXECUTIVE Jab goli chali usse pahele hi main nikal chuka tha.

.. can you put on the AC.Aap wahan thi? SOCIALITE Twelve O clock. C U T T O : Another man RAVINDER HIRAN Aap tamarind court mein thaiy? MAN Main nikal chuka tha.. RAVINDER HIRAN Barah baje! MAN Ji ji. Ravinder Hiran looks at her.. i was out! Its too hot here.....karee b. C U T ...

C U T T O : A designer couple MAN Nahi nahi humne to drinks nahin pi...T O : RAVINDER HIRAN Aap bhi barah baje nikal chuke honge? MALE MODEL Agar main hota toh... RAVINDER HIRAN (l o o s e s i t ) Maine ..chhod ta nahin uss harami ko..

ki aapne paani piya...Ravinder Hiran is moving around the room.sharba t piya.. WOMEN Nahin nahin we never drank anything ... RAVINDER HIRAN CHUP.cola piya... RAVINDER HIRAN (a n g r y ) Aap hi batao agar ..POLICE STATION-DAY Stunned face of Sabrina.aapse poocha...EKD AM CHUP!!! C U T T O : INT.. hum toh barah baje nikal gayye thaiy..

He opens the file.. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Iss file mein un SAAT witnesses ke naam aur statements hai.sab ke sab teen sau barah baje nikal chuke thaiy toh party mein wahaan kya bhoot thaiy? Sabrina doesn't react.......... RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Aap aise logoan ke saath kaise ghoomtey ho...Ravinder picks up a file.. RAVINDER HIRAN .m ujhe toh lagta hai yeh insaan hi nahin.wahan ek ladki ki jaan gayi hai aur (stops).. Sabrina is still stunned.

Q U I C K C U T Face of VIKRAM... RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Jisne goli chalate huey dekhi.. VIKRAM yehi tha....isi ne Jessica ko maara! RAVINDER HIRAN Pakka yahi tha? VIKRAM (n o d s ) haan sir! RAVINDER HIRAN .(CONT'D) VIKRAM.aur FIR register karvayi..Same dress as on that night....

. SHANKAR nods... RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Iss ne goli chalayyi.Sign kijiyye.freeze frame.. VIKRAM signs on the photograph of Manish Bhardwaj.. C U T T ...... Q U I C K C U T : SHANKAR looks at the photograph of Manish Bhardwaj..quick zoom on the signature. C U T T O : RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) SHANKAR.

.O : RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Dharam Saxena..y ehi tha Sir.maa kasam! C U T T O : RAVINDER HIRAN Veena Sehgal.. VEENA (s w .... C U T T O : Veena sits in front of Ravinder Hiran....... QUICK CUT Dharam Saxena looks at the photograph. DHARAM SAXENA Hundred percent.

he pushed me.Sa b ne kaha drinks are over.and ran away C U T T O : RAVINDER HIRAN Naina Sehgal......e a t i n g ) I saw him putting the gun in his pocket... QUICK CUT NAINA Main bar mein thi..voh aaya..... drinks maangi. C U T T ...

.. C U T T O : RAHUL Aakhri drinks ..O : RAVINDER HIRAN PETER..but he disappeare d...i tried to stop him... QUICK CUT PETER I saw him running out of the bar ....i ran after him. C U T T O : RAVINDER HIRAN Rahul Bhojwani..

jessica ne bula kar mujhe de diya... QUICK CUT RAHUL Main drinks le kar wapis aa raha tha ki..bacche thaiy.... C U T T O : Manish stops him.. QUICK CUT JESSICA Drinks kucch hi bacche hain.. MANISH (l o o k i n g a t t h ...phir rona mat.

tu do do le kar ghoom raha hai.e g l a s s i n h i s h a n d ) Yaar humen ek nahin mil raha. C U T T O : INT...yeh hamare ...POLICE STATION-DAY RAVINDER HIRAN In saat logoan ne saaf saaf bataya ki wahan uss raat kya hua.

Ravinder stops......Sabrina turns to look towards him. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Agley mahine case court mein jaayegA.a beat... Sabrina looks towards the file. SABRINA (s t u n n e d ) Kuch bhi ho .prime witnesses hain. aur agar.. A beat RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Agar inme se kisi ne kisi bhi karan jhooth bola toh.

neend aa rahi nahin jana! C U T T O : INT.. JESSICA mujhe nahin jana.Sone de na...S.....Sabrina again pullS it 0ff.. She turns and pulls the sheet over her head... ....LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina and Jessica in the same bed.sakta hai ka kya matlab? A beat. VOICE (O..) Utth na.Sunday hai..aap hi soccho! Stunned face of Sabrina........ RAVINDER HIRAN Iss case mein kucch bhi ka kya matlab hoga...

.....SABRINA Utth ja nahin toh mom din bhar tanna deti rahegi.she has dozed off to sleep behind THEM.......Jessica has dozed off on the back seat.Sunday mass in progress.Sabrina looks at her..smiles.Ajit Lal and May Lal in the front..Sabrina notices this....few seconds... C U T T O : Jessica with her sunglasses ON.CHURCH -DAY A group sings.Ajit Lal drives. C U T T O : EXT.. C U T T O : INT.INT -CAR DAY Sabrina and Jessica on the back seat of the car...

INT.looks around.. C U T T O : The taxi navigates through a crowded market.. C U T T O : EXT.TAXI -DAY Sabrina sits on the back seat of the taxi. PARATHA GULLI ...DAY Sabrina walks through paratha gulli.... C U T T O : EXT...stops a man inquires ...her face.she blankly looks out.C U T T O : Both the sisters have dozed off to sleep behind their sunglasses...

.....from him.dono taraf se nahin peesna chahata... SHANKAR(O. C U T T O : Sabrina stands in front of a room.....she knocks again.. ) Jo sahi hai voh karna chahata hoon.door opens... C U T T O : INT...S.gaan v mein biwi hai. aap meri majboori ..he keeps looking at her for few seconds.we hear a knock off screen..Man gestures in a direction.SHANKAR'S ROOM-DAY SHANKAR Par gareeb chottey bacche hain.SHANKAR stands taken aback.

Face of Sabrina..majbo ori meri bhi hai SHANKARji.aap vahan thaiy iss liyye. SABRINA (a l m o s t p l e a d s ) Meri behan mari hai. SHANKAR(CON T'D) . SHANKAR Thaiy toh TEEN sao log madam... SABRINA (CONT'D) Aapko court mein wahin bolna hai jo aapne dekha.. SHANKAR looks at her.....samjho..aap ........silence...

.mujhe maaf kar do..mujhe lagta hai....) Relax..... C U T T O : INT.... mujhse nahin hoga! A beat.tum he tension lene ki zaroorat nahin hai..S...DCP'S OFFICE -DAY Sabrina sits in front of DCP Pramod Kanth.on his face DCP (O...doesn't reply.Ravinder Hiran stands in a corner. SABRINA Please sir..they are being threatened! DCP Sabrina relax. SABRINA Daraya kisi ne aapko? SHANKAR looks at her..agar ..

.LEKIN PROCEDUR E HAI...COMP LAINT AAYEGI. SABRINA (e a r n e s t l y ) Witness protection bhi toh........dhamki milti toh voh complaint kartey aur hum unhe zaroor protect karte.Hamare yahaan witness protection programme nahin hai. HUM ACT KAREINGEY .. DCP ....BINA COMPLAINT KE KISI KE AGAINST KAISE ACT KAR .

..DCP listens.aap ghabraiyye mat...PROSECUT ION lawyer hain aur mere accheY dost bhi.. Sabrina looks at him helplessly.. WE WILL KEEP A WATCH..we have a strong case..... DCP (CONT'D) Yeh Mr. Saxena looks at her.HE HAS PROMISED TO DO HIS BEST. DCP (s m .. .. Ravinder Hiran looks at him.he picks it up.SAKTEY HAIN? eVEN THEN.....Saxena.. DCP Pramod Kanth's cell phone rings.. SAXENA Witness ko todhney ki koshish kaun nahi karta? In sab baaton se.

... Burst of music.CHANDIGARH Music blasts off from an oncoming Pajero...we see it from someone's POV from a moving e s ) Befikrr rahiyye..DCP and Sabrina's eyes the vehicle comes closer..Camera pans left.Amit Pujari disconnects his cell phone. I AM GONNA TAKE YOU TO PARADISE' C U T T O : EXT...DCP looks away.they cross heckling.... spoilt college kids inside.. Sabrina looks at him...SEXY -'OOH OOH Ahh Ahh...few seconds..turns to look back.. PUJARI Ek ko toh set kar liya hai! C U T T O : Pramod Bhardwaj looks out of the window........

. MAY Lagta hai dka Chhoot jaayega! Silence....MEHRAULI -DAY MALE VOICE Aise kaise choot . C U T T O : EXT...DHABA..PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Baki sab? PUJARI Unpe bhi lage one one speaks...Nalini....Pradeep stand.LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT Sabrina.silence.ho jayyega! Pajero catches speed.Ajit and May Lal are seated.. C U T T O : INT..wo.

.man looks away.. Sabrina instinctively holds his hand.jaayega Sabrinaji! C U T T O : Dharam Saxenasits in front of Sabrina sipping tea at the roadside dhaba.There are all kinds of men around.. SABRINA (r e li v e d ) Thank ... .. DHARAM SAXENA Zameer naam ki cheez abhi tak hai cchai jo hai zaroor batayenge.. Sabrina looks shifty...A man looks towards Sabrina.we feel somebody is watching them...police ko bataya hai court mein bhi batayyenge ...their eyes meet.She looks.....

.you..aapne tension thoda kam kar diya. Sabrina looks at him. DHARAM SAXENA(CONT 'D) Sabrinaji...aapki behen thi. SABRINA Haan boliyye na. meri bhi ek chooti si tension hai.meri bhi ho sakti thi...... DHARAM SAXENA Aisa kyon keh rahi hain.....S......) Yeh court mein sach bolega? C U T T O : ..agar aapse ho sake toh. Takes another sip. AJIT (O..

...feels its weight.LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina takes out money from her Almirah. Dharam Saxenalooks at the money.Sabrina keeps looking at him... .aur kya kar sakte hain! C U T T O : LIVING ROOM Sabrina emerges out from her bedroom... SABRINA Paachas hazaar toh nahin hamare paas par yeh bees.......chalega. SABRINA Keh toh raha hai.. .. DHARAM SAXENA Koi nahin ji.baki ka baad mein le loonga.Ajit lal looks on.Dharam Saxena and May Lal are seated there..INT.. Dharam Saxena gets up and takes the money.

opens it.knock on the door.walks up to the door..... C U T T O : INT.. C stops at a signal.) Dharam? Expression on his face changes.......m aa kasam! Touches his chin in the usual manner..S.gets up.he looks towards the door.. VOICE (O.DHARAM SAXENA'S ROOM -NIGHT Dharam Saxena drinking.SABRINA Aappe bharosa kar sakti hoon na? DHARAM SAXENA Hundred percent....STREET -DAY Face of Sabrina as she travels in her car. C U T T O : EXT..

..S) I can't speak for my mom.. NAINA I am with you... C U T T O : INT..(in anger) i want that bastard punished! C U T T O : INT. NAINA (O...LE MEREDIAN -DAY Camera follows a tray with two mud .'S RESIDENCE -DAY Sabrina sits in front of Naina.U T T O : TRAFFIC LIGHT Turns from red to green.

.i am not sure.. C U T T O : VEENA eating the mud cake...i don't know.... VEENA (CONT'D) Maine usse dekha bhi...) Pata nahin Sabrina.i am so confused.Sabrina keeps looking at her.starts crying....... VEENA (O. She takes another scoop from the cake.aur ek tarah se nahin bhi..... VEENA (CONT'D) (s o b b i n g ) Jess! Poor Jess! .S..cakes and couple of plates atop as it moves through the crowd.

.as she dances in with the crowd... VEENA (CONT'D) ( m a t t e r o f f a c t ) You want some? Sabrina shakes her head in a NO..high speed.Face of Jessica..composes her self. C's strobe light of a disc.wears her glasses again...tilt down......comes to focus.Her face goes out of focus.wipes her tears..Surely one can make out it's her first such outing...... C U T T O : Another out of focus image....eats..Both burst into laughter and continue dancing...Jessica grabs her and shows her the right moves... VEENA enjoys another scoop of her mud cake(high speed) as Sabrina looks on..THEN STOPS...looks at Sabrina who is also moving her body but awkwardly..

..) VIKRAM. B.p4rominent lawyer BM Pandit.M..PANDIT Iski gawahi sabse zaroori hai.M.PANDIT (O....S.D..M.PANDIT 'S OFFICE-DAY B.PANDIT (CONT'D) Unka sabse important witness hai..R. B. Isne FIR register karvaya . Pramod Bhardwaj . C U T T O : INT..M.U T B A C K T O : Sabrina out of focus face comes to focus.Amit Pujari and few more men are seated. B..

