where I ~ ~ I J' IIvE VDGUEknitt' ~ Sl m JJ rn I . (Thanks to all of you who've let us know that you prefer the voice-over to the background music on VK360. since the magazine would go on sale in the early part of the summer. including everyone's favorite. spends hours editing film or digital files to select the best photos for our pages. we're bringing it back with this issue. Now. IS VIEWFINDER Renee Lotion's cable-and-Iace belted jacket. We agreed a mix was best-designs for late summer. we gave ourselves a new challenge this spring: to pull together an extra issue. If you go to the website's Preview section. which we consider to be an extension of the pages of our magazine. (More about that in our next issue.com throughout the summer fat 6 Ii more details.) We hope to see lots of people wearing their own creative versions of our designs at our Vogue Knitting LIVE event scheduled for next January. p ~ z o is ~ o ~ vogueknitting. scheduled at that time of year when we usually get to breathe for a few minutes. seen from different angles.Iook forward to seeing you! ~ JJ C o: FIND US ON FACEBOOK .LETTER carlv lallzoio GeL Lhepicture? As if our creative crew didn't work hard enough already. Meet the wonderful women behind the Lutz & Patmos label on page 54. The magazine you are holding is the direct result of the reader survey you filled out last year.wanted more designs and more issues. in which you told us you . as the trend moves toward chunky pieces embellished with all sorts of materials. happy knitting' Joe Vior. and a unique marketplace. We . Dn the scnedute: a full weekend of fashion. I've been a fan of their work for years and am thrilled to have them work with us. though. which knit up relatively quickly. There is so much knitted (and crocheted) neckwear around at the moment. we take about forty shots-then our creative director. and lightweight knits for the transition into cooler weather. Deborah Newton and many others. On top of the thirty fabulous designs on these pages. clean off our desks and sort through the stuff we've accumulated over the past twelve months. check out Nicky Epstein's flower necklace on page 44. since making knitting magazines is what we all love to do. incledible classes and workshops. with or without beads and crystals. which we believe will be just as valuable as our popular VK360.) In the meantime. Live from New York! Join us next January at one of the most amazing 1) knitting events liver. skinny necklace. which also work in places that are warm year-round. we're giving our Web team a few of those extra shots-especially the back views.JlJg I • you can hang out with knitting celebs Nicky Epstein. We're really excited. As well. Another great item to knit at this time of the year is jewelry. to take place at the New York Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. Swarovski crystals. Debbie Bliss. you'll see a star in the corner of each photo. see them both in detail on page 62). The neckpiece shown at left. Be sure to sign up early: Space is limited. by Shadowplay designer Heather Goldberg. Visit §. The leftovers? They usually get filed away. The photos shown top right are an example of the extra details you'll find. If something mo~ traditional is your style. really sensational (as is her long. Visit our website for multiple views of all the designs in this issue. we added three lovely gray sweaters from the Seventh Avenue design team Lutz & Patmos. we had to really think about what "Early Fall" meant to us and would mean to you. we've added yet another feature to give you even more information about the projects. When we were deciding on the styles to include. We've planned exciting evening events as well. When we shoot an individual sweater or accessory. Click on it and the extra shots will appear. They are great pieces to try with different yarns and in multiple colors. have amazing texture and are perfect for a Fall wardrobe-start them now and they'll be ready to wear by the time the leaves turn. side views and closeups of stitch details-to add to our site.

au . ielter Drive.col11.com Australia: .com Australian Country Spinners Tel: 3 9380 3888 sales@auspinners.amYbutler www.knitrowan. SC 29650 8004459276 @westminsterfibers.com R 0 WA N by UK: Rowan Tel: +44 (0)1484 681881 mail@knitrowan. er.-th America: tminster Fibers.

k2tog.classiceliteyarns. 7 and 8 3. The blanket is 8 squares long and 8 Squares 10. (see chart for which CC to use Madder in each square) Work rows 1 and 2 as above 7 times-5 stsrem.11. kl . rep from' 3 more times--8 stsinc'd. st. 7%angora. (WS) Slip 1 st knitwise Panel 1 wyib. 6.13.m 1. Change to Color A. 5. Change to MC.3403 Genteel Gray 17 • Color A and D . Edging: With 1 circular needle. use Knitted cont to pick up 15 more sts (1 st for each garter Method to CO 35 sts. (WS)Slip 1 st pur/wise wyif.3489 Pink Damask • 1 ball Color C . after a RSrow-19 stsrem. 4. • 1 ball Color F. Work as for Panel 2. Contrast Color Chart work each panel horizontally 2 FINISHING Block pc to measurements. 10%cashmere. • 1 ball Color B. wrap the yarn around the needle Panel 1. with MC and Or size to obtain gauge. kl. Change to Color A. PANELS 4. (WS) Slip 1 st knitwise wyib. 15 and 16 Using the last st of previous square as the first squares wide. new squares are picked Square 1. PAITERN STITCHES: Knitted Cast On: Beg with a slip st on LH needle. • 1 ball Color A . then pick-up and knit 1 st at corner.k2.3485 Milords's Change to CC. s2kp. place removable marker into center st. kl. pl. FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: X 29" 29" replace marker into the sk2p st. • 1 ball Color D . rep from • 3 more times. then use the Knitted Method to CO 17 more sts-35 sts. k2. knit to last 4 stson needle. • Main Color (MC) . with MC and CC from the previous PANEL1 square held together.Row 1. ending viscose. leave Square 9 the first st on LH needle and slip st just made With MC use Knitted Methgd to CO 17 sts. pl.12. purl 1rnd. 15%nylon. drop CC and with MC With straight needle and MC. MC and RStocinq beg at any corner. rotate previous • Color C and F. pass 2 slipped sts over knit st (2 sts previous square to corner. then pick up and k 17 sts along the lower edge of square from panel 1-35 sts. Row 2: (dec row) (RS)Slip 1 st knitwise wyib. insert RH needle 49 GAUGE:22 stsand 40 rows = 4" in Garter Stitch. This Panel 5 trim around blanket st becomes the first st of the next 41 square. rep from • to required this needle in your RH. 5. drop 57 CC and with MC cont to pick up Panel 8 15 more sts (1 st for each garter ABBREVIATIONS: s2kp: Slip 2 sts together knitwise to the RH ridge) across the lower edge of needle. 'pick-up and knit 1 st in each st along edge. knit to last st. knit to last st. Leave rem st on Panel 2 needle.Cont working as for Square 1.3468 Orange Attitude (WS)Work row 1 as above.com . with next circ needle. knit to 1 st before marked st.with to LH needle (1 st CO). starting at the lower left edge) and pull through as to make a knit st. m 1. then number of sts.3460 Greatest Green • 1 ball Color E.3409 Proud Peacock Next Row: (RS)Slip 1 st knitwise wyib. 6. Join MC. 28% Rep the previous 2 rows 7 more times. along Square 1's lower edge-35 sts. check your gauge. up along an edge or edges of connecting squares. pick up and knit 1 st in the corner cast-on loop.knit to last 2 sts on needle. 7 and 8 • Color Band E. Join MC. pl-3 sts rem.3456 Emily's Lilac Alternate Colors (shown below) (RS) S2kp. sk2p.3477 Charcoal With RS facing. knit to last st. decreased) . p1. Fold at turning rnd and sew live ststo WSof blanket.3476 Baronet's Brown 25 square so that the left side edge Needles: Panel 4 is at the top and the rem st is in • One pair size us 7 (4. MATERIALS: pl-2 sts dec'd.3438 Noble Nutmeg Panel 3 Squares 2. © Classic Elite Yams www. pick up 1 st in the first CO st ot Square 1 to form the corner sf. remove marker. 3. insert RH needle under Square 1 both loops of next st.5 mm) to work the upper right hand corner. Classic Elite Yarns ridge) across the right edge of previous square to corner. Turning Rnd: Purl 1 rnd.3432 Majesty's Magenta Next Row.5 mm) 33 • Five 32" circular size US 7 (4. ssk.14. Princess by Classic Elite (40% merino. Cont as for After the first square. Purl 1 rnd. 50 gram ball = approx 150yards) • 4 balls Main Color (MC) . CC from the previous square Panel 6 • Removable stitch markers held together. and pick-up and knit 1 st. rep from * 3 more times--8 sts dec'd. under both loops of next edge st Panel 7 Take time to save time. 'insert RHneedle knitwise into firstst of PANEL 2 (worked along the lower edge of LH needle. With RS facing. Cont as for Square 9. pick-up (under both loops) and knit 17stsmore NOTE: Blanket is worked 1 square at a time. "k 1. pick up 1 st in the upper right tip of Square 1.

2008). hrow or blanket. But with Princess yarn's wide color Designed by: Pam Allen range. Classic Elite Yarns Princess has a nice merino bose that is combined with cashmere tor softness and gentle drop and angora for a slight halo. EnJoyl t . of its gouge end fiber content. works best with strong Princess Squares Blanket colors. bothot knit entirely in garter stitch. which makes it just right for any siZe. It positively blossoms after its first hand wash or wet blocking. While this blanket iswritten for a 29" x 29" size.. imagine the possibilities! The pattern calls for Princess not What a sweet way to odd vibrant colors to a room . but because one background arid 6 contrasting colors.a Pam Allen blanket using only because of its 8010rs.Vivian Hoxboro's book Knit To Be Square (Interweave Press. a technique inspired by cozy wormth. The blanket's which contribute to the finished blanket's modular knitting.the pattern is easily adoptable to larger (or smaller) dimensions.

are tapped with hand-cast brass figures representing the abave-named deities.com ta PURL SCOUT To publicize and symbalize this summer's U. prap open a knitting book or magazine.com 12 . com. The ecoconscious team of Kate Burge and Rachel Price cart their wares from their studio in Bellingham. dinosaur and boar are undeniably cute. what's next In SPIN.What's By Faith Hale new. mangomoonyarns. mollaspace. hand-spun wool and wool-blend fibers (below).uk. but it's the sheep we're partial to. a perfect match far the company's funky original designs. Knit Camp at Scatland's Stirling University. event sponsor Jamieson & Smith. saft and shiny fiber. is an unexpected blend af milk protein and say. the pattern for the vest is available at shetlandwoolbrokers. a compelling marriage of farm and function. based in the Shetland Islands. CELESTIAL STITCHING Kollage Yarns' newest yarn. which makes for a strong. this Zuny animal bookend (above) is surprisingly heavy and can hold down a stack of patterns. what's now. Designed by Ann Kingstane using jumperweight J&S yarn. giving new meaning to knitting A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN The Abbey Merino collection-supersaft Italian merina hand-dyed by Iris Schreier af Artyarns in twelve variegated and serrusolid shades-is a fitting tribute to the pastel drawings af an American monk cloistered at a Kentucky monastery (above).com Buddha (the enlightened one) imbue your knitting with a sense of spirituality.K. kollageyarns. A portion of the proceeds fram the sale af the needles benefits educatianal and healthcare effarts far the Indanesian craftsmen wha make them.co. it provides a luxurious drape akin to silk and is superb far transitional garments warn close the skin. to market on bike trailers. KNIT. The lion. Guan Yin (the goddess af mercy) and READ IT AND SHEEP Canstructed of leather and synthetic wool. A PRAYER FOR EWE Feeling a little less than Zen lately? Let Ganesh (the remover of obstacles). REPEAT Gargeaus colors and excellent craftsmanship are hallmarks af Spincycle Yarns' hand-dyed. Available exclusively at yarnmarket. In fifteen pastel shades. Washingtan. which has requested ananymity for itself and its artist. the OK-weight "Milky Whey" (above). or hold open a door. fabulous Fair Isle vest (right). One dollar for each skein said will be danated to the abbey. has commissianed this intricate. These hand-carved sano woad needles from Mango Moon (left).

hiyahiyanorthamerica.com.99. yarn.com.99.com.99. $79. metal. simplicity. $169. $67. $109. $74.50. $99. 2) HiyaHiya Needles. Needle Set.com.95. Interchangeable Circular Needle System.interchangeable needle sets 1) Colonial Needle Company Rosewood Interchangeable_Knitting rosewood.99. 7) Denise Interchangeable Set. plastic.com.95.99. Set. $49. colonialneedle. .99. 6) Skacel Addi Click Needle Set. large Interchangeable Circular metal.com. skacelknitting. acrylic. bamboo. 8) Webs Interchangeable Knitting Needle knitdenise. 4) Boye Needlemaster 5) Options Knitting $59. wood. accessoriesunlimitedinc. bamboo.com. Needle Set. Interchangeable $44. $199. knitpicks. metal.com. 3) KA Exchangeable Needle Set. metal.

raising regional Columbia sheep on ancestral land. For this and other Creative Comfort support items for crafters (gloves. lightweight: our prerequisites for an everyday knitting bag. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon.com BRACE YOURSELF While the best treatment for repetitive stress injuries is rest for your aching joints. obsessive knitters know it's nearly impossible to put down the needles. these flexible wraps and braces. attractive. com. Available in three stonewashed colors that lend the totes a vintage feel. (These sheep are used for both meat and wool-a rare breed indeed. visit Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores or joann. The company has just upped the ante by adding to the line a range of ten gorgeous hand-painted colorways called Trekking Hand-Art Flame. deliver both support and ease of motion.) Explore Imperial's seven different yarns or choose one of the thirty-plus kits that pair yarn and pattern to perfection. With an inside zippered pocket for notions and an outside pouch for easy accessibility. A TREK WE'LL TAKE Skacel Collection's Trekking line-a sturdy blend of superwash wool and nylonhas long set the standard for durable sock yarns. iknithappycom IMPERIAL TRADITIONS Oregon's Imperial Stock Ranch spins low-impact fibers you can believe in. timeless gift. unlike the rigid models of yesteryear. imperia/yarn.I WHAT'S NEW STASH AND CARRY Sturdy. These oh-so-cozy Retro Thrum Slippers make a thoughtful.com. this Canvas Everything tote from Knit Happy is ideal for even your largest WIPs. . pillows and the like). See them all at skace/knitting.

(See the yarn in action on page 64. where hypothermia is often an indiscriminate killer." a rich organic cotton and wool blend in both DK and ~ran weights In a delicious palette. orphaned and abused children.'ds CHAMPAGNE TASTES Knitters have been crazy for Tom Bihn bags since he developed the "Swift" with the help of Knitty. which cares for disadvantaged. We're giving away . Newport. plus the pattern book Midwest Modern Knits. seamstress and kn itter extraordinaire Amy Butler has paired up with Rowan to create "Belle. they're great for carting around non-knitty items as well. tombihn. RI 02840. Soak's cheery new "Carrie" and "Phil" washtubs-cum-totes help ease the drudgery (and free up your kitchen and bathroom sinks to boot). Mail infant-sized hats to: Flying Kites. but in developing nations. soakwash. f. to be sure. For more information.com . from Rowan by Amy Butler. ensuring that no two bags look the same. new is a chic cork exterior that achieves a gorgeous patina with use. but an essential step nonetheless. parents are not as lucky. 604 Thames sr. Visit vogueknitting.com readers five years ago. The latest incarnation of the utilitarian tote has the virtually damage-proof construction. mothers of the country's very youngest citizens are in dire need of knitted caps.org. Flexible and sturdy. most newborns are provided· with warm hats as a matter of course. homeless.com GREAT GIVEAWAY! Fabric designer. twin internal see-through pockets and stand-alone shape of the original. visit f/yingkitesg/oba/.orgor contact info@ flyingkitesglobal. In the chilly Aberdare Mountains of Kenya. which includes sixteen projects ranging from home decor to full-sized garments. Donations can be made through the Kenyan aid organization Flying Kites.com to enter.fun & easy for WHAT'S NEW HATS EQUAL HOPE In the West.enough yarn to make this Windowpane sweater.) A GOOD SOAKING Every knitter knows that an FO isn't really finished until it's been blockeo=a chore.


supple feel. classiceliteyarns. knitrowan. An unusual blend of fibers makes this unique yarn silky-soft." ROWANlWESTMINSTER FIBERS: 50% merino wool. The fibers of this luscious mix produce a subtle marled effect. This combination mates silk with wool.com • "Silk Wool OK. Wool and bamboo make a happy pairing in this versatile DKweight yarn. CROCHET Silk TOO: 70% baby alpaca. 50gl109yds. 15% bison. mingling the warmth of wool with the drape and shine of lighter fibers. 50% bamboo. Available in lace weight (50gl350yds) sport weight (50gl130yds).com PHOTOGRAPH BY MARCUS TULLIS . knitonecrochettoo. 20% bamboo. 35% superwash merino. universalyarn. and louet. 15% cashmere. knittingfever.com • "Wool Bam Boo. 11% SeaCell.beautifu By Renee Lcrion blends Our Top Picks • "Nuna. strength and a little shine: This confection is a gorgeous option for all-season projects." MIRASOIJKFI: 40% wool. 50gl 125yds. 20% silk. Warmth.com • "Mermaid. 42% pima cotton." KNIT ONE." LOUET: 70% bamboo. 40% silk. 50gl118yds. creating a rich. 50gl137yds. 12% silk.com • "MODi. 50% silk. 50gl191yds.com • "Ambrosia." FIBRA NATURA: Fiber fusions are perfect for seasonal transitions. and a touch of cashmere give this lightweight yarn a very soft hand." CLASSIC ELITE YARNS: 50% wool. 10% cashmere.

swing Jacket Trekking 6-Ply by Zitron ~IIII~ ~IIII~ www.skace.Couture Inspire a taste for quality and fashion .co skacel ) .Carefree .knitting. .

love it.Tr~. rep from * for generations to come.Carniva\ Party carnival inspired designs for young fashionistas. IN HANDSTRICK . Knit with Po\o by Zitron. Available through your LYS. wash it. wear it. "knit it. IDEEN ~.

knitpicks.Buy Zeal ana and help save the iconic New Zealand Kiwi bird. _ S.com. wraps and scarves to stop late-summer shivers in their tracks. Zealana Kia Ora KIwI I lace or Fingering weight 40% Fine New Zealand Marino 30% Organic Cotton 30% New ZealandPossum fibre New Kiwi shades available now. or download the pattern at 321 knit. The pattern. which calls for four skeins of "Pure Alpaca. ST. KNIT PICKS This budget-friendly Seasons Shawl kit ($2499 for the pattern and yarn) includes six hanks of handpainted lace-weight "Shadow Tonal" yarn in your choice of two vibrant colorways: Spring/Summer (pictured) and FalllWinter. CASCADE YARNS We love the vintagey drawstring on Cascade's Pure Alpaca wrap. Download the pattern for free after registering at tiliitomas. wearing them in the gorgeous crescent-shaped Mt. Visit nonipatterns. Yarns and pattern booklet will be in yarn shops and at tahkistacycharles. The garter lace is surprisingly simple (it's just a single-row repeat).com." a kid mohair.com ~ KAROnl SANCTUARY TRUST" ltMA.sanctuary.com. Available as a free download at vogueknitting. So pretty. LOUIS.-822-7222 TRENDSETTER YARNS The slinky drape of "Mondial Bamboo" makes it the perfect choice for this quick-to-stitch.org. Great Drapes found the dreamiest Swathe yourself stylishly and seasonably-we've shawls.com. a conservation attraction for endangered native birds. silk and Lurex combo.com for retailers. TILL! TOMAS Knitting with Tilf Tomas's luscious "Pure and Simple Silk" and "Salt and Pepper" yarns IS a treat in Itself. making it a great project for newbies. easyto-wear Bamboo Wrap. 711elillht. this wrap features the striking pairing of "Luna.nz ' z e u i u n (l.ur'HI WOOlyarns the company behind Zealana are Corporate supporters of the Karori Sanctuary Trust." is available as a free download at cascadeyarns. sot: louch 01_ ze81and NONI DESIGNS Up the ante with a sculptural Dogwood Flower Necklace Scarf. it can easily double as a piece of jewelry. but you can try the pattern in any of Trendsetter's novelty yarns to achieve a wardrobe-enhancing range of looks. and "Stella." a silk/Lurex blend.com in late July. MO 314. in which floral elements are felted and stitched to a fabric base. not to mention the subtle shape of the yoke. CHARLES COLLEZIONEI TAHKI·STACY CHARLES One of several garments in the collection's Round Midnight book. Vernon Shawl is true luxury. . Visit www.

etc.com to register. $16._~••• '~~~'~--!1~ ~•• •• n •••• oj.95) is the most business-oriented of the lot.. imperative for crafty professional.".95). if you're affiliated with a charity that accepts hand-knitted and crocheted goods..com is an interactive resource linking stitchers with charities.. These charities can be accessed either by searching by zip code. Likewise.. or by category.~:~~.. Now~:xIc 1110) .. You can also purchase swag there that lets the wider world know that in no uncertain terms.com can accommodate you. marketing and branding. $17.. which include Project Runways first winner..~. it seems a whole lot of people are acting on their impulse..... Most of the subjects. But with hard work and a good business plan.~=~:t. a full 48 percent of all knitters reported stitching a charity project in 2CXl9-Bernat has launched a new website to help you connect with the causes closest to your heart.CQm CARE PACKAGE If you're one of those knitters who ply for charityand.•.4Ie 7S6 6111 wwW..~fIItI!II1!!"'''''~~BernatCares.~ ••• " _0' i 'ret1516S~~660 :. but they're all designers in their own right.. _ . Find the closest knit-in to your home (anywhere in the world) by searching the database or let people know where and when you and your stitching sorority will be meeting. HONING YOUR CRAFT Ever dreamed of chucking it all to become a fulltime knitting professional?Based on the number of books published recently catering to that sentiment.11 ~preadsheetsand apropos advice about building a business from of the ground up-choosing a name. Kari Chapin's The Handmade Marketplace (Storey. how many pieces you need and where they should be sent. lists of tips about how to maximize your charity knitting and even a spot for you to post pictures of your finished items. and vice versa. Beyond connecting knitters with philanthropies... the dedicated website wwkipday. financial outlay.•••. babies and.•. ~ _. $14.. delves deeply into the reality of living the crafty professionallife. knitting is a worldwide rage. and reading about their process is remarkably illuminating. . you can register as such on BernatCares. the site also carries a library of free charity-project patterns. _ ~'-'Q!o. military. World Wide Knit in Public Day-the six-year-old initiative that shows the broader community that knitting is not only still around but more relevant than ever-has been extended from a static. laying out steps to kick your creative juices into high gear even when you're feeling less than motivated.!_~ •. Go to BernatCares. These titles make clear that it's not easy to make a living doing what you love. yes. . taking and fulfilling orders...' . by Mary Beth Maziarz (Hampton Roads... Kick-Ass Creativity..former Knitty Gritty host Vickie Howell interviewed 30-plus creative types for Craft Corps (Lark.95)... anything's possible.~mc . Once you register (for free) as a supporter.~ ! ~. you have access to an extensive database of philanthropic organizations looking for knitted and crocheted items.. pets.~_. chcick~fL. aren't knitters.II1II by Cheryl Kremenlz ~mottareS-.w~ .: Have some free time the week of June 127 Gather some knitting friends..•..~rn:C"om ~:"~:J~ft'" lin' ST_'. e-tailing.:~:~.. ..com to alert knitters to the kinds of items your group is looking for. Finally. health-related topics. If you're either looking for or interested in promoting a knit-in-public event during the week.allowing you to find a charity that caters to your pet cause-human/social services. Jay McCarroll. stake a spot somewhere in public and break out the yarn... takes a more inspirational approach. GOING PUBLIC . according to a brand-new study commissioned by the Craft Yarn Council of America. .~ :. this-is-the-day-to-show-your-pride event to a week-long celebration (June 12 to June 20) that allows knitting groups to pick the most convenient time to get out there and brandish their needles."'Yom5ll<1 Ye!.:.. linking you up with groups in your neighborhood.:••• ~ •• " •• _'0(_ ~..

vatf1$. ~ . "I'm engaging Pattemhe-e the audience unexpectedly by placing knitting in the public environment. Sayeg has designed a knitinspired line of iPod cases (getuncomrnon. then why should wood or bricks. lampposts and other dull urban fixtures in bright swaths of knitted fabric. -:-'.c. which could be used to build housing? Download this "What I do is take knitting out of the traditional context Metissa Leallman and shed a new light on it. Brooklyn's Montague Street Business District called on Knitta.(llIf1il strangers.%Alp c that the name Knitta. 'You should be knitting sweaters for the homeless.. Knitta got around. Absolut Vodka hired Sayeg to cover a bus in Mexico City with knitting and crochet (top).."I'm happy to be an inspiration[for these crews]. She's also in negotiationsto knit-cloak the new offices of a company well known to crafters.." With yarn bombing so much in the news these days...com. "I think it'sgreat. and they posted their tags on MySpace (myspace. a worldwide celebration of knitting for knitting's sake. This spring.. one critique really raises Sayeg's ire: She hates it when people say knit graffiti isn't useful.." Sayeg says." Sayegsays." Sayeg says. yarnbombing. of the Jersey knitters (SaltyKnits. She organized the first knit-graffiti crew. "I'm not so attached to the name Knitta. "It's my roots. Please. other yarn-bombing posses began tagging different cities.comin answer to criticism." Sayeg says.•~ .wordpress. SO. Australia. It's about the connection I can make with at eqscade. The following spring.com/knittaplease)." she says. "It was the simple notion of beautifying my personal world. Exploring that intimate connection is so irnportant to me. .com." Smiles from customers and passersby encouraged Sayeg to take her knitting to the streets. and her public knitting displays are more often commissioned art than covert cps. first aired in December 2009 on the blog onegrandhome.. Please H ndWash that I'll go on using it if it offends people.l. so to speak. so she wrapped some pink and purple knitting around the shop's door handle.•. On their website. Knitta. however. especially in this un-intirnate world.by Kerry Wills Coloring Our World Five years ago. In November 2008. "I did that first piece purely for myself. Please has been Sayeg flying solo.. until the deal is final. While she was there. Last spring. They tagged a "Welcome to Manhattan" sign on the Brooklyn Bridge and a rock on the Great Wall of China (shown right).com/artistl 108) that was lauded on Martha Stewart'swebsite... ·•..com). "People will say. she has many other things on her plate these days. We have named her the founder of knit graffiti. benches. "I SO%Wool just want people to look at my work and be happy. In the meantime.. Prain and lana O'Oro Moore document yarn bombers as far-flung as Nepal and New Zealand." -- :. .• . It was one small act that sparked the trend of yarn bombing.. Yarn Bombing: The Art of Knit Graffiti (Arsenal Pulp Press).adding that she continues to do her own yarn bombing on occasion. Lark Publishing is slated to publish a book of knit graffiti created and inspired by Sayeg in the fall. christened Knitta. a crew of yarn bombers in the New Jersey shore town of West Cape May was garnering international press attention for wrapping local landrnarks in knitting (be/ow). "But if knitting can't be used for art.. they wrapped fire hydrants." recalls Sayeg.. Other festivals and art exhibits took Sayeg through Europe and to Canberra." For the past three years. Sayeg spent several weeks creating large installations at a festival in Rome called II Lusso Essentiale. Knit graffiti spread to such an extent that Vancouver knitters Leanne Prain and Mandy Moore wrote a book about the phenomenon. Please has racist overtones. I had no clue it was going to be one of the biggest things to happen to me in my life. Please to knit-wrap sixty-nine parking meters (top right). where she participated in an exhibit called Soft Sculpture that involved wrapping yarn around pylons outside the National Gallery.. They hid their identities with hip-hop-inspired aliases such as PolyCotN and AKrylik.a1j . I _.so does the risk of notoriety. . Prain says it's clear that the whole movement can be traced back to Sayeg: "She's the first person we know of who knit something and left it on the street for people to find. and under cover of night. Sayeg changed her website name Superfine to magdasayeg.. Magda Sayeg was despairing over the cold steel and concrete view outside her Houston clothing boutique. somewhat wistfully." Still. 50ft Te)CtuNd As her fame grows. its name is under wraps.

by Lee Ann Balazuc Made in Canada one to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge (shown bottom right). as the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) was developing its line of clothing for Team Canada. an agreement between HBC and the Cowichan knitters was reached whereby the First Nations Tribes were allowed to sell their original designs in the First Nations Pavilion and at HBC's Vancouver flagship store. If ever there was an Olympic knitting performance deserving of a gold medal.-e challenged ourselves to knit huge projects between the opening and closing ceremonies. sheep aren't red. using lanolin-rich.com. not to mention an economic opportunity for Sawyer-Smith's tribe. sr In 2008. If you think your Olympic knitting deadline was tight. not the originals. The hearts of Canadian knitters who knew the backstory sank a little as the athletes walked into the stadium during the closing ceremonies dressed in sweaters that showed none of our country's creative pride. a small group of Cowichan knitters on Vancouver Island is walking the talk. The knitters. A nd it certainly was anything but "made in Canada. and while we were cheering "Go. delivering me a comment at . She entered a bid to create authentic Cowichan sweaters for Canada's Olympic athletes. and knitting their love of this craft into every stitch. HBC chose profits over pride. hoped to show the rest of the world that Canada's Olympic pride extended beyond athletics. and when we miss an opportunity to share it with the world in a venue as wide-reaching as the Winter Olympics. One Coast Salish knitter can finish an authentic Cowichan in a day. using design elements in a modern and fashionable way. Why? Money. "classically" decorated with elk and maple Leaf Buifor some of us. right down to our knitwear. The knitters were also allowed to use the Olympic logo for their products-a well-deserved economic opportunity. loosely spun wool that comes only in the colors worn by the sheep themselves (and. last I checked. Gol. The Team Canada cardigans (above). many knitters participated in their own version of the vancouver l17interOlympics. Not even Canadian sheep)... well . it's the look of pride on Emily Sawyer-Smith'sface as she holds up an example of that love. made right here in Canada.Canada. were not only presented to the athletes but sold in retail outlets across Canada as well. We are known for taking our fiber-arts traditions to places they've never been before. totally ready for action. one day." leave fuzzylogicknits. and produced two gorgeous prototypes. It can certainly be argued that tradition will always be modified to accommodate the market's needs. In the eyes of the Cowichan knitters. In Canada last February. and Canadian knitwear design benefits greatly from those modifications.com) did just that-twice. But despite the Winter Olympics' much-heralded connection with the First Nations Tribes. The true Cowichan is knit in one piece. But we also want to preserve our heritage. carding and spinning the wool. But the sweaters that were presented to Canadian athletes were the Cowichan knockoffs. including backup help. Emily Sawyer-Smith (above) of Hill's Native Art (hillsnativeart. She lined up the knitters in her tribe. U'. of course. An opportunity to show off a bit of Canada's knitting heritage to the rest of the world was lost. the Cowichan knitters were passed over for a company that outsourced its sweaters. which imitated the Cowichan style." many of us oohed and aahed over Team Canada's zippered wool cardigans. Eventually. that sweater was exactly the opposite of what we strive for in our knitting. Meanwhile. Yes. we lose something special. If you have news of upcoming knitting-themed events or know someone you'd like to see featured in "Made in Canada. the idea of using the iconic Cowichan sweater-a classic symbol of British Columbia's contribution to fiber arts-was raised.

802. Toft-Alpacas (toft-alpacas. seminars and a convention on Icelandic knitting books and new clothing designs. performance art. above.is.4770 info@makelyams. the bigger. ] [makeyarn one studio MINI-ME MANIA Stitch london. starts spinning the fleeces and in four quick years builds one of Britain's most exciting yarn/fashion houses. you can learn about upcoming farm events and Toft Manor Cottage. . all designed by wunderkind Kerry (her Button Hat pattern. though.ca museum science . it's a bustling online business (thetoftalpacashop. visit nordichouse. Confirm your attendance bye-mailing llrnur Dbgg Gislad6ttir at ilmur@nordice.uk) with a hip line of alpaca clothing. Loops. At Rob and Shirley's linked site. workshops." "Fudge" and Chestnut") spun from the exceptional wool of the Toft Alpacas herd developed by her parents Rob and Shirley Bettinson.co.is.islthe-nordic-house/newslnr!337. a free-of-charge festival to be held from June 17 to July 4. as well as from other organic U.K.Brit Knits by Kristina Sigler CAST ON FOR ICELAND Celebrate the incomparable heritage and futuristic creativity of Scandinavian knitting at the first annual loops: Nordic Knit Art 2010. Denmark's Isabel Berglund and Vivian H0xbro. Knitterati on the schedule include Iceland's Helene Magnusson. ALPACA IN THE FAMILY What happens when the daughter of two of Warwickshire. will allow knitters to immerse themselves in exhibitions. which will take place at the Nordic House in downtown Reykjavik." "Biscuit. what Kerry Bettinson calls her "farm boutique.com) The mini-yon's are due on June 26. and on June 30 they'll be displayed in the brand-new "Who Are You?" gallery as part of the museum's exhibition on human identity. Stockholm's knit-graffiti team Masquerade and San Francisco artist Sarah Applebaum (shown). The Toft Alpaca Shop. For more information.co. is kicking off its new self with an epic Stitch Yourself event at London's world-famous Science Museum.uk). England's foremost alpaca breeders earns her university degree in literature? She takes her vision and energy back to the farm. Everyone. Toft is not just a country-lane concern. the farm's lovely vacation inn. 403. everywhere is invited to knit. patterns and kits. Lodging may be booked at the Reykjavik Downtown Hostel by contacting sirra@hostel. bolder incarnation of the former Stitch & Bitch London club." sells luxury yarn and fiber (just try to resist "Rich Cream. is available for free on the website). alpaca.or herself based on a free 6"/ 15cm "blank body" pattern on the Stitch London website (stitchlDN. crochet or sew a mini version of him.

this lightweight." T ." It's stocked with great stuff. C~lebrating 10 years of helping artisans In Nepal and lndonesia provide for their families and achieve the dignity of financial hey say knitting is therapy. jacket shown in Lime rnang~~lWoan ~.manOmoonyarnS. Stacey Wettstein agrees.' a place where women and men can bond. highceilinged shop. too: Handmaiden is particularly prized. And when customers leave the shop. filled with a bright array of irresistible yarns. I always want them to feel better than they did when they arrived. "But I love color. Attracted by a healthy roster of classes (a few taught by Knit One staffer and frequent Vogue Knitting designer Heidi Kozar).1 g WWW. and great for chasing alc chills. "We do a lot of outreach. The G-20 banner was a riot of color. But the passionate knitter is also the owner of the five-year-old Pittsburgh yarn shop Knit One. Artyarns.biz by Cheryl Krementz Quick knit to wear now! An exclusive design for Mango Moon by Therese Chynoweth. Alchemy Yarns of Transformation. was accompanied by a doggy-sweater fashion show. Pagewood Farm. And last year. And because the color of the recycled content varies from skein to skein." And bond they do. "The stereotype of Pittsburgh is that it's a gray town." says Wettstein. And after her clinical mornings are done. a scheme that mirrors the store itself.COmindependence. I call the store a 'closely knit community. I'm inspired by yarn and by people who create and design with yarn. "In my profession. Wettstein has been kitting up a few of her best-selling yarns with simple patterns and taking them over to the gift shop at the local children's hospital.Knit One 2721 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh. and knitting-related tie-in events (the signing of a children's picture book called Moxie: The Dachshund of Fallingwater. with proceeds benefiting Animal Friends).Knitone. a handspun blend of recycled viscose and nylon with just a touch of stretch." Wettstein says of her huge. your creation is completely your own! Pattern available online or at your local yarn shop Nirvana in 15 terrific shades. with knitting as the medium. Knitted in softest Nirvana. Pennsylvania (412) 421-6666. Sublime. "There's a lot of sofa space. Wettstein is a practicing psychologist who teaches a graduate seminar on psychodynamic theory and practice at the University of Pittsburgh. movie and book clubs." she says. fallfront topper is just the spark of color you want for summer. The therapist in me really likes that. "When I'm here. Professionally speaking. in a number of interesting ways. and Wettstein is anticipating the comeback of high-end novelty yarns like metallics in the near future. Lately. www. when the G-20 Summit convened in Pittsburgh. Colinette and Farmhouse Yarns are among the more popular lines here. as soft yarns are snapped up quickly. that's exactly where you'll find her. bringing some knitting therapy to anxious parents with plenty of time on their hands. I'm on vacation. so I try to make the store as vibrant as possible. you have to be curious about all types of people. knitters also turn out for workshops with designers known on a first-name basis (Sallyl Nickyl Lucy!). twenty shop regulars welcomed the delegates as they arrived at the local airport by knitting up a banner with the names of all the countries in attendance duplicate-stitched on. for example.

