(Fill in the City) Initiative No.

(fill in number) Should the city of (fill in city) make cannabis or marijuana offenses the lowest enforcement priority?

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Initiative petition for submission to the people To The City Council of (fill in city) and (fill in clerk name) City Clerk: We the undersigned registered and legal voters of (fill in city), Washington, respectfully propose and ask for the enactment of an ordinance of the measure known as (fill in city) (fill in number) entitled: “This Initiative amends the (fill in city) Municipal Code Title (fill in title) to provide that marijuana or cannabis offenses be the lowest enforcement priority of the City of (fill in city).”
A full, true and correct copy of which is printed on this side of the petition, or submission of Initiative No. (fill in the number) to the legal voters of the City of (fill in city) for their approval or rejection at the General Election to be held on (fill in the date of the general election); and each of us for himself or herself says: I have personally signed this petition; I am a legal voter of the State of Washington, in the City of (fill in city) as written after my name, my residence address is correctly stated, and I have knowingly signed this petition only once.

Important Dates To remember Petition Signature Deadline (fill in the date) General Election Day November (fill in date) Paid for by (fill in the blank)

Complete Text of (fill in city) Initiative (fill in number) WHEREAS, the voters of Seattle in 2003 adopted Initiative 75 relating to making enforcement of cannabis-related offenses the lowest priority for their police department and prosecutor’s offices; and WHEREAS, the (fill in city) Municipal Code contains no similar provisions; and WHEREAS, the city council would like the Washington State Legislature to clarify state Initiative 692; and WHEREAS, House Bill 1550 failed to make it out of committee and Senate Bill 5073 has been watered down as of the date of this petition’s filing: Be it ordained by the voters in the City of (fill in city) that: A new ordinance is adopted and new sections of (fill in city) Municipal Code Title (fill in number) are hereby adopted: Section 1. Findings and Intent – The voters of the City of (fill in city) find that there is a compelling need to reduce the enforcement of criminal and civil penalties against the users of both medical and non-medical cannabis. This reduction will not only minimize

or eliminate harassment against lawfully-consuming cannabis patients, it will have financial savings in the city’s budget. Section 2. Subject – This act deals with the implementation of policy relating to law enforcement. This Act is to be known as the “CANNABIS REFORM ACT” Section 3. Text – The police chief and city attorney shall make the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of cannabis (a/k/a “marijuana”) offenses the lowest enforcement priority, as this term may be defined in their policies and procedures manuals for adult personal use. Section 4. Code Provisions – New code Sections (fill in numbers) are hereby created and added to Title (fill in number) of the (fill in city) Municipal Code, ech containing the language of section 3. Section 5. Severability – The provisions of this ordinance are declared to be separate and severable. The voters of Tacoma declare that they support each of the provisions of this Act independently, and their support for this Act would not be diminished if one or more of its provisions were to be held invalid, or if any of them were adopted by the City Council and the others sent to the voters for approval. Section 6. Interpretation – This Act is to be liberally construed to

Balllot Title This Initiative Amends (fill in city) Municipal Code Title (fill in number) to provide that marijuana or cannabis offenses be the lowest enforcement priority of The City of (fill in city). Should this Initiative be approved? yes [ ] no [ ] Statement of Subject This Initiative amends (fill in city)

WARNING Every person who signs this petition with any other than his or her true name, or who knowingly signs more than one of these petitions, or signs a petition seeking an election when he or she is not a legal voter, or signs a petition when he or she is otherwise not qualified to sign, or who makes herein any false statement, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Municipal Code Title (fill in number) to provide that marijuana or cannabis offenses be the lowest enforcement priority of the City of (fill in city).

achieve the defined intent of the voters. -END-

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