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1260 Days in Revelation Adventist-Lutheran Dialogue Paper Allusions in Revelation Allusions in the Apocalypse Divorce and Remarriage in the NT Duo-directionality Ellen White and Revelation Ellen White on Revelation Hebrew Cutlas in Revelation History of Interpretation Historicism in Revelation pt. 1 Historicism in Revelation pt. 2 Historicism the Seals and theTrumpets Interpreting the Seven Trumpets Revelation 17 and The Papacy Revelation and Popular Culture Revelation and The Matrix Review of Aunes Commentary The Battle of Armageddon The Cross and the Problem of Evil The Hermeneutics of Apocalyptic The Image of God The Legacy of Stephen The Patmos Public Library The Post-Modern Acts of God The Purpose of the Fourth Gospel The Seven Seals The Year 1000 Three Approches Use of the OT in Revelation

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