$24. rutted rib-ideal plumage for male Homo sapiens not interested in standing out in a crowd. a wry. The author of more than a dozen pattern books of baby knits and the mother of two grown children. Beach Reads If-i? haven't done the market study. this spiral-bound tome is the work of a lifetime and de rigueur reading for designers craving Paden's sophisticated insights. she explores fresh territory as well. 36 . but anecdotal evidence suggests that knitters are also readers. alphabet and nursery motif color charts and cutout gift tags. covering everything from fit and creating beautiful fabrics to handling the math on different necklines. 1 Alpaca and a Shepherdess With a Day Job (Borealis Books. Perry is ready to put a pedicured toe back in the water of life while dishing up must-knits for the single knitterpersonal massager cozies. Marchant not only serves up the current wisdom on brioche knitting. she's created a dressmaker's bible. knitting) warms up the action in Rachael Herron's debut effort. CrazyAunt Purl's Home Is Where the Wine Is (Health Communications. Rather. $13. $14.LIBRARY 4- I 3 tftf I. offers no easy system or gimmick for quickie sweater design. Bliss has devoted enormous amounts of creative energy to swaddling the dimpled thighs and bean bodies of the 3-and-under set. Inside this generous volume you'll find detailed instructions with photos.99). This handy. we thought we'd o. revealingthe subtle details and measurements that can make a handmade sweater runway-ready. 2 Llamas.. By Nancy Marchant (North Light Books. yes. or the alias-"fisherman's rib"---or the fact that the basic moves are called "barking" and "burping. anyone? • Gil McNeil's exasperated heroine from The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club returns this sum- Design It. 2. an amusing living-la-vida-fauna memoir in which lambs think they're children and llamas go rogue. Planting one needle in the past and one in the future. spiral-bound volume also comes with knitters' graph paper. heavily cabled fabrics.99).ffer a short list of knit-lit reads to keep you. Punctuated with photos of her designs and spiked with advice. featured on the cover) sure to whet your appetite for these yummy. but more of an inspirational notebook informed by Bliss's experience and exceptional good taste. and in this second post-divorce memoir. brioche stitch creates a clean. This isn't a nitty-gritty get-out-the-ruler how-to. mer in Needles and Pearls (Hyperion Books. • Flashbacks to 1920s Shetland add magic to Isabel Sharpe's novel Knit in Comfort (Avon.95). Knit It: Babies. Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to llandknits By Shirley Paden (Interweave Press. So with summer approachinq. 3. $40) Have you ever wondered how to design a sleeve cap? Handle the decreases on an A-line skirt? Add lapels? Then dive into this ultimate reference book.95) Bliss knows from babies.99). $27. • Kathy Sletto unravels the bucolic dream in Keeping Watch: 30 Sheep. Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch in which Paden offers an intensive course on knitwear design. Inc. 24 Rabbits. In Design It. "Yes" to comfortable flat seams and to ease-lots of it. clever sequel to the original. while sexual chemistry (and. back buttons that might unsettle a recumbent child and mohair (too easily ingested). drama and romance than you can shake a spindle at. creating hew stitches and a nomenclature for describing this unplumbed genre. with more tsuris.99) Maybe it's the graphic linearity. sharing bits of wisdom along the way: "No" to stiff. Paden. Bliss provides a window into her design process. $24. Knit It. A sequel to her popular Design It. How to Knit a Love Song (Avon. in stitches durinq the offseason. this workbook presents designs that are classic Bhss=-clean and traditional with a modern edge-along with ideas for customizing them with clever edgings. $13. Knitlt: Babies By Debbie Bliss (Sixth&Spring Books. but at its most basic. designer of challenging couture knits. sixty stitch patterns and twentyfive designs (including the striking Book Exchange cardigan and dazzling Geveldak scarf. $1495). satisfying textures. templates for garment shapes. • Laurie Perry is the knitter's Cynthia Heimel. That's not to say it doesn't have its feminine side. embellishments and unusual color combinations." but there's something wonderfully masculine about brioche stitch.

beanies and berets. deconstructs and repeats in modern sweaters. these projects are one-. In this revised edition of Schurch's 1998 book (look for corrected technical errors. Magnusson offers an illustrated history of these inserts. Mittens in Cascade 220 20 Scarves. What's more.000 years ago. Some. The inserts not only made these shoes more comfortable. man mufflers and ruffled scarves. $17. Here they created their own knitting tradition. In the book's second section.and three-skein quickies that can be knit for the price of lunch.com 6. she had to make. two new hat patterns and instructions on how to adapt mitten patterns to caps). like the slouchy hat for girls.i Download this Yvette Silverman Pattern Free at cascadevarns. Edited by Tanis Gray (Sixth&Spring Books.95) Looking at a wall of Cascade 220 is like peering into the big box of Crayolas: Anything is possible. as well as techniques for garter-stitch intarsia. these patterns deliver a fresh and colorful take on traditional knitting. especially when you consider the price and put-up of this classic workhorse. Using geometric patterns and two-color knitting (stranding creates an extra layer of warmth). which tended to be dark or made from natural. Magnusson takes the intarsia rose patterns knitted into the garter-stitch insoles and translates them to modern garments. Offering twenty-six patterns in all. two. Dr. plaid and spotted mitts. they also lent a spark of color to Icelanders' costumes.95) It's hard to believe that the vivid designs included in Icelandic Knitting were inspired by shoe inserts. Icelandic Knitting: Using Rose Patterns By Helene Magnusson (Search Press. $24. You'll turn to this book again and again for speedy gifts.4.$24. she gives us patterns for thirty-five mittens-almost enough for a dowry. are effortless. charity knits and inspiration on deploying the hundreds of colors available in this worsted favorite. But there it is-so move over. There are octopus-motif mitts. like the Triple-Cable scarf. Lollt!ly'Drape Silky with a S".99) Before a Komi girl could marry.60 20 Quick Knits: 20 Hats. vests and accessories for children and adults. The spirit of possibility pervades this collection. three dozen pairs of mittens. See us on: eravelry \. the author tells us about the Komi. are skill builders. Mostly Mittens: Ethnic Knitting Designs from Russia By Charlene Schurch (Martingale & Company. undyed wool.btle Sheeo 'C'H M'Ilfllfl<3 Wool 3~Sllk 5. but bold graphic flowers the author enlarges. among other things. As advertised. . Scholl. others. In the first section of the book. one of twenty-six recognized ethnic minorities in Russia who settled near the Arctic Circle about 1. the Komi developed a striking design vocabulary that Schurch has helped translate and preserve for modern knitters interested in creating dazzling winter knits. How these girls would have loved Mostly Mittens. which were used to warm traditional sheepskin and fish-skin shoes. These aren't twee Laura Ashley roses.

Box-theOr. Work the two sleeves simultaneously. of approx 40 percent [K]' (or 50 percent [K] for little kids whose heads are When you multiply your stitch gauge by the number of inches around proportionally larger to their bodies than "humans. Here are four of many ways to eliminate two stitches at each raglan point. Now roughly calculate the number of percent fewer stitches (90 percent [K]). and knit to Within 3 or 4 sts of the first wrap. psso. [See drawing] birth. for a bloused sleeve. but I am faster with two separate sleeves particularly well suited to hand spinners. 3) slip 1. without them. After the border. 1) k2tog. Sideways garter stitch. knitted more or less simultaneously. and body (maybe knit one plain round to settle down all stitches). 4) slip 2 tog k'wise. begin the raglan shaping right after joining sleeves inch or so to produce a rolled lower edge. seamless sweater. all the excitement is over 6 extra rows) as follows: Knit about 12 sts past the left-front sleeve/body join. and figure how many stitches will remain after decreasthe first stockinette-stitch round above the border. sleeve. After (or duringthe center 2 or 3 underarm stitches and increase on each side of these 40 Y . alter the manner: Knit the body from the lower edge to the underarms. who often have their gauge dictaton separate needles. 2) ssk. to celebrate the centennial of my mother's times (4 or 6 additional rows across back only). Now join the three pieces as follows: way to the neck. mark sleevesto body. I will give you an overview of a few of the shapes from the above list. But. for a hem and increase at the side "seams" as you work your way to the If you'll reach wanted yoke depth before you have eliminated the necunderarms. in the first round of the neck ribbing. There. Set-in 35-40 percent [K] at the upper arm. When knitting down from the top." Please do not cast off the underarm stitches. All When you begin a new project. inch or two plain before launching Sleeves begin at the cuff (maybe choose a border to match the lower into the decreases. kl. k2tog. across the other side of the body and repeat for second sleeve. turn and purl back to the same spot on the other front. knit reasons not to do so. if you will get to the 40 percent uncomfortable wudge in the armpits (and your sweater will not be seamneck circumference before you have less). short rows around the back yoke only. carefully centered above the shaping. Or use a needle several sizes smaller and work plain knit for an essary number of stitches. you are full of enthusiasm. continue knitting around one sleeve. Wrap. Shirt yoke. matching underarm stitches-on-scrapsweater of this type from the top down. increase severely right above a ribbed cuff and Compass. Entrelac. toss that sleeve needle. This wi'11 you have the luxury of changing your mind lower the neck front. there are a number of practical reasons to knit a Knit across body (front or back) and." as my ma used to say).MEG SWANSEN EPS: The Four Tops In a new series of articles. body did. you may want to inject the necessary yoke depth. p2sso. Meg extols the virtues of Elizabeth's Percentage System. work the resulting number to an uneven one so you have a center stitch for EZ's sleeves from cuffs to underarms. marked stitches every fifth round (approximately). k2tog. invisibly eliminate any remaining put 8 to 10 percent of [K] stitches on a length of scrap yarn. and is sleeves on two circs is amusing. Cousin Nalgar. are now on one needle. Or cast on 95 percent [K] ing 8 stitches every other round once the yoke depth has been achieved. Work straight to wanted sleeve length. the key is knowing how many stitches tion of 8 stitches every other round until you reach a neck circumference and rows to the inch you get with the yarn and needles you choose. then begin to increase each side of the Elizabeth Zimmermann toppings you can knit onto an EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System) circular. cogitati ng on the yoke. Knitter's Choice. unite the three tubes and decrease your Phoney Seams on body and sleeves. As With the body. kl. ssk. Lap shoulder. directly cenextra stitches on the top of the yoke tered above each side "seam. and before stitches (minus four sets of underarm stitches) you know it. there are psychological yarn. The first two are examples of pairs of single decreases. right after joining edge of the body) with 20 to 25 percent [K] stitches. This list represents the work straight to about elbow length. and Here is the moment of truth: It's time to they will take even less time to knit than the choose one of the top shapings. but for me. Suddenly. so at this point. You can When you reach the desired body length from lower edge to underarms. however. which requires the eliminawith nearly any properly fitted garment. then you have to slog through the (sometimes) seem'Wrap. You may want to begin quarter of the circumference). use the finished body as a at the lower edge of the body with some kind of ribbing or garter stitch on 10 giant swatch to obtain your row gauge. then increase up to 100 percent in rounds in the yoke. put 8-10 percent of [K] stitches on scrap yarn at Each of the above choices (except Cousin Nalgar) begins in the same each underarm. the second two are double decreases. If you like. Raglan. doing so results in a tight selvage that restricts movement and makes an Or. almost immediately. you have reached your lWDY Most of the shapes listed at the beginning reward: the top shaping. As Let us begin this series with a raglan shape. Hybrid. ed to them by their wool. Repeat from' a total of 2 or 3 Over the next few articles. To prevent the body from riding up at the back. And as you knit of this article require you to work a series of the sleeves and body. Yes. marked underarm stitches to desired upper-arm circumference. knit an a pair of short rows at some point across the back only. you have completed the body. Work 2 or 3 sets of short rows (4 or parts. to fit practically any size. as always. Working both sleeves on one circular needle or two EPS allows you to work with any gauge. the neck would time and again as you soar through the plain cut across the wearer's Adam's apple. or [K] (the key number). Knit straight to needed length. the largest part of the body-usually just below the underarms-the resulting The total yoke depth will be approximately one half the body width (one number is 100 percent. until you have between oke. kt. turn ingly endless body and sleeves. Saddle shoulder.

ssk) and try ssk. or you may have 8 to 10 stitches still separating the decrease lines. *Wrap. But you may want to knit a round yoke with. k2tog. turn and purl back to the same spot on the other front.schoolhouse press. Perhaps you do not want a raglan yoke top for your garment. Because the fabric comes from three different directions to meet at the underarm corners. or slip I. and you can insert a 2. If it does not. Author/designer/master knitter Meg Swansen is the owner of Schoolhouse Press (www. mark four raglan points where the sleeves meet the body.] If the number of neck stitches or the yoke depth is not what you planned. resist that impulse and take a fresh length of wool. put 15 sleeve stitches on one double-pointed needle. ort 00% of stitches at chest circumference. and be consistent at the other three points. except Cousin Nalgar). . cast on 90% [Kl. twist it and add it to the needle as a legitimate stitch. The pairs of single decreases can be spaced apart. knit about 8 more stitches as you prepare for another few sets of short rows. hem. There are plenty of decrease methods from which to choose: You can work pairs of single decreases or any number of different double decreases (turning 3 stitches into 1). In that case. Tip: As tempting as it is to use the hanging sleeve or body wool for weaving.Final neck sts: approx 40% [KJ (continued from page 40) sleeve stitch.or 3-stitch cable between them. Repeat from * a total of two or three times (4 or 6 additional rows across the back only). there is still time to make some adjustments. Repeat the foregoing at the other three ends of the two double-pointed needles. That usually takes care of the problem. some color patterns (which I will describe in the next issue) or one of the others I listed. they will be applicable to the future articles and will not necessarily be repeated. Now decrease 2 stitches at each of the four markers every other round. much closer together across the chest than you may have imagined). cast on 95% [Kl. Or reverse the usual (k2tog. Keep in mind that this is knitting. the decreas: pairs of stitches may meet at the shoulder. Tapered sleeve: Increase 2 sts every 5th round [Kl = Key Number. After finishing the last decrease (at wearer's left front).the 15 body stitcheson another Now. Inc to 100% above rolled edge Dr in pairs at side "seams" as y~u work up the body. Knit on. or work a single purl stitch between the two decreases (a vertical purl will cause the fabric to recede). there is usually a large gap at the beginning and end of the Kitchener stitch. see above) 2 or 3 sets of short rows (which are worked as shown in the drawing. when using pure wool. I-cord. k l. You will now weave 17 stitches to 17 stitches. Just be sure to keep the decreases strictly in line.com). The final move that turns this into a totally seamless garment IS weaving the raw underarms stitches invisibly (this will apply to all the yoke variations. turn and knit regular decrease round to within 2 or 3 stitches of the first wrap. k2tog. sloppy strands at one end of one needle. and notice how the rounds click past faster and faster as the number of stitches is steadily reduced. please save these instructions. etc. The double decrease can be as simple as k3tog (which is awkward to execute) or p3tog. you can work a kind of duplicate stitch around any offending hole and snug it up as you darn in the ends. or slip 2tog knitwise. Toss a coin to choose whether the "marked stitch" will be the last body stitch or the first When you are about 1 inch shy of wanted yoke depth. but you'll eliminate the possibility of distortion and provide a length of neatening wool at the same time. Finish off with the neck edging of your choice: ribbing. further alterations can be made during blocking. pick up one of those large. Inc to 100% in 1st round above lower edge. you'll have extra ends to darn in. psso. This may be obviated as follows: Say you have 15 underarm stitches-on-scrap-yarn. Yes. p2sso. Wrap. More short rows Ribbing or garter stitch. [See drawing at bottom of page 40. Hem or rolled edge. perhaps.

Bind off. Row 1 Knit. Cut 1 piece of netting to 3 x 15"/7.5 x 38cm. k2tog. sew rem crystals to front of tie. run strand through top edges of flowers. leaving a long tail. cast on 7 sts. k1. yo. Work in St st for 32"/81cm or desired length. yo.5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.5cm • Diameter (flower 2): Approx 2"/5cm. k2tog. sew flowers to center of tie.5cm. Knitted Measurements • Length: Approx 32"/81cm • Width of tie: 1W'/4cm Materials • 1 1~oz/50g skein (each approx 181yd/165m) of Filatura Di Crosa/Tahkl-Stacy Charles. 8mm faceted round in crystal AB • ~ydl. sts. k2tog. Finishing Using photo as guide. Inc. "Zarina" (wool) in #1396 off-white (A) • 1 . Row 4 SI 1. kl. Row 3 K3. k4. yo. Flower 2 (make 5) circle. 'Baby Kid Extra" (kid mohair/nylon) in #310 off-white (8) • One pair size 4 (3. sew to tie. cast on 8 sts. yo. yo. Row 2 SI 1.880z/25g skein (each approx 268yd/245m) of Filatura Di Crosarrahki·Stacy Charles. k210g. kl. k2. (yo) twice. kl-8 44 sts. k2tog. Rep rows 2 to 7 eight times PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL AMATO FOR LVAREPRESENTS. cast on 11 sts. k2-12 sts. Rep rows 1 to 4 nine times scallops. k2. Sew ends of flower tog. k3. yo. Bind off. MAKEUP BY LENA FOR MAKE UP FOR EVER . k1. yo. Thread tail through tapestry needle and weave through small eyelets. making knot where flowers meet to secure them tog.5 x 50. k to last 3 sts. k8. With A and tapestry needle and with WS facing. Inc. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. kl-7 more-10 flower 1.NICKY EPSTEIN budding beauties Nicky} garden is in full bloom) with two new original flower designs elegantly dotted with Swarovski crystals} strung on a knitted cord and backed with tulle. Gauge • Diameter (flower 1): Approx 3"/7.COM. k2-9 sts. (yo) 4 times. With one strand each of A and B held tog.25m netting • Sewing thread and needle. Row 6 SI 1. Gather at edge to fit around lower edge of all flowers. tapestry needle more-9 scallops. Using photo as guide. Sew to back of flower 1 through thickness of flower and tie. Make a small knot at each end of tie. yo. k2tog. Finish same as for Row 5 SI 1. yo. Bind off. Row 3 SI 1. k2. kl. Sew crystal to center of flower. p l ) twice into the quadruple yo. • 12 Swarovski Elements. k2. Cut second piece of netting to 3 x 20"/7. Tie With B. Row 2 K3. FIOWf'1'1 Finishing Cut yarn. k7. Row 7 Bind off 4 sts. k2tog. k2tog. k7. Row 4 Bind off 2 sts. yo. fold in half lengthwise and gather edge to form (make 1) With one strand each of A and B held tog. k2tog. (k1. k2tog. Row 1 K3. Draw tail tightly through eyelets to pucker center. k to last 3 sis. pl .

That means that when you. say. the choice straight needles a knitter gets to make each time she starts a sweater (or a sock or a skirt or a hat).I KNITLIFE ToSeamor NottoSeam By Carol J. After investing so much time and effort in creating a sweater. or at least the edges. to knit a cylinder. dpns or two circulars. That may sound elementary. you have the power to remove stitches-to creases while you are making the fabric-instead work deof folding preexisting Round and Round We Go Why do some knitters feel so strongly about sewing seams-or. row by row. the knitter. you are immediately faced with a choice: Do you mimic the sewing process by knitting flat pieces that you then sew together. A to make. The seamstress has no choice: To create a jacket. Mac people and PC people. So before we wade into the deep waters of the seaming debate. you are making a decision that or preference or even of following pattern to creating between very different approaches preexisting flat piece of fabric. you are creating the difference between knitting and use seams to join the pieces. Is one method better than the other. And sometimes. loop by loop." A recent online discussion about whether one particular sweater should be knit in the round or in pieces extended over ten pages as knitters hotly debated the issue. Her challenge essentially. That's not to suggest that one is inherently better than the other. You are deciding or a circular needle. let's first discuss the with woven cloth. stitch by stitch. it is possible to use double-pointed 46 knitters have the option of creating fabric in the shape of a tube. Let's talk about the fa bric itself. some tips from a few of your favorite designers about choosing the method that's right for your project. And most important to our discussion. If you want your sleeves to get wider at the wrists. most don't find the process of sewing seams with a tapestry needle to be quite so fabric over and sewing it to form a dart. the designer begins with a piece of fabric. But the fact that knitters create their fabric as they go along is one of the things that make this needleart unique. or do you create your knitted fabric in the round. several of them. I often look to for guidance. Sulcosk: There are cat people and dog people. a clever knitter figured out that needles. but actually it represents the tremendous In the sewing world. beginning between the way knitwear design and sewing design work. It's easy to forget this very significant sewing. The Construction Zone When faced with a complicated the techniques way garments statement difference seamstress used in traditional are constructed knitting-design dressmaking issue. one has an irresistible desire to wear it right away. not sewing them? Time is one reason. in the knitting world. When you knit an object. When you reach into your knitting basket to pullout isn't just a matter of convenience directions. or is the to-seam-or-not decision simply a matter of personal preference? Below. Seaming is an extra step that delays the gratification of wearing one's project as soon as it comes off the needles. If you want your garment to get smaller at the waist. pros and cons of each method. each has its advantages and disadvantages. eliminating the need for some or all sewing by creating a one-piece garment consisting of connecting tubes? It's worth emphasizing how unique that feature of knitting is. Now consider forming a garment with a preexisting the same garment. a two-dimensional dimensional body. Generations ago. sit down to make a sweater. she must knitting. of the fabric together. more precisely. . you can add stitches where you want the sleeves to flare out. a jacket knows she'll be starting with a is to take that fabricturn it into a garment for a threeobject-and thus avoiding the need to first knit a flat piece of fabric and then sew a seam to create that same cylinder or tube. Another reason is that while many knitters enjoy the rhythmic nature of knitting and purling. you are not merely piece of fabric. there are "seam people"and "knitin the rounelpeople.

can easily be transferred to waste yarn and the waste yarn knotted. or simply dislike the process of doing so. work is easier to do when knitting than when purling. the knitter periodically had to twist the stitches on the left-hand needle. knitted fabric grows as it hangs. thus increasing the tendency of gravity to pull down the loosely knit stitches. Sewing usually doesn't give the knitter the chance to shift into Zen many advantages. you can add sleeves to a garment you thought [at first] would be a shell. at each side with a seam. It's simply a knit in thicker-weight yarns are especially prone to looking bulky. First of all. In her book Custom Knits. needle. For them. silk or cotton." One of my first published projects was a pair of mittens with a ruffle at the Other reasons some opt for circular knitting: wrist. with loops sitting in and on more Although some knitters will freely acknowledge that they aren't especially loops. A related point is the ease with which the designer (or the savvy knitter) can tweak the design as it is being knit. all of your virtue as a stabilizing feature (a very significant advantage. sewing an invisible seam. which may help counteract sag in some stitch patterns. even when knit in the ever placed a sweater on a hanger. which appeared in the join (a tricky proposition. especially close-fitting ones. a knitter is not necessarily endowed" And we all know what happens when we do not like doing a task: We procrastinate. When knitting in the round. is an acwrinkle the nose in distaste. It just doesn't work in the round. which is very frequently a nuisance since knitting in pieces demands certain skills with which factor in certain kinds of projects.soothing. Seams at the shoulders and growing bumps where the hanger arms are. adding bulk and stiffness (not to mention using up a lot of yarn). desire to avoid having a seam in the finished sweater. such as intricate cables or traveling stitches. But wait: There are equally compelling reasons why you mode. thereby avoiding the need to purl back in order to create cuff was worked on straight needles. which immobilizes them. Seams to Me Which leads us to another common complaint about seam sewing: It's too The initial reaction of many knitters to the words "sew" and "seam" is to fiddly. Gray opted for seaming. it was physically impossible to create the ruffle unless the a right-side row. If you knit across the first section of the motif in a contrast • Certain techniques-stitch patterns with complex manipulation on every color. • When the body of the garment is knit in plain stockinette stitch. Designer Stefanie Japel knits sweaters almost exclusively in the round. you have to pay attention to where you're placing the tapestry should not rule out knitting sweaters flat and then seaming them. There is with nothing to stop said loops from giving in to the inevitable pull of gravity. back and forth. Tanis Gray cites her XO cardigan. allowing • When knitting various plus-size garments. since inelastic tion offers a better chance for her to achieve a good fit. how the pieces are lining up and whether the fabric along the seam is bunching or stretching unattractively. I hope I've convinced you of its stair-stepping stitchwork on the sleeves. pulling down finest of yarns. to be sure) or have what many regard as an unWinter 2009/10 issue of Vogue Knitting. before they bite the bullet and finish the finishing. or change the Obviously. But before you dismiss seaming as too much quired skill. that knitted fabric tends to sag. certain techniques simply cannot be done in the round. consider this: All of the knitting designers in my informal poll--€very single one-mentioned the importance of using seams as a stabilizing preferred to knit sweaters circularly because it "avoids sewing-up. making a 360-degree turn. pick it up and see for plenty who are quite capable and who don't necessarily mind the sewing. live stitches lacks the crossing of stitches back to front or otherwise. many of the designers I spoke with believe that certain garment working purl rows while holding two strands. Because of the way it months. • When using a particular yarn-such as an overtwisted or chenille yarnthat has a tendency to bias. but yourself. a swatch will stretch vertically a great deal more than it will either horizontally or diagonally. there are leftover swatch lying around. Stockinette together. By binding the stitches together seam pressing into one's foot all day would drive most people to distraction. Think of a single motif knit in the center of stockinette fabric. no doubt). because she believes that circular construc• When using inelastic fibers such as alpaca. since multifact. to counter the weight of the thicker sure that the fit is really spot-on. Japel notes. the fact that the knitter can try on the garment as he or she knits. it is significantly harder to judge fit this way. likely to sag or appear shapeless. good reason why socks are almost universally knit in the round: The feel of a Seams help counteract that gravitational pull. To create the ruffle. raglans are commonly knit in the round. when you come row. order to mimic it on another. Unless it's knit at an extremely tight gauge who opt for circular construction for other reasons. albeit an unfortunate one. designer _ • When a garment is knit in a lacy pattern or at a looser gauge. particularly true when knitting Fair Isle patterns: Apart from the difficulty of As well. you can help prevent the droop that can occur." While it's possible to pin or baste flat pieces strands . for example-are generally regarded as easier to work in the round than back and forth. is constructed. from the top down. are there other reasons to knit flat and seam? design elements and shaping happen at the same time. so you don't need to take meticulous notes or remember exactly what you did on one piece in You bet. "I love fibers are more likely to sag and stretch. knitting circularly means that they will always be working was knit circularly. Intarsia also comes to mind. and I could only get it to look the 48 . And because you're good looks of a sweater you've worked so hard to create. Likewise. When should you consider using seams to stabilize a Industry irisiders have additional reasons for working circularly when degarment? The designers I consulted listed numerous instances: signing sweaters. a sweater front. Although the rest of each mitten • Some knitters knit faster than they purl. a seam can be downright uncomfortable. then switch to the main color again to finish the round. A garment knit in the round has only loops on loops all the way around. because she "had done some If you've never tried knitting In the round. seaming Fair Isle patterns shapes either cannot be reproduced or are too difficult to make while knitmeans that the knitter will have to match up two sets of motifs at the seam ting in the round. unless you carry the contrast color all the way around the remainder of the • Circular knitting allows for unbroken stitch patterns and designs. If you have a skilled at sewing seams. or hold up individual pieces to one's body or a mannequin. or find knitting more enjoyable than purling. seams can play an important role in maintaining the shape and look of a collar entirely with only a little bit of know-how. And in certain garments. To be sure. You can lengthen or add shaping to an otherwise boxy sweater. If you've Seams bring with them a certain amount of bulk. even years. even though sightly juxtaposition where parts of motifs abut one another. This is round. We've all heard knitting friends One of the hallmarks of knitted fabric is its tenlament the fact that pieces of their completed sweaters tend to sit around for dency to stretch lengthwise. you've seen it grow in length. Larger pieces of fabric are more the recipient to don the sweater and test the fit. to make • When using a heavier-weight yarn. many around to work at the next round you'll find that the contrast color is inconknitters find that holding multiple strands of yarn while doing stranded colorveniently on the wrong side of the motif. Even knitting icon Elizabeth Zimmermann once observed that she work. Even the most beautifully finished seam can sometimes look conspicuous: Think floaty shell in gauzy mohair knit at a loose gauge. Exactly what does "stabilizing" mean in the context of a hand-knit sweater? Two words: preventing sag. or at least a neat one. But apart from their working the front and back at the same time on a circular needle. ple strands of a heavier yarn take up more space. The most obvious? The (we're talking so tight that it can stand up by itselt). Wendy Bernard talks about the way circular knitting enables one to design on the fly: "[When] you're picking up stitches at the shoulder and working down.

you may not see it until you are up into the yoke. the weight of the yarn and gauge). Will the extra time it takes to knit flat pieces Open Knitting & Crochet . because if you are knitting in the round and make a mistake in the fitting.• Many of these techniques. like set-in sleeves.Our Parlor & Porch www. and the sweater One of the rnost fantastic things about knitting is that there are options for everyone. "Unless you have the elusive and expensive wooly board. Both circular and flat knitting are great techniques with their own benefits." Kate Gilbert. Veronlk Avery just finished in which the seams are deliberately the decorative effect of seams has led some designers who effect. It allows me to make adjustments or to tweak fit with a minimum eration when you're designing than expected as needed without having to rip out the back as well." side gussets. mermann's prefer knitting sweaters in the round to create "faux" seams. & more! Visitour website for more details. thorough blocking dramatically is: It all depends." The ability to spot problems sooner rather than later of wasted work isn't the only important consida sweater. "Sweaters are like people-all Start your decision-making process by taking a searching look Central Jersey's Yarn Destination • at your project: the techniques called for. And don't forget to read through the pattern carefully. so So what's a knitter to do? The designers I interviewed agreed that the answer As Tanis Gray points out.) about flat knitting was What surprised me the most about my conversations the number of designers who favor knitting in pieces. choice. tel 561.t~p:. With flat knitting." improves the finished look and fit of any sweater.1225 problems earlier on in the process. Says Chrissy Gardiner: "I think it's irn porta nt for people to keep in mind that there's no perfect or 'correct' way to construct a garrnent. I'd rather knit flat if I suspect I'm going to encounter a problem with the fronts. Finally. agrees: "When I am working out a design. Then you have to rip it all back. seams can have an aesthetic function structure.downcellannet 25 South Finley Avenue Basking Ridge. Designer Kathy Merrick points out another advantage to knitting in pieces: It's generally easier to block pieces to measurement than it is to block an entire llQ. Join us for •. very different. you will usually notice it while working the back. if the fit is off. dinner at an authentic Argentine steakhouse. consider whether the loose gauge? Is the yarn itself stockinette fabric? Distinctive Yarn & Fiber Arts Supplies Glasses for Everyone • project will benefit from the structure and stability that seams provide. Enchanting Collection. particularly and seam them together be outweighed Then consider the value of seams.. desired size and ease.GreatBallsOfYarn. you'll have to unravel only a third of the sweater. like switching to a less drapey yarn. to cornpensate for the lack of structure that searns would provide. Elizabeth Zim"phoney" seams come to mind. It's much less trouble to rework it.:. eliminate excess fabric in the ARGENTINA & URUGUAY upper half of the garment and allow more intricate shaping. fabulous food. rnake a thoughtful you've spent so rnuch tirne and effort creating will fit and flatter you for a lifetime. if you're setting out to make a traditional Fair Isle sweater. We'll then ferry over to Montevideo where you'll dye your very own MALABRIGO Yarn with the artisans at their studio! This fantastic five star trip includes a Tango Night. if you're making a sweater with large intarsia motifs. For example. NJ 07920 (908) 766-2300 Open 7 Days by a finished project that fits better? Don't forget to consider your personality and preferred method of working.com or if you make a mistake in the stitch pattern.To Seam or Not to Seam way I wanted to if I knit it in pieces. or tweak other factors. set-in sleeves-because (continued from page 48) Chrissy Gardiner thinks of certain design elements as "flat features"she believes they lend themselves better to flat knitting. where our friends from ASLANTRENDSwill show us how their alpaca comes to life and where Nicky will teach project-based classes from her new book. Are you using an inelastic fiber or knitting at an unusually heavy? Are there large areas of knitted fabric. As Knit So Fine author Laura Grutzeck put It: "I prefer to knit flat and seam. If you know you'll never finish a sweater that is knit in pieces. even though it is possible to knit them circularly. 1I1~ ~. If your gauge turns out to be different www. the yarn you'll be knitting with (paying attention to the nature of the fiber. a quick look will tell you right away whether the technique(s) you are using suggest one method over the other. Pamper YOllr creativity! . not the entire body. It's much easier to wet-block individual pieces of a sweater. knitting in the round is likely your best choice. historic tours. then by all means convert the pattern into knitting in the round (Jared Flood gives excellent advice on how to do this in Vogue Knittings Fall 2009 issue). saying it gives them greater control over the process of designing and fit by allowing them to see potential Tango. your ability to block a sweater knit circularly is limited to steaming it with an iron. designing a garment in addition to providing exposed for stylistic precise shaping and a method of joinder. charms and disadvantages.651." A good. editor of Twist Collective." Know what your options are. thus creating the highly tailored look that many designers favor. (Ironically. wrap tops.~1\<rr. fine wine and exotic culture! Our journey begins in Buenos Aires. If the techniques don't dictate one particular method.~ ~~ ~ ~ sweater knit in the round. knitting flat is probably preferable.









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travel down the front and md the skirt; picot crochet barthe plunging 'In in "Zara" so/Tohki-Stccy V neck. It's by Filatura Di Charles,

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mystical and organic. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROSE CALLAHAN.Crystals & Purls Fantastical. an art-school graduate based in Los Angeles." opposite) are created with short lengths chosen at random from a hank of Be Sweet's "Magic Ball" that have been knit into garter-stitch loops. the Shadowplayjewelry the concept of hard." this page. metallic jewelry on its end. studied planetary structures before launching the SHADOWPLAYcollection in November 2009 at the tender age of 22. Eye-catching Swarovski Elements are threaded onto the yarn prior to knitting and worked in during the stitching. Goldberg. and "Garden Mapping. "Knitting became a medium I could use unexpectedly in jewelry as a way to achieve a certain look and communicate a new idea. Acclaim was immediate in the fashion world." The two necklaces shown here ("Skin Toned. to the potential of working with natural. HAIR AND MAKEUP STYLED BY LENA FOR MAKE UP FOR EVER . Goldbergworks collection turns Shadowplay's designer Heather with the earthy crystalline clusters into fine yarns using a freestyle technique pieces that mix the ethereal to create beautiful one-of-a-kind Here she shares two exclusive patterns for you to put yom own twist on. Goldberg was attracted. organically sourced and dyed fibers that would imbue her jewelry with the consciousness of their materials and origins. she says.


Whether you're at home on the range or the slickest city dweller.HOW THE WEST WAS KNIT '--~ Ranch dressing at its finest. 64 . you'll fall for our layered style-chic knit toppers branded with a hint of the old 'Vest.

Aran" from Rowan Fibers. See page ) for details.. from it to suit lct vintage garments and essories throughout available ~alin Landaeus. modify r personal style.rico Schlueter sports cabled els that travel up the front es of the bodice. :e works at any length.. marked check pattern. : AND MAKEUP STYLED ~GEBORG FOR AVEDA 11 Size + ." the dsetter Yarns' "Merino knee-skimmer This an l-cord closure and rib deat the sleeve openings.. TOGRAPHS BY ROSE _AHAN.. up in three shades of \my Butler/Westminster front edges are picked gorter-stitch belt. iosite: Josh ve hooded m oversized . Iy side-shaped Knit in VI. knit in a skinny rib that mimics page: A long-line vest . st to ankles.clized Ie Organic Bennett's halfcardigan.

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yoke and sleeves and Moss's erepped is brimming Harding/KF'I.JEAN MOSS With collcr.Knit in "Fleuris" two buttons ana is accented . its bird's-eye-flecked cuffs and hem. with extra-long . Jean cardigan by Louisa It closes with sleeves. with persenclity .

BORN I E GAGNON grandpa cardigan? Gagnon Osborn's texversion is knit in The Company's "Terra" and ble rib details on the button bonds. . cuffs lower border.

SUMMER SPICE ThaLgolden haze on the horizon comes from a crop of yarns in the season's new yellow--a rich." DEBBIEO'NEILL Opposite: Columns stitched in "lifestyle" Collection. PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL AMATO FOR LVAREPRESENTS. HAIR AND MAKEUP STYLED BY LENA FOR MAKE UP FOR EVER . see page 120. which has a slightly sultry feel thanks to a shaped waist and broad V neck.OOM. iscent of a golden wheatfield line up prettily on O'Neill's short-sleeve. sunilowery shade all the better to show off exquisite stitchwork JOAN FORGIONE This page: Allover from Forgione's eyelets wink prettily fitted lace pullover. reminand by Zitron/Skacel tunic. of cables. hip-skimming Decreases in the purl sections between the cables create the A-line shape. It's knit in Tilli Tomas's plied-silk "Plie. For shopping information throughout.


Tt-·_.. knit spo focal coble panel Sf garter·stit fror a solid me a stockinette 'bockqroun To see the back vie» of this sweater and all other sty) in this issue. " A stunning sleeveless tunic. STARATHENA_ a motte shade of "Ccshmerino DK" from Dfbbie on intricate against border. The diagonal-eyelet . visit our websiie. . .·... a texture-detailed yoke counterbalances bock yoke. and. Bliss/KFI.

knit in "USDK" by Knit One. which branch sport details at the edgings. Crochet Too. and simple garter-stitch 23 . The sweater also features reverse-stock! nette sleeves.lOIS YOUNG Young plants a sensational "branching of buds" cable pattern all oyer the bodice her pullover. wrists.

starting at the lovely picot hemline. accented with lacy eyelets. It's delicately accented with an easy corkscrew edging.all with a certain Je ne sais qUOl." The razor-point edging. Here. HAIR AND MAKEUP STYLED FOR MAKE UP FOR EVER BY LENA 78 . PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL AMATO FOF LVAREPRESENTS. 24 Very Easy ERICA SCHLUETER This page: Infused with insouciance.COM. is an elegant finishing touch. AMANDA CRAWFORD Opposite: A short-sleeved cordi in "Kidsilk Haze" from Rowan/Westminster Fibers is worked in a four-row lace pattern. this shawl is worked in a deceptively simple lace pattern in Alpaca With a Twist's "Fino.A iIt& Romance On late-summe nights. six looks in shades of lilac and plW11. lovely lace toppers are de rigueur.

79 .

yarnover by Koigu Wool garter-stitch-striped curls finish the 100 V I 80 . from casual to formal SHARON SORKEN Sorken's free- 26 Size + This page: flowing parachute top is work! in two pieces in a simple fag goting crochet Artyarns' pattern with a singleborder." MAlE lANDRA Opposite: customary colorways Crepe" Designs. It shimmers ir "Silk Pearl. dropped Crocheted Eschewing rainbow her palette fa two coordinating variegated of "Kersti Merino Landra punctuates c shawl witl wraps.~/b Hornancc Airy lace elevates every occasion.


82 . SHIRl MOR Opposite and inset above: Intricate. Knit it in "Mori from Koigu Wool Designs. knit in "Del Cerra" warked by Asian Trends.~'Romance AJluring openwork and pastel purples shoulder the allure of these carefree coverups. YOKO HATIA A candle-flame This page: lace pattern graces Hatta's bell-sleeve shrug. The garter-stitch border is knit separately. It's in ane piece fram sic to side and is seamed at the sleeves. made from flat pieces that ingeniously wrap from front to back. dramatic lacework scallope informs this cropped jacket.

83 .

knit Slip next two stitches knitwise. Circular knitting: Knit one round. work the stitches of the chart. you must change the needle size.5mm 5mm 2 3 en D/3.: cast off) U. shaping and finishing. E/4 F/5 G/6 7 H/8 bind off in ribbing 3-needle 'bind-off Work in ribbing as you bind off.25mm 2. If the number of stitches and rows does not correspond to the gauge given.S. lift the strand between the last stitch knit and the next stitch on the left-hand needle and knit into the back of it. Nil 5 no stitch On some charts. Note: Gauge should be taken over at least 2"/5cm and preferably over 4"1l0cm. "no stitch" is Indicated with shaded spaces where stitches have been decreased or not yet made. Circular knitting: knit all rounds. knit 2 together).K. slip. Circular knitting: purl all rounds. Continue to try different needle sizes until you get the same number of stitches in the gauge. use a smaller needle. (U.5mm 3.5mm 8mm 9mm lQmm 12.75mm 4mm 4.: stocking stitch) Reverse-stockinette Purl right-side rows and knit wrongside rows. use a larger needle. one at a time. Insert tip of left-hand needle into fronts of .75mm 3. For knitters with some experience.: reverse stocking stitch) It. one at a time.75mm 3. yrn) skill levels for knitting 1 •• sizing Directions are given for the smallest size.7Smm 4mm 4. (U. selvage stitch Edge stitch that helps make seaming easier. Knit every row. Insert tip of left-hand needle into fronts of these stitches. B/l METRIC 2. (Knit the knit With the right side of the two pieces facing and the stitches. to right-hand needle. yon. purl the purl stitches.: yfwd. make one p-st With the needle tip.technic ues & abbreviations knitting needles crochet hooks glossary bind off Used to finish an edge or segment. slip. One knit stitch has been added. slip. slip. More intricate stitches. (U . One stitch has been decreased. •••• Experienced 84 . pick up and knit (purl) Knit (or purl) into the loops along an edge. purlwise Insert the needle into the stitch as if you were going to purl it. skipping over the "no stitch" spaces. knit Slip next three stitches knitwise. minimal shaping and simple finishing. For knitters able to work patterns with complicated shaping and finishing.: work straight) yarn over Making a new stitch by wrapping the yarn over the right-hand needle. One purl stitch has been added. knitwise Insert the needle into the stitch as if you were going to knit it.75mm 15L1lm 19mm U.5mm 6mm 6.5mm 5 mID 5.: cast off in ribbing) needles parallel. 1/9 J/lO KilO» L/11 M/13 5.5mm 6mm 6. (U. Two stitches have Stitches measured over 2"/5cm.K.K. slip stitch An unworked stitch made by passing a stitch from the left-hand to the right-hand needle as if to purl.S. then Stockinette stitch stitch Knit right-side rows and purl ].251llm 3.5mm 8mm 9mm l Ornm decrease Reduce the stitches in a row (that is.••• 0 Intermediate wrong-side rows. 2••• 00 Easy VERY EASY listed under a pattern number indicates basic stitches. from left to right. these stitches. knit in front and back of stitch). slip. Knit them together. Knit them together. it applies to all sizes. SIZE+ listed under a pattern number indicates that a garment is sized XXL or larger. Repeat for three-needle bind-off. been decreased. to get more stitches to the inch/ern. In such cases.25mlll 2.25mm 3. work even Continue in pattern without increasing or decreasing. lift the strand between the last stitch worked and the next stitch on the left-hand needle and purl into back of it.K.) (U. etc. An easy rule to follow Is: To get fewer stitches to the inch/ern.K. Rows measured over 2"/5cm.5mm 3. to right-hand needle. the second over the third. 000 Beginner Ideal first project. insert a third needle Into the first stitch on each needle and knit them together. make one With the needle tip. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10){ 11 13 15 17 19 35 cast on Placing a foundation row of stitches upon the needle in order to begin knitting. (U. from left to right. Lift the first stitch over the second. increase Add stitches in a row (that is. gauge place markers Place or attach a loop of contrast yarn or purchased stitch marker as indicated. with the larger sizes in parentheses If there is only one figure. basic stitches Garter stitch purl one round. Make a test swatch at least 4"/lOcm square. Knit the next two stitches the same way Slip the first stitch on the third needle over the second stitch and off the needle. K. 0 1 METRIC 2= 2.

Light Worsted 21-24 sts Worsted. Always follow the gauge stated in your pattern.5-2. knit I. a gauge range is difficult to determine. Baby 27-32 sts Fine Light Medium Bulky Super Bulky lH Fingering 10 count crochet thread 33 -40** sts Sport. gauge ranges. *Knit the next two stitches together in the same manner.K. 2. This Standards& Guidelines booklet and downloadable symbol artwork are availableat: YarnStandards.6-1.three-needle bind-off I. STANDARDS . Baby OK.4mm Regular hook 2. Aran 16-20 sts Chunky. Rep from * in step 2 across row until all stitches are bound off.25-3. Knit these two stitches together.7. pass slip stitch over1 stitch has been decreased slip I. *** Steel crochet hooks are sized differently from regular hooks--the higher the number. and slip them off the needles.com WS 85 .25-35 mm 35-45 mm 45-55 mm 55-65 mm 65-9 mm 9 mm and larger Recommended Hook us SizeRange B-1 to E-4 E-4 to 7 7to 1-9 1-9 to K-10~ K-10~ to M-13 M-13 and larger SI st * GUIDELINES ONLY: The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle or hook sizes for specific yarn categories. which is the reverse of regular hook sizing. openwork patterns. Roving 23-26 sts 6-11 sts 1. knit 1. slip. Accordingly.25-3. SizeRange Crochet Gauge* Rangesin Single Crochet to 4 inch Recommended Hook in Metric SizeRange II II II II II II II Lace Super Fine Sock. pass slip stitch over the knit 2 together2 stitches have been decreased slip 2 stitches together. knit 2 together.: see glossary) repeat directions following * as many times as indicated repeat directions inside brackets as many times as indicated Standard Yarn Weight System Categories of yarn. GUIDELINES 3. the smaller the hook. Slip first stitch on 3rd needle over 2nd stitch and off needle. and recommended needle and hook sizes YarnWeight Symbol & Category Names Type of Yarnsin Category Knit Gauge Range* in Stockinette Stitchto 4 inches Recommended Needle in Metric Size Range Recommended Needle U.25 mm 3. pass 2 slip stitches over knit 1 slip slip stitch (see glossary) slip. Insert third needle knitwise into first stitch of each needle. knit (see glossary) stitchtes) stockinette stitch through back loop(s) together wrong side(s) with yarn in back with yarn in front yard(s) yarn over needle (U. Rug 12-15 sts Bulky.25 mm 2.25 mm Steel*** 6. Afghan. and wrap yarn knitwise.. Hold right sides of pieces tog on two needles.8 Regular hook B-1 21-32 sts 16-20 sts 12-17 sts 11-14 sts 8-11 sts SK2P S2KP sl sl st ssk st(s} tbl tog wyib wyif yd yo * [] 2. ** Lace weight yarns are usually knitted or crocheted on larger needles and hooks to create lacy.75 mm 3.75-45 mm 45-55 mm 55-8 mm 8 mm and larger 11 and larger 5-9 sts 000 to 1 1 t03 3 to 5 5to 7 7 to 9 9 to 11 RH RS rnd(s) SKP 32-42 double crochets** Steel*** 1. Fingering. Craft. FOR CROCHET AND KNITTING knitting abbreviations approx beg CC ch em en coni dec dpn foil g inc k kfb Ip(s} m mm MC Ml Ml p-sl oz p patts) pm psso rem rep approximately begin(ning) contrasting color chain centi meter(s) cable needle continu(e)(ing) decreas(e)(ing) double-pointed needle(s) follow(s)(ing) gram(s) increas(e)(ing) knit knit into front and back of stitch left-hand loop(s) meter(s) rrnllimeterts) main color make one (see glossary) make 1 purl stitch (see glossary) ounce(s) purl pattern(s) place marker (see glossary) pass slip stitch(es) over remain(s)(ing) repeat right-hand right side(s) round(s) slip I.s.

12)"/25. 100) sts. when piece measures 41/z"/lI. then rep rows 18 until piece (45. work first 4-st rep (sts 2-5) II (12. kl ] 8 (10. p4. 7) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Rep rows I and 2 once more. work row 3 of cable rib pat over next 12 (16. 12.5. El p on RS. 14) RIGHT FRONT Cast on 48 (52.5)cm • Length 78. sl marker. cast on 25 sts. Pocket placement Next row (RS) Work row 3 of cable rib pat over first 8 (8. Bind off 5 (6. kl from en. work first 4-st rep (sts 2-5) II (12. Cont to foil chart in this way through row 8. TAKE TIME TO CHECK STITCH GLOSSARY 3-st RPC SI 2 sts to en and hold to back. end with a RS row. then every other row 6 (7. k2. Pocket placement Next row (RS) Kl. then work 1 row more. rib pat row).5)cm • Upper 45. 31)"/68. p3. I. 14) times-76 Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Beg with st 1. Row 1 (WS) P3. 9. 66) sts. LEFT FRONT Cast on 48 (52. 55.5. AT SAME TIME. Cap shaping end. 6. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. Rep rows 1 and 2 once more.8. kl. rep from Kl. BACK Cast on 73 (81. p on WS WS J 0)"/20. Row 1 (WS) KI. rep rows 1 TOW ••• 0 38 (43. pm. k5. 9) times more. (front). Inc. 57) sts. until piece measures end with a WS row (same as for left front. inc I p-st each side every 0 (3. cont to foil chart in this way to cable rib pat row). 8. 8 6 4 2 " -. k on I:?EKI 3-st RPC 1$* 1 1 1 1 1+'%1 l/jY/f 1 1 1 1 1£4"1 10-s1 RPC I O-sl LPC 86 . 56. 6. 7) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 65 21 pieces to measurements. sl marker. 9) times more.48. *kl. prn. SLEEVES Cast on 49 (49. k l. 41. end. Row 2 PI. 7) sts at beg of next row.10) sts once. sl I knitwise marker each row. kl. 10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. work first 4-st rep (sts 2-5) 4 (5. k5 from en. 1 (WS) KI.5. Row 2 times. 9) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 122. measures 18 (18. end with a WS row.INSTRUCTIONS 1 LONG CARDIGAN Standard Designed fitting long coat in cable Sized patterns. MI p-st. until piece • Cable needle. sl marker. 75. 6. Keeping front edge as established. 14) times. (84. Work even until approx 10 (10. place next 25 sts on holder for pocket. end with a RS row. cont in cable rib pat. Row *pl. 8. Dec I st each side on next row. Place rem 24 sts on holder for right front neck. Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Beg with st I. 13. Place rem 28 sts on holder for back neck. 12. work first 4-st rep (sts 2-5) 12 (12. 12. 291h. to end. Armhole shaping Bind off 5 (6. work to end. 7) times. 9.5 Row 1 (RS) Beg with st I.5. 53)"/96. p4. 42 sts s. *pl. for Xby Lutz and Patmos. Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 4 rows. work to end. then work I row more. GAUGE. 8.5. 17. Montana (wool) with row 4. 11. when piece measures 41j. Place rem 24 sts on holder for left front neck. rep from wyib. then every other row 6 (7. 56. Medium. Keeping measures cast on 25 sts. (40. sl marker. work st 52. sl marker. 5)"10 (7. pI. pm. -c s-. [pi. 12) sts. 13. 43."/ll. work 42 sts (sts 6-47) once.9) even times more-52 armhole until measures (56. AT SAME TIME. Shape shoulder as for left front.ozll00g 130ydI120m) Charles. Work 8 (8 I/" 91/" " s. 14) times. 59) sts. cont to foil chart in this way to row 4. 12:5)cm 0 (2. p9.5 (21. then 6 (7. rep from rep from Set-up 30. p5. rep from rep from ann 15 (16. p l . end with a WS row (same cable rib pat row). II) 31j. 43) sts until piece measures same length as back to shoulder. kl. plO. MI p-st. Work even on 36 (38. pm. 20)"/45. pI. 6. Row 2 PI. end with a WS row. rep from * to marker. kl. Cont to foil chart in this way to row 4. then 6 (7. end with row 2 of cable rib pat.5)cm. sl I knitwise 5251 4847 wyib. Armhole shaping Bind off 5 (6.5)cm from beg. I) times-49 piece (25. *kl.5. cont in same length cable rib pat. wise wyib. 3 sts at KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (closed) 134. kl . p5. 3 sts at front edge as beg with row 4. 14) times.5cm from beg. 24. 41. 7) times. 8.28. 62. 43) until piece measures same length as back to shoulder. 5. Row *pl. sl I knitwise rep from (same cable rib pat row as back to underarm). Bind off rem 9 sts. 97) sts. 25. * to end. sll knitwise wyib. Row 2 PI. kl. Keeping 3 sts at front edge as established. place next 25 sts on holder for pocket. sl I knitTOW in size X-Small/Small on pages 54 and 55. 9) sts once. (53. [pI. stitch holders and stitch markers GAUGE 13 sts and 15 rows = 4" / I Ocm over 4-st chart rep (slightly stretched) using size 13 (9mm) needles. Small/Small. *kl. AT SAME TIME. FINISHING Lightly block seams. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. 19. Dec I st from armhole edge on next row.5)cm MATERIALS • 7 (8. then pI. end with a WS row * to * I (WS) KI. Dec I st each side on next row. 13. end with a WS row (same-table Shoulder shaping * to * to end. pI. Shape armhole Work even on 36 (38. Large/IX. kl] 8 (l0.5 51)cm from beg. * to end. then row I once.5 (109. k2. - ~ y. then Beg chart pat I once . 48. *kl. 92. Slipping marker each row. (70.~ 7 5 3 <. kl. then row I once. "-~ 4-st rep 4-s1 rep o Stitch Key k on RS. 2X and shown Shoulder shaping Bind off 6 (7. end with row 2 of cable rib pat. * to last 3 sts. wyib. 6. Ml p-st. Sew shoulder row (WS) Kl. Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Kl.5cm from beg. pI. gray • One pair size 13 (9=) OBTAIN GAUGE needles OR SIZE TO of Tahki hanks (each approx in #003 light Yarns/Tahki-Stacy 27 (27112. same length as back to underarm. 89. beg end 3 sts at front edge as established. work 2nd 4-st rep (sts 48-51) 4 (5. 16. 60) sts. .5 measures Bind off from armhole edge 6 (7. Slipping work st I. as back to underarm. sl marker. rep rows I and 2 once more. 20) sts. 12. *pl. sl marker. then every other row 6 (7. 60) sts. Work next row even. and 2 once more. Keeping established. IO-st RC (LC) SI 5 sts to en and hold to back with a WS row (same cable rib pat row). 53. 9. 18)"/38 4. kl.

[k I. 27. GAUGE. 50.10'('. 4)"17. II. Small. rep from '""' <'1 '" e ~" 00 -s: 1 (RS) KI. 36) sts until piece measures ~ 19 (21'12.• :. TAKE TIME TO CHECK ~ e 00 BACK 6N 0. work rem sts in seed st until piece meas- ures same length as back to shou. then rep rows 1-4 four times more.5cm once more.5. k2 needles. pm. 54) sts.5. 3-st LPC SI2 sts to en and hold us front.10.44. pl . Medium. 23. 4. Next (dec) row (RS) Kl. 36.14. work to marker. cant in cable rib pat to row 4.5. p I] twice.6. p l. k2tog. 53. cropped jacket with 3/4 bell by Lutz and Patmos. (same pat row). work double seed st to end. work in I X. *kl. 34.5. kO (I.5. IO)Cll1from beg. 21. Beg with row 1. end with a WS row. I I) times. prn.5)cm from beg.0. 3'12. chart pat. prn. c-. end 2 " -" 00'- 1 10 sts o sts at beg of next 4 rows. (7. when piece measures 3 (3. then every 3"17. then rep rows 1-20 for pat. beg with row 11.5cm. 34. pi. 8. 16.10. p l ] 6 (7.9. p l . " "- - * in row 1 of double seed work 10 sts in seed st to row sl marker. Beg with row 3. in #1007 gray wolf . k2. cant in double row shown in size X-Small on page 55 and 56. Work even on 26 (28. Set-up (WS) PI.5 (33. k2. 4. RIGHT FRONT Cast on 19 (21. 11. * to end. place 25 sts from pocket holder back to LH needle ready for a RS row. 54.22. *pl. Bind off in pat sts.5. 191/'. kl .53/4)" 1" 6O' 0.22. in place.5. sl marker.1.- 7 5 3 end. 11!. cant in double seed st until piece measures same length as back to shoulder shoulder 13. 18)" 12 10 8 " 7. 0) work row I of double seed st to marker.' 31h. 17'12)" 15 (16. pi from cn. * to end. Fold each front edge to WS along sl st and sew in place.)"/48 (49.5'/4.9. Large. Place rem 11 (II. 43)cm MATERIALS • 8 (10. pI.13.5. p2.Cable needle • Stitch holders and stitch markers GAUGE SLEEVES Cast on 30 (32. 8. Next 2 CROPPED JACKET Close-fitting. end with a WS row. 00 .10'12. row KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (closed) 32 (36. Sized for Place rem 18 (18.40. Work even for 3"17. 4. Shape 15) 3 'hozil OOg hanks (each of Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky as for left front. kl . 87 . I" 6- (multiple Row of 2 sts plus I) k l . [kl. Set-up (WS) [PI. 23. 0.5.13) holder for left front neck. 8.13. sl 1 knitwise wyib. Keeping 3 sts each side in pat as established sts between markers and center 20 in St st. 0. kl. [k I. 4. II) times.17. 29) sts. 2X and Cast on 19 (21.One pair size 15 (10111111) needles OR SIZE TO OBT AlN GAUGE . tben 2 (4. rep from * to end. kl. Next row P2. 58. Dec I st each side on next row. r-. 6" 3'12 (4'/4. 28)cm from beg. pm.5.5)cm .7) times. Shoulder shaping Bind off from armhole edge 3 (3. 122. from cn. 132)cm <Length 19 (19'12.lder (same double seed st pat row). Beg pats Row 1 (RS) Beg with pO (1. work to last 2 sts. k2 from cn. On WS. Place rem 11 (11. with a WS row.4. I.. work to last 3 sts.5 (7. "" . Set in sleeves. 17)"/30. N LEFT FRONT 6- Rep rows 1-4 for double seed st. Cant to fall chart in this way through piece measures (44. 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Work even until 17 (17'/'. pI. 6 4 " - work in double -" 7 __ . 40. k2.' f. 32. kl]6 p6. 11)"/25. I). Cant to foil chart in this way through row 20. sl marker. work in cable rib pat over next 20 sts. Rows 2 and 4 K the knit sts and p the purl sts.4. 23. Designed X-Small. Sew side edges of pockets place. then 24 sts fr0111 right front holder on LH needle-76 row (RS) K2. DOUBLE SEED STITCH k2.14. 42. *kl. 26. 4-st LC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to front. 46. Row 3 PI. ~ Stitch Key ~ ~ ~ 3-stLPC 4-st RC 4-st LC konRS. then work 1 row more. end with a WS row. 38. AT SAME TIME. 13) sts on holder for right front neck. 4. * to end 20 18 O' 0. 0. ssk. Cap shaping II.::_ end with a WS row. 6) sts once. end with a WS row. 9. 26.Upper arm 12 (13. [kl. 48.1. k20. 35.15)" 20. 4. 25.5.5. then place 28 sts from sts. [pI.9. Pockets With RS facing. N ::d r-.5. pl]6 Beg pats Row 1(RS) Beg from st. 9.22) for back neck. k2 from cn. 54. 4-st RC SI 2 sts to en and hold to back. p6. 30. Sew side and sleeve seams . sew cast-on sts from placement in pocket twice. times.5. 16'/'. kl]5 (5." ~ 3/. 23'(." 14 (15. 14 . pm. then rep rows 1-20 for cable pat. 8 sts and 12 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over double seed st using size IS (10nun) STITCH GLOSSARY 3-st RPC SI I st to en and hold to back. approx 45yd/41m) (alpaca/wool) 15. p l . pm. 21'12. 10.14. 12. 59. p l . Shoulder shaping 13 (13.6. p l . Bind off in rib. kl. 26'/')" 10 (10. 5) sts sts on ••• 0 (91. work chart row. 4. 5. 40) sts. 28. sl marker. Set-up (WS) K 0 (I. 17 15 13 11 9 00 c. rep from row 1. 24. 19. 25. Set-up row (WS) PI. 27.11) row (7.0.5) El then 2 (4. sleeve.21.5 (25.ponWS p on RS. k on WS 3-st RPC Bind off 3 (3. rep from BACK Cast on 34 (38.Collar With RS facing. 4. 38. cable rib pat. 19 '" 0. 11. pi. 18.5.21112)"/43 53. 29) sts.?. 13. end with a RS row. place 24 sts from left front holder on LH needle. P I] twice. 4. 49. *kl. Beg with cable rib over next 20 sts.48.52)"/81 101.10.5. LEFT FRONT sts on holder back neck holder on LH needle.7. then rows 1-3 once.::'- 16 " 7 __ "" c-.1). sl 1 knitwise wyib.

13) sts of left front neck-39 11. [dec rows [kl. pI. place 18 (18. 23. row (WS) KI. pi) twice. pI) twice. k2.20. 8. 18.. (39. ures same length as back to top edge. Place sts on holder. k3-61 Set-up (67) sts. Rep [dec rows (l36. k2tog.. cast on 56 (62) sts. 47. Sew side and sleeve seams . [kl. 88 .t::.. 3-st LC SII to en and hold-to front. kl . II. Change to larger needles. pi." 0. 24. 21. Bind off rem 6 (8. work sts 26-38. pm. 8.Rep these 2 rows 3 (3. 4-st RC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to back. 3-st RC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to back. chart in this way through row 16. pI) 9 (11) times. p2) 12 (14) times. cast on 135 (147) sts. 6'12.16. N N '" ~~ BACK Sf 00. for 5'12 (6)"114 (15)cm. MATERIALS 010 108yd/99m) o row. pm. kl.. k2)12 times. MEASUREMENTS (72)cm (48)cm hanks Alpaca (each approx holder on LH needle--40 Bust (closed) 48 (533/4)"/122 Length 26'(' (28'12)"/67 Upper arm 18 (19)"/45. Next (inc) row (RS) PI. pl . kl. kl.5)cm I and 2) II (13) times more. k12.5 (12) 3'/'oz1l00g of Misti Next row (RS) Cont in pat over II (II.5cm. k l. work first 3-st rep (sts 2-4) 12 (14) times. TAKE TIME TO CHECK . 10. pm. then cont in donble seed st over last 8 (8. then rep rows 1-16 for cable pats. pm. pi. work sts 5-17..5 (28)cm. ::: :::::- . 6. Armhole shaping Next row (RS) Bind off first 5 sts. k2 from en. kfb Inc 1 by k into front and back of next st. kl. Small/Large by Lutz and Patmos. 10. kl from en. end with a WS row. 6'12)" . Rep last from left front holder on LH needle. (14) p12. Rep rows 1 and 2 once more. 10) sts of back neck. pI. rep from * to last 3 sts. kl) (38)cm from beg. k5. 6-st RC SI 3 sts to en and hold to back." * to end. RIGHT FRONT With smaller needles. work sts 26-29. pi. pi) twice. Next row Work to last 4 sts. kl. "EFT FRONT With smaller needles. pm. 10. 8'12. kl. kfb) 3 times. [kl. 4. *pl. Keeping center 6 sts in reverse St st. 20. 13. Beg chart 1 Row 1 (RS) Beg at st I. Next row Work to last 3 sts. kl. kl .• :. *kl. [kl. Cont to foil :=: - . p16. 9. kl) twice. Row 2 K3. Change to larger needles. Work even until piece measures same length as back to underarm. kl. GAUGE.. Sew 3 MID-LENGTH CARDIGAN Oversized. *pl. end with a lX13X and shown in size on pages 55 and 57.: '" N N ~ . Bind offin pat. k2tog. ~ 0. 39.5 and 6mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN o 47) sts. work to end. 10.. pi. stitch holders and stitch markers between markers. block seams. 6. then dec row 1 once. place II (II.. k2 . 12'/'. 8. work 3-st rep 9 (11) times. p l. 13. STITCH GLOSSARY 2-st RC Sll to en and hold to back. then dec row I once-76 measures ll.19)" "onli! L:J~ '" o Row 2 KI. 8)" ~ (8.. k2 from en. pm. pl-140 Set-up (152) sts. 6'12. work to end. kl. kl) 12 (14) times. [k2. pm. rep from * to end. II. ~ 14(15. work 2nd 3-st rep (sts 39-41) 12 (14) times. k3. o GAUGE 20 sts and 21 rows = 4"/IOcm over 3-st chart rep using larger needles. II'h. 22. then row I once. Next (inc) row (RS) PI. Dec row 1 (RS) [Kl. Rep last 2 rows once more. 4. kl. [pi. 7. Work LEFT FRONT from en. ki. pm. Next row [PI. k2. p2. work 8-st rep 5 times.17. kl ] twice. ~ ~. p12. Armhole shaping Bind off 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows. [kl. [PI. Row 1 (WS) PI. p2)9 Beg chart 2 lot [ • . 6. [kI. 22. Cont to foIl chart in this way through row 24. Row 1 (WS) KI. kfb) twice.. 48. pm. k3. k l . ssk. 48) sts. Work even Mark beg and end of last row for end of shoulder edge and beg of neck extension.. k3. work 8-st rep twice. kl from en. pm. 5) times more. mid-length Designed jacket with pockets in cable patterns. work next 2 sts tog.. BACK With smaller needles. Row 1 (WS) P3. Rep I and 2) 8 (J I) times more.. p40. work to end. 48. p2tog tbl. end with a WS row. work to last 6 sts.. 4-st LC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to front.18. 40. Work even for 5"/12. 8. rep from * to end. Mark beg and end of last row for beg of shoulder edge. 6-st LC Sl 3 sts to en and hold to front. Cont in double seed st for 5 rows. work to end.:. II (II. pi. 10. work to last 6 sts.. 13'/'. pi. k l . pm. then first 8 (8. 22) sts from back neck holder on LH needle. 9'12)"/18 (19. 6. kl. Next (dec) row (RS) Kl. 22. kl. k2tog. pi.5 WS row. (II) times. pi) twice. then over II (II. k3 from en. 4 (5. pm. 24)cm down from shoulders Sew sleeves to armholes on back and fronts. ~----- Row 1 (RS) Beg with st 1. 5. kl. k2 from cn. work sts 5-17. kl. 10. bind off 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows. Work even until armhole 10 (11)"/25. Rep rows 1 and 2 once more. 47. [kfb. then rep rows 1-24 for cable pats. •••• KNITTED o o o 2 rows once more. l3) sts from right front (40. Dec row 1 (RS) [KI. p l . Row 2 PI. 2" ~ NOTE Pockets are made from top edge to lower edge. cast on 56 (62) sts._ ~ +--. Rep rows 1 and 2 once more. pI. rep from even as established on 34 sts until piece meas- 9'/' (10'/'. 14'h)" . 26)" 4 (5. Place markers 7 (7'/2. k l. k12. pi. p3. p l ] 12 (14) times. end with a WS 13. pi) twice. k3 ". 5'/'. (8e) sts. Bind off in pat. *pl.. 13. Dec row 2 (WS) [PI. [p2. then row 1 once. kl.. 2-st LC SII to en and hold to front. 12) sts. pl . then row I once.5. Work even until piece measures 14 (15)"/35... Change to larger needles. l3) sts twice. row (WS) P3. Next row Work to last 4 sts. pI." k l . pieces to measurements. 8)" r-. .. [k2. :=: 5'/' (5'/'. '" N I '" '" (dec) row (RS) KI. p l .~. *kl. rep from * to marker. :i 0 C16 (18. 13. [k2. pm... Next 0. work st 42. 10. FINISHING Lightly shoulder Collar With RS facing. Sized for Small/Large.5.. l3) sts of right front neck. p7. p2tog. 7. work to last 4 sts. 10) sts of back neck. end with a WS row. p2tog. kl. *kl.. [kl. k3. kl from en. rep from * to end. GAUGE Chunky (baby alpaca) in #403 charcoal One pair each sizes 9 and 10 (5. pl) twice.. Work next row even. k2tog. 13. Spare size 10 (6mm) needle (for 3-needle bindoff) Cable needle. l3. Dec row 2 (WS) Work to last 6 sts. 10. then dec row 1 once. k5) 5 times. l3.

kl] 9 (II) times. 11 9 18 16 14 12 10 - 19 17 15 13 "" /' x /1 1/ -.. /' 7 5 14 I -c 12 10 13 11 . then dec row I once. pI. Row 2 PI. pi. Next row PI. work to last 4 sts dec 4 sts evenly spaced. pi. pm. kl../ x /1 . p3./ " /1 . pi. *kl. k l. ssk. [p I. pi. work to end. Beg chart 3 Row 1 (RS) Beg with st 13 and work to st 25. deSl as dec row 1--42 LEFT POCKET With smaller needles.. ssk. " 1/ \\ . then dec row I once-50 sts. pI. work first 3-st rep 7 (8) times. Row 1 (WS) KI. cast on 29 sts. kl. Rep rows 6"1J 5cm from beg. work to end. cast on 29 sts. pi./. work to end-34 sts. pi. k2tog. (8) times. kl._ 23 21 19 rn ~ ~ ~ ~ 2-sIRC 2-5t LC 3-sIRC 3-5tLC 4-stRC 4-5!LC CHART 4 20 3 -st rep . Armhole shaping end with a RS row. Work even until piece measures same length as back to underarm. kl. ssk. k2]9 (11) times. Cap shaping Bind off 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows. work 8-st rep twice. Bind off. pI.. Dec row 2 (WS) PI. rep from * to end. pI. work to last 3 sts. 24 top of sleeve between markers.. kl. row (WS) Kl. pl . k1. Change to larger needles. ssk. kl]5 kl. then dec row I once. kl.. K on RS. [PI. then rep rows even until piece 1-8 for measures * to end. y" 8-5t rep z-. pi. pm. CHART 2 15 13 -. Beg chart 3 Row 1(RS) Beg with st I and work to st 4. SLEEVES With smaller needles. p1. pi. /1 1/ 1/'\\ \ _ _ -c " II x /1 1/ _ . kl. kl . k I. *pl. [k I. p56. p7. k2] 3 prn./ <. *kl. pl-61 Set-up kl. row (WS) KI.. pl--44 AT SAME TIME. pm. 22 20 23 y 12 10 II " . p2tog tbl. work sts 13-25. k51 inc 5 sts evenly spaced. 5 3-s1 rep o Stitch Key 24 22 CHART 3 k on WS 3 -st rep 8 6 4 2 /. 3-s1 rep 2S '-- 8-s1 ren - 4 89 . Cont to work same as left front. Cont to foil chart in this way through row 23.. pm. k l . pI. [kfb. Next (dec) row (RS) Work to last 5 sts. . 8 3-st rep 26 "" rep 8 6 c-. [p2. Cont to foil chart in this way through cable pats. -c . work 8-st rep 7 times. *pl. rep from Row 2 PI. Bind off in pat. k I] twice. p l. kl. p2tog. I and 2 once more. st from each side same 1 and 2 once more. kl. Rep rows * to end. Cont to foil chart in this way through row 24. FINISHING Lightly block pieces to measurements. pI) 7 (8) times. kl.. p on WS El P on RS.Next (inc) row (RS) K3. Dec row 2 (WS) [PI. p2tog. kl./. rn . 9 7 5 3-51 rep . kl. row (WS) KI. p2. (67) sts. work first 3 st rep 5 times. end p2tog tbl. Place 34 sts from left front holder on larger needle ready for a RS row. . . Next row PI. Rep last 2 rows once more. pi. * to end. work 2nd 3-st rep 7 (8) times. k2]7 Set-up (8) times./ 8 6 4 2 " . k l . rep from * to end. pI. RIGHT POCKET With smaller needles. Dec row 1 (RS) Work to last 6 sts. II /1 " x . Row 1 (WS) KI. c-. rep from sts bound off. work to last 4 sts. . pI. Rep rows times. work to end. kl. p7. 7 5 3 1 _ 42 ._ -c 1/ /. join neck extensions off. [pi. Change to larger needles.. Next (dec) row (WS) sts. [ktb. Work row 8. Rep last 2 rows 2 (3) times more. Rep [dec rows 1 and 2) 7 (8) times more. Next row [P I. Sew side and sleeve seams. work 3-st rep 9 (II) times. then rep rows 1-24 for cable pats. kl. kl. pi. twice. end with a WS row. With RS tog. 7 S 3 I . k l . Next (inc) row (RS) PI./ 3 J 8 6 4 2 29 9 I I$d±H\\ I 6-51 RC II!t"i±±J!!I 6-s1 LC 16 - " " -. PI. work to last 4 sts. kl. k1. k l . *kl. pi. Beg chart 4 Row 1 (RS) Beg with st I. \\ . pi-IOO (106) sts. Change to larger needles. work st 29. bindto top edge of back Set in sleeves. p16. Position left CHART 1 16 14 II . Y:. kl. Next row Kl../ 18 16 - y :>0 -. [p2. work st 16.' J7 15 . y 11 /. work to end. k I] twice. Cont to foil chart in this way through row 23. kl... cast on 95 (10 I) sts. pI. prn. k l . 21 -. Bind off in pat. work 2nd 3-st rep 5 times. p7. p2) 7 (8) times. k l. k3. *pl. p2tog tbl. place 34 sts from right front holder on larger needle ready for a RS row. pi. kl] 1 and 2 once more. [p2. then row 1 once. work sts 5-17.. shoulder edge Next row (WS) Bind off first 5 sts. Row 1 (WS) KI. kl.. rep from Set-up row (WS) Kl. Beg chart 2 Row 1 (RS) Beg with st I. Dec row 1 (RS) KI. times. Sew neck extension between neck extension centering using 3-needJe markers. kl. kl) twice. [kl. rep from Set-up * to end. /. 13 c-.. work st 29. p2) 5 times.__ 8-s1 - 4 2 29 2~ _ 5 3 _ 8-st rep " 17 y " -. Rep [dec rows I and 2] 8 (II) times more. Next (dec) row (RS) Work to last 5 sts. kl)7 Row 2 PI. [k2.

13).5! ~ ::::=. Dec rnd 2 Work in pat as established over 121 (155. 10 sts chart 1. kl.9)"/17 (23. kl. work 8 sts. Divide for front V-neck Next rnd Work 52 (63. 93 (119. work decs over back sts as foil (removing chart markers): pI. [kl. 16"/40cm and 32"/80cm long • Stitch markers. [sl 1. p3 (8. [sl I.189) back sts. yo. [sl I. 5) times.11) times. [sl 1. Beg charts 1 and 2 (SI sts purlwise wyib) Rnd 1 (Front) PI.5)cm from beg. pm. Cont in pats as established. p5]3 (4. 12 (13)" GAUGES ·24 sts and 35 rows = 4"/JOcm over rev St st using larger needle. p5 (9. k the 4 I-cord sts and return 4 sts to LH needle. p2tog. pI] twice. 10 sts chart 2. Inc rnd PI. k l. r::c . work decs over back sts as foil: pI. p5. work 6 rows in scrap yarn. Dec rnd 4 Work decs over front sts as foil: p l. pm. 149) sts each front and back. move LH needle forward so that purl side of work is visible. 18. 10 sts chart I. [sl J. [kl. 2-st LPC SI I to en. pm. [sl 1. work as established to last st. 127)cm • Length 22'/4 (25'h. p5. sl 1. pl-81 (103. pm. scrap yam • Cable needle (en) • Size H-8 (5mm) crochet hook • Scrap yam 90 Using scrap yarn and smaller 32"/80cm needle. 74) sts. 167) back sts. Sew in place. [kl. Work 5 rnds even. 50)"/90 (108. 189) sts for front. 189) sts of front. p5] 3 (4. 5) times. 189) sts offront. 123) back sts. SI st to RH needle. 3-st LPC SI 2 to en. I J) times. then work decs over back sts as foil: pI. p3. p2tog] 7 (9. work 16 sts. kl tbl from cn. 211) back sts. 7'/4)"/12. then work decs over back sts as foil: pI. pm. pi. 10 sts chart 2.k2 fbi.8) rnds even. p3. p5. pi. [kI. Rnd 2 (Front) PI. p5. work 12 sts. *[2-st RPC. Piece measures approx 6% (9. kl.5 (38.167) front sts. rep from * until 6 rows have been worked in scrap yarn. pm (side marker). Work 1 rnd even. Place marker (pm) for beg of md. p2tog. * K4. Insert tip of RH needle downward into the st one row below the first st on LH needle. tum. [kl. (back) pi. then k the first st on LH needle as usual-l st inc'd. 16)"/35. work 8 sts. 10 sts chart 2.75 and 4mm) circular needle. p3tog-1 st. pI rib as established for 3"17. Inc. Work in kl. sl I. p3.5.Work I rnd even. M1 post. AT SAME TIME. pm. pm. pi.:. 2-st RPC SI I to en. Drop main yarn. 13). Change to main yarn. pi rib using larger needle. p5. p5. Make a lifted inc in the first st. Sized for Small.125) sts each front and back. 2-st RPC. k2tog. (back) 2-st RPC. sl 1-121 (155. stitch holders. p5. Dec rnd 6 Work decs over front sts as foll: pI. p2tog] 7 (9. . pi from cn. Cont to inc 1 st before the 4 I-cord sts until there are 270 (346. •••• KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust 35'h (42'h. work 10 sts chart I. insert LH needle under the st 2 rows below the next st on RH needle. p20] 7 (9. rep from * once more. 2 and 3 Rod 1 *P3 (8. 2-st RPC. Beg k1. p3. cast on 4 sts. 10 sts chart 1. pm. 2-st RPC. 10 sts chart 2. return 4 sts. rep from * 2 (3. hold tofront. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGES. Work 1 rnd even . pI]3 times.to LH needle. STITCH GLOSSARY BACK 25 (28'/4)" ~ ""' :!' '" 5" MB [Kl . 16)"/32. Next row K4. kl. pm. kl tbl. p2tog. tum. p l . p2tog]7 (9.11) times. 3-st RPC SI I to en. pm. (kI. 4) times more. Zara (wool) in #2502 pale pink • One each sizes 4 and 6 (3. 145) front sts. 70)cm • Upper arm 14 (15. turn. pm. MI post. p5. 19 sts chart 3. 4) times more. kl. do not turn. Join the beginning to the end of the row. Work 1 rnd even. pI) 3 times] twice. pm. p3. work in pat as established over back sts-79 (101. hold to back. pI) 3 times] twice. p2tog. pm. work 10 sts. then work decs over back sts as foil: pI. sl 1-93 (119. work 14 sts. sl 1-135 (173. 189) sts of front. p2tog. II) times. k l . p3] 3 (4. p5. 10 sts chart 2. 10 sts chart 2. hold to back. Piece measures approx 123/4(15. 5) times. Work 0 (0. 11) times. pi. pm. p2tog] 7 (9. Cont in pats as established until piece measures approx 5 (7'/4. LIFTED INCREASE Knit side With knit side of work facing. pI. kl . Beg charts 1. p3] 3 (4. sl I. p1 rib Next rod (Front) PI. setin sleeves and deep V -neck. 11) times. pm. p16] 7 (9. p5. 123) sts on front and back. being careful not to twist the row. [kl. pI] 3 times. p5. ·25 sts and 31 rows = 4"/lOcm over k l . end with chart rnd 18. Dec rnd 5 Work decs over front sts as foil: pI. [kl. [sl 1. rep from * 2 (3. kl. p3. Insert RH needle purl wise into this st and purl it-J st inc'd. 11) times. work 12 sts.5)cm MATERIALS ·11 (15. Medium/Large and X-Large/XX-Large and shown in size Small on page 58. sm. p3.11) times. 11) times. p3. K this Ip. 10 sts chart I. 149 (191.5)cm from beg. 40. p3. M I post. k2 tbl from en. pm. k2tog-3 sts. 145) back sts. pI] twice. pm. pm. p2tog]7 (9. pm. return the 4 sts to LH needle. sl 1. hold to front. [sll.5 (65. sl 1-107 (137. p2tog. pi from en. 13). Dec rnd 1 Work in pat as established over 121 (J 55. [sl I. work 10 sts. LEFT FRONT -e- '" ""' '" :! Il'h (123/4)" BODY l-cord east-on ~~ ~6" 18 (19)" 4 MULTI-TEXTURE TOP Standard-fitting pullover with ribbed waist.5 (18.5cm. *2-st RPC. p2tog] 7 (9. 13). kl. 19 sts chart 3. Work I md even. 10 sts chart 1. p3. Change to larger 32"/80cm needle.5 (38. Purl side With purl side of work facing. 5) times. p2tog] 7 (9.pocket on left front so cable pats match and bottom edge of pocket is just above last row of bottom ribbing. 10 sts chart I.11) times. p2tog]7 (9. p5 (9. p5 (9. p2tog. p2tog. kl . [kl. (back) PI. tum. 10 sts chart 2. [2-st RPC. [sl 1. sl I. work in pats as established to I st before side marker. (kl. kl-121 (155. sl I. 13). Rep for right pocket. cont to inc 1 st each side of front and back (working incs into rev St st) every other md 12 times more-I05 (127. r-. sl I. 422) sts. 23)cm from beg. kl. Dec rnd 3 Work in pat as established over 121 (155. kl] into same st-5 sts. Graft the beginning and end of the I-cord after pulling out the scrap yarn. MI post. 79 (10 I. 27'h)"/56. join 2nd ball of . sll107 (137. sl I. sl l. 233) sts for back. (back) pi. yo. 18) P/40zl50g balls (each approx I 37ydll 25m) of Filatura di Crosa/Tahki-Stacy Charles. 40. 2-st RPC. pm. Set-up rnd (Front) PI.

2 sc in center of V.--Q .- QQ-/. Bind off rem 19 sts. work 1 sc in each sc at center of V. 3 sts • One pair size 6 (4111m) needles bind-off • Two stitch markers.--0.. dec 1 at each 17 (18.-7 ... to larger 5 DROP ST PLEATED TANK Very close-fitting skirt and ribbed Medium. Sew shoulder Neckband Rnd 1 With RS facing and crochet book.. 31) sts each measures 7 (8..3-e- '" 'D . in sleeves. tank with drop-stitch bodice. 7) sts at beg of next 2 rows. *skip 2 sc. 20) rows. 79)cm • Length 65. 6) rows-23 side. 7 -.if' N . CHART 2 .(0 0":0 AO Small on page 59. 8) 1 %oz/50g balls (each approx Collection 109yd/ 100m) of Zitron/Skacel 26'/4 (27%. 18 -. AT incs (89. AT SAME neck edge every other row 3 (5. cast on 71 (77. Sized for pleated Small..~ Q.. r-.19 O~ 0.5. back and forth in rows..Q Q " Q- . -Q Q . 91 . pm.. 32). C. 1 st at beg of next 2 rows at beg of next 4 rows._. 33) sc along right front neck and 36 (39.:..5)cm from beg. 7.- ~ >n -sr ". k3. 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 2 sts at beg of next 2 (0. 7) times."' . 27 (30. SAME TIME.( 0":0 -. [2 sts at beg of next 2 rows.( -. inc I st each side (working into rev St st) every 8th row 6 times-83 95) Shape sts.' .- 21 Stitch Key D k on RS. end with a WS row.5. QQ 9 --- 4 2 - --.Q-c .-8 6 - >-0 >-0 O~O -0'< . 4) rows. 5)" I" . -7 . BACK Rejoin yarn to back sts on holder and work even until back measures hole. QQ .( - 9 7 S 3 1 SLEEVES With smaller Change 16"/40cm needle. 75. 1 24"160cm 9)"/18 (20.'. 39'/. Q -.)" (unstrerched) 35'. 9)" 4 (4'. k26 (29. beg of 2 (4. Q 16 -. but do not join.. Sew sleeve seams. end with a WS row. p 011 WS El p on RS..Q 7_ 7 Q Q -- 19 17 15 I3 11 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 -- QQ -/. Bind off 6 (7. p13..( O-- 0 0..->-0 .:.". work to side marker. * to * 8 (9. '" '..010 11 .-.~ -Q_/7 Q -<... FINISHING Block pieces. Q _~ '<. Q . 'h" e 45 (57'/" 70'/.. Cont in pats as established. 33) sc evenly along left front neck. 19) times. 5 (6. 14)" ~ 6'.: 1--. 23)cm.-'-~ •• KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (unstretched) (70. Beg chart 3 Row 1 (RS) P to marker.5)cm MATERIALS • 6 (6.. 25 '/. using I-cord cast-on. ~ !II ii. -c rvi . pm. 14'/4 (16'h. GAUGES. 42) sc along back neck. . work [1 sc and 1 de 1 into 3rd sc*.( . -Q " . 1 st at beg of next 6 (20. work 27 (30.- -Q Q. :::_<:j e 3" 6.. 2 sts at beg of 2 (2.. C.-c-. 44. Shape 115) sts. . beg at left shoulder seam.-- 19 17 15 13 ~"- '" :!' 1" ~ 00 14 12 10 8 6 --Q Q. FRONT Working back and forth in rows. rep from seams. then every 4th row TIME."' 7_ Q .>-0 -.. • 25 sts and 28 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over k I. 7 (8.''' lhlt -- IS 13 [Q] yo [ill kl tbl on RS. 0) rows.. Set-up row (WS) K26 (29.' FRONT & BACK '....: "I'h· ~ 00 . rep from Set * to * to end.16)" 0. 4 sts once.4) rows. 8) sts at beg of next 6 rows. k3.. --. AT SAME TIME. (32 '/'. :!' 00 \ --.. ~ Q-Q-. p to end."' -~ 7_ ~ -- Q 7 Q-Q-- - - :. Work same length as front to annas for front-87 armhole (101.Q-Q . Shape shoulders and neck Shape shoulders each side as for front. . 32). and side 10) times more. row then shape armholes Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 (4. work chart 3 over 19 sts. Q Q Q--.~ -c --. p l rib (unstretched) NOTES 1) Tank is worked in the round to underarm. 7 5 3 I - --- Q 11 9 7 5 3 1 ~ .. 63. bind off center 27 (33. Rnd 2 Ch 2. TAKE TIME TO CHECK every 6th st). 19 sts Note: Charts are worked both circularly and in rows yarn and bind off 1 st.' .-. 3 sts at beg of 2 rows. . using size 6 (4111111) even until same length as front to shoulder shaping.( 01 OAO - 17 rm 011 rn ~ ~ ~ (LEEV~ 12 (13. 291/" 31)"/67 measures 22'12 (23112. needle and beg to 83) sts.5... 7_ -Q- -- -. k on WS IZl k2tog IS] ssk [:£J k3tog SK2P S2KP 2-st RPC 14 (15.. 16"/40cm work back and forth in rows. Large and X-Large and shown in size 4 2 Oil-O A Oil-O Oil-O 0. 253/4)"/57 (59. GAUGES stitch holder for 3-needle • 17 sts and 30 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over St st (after dropping needle..' (42'/" 50)" 10 sts 10 sts CHART 3 22 20 18 16 14 12 -01 00.. 243/4.-- -'< ~--7 .-:..- -~ / 7 - 7_ QQ /. 0 c-. pI tbl [!] MB WS [£] 2-stLPC 3-stRPC 3-s1 LPC 010 0'< 0'( 0.( ... := IJ1I . when piece measures 17112)"136(42.. Work even until armhole Shape shoulders Savanna (cotton/linen/rayon) • One size 6 (4mm) long circular in #11 pale rose needle. then divided separately and front and back are worked using size 6 (4mm) needle.( 0 A >-0 10 .- 010 >-0 0 0 0. ..CHART 1 20 -QQ . bind off from each neck edge 3 sts once. place back sts on a holder. 3) times. 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows..)" ~ ~ ~ i. end with a WS by binding off 4 sts at (27.:. seams just below underarm . cap Work even until piece 7"/l8cm from beg. measures armholes 4 (2. 39) sts for neck and working both sides at once. 7 Q •- - C. .

dec 0 (2. Weave in ends. Row 3 K. Row 4 Work 73 (81. 76. 78. 46'/' (49'h. rep from * to end64 (70. rep from *. yo.12.5. 133. 19) times more-I 17 (123. turn.5 (23. *yo. 97. VI. k l . Read through instructions before beg to knit. 128. 48. 36) times more. kl. 2. 96) sts on a holder (for back). 92. Work in k2. pass first st over 2nd st. the finished bust measurement. yo. drop next st from LH needle. 18. 88) sts. turn. 90) sts. 0) sts-66 (72. Row 6 Work in pat to end.5. AT SAME TIME. 35. join 2nd shoulder. VI. 17) more rows. rep from * to end-65 (71. ending with chart row 7. 89) sts. [k2tog. sl m. yo. 52. instead ofk3. cast on 6 sts at beg of next 4 (4. end last rep k2. Row 2 and all WS rows Purl. Row 5 Work 12 (13.48) sts. Row 8 Work 25 (29.58. pm. 97) sts. kl. short row shoulders and deep Vneck. may seem small. 36.2tog. 6'h)'~ I . 185. 79) sts. 78. yo. 142. Work in kl. shape V-neck as foil: V-neck shaping Cont in pat.66. Short row shoulder shaping Block piece. dec 1 st-97 (109. k3. Next row (WS) Purl across.58. 9)"/16. 93. 155) sts. end k3. 57. 174) sts. p2 rib for 4"/lOcm.) Row 1 (Dec row) (RS) K. Row 5 (Dec row) KI.105. XX-Large and shown in size Small on page 60. SKP.. k265 (71.5)cm. kl . 71/4. pass first st on RH needle over 2nd st and off needle. *yo. Large. rib to end-83 (87.2P. 26)"/51 (53.2.. "yo. 38)cm from beg. turn. 137. pass first st over 2nd st. Beg chart Work in chart pat until piece measures approx 12 (13. 20. rep from ". 95. Work in k2. 9'/'. turn work.89. 4) times. Cont to dec 1 st at end of every 4th row 28 (30. 8) rows. 77. 84. Place front sts onto a straight needle. sl m. when piece measures same length as back to underarm. 90) sts. end last rep k2. 78. 117. 127. LEFT FRONT Cast on 198 (210. SK2P. 195) sts. 83.18. Armhole measnres approx 1'1<(2. 67.5)cm. 32"/80cm long • Size E-4 (3.5cm.8. 23)cm from last cast-on row. SK. 38) sts. tum. 99) sts. 5. Row 2 and all WS rows Purl. Divide for front and back Next rnd Work 82 (88. rib to end. yo. k2tog. 64. Turn garment inside out. Cont to bind off back neck sts as folI: kl. 131. yo. k2tog. 15. 41) sts. .5. kl . yo. yo. 234) sts. Row 5 Work 61 (68. Work 52 (52.82. 6. SKP. 90) sts.5 (16. knit-in sleeves. 60.2P. yo. 14. Row 3 Work 24 (26. Xvl. kl. p2 rib for 4"/1 Oem.117) sts. 0. FINISHING ·9 (10.. 121. yo.75nun) needles. 137) sts. STITCH GLOSSARY 5 /. 76. shape V-neck as foll: V-neck shaping 6 LACE CARDIGAN Loose-fitting cardigan with crocheted tie belt.5.2. 84. 0) sts-66 (72. but it will stretch to fit when worn. Sized for Small. p l rib fabric.5. Short row shoulder shaping 21 sts and 32 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over chart pat using size 5 (3. 35.146) sts. 14. end with a RS row.122.2'/4. BODY-5KIRT ~. work even until armhole measures 6% (7'14. 10)"/21. *Next row (WS) Rib to marker. turn. SKP. Row 3 K3. there are 48 (52. 52'/" 55)" \. 121.)"117 (18. 96) sts of back until armhole measures same length as front to neck. yo. SK. 88) sts. p2 rib for 4"/IOcm. k2.SKP. FRONT Work back and forth in rows on front sts for 11 (13. 222. rib to end-85 (89.98) sts.5. 3. 8'/4. AT SAME TIME. Sleeve shaping Cast on 66 (74.89) sts.19. '. 60) sts. (Note Sleeve shaping is worked simultaneously with neck shaping.8'/. 86. and join. Row 3 Work 85 (94. Work in chart pat. k2tog. When all shaping has been completed. Work in chart pat.5. Next row (WS) Purl. 73. 112.•. 41. 153. k3. 45.21 equilibre (pale pink) • One pair size 5 (3. Shape V-inset Next row (RS) Rib 41 (43. pm. using 3-needle bind-off (and other straight needle). 136) sts. 76) sts. Row 7 Work 37 (42. Work I WS row. k to end of rnd-164 (174.e 92 Row 1 (WS) Work 109 (120. Cast on 66 (74. Place all sts on a holder. k3. ~. 82. RIGHT FRONT Cast on 98 (110. 6. 66)cm MATERIALS With RS facing. unstretched. IS. p l rib for 7'l4"/18.yo. *k next 2 sts tog. 57) sts.29'/"31). Work even until armhole measures same length as back to shoulder shaping.// C. Working both sides at same time.) Row 1 (Dec row) (RS) KI. Place marker (pm). K into the front loop for an untwisted (open) inc. Row 2 (RS) Work 97 (107. Next row (RS) Rib to marker. Next row (WS) Purl across. 30. 2. 24. Gently help the dropped sts unravel or "run" down the fabric by stretching or pulling the fabric downward. Cut yam.75mrn) needles • One size 5 (3.46. 26'/4 (27'/4. 184. 0. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. K every rnd for 8'/' (9. 86. kl.. rejoin yam and work in rib pat as established OVer 82 (86.61. *k2tog. turn work. 50'12. rep from * to last 4 sts. 34. rep from * to last 5 sts.2) Due to the nature of kl . as foll: [k first st from each needle tog] twice. Rows 2 and 4 (RS) Work in pat to end of row. BACK Row 1 (WS) Work 36 (39. rib to end. k2-64 (70. 23.77. sl m.•. Leave sts on needle.)" . 32. k l .5 (5.•. 21. turn. place rem 82 (86. end yo. sl m. join shoulders. 6.. Next rnd K.14.5. 3 Visible Inc (VI) Insert LH needle from front to back under the horizontal strand between last st worked and next st on LH needle.16) 13/40z/50g balls (each approx 87yd/80m) of Bergere de France Bambou (barnboo) in #242.2.5 (33.. Row 5 (Dec row) K. Holding needles tog. 90) sts. 145) sts. 2'h)"/4.5mm) crochet hook • Stitch holders GAUGE (Note Sleeve shaping is worked simultaneously with neck shaping.140)cm • Length 20 (21. kl. instead ofk3. VI. Medium.5)cm. 157. k2tog. pass first st over 2nd st]17 (17. 169. 16.134. 15)"/30. SKP.46. 98) sts (for front). rep from * around-165 (175.arge. end with a RS row. Row 6 Work 49 (55. Armhole measures approx 6'/' (6'/'. SKP.83. Divide for neck KNITTED MEASUREMENTS •••• Next row (RS) Rib 41 (44.5. end with a RS row.49) sts. Row 7 K5.75rnm) circular needle. SK2P. Row 7 K2. rep from * to last 2 sts."T 6'. Bodice . p l. 25. 19) sts. AT SAME TIME.19) times. Place all sts on a holder. end with a WS row. *k3. join 2nd ball of yarn.' 6'1. Read through instructions before beg to knit. (5'14. 24. SKP. *k2tog.72) rows even. 193) sts. 37. (7. dec 0 (2. Work in k2. turn work. *yo.21. working cast-on sts into chart pat-121 (133. Place shoulder sts each side on 2 separate holders. Do not cut yarn. 7'12. using 3-needle bindoff as before. kl . tum. end with chart row 7.. 78. 7'/.5. kl. 92. Next rnd *K5. "yo. 3. 82. 194) sts. rep from * until all sts of first shoulder have been used. Rep from * (working inc sts into rib pat) 16 (17. BACK • Bust '37 (41'/'.46. cast on for sleeve (at beg of RS rows only) 6 sts 2 (2. rep from * to last 3 sts.2tog. 55)"/94 (105. 92.

[k first st from sts. Rep ruds 1 and 2 until pleat needle. 6.5 (70. Beg Pleats Rnd 1 [K 18 (18. kl. Rep inc rnd every 184 (220. 90) sts. Rnd 2 Knit.fitting sleeves. end kO (2. beg at lower right front and pick up and k20 sts along ribbing. Rnds 2.16.: length. p2.27)] twice. rep from * around. Tie belt With crochet hook. drop next st from LH needle and let it unravel.75mm) needle. I) (80. centered on rnd marker. 3. p2tog] sts. Work in k2.) 19"/48cll1 from beg. (linen/wool/alpaca) 16"/40cm and 32"/80cm • Two size 5 (3. M l. pm. k2tog] Work 7 (3. MATERIALS '9 (12. rep from * once morek2tog. Next rnd *K2.75mm) Work in k2. end with rnd 2. knit 25 (29. 5 3 I o. 210) sts. rep from * around. kl8 (18. working rows on RS rows. 31 )cm side is facing knit side of sts on first dpn. needles * around.. 1). Rnd 7 *K9. F~ 322) sts. 41) back neck sts. k3. 58) sts. sl I wyib. 88) sts. 7 PLEATED BLOUSE Close. pm*. 108) sts along shaped left front edge. k to marker. rep from * to last 0(4. MI. MI. Rep inc rnd every 8th (4th. all 3 needles tog] 7 times=-? Rep mds 1-7 once more.27'/')" 10 1f4 (11'/4.5cm from 6 sts 2 (2. join yam and k82 (100. turn 2nd dpn so that knit side of sts is facing knit side of sts on LH needle and purl 4'/. Next rnd *K2. Piece measures approx even.Cont to dec I st at beg of every 4th row 28 (30. work right pleat fold over 21 sts] twice.7.( >-0 _6-st rep. k51 (68. k51 (68. M I. p2] to 2nd dpn. Rnds 2. Rnd 2 Knit. Rnds 3. 388) sts. 6'/z"/16. pick lip and k84 (88.• :.( 164 (200. I) time. Place rem 51 (68. sts along shaped right front of Classic Elite Yams Soft Linen in #2289 botticelli circular long size 5 (3. work from * to * once. 4) times. MI. 7 and 9 Knit. pm.25'/4. with both dpns infront ofLH RIGHT PLEAT (over 21 sts. 7 TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. same length short Large and shown in size Small on page 61. 14) times. k2. then sl next 7 sts to 2nd dpn. 97. Nextrnd *K2. k3 (0. 8 and 10 Purl.5. • Decorative GAUGE double-pointed stitch holders hook and eye clasp Turn and work sc in each ch . Folding rnd SI 7 sts to 1 dpn. 2) Use a different color for the beg of md marker.29)"/67. p on WS Rnd [Q] yo o 1 K6. k2 (1.75rnm) • Stitch markers.'_o 0. (54.23. 36. and join.: N [ I '" BACK ("oj M ~ 0 N . Sew side seams. rep from (180.1) time-72 sts. end with rnd 2. Rnd 2 is desired Knit. I) time-72 (81. k7.17'/4)" 93 . 216) sts. 228) sts on needle. sl 1 wyif. Rep rnds 1 and 2 until pleat is desired rnd SI 7 sts to 1 dpn. 60. rep from * once more-144 Waist band Rnd 1 *K9.4) [k2. (I.3'/4. 17) times.14'/4. Rep rnds 1 and 2 until piece measures beg. o~o 0. p2 rib for 4 mds. Cut yarn. 6th md 9 times more- edge. AT SAME TIME. 34. G("oj . p to end. pm. rep from * once more (4 sts inc'd)-148 Work II rnds (184.7%. 100. Cut yam. Work even until piece measures times. when piece measures same length as back to underrows only) has arm. as back to shoulder shaping. cast on 250 (286. II (13. 27). cast on 72 (81. 64. instead of WS rows. then every (6th. 41. FINISHING Block pieces. NOTES 1) Body and sleeves are worked in the round. [pi. Rnd 1 *K9. drop next st from LH needle and let it unravel. 114) sts of back. (336. work rnd 1 of left pleat over 21 sts.. k to 5 sts before side seam marker.3'12. 4. Inc rnd KI. 90) sts. Place marker (pm). cast on for sleeve (at beg ofWS been completed. pm on ~ ~ 4" / ~~ needle. 220) sts. work rnd I of right pleat 12'h (13'/4.101. (5'12. k28 (37. Place 10 (10. Inc rnd *KI. [MI] k on RS. 23). keyhole neck and 3/4 raglan Sized for Small. Rnd 11 *K9. 76) sts. end with rnd 2. 43)cm 1%oz/50g balls (each approx pink needle. (52. dropand Xstitcb garter waist. Rep rnds 1-11 once more. as for left front. 14) sts at each side on a bolder for underanns-5 side of marker (removing (5. make a ch 60"/l52cm long. *pm. on a holder for underarm. 14) sts. Next rnd f--""'__ 4" RH needle. Dec rnd 2 [K3. dec'd to 7 sts) (Note 81 sts purlwise. l14) sts of front. When all shaping Work even until armhole measures Sbape shoulder sts on a holder. Next rnd (Note Remove pleat markers as you work each pleat.270. k6.( >-0 AO o~o >-0 0"( >-0 0"( 0. 36) times more. 12'/" 14'12)" ° ° 18'/' (20%. k6. Rnds 3 and 5 Knit. ° ° (0.5)cm 17)"/28 (36. Set aside. o Stitch Key ~ ~ SKP SK2P 4 and 6 Purl. 7) sts each Leave rem marker).MI. and 20 sts along ribbing-234 (246. k2tOg] 14 (16. Work in k2.. dec'd to 7 sts) Rnd 1 K7. 4th) rnd 6 (6.5cm. 298) sts. Front and neck band With RS facing and circular needle. sl I wyif. [ssk] (1. 161). Bind off in rib. pm for side seam. from beg. prn. kl--49 60) sts. p2. SLEEVES Cuff With shorter circular needle. 5.15) I37yd1l25m) • One each bind-off. 256) sts. work left pleat fold over 21 sts.. 72) sts.109) 26'12 (27'12.. MI. 0) times-61 (78.__ side is facing purl side of sts on first dpn. 73. sl l wyib. rll'/" 12'/" 14'12)" 2'/4 (2'/4. end with a W8 row. LEFT PLEAT (over 21 sts. 85 (89. k82 (100.18) 0}-58 2)--47 (65. Join body and sleeves Joining rnd With longer circular needle. blouse with pleated skirt. 3) rnds even. 12'/4)"/26 (28. 37.7'/4)" I . Place all ••• KNITTED 0 MEASUREMENTS (IOI. Join shoulders. 80) sts of left sleeve-266 K 2 (1. [k first st from all 3 needles tog] 7 times-7 BODY With longer circular sts. 1) rnds. Folding 9'/. 8 6 4 2 22 sts and 31 rnds = 4"/1 Ocm over St st using size 5 (3. then sl next 7 sts k2tog length. p2 rib for I "12. MI. using there are 48 (52.) *[K to marker.5. e 00 's" PI25 (143. turn 2nd dpn so that purl side of sts is facing purl side of sts on LH needle and knit 9'/. Place IO (10. 3. II'/'.282. 94) sts. MI. 80) sts on another holder. k to last st. rep from * around. k to I st before marker. Medium/Large over 21 sts. 80) sts of right sleeve. k5 (23. 118)cm k3. rep from * to last 0(5. p2 rib for 3 rows.46'/')"/85 • Length • Upper arm II (14'/4. MI. 96. Cont in St st as foil: Dec rnd 1 [K3. 3-needle • Bust 33'/' (40. with botb dpns behind LH needle. MI. 138 (174.6) time.46).4'/')" ° ° (0. 0) rnd (6. (10. Cont in St st as foil: Work 4 mds even. k6. (10.

Method 3 For thicker NOTE 2" \SLEEVE! .5cm from beg along k3. inc 1st.39'/4)" I (14'/4. row (WS) Purl. Next (dec row) K2. Knit 4 rows. Bind off knitwise times-l70 (184.Raglan 380) sts. Next row (RS) Rep 108) sts. 7 (7'/" 8)" • • 6mm: 40 each in crystal short edge. inc 1 st. Cant in 12"/30. turn. dec row-90 on WS. K I row. Sew clasp to each side of keyhole opening. of thread loop.. drop next st]IO 180) SIS. • Length Approx 87"/220cm • 1 Ilf4/50g hank (each approx 120yd/110m) of in -.85mm) • Jewelry clasp GAUGE crochet hook (optional) FRONT ""'\) &BACK & l ~ ~ ~ (40. k2tog-5 until piece measures 17112/44. rep from *. Dec row (WS) Cont [K2tog. Next k. Work even from beg along sts. page 62. . end with RS row. marker. Yoke measures (is. KNITTED length of yarn. Rep last 2 rows 8 times more. kto end-I garter stuntil from beg. Next (inc) row (RS) Inc 1 st each end of row- Rep dec rnd every 0 (2nd. 12) times. Next (dec) row sts. bib necklace with knitted-in Shown on Designed by Shadowplay. a long tail for sewing sts of collar around 0 sts. k2tog. k to last 2 sts. k to last st. ~ ~ 9" 12 sts and 23 rows = 4"/lOcm using size II (8mm) needles. sew end of neckace to one side of jewelry clasp.. tum. string crystals on MEASUREMENTS 1-2"/2.• .5cm " along short edge. 18"/45. african veldt. sew end of necklace to other side of clasp . (32'/4. Next row K2tog.. 18) times. Row 1 (RS) [K9. work random sts and/or rows by wrapping making st and dropping yarn twice while extra wrap on next row. Graft sleeve and body sis tog at underarms .. kl.. wrap end of yarn around crochet hook. multi-textured Designed necklace with knitted-in Shown on by Shadowplay.•:. NECKLACE Choose length of yam. FINISHING Block to measurements. then every 3rd rnd II (6. Work 9"/23cm along shorter •I Pi4ISOg hank (each approx 120yd/ll0m) Be Sweet Magic Ball (mohair/ribbon/knobs) evening glamour • Small amounts in shifting sands.: J Place yarn end through Pass needle Method 2 Place crochet hook crystal until it is threaded holes of crystal on yarn. crystals. Next (l04.5 Shape keyhole neck Beg working rnd marker) as foil: Dec row (RS) Work 8 raglan decs as before162 (176. sewing needle with center short length of form. STRING CRYSTALS Method 1 Thread thread. end with WS row.. short row 2. 21jz'! ~r:/ ~ \ • • Size 13 (0. • One pair size II (8mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN • Approx Elements GAUGE 260 CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski in foll sizes and colors: 30 in khaki. 17)" ~ . 3) times. until piece measures edge. dec rnd [K2. k9. inc I st-8 ••• KNITTED • Neck 0 MEASUREMENTS (without clasp) Approx circumference Work even for j"/2. (dec) row (WS) K2tog.. ssk.needle and sts.___.. 9 LONG NECKLACE Long.5-5cm • Width Varies between MATERIALS thread and knit with yam and thread held tog. k to last st. Ml] 10 (iI. k to 4 sts before (328. leaving (WS) K2tog. Next row (WS) K to end. even until piece back and forth in rows (removing Next (inc) row (RS) K to last st." GAUGE.6) approx 5 (6.. end with a RS row. greige and crystal golden shadow along short edge. Work even until piece measfrom beg. leaving long tail. times= l 2 sts. kl]5 or row 1. leaving long tail. Cont in garter st until piece measures 3"/7. (106. until collar collar neck *k2. Work even from beg Cut yam. 71/')"/12.46'12)" f . sts . 188) sts. Next (dec) row K2tog. mustard seed. Cast on 3 sts..• :. pull yarn through crystal. 20 each in golden randomly shadow and edge.5cm MATERIALS Short row 1 (WS) K6. K 4 rows. • Small-eyed thread satin. Do not bind off. Be Sweet Magic Ball (mohair/ribbonlknobs) shifting sands 94 . TAKE TIME TO CHECK over garter stitch i 3'/.5cm from beg. end with a RS row. - through of crystal. Bind off. c..5cm • Depth (at widest point) Approx 5"/12.5 from beg sts. Next times-l 7 sts. page 63. loop with thread through and knot ends . kl. With bound-off tail. 114) sts. k2tog-3 . COLLAR (Note RS of collar circular will face WS of garment needle. Next row (RS) K6. 12) times. k2. Next inc row (RS) K5. inc I st-1O sts. Rep inc row-7 measures 6"/15cm sts. Next row K2.. jonquil greige Note Crystals are added sewing to obtain matching desired effect. p2 rib as established 4"/IOcm measures around garment. [inc 1.. To vary size and length of stitch.: 33'j. yams can be pulled from hank and added randomly for desired effect. ~ I 8'/' (9'/'.5cm more.) With longer 117) sts. Work I rnd even. 2nd) rnd 0 (12. Next row (WS) Rep row K across all sts. p2] I (2. end k2-98 in k2. k2tog. inc 1 st-12 ures 8"/20. kl]5 even until piece measures [k2tog. With RS of collar facing WS of sew open • 8mm: 45 each in black diamond aurora boreale and jet aurora boreale. S sts. FINISHING With cast-on tail..2tog. knitting in groups of crystals as desired and changing yarns frequently to vary color and texture. Next (dec) row (WS) K2tog.5cm sts. just below collar." 6'/. Next row Rep short until piece measures short edge. 10'/')" // \. Work from beg. Work in garter st. Next (inc) row (RS) K4. k9. K 1 row. string with generous handful of assorted crystals. of in Short row 2 K7. when sewn on. beg and ending at keyhole opening. and slide c.. Work even 10"/25. (11. k to end-8 piece measures k to end-7 15"/38cm neck. Next row K7. cast on 99 (108. •. holes 26'/. 19)cm. k2]4 times (8 sts dec'd)-258 8 SHAPED NECKLACE Multi-textured crystals.: . and tudor rose (optional) Note Magic Ball may be used as it comes.. p2. Rows 2-10 Knit. Row 11 [K9.

5. 21. 5.220) Beg check pat Change to larger circular needle. until armhole measures Shoulder shaping tudor rose. (8. NOTES 1) When working pat.5. then for back. Work in kl. 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 28'h. 15.40. Changing ly to vary color and texture.S (5. then 178 (183. seams. 29)"/70 (71. leaving long tail.. 4.9)"/19 (20. 6.15.5 mm) circular needle. 38. Work same as back. Sl the rem 20 sts to a st holder. 8) sts from armhole edge twice. or desired length. (over a multiple of 10 sts) over each 29"/74 GAUGE cm long OR SIZE Bind off 5 (5. sew end of neckace to one side of jewelry clasp. to the first marker and 40 (45. (6)" I 2'h" KNITTED • Bust (97. Large and shown in size X-Small BODY 16W' . pm. times more-35 edge on even next RS row. 46'/2)"/87. 4) sts. 8) sts at beg of next 4 rows. 9) times50 (52. cont in check pat across 80 (90. work to next marker.193) sts to center of hood. 4. 40 each in khaki. • Upper 40. Work in kl. pieces to measurements.10) FINISHING Block seams. 55) sts in row I of check pat. 9) once. 90) edges. work to end. 10. 23) cm. Rows 8-12 Work in St st in established Rep rows 1-12 for check pat. 110) sts. Cast on 5 sts. then every other row 2 (5. * until bind-off method. reversing shaping. cont in check front). 6) balls in #208 cream (C) • Two size 6 and one size 7 (4 and 4. pi rib for 3"/7. k5 with B. bottles and wine (optional) Note Magic Ball may be used as it comes. then 5 (5.) (35. 11) 13f40Z/50g balls of Rowan by Fibers (each Amy approx Butler/ 98yd/90m) Westminster (wool/cotton) LEFT FRONT Next row (WS) Rejoin dec'ing yarn at armhole I st at armhole edge and bind off 2 (4. Bind off rem 6 (8. colors.5 Beg check pat Row 1 (RS) * K5 with A. large each beg or end of row check check color strand the alternate fabric" density colors. 8. * to Bind off 2 (4. 32 (36. 9) balls in #212 light blue/grey ·3 ( 4. 42'12. Next dec row (RS) K38. Place the rem 40 sts on holder.5. Cont to shape armhole. Sew Sew shoulder side and sleeve Set in sleeves. Do not join. or MATERIALS ·7 (9." 3" • Length 27'12 (28. cast on 60 (70. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 22 rows. jonquil satin. Rows 2-6 Work in St st in established end. on row (RS) Work leave these sts on hold. 4) sts. african veldt. string with generous in garter st. Do not join. sew end of necklace to other side of clasp .5)" I" sts. then every other row 2 (5.5cm. • Small-eyed thread • Size 13 (0.5. necklace measures FINISHING With cast-on tail. 5) times more-70 (70. leaving long tail.. p l rib for 2'h"/6. in jet aurora boreale.5)cm arm 95 .4. 5. work random sts and/or rows by yarn twice to make st and dropping yarns frequentrep from extra wrap on next row. Row 1 (RS) Work 40 (45. (for right front).5)cm MEASUREMENTS sts.5 118)cm 12 (14. Rep dec row eveIY other row 4 times more-70 sts. 7. pm (for back). TAKE TIME TO CHECK CHECK to end. across the back so that these checks retain the of the rest of the length of stitch. Row 7 * K5 with B. page 64. 4. 75. Cont in check pat until piece measures 10 HOODED JACKET Standard-fitting Medium.188. and greige. Clll. wrapping To vary size and crochet hook (optional) needle golden shadow and yarns can be pulled from hank and added ran- Belle Organic (A) Aran (B) in #210 dark blue/grey ·6 (7. • One pair size II (8mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE • Approx 500 CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski 50 Elements in foil sizes and colors: • 8mm: 80 in black diamond aurora boreale. 2) Circular needle is used to accommodate number of sts. . 51/. Divide sts onto 2 needles and join the top of hood using the 3-needle OUTER BAND With 1 smaller circular needle and A. 100. 7.104.5 ern from beg.5. 87"/220cm Bind off.5 (35.72. 9) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each side of next row. 50. open jacket in check with hood and belt. cast on 160 (180. NECKLACE *Choose length of yarn. Dec 1 st each side every other row 3 (5. '80) sts. HOOD With larger needles. Work for desired length of that yarn. 188. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. BODY With smaller circular needle and A. STRING CRYSTALS See pattern #8. 4. rep from * Change to larger needle and work in check pat until piece measures Cap shaping 8'12"/21. 54) sts. Work even until armhole measures T'h. Shoulder shaping Bind off 5 (5. k2tog. 19"/48cm Next pat across from beg. k to end. Cut yarn. knitting in handful of assorted crystals.• Small amounts in mustard seed. Note Be sure to retain the stranded checks at the armhole BACK Next row (WS) Bind off 2 (4. 5.85mm) • Jewelry clasp GAUGE 12 sts and 23 rows = 4"/IOcm over garter stitch using size I I (8mm) needles. 8'12. 4) sts. 6. ssk. 50. remove marker and turn. 55) (for left sts. work to end. always "stranded piece. work the 80 sts from st holder in check pat for 9"/23cm. Separate for armholes pattern Small. (closed) 34'h (38'/2. domly for desired effect. 44)" 12(14. 7. 5. 53. remove marker and bind off 2 (4. k5 with C. 73.I. Sized for X-Small. RIGHT FRONT Work as for left front. sr st and SLEEVES With smaller needle and A. rep from PATTERN GAUGE. 45) sts. 70 in crystal golden shadow • 6mm: 90 each in crystal greige Note Crystals are added sewing randomly and to obtain matching desired effect. pick up and k 178 (183. 40. 9. With bound-off tail. 80. TO OBTAIN • Stitch markers • Stitch holders GAUGE 20 sts and 28 rows = 4"/lOcm check pat using larger needle.200. 16)"/30. pm. 193) sts to other end with 2nd cir4" 8" 3(3. Work groups of crystals as desired.• :.

sl marker. rep from * to marker. kl. . 5. STITCH GLOSSARY 3-st RPC Sl1 st to en and hold to back. 5. Row 1 (RS) *KI. end with a WS row. 2 18 sts 96 . 5. Rep last 2 rows until armhole measures 7'/' (8. k4. 126. Bind off. Place sts on holder. [k1. BACK With dpn."". 5..7) times. sl marker. MIL Insert the LH needle from front to back under the strand between last st worked and the next st on the LH needle./. Working both sides at once. sl marker. cast on 3 sts. 12. 95. pI. kl . then every 4th row 13 (10. Keeping sts at each armhole edge in rib pat as established. 13) times. p on WS p on RS. k 4---45 (49. end with a WS row. sl marker. pI. k2. 10. p l from en. Next row S1 1 purlwise wyif. 28)cm. 40.-" 20-row rep 9 7 5 3 (WS) 1 10 /r -c "- " 8 6 d. 3-st LPC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to front. Medium. BELT With larger needles and A. Side shaping Dec row (RS) K2. 4-st RC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to back. k to last 4 sts.24) sts. Stitch Key 23 21 19 17 15 13 3-stRPC 3-stLPC 4-stRC 4-stLC 4-stRPC 4-stLPC 11 D El k on RS. k on WS -. 6. 3. 4-st LPC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to front./. SI marker every row. cast on 3 sts leaving a long tail. 3. Bind off loosely. 14) J3i40z/50g balls (each approx 136yd/124m) of Trendsetter Yams Merino VI (wool) in #303 grey • One pair size 6 (4mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE • Two size 4 (3.7.3. 96.3. Next row SI 4 sts purlwise wyif. p l . pi rib for 6 rows. 14) sts. 4.20. k to end.5. pl rib for 2'1z "/6. 56.48. work 18 sts of chart (4 sts inc)..17. Cont in St st until piece measures 9"/23cm from beg. k2 from cn. Next (dec) row (RS) K4. 10. bind off first 4 (4. <- 11 CABLE PANELED VEST Long vest with cable panel bodice and tie closure. k1] twice. pI] twice. pl]4 (4. p to end.199) sts. and stitch markers GAUGE 19 sts and 27 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over St st using size 6 (4mm) needles. 5. Cont to foil chart in this way to row 23. 9'12. 10. 37'1z. 10) sts. *ssk.. sl marker. 4-st RPC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to back. sl marker.. bind off 3 sts from each neck edge once. 2X and shown in size Small on page 65. join a 2nd ball of yam and bind off center 36 (36. 38)"/90 (91. rep from * to end. Purl next row. 10.cular needle-356 (366. .5)cm • Length 35'1z (36. then rep rows 4-23 for cable pat.5cm. k2. end with a WS row . 10.167.. k2. k to last 8 (8. Work in k1.-'-' . Rep last 2 rows until piece measures 9"/23cm from beg. 7) times. k2 from en.159. 24. k to end. pI. 78.10. *Next row (RS) With 2nd dpn. 94.12. MIR Insert LH needle from back to front under the strand between last st worked and the next st on the LH needle. Next row Sl 4 sts puriwise wyif. 5. Rep last 2 rows twice more. Next row (RS) [Kl. 17. Dec row (RS) SII knitwise wyib. work 18 sts of chart. 39. pJ. stitch holders. 10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 5. k456 (59. rep last 2 rows twice more.6. Row 2 Sl 4 sts purlwise wyif. sl marker. end with a WS row. 38. k to last 6 sts. 9'/'. end with a WS row. k2tog. P to last 4 sts. Rep last 2 rows twice more. inc 1 st each side every other row 4 times-II sts. work 14 sts of chart. cont as foil: Neck shaping Next row (RS) Work across first 14 (16.-" .6. Rep dec row every 6th row 1 (3. 120. _ [pI. p tolast 8 (8. k1. kl] twice.66) sts. 36'1z.5. pl]4 (4. pm. 138. Working in garter st. 25. 5) times more-64 (68. [PI. p l..15. end with a WS row. 6. when piece measures 26"/66cm from beg. sl marker. 5. Knit into the back loop to twist the st. work 18 sts • Bust (closed) 33 (36. 84. I) times more. 62. k2.52. 10. Next row (RS) Sl 1 knitwise wyib. k to Jast 4 sts. p l . 3. [p I.// . ssk. [k l. [k next st on dpn tog with next st on LH needle] 3 times. Next row (RS) K to 3 sts before st marker. Next row S14 sts purlwise wyif. Side shaping Dec row (RS) K2. Work even on 78 (86. 7) times.. 26. k to first marker. sl marker.9. Bind off each side for shoulders. k2.46. p to end. 72. sl marker. k4. 6. 6. end with a WS row. 10. work 18 sts of chart. 14) sts. Small. pm. p to last 8 (8. Large. 386) sts. work 18 sts of chart. 12.5mm) dpns for l-cord ties • Cable needle. rep dec row every 6th row 1 (3. 6. kl]4 (4. 5. sl marker. 11)"/21. 37. y 7.5. 129.10)"/19 (20.7) times. 8. Rep last 2 rows 2 (4. Armhole shaping Working in rib pat as established and rem sts in St st. Join tie Place 3 stsfrom tie holder on dpn. Row 2 K to first marker. kl] 4 (4. 38. 100. 7) times. /" /"- -. k l . k2 from en. sl marker. p to last 4 sts. Work even until belt measures 60"/152 ern.5cm from beg. 5. 24. k2. 23. 6.51)"/84 (91. Work in k l . 6. 8. 116. Dec row (RS) SII knitwise wyib. sl marker.19) sts each side until armhole measures 8'12 (9.62) sts until piece measures 23"/58. Next row [PI.. [k1. th~12 sts once. "k l .10. 7. P 1] twice. ~~. 10. p l] twice. 99. kl. IX. 21. Sized for X-Small. 40) sts. Cast on 143 (151. 106. pulling yam tightly behind work.5. [kl.5)cm. 71. end with a WS row. k3. Work even on 9 (11. do not tum. 150) sts. 4. p 1. ssk. 4-st LC Sl 2 sts to en and hold to front. LEFT FRONT Cast on 72 (76. Work even on 41 (45.10. 80. Armhole and neck shaping Next row (RS) Working in rib pat over rib sts.5)cm MATERIALS • 9 (10.5. 84.5.22 20 18 16 14 12 D ITl no stitch MIR MIL tn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ /" " /.183. pl]4 (4. 8'/'. 92.14) sts. holding dpn parallel with LH needle. Beg chart pat Row 1 (WS) 81 4 sts purlwise wyif. 376. Next row (RS) [KI.42. Dec 1 st each side of next row then every other row 3 times more-3 sts. rep from * to last 4 sts. 13. AT SAME TIME. 77) sts. 11. I-CORD TIES (make 2) rep from * until I-cord measures 8'1z"/21.57. 5. 100) sts. kl . 7) times. ssk. 25. p2. 52. p1]4 (4. Next row (RS) Knit. 12. 92. Knit into the front loop to twist the st. 92. p to last 4 sts. k2 from cn. 120) sts until piece measures 26"/66cm from beg. 1) times more. k 1. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE.5. work to end. end k1-108 (114. . pI. . 10'/'. 65. k to first marker. *ssk. Next row Sll purlwise wyif. ssk. p l .5 (23. 22.5.5. k2tog. 88) sts. 5. p2. [k l. pi. then every 4th row 13 (10. k2 from cn.1 •••• KNITTED MEASUREMENTS Next (dec) row (RS) K2. 13) times. 61.12. bind off 4 (4. Cont to sl4 sts at front edge every WS row. rep from *.5cm from beg. work to end. 110. Slide sts back to opposite end of needle to work next row from RS.5.5. 6.

7. 10) sts. 19'h. end !:::. Next row SI 4 sts purlwise wyif. p to first marker. Next row Sl4 sts purlwise wyif. p4. work to end. TIME. kl) twice. measures (10. Sized for Small. work 18 sts of chart. work 18 sts of chart. 35.. graft ends •••• KNITTED MEASUREMENTS 33 (37. k to last 6 sts. sl marker. Keeping even k tbis st. sl marker. Sew side seams . 1" 1O'. k to end-45 4-23 for cable piece measures (49.... end with a WS row. Work even on41 62) sts until piece (45. kl . • Using cable cast-on. work 14 sts of chart. k4--20 sts. I) times more. with a WS row. rep rep from * to marker. 4[.. 38. 4)" 9'h (9'h. 3.. Next row SI 4 sts knitwise markers. k to last 4 sts. work 18 sts of chart. Cont to sl 4 sts at front edge every RS row. sl marker. Rep this row every 8th row 5 (3. 27" [k next st on dpn tog with next st on LH needle] 3 times. Next row (RS) PI.76. 2lj" 3'/4. P to last 4 sts dec 4 sts evenly spaced. 4. in size and rolled edges. 71. p l.5.Next row (WS) Purl. when wyib. work to end. sl marker.iF .. 57. 0. 11. When all shaping has been completed. 14) P/40zl50g of balls (each 94yd/85m) Zealana wyib. *pl. end [pi. end with a WS row. 5. then RS once more. 3'/'... [kl. 100) sts. k to 22'1..3. 4. p to last 2 sts dec 4 sts evenly spaced.77) row (RS) sts.10'12.5)cm. 42) sts until piece measures same length as back to shoulder. 15. cast on 1 st to LH needle.10~ 10'12. 17. TIME. Next (RS) SI 4 sts knitwise dpn parallel Beg chart wyib. k to end. * 3 times WS row. Next row (WS) Working . k2tog. Sew seams. 8'14 (9. sl marker. Using Kitcbener st. . p14. 4.of chart. 4. 41/4. Row 1 (WS) P to last 18 sts. work to end-24 5.5)cJ11. pat p4. k4. Large. pI. ssk.• :. p to first marker. sl marker. 0. 6. 11.3. 31'/2)"/73. shape neck as foil: Next row (RS) SI 4 sts knitwise wyib. 52. p4. 35. pI] twice. 4'/2)"/[0 ([0. 6. Row 2 SI 4 sts knitwise row holding SI 4 sts knitwise 11'/4 (12. end k4-56 (59. pm. 40. 6) times more. with LH needle. bring yam to front and Pass first more (not Place yarn at back and leave it sl marker. 7. Dec row (RS) SI 4 sts knitwise work k2tog.. tunic vest with turnback I X. 2. Next pl-20 row (RS) wyib.11'12.10.6. end with a there. *SI next st from LH needle. rep last 2 rows twice more.5cm Join tie Place 3 sts from tie holder on dpn. 31.5. kl. Sew inner edge of neckband (wool/possum/silk) in #01 natural GAUGE to back neck edge. 40. 4. 84.123)cm • Lengtb 29 (29'/'.4. k l . • Bust (closed) 104. AT SAME TIME. 23. 1-ROW BUTTONHOLE • Work to the buttonhole.5. 12. 38. Next row (RS) SI 4 sts knitwise sl marker. 2'/4. cont to work for 4 (4. k l . k4.5. k14. sl 1 st purlwise. k l . • One pair each sizes 7 and 8 (4. kl . 4'/4. 15. k l . 0. Rep last 2 rows 2 (4. sl marker. sl marker.! 0 bind off first 4 (4. sl marker. Next :!.. 3. SI 4 sts knitwise (if necessary for your 23" 27" LEFT FRONT sts. sl marker. 30. sl marker.10. as established 4'/z)"110 (10.. sl marker. 3'h.)" 12'h)" 12 TUNICVEST Standard-fitting cap sleeves Medium. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. [. wyib. k14. k2. sl marker. 8. sl marker. pI. ::. shape neck as foll: Next row (RS) Work to 2 sts before first marker. AT SAME with a WS row. pI. last 8 (8. approx 12. Small on page 66. work even on 32 (34. Shoulder shaping and neck extension Bind off first 9 (II.::" :!' a-e:!' 0 '" :!' c- d a5'h" 00 00" e ~ row SI I purlwise p4. sl marker. 4'/4. Next (dec) row (RS) SI 4 knitwise wyib.. k to end. Place sts on holder dropping markers. new st in reverse St st.5. wyif. 65. rep from * to last 4 sts. 15'1. cont to work even as established for 4 (4. Keeping new st in reverse St st. 6. 14'h. Row 1 (RS) SI4 knitwise wyib. Cont to work rib pat at armhole edge and shaping armhole (if necessary for your size). Rep last 2 I'/' "/4cm. 3'/4. 80. [p l .. DOUBLE SEED STITCH PATTERN See pattern #2. Next piece measures WS row. end with a KI. end with a RS row. kl]4 (4.7) times.10.. Next row [PI. Next row (RS) PI. k2. [0. Cont to work rib pat at armhole edge and shaping armhole size). cast on 5 sts as foll: 97 . wyib. 10. slipped st over it.5. k14. sl marker. :!' -e. rep from * to end.6) times more. end with a WS row. sl marker. 45. kl . cl .. then every 4th row [3 times. 26'/'. (24. p14. 4'/'. prn. 17. 29. Next row KI. 48. p l . 5) times more. 0. 61. 19) sts. [0.14) moving yarn). 2 (2'12. rep from dle and tum work. • One II/s-inch (27 rnm) button 17 sts and 22 rows = 4"/1 Ocrn over double seed st pat using size 8 (5mm) needles.iF '" .7. k2tog. work end even on 32 (34. Next row wyib. cast on I st to LH needle.12.114. kl.5. pI. end with a WS row. when armhole measures rows 2 (4. 10'12)". 11. p4. 5. 12. 62. p to last 4 sts. k l . k14."/4cm. 2X and shown collar.25'/4. [8 sts of chart. 11. I) times. 13. 56. sl marker. 5) times more.5 and 5 mm) circu- 2 (2'/'. work 18 sts of chart. Next row SI 4 sts purlwise wyif. work 18 sts of chart. Armhole and neck shaping in rib pat over rib sts. work 18 sts of chart (4 sts inc). 6.5 (75. then every [Otb row 0 (2. Side shaping Dec row (RS) SI 4 sts knitwise wyib. Shoulder shaping and neck extension Bind off first 9 (I l ..5 and 5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN • One eacb sizes 7 and 8 (4. 4'/4. 7) . 10. FINISHING Lightly shoulder block pieces to measurements. 92. 21. When all shaping bas been completed. 9'12. SI marker every row. 66) sts. rep dec row every 6th row I (3. when armhole measures ['/. work to end-24 sts.. 42) sts until piece measures same length as back to shoulder. 48'/z)"/84 (94. sl marker. 24"/60cm • Stitch markers GAUGE long from beg. RIGHT FRONT Cast on 72 (76. ::. 25'/4)" Cont chart in this way to row 23.13) 23"/58. then every 10tb row 0 (2. 2. 6. kl) 4 (4. p4. S[ last bound-off st to LH nee- sts. I) times. AT SAME 26"/66cm from beg. *k2tog. 78. 31'12)" 16'/' (18. 19) sts. Rep this row every 8th row 5 (3. 12'1" 13'/4. sts. Row 2 *PI. lar needle. work to end. Rep last 2 rows twice more.4)" times. Rep last 2 rows until 9"/23cm from beg. 52.5.80)cm MATERIALS • 10 (11. wyib. then rep rows pat. Place sts on holder dropping Kauri of neckband sts tog. 5.10. 4'/4. p this st.

20. draw lip a Ip. 5. work to end. then every 4th row 15 (15. 3. 5) times more-53 Work even until armhole (55. 47. Cont in pat for 13 SK2P.232) as foil: Beg pats Row 1 (RS) Kl. Do not cut yam. times. 34) sts. measures 7 (7'12. rep from SK2P or p3tog keeping AND removing the conformity RIGHT FRONT Caston 6(6. rep from left front * to end. I. AT SAME TIME. 16'1. Cont to work in double seed st.10) sts. 24'1. LEFT FRONT Cast on 6 (6. pm. 19. 0 (closed) 37 (39'12. work 26 (28. Row 1 (WS) * KI.90.24) em. 30. Sew on button . Last row (WS) Purl. then front edge every 4th row 4 trims. cast on 113 (121. 37. sts. 4. k lightly to measurements. 8.20. 2) 13. 73) SLEEVES With smaller needles. 4) sts 2 (3. RIDGE STITCH (multiple of 3 sts plus I) Row 1 (RS) K I. 103) sts. needle. P 2 rows.22 'h.127. Work back and forth 16 (18. Dec L st each side of next row then every other row 2 (4. 16) times. (with shaping and RS/WS rows work pat row 2 to end. p L rib for 2 rows. shape shoulders by binding off 2 (2. work row I of ridge st over next 106 (I 18. 32.5. 34 (34'/'. NOTE Body is made in one piece to underarms. 7) sts at beg of next 2 rows. pl. then work as foIl: with smaller circular needle: Row 1 (RS) K5. 32. 8. With larger circular 47. k 1. at beg of next 10 rows. cast on 53 (57. 91. Sew shoulder OR SIZE TO OBT ALN GAUGE • One pair size 8 (5mm) needles • Size G/6 (4IlUn) crochet hook • Stitch holders and stitch markers the shaped edge of sleeve at the shoulder. 12) WS rows. pm. 5) sts from each back shoulder edge 2 (I. 6. pl. inc I st at center 12. pm. Work seams. 5. 2. 91. 23) sts at beg of next 2 rows even in pat. Work 2 rows more in pat. 46'/4.5. k to end. Sew collar under the rolled edge trim. Bind off2 sts 33 (37. casting rows. 3'/'. turn work. 6. Work in kl. 102. Work in double seed st for 14 rows. 2X. 206) sts. 8.5. pi. Rep dec row 2 every 14th row 5 times 1110re71 (79. 87. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. COLLAR * KL.129. on 14 sts at beg of next 8 198. Large. LO)sts. 32. work pat to end. p3tog. rep from * 4 times beg.137. cast on l st at beg of next 8 (l0. after 3 more rows are worked separately. dec I st at seam edge (beg of RS rows) on the 15th row from beg then every 6th row 9 times.)" * once more.117. 148. then work to 1 st before third marker. pick up and k 113 (121. pm. work to end. Sew Armhole trims With smaller needles.41. rows-190 Buttonhole using the (194. pm. 5. 5. pick up and k 81 (86. inc 1 st in next st. Work as for 20'12"/52 cm from beg. 6. 4. Medium.join 35'12. then every 8th row 4 times.'" more. 65. I-row buttonhole method. KNITTED MEASUREMENTS 50'/4. Do not join. Work to end of row. 8.21. (18'1. BODY With circular needle. Armhole shaping Bind off 4 (5.• :. the previous dec 2 sts in pat (by of pat) marker.94. pick up and k 175 (178. Dec row 2 (RS) *Work pat to 2 sts before first marker.5. Row 3 Purl. Row 1 (RS) work pat row 2 to end.20'1. armhole trims. 145) sts. 36. 30. size 8 (5ml11) needle. 130.107. Work 6 GAUGE 18 sts and 25 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over ridge st using rep from * to end. casting on 3 sts at beg of next 9 WS rows. 137. sts. *p2. bind off2 sts from each neck edge 3 times AT SAME TIME. Row 2 (WS) Knit. 166. 181. 2. 184) sts. from the RS. 37'12)"/86. 23) sts. 34) sts.45. pm. 42'/4. 32"/8Icm a 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 21 (21. row (RS) Work 6 sts. 7) edge once. bind otT3 sts. when piece measures sts from armhole times-LO measures as on back. then 3 (3. Bind off knitwise. Neck and shoulder shaping sts. 178.. 15. FINISHING Block shoulder pieces seams. 3. 4)" on LH needle. Back neck trim With smaller needles.23) 23. Rep dec row every 2nd row 3 times. 47) sts along back neck edge. 17) sts. 9) 3 'hoz/l OOg hanks (each appro x I97ydll 80m ) of Cascade (alpaca/wool) • Size 8 (5mm) circular Yarns Eco Duo long in #1706 brown/gray needle. 7. then cast on 2 sts at beg of next 2 (3. 69) sts. 3) times. Working MATERIALS ·5 (6. k to last st long edge of collar. place new marker. Then cont to work as for reversed) reversing all shaping. kl. IX. 30.21. k2tog. 2 sts I (I. (2'/'. 32. 45. edge. Work as for armhole Left front edge With smaller circuLar needle.3. trim. work 26 (28. place the Ip on LH needle. place a marker at neck edge and work as foil: 98 . 129.95)cm 137. inc I st in next st. Row 2 (RS) Cast on 3 sts. work 26 (28. pru. I row in double seed st. 12. place new marker. 3. 4) rows. inc I st in next st. BACK With larger needles. 190) sts along as for armhole Sew in sleeves left front edge. 61. pm. I. Back edge With smaller needles. 187. Note Read before cont to knit. 6) same as back. p3tog. and shown in size Small on page 67.69. both sides at once. 16.* Insert RH needle between the first and 2nd sts TIME. 4.5. when piece measures 15'h"/39. work row I of chart pat over next 23 sts. 2 sts at beg of next 2 (2.53) sts. Row 2 Knit. pm. 6) WS rows. Bind offrem 49. dec 2 sts in pat removing the previous marker. 21. 3X Sized for Small. Rep rows 1 and 2 for ridge st. rep from * to end. 145) sts along lower back edge. seams and side pick up and k 45 (45. cast on 154 (166. inc 1 st each side of each marker. pick up and k 6 sts along the side of collar at both ends. When armhole shaping times then dec I st every other row 3 (5. 3. work in pat to end. ••• • Bust • Length (87. 15. (II. 6. Next row KI. AT SAME TIME.23. 59. work shoulder 1'. cast on 45 (45. 9. • SI first st wyib from LH needle and pass the extra east-on st over it to close the buttonhole. inc 1 st in next st. 108) sts around armhole I row. AT SAME from beg. 47) sts and work Cont in pat.5)cm 9'12)"/18 (19. Keeping I st each side in gaiter st (k every row) sts. 34) sts. 5. Work right front under the trim centering edge in same way. With separate yarn.5 Next row (RS) Work 16 (17. 30. shape ann hole by binding off 4 (5. 4. I) times. pI. Work even until piece measures 13 LONG VEST Loose fitting textured topper with cable panels. 4.5cll1 Neck shaping Dec row (RS) Work to last 3 sts. 196.. 202. 4. Dec row 1 (RS) Work 26 (28. 214. Row 2 (WS) Cast on 3 sts. 95. Bind offpurlwise. 6.34) rows. 54'/4)"/94 (100. work row 1 of chart pat over next 23 sts. 20'12"/52 em from 2'/. 4.

90. 3. pick up and k 93 (95.0 - - 33 31 29 27 25 23 30 28 26 24 22 0.. p2 rib for 6 rows. 53) sts and place on holder for right front. Armhole edging 14 CABLES AND LACE VEST Standard fitting cardigan vest in cable and lace pattern. 50. Bind off rem 26 (26. inc 2 (4. 4. sc evenly along neck edge.0 --- 7 5 3 With straight needles. 4. 5. 76. work to end-64 (70.5)cm. LEFT FRONT Lightly block piece to measurements.43.. 46.20. k3 from cn. work to end.• I •• I.43/. 68. 2 sts twice. join rnd with a sl st in first sc. end with a WS row-I 08 (130. 75) sts. Work back and forth in garter st for l'h"/4cm. 90. then rep rows 1-8 for lacy cable pat. 8.( ). 6. 10. 13. then rep rows 1-34 for pat st. Dec I st from each side on next row. Next row (WS) Work to end. inc 0 (3. 59) sts. 3. 26)"/63. 84.5 (63. 5. 43. 27)"/61 (63. 19.. 17.5)cm MATERIALS Bind off3 (3. Dec I st from armhole edge on next row. 170) sts. 3. p on WS El pan RS. 5) sts at beg of next row. 41) sts. 39Y" 43'/" 47'/" 51'/. 99 . 5. FINISHING BODY Next row (RS) Work in pat across first 26 (37. ork even on 31 (34. s-. 6) times 1110re. 30. 55'12)"/87. 123. 98) sts. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. end with a RS row. 64. 26)"/58. 2. 64. Right front band • Bust (closed) 34'12 (41'12. work to end of chart. Work in k2. I) sts evenly spaced across last row. Work even until piece measures 25 (25. bind off9 sts once. 14)sts for right underarm. - 0 -). 7.5. join yarn with a sl st in center of armhole bind-off. 68. 46.5 (21. 43.5. then every other row 2 (2.3%. 63. 34 32 - o~o 0. 102.. sc evenly around entire armhole edge.( 21 19 17 ). end with a WS row-42 (53. 30) sts for back neck. cont to foll chart in this way through row 34. Left front band ••• KNITTED 0 MEASUREMENTS Change to straight needles. join a 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 56 sts. 10'12)"/20. 150. 8. 36. Fasten off. 20.. 4.and sl markers every row. end with a WS row. end with'a WS row. 00 00 Bind off 3 (3. LEFT FRONT -- ). 3"~ Row 1 (RS) Work first 2 sts of chart.5. 66)cm from beg.66. 26. 5) sts at beg of next row.5.6'/. ).46. end with a RS row. place last 37 (40. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 OA . 84.( ). 70. 7. end with a WS row. 43.( .c 15 13 II 9 Bi. 6) times more. 251(2. reversing all shaping. 8) sts at beg of next 2 rows. end with a WS row.6'''. 5. 64. 50. 28. 141)cm • Length 24 (25. Dec 1 st from each neck edge on next row. 12. 2. 12. 48'12. W 37. k3. 6. 28. Beg chart pat 23 sts From neck edge.join yarn with a sl st at right front neck edge.0 -).. 53) sts from left front holder on straight needles ready for a WS row. Dec 1 st from armhole edge on next row. 152.. Work next row even. Bind off all sts loosely knitwise. k on WS ~ [Q] [s. 74) sts. 10. 27)"/61 (63.c 25 sts and 32 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over chart pat using size 6 (4=) needles.40.. Sized for X-Small/Small. Fasten off. 4. Work even until piece measures 23 (24. IX. 9. 4.4. BACK 0 ). Cont to work same as left front.• :. 23. RIGHT FRONT Stitch Key 0 k on RS. 3 (3.5.nd off 3 (3.5.6'/')'' 3(31/'.. 15) times. Divide for fronts and back Neck edging With RS facing and crochet hook. Row 1 (RS) Making sure that work lies flat. do 110t cut yarn. 46. work until there are 64 (70. 37. 99.5.22) sts. 36. Place sts each side on holders. 25.. then every other row once 1110re-13 (16. 3. Medium/Large. end with a WS row. shoulder seams.5.. 7'12. Armhole shaping I--~ ".0 ). Work in k2. 53) sts from right front holder on straight needles ready for a WS row. II. Sew 34 (36'h. 66)cm from beg.( .0 - • 7 (9. 53) sts on holder for left front. 6) times more-31 (34. 8. (5'1. 7) sts at beg of next 4 rows. Shoulder shaping Work same as left front band .. work to end. 4. 16 and 32"/40 and 81ern long • Cable needle • Stitch holders and stitch marker GAUGE 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 Place 37 (40. 76. 17. 50. 10. Next row (WS) Rejoin yam. 2X/3X and shown in size X-Small/Small on page 68. bind offnext 8 (8.4'/'. then every other row once more. 26. BACK With RS facing and crochet hook. Back neck shaping ~ Place 37 (40. 4. 4.ozl50g balls (each approx 150yd/135m) of Manos del Uruguay/ Fairmount Fibers Silk Blend (wool/silk) in #3014 natural • One pair size 6 (4mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE • Size 6 (4mm) circular needles.24.5. 13) 13f. 104) sts evenly spaced along left front edge. 14) sts for left underarm. Work even on 24 (35. then every other row 2 (2.. 62.41) sts until armhole measures 6 (6'12. 46.nyarn.] ssk yo SK2P I2l k2tog 5'/.5. 4) sts once.( 0'( 0. Work next 2 rows even.5)cm.5.5. 40. 6. 19. Rnd 1 (RS) Making sure that work lies flat. AT SAME TIME. 21.6'/. Neck shaping 6-st LC SI 3 sts to cn and hold to Font. Armhole shaping With RS facing and circular needle. cast on 106 (126. 3.5 (61. work lIst rep 9 (11. 9'12.4) sts evenly spaced across last row.. 26.25. 26. work next row even. Dec 1 st from neck edge on next row.0 . 48. 5) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 7. 66. shape shoulder at armhole edge same as back. Rejoi.)" With straight needles. p2 rib for 6 rows. 4. 81f2)"/15(16. 62. Armhole shaping -- 0. 57) sts each side until piece measures 24 (25. 98) sts on needle for back. 4.. Working both sides at once.( 0'( 0'( Bind off5 (6. 66. 0 0 0 ). 66. STITCH GLOSSARY x ). bind off next 8 (8.25'/'. Work even on 52 (58. 3. when piece measures same length at back to shoulder.( . 3.97. ~ . 50.0 ).5)cm from beg. 5. Cont to foll chart in this way through row 8. Next row (RS) Work 37 (40. then every other row 2 (2. 74) sts until armhole measures 8 (8'/'. 4 (5.)" I •••. 174) sts.0 )..5 (105. cast on 42 (50.

90. pick up and k 66 sts seam. pi from cn. . p2 rib for 2"/5cm. 5. 43.5. Shoulder shaping Bind off 4 (5) sts at beg of next 32 rows. work back and forth in k2. 22'12. Rep dec row every other row 7 (5. then k 84 (86. Work even on 24 (35. work last 6 sts of chart. with short row Large.( >--0 o~o 0'( >--0 15 CABLED TOPPER Oversized ders and straight-fit topper with sloped shoulcables. 7.. 338. k2.70)cm MATERIALS • 13 (18) I%oz/50g hanks (each Yarn approx Company 122yd1l11m) of Plymouth 6' :!' (3.' (14'/'.5 57)clll • Upper arm 14'. 17'12)"/40.5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAfN GAUGE • Cable needle GAUGE 26 sts and 28 rows = 4"/IOcm using size 7 (4. Sew and neck seams . around armhole rnds. k2. 50) sts along left neck edge to beg of neck shaping.5)cm 28 (33'(')" ··"L . 12)" • One size 24"/60cm 100 .40.• :. 'n v 'n I" 17'/4 (20'1'.' (21'12. k2 over chart pat (::!. Cont to work to correspond to left front. FINISHING Sew side seams shoulder to the armhole markers. Cont to foil chart in this way through row 10. work to end of chart. end with a WS row. 46. 40. Join and pm for beg of in k2. o El ~ Stitch Key k Oll RS. GAUGE 3 long (3._:_" LEFT (0- from cn. I08)clll • Length 21'. p2 from cn.5 FINISHING Lightly block pieces to measurements.q" . ~ 'n "" -0 :::. Work even until piece measures 16 (16'1z. pi. I) times more. Sized lace cardigan for Small. sizeX-Large/2X X-Large/2X on page 69.25ml11) needles I" 6'11 (8'/'. k2 from cn. Front neck shaping Dec row (RS) Work across to last 3 sts.( >--0 II 1/ o~o 0. Beg with row II.5)cm from armhole markers.. 46. 116) sts evenly spaced edge.r I . GAUGE. Armbands With RS facing and shorter circular needle. and Sized shown for in herringbone 4'/''' '-- l l-sr rep - Medium. ~ • One pair size 3 (3. P on WS p on RS.( >--0 7 5 3 1 o~o 0. 50) sts along right neck edge seam. then every 4th row 10 (12.. Place markers each side of row to mark beg of armholes. Sew side work chart pat foil rows 11-40 until piece measures 9 (10)"123 (25.5 I00. p2 Bind off loosely in rib. k2. to right shoulder pick up and k 42 (44. o~o 0. 8 6 4 2 Bind off loosely in rib . k2 from en.(.. k2 from cn. 6) times.25111111) circular hanks (each approx Sock 215yd/1961ll) (wool/nylon) TO OBTAIN Laces Shepherd 16. 22'/z)"/54. 4-st LC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to Font.5. k2.5mm) needles. (326. 90. Place sts on holder. r. 9)" 9112" I" • Bust 56 (67)"1142 (169. 57. Beg with row 2. up and k 42 (44.350) sts. cont to With RS facing and longer circular needle. 7'/4. (0N :::S 00 . 17. pick along back neck edge to left shoulder (42.. Work around 108. ssk. (96.24'/4. (5'/z. seams. • Length 24'/' (27'/')"/62. Front neck shaping Dec row (RS) K I. 44. 46.5)cm from beg. XMedium. Join shoulders using three-needle Neck and front band BACK Cast on 183 (217) sts.5)clll MATERIALS • 6 (7.42'/')"/87. end with a WS row. pick up and k 84 (86. Cont in pat on these 55 (57) sts for 4 rows. 3. then rep rows 1-8 for lacy cable pat. bind-off. TAKE TiME TO CHECK STITCH GLOSSARY 3-st RPC SI I st to en and hold to back. k2tog. 4-st LPC SI 2 sts to en and hold to Font.f' M N BACK (0~T Ashton (baby alpaca/merino/silk) in #497 camel • One pair size 7 (4. V or. ~ . 39'/'. 16)"/37 (37. 4-st RC SI 2 sts to en and hold to back. Beg chart pat Row 1 (WS) Working chart from left to rigbt. 57) sts until piece measures RIGHT FRONT Work same as left front to neck shaping. pick up and k 92 (104. 10'/4.27'14)" •••• KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (closed) 34'12 (38.5. kl. 92) sts evenly spaced along right front edge to beg of neck shaping.lLarge.5. work 34-st rep 5 (6) times. 4-st RPC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to back. same length as back to shoulder. k 011 WS lQ] yo ~ SK1P 6-s1 LC FRONT & BACK k2tog 1//ftFb4?Z1 IS] ssk KNITTED MEASUREMENTS 3'/. 16 LACE CARDIGAN Standard-fitting fronts. p2. 16) times. then rep rows 5-10 of chart (the 6-row body rep) until piece measures 11'12 (13'12)"/29 (34)cm from beg. 92) sts along left front edge-3I8 rib for 2"/5cm.• :. Cont to foll chart in this way through row 8. Bind off rem 55 (57) sts for neck. FRONT Work as for back. work lIst rep 3 (4. 14. 8) 20z/57g of Lorna's in Courage OR SIZE needle. 3-st LPC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to Font. work to end. end with a row 10.. work first 7 sts of chart.Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Work first 2 sts of chart. (54. Large and shown in size Small on page 70.

Work 2 rows in seed st. LACE PATTERN 2 bring yarn to the knit (purl) side between needles. kl. Work 24 rows in St st**. (RS) Knit short row shaping 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 Short row 1 (RS) Working in St st. Row 2 K the purl sts and p the knit sts. p wrap tog with st on needle. yo.. Shoulder shaping Bind off 6 (7. Row 7 K3. Cont in this way to dec I st at neck edge (by k I. rep from *. Work (RS) knit short rows once more. Knit to end. Short row 3 Kl. One st is wrapped. 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows. **Work rows l-Iu of lace pat 2. work rows 1-10 of lace pat 2.Scm. Work in lace pat 1 for 2'h"/6. 101 .S. k2tog. For knit side: Insert RH needle under the wrap and knitwise into the wrapped st. Next row Kl. w&t. Work rows l-f O of lace pat 2. 56. w&t. kl-3l (39. Short rows 4 and 5 Rep short row 3. yo 1 twice. Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 4 rows. k2tog. Sl rem 45 sts to a holder for back neck. Purl to end. This completes the (WS) purl short rows. 3) Sl the same st back to LH needle. Short rows 4 and 5 Rep short row 3. S2KP. *ssk. Short row 2 K to last 17 sts. ssk. Work rows 1-10 of lace pat 2. k l . end with pat row 2. Purl to end.9) sts at beg of next 2 rows. w&t. kS. ssk. Work rows 1-10 of lace pat 2. Short row 3 K to within 8 sts of previous wrapped st. Short row 3 P to within 8 sts of previous wrapped st. Next row (RS) Knit across all sts. w&t. Work in lace pat I for 2'h"/6. end 1. k2tog. Knit to end.91. Knit to end. ssk. Short row 2 KI. Short rows and V-neck shaping (over a multiple of 8 sts plus 3) Row 1 (RS) K2. yo. Short rows 4.47) sts. Purl 1 row. only do not knit the last row. k2tog. 131. Next row Bind off 3 sts. Next row (WS) Purl across all sts. *yo. RIGHT FRONT '" 34 32 Cast on 59 (67. Purl to end. 4) When short rows are completed. work row 1 of lace pat 2 to end. closing up wraps--48 (56. SHORT ROW WRAPPING Cast on 11S (123. *kl. use st markers to mark the full reps at the outer edges and be sure that each yo in pat has a compensating ssk or k2tog or work the sts in St st. end with pat row 2. then cont in St st only until armhole measures ?II.99) sts. ssk.71) sts. Purl to end. 64) sts.2Snun) needles. 67. only do not knit the last row. yo. LACE PATTERN 1 (over a multiple of 8 sts plus 3) Row 1 (RS) KI. 60) sts. Work 2 rows in St st. end k1. k to last 5 sts. work to just before wrapped st. ssk (neck dec). w&t. Then dec 1 st each side every other row I (I. 52) sts. At this point. purl to end-55 (63.3) times more-28 (36. k them together. AT SAME TIME. Short row 2 P to last 17 sts.3. Row 5 K2. Purl to end. Row 3 Rep row 1. w&t. Next row (RS) Kl. Row 2 and all WS rows Purl. end k I. purl to end--44 (52. k2tog. work row 5 of lace pat 2 to end. p to last 9 sts. Armhole shaping Next row (WS) Bind off 4 sts. k3.75) sts. when piece measures 13 'h "/34cm from beg. ssk. Knit I row. ssk. Turn work. 6 Short row 1 (RS) Kl. ssk. Work rows 1-10 of lace pat 2. (WS) Purl short row shaping 9 7 5 3 (WS) I 34-51 rep 6 4 I Stitch Key 0 El k on RS. k on WS 3-51 RPC 3-s1 LPC ~ ~ • Three l16-inch(II. Knit I row. end k2. Knit to end. rep from *. knit across all sts. 21. kl. ssk. yo. Purl to end. w&t. k to within 8 sts of previous wrapped st. Rep row 2 for seed st. Work (WS) purl short rows once more. [k 1. Work (WS) purl short rows twice more. end last rep k4 instead ofkS. yo. purl to end-36 (44. After the 3rd rep of 24 rows in St st is complete. Purl to end. ssk (neck dec). *yo. 33. 4) times-81 (89. For purl side: Insert RS needle from· behind into the back loop of the wrap and place it on the LH needle. Next row K I. k3. kl. 44. *k2. k to last 9 sts. 2) Move yarn between the needles to the front (back). SEED STITCH (over an odd number of sts) Row 1 *KI. Next row (RS) Kl. pI.w&t) Knit (Purl) side 1) Wyib (wyif). 4. 8'12. 5 and 6 Rep short row 3. work as foll: Armhole shaping (wrap and turn . closing up wraps. 52. BACK Short row 1 (WS) Working in St st. Row 10 Purl. 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Next row Bind off 3 sts. w&t. sl next st purlwise. Rep the 46 rows between **'s twice more. closing up wraps.CHART FOR PATTERN #15 39 37 35 33 31 29 27 25 23 21 19 J7 15 13 II 40 38 36 (8. Note When working the inc or dec shaping while working the lace pats. w&t. 8'h)"/19 (19. rep from * to end. ssk) every RS row 3 times more. Work rows 1-10 oflace pat 2. Rep rows 1-10 for lace pat 2. end k2.S)cm. This completes the (RS) knit short rows. Knit I row. yo.63. dec 1 st at armhole edge (by k2tog. Work (RS) knit short rows twice more. Next row Kl. Purl to end. Rows 2 and 4 Purl.7. yo. S2KP. purl to end. yo. ssk (neck dec). 21. work row 7 of lace pat 2 to last 3 sts. rep from *. *yo. rep from *. yo. purl to end.5cm. 9) sts at beg of next 4 rows. 139) sts. or 13'/' "/34cm to the armhole. k to last 13 sts. AT SAME TIME. Work 2 rows in seed st. rep from *. k2tog. kl) 0 (0. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. ssk. Next row Bind off 2 sts. 41) sts. k I. work row 3 of lace pat 2 to end. (7'/'. the right front measures the same as back.Smm) buttons • Stitch markers and holders GAUGE ~ ~ ~ ~ 4-stR~ 4-5tLC 4-5t RPC 4-51 LPC 27 sts and 38 rows = 4"/IOcm over St st or lace pats using size 3 (3.39. 8. Row 3 KI. rep from *. Rep rows 1-4 for lace pat 1. p on WS P 011 RS. kl. Next row (WS) Bind off 4 sts. Row 9 K4.

341) sts evenly seed st for I row. 15. wide ribbed front bands and garter stitch belt. closing up Purl to end. same length as back to armhole .72. 23. Sew shoulder along seams. 26) sts for shoulder. 18'/'. 21. sts. 8. Next row (RS) Knit across. 15 '12. 23. 110. 0. 0. Work even until (7. 12'14 (12'/" 13'/'. last row.5. w&t. 68. k to within st. Armhole shaping Bind off 4 (7. 50. 32) sts. Bind off rem 19 (20. 10) rows 3. Bind off. 8'12)"/16. cast on 41 (41. 0). 45. AT SAME TIME. 21) times. edge (beg of RS row) 4 (0. p to last 4 row 2 (WS) P to row 3 P to sts. 4) rows. 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Next row KI. TAKE TIME TO CHECK STITCH GLOSSARY spp Slip I purlwise from en. work last st of chart. other to. SLEEVES Cast on 83 (83. 18 '/')"/44. 5) sts of chart. then cont in St st only. 13'12)" from en. dec 4 (4.18'12)"/44. 9.5. short rows. 77. 5. 7. Knit to end. (7. Armhole shaping Note For some sizes. k2. 107) sts. ssk. 123. cont to work neck dec's every 4th row until 18 (22. 7. 0.26) at once. Sew on buttons sleeves.34) sts. Bind off rem 19 (20. opposite buttonholes. 45. 8. 49'12. Cant in pat as established 47)cm from beg. work first 9 sts of rep once more. 8. 17 (18'/"19'12. 18. 5. 8. LEFT FRONT With size 10 (6mm) needles. k2. k2 GAUGE. and shown in size Medium on page 71. 4. 85) sts. w&t. k2 pi. 3 sts at beg of next each side every times-66 until piece measures (44. 77. k I.5 to end. lnc 1 st each side on next row (working more-61 inc sts into chart pat) then every 8th 14. w&t. 8. 136) sts. 45. 23. 8. 17'/' (17'12. the center fronts and back neck edges.cm from beg.5)cm. wrapped Purl to end. Work in lace pat I. 25. psso. Work 2 rows in seed st. 9) sts from shoulder 17 CABLEILACE CARDIGAN Standard-fitting cardigan with cable Large. closing up wraps. Short st. For aU sizes Cant in pat as established until ••• 0 35 (39. and lace IX. (RS) KI. work pat to end. Purl (29. 2% ~3'. inc I st each side (workreversing position of row (RS) Work 22 (23.5. 5 and 6 Rep short row 2. 22. 19) times (65.20. 107. Next (buttonhole) row (RS) Work seed st over first 72 sts. edge twice. With RS facing and circular needle. Dec I st each side every other row 18 (18. 2.45. pick up and k 329 (329. work 13-st rep 2 times. Work even until 47)cm from beg. LEFT FRONT Work as for right front. 45) SIS. Then work rows I- (69. wraps-21 armhole measures 6'h (17. work seed st over 5 sts] twice. 9. w&t. 21. Work even until piece measures 12"/305. 18. Set in Sew side and sleeve seams . 28. 9. 56)"/89 27'/'. 2X pattern.'. k to last 3 sts. piece measures (45.5. dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 3 times. 8. Knit to end.43)cm MATERIALS ·6 (6. work 13-st rep of chart 3 times. 58) sts. Bind off rem 13 (13.25. 3 sts 8. 3) times.5 (8th. 14. 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows--67 (67. Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Work first 5 sts of chart. Knit to end.5)cm • Upper arm 12 (13. 19. 24. Short within 5 sts of previous wrapped end. 15) sts. 6th. 91.5 last 9 sts. reversing all ° Classic Wool (wool) in LEFT FRONT #207 rich red • One pair size 10 (6mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN long • Cable needle GAUGE circular needle 60"/150cm • One size 8 (5mm) 8'/4 (10. 2) times. work 13st rep 6 (7. 4th) row 9 (II. Medium. Beg chart pat to left front. 6) sts evenly across. row 2 Kl. 75. (24. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. ssk.5. 125.47.39. 26) sts each side for shoulders. Sized for Small. 18. 28. 10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 4.(WS) Purl short row shaping Short row 1 (WS) Working in St st. 10) sts once. Short row and V-neck shaping Short row 1 (RS) KI.4) For and 2X) only-Row I (RS) Work first 5 sts of chart. 84) sts. 102 .5. 29) sts. Work even until one row less than back. 4-st LC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to Font. 45. 91) sts. work 13-st rep (2.• :.5. Cont in pat as establ ished for 5 rows more.5 35. k2tog. k to end-27 (35. Next row (WS) Purl across all sts. 4-st RC SI 2 sts to cn and hold to back. Bind off from armhole (66.9) 223ydl205m) dec I st at armhole edge every other row 5 (6. k2tog.5. 28'/')"/65 (99. w&t. Work in 1 BACK With size 10 (6mm) needles. 10) times. 341. 7'12. FINISHING Block pieces to measurements. 6th. Neck shaping Next 10 of lace pat 2. SLEEVES With size 10 (6mm) needles. yo. Short st of previous Short ° (0. the armhole differ from the back. 9) sts once. 15. 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows.20'12). Work even same as back.. RIGHT FRONT Work to correspond shaping. [yo. 11)" GAUGE 20 stsand 22 rows = 4"/IOcm over chart pat using size 10 (6mm) needles. 8. work last st of chart. Working both sides join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 22 (23.5. (33. 17'/' (18. Row 1 (RS) Kl (I. work first ° (0. 10) times-23 Work 3 . ssk. cast on 84 (97. cast on 32 (37. Knit to rows 4 and 5 Rep short row 3. Dec I st row 5 (7. 17)"/30. 6./' ozl I OOg skeins (each approx ofPatons shaping may KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (closed) N 114.41. I. sizes (Medium and IX) only-Row I Bind off6 (7. 45. 71. 0. 22.5. until armhole measures Shoulder shaping 6 (8. work to end. 74. 142)cm • Length 25'12 (26. Beg chart pat For sizes Small (Large (3. 32. Cap shaping Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 40) sts.5. 10.26. 26. 4)" 69. work last st of chart. 27) sts rem. 75) sts.27. Short ing inc sts into pat) every 12th row 8 times-99 (99.

Cont to sbape neck.)" Work even until piece measures 8'/4 (8'12. 32 (34. dec I st at armhole times more-26 edge on even next RS row then every other row 2 (3. 322. Armhole shaping 22)cm from beg. c:: 17 (19'j" 22. 21) sts for a st hold(55. Work measures 16)cm. 36. sl center 19 (19. 5'!.57.5. cast on 9 sts.5 3 •• 00 MEASUREMENTS 37'/' (39. cast on 31 (33.. 1 st at neck edge on the next RS row (17..11'/. and cont with B only. Dec I st each side every other row 3 (4. inc I st at beg of every 14tb (14th. 12) times.5. 00 0 I2l ~ k on RS. stretching band slightly. 146. 1. dec'ing work to end. 43. so!. 151) sts along right front. 6'14)"/12. 28. 52. 35. 43)"/95 (42. TAKE TIME TO CHECK Note When beginning ." o!. 44) sts. 6) times-53 Work even until armhole 8)"117 (18. Sew band in place. Collar With size 8 (5rnrn) circular needle. Work 2 rows even.9. 8 Color [] Key (C) Tropic • '-8-s1 rep_ Porpoise (8) 103 . 37 sts.:' '" Bind off2 sts at beg of next 4 rows." a.14. 8'/4)"/21 (21." .. 143. 38. 83/4)"/21 (21. Bind off rem 13 sts. in garter st for 52"/132cm. 3'14 (4. 16th) row twice-67 and cont with B only.__. k 2 rows B]3 times.. pI rib for 4"/10cm to larger needles more. Beg and with p2 on WS.5. Shoulder shaping El p on RS. work in St st inc I st each side every 14th (1 4th. (35. LEFT FRONT With smaller needles change 14th. FINISHING Block pieces lightly.8'/. k2 rows B]3 times. 75. p2 rib for 43/4"/l2cm. 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows AT SAME 8'/. 24'{" 27'j. and A. 40) sts along back neck and 135 (138..5. 330. er and working both sides at once. 8'/'. 3 (I. Work in chart pat. (71. 4. Then. 2. work in k2. 7'/'.5. 18'/')"/45. 143. Work even until piece measures 18 CROPPED CARDIGAN Loose-fitting cropped cardigan with striped garter edges. 8'/4 (8'/'. Dec I st each side of next row then every times. Sew on 2 buttons to band. 10) times. reversing (B-dark SLEEVES With smaller needles and A.)" 0------4 56) sts. Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. beg at lower right front edge. 10. the chart pat. Dec 1 st each side every row 8 (8. all shaping..47. k 2 rows B] 3 times. 5.. Neck shaping Next row (WS) Work 6 (6.71. 2) st at beg of next 2 rows.9)" TIME.5. 17. 10. '" t. Bind off rem 12 (12." by centering BACK LEFT FRONT 00" the chart on the piece. 5. KNITTED Stitch (13.! 0-" ~e co 00 00 :£:... 8.5 14. 39) sts. then 6 (5. cast on 38 (40. change to larger needles 14th. inc 1 st each side every lOth. Next row (RS) Bind off 4 sts. measures 6% (7. k to end. RIGHT FRONT Work as for left front. [K 2 rows A. Sized for X-Small. [K 2 rows A.!.)"/40. Belt With size 10 (6=) needles. 18 (18. Large and shown in size Small on page 72. Change to Band Change cont in kl. Fleuris (bamboo/wool) .ozl50g balls (each approx 6oyd/60m) of in Louisa HardinglKFI #6 fern (A) • 6 (6. :. Dec J st each side every other row 7 (8.12. N '" o!. to larger needles 16th) row twice-33 work in St st. 10. 47)cm from beg. ribbing. Small. Place sts on holder. avoiding Sew shoulder Buttonband seams. Medium. Work in garter st until bands fit along center left front edge to neck. Sew shoulder seams.5)cm.9..14) FINISHING Block pieces lightly. 5) (27. 42..10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 20. 109)cm • Length 4-stRC 4-st LC 45)cm • Upper 38)cm MATERIALS ·2 1 '!. (33. Armhole shaping 22)cm from beg.5 Cap shaping (45.59) sts." r-. 4th row 3 then every other row 5 (6. 7. 29) sts. cast on 63 (67. 4'{" 4'/" 5'/. 37. With smaller needles and B. the top one at '14 "/2cm from neck and the 2nd one at 4"/10cm from the first. Work even until armhole same as back. 8'/'. (8'/. 8. 6) sts from shoulder edge twice.. 8.Cap shaping Bind off 4 (7. Work Bind off. Neck and shoulder shaping Bind off 5 (6. Note At this point.5.)" GAUGE. 10. 7) balls each in #10 porpoise blue) and #5 tropic (C-turquoise) • One pair each sizes 8 and 10 (5 and 6mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN • Two l-inch (25mm) • Stitch holder GAUGE 15 sts and 21 rows = 4"/10 em over St st using larger needles. 21. 8. measures • Bust (buttoned) Key [Q] yo 105. sts. then 6 (5. until armhole 5 (5'/4. Work even until piece measures 18'/'. [K2 rows A. k on WS k2tog on RS spp on WS ~ ~ arm 12'/4 (13. Set in sleeves. . 146. 6." GAUGE buttons chart pat. 10th) row 4 (4. 15)"/32 then every other row 3 times more-16 18) sts rem.5.35. 79) sts. 7) sts and place 011 a holder. 7. "" ~ o!. 9) times. 41'/'. (48.21. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. dec 1 st from each neck edge once.5. Bind off loosely in rib.. work the first row o!. p on WS 16 (16'/" 17.' ro!. pick up and k 135 (138. 343) sts. Bind off 5 (6. cast on 7 sts. With smaller needles and A. Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 75) sts. 6'{' (7'/. and cont in St st and 12th (12th. 17'!. _______. 6) sts at beg of next 4 rows. P I row. Sew side and sleeve seams. 6. 151) sts along left front-302 (310. 5. 5. beg working chart pat and cont to foil this chart to end of piece. Then.19. 6) sts once. 6) times--46 :::::. (99.21.

. k2. 25. end with p2tog. 16. 16. 6. k2tog. 8) times. bind off 4 (5.5)cm from beg. Keeping sts each side in reverse St st.' (13. 8'/'. from beg. 77. 113. end with a RSrow. end approx (70. end k2.. Beg with row 2. 8. Rep row 2 for seed st. Shoulder shaping At armhole edge. 011 19 CARDIGAN Standar fitting seed stitch cardigan rib borders. 9'h. *[kl.!'" '" 17(18. 79) sts.5. Work other side collar trim in same way. 20. Finish as for button band. 543/4)"/83.10. 104. cont in seed st until piece measures side edge of collar and bind off knitwise on WS. Terra (baby alpaca/wool/silk) OBTAIN GAUGE in olive leaf OR SIZE TO • One pair size 6 (4mm) needles • Size 6 (4rll. end with a WS row. GAUGE. Sized for Small.5. Beg chart pat 2 Row 1 (RS) P2. 6. k 2 rows A] 5 times.' '" :! . Work even until armhole ures 7'/2 (8. 6. k 1 from cn. markers.188. 27'/'.. 77. p2tog. . Beg with same and A. 18. Next row *P I. Work in k l . 5. 7..9'/4.208) sts. cast on 2 sts over the bound-off COLLAR With smaller needles and B. p3. Set-up row (WS) K3. Bind off rem 35 sts for back neck 10)"/19 (20. measStitch Medium. 6. kl. then dec I st from neck edge every other row 5 times. 67. bind off 2 sts twice. 9. Buttonhole row K 2 sts.il' or) foll chart in this way through -c -r oS' ~ '" rows 1-4 for cable rib pat.• :. (RS) Dropping p2tog.. p2tog] twice. 16. then every with cable Large. Dec I st from each side on next row.. 4. 9. 00 Row 2 K the purl sts and p the knit sts. Work even on 19 (22. 2X and shown in size Small 21. 17)"/33 (35.25. 28. 54) sts. C LEFT FRONT 8'/. CHART 3 3 Armhole shaping Bind off 6 (7. 10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 12) times more.)" 12'. (89. other row 4 (6. cc e '" 00 CHART 1 4 2 9 (9'/4.10. 5. 3-st LC with inc SI 2 sts to cn and hold to front.. 40. GAUGE 18 sts and 30 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over seed st nsing size 6 (4=) needles. kl.. On next row. 19. p4. ~ 00 ~ r- r-: :::. 42. BACK Cast on 128'(148. 7. 10. 5. end with a WS row. 67. rep from *.5. *pl. row (WS) K2. 2 sts each side in reverse SI st. 8. work to end of chart.. work in seed st until piece measures 18.. cont to foll chart in this (each way through row 4. rep from * to end. p3-30 (36. Work even on 10 (13. 20) times. 15. p4 *k2. 7) sts twice. end with a WS row. AT SAME TIME. 16. pm. 73. p2. . 89. To trim collar. Work even until piece measures approx 5'h"/14cm a row 4. measures 3 (3'h. RIGHT FRONT Cast on 47 (57. end k2.11'/4.11'/4)" 19'h)"/48 (47. with smaller Bind off with A. Dec I st from armhole edge on next row.. k2.. (61. 31) sts until armhole 5'/')"17. inc 1 st on 3rd row and every other row 7 times more-85 needles (85. 8. ~ - 6 '/.5. Armhole shaping * to end. bind off 3 sts. rep from *. p2tog. p2. pm. 168.il' M '" oS' r-. 43)cm MATERIALS • 14 (J 5. p2. Beg chart 1 Row 1 (RS) P2. Work even until piece measures 5'/'''/14cm Dec row p2tog.5. 48. 10. 30'/')"170 LEFT FRONT Cast on 47 (57. 73. I X. pick up and k 69 (69. 4 2 from beg. p on ws I:2Ed ~ 2-s1 LC o p on RS. end [kl. 2'/. then 3 (4. then every other row 4 (6. p2. rep . kl.10'/. 7. from RS of neck sts from beg and end in center of bands.. 4 2 CHART 2 3 markers.. end with a row 4.5. tben rep '" . r- STITCH GLOSSARY 2-st LC SI I st to en and hold to front.!.38. 70. Shoulder shaping Bind off 4 (5. page 73.. 73) sts around neck including holders. 8. . 89) sts. k on WS no stitch kfb I2Em 3-st LC with inc 4-stLC rn 104 . 87) sts. (9. sts.5)cm. 139)cm 27'/' (27'/'. k2 from en. 10)" . 49.5. Work next row even. p2. *k2. then 3 (4. Bind off 6 (7. Neck shaping At neck edge. Keeping work to end of chart. -c C -o ::i '" ~ e . kl. 45. kfb in next st.. work 10-st rep 4 (5. SEED STITCH Row 1 (RS) KI. 7) sts at beg of next 4 rows. k2 from en. prn. rep from *.. 21)" 4'/.m) circular needle. 125) sts. pm.10. 101. cont to row 4. Dec row (RS) Dropping p2tog] twice-77 19 (l8'h. s: ::f. rep from length as back to underarm. 124..n '" <c :::. pick up and k 13 sts along one row 2. work 10-st rep 12 (14. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. Sew side and sleeve seams .. 14)cm. 87) sts. Set in sleeves. 6. 51. 12) times more-55 67. end with a WS row.19. 41. 5)" 0-----<0 kfb Inc 1 by k into front and back of next st. Set-up from *.14.5(9. 8) sts at beg of next 2 rows.5." 10 (10'/'. k2.. 32"/8 Iern length • Cable needle and stitch markers • 9 (9.S!. 24.5. *SKP. 49. 30'/'. 77. k I. Working in stripe pat. 20. TAKE TIME TO CHECK 10) I '/s"/28mm buttons SKP. 8) sts once.20)" 18 (19. 22) J3140zl50g hanks approx 98yd/90m) of The Fibre Company Rep for 2nd buttonhole. J5)" . 77. 10) sts at beg of next row.5 (98. 9. p l rib for 2 rows. :::. (4 I/" 4'/'.5)cm • Upper arm 13 (14. 20.Buttonhole band Work as for buttonband unti! band measures same length as button band to the first button.. o El Key k on RS. KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust (closed) • Length 33 (38%. p4. 12. k to end. 4-st LC SI 2 sts to en and hold to front. 22) sts until piece measures same length as back to shoulder. [k 2 rows B.

5)cm 59)cm (96..Length . :§' e ~ r-. Keeping 2 sts in reverse St st. N :§' '" BACK M :§' e r-. Beg chart 1 Row 1 (RS) P2. *ssk. then every other row 2 (3. p2tog. pick up and k 27 sts along right front neck edge. p3-144 (144. 4. pi. p2tog. Work rows 2-4 once more. 17) times. III) pl. 10) sts at beg of next 2 rows. pm. work 10-st rep 14 times more. Dec row k3.5. cont to foil chart in this way to row 4. sl marker.. (33. Next row *KI. Cont to work as for button band untiJ first row 3 of chart I has been completed. 93. 14%. yo. then 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 93. k2tog. Row 3 (RS) P3. 54) sts. p2. 15. :§' 0 :§' 0. t- ee :! 5" 17 (19]/" 22'/'. 7) rimes. 7. 12)" 13 (14. k2.5 and 4mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBT AlN GAUGE . end pI. Next row on 4 sts over sts. 8'11 (8'/'. p2. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. 0) times. 62. k2tog. from *. pm.. 42. (2'/" 3'11. end with row 4.. 40. kl. k2tog. N KNITTED MEASUREMENTS . Neckband With RS facing. 13) sts. 25.180) sts. II. N r-t N- LEFT FRONT M '" e :§' 16)"/30. work 10-st rep 15 (IS.11) 1%ozl50g hanks (each approx I 25ydll 14m) ofTilli rattan .. 17) times. work to end of chart. '" ::::! 20 LACE PULLOVER Standard-fitting. pl.10. 127. work chart until there are 16 sts on each side in reverse St st. then every 4th row 0 (0. work to end of chart.One pair each sizes 4 and 6 (3.. X-Large with shaped sides Sized for Small. approx 51/z"1l4cm from beg. 8'/'. work 10-st rep 6 (6.10)" 105 . Work row 4. 5" (over a multiple of 8 sts plus 5) Row 1 and all WS rows Purl. work rep 15 times. Beg chart 1 Buttonhole 4 (WS) K3. 10) times. 8.10'/2. pick up and k 83 (83. 4'/" 4'/.)" 2'/. p2. 8th row 5 (7. end with a WS row. p2. p4. pick up and k 83 (83. 17. Keeping 2 sts each side in reverse St st.One size 4 (3. cont to foil chart in this way to row 4. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 27 sts along back neck edge.. 77) sts. work row 2. reversing SLEEVES Cast on 62 (62. Bind off in rib. Dec 1 st from each side on next row.16. 9'/'. every 4th row 4 times. 32"/80cm . k2tog. 0.Stitch markers GAUGE circular needle.162. Beg chart 2 Row I (RS) P3. 0. pm. Sew side and sleeve seams. 23'/4)"/55 arm 12 (131/4. all shaping. *pl.5. block pieces to measurements. 83. k3-99 (99. 4. work IO-st rep 4 (5. *[kl.__. p2tog.T :§' . k2tog. 127) sts. )" small on page 74. work to end of chart. work to end of chart. p3... 83. sl marker. Row (buttonhole) off next 4 sts. :! '" N . then rows Dropping markers. sts. (36. lace pnllover sleeves.. *k2. k2. sl marker. 58. then rep rows (RS) 1-4 once. sts.8) times.15... 45) sts. work rep 15 times... sl marker...160. 39. work rep 15 (15. (8. sl marker. ::!: 5" r- 37. sts. p2-142 Row 3 (RS) P2.. p2-158 sts. casting bound-off k3.. work rep 15 (J 5. rep from p l . p2. 71. p2tog. end with a WS row... 401/" 43112)"/89 •••• IIO. Medium. Buttonband With RS facing and circular needle. every 6th row 0 (4.. Beg with row 2. then every 10th row 4 (0. 5. end kl. p2. 5) times59 (63. *kfb. p2.• :. Next (inc) row (WS) K3.. (113. then 27 sts along left front neck edge-81 rep from *.111. sl marker. work to end of chart. Dec row (RS) Dropping markers." !i . rep from * to end.162) sts. p2. p2tog] twice. Work dec row. work first SiS. cont to foil chart in this way to row 4. k3. casting on 4 sts over bound-off sts. Bind off rem II (II.Upper 21% (221/4. end p2tog. Work rows row 1 of chart. Keeping 3 sts each side in reverse St st.Bust 35 (38. 93) sts evenly spaced across left front edge... p2tog. Set-up row (WS) *K2. 99. p4. sl marker.5 ~ :=.nd-off). "bind row (RS) P2. k l .)" . 7.5. RH needle. end with a row 4. k2. kfb.$. 27]/. rep from *. 17. cont to foil chart in this way through row 4. Next (inc) row (WS) K2. pI.180. end k2-111 Beg chart 3 Row 1 (RS) P2. k2. yo. k2-97 sts. Sew FINISHING Lightly shoulder seams. *. kfb.. *p 1. 17) times. kl. 45.7. p3... Sew on buttons . p2tog. pm.. 0. pm. work to end of chart. 0) times more. SKP. 5'/z"114cm from beg. pm. 6) times more. 72) sts. end k3. rep Beg chart 1 Row 1 (RS) P3. then 1-3 once. Next row *KI.10. sl marker. Cont to work as for left front. work to end of chart. (56.- 0 ~ r-. rep from kl-39 (39. Set in sleeves. TAKE TIME TO CHECK EYELET PATTERN over eyelet pat GAUGE. Next row K2. Cap shaping Bind off 6 (7. pm.. 0. * 4 (4. end k3-113 113. Work row 4. 17. 6. rep from * to end.j. 10-st rep over next 5 bind off next 4 sts (pI will be taken up in bi. rep from *. pi. cont in seed st for 2 rows. in size and shown :§' ". 5) times more. 8. rep from * to end. sl marker. Inc I st each side on next row. end [k I. then rep rows 1-4 for cable rib pat. rep from *. k2tog. every other row 6 times. work row 2.it<n -. 1-3 once. *SKP. work row 2.17)" . p2-30 markers. p2tog. end p l. . Keeping sts each side in reverse St st. 103.. p2tog. :§' S o» . Beg chart 3 Row 1 (RS) P3. measures p2. Keeping 2 sts Buttonhole band With RS facing and circular needle. 5. 223/4.5. p l. 511a!1 . p l. 13.5mm) long . k2tog. Row 2 (RS) K4. '0 e N N N Tomas Plie (plied silk) in 6'j. 8) times more. then rep rows 1-3. end with a RS row. p2. and 3/4-1ength Large. Dec row (RS) Dropping p2tog. IS. sl marker.. 11.. Bind off in rib.Set-up row (WS) K2. pI. Work even until piece Dec row (RS) Dropping markers.it- -e 14" 23 sts and 37 rows = 4"/lOcm using size larger needles. *kfb. 72.9. work to end of chart. 67. p2tog] twice. 93) sts evenly spaced across right front edge. rep from *. Work even until piece measures approx sts. 4. p3-160 ( I 5.. then bind off as for button band. 0. end with a WS row.5)cm MATERIALS -8 (9. . 48. Work even until piece measures approx 19"/48cm from beg. sl marker. rep from * 7 (7. Keeping 3 sts each side in reverse St st.

Rep rows 1-16 for eyelet pat. sl marker.25I11m) circlular needle. rep from *.79. rep from * to end. 20'/" 213/. Bind off rem 19 (19. inc I st in next st.5. p2 rib as established.5 (19. work sts in St st. yo. III) sts. Row 12 K I. *MI.40'12. 103. *yo. *p2. Keeping to pat. prn. k3. avoiding ribbing.5cm from beg. 39. 15. until armhole measures 7'/4 (7%. Work even until armhole measures 53/4 (6'/4. 8) sts twice. 31)"171 (72. 7. pick up and k 49 sts to shaped neck marker. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 (4. yo. end pi (selvage st). 17) JlJ. rep from * once more. Row 2 P 1 (selvage st). k3 from cn. 2 sts once. 79. Dec I st each side every other row 1 (3. Cap shaping 17'/' (19.5cm. 4. 103. 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows.4. end kl (selvage st). then every 4th row 7 times. inc I st in next st.! r-. *p2. 23) sts each side.Row 4 K5. sl marker. V-neck shaping On the next RS row. Large. 21. stitch holders. 0) times. Row 10 Ssk. 22)cm./81 (91. Bind off I st at beg of next 2 rows*. work to end----4 sts inc'd. then 1 st twice--16 (18.. 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 2 sts once. Dec I st each side every other row 2 (4. k l. If there are not sufficient sts to work dec.76. kl. 17'/'. STITCH GLOSSARY 6-5t RC SI 3 sts to en and hold to back. stitch markers GAUGES (after blocking and washing) • 26 sts and 38 rows = 4"/IOcm over cable chart pat using size 3 (3. dec 1st. Dec 1 st each side every other row 0 (0. Set in sleeves. 19)" 12 (13'/. 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Work as for back..)" 14% (16. k2. Row 16 Knit.•:. inc 1 st each side (inside of selvage sts) every 8th row 4 times-84 (92. Rep between *'s twice more. 8'/4. SLEEVES With larger needles.. Cont in k2.5(19. pI.83/4)"/18. 6.45). k5.14'/. yo. 2) When working shaping in pat st. 6-st LC SI 3 sts to cn and hold to front. 114)cm 'Length 28 (28'/'. 3.7'(4)"/14. 105) sts. k5.16)" 3'j. AT SAME TIME. rep from *. 24"/60cm long • Cable needle. pI. pm. sl marker.17. pick up and k 49 sts to end of V-neck-210 SIS. 7.25111111) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE • One size 3 (3. pm. k3. 2 sts 2 (l . *p2. k2. *p2. bind off center 5 sts for neck. end with a RS row Change to larger needles. Row 6 Rep row 2. pick up and k 74 sts along back neck edge. k3 from Cll. Rep last 2 rows until rib measures I "/2. S2KP. pick up and k l st in comer. yo. 35. then 5 (6.5. 119. Work the neckband back and forth in rows as foil: Row 1 (WS) Kl (selvage st). pick up and kIst in comer. Row 1 (RS) Kl (selvage st). *yo. pick up and k 18 sts along round neck edge to shoulder. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 2 sts at beg of next 0 (2. 83/4)"118. 37) sts. sl marker. dec 21 (21. 1. Inc I'OW 3 (WS) Work to first marker.5)cm • Upper arm 12'/' (14. 17) sts evenly spaced across-63 (71. Row 2 Work even as established.8'/4. 0. Work even until piece measures 14"/35. p2. k2. k2tog. Armhole measures approx 7'/4 (7'14. 17.21. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGES.-. *k2. work the armhole shaping by binding off from each armhole edge 3 sts I (0 0." 10'f. 95) sts.. 119. work to last 2 sts.5.5. Shoulder shaping Bind off 3 (3. Work even for 17 rows more.5. k2. 127) sts. rep dec row every 4th row 7 times more-87 (95. Sized for Small. 44)cm MATERIALS Bind off from each shoulder edge 6 (6. Armhole shaping Bind off 0 (3. beg at right side of V-neck opening.87) sts. rep from * to next marker. 96. Bind off3 sts at beg of next 4 rows. dec I st from each armhole 106 With circular needle. 17'/4)"/32 (35. 4) rows. 103.14314)" 21 CABLED TUNIC Standard-fitting tunic with A-line cabled skirt and ribbed bodice. . 23) sts each side. Note Read before continuing to knit. work pat to last 3 sts. 3. Neck shaping With smaller needles. Bind off. 3 sts twice. I st once-16 (18. *Work even for 2 rows. ssk. 127) sts. Do not join. 6) rows. p2.5) times-87 (91. Shoulder shaping left side and sew to base oftbe V-neck opening. 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows. pi. Cont in eyelet pat for 9 rows more. BACK edge every other row I (3. inc J st each side (working inc sts in pat. . 97.5. k I. cast on 76 (84. AT SAME TIME. be sure that every yo is paired with a k2tog or ssk. *k3.13'12. X-large and shown in size Small on page 75. Then cont to shape the round edge of neck. work to next marker. 18.25111111) needles. Work even. beg with row 2 of eyelet pat (and cont with the kl selvage st as established each side of row). Cross right side ribbing trim over the • II (13. k2tog. 101) sts.5 (16.5. 104) sts. 21. rep from * to end. working both sides at once. 3.. Sew side and sleeve seams . binding off 3 sts from each neck edge once. Armhole shaping Bind off 3 (3. rep from * to first marker.. FRONT Work as for back to armhole shaping. 3) times-I 03 (10 I. FINISHING • •• 0 KNITTED MEASUREMENTS Block pieces lightly to measurements. NOTES 1) When working the eyelet pat. inside of selvage sts) every 10th row 4 times-71 (79 87. if necessary. Sew shoulder seams.21. rep from *. Rep inc row every 8th row 7 times more-I 03 (Ill. Work even until piece measures approx 3'12"/9cm from beg. work to end. 30. Then. The selvage sts are not figured into the schematic or knitted measurements. end kl (selvage st). S2KP. Next row (WS) Purl. bind off 4 sts from each neck edge once. 2) times. • 34 sts and 34 rows = 4"/IOcm over rib pat using size 3 (3. 63f4. sl marker. Next I'OW (RS) Work 30 (32. Working both sides at once. work eyelet pat to last st. 3. k2. 5. 88. 96) sts. yo. Row 14 Rep row 10. 21. 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 18 sts to left neck corner marker. sl marker. 23) sts. cont to shape the V-neck by dec I st from each neck edge every other row 12 times. Row 1 (RS) KI (selvage st). Row 8 Knit. 22)cm. Place markers each side of neck on the last row worked. pm./50g balls (each approx 170yd/155m) of Zitron/Skacel Collection Lifestyle (superwash merino) in #33 corn • One pair size 3 (3.5)cm.25I11m)needles. Inc row (RS) Kl. yo. Medium. rep from * to end. join a 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 27 sts. lS'/'. MI. dec I st. 0) times. 7) sts once. cast on 103 (Ill. 9 '/' " 112" 111211 . Neckband • Bust 32 (36. Work even until piece measures 9"/23cm from beg. k2. a kl selvage st is worked at beg and end of every row. 7) times. (12. kl (selvage st). Dec row (RS) KI.

2-st RPC Slip J st to en and hold to back. k7. pi. Cant in rib as established Armhole shaping Bind off 6 (7. Cant to fall cable chart with pI 0 panels between each double cable until cable row 4 has been worked 5 times. p2. Row 2 (RS) *P2. 37'/.5 (9. p I rnd. 8. work 19-st rep of row I of rib pat 7 (8.75mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN • Cable needle • Stitch markers GAUGE until . 8) times more. 53) sts and sl to a holder. I<2tog. ws ) to a holder. Work in rib pat inc 1 st each side (working 147) sts. pi into all 4 sts held tog. *p10. Neck shaping Next row (RS) Work 40 (47.)" 2 00 . ssk.4 (4%'. rep between *'s 6 (7. 26112. Cap shaping Dec I st each side every row 6 (7. bind off center 45 (48. Beg rib pattern Row 1 KI (selvage st). FINISHING Block pieces to measurements. 1<2. 36) sts. There are 135 (154. 8. 50) sts. Dec 1 steach side evelY row 6 (6. work sts 3-10 once. 1<2*. o Stitch Key yo.5. bind off 4 sts from each neck edge once. *p6. 8. 8. k3. _ MEASUREMENTS (99. k3 from en.9) times more.. work to end. 107 . 4-st RC Slip 3 sts to en and hold to back. 117. 1<2*. pm to mark beg of rnd and working in rnds. sl sts from LH needle. k3. 1<2. rep from * 5 (6. Bind off rem 95 (106.53) sts rem each side. Piece until there are approx a total of 21 reps of cable row 4. k2. 56. 156) sts.5cm from beg. I X. 4-st LC Slip 1 st to en and hold to front. FRONT Work as for back until armhole measures 3 (3112. p3. p6. 4" . rep from * to end. k on RS. Cant in pat as established (RS) chart row 6. 25'h. Dec row 4 (WS) K2. 53) sts and sl ( measures until piece measures 21 (21. 7) times-I07 until end. 20. 137. k3 from cn. klO. 47. k 1 rnd. Beg cable chart Row 2 (RS) Working row 2 of cable chart.. 9) times more-7 (8. p6. 9) times more. GLOSSARY needles. Rep rows I and 2 for back panel eyelet.5'/" 6'/. then kl.5 69)cm balls (each approx (63.67. 9. Large. k2*. rep between *'s 6 (7. 12. k l . Using 3-needle seams. 44. p6. p6.75mm) • 18 sts needles.8. Dec row 5 (WS) K2. 15'/. 192) sts after all dec's are completed. 133.5cll1 from beg. 10. 52)"/89 sts 9-16 once. 12'/' (14. (5'/' 5%. Neckband With RS facing and circular needle. rep between *'s 6 (7. pick up and kl40 (146. 119.5)cm. 49. 0. 12) Jl/40z/50g 125yd/114m) of Bliss/KFI Cashmerino DK (woollmicrofiber/cashmere) Debbie in #30 mustard • One pair size 5 (3. 173. Dec row 1 (WS) K2. p2. 10) times-II (128. k3. k2tog. *p6. Rep rows 1 and 2 for rib pat BACK Cast on 170 (194. 8. Dec row 3 (WS) K2. kl 2-st LC Slip I st to cn and hold tofront. 131) sts. rep from *. dropping extra insert RH 22. 27)"/62. *wyib sl 4 purlwise. k2tog. 133) sts. 35. p2. 2X and shown in size Small on page 76. 8) sts at beg of next 2 rows. k4. *p6. rep from * to last 3 sts. Row 1 (WS) K2. 60) sts. 9) times more. work 33 (40. p l from cn. k6. rep between *'s 6 (7. 20'/4. sl these 4 sts back to LH needle. 10. chart using size 5 (3. join the shoulder Sew side and sleeve seams. and 32 rows over St st using -e- = 2% "l7cm = 4"/IOcm over FRONT & BACK diamond STITCH from cn. p4. Cant to fall cable chart (with p7 panels) cable row 4 has been worked 3 times more. garter stitch edgings. CLUSTER (multiple wrapping complete STITCH of 4 sts.5. 15'12. 218. 133. 22)"153 (53. p4. Dec row 2 (WS) K2. 6-st LC Slip 3 sts to cn and hold to front. SI even until armhole SLEEVES 22 SLEEVELESS TUNIC Close-fitting pattern tunic with center cable panels on front and back. of sts) BACK PANEL EYELET (over an even number Row 2 Purl. ssk. 242) sts loosely. measures piece every 6th row 6 (3. TAKE TIME TO CHECK 2-st RC Slip 1 st to cn and hold to back. kl. Work measures same as back.RIB PATTERN (over a multiple of 19 sts) Rows 1 (WS) *K2. end kl. I I (l3'/'. 51. k8. yo. *p6.44. k l (selvage st). k3.join a 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 31 (34. 109.44.• :.rep between *'s 6 (7. Medium. bind off. Working both sides at once. • Bust 35 (39. ISO) sts evenly around neck edge.rep between *'s 6 (7. work 6"/15. p on p on RS. rep from 1~16-stRC 17Jt±Fb{?L1 6-s1 LC * to last 3 sts. p6. until Cant to fall cable chart (with p6 panels) cable row 4 has been worked twice more. 8. Join. 9) times more. Row 2 K3. Work even inc sts into rib pat) (120.5 24112 (25. Cant to fall cable chart (with p9 panels) cable row 4 has been worked 5 times more. 23)cm. * to sts each side to holders. k4. *p6. Work even until armhole 7 (7112. Sized for Small. 43. 1<2*. kl.)" ~F~ 15'/'. k4. 33'/'. k l from cn. 9) times more. 9)"/18 (19. 1<2*. kl 26 (30.. *insert RH needle into next st. •••• KNITTED 132)cm • Length 65. 9.1 ·······0······· 5'/. plus 6) yarn around needle twice (double yo). *k2tog. 8. knit st. 56)cm from beg. ending with measures until MATERIALS • 7 (8.6)" . k5. Set in sleeves. 148. *p6. rep from once-33 (40. 22'12)" from cn.5)"17. 10.10) times. 7. plO. k on 4. k I 17Ih"/44. and diagonal yoke. k3.)" 16 (18.75mm) GAUGES. Cant to fall cable chart (with p8 panels) until cable row 4 has been worked 5 times more. 1 Next row (RS) Work 33 (40. 1<2*. ill-IIIII Iii 18 10 1 Row 1 (RS) K3. Row 1 (RS) KI. 17V. 11. k l . 8.)" _" from cn. 2-st LPC Slip I st to cn and hold to front. :!' GAUGES • 22 sts and 30 rows = 4"1l0cm size 5 (3. 10) sts are dec'd on this row and all fall dec rows. 8) times. k l . p6. work st 3-16 once. Bind off purlwise . pi. 3 sts B ws ws needle through all 4 sts. Cast on 95 (114.

5. 12.. Q 18 sts :11-11I11ellll ~ 14 sts D EJ iii k on RS.Q Q _ . 48). Q . and the back panel eyelet in the center. ssk. Beg shoulder charts Row 1 (RS) K3. Jl Q 7 Q -Q Q Q Q -Q -Q ~ ~ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ~ . Dec row 2 K to marker.N -e 8" 16'12 (18'/" 20'12. sl m. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 7 Q Q Q Q ~ Q Q Q Q LEFT SHOULDER ~~~~~ Q' RIGHT SHOULDER n .11 /7 n / ~ ~ 7 Q 7 /7 Q 7Q 7/7 n 15 13 IJ n . 14 12 10 Q Q Q . -QQ -/ / ~ . k3. to end of piece.. as for back.BACK Cast on 94 (106.. chart row of diamond chart 18"/46cm Work even until all 133 rows have been 55) and N '" N 0/)' FRONT & BACK 10" e . .._~<.. diamond cable.. 7)"17. 1 3 n /7/ .130.~-~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~ Q Q Q Q /7 Q QQ / / Knit 7 rows over all sts.5 Leaving 7"/18cm (10. sl m.. 1).. then rep rows 16 to then work rows 42 to 55.9 -c <.5)cm FRONT Work as for back through row 8 of top lace section. charts each side.c o.Q Q Q Q Q <. k to last 5 sts.12. 130) sts as foil: Beg with st I (5.24)"/54. 26)" and last 3 sts in garter st and sts outside of charts as foil: chart row 41.. 106. '" / 40 38 36 34 32 26 -row 'ep 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 1. work row 1 of diamond cable over 18 sts... Q 15 Q /7 Q Q /7/ 7/ Q /7/ 7 Q Q tog at top of front and back for shoulder seams.{ 7 5 3 . p on WS p onRS. until piece meas6 (6'12. in St st. AT SAME TIME. k3. LEFT CLAW CABLE Stitch Key Jl. Ml . 36. work row 1 of right shoulder chart over 2 sts. working ures the shoulder cables inward (16. working shoulder and cont to shift the shoulder chart sts in towards DIAMOND Q CABLE 55 53 51 49 47 45 43 41 54 52 50 48 46 44 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ~~~~ ~ Q.. Q Q Q Q * only) in between garter the garter and the Q <.. buds pat Sized for and on body and reverse Large/X-Large. Rows 1-6 Knit.. 8. k to end. when piece measures row. worked piece (ending measures Cont in this way to work inc row every 6th row 6 times more-100 Remove with markers. Q-QQQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 7 ~~ ~e ~. work row 9 of right shoulder chart over next 6 sts.! '" 0/) so ~ t:- Inc row (RS) K to marker. 12. (112. p tbl on WS 2-st RPC 1?/fFFfd?!1 ~1+1=11Jtllfffl-[-[~ 14 sts rn rn ~ ••• KNITTED 0 MEASUREMENTS (122. <.. open at the lower edge. Work 5 rows even. k24 (30. Q Q Q /7 ~ /' Q / ~Q -.14.. 118.5 • Upper arm 15'/. (17. work row 1 of left shoulder chart over 2 sts. 3 (4. ~ ~ Q Q Q Q chart sts.. lX/2X Q/7 5 ~~Q /7 -Q 7 Q 7 QQ Q /7 Q Q Q Q Q / 9 7 5 3 1%- shown in size Small/Medium on page 77.. 42. 1.5. Sew first and 17. "" . Beg back panel eyelet the garter 41 of diamond cable three more times (for a total of 4 center diamonds)... Cont as established. 8"/20. work as established to next marker... Q <. . as established. - ~ . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ. work 8-st rep 9 (11.{ 39 37 35 33 31 o... Place a marker each end of 17'h (19'h. (2)" . 48).5)cl11 last 3 (4. 14. 8'/')"/15 17. 42. garter and shoulder <. the center every other row.{ o. 61)cm 2-stRPC 2-stLPC 4-stRC 4-stLC • Bust 39 (48. <. Rep last 6 rows twice more-86 134) sts. Beg charts Row 1 (RS) K24 (30. pm. k all WS D EJ k on RS. k3.{ ~8-strenp _>7 // 7 Q / // . 21. 57'12)"/99 ~ • Length 21'/.. /.5cm Row 9 K3.Q QQ ' . work row 2 of left claw cable.. 118. Work over 2 sts. work row 2 of right Note Keep first and last 3 sts in garter st.33. p all WS p on RS. work to 8-st rep. work pats as established to last 14 sts. k on WS rn ~ ~ 2-st LPC 2-st RC 2-st LC 6-s1 LC RIGHT CLAW CABLE rn 108 []J k tbl all RS. 36. 146)cm (58..~ n Q 7~ Q/~ 7~ 23 PULLOVER Loose-fitting Small/Medium. Q Q '. work row 9 of left shoulder cable over 6 sts. Next row K3. .5. Q Q Q / .>f. and right claw sts. 122. 6 Work st in between chart sts. work row 9 of right shoulder chart over next 6 sts. ssk. above markers. Row 7 and 8 Work St st in between and shoulder chart sts. Top lace section Next row (WS) Knit. p to last 3 sts.Q . chart Row 2 K3..{ . 136. k12... 11 V. work back panel eyelet over 82 (94. 48)C111 . Q <. ~ <. 5'12. 7 Q / <.:. Q " "Q Q ' <. and working work through diamond 39.~3 . from beg. QQ -.. k to end. work row I of right claw cable over 14 sts. work last st of chart. (II')'. work as foil: Waist shaping Dec row 1 (RS) K12. 15) times. Cont as established.5.142) 2 of cluster st. p21 (27.. 5.118.-- Q / / -.I :d 00 I-oi f::' 0- '" ::f. Q ' Q Q Q' <. work row I of front panel eyelet chart over 82 (94. 148) sts. 19)"/39. <. pullover with branching St st sleeves. Rows 3 and 4 Work rows 1 and 2 of cluster st (rep from shoulder Row 5 and Q Q Q Q 7Q QQ / Q Q Q / Q Q Q Q QQ / Q Q Q Q Q ~.. k to last 5 sts.. 110. sew . 22'12. work as established to 2 sts before next marker. Bind off. 5... side seams to markers.. 45). cable. 124.5 (43. 7)" 11')'.1 -Q ~~ ~1t'7 ~~ . 130) sts. k2tog. l! Q Q Q Q Q ' -c Q Q Jl..< Q Q . work row 1 of left claw cable over 14 sts. 81 m. sl m.Q Q Q' 8 6 4 2 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ _ '" . Rows 7 and 8 Work rows 1 and 5 rows even. pm.. kon WS k2tog Stitch Key []J P all RS. work row 9 ofleft shoulder cable over 6 sts. M1.. Q / o. " Q "~ -c ~~ . 106. Beg front panel eyelet chart Row 9 K3. (22]/4. k3. 25)" from beg.' .{ O. Rows 9-12 Knit. 7 "" <. work row 2 of left shoulder shoulder chart over 2 sts. 21'h. 5')4. k2tog. Q 29 27 25 23 21 19 17 15 13 II ~ 7_ Q / . Cont in pats as established. 23'h. Q <. k3. Note Read entire directions before continuing working cable to first knit. (98. 7 Q 7 Q / ~ Q Q Q Q Q Q 7 Q/ FRONT PANEL EYELET 8 6 .. Q 7 Q . 20.{ Q cables inward and the front panel eyelet chart in the center and complete FINISHING Block pieces to measurements. 7. working the shoulder in top lace section.

Q .14) times. Cont work sts outside of to foil chart as positioned. st 14. AT SAME TIME.• !+ TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. completed When row 33 is on these outside sts and piece measto larger needles and p 2 needles. cast on III (J 39.0- 31 29 27 24 LACE STOLE Boxed Eyelet stole with subtle razor edge .. then (6. then every 4th row C :0' N N r 5" 4'/' (6'/'. k I row. Change to larger needles and p 2 rows.Q .Q 9 . 24) 88yd/80m) .25mm) 16"/40cm long • Cable needle GAUGE 24 sts and 32 rows = 4"/IOcm using size 4 (3. 103) sts '.Q 9. 4) bud pats as on back and when armhole bind off 7 (l0. 9)" '---J ---. Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) Beg with st 2 of row 1 of chart. on the 2nd and 5th k rnd. (8%. inc I st (in reverse St st) each side of next WS row. l39) 11-20) sts. Place markdown from the last row 18'/' (23. Bind off rem 81 (91. k on WS 2-stRPT C2lIl 2-st LPT I'fl (k l.Q .Q 9 9 . Set in sleeves matching (wool) in #450 egg yolk • One pair each sizes 3 and 4 (3. AT SAME TIME. Place markers to mark the center front 25 sts. Dec 1 st each side every WS row 6 times-83 has been worked (Ill.Q. p I tbl on WS I row more in reverse St st in the center 29 sts in the completed bud El rn p on RS. (17.. side every 6th row 10 times. 57) sts./7 . - 13 11 '"' ~ I • Approximately MATERIALS -" 9 7 5 3 1 • 1 31/'oz/100g hank (each approx 875yd/800m) " "- of Alpaca with a Twist Fino (baby alpaca/silk) in #2001 royal velvet • One pair size 4 (3. Change rows.0 / ures 13"/33cm from beg. p l . 6 (10.0 . 28%)" 15'/.Q -9 . 13 (14. edge 13) sts from each shoulder k 78 sts evenly around neck edge. Shoulder shaping Bind off? (10. II rows. work as foil: Neck shaping Next row (RS) Work 29 (43. Crochet Too USDK side of neck on the next 3 WS rows. until row 10 of chart is then work rows 21-33 to complete AT SAME (103. including armhole shaping until IO-row rep (rows 11-20) has been worked 12 (13. pl7 (22. k I tbl from en. Work even until lO-row rep (rows 26 . Bind off rem 3 I for back neck. k2tog before first marker and ssk after 2nd marker. work through st 14. . over chart pat circular twice. 173) sts. II) times 1110re. Dec 1 st each side every row 6 times.)" 19'/' (24.0 . k I row. work to end. 14 Stitch Key [gJ k I tbl on RS.0 9 . Neckband With RS facing and circular needle. working through row 20. beg with st 2 of row I of chart..I3 3 3 33 .I. work through chart in reverse completed. IS) times from beg.0 Q . 10)"/19 (22.0 9 " 9 9 . join a 2nd ball of yam and bind off center 25 sts. rep from *. k3..-" . work as fall: Armhole shaping Bind off 11 sts at beg of next 2 rows. then rep (sts 1-14) 7 (9. k l ) in same st I1l k3 on RS. Block pieces lightly to I SLEEVE I'/''' 17% " 7'/. dec 1 st each 10 8 6 4 2 9. needles.I3 3 3 25 23 21 19 17 15 / I IO-row rep •• 00 MEASUREMENTS 16 x 66"/40. pi from cn. St st. 2-st LPT SI I st to en and hold to front.Q 9. Row 2 *K3. K measures same as back. K II rows. Work ll/~ II 19"/48cm from beg. Shown on page 78.880z/25g hanks (each approx of Knit One. k I rnd] 5 times. After working pat.. 11'/')" 32 30 28 24 22 20 18 ]6 14 12 .5)cm. finish off the outer 2 (3. 167) sts. AT SAME TIME. SLEEVES With smaller needles.5cm " KNITTED ' <. the 11-st bind off Sew side and sleeve seams . 28). Cont in chart. Then work rows 21-33 across all sts to finish off the bud patterns across and cont in reverse St st on all sts until armhole measures 711. end p3.0 7 . 69) sts.. GAUGE needle. Work even until rows 11-20 have been worked 7 times.0 3 999 Q .5mm) STITCH GLOSSARY 2-st RPT SI I st to cn and hold to back. I" r--~'FRONT & BACK S ~ e ~ r-. then cont all sts in reverse St st to end of piece. 28).Q 3 3 /7. [P I md. then every other row twice more-I 17 (145. Join and pm to mark beg of rnd. pick up and seams. wise.5mm) binding off only GAUGE 21 sts and 35 rows = 4"/IOcm over boxed eyelet pat st using size 4 (3.0 7_ . and cont rem sts in 10-row rep as established. 9 -. liS) TIME.-9/ 7 7 9 /79 ~ . Beg chart pat Row 1 (RS) P 17 (22. 25. FRONT Work as for back.5I11m) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN • One size 3 (3. Work rows 21-33 of pat to finish the edge on first and last 14-st rep only.MATERIALS • 16 (20. 19)" ers each side at 2"/5cm Cap shaping or at 17"/43cm from beg. . p3 on WS W S2KP 109 . 14) sts at beg of next 4 rows. 14) sts twice. 4) pats each side of the center sts. cast on 47 (57.25 and 3.I3 3 3 -. 27'/. k I tbl.5mm) OBTAIN GAUGE needle for casting on and • One size 9 (5. 13) sts at beg of next 4 rows. (9'/'.0 . Place markers to mark the center 13 sts. 10. BACK With smaller needles.5mm) TAKE TIME TO CHECK NOTE Pattern is reversible.Q 7 .0 Q -9 /7 QQQ -Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 7 Q Q Q Q /7 Q 999 Q99 ~ " . of 6 sts plus 3) BOXED EYELET PATTERN STITCH (over a multiple Row 1 *P3. pi. 9 " . then rep rows 11-20.I<.Q . needles OR SIZE TO ' <.o 9 .. Working both sides at once. 11'14" 13 times-93 piece measures sts. inc I st eaeh even until ~ ~ N I"""" the bud chart._ FINISHING Sew shoulder measurements. GAUGE.Q 3 3 3 . bind off knitto fit the markers After all 10 rnds are completed. Then work rows 21-33 across the center 2 bud pats only and cont with the bud pats on the outer 2 (3.Q .5 x 167.

ii! 0 Q .5. yo. 18. 89) sts. rep • Size 6 (4mm) circular needle (optional) • Stitch holder GAUGE 20 sts and 28 rows = 4"/IOcm using size 6 (4mm) needles. 3.. rejoin yam to rem sts and complete to correspond shaping. 39. Cont in end. yo. k29. Row 5 *K3.5 FINISHING Block lightly to measurements (28. 40.5. Work dec sts into lace 197. MI. 9112. 7.ii! t::: r-. Work even on rem 63 (67.3.19 12. row sts. BODY Cast on 15S (173.5mm) needles opposite and work edge. 8. shoulder edge 7 (8. *yo. k2. yo.42. Rows 2 and 4 K3. the p3 at each 5 I. 110 . 95. 9. Cant armhole shaping by dec 1 st each side every row I (2. 10) times. rep from * to end.37. Work in lace pat. 83. then every row 6 (8.5 times. Shoulder shaping Bind off 7 (8.. 4) times. k3. 11'14)"/27. 108.73. every other row 3 (4. Sew side and sleeve seams. work in pat to last Neck shaping Next row (RS) P3. 5sts. 45)cm Shoulder shaping Bind off from sts twice. k3. Row 8 Knit. work a yo with yarn in front.48.. 13.5 (47. Sew on trim. '" -e . 7) times then every other row 11 (12. S2KP. bind off 6 sts for armholes.. sts until armhole measures (19.'.' "/14cm from beg. 12) 13 (14'/4. Petal Trim Cast on 15 sts. 16'/'. rep from * to *K2. cont to dec 1 at neck dec I st at armhole edge ~H ". 15'/'. 173/. to last 5 sts. work 25 103) sts from work in pat 25 LACE CARDIGAN Standard-fitting. Medium.. 3. with one size 9 3) Repeat step 2 until all the stitches are cast on. 4.. end with a pat row 4. Row 3 K15. Row 3 *P3. 24. yo. turn and leave rem sts on a bolder. 30)cm from beg.61 '61 "/18!) 'Ml KNITTED •••• edge every otber row II (12. Sized for X-Small. :0' 00 M ~~ r-. . * to last 7sts. p3.)"/33 (36. 45) sts.24) 9)"/17. work until there are 71 (79. k l. end p3. Row 5 *KI. Rep rows I-S for boxed eyelet pat st. 179.5. 15112. 39. ~---I . Bring the of 6 sts plus 11) Row 1 (RS) P3.)" (after picot hem is sewn) 17112(18112. S2KP. Set in sleeves.5 evelY row I (2.S)cm • Length times. and shown on page 79. k29. k l .5)cm from beg.. Work even on rem 14 (16.5) 22. 9. PETAL TRIM (over 15 sts) Cast on IS sts. r-. k l . 10)"/23 (24. .ii! pat. Row 3 P3.• :. Bind off rem 23 sts. OR SIZE TO BACK With RS facing. end k3. p3.4. 28. every other row 3 7 (7112. kl. Q " . 49) sts for left front. p3. rep from * to last 4 sts.5 28. to left front.5. Work petal trim until strip of petals fi ts around fronts and back neck edge. • Bust (closed) 313/. Next row Pass each st 1 by lover NOTE Body of cardigan underarm. yo. 5) times.('/IOZ "/. X-Large picot hems and petral trims.12) over lace pat RIGHT FRONT GAUGE. Work in lace pat until piece measures 9 (9112. With RS facing. yo kl . FINISHING is worked in one piece to the needle to Sew shoulder seams. SLEEVES Cast on 65 (71. 99. k2tog. 16) times.. k3. kl. loop for last stitch. k3tog.37.461/.. 9) . 215) sts. rep from * to Ip the last 3 sts. Rep rows 1-4 for lace pat. 11. Row 7 *Place yarn over RH needle for a yo.S)cm • Upper arm 13 (W/. k2tog. Work in same way for lower edge of sleeves .~ :. 20. rep from 2) Hold the waste yarn beside the slip knot and take the working needles working from the front yarn in front of the waste yarn. (3SI/" (90. k3tog.5. k3. 15. Rep rows 1-8 once more. o!' ro!' r-. 103) sts. more-143 measures p3. bind off 6 for armholes. 13) times. (30. *yo. k2tog. k2tog (neck dec). Dec I st each side every row I (I. (5. yo.227) sts. Bind needle** the SI the sts from the beg edge to size 4 (3. 8. Rep last 2 rows 5 times -e- 10'/4 (111/. 8.81. Work picot edge as foll: Work in St st for 4 rows.)"/80. 6.49. k3. 17'1. yo. (Note (161. 191.k2. 4. p3. 21. rep from off very loosely using size 9 (S.. until piece measures Cap shaping Bind off3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. rep from * to end. TAKE TIME TO CHECK LACE PATTERN (over a multiple yam under it and over the to back. *K 3 rows. OPEN CAST-ON METHOD 1) Cut a strand of contrasting waste yarn about four times the required width. . P to last 3 sts. ".85) front to shoulder. Row 2 and Row 1 *K3. SK2P. Row 4 *Yo (for the first yo only. 13. EDGE PATTERN (over a multiple end. MEASUREMENTS 39. Piece * to end. Fold picot hem to. rep from *. yo. 3. 14. Next row If desired. 52. k2. k3. eyelet pat st for a total of 100 5-row reps (or 100 more easily accomodate the large number ofsts. *yo. make a slip knot and place it on one needle which is three sizes larger than the size you are using. sts for back neck.p3.4. 91h. yo. k2. k2tog (neck dec).4) (4. yo. Bind off rem 35 (35. k4. between **'s St st for 5 rows. 8'. k3tog. 8. 35. Small.11. yo. cast on 87 sts. LEFT FRONT Next row (WS) Work pat over 29 (34. Ml. Work row I once more.:. MATERIALS '6 (7. AT SAME TIME.3. 1 19. rep from * to (RS) Kl. size Medium short sleeve lace cardigan Large.5mm) countable **Next k14-90 needle.5mm) to form r-. k4. Cast on 14 sts and rep from * to desired length. SK2P. 111/4. 77. use a circular first st on LH needle until 1 st rem.209. rep from *. 87. 44. S2KP. Work in boxed eyelet holes).5. end with a backward from * to end. yo. yo.95. 117 . 25. Purl 1 row. ~ .5.) Work I row even. Use backward STOLE Using the open cast-on method.37) sts until same length as left in #600 dewberry on RH needle for the yo. . place the yam over RH needle).880zl25g balls (each approx 229yd/2 1Om) ofRowanlWestrninster Kidsilk Haze (mohair/silk) • One pair size 6 (4mm) OBTAIN GAUGE needles Fibers Inc. 42112. of 10 sts) all even rows Knit. eliminating edge. 23)cm. turn back Picot edge and slip stitch into place.J6lh. rejoin yarn to center 71 (79. Keeping in lace pat. k3. Divide for fronts and back Cont neck and beg armhole shaping as foll: Next with in row (RS) P3. Ml. SK2P. lB. Knit 1 row. With the working yam. 24. . SK2P. bind-off.87.20112)"/44.. reversing all sts at beg of next 4 rows.

Silk Pearl (silk) in ••• 0 KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Width (122)cm from sleeve to sleeve 43 (48)"/109 •• 00 KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Approximately MATERIALS • 5 P. Cont to foIl chart in this way until 32 rows of chart have been worked 8 (9) times. and 4. yo 3 times.75ml11) needles. end work 12 sc in last section of wrap. Block lightly . Row 4 With A. yo twice.'. Rep for bound-off edge (A and B).• :. pl. Work in garter marker (28)"/61 10 rows in edge (35.5mm) GAUGE • Stitch markers GAUGES • 23 sts and 27 rows = 4"/1 Ocm over chart pat using size 7 (4.:. 4. Row 2 KI. Row 3 (RS) With A. *kl. Place rem 49 (58) sts each side on holders. Cont in garter st for 24 Place marker (13'12)"/30. cast on 114 (128) sts. Bind off. With RS facing and crochet hook. Sized for Small/Large. ch 15. then omit the yo and when laying flat. over wave pat st using size 6 (4mm) needles.5 (39. from beg. work I sc in each ch. * of row 3. working evenly into edge. work to end and Last row Work 49 (58) sts and place 011holder. WRAP With B. yo. rep from * to last st.5)cm crochet I XJ2X and shown in size SmaIl/Large on page 82. Row 7 With A.SOg of Koigu hanks (each approx Wool Design 1I4yds/ 104m) 21" x 54"/53 X • Upper arm 19'12 (22)"/49. Bind off. 2) When decreasing work the st as kl. BODY With size 5 (3. row sc evenly around neck edge. . 28 (32)" •• 00 KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Width from sleeve to sleeve (without edge) approx 28 (32)"171 (81. work 12 sc. ending kl. Rep rows 1-8 for wave pat. k I. Join and fasten off. Working both sides at once. Cont in garter st for 12 (14)"/30.5)cm. work I sc in each ch. k I. Rep row 2 for lace pat. (9)"/20. knit. Work in wave pat st until piece measures beg. bind off center FRONT Work as for back until 88 (98) rows have been worked in lace pat-piece (34. yo once. FINISHING Block markers (25.5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBT AlN GAUGE • Size G-6 (4mm) crochet hook • Stitch holders GAUGE Approx 20 sts and 29 rows = 4"/lOcm pat (slightly stretched) using over lace size 7 (4. rep row 4. 2nd ball of yarn Row 4 With A. end with a pat row 2. if you are not able to work a k2tog. k6. It may (wool) in #2655 orchid Kersti Merino Crepe • One pair each sizes 5. The lace pattern is stretchy. in size Small/Large on page 80. rep from ". rnds sc evenly around armhole edges. 42 (45) sts. Row 3 With A.5I11m) crochet hook GAUGE 18 sts and 32 rows = 4"/IOcm using size 6 (4mm) needles TAKE TIME TO CHECK EDGE PATTERN (over an even number of sts) Rows 1 and 2 With B.26 PARACHUTE TOP Very oversized. Purl I row. LACE PATTERN (multiple of 3 sts plus 2) Row 1 (RS) K to last st.75mm) needles once more.5/23cm Sew side seams witb a three-neeallowing for 8 of k6. WAVE PATTERN (over a multiple of 10 sts plus 6) Rows 1 and 2 With B. "p l .5 MATERIALS •4 (5) [3/40z/50g hanks (each approx 170yd/155m) #H5 bouquet • One pair size 7 (4. Work 52"/132cm from pat. Row 8 With A. Garter stitch border With size 6 (4I11m) needles. yo twice. Rows 5 and 6 With B. work as foil: join in one end of wrap and chi.join Rows 5 and 6 With B.5 (71 )cm from marker. FINISHING Join front to back at shoulders dle bind-off. work to end. ending and binf off loosely center 30 (33) sts.5mm) Beg chart pat Row needles. (35. 1 (RS) Work first st of chart. Place at at end of row. BACK Cast on 140 (161) sts loosely. then work rows 1-28 5 (3. cast on 96 sts. work *8 sc.5 from last marker. knit dropping rep from all yo's off needle.5)cm measures approx 12 place rem 49 (58) sts on a holder. in the pattern st. work last st of chart. worked in one piece from sleeve to sleeve with front and back garter stitch borders knit separately then sewn to edges. Change to size and k 4 rows. dropping all yo's off needle. k6.5)cm • Length 14 (15'12)"/35. work rep 8 (9) times.5 MATERIALS 137cm •7 (9) (56)cm (each approx 1'/40z/50g 15m) of hanks AslanTrends I 27yd/J Del Cerro needles. knit. 28 LACEWRAP FRONT & BACK Loose-fitting. K 4 rows. Change to size 7 (4. lace pattern shrug. Measurements reflect the garment stretch while wearing. ch 15. lace pattern top witb crochet lXJ2X and shown edges.5)cm. NOTES I) This garments is meant to be very loose fitting. knit. k I. knit. 14-st horizontally in one piece from GAUGES.5)cm st for 12 (14)"/30. last rep k l instead Neck shaping Next row Work 55 (64) sts. *yo once. pl. at 9'12 Place (10)"/24 C of piece opening for front and back arm- from cast-on edge (see schematic hole. dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 6 times. Fold 111 . rep from *. Work 10 rows in edge pat. 6 and 7 (3. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. Rows 9 and 10 With B.5)cm piece each lightly side to measurements. k2tog. work 2 and D). (11'12)" :~. Rows 7 and 8 Rep rows 3 and 4. Piece measures approx 14 (15'12)"/35. Sized for Small/Large. Work in lace pat for 102 (I 12) rows. yo twice. 27 WAVE STITCH WRAP Rectangular wrap in seafoam pattern with crocheted corkscrew trim. over garter st • 22 sts and 36 rows = 4"/IOcm needles OR SIZE TO OBTAfN (wool) in #K439 (purple mix) (A) • 4 13f4/50g hanks in #K463 (blue mix) (B) • One pair size 6 (4mm) OBTAIN GAUGE needles OR SIZE TO • Size E/4 (3. cast on 12 sts. Bind off. Work 2 rnds sc evenly along lower edge.5 * to end.5mm) of Art yarns (39.75. TAKE TIME TO CHECK NOTE Wrap is worked sleeve to sleeve. CROCHET TRIM With crochet hook and A. Work I long end. knit. k I. working along one end of row. knit. rep from GAUGE. Shown on page 81. 8'12 (9)" 9'/. kl.5mm) needles.

then work row 28 of chart as foil: *p I. kItbl. bind off rem sts-97 sts. yo. rep between *'s once. k l tbl. k2. psso. Cut yam and place sts on holder. *[kcb 10 times. place on holder and block to measurements: 51/. pi. SLEEVES Cast on 10 sts. SK4P Sl I knitwise. k4tog. work to end of chart. Complete triangle working as for upper back triangle-37 sts. . upper triangle. pass first st over 2nd st. left side piece-268 sts. place all sts on holder. p2 tbl. Beg chart 3a for body K3p K3. p2) 5 times. k4tog] twice-224 sts.5 (31. p2. pass rust st over 2nd and 3rd sts. in each mesh portion each time 8 rows are complete86 sts. psso. Beg at center of lower edge (red arrow) sew border to body matching markers to sleeve seam markers . (yo. rep from * to last 2 sts. work rep twice across. With circular needle cast on 22 sts. Beg chart 4 Work to repeat line. Rep [rows 25-32] twice more. pas3 2nd st on RH needle over yo. kch 10 times. When 17 mds of chart 3a are complete. Beg chart 1 Work foil chart until 32 rows are complete-32 sts. k2 tbl.5)cm • Upper arm 10 (121/')"/25. rep from * twice more. Work mds 22 and 23-288 sts. yo. yo*. SK3P. Kk2p KI. pI tbl. kl tbl. UPPER BACK TRIANGLE Work md 1 of chart 8 times around. Next row P2.(7)"/14 (18)cm across top and from cast-on edge to top' edge.• :. Rep rows 25-28 once more-37 sts. (k3p) 6 times. p l tbl. short-sleeved cropped jacket in lace patterns. working one more boxed 3-st rep in the center mesh portion each time the 8 rows are complete-38 sts. Note In md 6 sl marker to work last st of previous rnd as first st of rnd 6. working one more boxed 3-st rep in each mesh portion each time the 8 rows are complete-218 sts. p2tog.75 or 3. pI tbl. work rep 5 times across. pi. work row 28 as fall: *pl. Rep [rows 25-32] 2 times more. 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 10 8 64 2 '- KNITTED MEASUREMENTS • Bust 303/4 (40)"/78 (10 l. k2 tbl. Note Work joining row across all sts. [yo. Cont to work chart in this way until 32 rows of chart are complete176 sts. Cont to work chart in this way until 32 rows of chart are complete. STITCH GLOSSARY Place pieces on circular needle with RS facing as foIl: lower triangle. right side piece. p2] I I times. rep rnds 16 and 17 twice more. • Stitch markers and holders GAUGE Work same as for left side piece to bind-off row.5 (57. p l tbl. Bind-off row (WS) Bind off 69 sts. rep from * twice more.31 29 27 - - '" '" '" '" '" 0 0 0 0 0 0 25 23 21 19 17 15 13 11 9 • 5 (8) 13/40z/50g hanks (each approx 185yd/169m) of Koigu Wool Designs Mori (silk/wool) in #M1157 light purple • One pair size 2 or 4 (2.5)cm • Length 18 (221f2)"/45. bind off rem sts-97 sts. RIGHT SIDE PIECE 29 CROPPED LACE JACKET Close-fitting. p l . Cut yarn. pass first st over 2nd. Cont to work chart in this way until all 18 mds of chart are complete544 sts. p2) 5 times. p l .75 or 3. worked in pieces. k3tog. working one more boxed 3-st rep. *p2tog. k l tbl. Rep [rows 25-32] twicemore. Cut yam. k2tog. Cont to work chart in this way through row 17. Block pieces. SK3P. kl tbl. Place marker for beg of rnd. p l . Cont to work chart in this way. With RS facing join yarn to lower triangle. Work row 23. Use chart I as a gauge swatch. Beg chart 4 With straight needles cast on 8 sts. p2 tbl. Then rep rows 25-27 once more-l66 sts. Sized for XSmall/Small and Medium/Large and shown in size X-Small/Small on page 83. and place all sts on holder. Sew east-on edges of upper and lower back triangles tog. Beg chart 3b for sleeves Row 1 Work to repeat line. pass last loop over this st (center st of 3rd leaf).5mm) circular needle 24"/6Icm long Note Use smaller needles for smaller size. pJ. p2 tbl. Kch (knit chain) Yo.75mm) needles. p2. • For size Medium/Large: 22 sts and 30 rows = 4"/JOcm over chart I using size 4 (3. kl. rep between *'s once. Bind-off row (WS) Bind off 19 sts.7 5 3 1 '" l4-st rep - • For size X-Small/Small: 28 sts and 38 rows = 4"/lOcm over chart I using size 2 (2. work to end of chart. JOIN BODY PIECES 12 . yo. k2. LOWER BACK TRIANGLE Beg at repeat line work only sts between rep lines 16 times around. Do not join. pass last loop over this st (center st of first leaf).-- - '" - - '" '" '" - 0 0 0 0 - -. rep between *'s once. Then rep rows 25-28 once more-87 sts. Cut yarn. Note Garment is sized using different needles and gauge. pl . Rep rows 16 and 17 twice more. pi. working last k4tog over sts at beg of row to join lower triangle to left side piece. p l tbl. yo. work to end of chart.5)cm MATERIALS tbl. [yo. pass first st over 2nd. LEFT SIDE PIECE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- . Beg chart 2 •••• 112 Row 1 Work to repeat line. pi Row 1 (RS) Work to repeat line. Joining row K2. [*yo. p2 tbl.piece in half widthwise matching A with Band C with D. pm and join to work in the round. p3-1 12 sts. use larger needles for larger size. replace marker for new beg of rnd. SK3P Sl I knitwise. yo. TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE. Sew the sleeve seams from the markers to the sleeve edges. (yo. k2tog. pI tbl. Bind off as foIl: K3tog. work rep twice across. Beg chart 2 Work same as for upper back triangle. k2. yo. pass first st over 2nd] 3 times. rep from * once more. work rep 6 times across. SK4P. p2]11 times. Row gauge is very important in this pattern. k2. p2tog.5rnm) needles.5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE • One size 2 or 4 (2. p ltbl.

.0 0 :. - "Knit with the st result- ing from the blue shaded SK3P on row 27.(0 Q. CHART! QQ 2. Sew side edges Sew sleeves of triangles then to corresponding sew rem sleeve edges of side pieces.(0 .( r -on <'l -r- 4 0 1M] MI K I.. pass first st over 2nd. 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 . '<. Early FaU 201.(0 . '<.. ..(0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 31 29 27 'c 1 I 0*0 8-row I'ep 0 0 0 0 0 0 23 21 19 17 15 13 11 For Chart 3b (Sleeves) and schematics. 0 -c 0 0 '<.( 0 . -c 0 0 0 '<.(0 '<. 0 '<. -r- 2 0 8 sts ar- [£] P in front and back of st II] PI. 0 '<. p2tog on WS SKI' ~ IS] lQ] Yo lID KI tbl on RS.0 0 . ~ 'IT IQ tc I rep 8 times around ]!J 13 I 9. rep from * to last 3 sts.(0 QQ.( 0 .c .( 0 0 .(0 QQ Q QQ Q OQO QQ QQ . <8 -0 6 4 0 ::1 0 .0 161 Ave. pass first st over 2nd.( 0 .( 0 .( 0 0 . kch 10 times.D 12 10 8 .( 0 . *(kch 10 times.. .( 0 .(0 '(0 0 0 0 9 7 5 3 1 1------1 K3 P ~ IT! 'II ~ SK3P 0 .(0 Q Q2 20 QO Q Q Q Q'(O QQ 18 QOQ 2 Q'(O Q 16 QO Q Q'(O Q 14 QO 2 Q Q'(O 12 QOQ . 0 0 0 "- 0 0 . of the Americas Suite 1301.(0 Q 2Q 24 QO 2Q 2 Q'(O Q QQ 22 QO Q Q Q 2.( . ~~. '<. to body.. 0 '<.( 0 .( 22 2 2 2 22 2 22 202 02 22 2 QQ QQ 2 '(0 2 QQ OQO QQ Q .0 0 0 0.( . N - 'D 00 . 0 0 . SK4P.( 0 .(0 0 '(0 0 0 0 0 . 0 "- 0 0 '<. FINISHING Thread tail of cast-on edge of each side piece into a tapestry needle. -c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0( 0 0 ..( 0 .( 0 . 2 3 t ~ Ii} CHART 3a (body) '<.( 0 . 0 0 to 0 . 0 0 0 0 . 0 . '<.( 0 .(0 10 32 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q2 02 2 QQ 2 02 31 Q QQ 2 00 2 22 -OQ 29 QQ 2 0 0 2 2 22 OQ 27 Q 2Q QQ Q Q2 QOQ OQ Q2 Q Q 2Q OQ 23 QQQ OQ Q Q Q 02 21 OQ 2Q 2 Q 22 02 19 Q. . Block sleeves.( on -r- 0 .( 0 . SK3P.( 0 ...( .. 0 '<. 0 '<. 0 0 '<. 0 '<. 0 '<. Weave tail in and out of first row of sts. -c 0 . . 0 '<. Sew shoulder seams. 0 '<.( 0 0 0 0 0 -I -0 0 . '<..(0 Q 0 QQ QO 2 Q QQ Q '(0 0 30 2 Q -2 20 Q Q2 2 0 0 28 20 22 2 3 Q'(O QQ 22 26 QOQ 2Q Q !l. p on WS Pan RS..• :.( 0 0 0 0 . 0 '<.(0 0 00 2 0 Q OQO Q Q2 Q .(0 .. and pull tight to close.( 0 ..kl in same stitch 0 .-2 QQ . ».(0 .(0 ~ 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 -c '<.work to end of chart row. . '<. '<. Cant to work chart in this way until all 18 rnds of chart are complete207 sts.(0 .-Q Q Q QOQ 17 Q 02 2 02 15 Q OQ Q OQ 13 OQ 2 QOQ 11 0 0 1 I 0 El ~ 8-row rep 'c Sti teh Key K on RS.. kl in same stitch O . '<. 0 '<. 0 0 0 '<.( 0 0 0 0 .c 0 C( 0 -r- 0 0 I~I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q Q 0*0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0 '<. 0 '<.( 0 ...(0 QQ Q Q Q QQ Q Q OQO Q Q Q Q 22 2 0 0 2 Q 2 02 022 Q~ ..( -r- .( 0 . k3tog.( 0 . .. 0 '<. If If 7 5 -3 113 . 0 0 C( 0 0 'E 'D h '" "' 0) " . except ast for I rep. pass first st over 2nd) 3 times.. . '<.. 0 0 0 '<. 0 0 .c .. . 0 0 '<.( . 0 . see our we bsite OR send a self-addr essed envelope to: SOHO Publishing Co.. . 0 '<..-Q .( 0 . pi tbl on WS No stitch 8 6 .. 9 7 5 0 . 0 .(0 '(0 . 0 0 . .(0 00 0 0 Q Q .( 0 ..c .(0 Q Q Q Q Q Q -2 0 Q 2 OQ 02Q Q 2 Q QQ Q .(0 0 2 0 2 20Q 02 2 '(0 Q Q --2 0 0 0 Q OQO Q Q Q . Bind off as fall: SK4P. 0 "- 0 .( 0 '<. ~ ~~~ ~ri 0 0 0 .( 0 .( 0 0 ._ <:> 0 "- "- 0 '<.. 0 0 '<.(0 0 M CHART 2 rep 6 tunes across fior SI'd e prece rep 2 times across for sleeve 01 Kk2p Boxed 3-st rep .(0 0 0 0 0 202 OQ .pl.( 0 .Q Q --2 Q Q Q OQO Q 2 --Q .( 0 . .( .( 0 . 0 '<... '<. SealTIS .(0 . NY..c . 0 '<. '<.. NY 10013 23 >. P I in same stitch KI.( 0 . 0 '<.( 0 . 0 2-1"1id rep 1 I 17 15 0 '<.( 0 .( 0 . k on WS K2tog on RS.

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