MS Office 2010 Select Edition 32-bit - Volume License 1.

Run setup and select an office suite or program to install. 2. Click 'Customize' button, click on the very top tree of programs, then choose 'Run all from My Computer' and click 'Install Now' to start the installation. 3. After installation, run the included 'mini-KMS Activator'. When activator window opens, click 'Install/Uninstall KMService' button. Press 'y' to continue installing the KMService. NOTE: Run the 'mini-KMS Activator' as administrator in Windows 7 or Vista. 4. Wait for the KMService to be installed. When it's done press any key to exit the command prompt. DO NOT close the mini-KMS window. 5. Now, click the 'Activation Office 2010 VL' button. A command prompt window will open. Just wait for the activation process to finish. 6. When it's done, you should see the message; 'Activation Successful'. Press any key to exit the command prompt. NOTE: If it fails to activate the first time, you need to repeat step #5. 7. Close the KMService window and run the installed office program. 8. Done! >:-) NOTE: The above procedure will give you 6 months of activation period. You must re-activate the product every 6 months, or when you see the following message everytime you run an office program: "This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated. You have 30 days left to activa te." You just need to run the 'mini-KMS Activator'again and click the 'Activation Office 2010 VL' button to re-activate the product for another 6 mont hs but you do not have to re-install the KMService.