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Assignment 1 - Services

Assignment 1 - Services

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Published by: Waqas Aziz on Nov 11, 2011
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8ahr|a Un|vers|ty Is|amabad

DeptŦ of Management Sc|ences

Study of serv|ces at Sh|faţ Daewoo and kawa|p|nd|
ka||way Stat|on

Subm|tted by
MŦ lahad Zubalrl
Aeman !aved
Passan Mehmood

Subm|tted toť
Slr Shahld nawaz

M8A Ŷ 3(Z)

CcL 2011

Med|ca| 1est Serv|ce Lxper|ence at Sh|fa
Shlfa hosplLal offers a greaL deal of servlces from Lhe medlcal perspecLlve and we chose
Lo sLudy one parLlcular servlce of geLLlng a medlcal LesL reporLŦ 1hls ls one of Lhe buslesL
deparLmenLs of Shlfa as you flnd hundreds of people comlng ln every day Lo geL Lhelr
medlcal reporL for applylng for vlsa for forelgn LravelsŦ We Look an overvlew of how Lhe
Lhlngs wenL ln LhaL deparLmenL and Lhe level of servlce whlch was belng provldedŦ
Shlfa has Lwo avallable enLrancesŤ wesL and souLhŦ 1he wesL enLrance was only avallable
for cars and Lhe souLh enLrance was avallable for blkesŦ We were on blke so we had Lo
Lake Lhe souLh enLranceŦ We saw no reason ln parLlcular by whlch lL was noL allowed Lo
enLer Lhe wesL enLrance Lhrough a moLorcycleţ you had Lo go all Lhe way around geLLlng
a parklng ln Lhe backyard of Shlfa whlch makes some deparLmenLs closer and some far
Lo reachŦ 1he medlcal LesL deparLmenL lles ln Lhe cenLral area of Lhe faclllLy so lL dld noL
maLLer much Lo usŦ 1he securlLy check aL Lhe souLh enLrance was casual and dld noL
granLee saLlsfacLlonŦ
1here was a sLaff of Lwo people medlcal LesL recepLlon who was aLLendlng all Lhe casesŦ
1he place was noL very spaclous Lo slL and walLŦ 1here were people comlng ln Lo geL
Lhelr medlcal done and Lhere were people comlng ln Lo collecL Lhelr medlcal reporL
resulLŦ 1he procedure adopLed was Lhey Look all Lhe documenLs from Lhe cllenLţ check
for any dlscrepancy and Lhen ask Lhem Lo slL and walLŦ AL Lhe same Llme people would
come Lo collecL Lhelr medlcal reporLs would break Lhe processlng of recelvlng of
documenLs and Lhe sLaff had Lo process hls/her medlcal reporL dlspaLchŦ 1here was no
dedlcaLed sLaff/desk for people Lo collecL Lhelr medlcal reporLs and lL colllded wlLh
people comlng ln for Lhelr medlcal LesLŦ AL Lhe same Llme Lhere were people comlng ln
[usL Lo geL some lnformaLlon abouL Lhe medlcal LesL whlch caused Lhe same problemŦ
AfLer you have submlLLed Lhe documenLsţ Lhey sLaff would yell ouL you name Lo glve
you a slgned documenL LhaL you wlll carry Lo geL Lhe LesLs doneŦ 1here was no queueţ
Lhey would [usL slmply call ouL anyone's name and glve Lhe documenLŦ 1hls also caused
frusLraLlon among Lhe people Lhere and many complalned LhaL Lhey were Lhere flrsL and
people comlng laLe afLerwards were called ln before LhemŦ ?ou [usL had Lo slL Lhere
aLLenLlvely so LhaL you may noL mlss your nameŦ
1here was no separaLe secLlon for women and Lhe ones LhaL were Lhere wlLhouL a
guardlan had Lo sLruggleŦ 1he documenL LhaL was glven Lo you for LesLs had no
lnsLrucLlons menLloned on lL whlch would leL you know whlch ln door number wlll Lhe
LesL begln and subsequenL door numbers for oLher LesLsţ you [usL have Lo ask around
ºnow Where?" from elLher sLaff or oLher people LhaL were comlng ouL from LesLsŦ 1hls