MA IN AAPKO SAAREY WITNESS PREPARE KARKEY DOONGA... B..M..PANDIT (CONT'D) Aur sirf pandrah din reh gayye hain! AMIT PUJARI Main isko sambhaal loonga.D. WITNESSES ki tension aap mujhpe chhod do! B. AAP TRIAL SAMBHALO.hai... There is complete silence for a few seconds. agar isne court mein Manish ko identify kiya toh main kya duniya ka koi bhi lawyer kuch nahin kar sakta.PANDIT Toh bachti hai Ballistic report....M. R.... Sir kya progress . rings... makes a gesture "Taken care of"..VIKRAM'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT Living room.. C U T T O : INT.. C U T T O : EXT.CALCUTTA -NIGHT Wide shot of Calcutta... C U T T .. Face of Pramod Bhardwaj ..hai? R. I N T E R C U T : Sabrina waits on the phone from the other rings.

.....looks at VIKRAM..O : VIKRAM walks into the living room..we keep cutting between the conversation.....kaun ? SABRINA Aunty.. SABRINA VIKRAM? VIKRAM Ji...... VIKRAM Hello. VIKRAM goes speechless.. SABRINA (CONT'D) How are you VIKRAM? VIKRAM doesn't respond..Sab rina..picks up the phone...Jessic a's sister. MOTHER Ho ki(kaun hai)? A beat..... MOTHER (CONT'D) Hello.VIKRAM passes the receiver towards his mother.VIKRAM's mother walks in.. SABRINA Sabrina VIKRAM.....

then looks towards Sabrina for a second..A beat...Sabrina is still holding receiver to her it to Ravinder Hiran.....POLICE STATION-DAY A constable(we have seen him earlier)walks in with a chit in his hand.... SABRINA kaat diya. cut on mother's ambiguous looks C U T T O : INT. AJIT Kya hua? A beat.... All are too stunned to react....leaves RAVINDER HIRAN (t o . C U T T O : INT.LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT Ajit and May Lal look at her.

drone of a plane C U T T O : EXT.s a b r i n a ) Yeh hai...AIRPORT -DAY Sabrina flags off a taxi. C U T T O : EXT...CAR -DAY stops...CALCUTTA AIRPORT -NIGHT A plane lands. C U T T O : EXT.. Sabrina looks at the chit.keeps looking......STREET.cell phone rings..

.. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Hello..... C U T T O : INT.his cell phone rings.he picks it up.Pramod Bhardwaj travelling in his Pajero..Ajit Lal reacts C U T T O : Pramod Bhardwaj and his wife stand in front of him... C U T T O : Door opens..LALL'S RESIDENCE -DAY Ajit and May Lal sits in the living room.doorbell rings.. C U T .. He listens..... Ajit Lal gets up.....

C U T T O : They are still seated..No one speaks.still no one speaks. AJIT Chai? C U T T O : Pramod Bhardwaj and his wife sip tea.....then. picks up the wreath he has got along and places it in front of Jessica's photograph which is on the side table.awkward silence.... C U T T O : .then.....T O : Pramod Bhardwaj and his wife sits in front of Ajit and May Lal ....few more seconds of awkward silence .no one speaks.......time passes..Pramod Bhardwaj gets up.

. Sabrina looks at the guard stunned. C U T T O : EXT.. GUARD (O...INT.Sabrina waits.turns to Sabrina.STREET..CALCUTTA-DAY She walks through a very congested street making inquiries.. RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX -DAY The guards at the gate talks on the intercom.. C U T T O : EXT..... CALCUTTA METRO -DAY Sabrina travels on a jam packed metro. SABRINA ..... GUARD (CONT'D) Ghar pe nahin hain..S.) Sabrina Lal.. The guard listens. then disconnects the phone. GUARD Dilli se..

SABRINA (i n a n g e r ) Agar ghar par nahin hain toh aapne baat kisse ki? GUARD (h e s i t a t e s ) Ka.... GUARD Madam kaha na nahin hai.kaamw ali..Mujhe bas paach minute ke liye milna hai.. SABRINA (c o n t .

RESIDENTIAL COMPLEXDAY A figure stands over looking a window.FLAT. GUARD Nahin bola na madam.... C U T T O : INT.Sabrina still pleading with the security guard.we look down over his shoulder from the twentieth floor apartment...r o l s h e r s e l f ) Dekhiye Please..... Face of helpless Sabrina.. please ab aap jao.EXT. C U T T O : .

Sabrina is livid AJIT LAL Beta maine darwaza khola voh khaade thaiy..Face of VIKRAM as he looks down.kya karta main? SABRINA (y e ll s i n a .LALL'S RESIDENCE-EVENING SABRINA (i n a n g e r ) Aur aapne unhe ghar mein ghoosne diya!!! Ajit Lal stands.... C U T T O : INT. a karte aap.. AJIT LAL (c h o k e s ) ..... paise khila rahein hain. dhamka rahe hain....n g e r ) KYA KARTE AAP!!! Dad unke bete ne JESS KO MAAR DAALA..voh.pata nahin uss..uss.u sko sazza hogi bhi ki nahin.... chhoot sakta hai dad..KYA KARTEY AAP.ek ek kar ke voh witnesses ko dara rahe hain.... WO CHHOOT SAKTA HAI! Ajit Lal doesn't know how to react. voh......

..Pramod Bhardwajand gang stand in front of him..for a moment looks at his father.. C U T T O : EXT... LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina cries her lungs out.Sorry beta..Manish smiles back.the sun sets at a distance....... .. PRISON -DAY Face of Manish of the gang starts smiling.... ROOF TOP. Pramod Bhardwaj takes out a wad of notes and hands it to him...... D I S S O L V E T O : if letting out the entire bottled up anger and frustration inside her..Manish checks the size of a T shirt.keepa it back in a ploybag..Manish takes it.Pramod Bhardwaj smiles at him..... Music.Police siren fades in...

.. C U T T O : Face of Ravinder Hiran inside the gypsy. .POLICE GYPSY-DAY Police gypsy driven away.. C U T T O : INT.. RAVINDER HIRAN Sabrina??? RECEPTIONIST Ek minute..SABRINA'S OFFICE-DAY Camera follows Ravinder Hiran as he walks in.Sabrina rushes out..tensed......stops at the reception.few seconds..STREET.C U T T O : EXT. Ravinder Hiran waits...INT...

... Sabrina looks at him. SABRINA Badal di gayi hai? Yeh... usmein se ek badal di gayi hai.. Sirf lock up mein Mannu ko haath na laganey ke liye! Khata har koi hai? Sirf kisliye mein farq hai? kis duniya mein rehti ho sabrinaji aap! For a moment Sabrina is speechless. ..RAVINDER HIRAN Gadbad ho gayi hai. Yeh kaise ho sakta hai? RAVINDER HIRAN Sattar lakh mile thaiy mujhe... RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Jo do khaali bullets forensic ke liye bheji thin ..

D. poora bigad jayega nahi toh.SABRINA Kisne badli bullets? RAVINDER HIRAN Shayad Roop Singh ne.D.Aap DCP sahab se baat karo.Rastogi ke gaanv ka banda hai.......Jitna case maine bana ke diya hai. C U T .. Sabrina looks at him.RASTO GI ki hai..Settin g R.... SABRINA Roop Singh? RAVINDER HIRAN Lab incharge.. RAVINDER HIRAN (CONT'D) Woh R.

T O : INT.bullets sachmuch badli gayin hain.DCP'S OFFICE -DAY DCP Don't be paranoid Sabrina.. DCP reacts... SABRINA (CONT'D) Kuch gadbad chal rahi hai.. unpe toh bharosa rakhna HI hoga... DCP (i n t e ...... prosecution ko case INVESTIGAT ING AUTHORITI ES ne jama kar diya hai.... you have to trust us! SABRINA Sir aap samajh kyon nahin rahe.

.EVE N THEN I will have a look.r r u p t s ) Sabrina! Aisa nahin ho sakta.... F A D E I N INT. Sabrina's helpless face.pleas e.. F A D E O U T ..nowmujhe aur bhi cases attend karne hain.if you can excuse me.UPPER MIDDLE CLASS FLATLATE NIGHT Door opens...a couple enters aggressively and passionately .

..forcefully tries to pull her .the guy is on a high. VARSHA Ya..he holds her leg.unzips his trousers..takes the call...Girl pushes and pins him down on the ground..Guy who is almost naked looks at her.they start doing it there and then....Suddenly a cell phone rings...everything happens in the darkness...the screen light flickers on her face.. VARSHA (CONT'D) Kab(listen s) I will be right there......... GUY WHAT? HOW CAN YOU? Not now. She listens while the guy keeps caressing's the girl's...we keep hearing funny noises...... She crosses him... climbs over's Varsha..kissing. She gets up..... stars kissing him all over....the girl rips off guys shirt.dominating the act...... GUY Kya hua? VARSHA I have to go...pulls it out...again starts kissing him all over.she searches for it in her purse .

she switches off the light.switches the light on....looks back... GUY And what am i suppose to do now? She stops. it's a free country.. VARSHA Fly solo! A beat...... .towards him.... C U T T O : VOICE OF VARSHA...walks out and shuts the door behind her.while the guy is on the ground still naked keeps looking towards the door.and is buttoning her jacket/shirt VARSHA I can. She starts walking out..THEN HER FACE.. GUY (CONT'D) You can't do this! Varsha breaks free.....

.. sutroan ka kehna hai iss vimaan ko filhaal Amritsar mein uttara ja raha hai. iss vimaan mein kareeb do sau yatri sawaar hain.. C U T T O : FOOTAGE OF IC 814 PARKED AT THE AMRITSAR RUNWAY. VARSHA .VARSHA Abhi abhi ek badi khabar aa rahi haiIndian airlines ki udaan sankhya IC 814 jo ki katmandu se dilli aa rahi thi usse hijack kar liya gaya hai....

(CONT'D) Abhi tak pata nahin chal paya hai ki hijack karne wale kiss sangthan se sambandh rakhte hain ya kya chahate hain. camera follows them.STAR NEWS OFFICE-DAY Varsha walks with Navdeep hurriedly as they talk.teen aatankwa diyoan ko .Voh plane ko afganista n le kar ja rahe hain. C U T T O : INT... unhone apni maange bhi rakhi hain..flurry of activity VARSHA Listen to this....

NAVDEEP Mere ne nahin bataya... VARSHA (CONT'D) Mere sources ne bataya..chhodne ki-ussmen JAISHE-EMOHAMM ED chief Maulana Masood Azhaar bhi hai Navdeep looks at her VARSHA (CONT'D) . VARSHA .....Par usse badi khabar yeh haiNavdeep looks at her 'what?' VARSHA (CONT'D) Sarkaar yatriyoan ke badle unhe chhodne ka mann bana chuki hai! Navdeep stops...looks at her..

.your sources suck mine don't! NAVDEEP Fuck you! VARSHA In your dreams! A beat.. NAVDEEP Tumhare sources hain kaun? VARSHA Do you really think i am going to answer that? NAVDEEP (f r u s t r a t e d ) OK.Lets face reliable? VARSHA More than yours! .

...there are other reporters waiting. NAVDEEP Sometime you act like a bitch.STAR NEWS-DAY Both walk in....Navdeep reacts. VARSHA Sometime ??? All the time! C U T T O : INT. NAVDEEP (a d d r e s s e s t o a l l ) IC 814 sabse ... CONFERENCE ROOM.

..... A young reporter(whom we have seen earlier) looks at NAVDEEP..badi news hai.ever y body gets on to it.l ets be the first to get everythin g out there. VARSHA (i n t ..Va rsha will lead the story.....aisa lagta hai witnesses are being influenced ..res t will back her up...chooti se chooti report bhi isse related honi chahiye....Jessica case mein kucch baatein strongly ubhar kar aa rahi hain. YOUNG GIRL NAVDEEP..

. YOUNG GIRL Par Navdeep Jessica case mein humen. VARSHA (c u t s h e r s h o r t ) Shut the fuck up! There is complete silence.e r r u p t s ) Listen Cutie.....IC 814 abhi priority hai.. VARSHA (CONT'D) ...everybody looks towards her including Navdeep...before he can say something...

.DELHI-DAY A blue line bus slows down.. C U T T O : EXT. DHARAM SAXENA(O. i will need a lot of support .. maa kasam! C U T T O : .STREET.) Sacch bol raha hoon sabrinaji..res t..anyo ne who thinks otherwise can start moving your asses! Face of the young reporter...IC 814 priority hai..S.Dharam Saxena comes out from the running bus.....

