Acknowledgement Our group would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to all the people and authorities for making this family case analysis possible. To the staff of Old Cabalan Barangay Health Center for welcoming us and for allowing us to undergo our family case analysis. To the Omagap Family, for their warm welcome and cooperation, and for being such a hospitable family to us. To our friends and colleagues, for their support and for sharing some of their knowledge to us, regarding the family case analysis. To our Families, for the support they have given us and for the financial needs they have provided us, for understanding, the unconditional love and patience they have shown us. To Echaluse family for being kind and generous for letting us do the papers of our Family Case Analysis at their house. To Mr. Sherwin Serrano, our Clinical Instructor, for providing us some of his reference and for helping us in our Family Case Analysis and for imparting his knowledge to us. To Ms. Thea Camille Torres, 2nd Year level Coordinator, for working on the letter to permit us in the barangay where we were assigned. And most especially to our Dear God, for enlightening us, and for giving us the knowledge we need in doing this Family Case Analysis, and for a fact that without His presence and without our faith in Him, we wouldn’t be able to bring this Family Case Analysis into success and acquire better results.

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