University of Puerto Rico at Cayey Cayey, Puerto Rico English Department Name: _______________________________ Group: ________________ Date: _________________________

Mr. Medina-Suarez

Test #1: Reading and Literary Concepts Comprehension Based on the novel “The Great Gatsby Wives” by F. Scott Fitzgerald Part I: Matching Instructions: Please select a definition from the right column and write its letter next to the matching concept on the left. (15 points total) ____ 1. Genre ____ 2. Plot ____ 3. Setting ____ 4. Point of View ____ 5. Narrator ____ 6. Characterization ____ 7. Tone ____ 8. Symbol ____ 9. Metaphor/Simile ____ 10. Theme ____ 11. Mood ____ 12. Protagonist ____ 13. Antagonist ____ 14. Foreshadow ____ 15. Suspense A. Helps create the atmosphere. B. Human characteristics. C. Hints future events. D. Mental image. E. Exaggeration. F. How is the story told? G. The hero. H. Uncertainty. I. Voice of the story. J. Physical and social context. K. Description of traits. L. Figure of speech. M. Incidents of the story. N. The type of story. O. The rival. P. Stands for something else. Q. Dominant idea. R. Attitude.

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