.tu kya karega? Sabrina reacts.. DHARAM SAXENA(CONT 'D) Main vahi karoonga jo sach hai......INT..ek crore bhi mile usko.......Sabrina and Nalini stands in front of her. DHARAM SAXENA(CONT 'D) Mujhe kahaVIKRAM ko toh humne offer diya -ek crore le le ya ek goli kha maine aapko bola hai.. DHARAM SAXENA Five star hotel mein ruka hai voh .voh toh samajhdaar nikla.SABRINA'S OFFICE-DAY Dharam Saxena sits..gawah i toh main aapki taraf .. Sabrina and Nalini look at each other.

. DHARAM SAXENA(CONT 'D) (g e s t u r e s t o t h e m o n e y i n h i s h a n d ) Yeh paise toh main hi doonga. gareeb hoon par bikaoo nahin! Sabrina keeps looking at him.

.h e was supposed to check in yesterday ..m ay i help you? SABRINA I am concerned about a friend of rings.zar oorat hai is liyye..MAURYA SHRATON...Ma urya Sherton.. SABRINA Voh kaun se hotel mein hai aapko kuch pata hai? Face of Dharam a kasam...... C U T T O : INT..EVENING Front desk girl attends the phone GIRL Good evening.aapse..Vikr am JaiSingh.

SABRINA Sabrina.. GIRL (CONT'D) Maam?? C U T T O : Sabrina and Nalini stand shocked. GIRL Yes maam... VIKRAM has checked in day before yesterday..Mr... Girl makes a note of her name.has he checked in? GIRL May i know your name.or today.S abrina Lal........a moment... any message maam? Sabrina doesn't respond.. DHARAM SAXENA Kya bola maine .

GIRL You called last the same girl as on the phone..MAURYA SHERATON-DAY Sabrina and Nalini walk in.i have to meet him....aapko! C U T T O : INT. GIRL Maam..rig ht? SABRINA Yes...he checked out last night! SABRINA What??? are you sure? GIRL (n o ... SABRINA My friend VIKRAM is staying here.head straight to the front desk...

.. .START NEWS-DAY NAVDEEP. Sabrina turns.....Varsha is smoking... GIRL (CONT'D) Maam..) Sarkaar ne cheh din baad IC 814 aur usmein sawaar kareeb eksau-nabbey yatriyoan ko chudda liya hai.. VARSHA (O.S.they turn to leave. C U T T O : INT....... GIRL (CONT'D) I told him you had called! Face of Sabrina.d s ) He checked out! Sabrina and Nalini look at each other.dejected. Varsha and team of journalist are looking at the report...

.S.) In yatriyoan ke badle sarkaar ko teen kattarnak aatankwadi yoan ko chhodna pada hai.VARSHA (O..The young girl picks it .. Varsha looks away from her report stubs her cigarette. VARSHA (CONT'D) (fr u s t r a t e d ) We are a soft state! Humari sarkar hamesha ghutney kyon tekti hai! NAVDEEP Tough calldo sau logon ki jaan ya teen aatankwadi yon ki custody? Phone rings....

Camera follows Varsha. Sabrina sits on the sofa at the waiting area.... VARSHA Tamasha khatam.. Camera leaves her... GIRL (CONT'D) Bye....w e will be follows her..exchanges greetings.walks towards the exit.. C U T T O : Varsha emerges from the conference room. main ghar ja rahi hoon..the young girl walks in..she listens....up.) Five minutes Sabrina...Sabrina gets up...S.. VARSHA Bye! ..goes up looks out through the glass.. Girl excuses herself...girl passes her.. GIRL (O..... GIRL Aa rahi hoon.

SABRINA ( n o d s ) Jaanti hoon...TV pe dekha hai! Varsha nods in the self effacing manner of a public personality.she stops.few seconds... VARSHA Hang in there..few seconds.....something crosses her mind.....As she crosses Sabrina who is seated on the sofa. VARSHA (CONT'D) Varsha.walks back to where Sabrina is sitting... VARSHA (CONT'D) Hi... Sabrina looks up. That bastard is going down...she turns... Sabrina smiles faintly and nods..she slows down....her face. There is an awkward silence now broken by the girl who comes back. GIRL Sabrina ..then gets up....high speed ....

STAR NEWS-DAY Face of Sabrina INTERVIEWER (O.we are on Sabrina's face as he recollects her ri badi behan thikisi ki bhi behen ho sakti thi.. Sabrina leaves.she stands there and then moves. SABRINA Bye..... ..kya lagta hai aapko? A moment of silence..) Kal case shuru ho rahi hai.we are ready! Sabrina picks up her bag... SABRINA Jessica.STUDIO FLOOR.we are still on Varsha....composes herself...... C U T T O : INT... A guy(22) in the studio looks keeps looking at her..

A man stops flicking channel... Ajit and May Lal keeps looking..I N T E R C U T : INT-LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT SABRINA Meri mom dad ki ladli beti thi.. C U T T O : ...A MIDDLE CLASS LIVING ROOMNIGHT SABRINA Kisi ki bhi ladli beti ho sakti thi.. I N T E R C U T : INT..

STAR NEWS-NIGHT SABRINA'S FACE.. SABRINA Voh ek seedhi saadhi ladki thi..STUDIO FLOOR..shaadi karna .INT. jiske kisi aur ladki ki tarah hi sapne thaiy I N T E R C U T : INT.DELHI AIRPORT -NIGHT A girl(25) sitting in the airport lobby reading TAHELKA looks up towards the television. pyaar karna chahati thi. C U T T O : SABRINA ...restauran t kholna chahati thi..

. C U T T O : SABRINA (CONT'D) Par..isse pehale voh yeh sab kar pati. C U T T O : SABRINA . The interviewer smiles...chahati thi aur (smiles) bahut saare bacche bhi chahati thi..... I N T E R C U T : Pistol goes off. she was shot dead.

GYM . The TV screen in front is playing Sabrina's story. INT.MANISH BHARDWAJ'S RESIDENCE Pramod Bhardwaj with his drink sits watching. SABRINA She was shot dead because one guy with pistol in his hand and power in his head decided that her LIFE was cheaper than a glass of his DRINK! Kisi ki jaan ki keemat itni kum hai ..(CONT'D) Sirf is liye kyonki uske paas kisi ko serve karney ke liye drink nahi thi.. C U T T O : INT.NIGHT Varsha on a treadmill running.

.STAR NEWS-DAY SABRINA Maine apni behan ko khoya...he fires....kya hamari country baar hum thaiy lekin koi aur bhi hamari jagah ho sakta tha! I N .. ek drink se bhi kum? I N T E R C U T : Face of Manish Bhardwaj.high speed with a loud thud.Pistol goes off.. C U T T O : INT. mere parents ne apni beti ko..... Sabrina's body hits the floor...STUDIO FLOOR.

) Dad.keeps looking at his daughter..S..T E R C U T : Face of an elderly man watching the interview....i am going! Man looks away from the television.. FAMALE (O... C U T T O : SABRINA Chhotey thaiy to Jessica aur main bahut hi proudlysare jahan se accha. hindustan hamara gaatey thaiy school mein.wo ye gaane ke liye bachi nahi.a moment. mera ye gaane ka mann shayad ab ...

...rona aata hai lekin main roti nahi.... C U T T O : SABRINA (CONT'D) Pata hai main ek baar bhi nayi royi tabse.main e (s t o p s h e r s e l .they just listen to her...kabhie karega nahi! C U T T O : Everybody in the studio is silent.

Jab tak ussey insaaf nahi milta main nahi rovoongi.. VARSHA Promila Salt! C U T .f f r o m c r y i n g ) Maine Jess se ek promise kiya hai .. As she tastes it.. she screws up her nose..Khud se bhi. C U T T O : INT... VARSHA HOUSE .NIGHT Varsha takes a sip of her wine as she watches the TV and then hits the food.

T O : SABRINA Jess toh chali gayi...itna to unhey karna hi chahiye apni jess ke liye.jinmein se almost saare us raat ko uske saath thaiy.mujh e . I N T E R C U T : EXT....quick cuts of: Sabrina walks in with her family and lawyers. uske sab friends ko.. OUTSIDE PATIALA HOUSE-DAY Barrage of media.... kabhie wapis na aane ke liye lekin itna to karna hi chahiye uske liye.Pramod Bhardwaj walks in with ...

..he takes few steps and looks at the purse in his hand which he has flicked.... smiles. her lawyers....Sabrina and her family.the courtroom is full.Pramod Bhardwaj .Judge walks in....COURTROOM-DAY Rahul Bhojwani in the witness box.. Mr.everybody gets up.RD Rastogi and his people... C U T T O : INT..Lal looks at Sabrina.a media guy give him a 'fuck off' dirty look...PANDIT Aap jab inse party mein takrayye toh aapke haanth mein do glass drinks . She makes a gesture 'SIT' Everybody sits in the courtroom..... INT.. A man leans over media guys to see...Ravinder Hiran walks in with constables... B.his army of lawyers.M..COURTROOM There is no place to sit in the courtroom for Sabrina's father to sit. He quickly gets up and tabs her father and gives him his seat and walks straight to back..buzzing with frantic murmurs.poor guy leaves. Vinod Sharma looks at Sabrina and her father.

PANDIT Jhooth bol rahe hain aap! SAXENA Objection! . B.....PANDIT Par aapko yeh yaad hai ki party mein jis aadmi se aap takrayye voh yeh thaiy? C U T T O : Camera trollies to face of Manish Bhardwaj.M.aur aapne kitni aur pi rakhi thi? RAHUL Mujhe yaad nahin. RAHUL Ji..PANDIT Sure? RAHUL Yes! B.. B.thi..M.M..

M..PANDIT My lord is baat ko note kiya jaye ki jis aadmi ko yeh yaad nahin ki usne kitni drinks pi thi usse yeh yaad hai ki kareeb teen sau logoan ki party mein jis aadmi se voh takrayye voh mere client hain! Camera trollies to the judge. Q U I .he makes a note on his pad...Everyone reacts. COURTROOM Face of NAINA at the witness box... NAINA Yahi tha.. B..isne kaha.... C U T T O : INT.

C K C U T : MANISH Can i have a sip of you for whatever you want! C U T T O : B.M.PANDIT NAINAji aap sure hain yeh aadmi vahi tha? NAINA Yes... B.M.PANDIT Inhone kya pehen rakha tha? NAINA Blue jeans white t shirt? B.M.PANDIT Are you sure? NAINA

Damn sure? B.M.PANDIT What were you wearing? NAINA reacts...a beat... B.M.PANDIT (CONT'D) Answer the question? A beat... B.M.PANDIT (CONT'D) Bahut pi rakhi thi...shayad yaad nahi aapko? B M Pandit smiles...turns... NAINA I was wearing a blue Versace top, a pair of white polo shorts... a pink Yves St. Laurent bra under the top...I also remember what I was wearing underneath the white polo shorts-

the color, the make, the style- I remember it clearly Mr Naseem...d o you want me to tell you all that! B.M.Pandit is taken aback... the courtroom is stunned into silence. C U T T O : INT. CONFERENCE ROOM. B.M.PANDIT Kya isi ko aapne pistol rakhte dekha... VEENA I am not sure... SAXENA Objection my lord! B.M.PANDIT Kya yahi tha? Q U I C

K C U T : VEENA Why did you shoot her...give me the gun, give me the gun... C U T T O : VEENA (CONT'D) I am not sure. SAXENA Objection... B.M.PANDIT Yahi tha?? SAXENA OBJECTION! !! B.M.PANDIT Yahi tha??? VEENA (b r e a

k s d o w n ) I am not sure...i am not sure...i am not sure! Starts crying...Saxena looks down in dejection...B M Pandit turns...looks towards Pramod Bhardwaj...twitch of smile on his face... I N T E R C U T : Face of PETER PETER Yes sir, he was the guy whom i saw running out... Q U I C K C U T

: Manish running out...PETER looks out... C U T T O : B.M.PANDIT Who was the guy? PETER (p o i n t i n g ) He was the guy. B.M.PANDIT Are you sure? PETER looks at him...few seconds...gets up...gets out of the witness box...everybody reacts even the judge...PETER goes to where Manish Bhardwaj is sitting...holds him from behind, shakes him and shouts... PETER He was the guy...he was the guy ...he was the guy!

at Jessica.mai n chaat pe Manish fires..everyone waits. C U T T O : INT....he looks on horrified.COURTROOM Perspiring SHANKAR in the witness box......... C U T T O : SAXENA . Q U I C K C U T : Face of Shankar..There is stunned silence in the courtroom.. SHANKAR Maine kucch nahin dekha..