ls a ma[or lssue for lndlvldual women who are noL much famlllar wlLh such
envlronmenLs and are also relucLanL Lo askŦ
1he process of geLLlng LesLs was also lmproperţ Lhey would [usL call ouL a bunch of
names wlLh no queue and everyone would [usL Lry Lo enLer Lhe room as fasL as Lhey can
llke Lhere ls no LomorrowŦ 1he people conducLlng Lhe LesL however were dolng Lhelr [ob
properly and as fasL as Lhey canŦ 1he room where Lhey were LesLlng Lhe eyeslghL and
hernla was a messţ people were [usL plllng ln wlLh no sLandard procedure applledŦ
Þeople LhaL dld noL even look llke Shlfa sLaff were examlnlng for hernlaŦ
?ou would Lhen reLurn Lhe documenL slgned by all Lhe LesL deparLmenLs back aL Lhe
recepLlon counLer and Lhey would glve you a daLe Lo come back and collecLŦ 1he good
Lhlng abouL collecLlon ls LhaL you can call Lhem Lo ask lf your reporL has been processed
so LhaL you won'L have Lo vlslL Lhe faclllLy [usL Lo ask and reLurn empLyŴhandedŦ

Serv|ce Lxper|ence at DALWCC
As we know uALWCC offers a greaL deal of servlces from Lhe Lravelllng perspecLlve
wlLhln Lhe whole counLry and Lhere are alloL of passengers Lravelllng Lhrough uALWCC
uALWCC has good sLaLlons all over Lhe counLryŦ uALWCC has all Lhe sLaLlons aL Lhe
mlddle of Lhe clLy where all can reach easlly wlLhouL any problem ln 8awalplndl Lhe
offlce of Lhe uALWCC ls aL Chour ChowkŦ 1he enLrance ls avallable from Lhe all 4 slde of
Lhe clLyŦ Cne Lhlng ls LhaL lL ls a very much rush so Lhere ls alloL of dlfflculLy of havlng a
parklng Lhere ls a proper parklng place for Lhe uALWCC LravelersŦ
1he LlckeLlng servlce of Lhe uALWCC ls very lmpresslve flrsL you can easlly book your
seaL on one phone call buL lf you won'L able Lo do Lhls Lhen you can geL easlly from Lhe
sLaLlon of Lhe uALWCCŦ 1here ls a proper sysLem of glvlng Lhe LlckeLs Lo Lhe LravelersŦ
1he proper llne sysLem ls also followed by Lhe Lravelers we all know LhaL uALWCC has a
huge repuLaLlon ln Lhe markeL so Lhe people who works ln LlckeLlng deparLmenL are
very capable and well educaLed and Lhey glve respecL Lo Lhe cusLomers and lf any
problem occurs Lhey fully help Lhe cusLomersŦ 1he workers are fully devoLed wlLh Lhelr
AfLer geLLlng Lhe LlckeL you can walL Lo deparLure Lhe busŦ 1he walLlng area of Lhe
uALWCC bus servlce ls very good Lhere ls proper slLLlng arrangemenL for Lhe walLlng
personsŦ 1he whole slLLlng area ls fully alr condlLloned and Lhe washroom and prayer

