Research Assignment

Research Paper

The Research Paper
In the research paper, you will bring together all of the skills that you have learned this semester about writing and rhetoric in order to enter into a conversation on a topic of your choosing. You have identified a research question in your paper proposal, read and described key resources in your annotated bibliography, and responded to one of those sources in the rebuttal essay. In the research paper, you will build off of these assignments to argue a specific claim to a community of researchers. You will make a conceptual claim that helps readers to better understand a problem.

Donnelly WR 13100.19

Due Dates
• Thursday, November 17 or Friday, November 18 Draft of research paper due during conference. Draft should be 5 to 7 pages; it may be the first pages of your paper or it might be assorted sections. Monday, November 28 Second draft of research paper due for peer review. This draft should be the full length, 10 to 12 pages, and be as complete as possible. Bring in two copies, one for me and one for your peer reviewer. Monday, December 5 Final draft of research paper due.

Criteria for Assessment
• • Essay is organized around a compelling, arguable, and specific main claim that contributes to a current conversation. Writing fully engages the interest and intellect of the audience by showing the significance of the argument for a larger debate and synthesizing necessary background information. Essay references a diversity of relevant sources on the topic, allowing the writer to develop a complex and convincing argument that teaches the target audience something new about the issue. Essay offers reader a full and fair summary of opposing positions and effectively rebuts them. Essay is arranged thoughtfully. It prepares for and follows through on its thesis with a compelling introduction, body, conclusion, and appropriate paragraphing, topic sentences, and transitions. Evidence is thoroughly introduced and discussed, as well as ethically cited. Prose is concise, fluent, and free of distracting errors. • •

• 10 to 12 pages, doublespaced, formatted in MLA Style (see Hacker 151-154 for examples, or see Purdue OWL links from course website) Essay must include a complete, ethically cited, and correct Works Cited page Essay must be printed, stapled, and turned in a the beginning of class on Monday, December 5

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