Police ko aapne bola aapne usse deka. SAXENA (ir r i t a t e d ) Arre SHANKAR . SAXENA Jhooth bol rahe hain... SHANKAR Main nahin dekha main chhat pe tha.. SAXENA Jhoot bol rahe hain aap.... SHANKAR Main chaat pe tah.PANDIT Objection my lord! SAXENA Jhoot....M.. B. SHANKAR Main chhat pe tha.....

silence..ab toh neeche uttar jao! SHANKAR goes speechless. C U T T O : Dharam Saxena sits at the witness box.does a sorry gesture....Sabrina reacts.... one by one the entire courtroom bursts into laughter......... everybody turns to look at the person who is laughing...even the judge..She notices everybody looking at her...he looks towards Sabrina....he looks away... continues's Sabrina.she smiles. SABRINA (N a li n i w h o i s s e a t e d .Pramod Bhardwaj..suddenly a laughter.chhat par kab tak rahoge..

.. C U T T O : . FACE OF DHARAM SAXENA..then looks back towards Dharam saxena.HIS LIPS MOVE..n e x t t o h e r ) Nazrein nahi mila pa raha.....i think they have got to him! Nalini looks at her.. Q U I C K C U T : Horrified face of Dharam saxena.Manish Bhardwaj fires..gunshot.....

PANDIT My lord.. C U T .Judge makes a not on his pad.maa bimar thi.. SAXENA (O...he reacts..vahin tha main..hostil e witness! Pramod Bhardwaj 's face......M.. gaanv mein ..main ab iss case ke sabse important witness hai unko bulana chahoonga.) Objection my lord.S..DHARAM SAXENA Sir ji main toh dilli mein tha hi nahin. C U T T O : B..maa kasam! Sabrina can't believe her ears... ...

.. B..keeps looking towards VIKRAM as he crosses her..goes straight to the witness box.......PANDIT (CONT'D) (p o i n t i n g t o w a r d s M a n i s h ) Kya aap uss aadmi ko jaante hain? .M.he doesn't even look towards her. Face of Sabrina.she gets up from her seat.enters the witness box.. suddenly in a black suit emerges VIKRAM from the entrance surrounded by barrage of lawyers and his mom and dad accompany him...silence..high speed....T O : Everybody keeps looking towards the entrance..

A beat.. horrified VIKRAM looks . B........Bullet hits Jessica's body. B..PANDIT (CONT'D) Do you know this guy? VIKRAM I saw him..PANDIT Oh. VIKRAM I am sorryi don't understand hindi.Sorry my mistake! FACE OF SABRINA.M.M.can you ask your question in english! B.PANDIT Was this the guy who shot Jessica that night? Q U I C K C U T : Manish Bhardwaj fires....M..

M. SAXENA OBJECTION! B.. VIKRAM NO! There is an uproar.. VIKRAM (O...the short guy fired at the ceiling and the tall guy at Jessica.....S.she just closes her eye in dejection. C U T T O : Face of VIKRAM.PANDIT The Short guy looked like him? ..) There were two guys.on.everybody waits.. SAXENA OBJECTION MY LORD! WITNESS HOSTILE! Face of Sabrina...Ajit and May Lal are was short and the other was tall.

. And as i said i don't understand the language...i am not sure! SAXENA OBJECTION! WITNESS HOSTILE! My lord witness ne police ko likhayye complain mein yeh saaf saaf kaha hai ki dono goli Manish Bhardwaj ne chalayi. So i don't know what the police wrote exactly! . C U T T O : VIKRAM Statement was taken in hindi.VIKRAM Somewhat like him....

.inko humne saaf saaf statement padh kar bataya.C U T T O : Ravinder Hiran at the witness b kuch samajhne ke baad inhone apne statement par sigh kiya! C U T T O : VIKRAM As i said i don't understand hindi! B..PANDIT Does any of these guys look like . RAVINDER HIRAN Yeh jhoot bol rahe hain.

LUCKY GILL..Vishal and Lucky stand in the background. C U T T O : Face of VIKRAM.... Shlok Khanna.the tall guy who fires at Jessica? C U T T O : MANISH BHARDWAJ..twitch of .. VIKRAM NO! SAXENA OBJECTION! !! Face of Pramod Bhardwaj .. VISHAL RASTOGI.. Q U I C K C U T : Face of Manish Bhardwaj as he fires.

and a short man who fired at the ceiling SOMEHOW looked like my client.PANDIT My ere was a tall man who fired at on his logoan ne goli chalayi aur do alag alag goli chali. C U lord main iss prove karne ke liyye forensic expert Roop Singh ko bulana chahoong..jaisa ki prime witness VIKRAM ne bataya... C U T T O : B.

....T T O : ROOP SING Jo do khaali kartoos jo hamare pass police ne bheji voh alag alag pistol se chali. C U T T O : RAVINDER HIRAN Sir humne jo do khaali kartoos lab mein bheji thi voh ek hi pistol ki thi. SAXENA OBJECTION MY LORD.kartoos badle gaye hain! C U T T O : ...

They all become quiet. Nalini.sarkaa ri officer jhooth bol rahe hain.Jo saboot nahin bol rahe! Face of the judge as he listens..M. Sabrina all anxious on another side. Pramod Bhardwaj. MANISH Kab aayegi saali judgement? The judge enters. C U T T O : The courtroom has split into groups.PANDIT My lord agar prosecution ki maane toh mere clients jhoot bol rahe hain. They are all looking at their watches.. saare prime witnesses jhoot bol rahe hain.. . Manish shuffles at the back. Pandit and others on one side.toh sacchai hai kya..B.

She picks up the coffee mug with her right hand and picks up the . Promila comes out and picks up the newspaper. DELHI NEIGHBOUR HOOD -EARLY MORNING. The newspaper is lying open on the coffee table. We hold onto Sabrina. As the judge adjusts his specs to read.DAY Top Angle. VARSHA'S HOUSE . Varsha comes down from the stairs and reaches the table. C U T T O : INT. A newspaper boy is delivering newspapers. he looks briefly at Sabrina.The judge settles. They all wait with bated breath. A mug of coffee is kept next to it. Off screen we hear a cycle bell ringing. D I S S O L V E T O : EXT.

muj he galat saabit kar diya.. VARSHA What the The camera slowly tracks into her face...Bu t i was wrong. Expression on her face begins to change. I let down.. She stops...No Story..newspaper with her left..Ek murder. VARSHA VOICE OVER (CONT'D) I felt betrayed.. 300 high profile witnesses.It reminded .. . VARSHA VOICE OVER Subah uss headline ne mere muh pe tamacha maar open and shut case......we are on her face for few seconds.. Music fades in. She is about to take a sip when she reads the headline and is shocked.

news montage. "NO ONE KILLED JESSICA!" Manish Bhardwaj... Aam aadmi ke paas hoti hai toh bas ussey sehney ki aadat! This was a fact but i wasn't ready to live with it! She storms out of the room dunking her coffee mug on the table.Delhi is about power aur taaqat sirf taaqatwar logon ke paas hoti hai. Music fades up. INTERVAL FADE IN Burst of music. Raj Khanna and Lucky Gill once again that .. The headline in the paper is clear. The camera cranes into the newspaper down on the table. Vishal Rastogi. Dissolve to the headlines of various newspapers'NO ONE KILLED JESSICA' Times of India ..


...Manish. Vishal. C U T T O : INT.There is relief on Pramod Bhardwaj 's face... All the accused almost jump up in excitement as they hear the verdict.COURTROOM -DAY Shocked Sabrina and family sit speechless in the empty courtroom.. Lucky look at each other and smile ... NEWSREADER Court ne .D I S S O L V E T O : 'I DON'T KNOW WHO KILLED JESSICA' Indian Express NEWSREADER Jessica hatya kaand mein court ne sabhi aaropiyoan ko bari kar diya hai.

...p ar court mein . NEWSREADER Inn tino gawahoan ne police ko diyye statement mein kaha tha ki Manish Bhardwaj ne Jessica par Goli chalayyi.. C U T T O : EXT.COURTROOM -DAY Face of Vikram. Dharam Saxena and Shankar being taken away from the court.inko barri karne ke mukhyatah chaar karan diye hain jismen sabse ehham iss case ke chasmadee d gawahoan ka court mein mukar jaana...

.ki uss raat wahan jo do goli chali voh alag alag pistol se chalayyi gayi.unhoney iss baat se saaf saaf inkaar kiya ki unhoney Manish Bhardwaj ko goli chalate huey dekha.court ne police ki kadi ninda karte huey kaha- .COURTROOM-DAY Roop Singh looks towards R D RASTOGI. NEWSREADER ....RD gives a nod and smiles.. Court ne forensic expert ROOP SINGH ki report ko bhi sahi maanaC U T T O : EXT.

stops........ NEWSREADE R . C .ki jis pistol se yeh goli chali.C U T T O : EXT. jo ki murder weapon hai voh police court mein pesh nahin kar paayi aur yeh bhi saabit nahin kar paayi ki dono goliyaan ek hi pistol se chaali aur voh pistol Manish Bhardwaj ki thi! Furious he just smashes the glass on the ground.....Phone rings.looks at him.Wife comes out running from the kitchen to have a look....COURTROOM -DAY Upset Ravinder Hiran keeps drinking and listening.

keeps talking and smiling....She stubs it. VARSHA'S RESIDENCE-EVENING Varsha stands smoking looking at the news report. C U T T O : INT.remain on . NEWSREADER Judge ne yeh bhi kaha ki police unn paristithiyo an ke taar ko bhi nahin jod paayi jisse yeh saabit ho. DCP PRAMOD KANT'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Pramod Kant on Jessica ka katl Manish Bhardwaj ne kiya! Camera trollies to her face.smiles... NEWSREADER ..........U T T O : INT.

stretcher moves away from her. SABRINA (CONT'D) MOM? Sabrina's face C U T T O : INT.LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina walks into her mom's room with a cup of tea..turns.... Turns to leave.......we .Sabrina puts the cup in front of her.She is stopped at one point by the nurse.. SABRINA Chai mom...her face for few seconds....realizes..May Lal sits on a chair blankly staring at the wall..CORRIDOR HOSPITAL-DAY May Lal being rushed through the corridor to the ICU on a stretcher.Sabrina runs behind.looks towards her mom......stops...goes behind the wall. C U T T O :

C U T T O : Doctors and nurses makes a dash towards the ICU.'SHERAWALI JAI MATADI.VAISHNO DEVI-DELHI Another wall..hear chants of 'JOR SE BOLO JAI MATA DI' C U T T O : comes out from the wall of rocks to reveal Pramod Bhardwaj. SAARE BOLO JAI MATA DI' continues all around.RASTOGI..Sabrina reacts.JOTHAWALI JAI MATA DI" . Amit Pujari climbing there way up barefoot to Vaishnodevi.chants of 'JOR SE BOLO JAI MATA DI. R..Suddenly the electric cardiac gram stars to dip.Vishal Rastogi..... C U T T O : May Lal in ICU... Manish Bhardwaj..... Sabrina keeps looking through the glass..strapped with all the medical equipment..INT.D..

..JAI MATA DI JAI MATA DI' C U T T O : The cardiac gram dips further.. RD and rest.. Vishal.I N T E R C U T : Faces of Manish.SAARE BOLO JAI MATA DI....stops.Faces of Manish. Pramod..... RD and rest. Pandit puts tikka of their forehead and gives aashirvad one by one.Cardiac gram runs flat. C U T .. I N T E R C U T : Chant continues.Pramod Bhardwaj looks on at his son as Pandit puts tikka on Manish's forehead.May Lal's body moves for a second.. Vishal.. they cahnt 'JOR SE BOLO JAI MATA DI.

we don't hear..... Ajit Lal falls from his chair face down on the ground.Sabrina slowly walks towards him. ) No! C U T T O : INT.... CAR -NIGHT Varsha face.. NAVDEEP(O....a moment.Sabrina just shakes her head to mean 'She didn't make it Dad' she drives frantically on an almost empty street. C U T T O : EXT.they keep looking at each other . STREET.S.....Ajit Lal turns..she says 'DAD'....T O : Face of Ajit Lal as he waits in the corridor. NAVDEEPS CABIN -LATE NIGHT Varsha reacts VARSHA Why? continues.Suddenly..

Navdeep looks at Varsha...she blocks him again.. He tries to move..She reacts...let .... VARSHA I am not good at saying sorry.NIGHT Navdeep gets in his car. NAVDEEP Have you lost it? MOVE! She doesn't. C U T T O : INT.. when Varsha jumps in front of his car. NAVDEEP I said NO! He switches off his cabin light and leaves.. But i am saying it! I want to do this! NAVDEEP Shayad tumhe uppar samajh mein nahi aaya. BASEMENT CAR PARK . starts the engine and is about to drive..

