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MY ADVERTISMENT, COLOUR: | have BRAND: The brand that chosen is dole Thave chosen is Nike colures like Blue, because it is attractive Black and Grey. and many teenagers were Nike or Adidas. SLOGANS: The slogan that I have “om ss. chosen is because it & MATERIAL: The makes people think material that | have that they are good chosen is smooth and Trainers. leather and good FONT: | have chosen this font stitching. because it is bold and attractive and make it stand BY KIELAN TOOK out if you are in a far away. ADVERTISMENT BRAND: The brand is a COLOUR: The colour is bright long lasting Gel witch make because it is all one colour people buy the product so but different shades. 2s Settemnmnieerned «they have long lasting style. ils FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: The mans face expression looks very serious to the people SLOGANS: The slogan makes it looking at the advert. eye catching because it said it messes with your hair. FONT: The font is plane but makes the product stand out BY KIELAN TOOK because it is white. ADVERTISMENT COLOUR: The colour is just black and grey witch shows that the product is for people who like loud music. BRAND: The brand is a iPod because a lot of teenagers are in to lots of different music. SLOGAN: The slogan is not really eye catching because it is small and not jus a plane colour. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: The mans face expression is happy while he is looking down on the iPod. FONT: The font is plane but it makes the iPod stand out because of the colour.