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Moor Lands

Moor Lands

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Published by April Lee Fields

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: April Lee Fields on Nov 10, 2011
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across the moorland of my heart there sprawled an immobile an intangible affair, where the morning sun rose upon

such dusty planes these grounds left abandoned with not a care. and ive been bound perhaps as the years have past bound by my sensibility of freedom that bears no ties, by the desire for slow motion cinematography as it is i who has an insatiable appetite. destructive by nature of my own accord created havoc upon my flesh, and it cant be helped but indulge in this carnal knowledge to give resistance and reason a rest. there bore remedy in the magnitude of his hands and a soothing with the paths that they follow, a well rehearsed conquistador in whom i shall save my distaste for the morrow. i could tell a thousand tales after the animalistic urges subsided, i could create for you an image of me but im not painter and my words are in hiding. flailing around feebly in expressive efforts taking up room...and board in my mouth, i wonder you to see me behind your own visionary complexities

as i see you in your unknown wealth. for your embodiment is warm and rich as gold though you slumber like a pharaoh unbeknown, and when i slumber beside you a part of what rides you when i only wanted to assist in easing the weight of the world. fear not the dangers to my heart for its a dusty wasteland abandoned at the scene, my secrets are my own for love as i know bears no fruits upon the moors of my trees april

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