N. VARSHA F.O..O.Usn e Mara hai tumhe pata hai. The bastard should be in jail and not at the next happening party.300 witnesses aur aadhey India ko pata hai and he .mujhe pata hai. NAVDEEP Voh tumne tab kaha tha clebrity jab tumhare liye yeh open aur shut case tha? Ab kya hua? VARSHA Beacuse he got away with it damn it! He shouldn't spell it out.

i want to do this story! Navdeep looks at her for a second.still got away with it! NAVDEEP And nobody gives a damn. VARSHA Don't be a Prick.. See you good night. NAVDEEP Kyon? VARSHA Because justice has been denied! You can live with it. Ismein ab koi story nahin hai court ne THE END ka board laga diya hai.. He again tries to drive past her...i will not! ..looks at him through the windscreen...this time she again blocks the car and jumps climbs on to the bonnet..

insaaf dilana nahi. VARSHA (s n e e r s ) Oh c'mmon Navdeepkayi baar toh hum sirf apna profile bananey ke chakkar mein stories kartey hain... Hamara kaam hai public tak khabar aur opinions pahuncha na .. Let's face ..A beat. sahi hai galat hai sochtey tak nahi. NAVDEEP Ye journalism kum activism zyada hai. journalists and as human ade badon ne kiya hai lekin ye ek mauka hai galat ko sahi karney ka or at least ek koshish karney ka .aisa maine. NAVDEEP Don't be so dramatic Varsha! VARSHA (c a l m l y ) I wasn't being dramatic lekin shayad dramatics ki zaroorat .we owe it to ourselves .

...... NAVDEEP Get off. NAVDEEP Ab kucch nahin kar sakte? VARSHA Kar sakte hain.....for few seconds they keep staring at eachother...hai .She at him.i have an idea! NAVDEEP What? Varsha keeps staring at him. NAVDEEP Get your 50 kg's off my car! VARSHA here it is ya toh mujhe yeh story karney do or else FIRE ME! Navdeep keeps looking at her.. . VARSHA So you are not firing me? Navdeep reacts.

a sleepy eyed Aditi (the young reporter who was following the case) picks up the phone from her bed..Act like a sweethear t! Navdeep makes a face.......NIGHT Lights come on. MIDDLE CLASS FLAT .. Varsha. ADITI Hello. C U T T O : INT. I N T E R C U T : VARSHA Aditi... VARSHA ... mil sakti ...Phone rings offscreen.NAVDEEP (CONT'D) Some times you...

.ho? ADITI Abhi? VARSHA (s a r c a s t i c a l l y ) Nahi jab aapke paas time ho! ADITI To phir kal subaVARSHA Hello! I was being sarcastic. Smell some coffee bitch..This is the . Wake up. Kya sarkari bank mein kaam karti ho jo sirf 9 to 5 mil sakti ho.

I am about to make you famous. ADITI (s u r p r i s e d ) What? VARSHA Yes love. Aansoo poch lo.. Grab a tissue. VARSHA (CONT'D) I want your ass right now! ADITI Sorry Varsha. I will just leave.. VARSHA Good. Tum us din hijack story se . Tears well up in Aditi's of televison news.

expression on her face changes.. ADITI Kahan milna hai? C U T T O : INT.NIGHT . Hamey yeh story pursue karni chahiyye! Let's nail the bastards! A smile appears on Aditi's face. Aditi springs up from her bed.. CANTEEN STAR NEWS .pehle jo bol rahi thi main abhi tak bhooli nahi hoon. ADITI Huh Kya? VARSHA Yehi ki Jessica case mein witnesses ko influence kiya gaya hai.....

C U T T O : INT. VARSHA Voh ek model aur actor bhi hai.. we see them through the glass of the canteen.we just see his back.. right? ADITI Haan. Aditi keeps informing her while showing her couple of papers...Aditi talks to Varsha.....CABIN STAR NEWS -DAY Navdeep and Varsha stands in front of Prabal Rai.. the owner of news channel....It' s dead wrong! VARSHA Tum hamesha na hi kyon kehtey ho? Is that .. Varsha keeps listening.kyon ? Varsha's face....... music continues. NAVDEEP This whole style is sensation alistic..

. VARSHA Screw ethics Navdeep.....hamari ethics kya kehti hain aankh mein patti baandh lean. .aga r galat ho raha hai usse hone dean.uss ey muh mod lean aur ghar ja kar aaram se so jaayen.your favourite word? NAVDEEP Varsha this is against journalisti c ethics.... VARSHA Kya karna chahati hoon . NAVDEEP Voh bhi nahin kehtin jo tum karna chahati ho...

....a beat.main.....bas apne tarike se.Kya kisi ka murder karna chahti hoon?? NAHIN!! Sirf sacchai ko saamne lana chahati hoon. PRABAL RAI It's a . NAVDEEP Tarika sahi hai ya galat voh kaun decide karega? PRABAL RAI (i n t e r r u p t s ) DO IT! NAVDEEP What? Both sharply turn and look towards him.

.. VIKRAM'S RESIDENCE -DAY Phone rings... MOTHER Hello..GO AHEAD! Varsha's face.Phone rings.mujhe VIKRAM se baat karni hai ek film ki casting ke silsilay ..Main Aditi FUTURE FILMS Bombay se.....f or truth..... C U T T O : INT...question of justice... I N T E R C U T : ADITI Hi.mother picks up the phone.

.. I N T E R C U T : Aditi waits..... Drone of a plane. C U T T O : VIKRAM on phone. ADITI Is that VIKRAM? VIKRAM Yes.mein .. (she calls out) VIKRAM.......... VIKRAM Hello.Varsha nods.. C U T ....looks towards Varsha. MOTHER One minute.

. ADITI (O.. MARRIOT -DAY VIKRAM sits in front of Aditi and a foreign lady..) It's a love story about two guys and two girls set in Delhi Campus. ADITI (t o . C U T T O : EXT..S. C U T T O : INT. MUMBAI AIRPORT-DAY A plane lands at the airport. HOTEL J W MARRIOT -DAY Shot of Marriot..ROOM.T O : EXT..RUNWAY..

. RACHEAL Hi.. VIKRAM (t o R a c h e a l ) Hi.. ADITI She really liked you..V I K R A M ) Racheal is producing the film......almos t! VIKRAM (s m i l e s ) Thank .She wants to go ahead with you..

ADITI Film is in English and Hindi.. RACHEAL (t o a d i t i ) What's his Hindi like? VIKRAM reacts. RACHEAL What languages you speak? VIKRAM I speak English. i speak Hindi and I speak ADITI It's a bilingual film. As Vikram starts speaking the camera goes to the side wall and through it into the next room where the whole recording set up is being monitored by Varsha and a team of technicians..... ..

Varsha sees them on the monitor.. VARSHA (i n t o h . VIKRAM (CONT'D) I was auditione d for it and all the lines were in Hindi.. there is a Hindi film that I am doing called AHISTA AHISTA. I got the part so there is no problem there. Aditi and Rachael just nodding now seen on the monitor.VIKRAM Its fine..abso lutely fine.. we start shooting next month! Rachael and Aditi nodding...

. ADITI (p r o m p t l y ) Why don't you speak for two minutes in hindi.e r h e a d s e t m i c ) Usko bolo bio data nahi chahiye. Hindi bol ke dikhaye bas.. A delay of seconds as Aditi understands the instruction. . that will make her comfortab le. The last bit is heard through Adit's small earpiece.

VIKRAM (t o R a c h e a l ) Hindi mein main kya baat karoon aapse? Racheal reacts... ADITI (t o R a c h e a l ) He wants to know if he can speak to you in Hindi for a few minutes? RACHEAL Would you? I want to hear the .

... speak. Tell me.shape of your voice.. tassali ho jayegi unko! VIKRAM Main aaya hoon aapse milne itni door se aur ummeed . VIKRAM Kya kahoon main aapse? VARSHA ( m u m b l e s ) Kuch bhi keh lekin chaar paanch words se zyada! ADITI Kucch bhi bayan kariye aap.

yahi karta hoon ki yeh film main kar paoon aapke saath.. C U T T O : Flower pot on a table . VARSHA ( m u m b l e s ) Shooting kabki shuroo ho chuki hai handsome ! (t o A d i t i ) Give me some more.

zooms on to it.. C U T T O : POV of a digital camera.footage being recorded.) Vahi soch raha hoon aur kya baat karoon...S. VIKRAM (O..) Give her some more.S. ADITI Koi film ka dialouge bol dijiyye.. ADITI (O. VARSHA That dumb haanh. Varsha seeing the odd silence in the room off the screen...... Kisi film ka dialogue bolne ko kaho.. VIKRAM Dialouge ...

.toh yaad nahin par. chooki Hindi ke bare mein baat ho rahi hai yeh batana chahta hoon ki hindi aur bengali mein ek fark hai.. VARSHA ( q u i c k l y ) Kya hmmh Aditi? Hindi ki knowledg e show off karney ka poora mauka do na? ADITI Kya? Kya farq hai exactly? . Rachael seen nodding on screen. ADITI Hmmh...

...par bengali mein aadmi bhi aata hai aur aurat bhi aati hai.koi sex nahin hota. ADITI Matlab jaise hindi mein gaadi aati hai. VIKRAM smiles.....jais e hindi mein aadmi aata hai aurat aati hai.VIKRAM Bengali mein koi gender nahin hota... VIKRAM Par bengali mein gaadi aata hai! RACHEAL I like the way you speak.. VARSHA Hindi nahi aati? Yeh to tutions .

. VARSHA (CONT'D) Just joking.. C U T T O Face of a middle aged man(we have seen him earlier). Then is about to get sakta ADITI (o n t e l ..the footage plays on TV in an upper middle class house.. Aditi ab uthke ek jhapad maar usko... Aditi is frozen for a moment. C U T T O : Pull back from the same smile. Continue..

e v i s i o n ) Inko maine bataya nahin hai... C U T T O : A muslim woman watches television from her bed... VIKRAM Nahin nahin. C U T T ... ADITI Case ki wajah se.par aapko visa problem toh nahin hoga na.aur zaroorat bhi nahin hai..

. ADITI Par goli to Manish ne hi chalayyi .... . ..duniya jaanti hai.. VIKRAM Toh duniya kucch kar kyon nahin rahi...kyo nki duniya kucch kar nahin sakti...O : ADITI (CONT'D) Par uss raat aap wahan? VIKRAM Voh chhodiyye na..poli tical clout is so big! C U T T O : A couple in their living room is glued to the television set.

.) Aap bhi toh wahan thaiy? VIKRAM looks at her..C U T T O : ADITI Bhardwaj' s ka? VIKRAM All these people man..few seconds. Whole gang involved. VIKRAM (O.) ..S. ADITI (O.S.. They cannot even touch these guys! C U T T O : A elderly man(55)watches the telecast while smoking his cigar .he looks engrossed..

.iss film pe baat karte hain! .. VIKRAM Not at all.Mujhe ek crore nahin chahiyye par mujhe ek goli bhi nahin khaani! Aditi looks on.Ek crore aur ek goli mein chunana ho toh aap kya choose karengi? C U T T O : Aditi keeps looking at VIKRAM ADITI Not an easy choice.... VIKRAM (CONT'D) Chhodiyye na in sab batoan ko....

. VARSHA Yeh ehham sawaal Jessica mamle mein khada hota hai. C U T T O : INT. Kya Jessica mamle mein insaaf hua? Aisa kya hua ke ..par sawaal sirf ek nahin kayi khade hotey hain. STUDIO FLOOR.. VARSHA'S VOICE OVER Kya SAACH vahi hai jo court mein saabit kiya ja sake ya voh jo SACCH hai....Frame freezes..STAR NEWS-DAY Face of Varsha as she talks to the camera...

A recordist is hearing the tone on the other side. The output has been given into a small speaker next to the mouth piece of a telephone. RECORDIST# 1 Speak! VARSHA (t r y i n g t o a . SOUND STUDIO . Another is fiddling with the faders.DAY Varsha is talking into a mic.saare chasmadee d gawah ek ek karke apne bayaan se mukarte gaye AUR saboot ek ek kar mujrim ke saath hote gaye? C U T T O : INT.

c t s o f t s p o k e n b u t i s s t i l l a g r e s s i v e ) Haan to main ye pooch rahi thiRECORDIST# 2 Still sounds like Varsha on TV! .

.VARSHA Fish! RECORDIST# 1 Hold back the agression...sam jho aap. ... VARSHA Wohi toh control nahi hota...nervous.. SHANKAR Mujhe aapse hamdardi hai madam par main kucch nahin kar sakta..... C U T T O : Face of SHANKAR.talks on the phone. Let's go again. perspiring. OK.. SHANKARj i. VARSHA (CONT'D) Sabrina bol rahi hoon..

