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EXPLANATION IN STEPS: 1. Using Transaction Code: XK01, Vendor master application, Vendor data can be created which can be identified by Message type as message type is given as CREMAS. 2. Once the message type is identified by the database server, that record is transferred to IDOCTYPE CREMAS 05 to divide the data in segments. A segment is nothing but a collection of related fields. 3. Now the outbound process code comes into picture and maintains logic in function IDOC_OUTPUT_<IDOCTYPE>. Outbound process code process that data in IDOCTYPE (i.e) CREMAS 05.

com/wiki/display/ABAP/ALE%2CIDOC .sap. Once the Master IDOC is transferred to database server. IDOC transfers to Inbound SAP using RFC communication and resides in application server of the Inbound SAP System.sdn.sdn. 2. 5.4. it generated the Master IDOC in application server itself. process the data successfully. hence called as Communication IDOC. 7. it is ready to communicate with the inbound SAP system. References: http://wiki. Based on the address in control record section of Communication IDOC. Inbound process code of Inbound SAP system gets executed and checks the control record of IDOC and comes to know the data IDOC is carrying. Once the outbound process code. Inbound process code does the required validations on data in IDOC based on the code in function IDOC_INPUT_<IDOCTYPE> and then transfers to database server. here it is Vendor data (CREMAS). http://wiki. 6.