by Mr.

Jose Ray Redeemir Montenegro Calanog

• Worthwhile voluntary activity for enjoyment and satisfaction • Refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates; play. • Expression of human interest in free time

1. Recreation involves an activity (mental/physical/emotional) .

Recreation has no single form Wide range of activities active/passive indoor/outdoor .2.

incentive) .3. Recreation is determined by motivation (desire. motive.

Recreation occurs in unobligated time .4.

Recreation is participated voluntarily .5.

Recreation is universally sought and practiced .6.

Recreation is purposeful .7.

8. Recreation is flexible (organized/unorganized) .

9. emotional stability or social wellness) Career development . Recreation has by-products (physical fitness.

Games and Sports • • • • Individual. dual and team sports Parlor games Children games Passive games (board and card games) .

Social Activities • • • • • Parties and celebrations Games for big groups Social gatherings Group travels and outings Story telling with friends .

carpentry . jewelry making. painting Photography Architectural Design Any activity that will produce an artwork like basketry.Arts and Crafts Activities • • • • Drawing.

Music Activities • • • • Vocals Playing music instruments Song composition Listening to music .

Drama Activities • Plays .

aerobics • Dancing different types of dances .Dancing Activities • Gymnastics.

hunting .Nature Activities • Gardening • Taking care of animals/pets • Hiking. mountaineering.

paper and pencil games . Debates/discussions Puzzles.Mental & Linguistic Activities • • • • Reading books/magazines Writing articles Public speaking.

Service Activities • Leading and joining clubs and organizations and their activities • Church activity • Service as a volunteer • Service as coach or official .

etc. • Limited edition items • Fanatic collection . pens. key chains. antiques.Collecting Activities • Cards. mugs.

Technological Activities • • • • Texting Chatting and conferences Surfing the net Playing games through game consoles or computers .

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