C U T T . AMIT Bhai shaab. waits. SHANKAR Ab sabkucch khul ke thodi na bataoonga.VARSHA Aap kyon darre huey hain? SHANKAR Darna padta hai madam.... samajhdar ko ishara kaafi hota hai madam... C U T T O : Amit Pujari watches.... VARSHA Kaun darra raha hai aapko..then dials a number from his mobile......

main nahin thi na wahan.O : Pramod Bhardwaj on mobile. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Dekh raha hoon.... VARSHA Aap wahan thaiy SHANKARji.... F A S T F O R W A R D : VARSHA Kya hua tha vahan? SHANKAR Aapko bhi pata hai madam. SHANKAR Thaiy to teen sau log madam...vo h kucch ...

..nahin kar pa rahe hain toh ek mamooli waiter hoon.. husband reacts....UPPER MIDDLE CLASS HOUSE The designer couple who were interrogated by Ravinder Hiran watches.. SHANKAR Jo dekha statement de diya tha! C U T T O : .. switches off the TV. C U T T O : VARSHA Kya dekha aapne. C U T T O : INT.

.he can't take it anymore....VARSHA Kya hamari police itni kamzor aur asahay thi ki ek OPEN and SHUT murder case ko court mein saabit nahi kar paayi? C U T T O : Upset Ravinder Hiran.. C U T T O : VARSHA (CONT'D) Kya paisey aur takat se insaaf kharida gaya? .wife seated on the dinning table cutting vegetable steals a look towards him..Suddenly he gets up.

DHARAM SAXENA Yaar boli lag rahi appears to be a bar.....C U T T O : Dharam Saxena captured on camera..main le raha tha.he drinks from an expensive bottle..voh dono taraf se de rahe thaiy.....jisne zyada di saali gawahi uski taraf se! C U T T O : VARSHA Kya insaaf ki boli lagayi ja sakti hai? C U T T ..

. Ravinder Hiran seated on the back seat...... C U T T O : EXT.INT..keeps looking at it.he looks at it...LATE NIGHT A taxi comes and stops at a distance from the house.makes mess of the documents.. VARSHA'S RESIDENCE .. VARSHA'S RESIDENCE.a CD.he has a small envelop in his hand.RAVINDER HIRAN'S RESIDENCENIGHT Ravinder Hiran frantically searches drawers. C U T T O : INT.on his distressed face.. VARSHA Stress nahin le rahi dad! TV pe stressed .finds what he was looking for.LATE NIGHT Varsha is on the phone..O : INT..

main apna khayal rakh sakti hoon! Door bell rings. (c a l l i n g o u t ) Promila! Promila! C . She reacts.... VARSHA (CONT'D) ( q u i c k l y ) Ok I will call you back..out lag rahi thi? Make up lagna bhool gayi thi! I am not lying come on dad.

Varsha takes one look at her and deliberately crashes into the coffee table letting some brass figurines drop onto the floor. The door bell stops ringing. Sees that the maid PROMILA has crashed out on the living room carpet and is not responding to the door bell.U T T O : She walks into the living room in her night dress. PROMILA (s t a r t l e d ) Kya hua? Kya hua didi? VARSHA ( m o v i n g t o w a r .

main kholti hoon. PROMILA (s t a r t s p u t t i n g h e r h e a d d o w .darwaze pe koi hai.d s t h e d o o r ) Kuch nahi .

n ) Acha didVARSHA ( w i t h o u t t u r n i n g b a c k ) Tu bas jaake coffee bana! PROMILA (s t o p s h e r h e a d .

m i d w a y a n d m u m b l e s ) Kutti! VARSHA (o p e n i n g t h e d o o r ) Suna maine. she .. Hoon. Ja coffee bana! As the front door is opened..

tears it open. C U T T O : Face of Ravinder Hiran..on the back seat of the taxi....... its the envelope.D.... she spots something on the floor.doesn't see anyone. it is a C.we see her opening the CD. she is surprise for a few seconds. RAVINDER HIRAN Wapis le lo! MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Sir gussa aa gaya tha mujhehazaar rupiyye dene ko tayyiar tha phir bhi drinks dene se ...... she picks it up. as she is about to turn.. C U T T O : A POV from a distance .

C U T T O : CD plays in her music system.O. RAVINDER HIRAN (V. MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Ji...... MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE (CONT'D) Kaan se do inch door rakh kar marna chahta tha.) Chasma pehnta hai na tu......Varsha listens to it with rapt attention.. C U T T O : INT.mana kar rahi thi..CABIN STAR NEWS -DAY .

Navdeep looks towards Varsha..Varsha..O. Navdeep and Aditi listen to the outside the cabin.. RAVINDER HIRAN (V. STUDIO FLOOR. VARSHA Abhi tak aapne suna witnesses ko yeh kehtey huey ki unhone court mein sacch .. C U T T O : INT.. NAVDEEP It's explosive! Varsha nods......) Uss raat pehna tha? MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Nahin.tape plays.STAR NEWS-DAY Varsha now speaks to the camera..

.H azaar rupiyye tak dene ko tayiyyar tha phir bhi drink dene se mana kar rahi thi.nahin bola .aap khud yeh sacchai suniyye from the horses mouth Suniyye Manish Bhardwaj ne kya kaha Jab police ne unse poocha ki ...voh sachchai kya thi jise court mein na bolane ke liyye unhe majboor kiya gaya ....uss raat wahan kya hua? MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Gussa aa gaya tha mujhe..

...stands beside is Amit Pujari. RAVINDER HIRAN VOICE Uss din pehne tha. MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Kaan se do inch door rakh kar marana chahata tha! RAVINDER HIRAN VOICE Chasma pehanta hai na tu? MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Ji. ...C U T T O : INT..MANISH BHARDWAJ'S RESIDENCE Camera trollies on to the face Pramod Bhardwaj as he listens to the telecast.. Manish and few others.... MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Nahin.

.. MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Buddhi aurat aa kar boli.. LEKHA VERMA RESIDENCE . RAVINDRA HIRAN RESIDENCE.she watches it with rapt attention. C U T T O : INT.DAY The telecast has not gone unheeded for high court Justice Lekha Verma(55)...main vahan se bhaga! C U T T O : INT.WHY DID YOU SHOOT HER.DAY ..RAVINDER HIRAN VOICE Aur goli kaan se do inch door Furious Manish storms out of the room...

....... MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Voh marr gayi sun ke .he turns to look at his wife who is looking towards the television.Face of Ravinder Hiran. MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Scooter mein lift li.DAY A sardar(25) munches on a bucket full of popcorn while watching TV.. SARDAR RESIDENCE .television light flickers on his face.... C U T T O : INT. MANISH BHARDWAJ'S VOICE Maine pucch kaun thi? VISHAL RASTOGI'S VOICE Jessica Lal..ek dhabbe ke peeche garden dikhi.

.ROOM...main aur darr gaya....... VARSHA (o n t e l e v i s i o n ) Kya iss kadwi sacchai ko hum aise hi nazarandaz kar dengey? AJIT Beta volume badhana...Sabrina stands with her back towards the television peeling off an orange.she stops. Face of Sabrina. C U T T O : INT. HOSPITAL -DAY Ajit Lal on the bed strapped with the saline.a ..

. SABRINA (u p s e t ) It's over dad... Humen .STUDIO FLOOR..upset Sabrina holds him. C U T T O : INT.Bhool jayiyye..beat. IT'S OVER!! Ajit Lal looks at her stunned...Ajit Lal reacts..STAR NEWS-DAY VARSHA NO IT'S NOT OVER! Police prashashan kanoon court kechahri sabhi par sawaal khade kiye hain iss case ne? Aur humen inn sab sawaloan ke jawaab chahiyye...suddenly...She takes the remote and switches off the TV...

JUSTICE WAS DENIED! C U T T O : An old couple sips tea and watches it.Sabo otoan ko jhoothlane mein. C U T ....... C U T T O : VARSHA (CONT'D) Humen lagta hai ki paise aur taakat ka istemaal kiya gaya sacchai ko chupane mein..lagta hai ki Jessica mamle mein insaaf nahin hua ..

T O : A group of girls in a Delhi University hostel mess listen.. C U T T O : VARSHA (CONT'D) Humey lagta hai police nakamyab rahi apna kaam karne mein.court mein sabbot pesh karne mein.... C U T T O . C U T T O : A shopping mall..a young couple looks up towards the television on the wall cabinet..

.uske parivar ke liye...... C U T T O : A sardar(25) munches on a bucket full of popcorn while watching TV.Jessic a ke liye..... aapke aur humare liye. insaaf milna chahiyye..Agar aapko lagta hai ki insaaf nahin hua ....: VARSHA (CONT'D) Humen lagta hai is case ki sunwayyi court mein phir se honi chahiyye. VARSHA (CONT'D) JUSTICE FOR JESSICA...h amari ek muhim hai insaaf ke liye.

MIDDLE CLASS FLAT-EVENING Middle aged man(whom we have seen earlier) keeps looking at the television... STAR NEWS OFFICE -DAY Aditi hurriedly rushes. ADITI Guess what? Varsha looks up at her...opens it...toh aap humen 'JUSTICE FOR JESSICA' likh kar 6688 par SMS karen! C U T T O : INT..... C U T T O : on stead cam......CORRIDOR... follows her.Varsha is in her shorts on the ground doing her crunches..we can ..she reaches a cabin...we are on his face.keeps thinking.almost runs.

ADITI (CONT'D) Bees minute mein ek hazaar SMS aa chukey hain aur phone calls.make out she is nervous.Aditi looks at Varsha then at her trousers. ADITI (CONT'D) Your trousers.. VARSHA I don't need them...... Varsha springs up on her feet... VARSHA What? ADITI (e x c i t e d ) Phone lines jaam ho gayye hain itne calls aa rahe hain! Varsha rushes out.. ..

Calcutta Bombay Chandigar h Gawalior Hyderaba d........ Aditi follows her. STAR NEWS OFFICE-DAY Varsha in her jacket and shorts rushes through the work stations.Aditi keeps looking at her confused.floor is abuzz with frantic have to take a few! VARSHA Patch them through! . C U T T O : INT..SMS tones keep buzzing.....Lots of heads turn and look towards Varsha as she walks. executive taking calls and SMS's...... she looks embarrassed..log react kar rahe hain .. GIRL Har jagah se calls aa rahin hain.Another girl on the phone calls out Varsha..

MIDLE AGED MAN Mujhe lagta hai insaaf nahin hua.C U T T O : Varsha in front of the camera in her shorts and her jacket listening. C U T T O : Same middle aged man on phone.... C U T T O : A women reacts angrily WOMEN ..... police..meri bhi beti hai..pras ahshan aur kanoon bas shabdh hi reh gayye hain is desh mein..

...clicked.We are on her face as she keep writing frantically.INJUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE TO JESSICA AND FAMILY.... C U T T O : A sales guy at Vijay sales looks away from one of the television to his cell phone... C U T T O : Computer screen.....FORWARD icon..Aaj voh log choot gayye kal koi aur choot jayega! C U T T O : A girl writes on her blog. C U T ..

GIRL Aaj Jessica ka murder karke choot gayye.SEND.....we want justice for Jessica ...i want justice for Jessica! C U T T O : ..T O : CELL SCREEN Types JUSTICE FOR JESSICA...NO.t akat aur paisa hai toh kucch bhi karenge kya . C U T T O : A group of angry Delhi university girls..... kal hummen se kisi ka rape karke choot jaayenge..

. MAN Voh toh khudi bol rela hai ki ussi ne kiya..An group angry of men in Mumbai chawl react.agar idhar insaaf nahin milega toh kidhar jayega humlog? C U T T O : A burqa clad women in Hyderabad reacts.. WOMEN Socch ke darr toh lagta hai! Ladies ho .Aam aadmi ya toh police ke pass jayyega ya toh kanoon ke pass......kanoo n ko yeh sab dekhna mangta hai na.....phir kahe ko saza nahin hua.

OLD LADY I feel i have been denied justice! I feel very angry! C U T T O : VARSHA (o n t e l e v i s i o n ) Hamare saath ..seated in the park. C U T T O : An upper middle class old aur darr lagta hai....

N.STUDIO FLOOR..her brother comes out from the kitchen and sits beside her...suddenly she hits him thrice on his head with the magazine in her hand. BROTHER Yeh natak abhi tak chaloo hai! Girl darts him a looks.STAR NEWS-DAY VARSHA Sir logoan mein gussa hai police .... A girl mein retired Chief Justice of India V..a beat.Khare... C U T T O : INT. BROTHER (CONT'D) (r e a c t s ) Tujhe kya hua? She hits him one more time..

