Update Meeting, Last event 11/15/11

11.9.2011 Meeting called by Facilitator Note taker Timekeeper Attendees Tess Koolen Kelsey Briggs, Alex Levesque, Kristina Kahale Linsay Geer Justin Almeida Justin Almeida, Kelsey Briggs, Linsay Geer, Tess Koolen, Alex Levesque, Kristina Kahale Tess Koolen Linsay is on track with certificates, if she runs into problem will ask for help. Final pickups are 10:00am Wimba

15mins Discussion Action Items Certificates Collect cans

Scheduled.Getting gift certificate for Jen.

Person Responsible Linsay L, Kel, T, A Linsay& Kelsey

Deadline 11/15/11 11/10/11 11/10/11

Send totals to Justin to update thank you letter

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