room ls also avallable LhereŦ 1he newspaper are avallable aL every slLLlng area so Lhe
people can pass Lhelr Llme whlle readlng newspaper and magazlne and Lhe people who
are noL lnLeresLed readlng newspaper Lhey waLch LvŦ
uALWCC ls mosLly known by hls perfecL Llme of deparLure and arrlvalŦ uALWCC galn
mosL of Lhe share of Lhe markeL [usL because of proper and perfecL Llme of deparLure
and arrlvalŦ uALWCC buses wlll noL be laLe even lf Lhere ls only one person slLLlng ln Lhe
bus Lhe bus wlll deparLure on Llme lL wouldn'L laLe a slngle mlnuLeŦ 1hls ls Lhe besL parL
of servlce whlch ls provlded by Lhe uALWCC and people go for lL because of rellablllLyŦ
lf any person mlsses Lhe bus due Lo some reason so afLer half an hour he or she can plck
Lhe bus whlch goes Lo Lhe same place because uALWCC servlces provlde Lhe bus Lo
every place afLer half an hour whlch ls Lhe blggesL advanLage of uALWCC agalnsL Lhelr
1he seaLlng faclllLy of Lhe uALWCC bus ls very goodŦ 1hey have comforLable seaLs ln bus
on whlch Lhe Lraveler Lo noL geL very Llred afLer slLLlng for a long LlmeŦ 1he seaLs are
fully sLreLchableŦ 1he uALWCC bus servlce hlred Lhe experlenced drlvers and Lralned
Lhem noL Lo drlve rash and don'L break Lhe rules of LrafflcŦ 1hey go Lhrough Lhe
MC1C8WA? so Lhe drlvers know Lhe speed llmlL very well and Lhey don'L exceed Lhe
speed whlch helps Lo avold any accldenLŦ 1he onboard hosLess ls also very much helpful
for Lhe LravelersŦ She responds Lo Lhe Lraveler's requesLs and querlesŦ 1he bus ls LoLally
alr condlLloned ln summers and fully warmed ln wlnLerŦ
uALWCC bus servlce also provlde Lhe food servlce Lo Lhe Lravelers Lhey provlde Lhe
waLerţ drlnksţ sandwlches eLcŦ 1he enLerLalnmenL ls also avallable ln Lhe bus whlch
lncludes 1v and radlo faclllLy ls provlded Lo Lhe Lravelers lf anyone lnLeresLed waLchlng
1v he or she can waLch and lf anyone lnLeresLed llsLenlng radlo can llsLen because every
Lraveler has hls own headphoneŦ
AnoLher servlce from Lhe uALWCC ls LhaL Lhere ls a maln sLop where Lhe bus sLops for
half an hour and Lhe bus sLops aL Lhe mosL famous place or resLauranLs whlch comes ln
a wayŦ Pere Lhe Lravelers can eaL whaLever Lhey wanL and can smoke and can say
prayers and lf Lhere ls a Llme of namazŦ

Serv|ce Lxper|ence |n kAILWA¥ ÞAkIS1ANť
1he rallway servlce of ÞaklsLan ls golng Lhrough an exLremely Lough Llme and Lhe level of
servlce we found was noLhlng more Lhan expecLedŦ 1he rooL from 8awalplndl Lo Lahore
ls Lhe buslesL rooL because Lhere are Lralns scheduled 4 Lo 3 Llmes a day dally and

passengers are wllllng Lo pay good amounL of cosLŦ We Look an overvlew of how Lhey Lry
Lo saLlsfy Lhelr cusLomers and how Lhey work ln Lhls rooL and whaL level of servlce Lhey
are provldlng Lo Lhe cusLomersŦ
8awalplndl 8allway sLaLlon ls one of Lhe beLLer rallway sLaLlons among Lhe ma[or ones aL
Lahore and karachl sLaLlonŦ 1here ls only one enLrance whlch for Lhe whole people
wheLher Lhey come on blke or cars and ln fronL of Lhe enLrance Lhere are few barrlers so
due Lo Lhls aL Lhe peak Llme (means when Lhe Llme of Lraln arrlval ) Lhe Lrafflc ls sLuck
LhereŦ 1he maln problem due Lo Lrafflc sLuck LhaL rallway allows all Lhe Laxl and rlckshaw
Lo park ouLslde Lhe sLaLlon unless Lhey have a capaclLy of huge parklng lf Lhey allows all
Lhe Laxl and rlckshaw Lo park ln Lhe parklng area Lhen Lhls problem can easlly solveŦ
1hey also have anoLher way from whlch Lhe people can come ls Lhe road whlch comes
from Lhe Saddar slde buL due Lo some reason Lhey blocked lL and no Lrafflc come from
LhaL sldeŦ
1he LlckeLlng deparLmenL ls [usL ln fronL of Lhe parklng so lL ls noL dlfflculL Lo flnd lLŦ ln
Lraln Lhere are four Lype of classes for Lravelllng one ls Lconomy class second ls lower AC
Lhlrd ls Þarlor and Lhe lasL ls SleeperŦ 1hey all are dlfferenL and have dlfferenL boglesŦ
1he Lhlng we llke ln LlckeLlng deparLmenL LhaL all Lhe classes have dlfferenL cablns and
llnes Lo geL Lhe LlckeL by Lhls Lhe person wanLs any Lype of class LlckeL can geL easllyŦ
Cne good Lhlng ls lf you are wlLh famlly Lhe LlckeLlng offlcer Lrles Lo glve you LhaL seaLs
whlch are good for famllyŦ Cne Lhlng we should menLlon here LhaL 8allway has 8ooklng
Cfflce ln every clLy buL Lhe problem ls LhaL Lhe booklng offlce ln every clLy ls so near Lo
Lhe sLaLlon soţ due Lo Lhls mosL of Lhe people don'L go Lo Lhe offlce Lo book Lhelr LlckeL
Lhey [usL come half an hour before Lhe Llme of deparLure and geL Lhe LlckeL from sLaLlonŦ
lf 8allway Lry Lo open Lhelr 8ooklng offlces aL Lhe mosL reachable place Lo everyone Lhen
lL ls beneflclal Lo everyoneŦ
8awalplndl rallway sLaLlon has very huge walLlng areas for Lhe Lravelers and for Lhose
persons who came Lo drop Lhelr relaLlves or frlendsŦ 1he classes of Lhe 1raln are
dlfferenL so Lhe walLlng rooms are also dlfferenL for dlfferenL classesŦ
AfLer geLLlng Lhe LlckeLs people approach Lhelr 8ogles and check Lhelr seaLs and slLs
accordlng Lo planŦ ln Lconomy class Lhe slLLlng sLandard ls 4 people slL ln one row and
Lhe seaLs are made of very low class foam and Lhere ls only one blrLh seaL where only
one person can Lake resL or can sleep easlly Lhere ls only fans faclllLy glven Lo Lhe
cusLomer ls Lhls class and Lhe washroom condlLlon ls very bad and Lhe place ln Lhese
bogles are very congesLed so lL ls very dlfflculL Lo say prayer and Lhe renL of one person
ls 380Ŧ ln Lower AC class Lhere are 2 seaLs on one slde and 2 on anoLher and Lhere ls a
Lable avallable beLween Lhem so Lravelers can eaL easlly lf Lhey wanL Lo eaL anyLhlng AC

and heaLer faclllLles are avallable ln Lhls class Lhe washroom faclllLy ls beLLer Lhan Lhe
Lconomy class and ln Lhls class lL ls dlfflculL Lo say prayer and Lhe LlckeL of one person ls
330 8sŦ ln parlor Lhere are hlghly class sofas are seaLs for Lhe cusLomers where Lhe
person can easlly slLs and have comforL level more Lhan oLher Lwo classes and Ac and
heaLer faculLles are avallable ln Lhls class Lhe washrooms are very good and ln summer
Lhe cold waLer ls avallable ln washrooms and ln wlnLer Lhe hoL waLer ls avallable also ln
Lhls class Lhe Lravelers can easlly say prayers because loL of place ls avallable and Lhe
renL of a person ls 630 8sŦ And ln sleeper one bed ls avallable for each person and he
can easlly sleep Lhere ls a clean and neaL washroom wlLh hoL and cold waLer faclllLy and
prayer faclllLy ls also avallable Lhere and AC and heaLer faclllLles are avallable and Lhe
LlckeL per person ls 890 8sŦ
Cne servlce whlch we should menLlon here LhaL whlle Lravelllng a person have a LlckeL
of Lconomy class and he won'L feel comforLable and he wanLs Lo change lLs class from
Lconomy Lo oLher class Lhen he should Lalk Lo LlckeL checker and lf Lhe place ls avallable
ln oLher class Lhen he pay Lhe dlfference amounL of Lhe classes and he can geL place ln
oLher classŦ
A servlce LhaL lacks here ls LhaL Lhere ls no proper food sysLem avallable lnslde Lhe LralnŦ
1here ls [usL one bogle whlch serves as a resLauranL and lL offers very llmlLed amounL of
food lLems aL hlgh cosLŦ Þeople normally brlng Lhelr own food and lL geLs a blL dlfflculL Lo
manage for economy class peopleŦ We found from a few Lravelers LhaL complalned
abouL no dlsposal faclllLyţ you can elLher puL garbage ln Lhe bags you are carrylng wlLh
you or Lhrow Lhem ouL of Lhe wlndow whlch ls eLhlcally lllŦ

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