Decomposition diagrams.

“The breakdown of matter by bacteria and fungi, changing the chemical makeup and physical appearance of materials.” “The process of breaking the description of a system down into small components; also called functional decomposition”.

Probably don’t want to diagram the first one.

Decomposition diagram
A decomposition diagram shows a • high-level function, • process, organization, • data subject area, • or another type of object • i.e. any darn thing. The diagram shows it broken down into lower level, more detailed components. For example, decomposition diagrams may represent an organizational structure as in Figure 1.

Le Grand Fromage

Le Petite Fromage

Le Petite Fromage

Le Petite Fromage

Figure 1: Organisational Chart

They may also be used to show functional decomposition into processes as in Figure 2. Note they can be drawn across the page as in Fig 1 or vertically as in Fig 2.


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Stock Control System 1.2 Order Stock 1.doc Page 2 of 3 .Decomposition diagrams. Manage Suppliers 2.3 Receive Stock 1.1 Check Stock 1.3 Delete supplier /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6244/75458389.2 Update supplier 2.4 Store Stock 2. Manage Stock 1.1 Add new supplier 2.

Decomposition diagrams. Start by • identifying high level process • then break them down into sub-process until they cannot be decomposed or broken down any further • each process has an action word in it such as o Add o Delete o Sort o Search /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6244/75458389.doc Page 3 of 3 . Drawing a Decomposition Diagram. A decomposition diagram does not show:• the order of carrying out tasks • dependency between blocks • movements between blocks.

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