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Abtresins of Certain Ki8nds

Abtresins of Certain Ki8nds

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Published by: Honey Anjum on Nov 12, 2011
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Pour Clear Polyester Casting Resin into any mold to make a paperweight, or sculpture.

Casting resin is a crystal clear, low viscosity liquid that requires mixing with a catalyst to become rock hard (purchase catalyst separately). It cures to a smooth glossy transparency at room temperature. Use of a mold release is not necessary for flexible plastic or rubber molds. Note — Casting resin has only a 6-month shelf life. Store in a cool place. Polyester Catalyst — Clear, colorless liquid, very low viscosity. Usually added in quantities of 0.5% to 3.0% of weight of resin for curing. Store in a cool place, keep tightly closed. Purchase ½ oz for a pint or quart of resin, and 1 oz for a gallon of resin. Caution — Follow safety instructions carefully. Not suitable for use by children. Shipping restrictions apply to hazardous materials. Resin Measuring Tools Disposable Mixing bowl or cup Disposable tools baking paper Jump Rings Altered Art Adjustable Ring Time: Half a day Suitable For: Adults View Comments Email Bookmark Print

This resin project shows you how to use jump rings as an embedding material to create a fun resin ring. This project doesn't use a mold but a droplet or resin that is poured out onto the baking paper in a desired size for your ring topper. The size of your droplet will depend on your own style requirements as to what size and shape topper you would like to use. Drop the jump rings into the droplet of resin making sure you don't push it to hard on the bottom. Once set, sand the back of the casting with some fine sandpaper to make it smooth before attaching it to your ring back. It is adhered to the ring back using a silicone or super glue. Resin

One main advantage of Polyester Resin is the depth in which it can be poured for larger embed projects. Polyester Resin is cheaper to buy than Epoxy resin as it is generally purchased in larger quantities such as 1lt + tins. Imprecise measuring and mixing prevents the epoxy resin from solidifying or curing. Epoxy resin is perfect for jewelry casting as it has a shallow setting depth. Pigments and Dyes: These come in liquids. and follow the proper use that is recommended by the manufacturer. You will need to purchase color dyes that are suitable for your brand of resin. giving your project a glass like finish without too much technique. Always handle resins with care. Polyester Resin is durable and is the resin of choice for industrial applications and serious crafters who are experienced in resin casting. powders and pastes . making them suitable for ventilated craft rooms and work areas. This resin is highly toxic and should be used in a well ventilated area using protective masks to avoid inhalation.Measuring Tools Disposable Mixing bowl or cup Disposable tools Suitable mold Cooking Spray Straw Items for Embedding Time: 30 minutes . Epoxy resins come in two parts: resin and hardener. they are easy to use with a low toxicity. Dye's are added during the mixing process. More expensive than the polyester resin but a great way to get started for a small batch of projects. The two parts must be mixed in the precise ratio given in the manufacturer's instructions. so it will cure quickly when used correctly.1 hour Suitable For: Adults View Comments Email Bookmark Print Resins: Polyester Resin: is a liquid plastic that hardens when a few drops of the catalyst are added to create a chemical reaction. Epoxy resin is also self leveling. Molds: . Epoxy Resin: These resins are more frequently used in the crafting and hobby world.

Basically you will measure the two parts (as per the instructions provided on your product) together and then pour into your mold. you can also use a spray varnish or other archival sealer. Larger projects use a warm setting on your hair dryer or embossing gun. Simply give your mold a quick spray and wipe over and it's ready to use. spoons or cups work well as you can discard them after each use. Plastic disposable bowls. again these are great to use due to the flexibility. You may need to experiment with your resin as some resins require a little extra hardener to cure in a latex mold due to the fact that the temperature of the resin is effected because of the latex. making sure you have separate tools for the resin and hardener parts. such as a heart shaped pendant. Wipe out your measuring tools after each use. For mixing and measuring use baking spoons and measuring jugs as these will give you an accurate measurement.Dimensional Molds: These are molds that create a 3D object. Latex and Plastic Molds can be purchased for resin casting or you can make your own molds. this disperses the soft resin and releases the air trapped underneath the surface. Flat Objects: You can also pour your resin over flat objects such as scrabble pieces. Mold Release: If you are using a flexible mold there really is not need to add a mold release agent. trays and flat jewelry pieces. Air Bubbles: Can be gently tapped out or use a straw and your warm breath to blow over the bubble. Do not over mix or your resin will be filled with air bubbles. such as a glass jar or plastic lunch container. Photos and Images: Photos and images can easily be embedded into your resin. Plastic molds: You can use store bought chocolate molds. You can also use inflexible molds that can be cut or broken away from the casting. decorated coasters. specific pendant molds or other similar molds. dried foliage and even cake sprinkles. Let your resin rest for a few moments before pouring to avoid extra air. it is advised to coat your image and photo with a sealer first to prevent the ink dyes from running in your resin. How to mix: Your resin will come with it's very own set of instructions which you should follow strictly. or use items you have around the home. Latex molds: These are great to use as the flexibility of them means you can literally POP out your resin cast. Embedding items: You can embed all sorts of items to make your resin exciting. However a perfect inexpensive release agent is spray cooking oil. from plastic toys to coins. Using white clear drying craft glue is one way to seal your image. Home molds: Ice cube trays work well for pendants. chocolate box inlays are a great source of small rounded molds. You can use any durable (heat proof) plastic item you find in your home. bangle or coaster etc. . Make sure it is completely dried before pouring.

and color pigment has cut down cold enameling. Once you turn out to be conscious of the properties of this resin you can then make a decision which kind suits your requires. Cured resin can be chipped away with knifes or chisels. Photos. The epoxy casting resin. metallic. earrings. colored with stain or other material like bald pastels. Epoxy casting resin is the 3 basic kinds utilized for jewelry making. Epoxy casting resin. Precious metal and other metals can be done with no needing to be kiln fired. and pearl products that merely necessitate the adding of catalyst fairly than a mix of epoxy along with catalyst.Cleanup: If you have spilled your image. Epoxy casting resin jewelry makers create bracelets. such as nail varnish remover or a methylated spirits before it cures. Epoxy casting resin efforts extremely well in coating pictures and items in little jewelry frames. use a acetone cleaner. catalyst ratios and working times. even interests like paprika. pastes. brooches. It is self leveling and can be exercised on a lot of jewelry items. flowers. Utilizing this resin for commercially finished produced shapes home jewelry makers can create bright original items. Many varieties exist with slightly different characteristics. and necklaces in every shapes and colors. oil paint in a few cases. is utilized to create original jewelry pieces. Being lucid and with a glass like end it is usually utilized to cover tabletops. The easiest way to clean up resin is not to spill it in the first place. and lots of other materials can be covered in epoxy casting resin. Epoxy casting resin is a pouring resin with a more curing time than the glue. Epoxy casting resin is secure and simple to utilize providing you pursue usual safety guidelines. Epoxy Casting Resin Epoxy resins are flattering more and more admired for jewelry making. Epoxy casting resin can be united with valuable metal soil and other valuable metals to create beautiful jewelry items. . If not with your manufactured goods ask for one from the creator or it might be obtainable on their web site. Epoxy Resins can be colored with see-through and solid colors and dyes and utilized to sum up a diversity of objects. metal. paper. It can be colored in a figure of diverse ways. fabric. Using pre made epoxy resins sheds a wide variety of objects can be completed epoxy resins are liquid that when assorted with a method become solid.

With low color and industry leading UV stabilizer technology. Air bubbles can from time to time come into view and can be detached with a mild application of warmth from a warm gun. . this is not typically a difficulty with little jewelry items. Low sensitizing ingredients increase user safety and our proprietary bio-derived technology makes our casting and coating formulations the sustainable choice for resin casting jewelry to epoxy countertops and more. We embedded jelly beans after the resin was poured. colored or have other complexes added. My daughter was so pleased with the finished product. They must not be utilized for casting big objects. It typically has a straightforward combine ratio and can heal extremely swiftly. Castings and Coatings With low exotherm temperatures and excellent air release characteristics our clear casting and coating formulations are ideal for any project. you get crystal clear finishes with excellent color stability.This is particularly devised for casting in casts and makes hard objects. After it was taken out of the mold we sanded and polished to a smooth shiny finish. Epoxy casting resin is utilized for universal reason casting like the making of figurines etc is normally simple to labor with. A lot of brands on the marketplace can be with no trouble colored. With the correct kind of discharge agent they can be pouring into almost any category of cast material. It is a highquality resin for jewelry items. Responsive to damp. hardening can be hold back if dampness is there.

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