.Pras hashan ke khilaff.MORE Dekhiyye humara kanoon jo hai voh angreazoan ne 1860 ke aas pass banayi thi.. CJI M.hum abhi bhi vahi follow kar rahe hain. Kanoon ke khilaaf...Jab tak kanoon mein pher badal nahin karenge..uss samay mujrim jo hai voh bailgaadi ya ghoda gadi mein crime karke bhaga karte sa hota rahega....abhi duniya bilkool alag istemaal kar sakte hain karte khilaff. C ...

U T T O INT..risk nahin le sakte..passes the phone to him... I N T E R C U T : Haryana chief minister on phone. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Haan ji.. CM Janta mein kaafi aakrosh hai. .party ki chavvi ka sawaal hai.. AMIT CM saheb hain.....High Command bhi yahi chahati hai....PRAMOD BHARDWAJ 'S RESIDENCE Amit Pujari walks upto Pramod Bhardwaj........ Pramod Bhardwaj takes the call.

MOTHER (O.suddenly upset Pramod Bhardwaj gets up..STUDIO FLOOR.. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Bhai saab bharosa rakhiyye.Amit Pujari keeps looking at him..slams it shut on her face.. mere mannu ko kucch nahin hona chahiyye! A beat...the silence is broken by.CM disconnects.. C U T T O : INT.rushes to the door....STAR NEWS-DAY Aditi looks at Varsha through the glass ...Amit Pujari reacts.. CM Humen toh aandhi lag rahi haisab ko udda kar le jane wali! Bhardwaj reacts.there is silence.S.Face of Pramod Bhardwaj ..) Kucch bhi karo... bas halki si hawa hai udd jayegi...

.. VARSHA (CONT'D) (s m ..from her work station...... ADITI (o n h e r t a l k b a c k ) Chandighar h se MIDDLE FINGER PROTEST on line. VARSHA (t o A d i t i ) Middle Finger? Aditi nods animatedly..A beat.Varsha gestures her to patch them through...listens..

.... SARDAR Phadne ke liye hi banayi hai ji me and my friends ne.DAY The popcorn Sardar on phone....hum dus log hain aur ek saath kehna chahenge e o n h e r f a c e ) Phandu naam hai? Aditi reacts on the language..a group of Sardar's flashing their middle finger rally around him.hadh hi ho gayi ji. CHANDIGARH.. C U T T O : EXT.

FEMALE SOCIALITE System ki nakamyabi hai...witnes ses ko protect kyon nahin kiya gaya? C U T T O : Mahesh Bhatt speaks... MAHESH BHATT WITNESS PROTECTIO N har democracy mein ....(all go in unison) JUSTICE FOR JESSICA! C U T T O : A female social activist expresses her opinion..Police ki nakamyabi hai.

send AJIT Gaya? Nurse nods with a smile....zaroori hai....Gus sa karegi! NURSE (p o li ..log inhe todtey madodtey rahenge! C U T T O : INT.. victims affect honge..nahin toh insaaf pe fark padega.. NURSE 6688......turns to look at a nurse standing beside him with mobile in her hand typing.ROOM.bas Sabrina ko matt bolna.. AJIT (CONT'D) Thank you beta. HOSPITAL -DAY Ajit Lal looks towards the television.

STUDIO FLOOR. GROUP WE WANT JUSTICE FOR JESSICA! WE WANT JUSTICE FOR JESSICA! C U T T O : INT...t e l y n o d s ) Nahin bolooongi. C U T T O : A group of about thirty people chanting aggressively.STAR NEWS-DAY VARSHA Shyam Totlani .

sac chai ko jhooth bana kar pesh kiya jata hai.. mujrim chhod diyye jaatey hain.sahi faisla court karegi aur court ne kiya hai! VARSHA Sahi faisla hi toh nahin hua Shyam Totlani saab? SHYAM TOTLANI Kyon kyonki aap ko aisa lagta hai is liyye? kya ....saab aap dekh rahe hain logoan ka gussa.. SHYAM TOTLANI (RETORTS) Mujrim kaun hai nirdosh kaun aap media wale kaun hote hain yeh judge karne wale..

saboot gawah yeh kucch mayne nahin rakhtey..START NEWS -DAY Varsha rushes through the corridor.she reaches the cabin..she has a paper in her hand...a ap mediawale is mahaan desh ke judicial system ko badnaam kar rahe hain! VARSHA Par sir court toh log nyay maangne hi jaate hai? SHYAM TOTLANI Kaun decide karega ki nyay nahin follows her.CORRIDOR... C .aap mediawale? C U T T O : INT......

THUD....... Navdeep and Aditi's face light up.. NAVDEEP Yeh toh badi developme nt hai! Varsha nods animatedly.. VARSHA High Court se press release aayi haiunhone Sua moto notice bheja hai police ko..kis karan aaropiyoan ko choda gaya...Navdeep and Aditi turn to look at her.she raises the paper in her hand....explan ation manga hai unse ki .U T T O : THUD..Varsha looks at them animatedly for few seconds...then..she slams the paper on the table.cabin door flies open..Navdeep looks at the paper.Navdeep and Aditi react.. C U T ......

Vinita Gupta(50).Paul in jam packed press conference ...INT..hum high court mein lower court ke faisle ke khilaaf phir se appeal kar rahe hai.CHANAKYA CINEMA -DAY . VINITA GUPTA High court ke notice ka jawab toh hum bhej rahe hain. new counsel addressed the reporters...... C U T T O : EXT.T O : EXT.. POLICE HEADQUARTERS-DAY Police commissioner K.K. REPORTER Agar High Court ne aapke appeal ko radd kar diya toh? There is an uncomfortable silence.. trollies to the slowly trollies on to her face. C U T T O : Show gets over... C U T T O : Among the audience is the girl whom we have seen earlier (first half) at the airport reading TEHALKA....CHANAKYA CINEMA-DAY The scene where Candle is being lit at INDIA GATE runs.....she takes out her mobile...Poster of RANG DE BASANTI among the others...crowd comes out...she stops. C U T T O : INT.. C U T T O .

DTC BUS -DAY Mobile beeps....expression on his face changes.send... as he walks away.he takes it out. C U T T O : EXT.: MOBILE SCREEN: Candle Light For Jessica..flips it open...another mobile beeps. 5th March.a guy looks at the mobile in his hand..reads.he takes it out from his pocket and looks at it....INT...checks it......he smashes the cell phone on ... flicks his mobile.keeps looking. SPLIT SCREEN 3 The pickpocket (whom we have seen in the first half) praying at Patiala house bumps into a man.STREET. SPLIT SCREEN 4 Manish Bhardwaj and Vishal Rastogi having a beer at his bar.looks at her mobile...a middle age man working at his office turns to look at mobile on his table..... SPLIT SCREEN 2 Another beep. SPLIT SCREEN 1 A girl in an auto rickshaw reacts.his mobile beeps...... the mobile rings...India Gate.

) Thodi der pahele mere mobile pe ek SMS aaya...... VARSHA Sabrina se baat karo. ADITI (CONT'D) Kya hua? Camera moves on to her face..Suddenly stops.checks her message....the ground.looks at her mobile..S..Varsha reacts.CORRIDOR STAR NEWS -DAY Varsha rushes towards Studio floor.. Mobile beeps. VARSHA VOICE (O. C U ....Aditi with her.... C U T T O : INT.keeps looking at the message..we need her reaction! ADITI OK..

STUDIO FLOOR....STAR NEWS -DAY Varsha talks to the camera. C U T T O : INT...5 PM.she looks at the mobile in her hand and reads...Ind ia Gate.. VARSHA Candle Light For Jessica.DELHI METRO -EVENING Sabrina stands in a jam packed Delhi Metro..Parso Shaam Paanch baje! I will be there.will you? Music.T T O : INT.. 5the March..) Mere liyye case Khatam ho chukka .... SABRINA (O.S.

ADITI She is upset.KITCHEN.she doesn't bother to pick it up..Varsha looks at her. C U T T O : INT.. .WORK STATION. LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina washes the leftover utensils in the kitchen sink....hai..baa t nahin karna chahati! VARSHA Try again....mai n baat karti hoon.. phone keeps ringing in the drawing room.main iss bare mein baat nahin karna chahati! C U T T O : INT..STAR NEWS-DAY Aditi disconnects her phone..

. C U T T O : INT.mai n baat karti hoon.doorbell rings... LALL'S RESIDENCE -EVENING Sabrina washes the leftover utensils in the kitchen sink..STAR NEWS OFFICENIGHT Varsha on her face....C U T T O : INT.KITCHEN.. VARSHA What's wrong with her? Try again... phone keeps ringing in the drawing room.. C U T T O : ..she doesn't bother to pick it up.CORRIDOR.

...LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT Sabrina opens the door. VARSHA (O.) Poora desh tumhare liyye lad raha hai aur ab tum nahin ladna chahati! C U T T O : INT.Varsha stands in front of her.INT... SABRINA Nahin! .doorbell rings.STAR NEWS OFFICENIGHT Varsha walks determined....LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT Varsha stands in front of Sabrina... C U T T O : on her face.They keep looking at each other.CORRIDOR.

...VARSHA kyon? SABRINA Kyonki jo tumne TV pe dikhaya aur sunaya....i am fed up.kisi ne..chilla chilla kar thak gayi main....kanoon ne..j o logoan ne dekha aur suna voh mujhe pahele se pata hai .... SABRINA (CONT'D) ...pahele ...i don't want to go through it all over again.par hua kya.kya kar liye police ne...aur ab bhi kucch nahi kar sakte. Varsha keeps looking at her.

.phir meri maa gayi..last time i checked i was 22..I AM 28 hospital mein pade hain.i have no life.jeena chahati hoon par ji nahin sakti..meri behen gayi...a beat. Face of Varsha.... court ke beech rahi nahin.......sab oot..mer i zindagi police. SABRINA (CONT'D) Ek normal zindagi jo ek normal ladki to milti hai mujhe shayad voh bhi maangni padegi kisi se.JUST 28. police station..JUST .

kecha hri.I just want to move on! I am fed up! Varsha has enough of her..i can't do this anymore.the re never was ........urt.. there is no hope.. . thak gayi main bhag bhag ke lad lad ke.. VARSHA YOU ARE FED UP?? Tum aur nahin ladogi because you are FED UP?? Kya theatre mein picture dekh rahi ho that you are fed up and you can just walk out! Aur yeh ladai tumhare bare mein kab se ho gayi?? .

. VARSHA (c u t t i n g h e r s h o r t ) Yes i don't understan d.Tum hari behen thi meri .SABRINA You don't understan d...I don't understan d how you can let your sister's killers get away.... I Don't understan d how you can give up when the entire country is fighting for her.

.. VARSHA (CONT'D) Don't look away. VARSHA (CONT'D) Jaanna chahati ho . all the work that you have done will mean nothing. look at me and you better listen to me..if you stop now. un hazaroan lakhoan ki nahin jo lad rahe hain and you are FED UP! BULLSHIT! ! Sabrina looks away.. This is not the time to give up.this is the time to give it back to those son of a bitches! Sabrina looks at her.nahin.

... ....pressure badh raha hai.polic e pe judiciary pe poore establish ment pe.aur tum isse haanth dhona chahati ho just because .yeh SMS's president of jaane wale hain.... unko jawab chahiyye.Log iss case ko chhodne waley nahin...log tumhari sister ke liye kya kar rahe hainhamare pass do lakh se uppar sms's aa chuki hai aur har din hazaroan aur aa rahe hain.

.. VARSHA (CONT'D) Candle light kal paanch baje hai..she is shaken... . this is about Jessica and you better understan d that! Sabrina face.she looks at Varsha..An d i am not leaving until you say Yes! Sabrina reacts...then goes an plonks her ass on are fed up and 28 and you can't live a normal life or go out for candleligh t dinner?? This is not about you or how you feel SWEETHE ART...Sabrina looks at her....Varsha keeps staring at her for few seconds...Sabrina reacts.... aur tumhe vahaan aana hoga..

her nick knacks.... grabs ..Jessica's smiling photograph by the bed side.....guys realize.she is off in a flash chasing the two guys.a beat..we hear a bicycle bell ring.Jessica realizes.she keeps looking at it..they make desperate attempt to escape.. C U T T O : EXT...she keeps looking.....J U M P C U T T O : Sabrina stands at the door of Jessica's room.but Jessica catches hold of the guy sitting on the carrier.STREET -DAY Two guys in a bicycle touches past Sabrina as she walks back home with Jessica..... C U T T O : Her POV..

SABRINA Chhod na jaane de na.....kyo n chua usko?? The other guy makes an escape.Jessica keeps kicking and abusing the guy.and starts kicking him....holds of his collar.For a moment Sabrina is too stunned to react.. JESSICA Haanth kaise lagaya tune ......pulls him down to the ground..Sabrina tries to pulls her out.. then she runs towards Jessica.. JESSICA (k i c k i n g t h e g u y ) Behencho d teri behan thi jo usse chua...

JESSICA (k i c k s h i m a g a i n ) Tere dimaag ka balance bigadti hoon abhi! SABRINA ( d e s p e r a t ..apni maa ko chu na jaake.kuttey ...... GUY Cycle ka balance bigad gaya.

..kyon lad rahi hai aisey logoan se....jaane de na. Jessica darts a look at her.. JESSICA ...e l y p u l l s h e r ) Jess chhod na... JESSICA Bhaag kahan raha hai bahencho d... mujhe haanth laga na..... SABRINA Jess chhod na.. In desperate pulling and pushing the guy makes an escape.jess kyon inse lad rahi hai..

.JAANE DOON! .. yeh DILLI hai DILLIyahaan tu ladna seekh...... .lado ongi nahin toh kya chhod doongi..(a n g r y ) Tu pagal hai kya. JESSICA (CONT'D) Behanji tu Behanji rehna chhod. SABRINA Chhod na jaane de na. JESSICA JAANE DOON? Jessica grabs hold of her.. ladna seekh ja tu..... aaj chu kar gaye kar rape kar ke jayyenge..idiot.

. VARSHA I am not going anywhere and you can't throw me out.. ..LALL'S RESIDENCE -NIGHT Sabrina reacts as if hit again.. So tell tempo increases......... we are on her face as music tempo increases.. C U T T O : INT...she turns and looks back C U T T O : INT.she reacts.. Face of Sabrina.she is holding on to Jessica's photograph..HALL.......Sabrina stands in the middle of hall looking at slowly moves to her face.She hits Sabrina on her forehead.She looks up.. LALL'S RESIDENCE-NIGHT Varsha seated on the sofa waiting..realizes.

..she hails it.She turns..C U T T O : EXT.She reacts as if someone called for her from behind...TAXI -EVENING Sabrina anxious face..INDIA GATE -EVENING Face of Varsha. C U T T O : .Taxi at her watch .. C U T T O : INT.....STREET -EVENING Sabrina flags off a taxi..... C U T T O : EXT.urgency visible....for about four seconds.

chanting fades in.THOUSANDS of people stand in front of her with candles and placard in their hand..... C U T T O : Face of trollies to her... C U T T O : Her POV..... C U T T O : Surprised Varsha smiles... ..RAHUL.Her POV Sabrina stands at a distance of about twenty meters looking at her.Sabrina slowly walks up on the podium...........She can't believe her eyes.gestures her to come up..Nalini.we realize she is standing at the podium.The scene is too overwhelming for her..At the podium stands her and Jessica's many friend including NAINA.....Varsha gestures her to look up in front...Sabrina looks up.

...... NAINA . CHANTING JESSICA JESSICA..'S RESIDENCE -DAY NAINA . STUDENTS Justice for Jessica.OFFSCREEN CHANTING JESSICA JESSICA..JE SSICA JESSICA! C U T T O : About 300 Delhi university students including the girls we saw voicing their opinion earlier pump their fist in air. VEENA and PETER sit.. Justice for Jessica! Few more cuts of students chanting.JE SSICA JESSICA! C U T T O : INT...visible tension..

VEENA Pehchana toh.....Jessi ca ki Jagah main bhi ho sakti thi....Did n't I? PETER looks away...(u p s e t ) Uss bastard ko aapko pehchanna chahiyye tha mom... (breaks down)ab court nahin maan rahi toh meri .how can you do that mom? Upset she storms out of the room. (she looks at PETER) Didn't i PETER... VEENA (CONT'D) Maine jo dekha maine bataya..Jo maine dekha bataya...

) Dilli ki mukhya mantri hone ke naatey aap kya kahengi? C U ...why is everybody blaming me! She starts crying..Aniruddh Bahal and the entire Tehalka gang the with placard that reads.the TEHALKA/Rang De Basanti' girl among others..NAINA with candles.. PLACARD Wake Up From Your Slumber! VARSHA (O.S.Jes sica Jessica! C U T T O : Face of Models and designer friends of Jessica including Rahul Bhojwani..kya galti hai. CHANTING (O... beside her stands Tarun Tejpal...S.) Jessica Jessica.

T T O : INT..he holds a placard that reads.... CM Dekh aur sun kar toh yahi lagta hai iss case mein insaaf nahin hua.....including the young girl's father. aur ek mahila hone ke naatey aur mahilaoan ki tarah zyada dukh ho raha hai! C U T T O : A group of elderly man and women with candle in their hand march.CM'S RESIDENCE -DAY Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit adresses a press conference. PLACARD Nyay nahin... Nyay ki maut hai! C .

. It's the same guy whose pocket he has picked in the court earlier... C U T T O : Muslim men and women in burqua march with candle in their hand...expression on his face changes.they keep looking at each other.. C U T T O : A media guy reporting the event spots him through his lens.EVENING Among the marching crowd we spot the pick pocket with a candle in his hand...U T T O : EXT.... INDIA GATE .as he looks at the camera. C U T T O : ....

.CHANDIGARH Middle Finger Group members with candle in one hand and with the other hand flash their middle finger. PLACARD Paise waloan insaaf tumhare baap ki nahin.MATKA CHOWK... C U T T O : EXT..his parents also watch sitting beside him....RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN-DAY Shot of Rashtrapati Bhavan .suddenly he gets up and storms out of the drawing room... Main Sardar holds a placard.INT..huma rey maa ki hai! C U T T O : EXT.mostly Sardars.into his room and slams the door shut.VIKRAM'S RESIDENCE -DAY Face of VIKRAM as he watches the footage of candle light being played on parents react..

. President accepts the list.S. PRESIDENT I will have a look at it.. President we have received over two lakh SMS and lots of emails.. Varsha present the list of SMS's to the President Abu Kalam. Navdeep. PRABAL RAI Mr.) Kya party ke Dabav mein aa kar aap istifa de rahe hain? C U T T O : . REPORTER (O.RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN Prabal Rai.We just see his back.C U T T O : INT.

. PRAMOD BHARDWAJ Bilkul nahin.....sahi kya hai galat mein fark batata hai... C U T T O : Aamir Khan speaks to the camera.. AAMIR KHAN e justice system holds us together as a civil society...if ..HARYANA CM'S RESIDENCE-DAY Pramod Bhardwaj answers the press. he flashes a namaskar gesture and gets into his vehicle.... Before reporter can ask him any more question..JUS TICE is the moral fabric of our society..EXT.koi pressure nahin men ek saath band kar rakhta hai.....i mean.

C U T T O : EXT... MUMBAI -EVENING Crowd of about two hundred people protest silently with candles and placard reading 'We Want Justice For Jessica'. PRESIDENT I have got over two lakh SMS's ..Ronnie Screwvala.Rakesh Mehra.. C U T T O : EXT.GATEWAY OF en toh.. as the camera moves from one face to the other.ABOARD AIR INDIA-DAY President APJ Abdul Kalam addresses a press conference aboard Air India.Mahesh Bhatt holding candles come and go. REPORTER Rashtrapati ji iss mamle mein aapki kya rai hai..justice is denied....face of Aamir Khan...INT..

let me assure you if something needs to be done from my side.SHRIRAM CENTER -DAY A board reads '25TH CONVENTION OF LAWMAKERS' C U T T O : INT..and i am going through each one of i.we see his back...i Will not hesitate in doing that! C U T T O : EXT.PRIME MINISTER PM Hum sab ko mil kar sochna hoga kya . SHRIRAM CENTER-DAY Prime minister addresses a convention of lawmakers..Board on the table reads .....

..HIGH COURT -DAY Justice Mohinder Sen and Justice Lekha Verma sits with two senior High Court Judges. C U T T O : EXT. SENIOR JUDGE .taki jinhe nyayy milna chahiyye unhe nyayy kanoon dila sakey! Seated in the audience is the elderly man whom we saw earlier smoking cigars..seated beside Jain is Justice Rekha Sharma.HIGH COURT -DAY Exterior Shot of the High Court...hamare kanoon ke pravdhanoa n mein badlaw ki zaroorat hai ya nahin . C U T T O : INT..He is Justice Virender Jain.

.INDIA GATE -EVENING..Sabrina looks at her...she is overwhelmed. SABRINA (o v e r w h .few seconds.Varsha she looks at the massive crowd in front of her holding candles and placards in their hands. SENIOR JUDGE Aapko kya lagta hai? Before the Judge could say.. C U T T O : EXT. NIGHT Face of Sabrina.............Varsha passes on the mike to her.Sawaal toh khade huey hain? JUSTICE MOHINDER SEN No one should make a mockery out of judiciary! Senior Judge looks at the other senior judge..

uske liye lad .......JESSICA JESSICA chant. ussi ke liyye main bhi yahan aayi hoon.. her voice streams in.ais a laga jaise unke saath nainsaafi hui hai aur Jessica unsab ki aawaaz ban gayi. From Sabrina face camera moves on to Varsha.e l m e d ) Jiske liyye aap yahan aaye hian. VARSHA'S VOICE OVER Uss shaam teesri baar India ko ek hotey dekha....jaise Sabrina akeli asahay nahin poora desh uske saath tha...few seconds.Than k you! Suddenly the crowd erupts with JESSICA JESSICA...

F A D E I N ..Camera moves towards Sabrina Varsha walks into the cemetery.face of crowd.. follows as she walks.. F A D E O U T .she sits in front of Jessica's ..INT.sabhi ek sawaal kar rahe thaiy .sabhi ne aawaaz utthayi goes from her front to her back..O..Chant overlaps.... CEMETERY Someone's P.we see the back of Sabrina.. EXT..raha tha.V.sudden freeze frame..aur Uss sawaal ka jawaab kisi na kisi ko toh dena hi tha? Face of crowd as the chant at their highest pitch......JESSICA JESSICA...

.. VARSHA Abhi Abhi High Court se press release .....few seconds of silence.. SABRINA Matlab? VARSHA Tum jeet gayi! SABRINA (c o n f u s e d ) Kya? Varsha flashes her a sheet of paper in her hand. C U T T O : Face of Sabrina as she stands in front of Jessica's grave. VARSHA You won! Sabrina reacts......grave. Varsha comes and stops behind her.Sabrina looks at her still confused.

a moment......keeps looking....looks at it. JUSTICE MOHINDER SEN(O.aayi hai police ne High Court mein jo appeal dali thi lower court ke judgement ke khilaaf voh court ne accept ki hai.then she snatches the press release from Varsha.aur case ko fast track bhi kar diya! Sabrina is too stunned to react. JUSTICE MOHINDER SEN .) Yeh iss case ne kai sawaal khade kiye hain.HIGH COURT -DAY Justice Mohinder Sen and Justice Lekha Verma address the court.. C U T T O : INT.......S..

. VARSHA You won! C U T T . jaldi ho sake! Overwhelmed Sabrina looks at Varsha....High Court iss case ko phir se sunana chahegi.) (CONT'D) Court iss case ko fast track karti hai aur iss case ko daily basis par sunana chahegi taki iss case mein insaaf ho sake.she can't believe JUSTICE MOHINDER SEN(O...Varsha nods.c ourt sabhi abhiyuktoa n ke khilaaf bailable warrant bhi jari karti hai aur iss case ki sunvayyi Face of Sabrina...S.

.starts crying..a beat.. C U T T O : Sabrina still crying...... her eyes are also moist.....suddenly she breaks down and collapses on the ground in front of Jessica's grave ..then slowly Varsha .. VARSHA (CONT'D) I will leave you too alone! Few seconds. C U T T O : Varsha's face....O : Sabrina looks back at the press release...for a moment she keeps looking at Sabrina... C U T T O : Face of Varsha.

turns. VARSHA VOICE As i told the camera travels and comes closer to her face. that summer..just when i was thinking that Delhi was about power and the powerful. C U T T O : Wide shot.......high speed. i never e power came into the hands of those it belonged to .leaving Sabrina alone at Jessica's grave..the people! Manish Bhardwaj was convicted by the High .starts walking back.Music kicks in as Varsha starts walking out of the cemetery....i never understood Delhi.

END CREDITS ROLL.. Ajit Lal passed away last the end credits roll Varsha's voice informs us for the last time.Court for the murder of Jessica Lal! Camera crosses her. Vishal Rastogi.. She still doesn't have a boyfriend.keeps travelling towards back of Sabrina ..FADE OUT. There appeal against the High Court order is still pending in the Supreme Court.... Sabrina runs her own travel agency. And i am still a bitch! . Lucky Gill and Shlok Khanna were sentenced four years in prison. Manish Bhardwaj was sentenced life imprisonment for killing of Jessica Lal.

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