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Accidentally in Love

Accidentally in Love

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Published by: Emanoele Saraiva on Nov 12, 2011
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Accidentally in Love Prologue Arizona Robbins stared at the OR board at Seattle Grace Hospital.

She had been there for only a few days, so she had yet to meet the entire staff. One name on the board caught her eye, however. Torres, C. Arizona had heard the whisperings about Dr. Torres, but until she saw the name on the board Arizona never entertained the thought that Dr. Torres could be Calliope Torres. She sighed as she remembered the name. So many good memories were attached to Calliope Torres, and one painful goodbye. If there was one regret Arizona had in life, it was letting Calliope slip away. She often thought of her warm, tanned skin, her raven hair, and her big, chocolate brown eyes. God those eyes. Arizona remembered getting lost in them for hours, sitting on her dock or doing something ridiculous that Calliope had planned for them. Arizona shook her head, wrapping herself in her coat. She needed to finally move on from the stunning Latina. She had heard of this place called the Emerald City Bar, but her colleagues referred to the place simply as Joe's. So Arizona was going to Joes. She was going to learn about the people with whom she worked, and damnit, she was going to have fun. As she descended the stairs into the lobby, Arizona had second thoughts. What if Calliope was a Joes? What if Torres, C wasn't Calliope? What if it was? As much as Arizona hated to admit it, since she saw the name on the OR board not ten minutes ago, she wanted nothing more than for Dr. Torres to be her Calliope. Her Calliope? So much for moving on. Arizona sighed as the evening air washed across her face. Maybe this cool, Seattle night would knock some sense into her. Doubtful, but a girl could hope. The door to Joes dinged as she pulled it open. Arizona quickly stepped inside, her blonde curls bouncing behind her. She quickly scanned the room, looking for a familiar place. As her eyes reached the bar, they settled on an extremely familiar raven haired beauty. "Calliope," Arizona breathed aloud. The woman at the bar looked towards the door, her eyes locking with Arizona's. They gasped. In that moment, everyone disappeared. Arizona could feel herself drowning, something she hadn't felt in over ten years. All that mattered was her eyes, this moment, and the memories they shared. Chapter 1 (12 years ago) Callie Torres stretched her legs as she stepped out of her Mercedes GL450 SUV. She walked around to the back of her car to check the speed boat she had attached. She could feel the hot sun caressing her skin, and couldn't help but feel excited about the prospect of being in the water in only a few hours. She just finished her sophomore year

of college. It had been stressful to no end, but Callie had made it through. Now, Callie had all summer to unwind up at her family's summer home in Culver, Indiana. It was a long way from their home in Miami, but the Torres family had been taking the summer months off in the small, Indiana town since Callie was around five. Her father, a wealthy business man, had been in Indianapolis on one of his trips when he had dinner with Jim Irsay, the new owner of the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay had a house on Lake Maxinkuckee and he urged Carlos to visit him. Long story short, Callie's father had fallen in love with the quaint, Indiana town and purchased property on the east shore of the lake. Callie, like her father, had been in love with the place since she first stepped into town. Culver was like a breath of fresh air. Miami was all about the lights, limos, and parties. Up here, though, Callie felt she could truly relax. There were tons of parties, but they couldn't really compare to what went on in Miami. There was just so much pressure to be glamorous all the time carrying around a name like Torres. Here, Callie could just put on jeans and a nice t-shirt, walk outside, grab a beer, and dance the night away. So each summer she drove from Florida to Indiana, pulling the boat her dad had bought for her. Over the years she had fallen in with a great group of people. They all met in Indianapolis, where she was now, before caravanning the rest of the way to Culver. Callie anxiously checked her watch. It was noon; they should be getting here soon. "Yo Torres," Callie heard a voice call out, a smile instantly playing on the corners of her lips. In the distance she saw Mark driving up in his black Ford pickup truck. Callie first met Mark Sloan when she was barely eleven years old. His family had bought the house next to hers and Callie may have had a tiny crush (he was a couple years older). They grew up together, kissed a few times, and became the best of friends. Mark had been Callie's rock, even though he lived in Missouri and attended college in NYC. Whenever she called, he would always answer. To some people he was only a man-whore (he sure did make the rounds of women), but Callie saw another side of him. He was practically her brother and she loved him with all her heart. She was excited to see him again, and when he finally parked his truck Callie nearly pounced on him. "Hi! I missed you!" She exclaimed, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. "I missed you too! Florida is too far away." "It's not my fault you decided to go to school in New York instead of coming to UF with me." "Columbia is a pretty nice school Cal," Mark replied laughing. "Plus you could have gone to Princeton instead of staying at home." Callie's eyes sobered. "You know why I stayed home Mark." Mark's expression softened; immediately regretting his joke. "I'm sorry, Callie. I was just messing around." "I know Mark. It's over anyways," Callie said with a reassuring smile. "Anyway, have you heard from Cristina?"

"Yeah, she and Meredith are flying into South Bend. They should land at 7:30 or something like that." "And Addison?" "She should be here any minute," Mark replied, but looked down the highway anyway. He saw Addison's red Porsche drive up to the rest stop. "There she is." Callie raised her eyebrows. "And apparently she brought Cristina, Derek and Meredith." Mark leaned over and whispered. "Technically she brought Cristina and Derek and Meredith drove behind them. But still I didn't even know she spoke to them after the summer was over." "Who cares?" Callie said with a shrug. "The gang's all here." "What about Teddy and Owen?" Callie waved her hand dismissively. "They're already there getting ready for the small people. You know that." "I forget these things," Mark admitted. "Callie!" Addison squealed as she exited her car. "I'm so excited to see you again!" "This summer is gonna me awesome!" Callie exclaimed. "How does it feel to be done with college?" "Absolutely amazing. And just think, only a couple of years before you join Mark, Derek, and I, at Johns Hopkins for med school." "We'll see about that Addison," Callie replied with a laugh. "I may decide on something different you know. A change of pace, something not too predictable…maybe Harvard or something." At that Addison literally almost fell on the ground laughing. "You would never go to Harvard. Besides, if you did, I'd kill you. Then, I'd bring you back to life and drag your sorry, zombie ass to Johns Hopkins." "Whatever you say Addison." "Oh my God guys!" Meredith's voice cut through the group. "I didn't tell you. Guess who is working at Woodcraft this summer?" Everyone just stared blankly, wondering why the hell this was important. "The half-sister I've never met." A chorus of curses escaped the mouths of the group of friends. "Yeah, so can we go so I can get some alcohol please?" "Sure Meredith, we can go," Mark replied.

Callie shook her head as she climbed back into her truck. The rest of the drive was relatively boring to most people. It was just a straight shot up US 31 through the Indiana countryside. Callie, however, truly enjoyed the ride. Driving through Indiana was nothing like any other portion of the country Callie had experienced. The land stretched on for miles and she could see all of it. The corn and bean fields had charmed their way into Callie's heart. What most people thought was dull and plain, Callie recognized as her second home. It amused Callie that so much of her life had taken place in this small town. While all of her Miami friends stayed home and bombed around clubs all summer, Callie had escaped to a town they had never heard of, spending her time relaxing on the dock, swimming, tubing, or anything else she deemed necessary. What Callie enjoyed most about Culver, though, was seeing all the kids running around. Besides Lake Max, which was the second largest natural lake in the state, there was a massive boarding school campus located in the town. Spanning 1800 acres, the Culver Academies served as one of the largest boarding schools in the country. Included in that acreage, however, was a cabin style summer camp called Woodcraft that each summer opened its doors to children ages 9 – 14, while the main campus, also known as Upper Camp hosted campers age 13-17. Seeing those kids running around and enjoying Culver as much as she did always made Callie smile. Callie angrily honked her horn as she hit the traffic in Kokomo. Damn. She had been hoping to avoid this crap by hitting it right after lunch. Unfortunately that was not the case. Callie hated this portion of the drive. Kokomo had tons of traffic lights, all of them long, and she never hit any of them when they were green. To make matters worse, this idiot couldn't drive to save his life. But Culver was only one hour away. Only one hour…she could make it one more hour. Chapter 2 Arizona had long decided that orientation sucked. How difficult is it to play with some children? A week long orientation was hardly necessary. Arizona loved children, though, which was why she took this job. She had just finished her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and decided to spend her summer before medical school as a camp counselor. It wasn't uncharacteristic of Arizona to want to spend exorbitant amounts of time with kids, but this summer she had wanted to study and prepare for her first year of medical school at Harvard. Then she had been browsing on the internet, accidentally coming across Culver's website. She couldn't help but fall in love with the place and applied on the spot. Now here she was, sitting in a rather uncomfortable chair listening to idiots drone on about drinking and the random drug tests that would be occurring over the course of the summer. Damn this place was hardcore. Drug tests, rules out the butt, what was next? Just then Arizona thought she might faint. She had to go through learning how to fold clothes? What had she gotten herself into? "You look a little overwhelmed," a woman said to Arizona. Arizona immediately felt a blush climb up her cheeks. "Yeah. I just didn't realize…how um hardcore this place is."

The woman let out a small laugh. "This is just the scary part. If you are legally able to drink and not on duty when you do, they won't touch you and the drug tests aren't random at all so as long as you don't give them a reason to do otherwise, they'll leave you alone all summer." "Well that's good to know," Arizona replied, letting out a sigh of relief. She quickly went to amend her statement because she knew how it must sound. "I mean, I'm not a huge partier, I just hate being in trouble." "I'm Teddy," The woman said, thrusting out her hand for a handshake. Arizona clasped the warm hand with a smile on her face. "Arizona." "So, Arizona, what brings you to Culver?" Arizona shrugged and smiled. "I stumbled on it while surfing the web. I saw some pictures and fell in love. Plus, I just adore kids." "So you're at Woodcraft then? Cabin Counselor?" Arizona nodded. "Yep. Cabin 13. What about you?" "I lifeguard and do water sports at Upper Camp. I like kids, but living with a bunch of nine year olds for a summer is not exactly what I had in mind." "So how many summers have you been here?" Arizona asks, knowing that Teddy was obviously not new to this place. "Well this is my third summer working here, and probably my last," Teddy replied sadly. "But my family has a condo here, so I've been coming up since I was in middle school." "That's cool. So are a lot of families here like that? You know coming up here for years?" "There are two kinds of summer people in Culver: those who think they're better than everyone else because they own property up here, and those who legitimately love this place. My friends and I, we fall into the latter category." "Well that's good to know," Arizona replied warmly. She looked back towards the screen and realized she hadn't been paying attention at all since she started talking to Teddy. This was a major problem, considering the blonde was going to be responsible for teaching all of the children how to fold their clothes. "Crap! I have no idea what I'm doing." "Hey, it's ok," Teddy said, putting a hand on Arizona's shoulder. "I was a counselor a couple of years ago before I got smart," Teddy joked. "Seriously, though, how about I stop by later today and help you with some stuff?" "That'd be super! Thanks Teddy."

"Don't mention it," Teddy replied, glancing at her watch. The presentation was basically over and it was clear Teddy had some place to be. "Hey, I gotta run. It was nice meeting you." She quickly scrawled something on a bit of paper. "Here's my number. Text me and I'll text you when I'm on my way over." "OK," Arizona replied as she watched Teddy disappear out of the room. She had made a friend. The thought made Arizona beam. Culver was an interesting place, not only the camps, but the town as well. Arizona had realized quickly how small it truly was, but that didn't that made it even harder to meet people. She had been around for a few days, but until she met Teddy there had been exactly zero friend prospects. Arizona left Legion Memorial, a building on the main campus, to head back towards Woodcraft. She hopped on her black and white Diamondback bike, pedaling on the lakefront path. She passed the First Classmen Ring where all the older kids from Upper Camp hung out and played volleyball. Arizona loved biking along this path. Some counselors drove everywhere, but Arizona didn't understand that. The lakefront was one of the most beautiful things Arizona had ever seen. She whizzed by the Naval Building, glancing at the docks as she went. A huge sailboat sat just off the huge dock. Arizona thought she remembered someone telling her it was called the Ledbetter. She hoped she got to get out on Lake Max this summer. There hadn't been a moment since Arizona arrived in Culver that the lake hadn't been crammed with boats. It looked so exciting! Arizona slowed down as she reached her cabin. She climbed off her bike and gently leaned it against the wood. There was music coming from the cabin, loud and happy music. Confused, Arizona hopped up the steps and opened the door. "Hello?" She called. A cute brunette about Arizona's size bounded from the small room that was Arizona's private room within the cabin. "Hi!" She exclaimed, sticking out her hand. "I'm Lexie, the assistant counselor who will be staying with you this summer." Arizona had wondered why there were bunk beds in her room. "Oh! Ok, that explains a lot," Arizona said, shaking the girl's hand. "I'm Arizona." "Cool, so where are you from?" "Wisconsin. What about you?" "Washington state." "That's awesome," Arizona replied with a smile. "So is this your first summer?" "Yeah. I just graduated from high school. I loved high school. I was valedictorian and prom queen and had amazing friends. I can't wait to go to college. My dad flipped when he heard I was coming out here. His other daughter, my half-sister, she comes out here and I wanted to meet her, so I decided to work here this summer. How my dad knows this is beyond me, because they haven't talked literally since Meredith was seven, but whatever." Lexie stopped momentarily to take a breath. "Sorry, I was rambling. I ramble when I'm nervous. Anyway what about you? First summer too?"

she had . She smiled as Addison's Porsche came to a halt near Callie's SUV. She quickly realized the stupidity of her question as Callie glared at her." Lexie squealed. If things kept going like this. so that Callie and her sister Aria could enjoy them with their friends. where Callie's house was located. As she approached the buoy. because it was a Tuesday it wasn't that crowded. I have to head to lunch with Meredith. Callie guessed that when Aria had come up last month. I'm going to med school in the fall and I needed something to do this summer. The boat. Arizona very well could have the best summer of her life." "Yeah."Yeah." "Ok you go have fun. Arizona sat on the bottom bunk and pulled out her phone. "How are you getting there?" Cristina asked. Instead of turning onto 117. and it so happened that Teddy had replied while Arizona was talking to Lexie. "That's where I want to go. They had a small fleet. In her opinion. The thought made Arizona smile. I'm excited. she gently reduced her speed. skipping out the door of the cabin. In the years since Callie's family had owned property here. Callie smirked at Cristina and tossed her the keys to her car. raven hair. Callie calmly backed her trailer into the water before getting out of the car. On the east shore." "Where are you going?" "Harvard." Lexie said. "Oh. the high pitched noise piercing Arizona's ear drums." Callie just stared at Cristina as she backed her boat into the water. the road that led to her house. Now she just needed to find a party. allowing the wind to whip through her long. the houses were so cramped in some spots that Callie swore someone could reach from one window into the next house. She had sent Teddy a quick text as she came into the cabin. there was nothing like speeding across the open water with the sun shining on her face. the lake had exploded. She took off across the lake. Chapter 3 Callie arrived in Culver at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Right. Callie saw her dock looming in the distance. This was her favorite part about coming to Culver. Apparently Teddy would be here in a few minutes. that half sister of mine. Thankfully." Callie said as she climbed into the boat. it's my first summer. Callie led the caravan down Sage Rd to the public boat launch." "Ok well. It was just getting nuts. around six. It was nearly impossible to find property anymore. "Drive my car to my place please." "Will do. She smiled when she saw the jet skis had already been put in their slips.

often enjoying pleasant conversations.000 square feet. Callie opened the patio door with the key she always kept under the flower pot. "Where's Meredith?" Callie asked. After it was taken care of. noticing her absence. had expanded the house and remodeled the interior to make it a bit more modern. At the time. she stepped off the boat. Spanish architecture had always been one of her favorite things. and Derek sprawled over the comfortable brown couches. and cranked it out of the water. for that reason. Derek took a Mt. But he did keep the exterior the same. she would have preferred to go to Princeton. which served as their living room. Addison. "Yes?" "Do you want to have a bonfire tonight?" . Carlos had been trying to convince his daughters that spending the summers in a place that was 1000 miles away wouldn't be so bad. She was happy at Florida. or whatever. The Latina slowly maneuvered her boat into the slip reserved for it. but life had gotten in the way. Callie mentally said a thank you to her father for calling ahead to have the maintenance crew turn on the AC. Part of Callie had wanted to go to Rollins. Mark. It wasn't five minutes before the small caravan of cars pulled into the driveway. When her family visited Disney World. It was large. I'm pretty sure you guys have your own places.them put in. even by Lax Max standards. Callie moved through the central room. After securing it. Sighing. "You know. Her father. the home Carlos Torres had purchased had been completed by Norman Perry in 1929. It was a revival of Spanish Colonial architecture which always made Callie smile. Dew. It was like taking a small part of Florida and inserting it in Indiana. occasionally dipping her foot in the water. hide. however. lots of football games and parties. All her friends knew where it was just in case they needed somewhere safe to crash. Callie wasted no time before kicking Cristina out of her car. Dew from Callie's arms. however." Callie joked as she went into the kitchen to grab some drinks. Callie returned to the living room to find Cristina. Standing at roughly 6. The group simply sat on the couches sipping their refreshments while relishing the feeling of being back at Culver. Mt. and the classes weren't that bad either. but it was too small for her. A blast of cool air hit her as she stepped inside. so she could take off the boat trailer. and Sierra Mist. Callie was still grateful for the gesture. "We dropped her off at Corndance for her meet and greet with her sister." Callie replied as she tossed the different drinks to the rest of the company. She returned with her arms full of Pepsi. they would often eat in Winter Park at this little Italian place which was right next to Rollins College. towards her house. "Hey Cal?" Mark asked. If Callie was being truthful. Callie and her father would always take walks through the campus. to the front door so she could wait for the others to arrive." "Oh ok. She walked down the pier.

Besides. Arizona had never really been away from her parents." "Oh I'm excited. she highly doubted there was a sea of lesbians in tiny Culver. Even if there was. put gas in all the boats." Callie groaned. Text Teddy and Owen to let them know and everyone else. and really didn't want to be in another one. but she was more unsure of whom she was as a person than ever before. We're not throwing a huge bash tonight. "we just got here. but it's just going to be us. cutting across the grass before coming to a halt at the bottom of the stairs. but she was a little nervous. hadn't been Arizona's main concern. Indiana. Nevertheless. Arizona loved that." