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Org Structure_hr Matters_daily Operns

Org Structure_hr Matters_daily Operns

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Organizational Structure

Chief Executive Officer

Finance Manager

Human Resources Manager

Operations Manager

Marketing Manager





Jeans Engineers

Market Researcher/ Purchaser

Chief Executive Officer General Function: in-charge with the overall management of the firm Duties and Responsibilities: Formulates overall policy for Pant Saloon Sets goals and objectives for the company Acts as the primary decision-maker regarding ideas and suggestions proposed by the managers Conducts regular meetings with managers to discuss business issues as well as to ensure smooth operations of the business Keeps Board of Directors and stock owners posted on the status of the business Finance Manager General Function: In-charge of investment and financing decisions for the company Duties and Responsibilities: Takes charge of the budgeting, capital allocation, and cost control Handles credit management

Forecast funds Allocates dividends and incentives Prepares long-range plans which include capital budgeting decisions on expansion, replacement, etc., and cost appropriations Determines the financing mix and sources of funds optimal to the needs of the firm Coordinates with the accountant and cashier regarding the firm’s financial status Accountant General Function: In-charge of generating financial reports and documents to the stockholders and regulatory agencies Duties and Responsibilities: Handles bookkeeping responsibilities Prepares financial statements Prepares payroll for employees Handles the receivables and payables account Cashier General Function: In-charge of daily sales transactions Duties and Responsibilities: Gives receipt to customer after every payment of purchase Calculates daily sales Assists Operations Manager in generating monthly sales report Turns over daily sales to the Finance Manager Acts as receptionist inside the store Human Resources Manager General Function: In-charge of all Human Resources activities which include recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits and incentives regulation, among others Duties and Responsibilities:

Administers recruitment and selection of employees Conducts examinations and interviews for applicants Implements personnel rules and regulations Conducts performance appraisals Approves staff loans Manages work hours, day-offs, and leaves of employees Spearheads planning of recreational activities for the employees Studies current wage levels in the industry Ensures compliance with labor laws regarding compensation and benefits Decides on resignation or termination of an employee Operations Manager General Function: In-charge of the overall management of the production and operations Duties and Responsibilities: Manages the store’s daily operations Generates monthly reports on sales, inventory, utilities, and other necessary items concerning the store Receives and records incoming supplies delivered to the store Acts as the cashier whenever the cashier is out Assists the cashier and designer in dealing with customers in periods of high customer traffic Performs quality checks Updates finished jeans checklist on a daily basis Ensures that store personnel act according to Eala Inc. rules and policies Generates monthly reports on store employees attendance Performs necessary sanctions for store employees’ offenses in tardiness and absences by issuing memos or by oral reprimand Designer General Function: In-charge of conceptualizing designs for Pant Saloon

Duties and Responsibilities: Studies the latest trend in denim jeans Submits designs subject to the approval of the managers Handles pre-production procedures such as getting customers’

measurements and recommending fabric type and style of the jeans as well as post-production procedures like checking the fit of the jeans to the customers and deciding whether it needs alteration Cutter General Function: In-charge of cutting the fabric for each denim jeans to be sewed Duties and Responsibilities: Cuts the fabric for each jeans after the customer’s vital statistics are measured Assists the designer in getting customers’ measurements in case of high customer traffic Jeans Engineers General Function: In-charge of sewing denim jeans Duties and Responsibilities: Sew denim jeans Assist the designer in getting customer measurements Alter denim jeans whenever applicable Marketing Manager General Function: In-charge of marketing activities for Pantsaloon Duties and Responsibilities: Formulates marketing strategies such as product, pricing, place and promotional strategies for Pantsaloon to gain a favorable share of the market Evaluates Pantsaloon products’ market performance Studies Pantsaloon’s competitors Analyzes marketing opportunities for Pantsaloon

Determines the type/s of promotional activities Determines the most appropriate marketing communication medium in order to increase market awareness and market performance Identifies the cost of advertising and promotional activities Estimates the growth in sales after executing promotional program Performs cost-benefit analysis on promotional expenditures and increased sales expected as a result of such Compares target and actual sales Monitors sales and expenses Market Researcher / Purchaser General Function: In-charge of doing marketing research for Pantsaloon and purchasing supplies needed for the production of denim jeans Duties and Responsibilities: Assists and coordinates with the marketing manager in studying and investigating Pantsaloon’s closest competitors Forecasts appropriate pricing scheme Assesses demand and supply forecast Handles purchasing of raw materials Ensures the replenishment of production supplies Qualifications Since the business is just starting, the qualifications of the officers would be simple enough for them to do their functions in the organization. Chief Executive Officer Male/female Must be a graduate of any business course Should be knowledgeable in the apparel industry Work experience is an advantage Must possess excellent communication skills in English and Filipino Must have strong leadership and decision-making skills

Finance Manager Male/female Must be a graduate of any business course, preferably major in Finance Must be familiar with investment management and analysis Must be familiar with financing, loan and credit management Accountant Male/female Must be a Certified Public Accountant Must be hardworking and willing to work long hours if necessary Cashier Male/female Must have attained at least 2 years of any college or vocational course Must possess good communication skills in English and Filipino Must be customer-oriented and with pleasing personality Must be trustworthy in handling daily sales Human Resources Manager Male/female Must be a graduate of Psychology, Behavioral Science or any business course Must be knowledgeable in employee relations, in making compensation packages, and in other HR functions Must have strong leadership qualities Operations Manager Male/female Must be graduate of any undergraduate degree, preferably any business course Must possess excellent communication skills in English and Filipino

Must have strong leadership skills to manage subordinates Must be customer-oriented Preferably has knowledge and experience in apparel business Must be willing to work long hours if deemed necessary Designer Male/female Must be graduate of Clothing Technology or any related course Must be creative and full of innovative ideas Must be customer-oriented Work experience is an advantage Cutter Male/female Highly-skilled in cutting fabrics for denim jeans Jeans Engineers Male/female Highly-skilled in denim jeans production Work experience as a tailor is an advantage Must be able to meet deadlines Marketing Manager Male/female Must be graduate of any business course, preferably major in Marketing Must be familiar with the apparel industry Knowledgeable in advertising and marketing communications strategies, consumer behavior, product and brand management, distribution management, and other marketing principles Must be updated with the latest fashion in denim jeans Must possess excellent communication skills in English and Filipino

Market Researcher / Purchaser Male/female Must be graduate of any business course, preferably major in Marketing and/or Operations Knowledgeable in market research methods and consumer research studies Knowledgeable in purchase and supplies management

Scheduling Scheduling is one of the most important tasks of store management, yet it is often one of the most neglected. Many Operations Managers simply repeat the same schedule each week, neglecting to analyze changes in store traffic For Pantsaloon, all store employees are required to report thirty minutes before the scheduled opening time. This is to provide ample time for cleaning, stock replenishment and cash wrap counter preparation. Furthermore, breaktime during lunch to ensure that there are employees during the lunch hours. Sample Weekly Schedule for Pantsaloon Mon Operations Manager Cashier Designer Cutter Jeans Engineer 1 Jeans Engineer 2 Jeans Engineer 3 OC OC OC OC OC OC OC Tue OC OC OC OC OC OC DO Wed OC OC OC OC DO OC OC Thu OC OC OC OC OC DO OC Fri OC OC OC OC OC OC DO Sat OC OC OC OC DO OC OC Sun OC DO OC OC OC DO OC

Time In


Time Out

Weekdays Weekends

11:00 am 10:00

11:00-12:00 / 12:00-1:00 11:00-12:00 / 12:00-1:00

8:00 pm 8:30 pm

Sample schedule for lunch breaks 11:0012:00 Operations Manager Cashier Designer Cutter Jeans Engineer 1 Jeans Engineer 2 Jeans Engineer 3 X X X X X X 12:001:00 X

Policies on Tardiness and Absences All employees will be required to be at the store at 10:30 am during weekdays and 9:30 am during weekends. They would be considered late if they come 15 minutes after the call time. Any fraction after that, they will be considered under time and there would be a corresponding deduction from their pay. An overtime cannot offset an under time. An employee will only be allowed to be late for a maximum of three times per month. Should they exceed, a memo will be issued to call their attention. In the event that they would absent themselves from work, they must call before or one hour before the call time to inform the operations manager of their absence. All store employees will only be allowed a maximum of one absence every month. Should the maximum be reached, a memo will be issued to call their attention. An absence without leave will be considered a serious offense. A memo will be issued upon returning to work. Uniform and Dress Code

The store managers and all store staff will be provided with official uniforms. Uniforms will vary and will depend on the season and budget. These employees are expected to wear their uniforms at all times. The store staff will enjoy free uniform privileges. The prescribed color and style of shoes will be provided by the employee themselves. Stockings shall be worn when the uniform consists of skirt. Female staff should maintain their hairstyles neatly combed and make-ups should be appropriate for daywear and theme of the season. Accessories should be minimized. Body marks, including tattoos, body paints or stickers are not allowed.

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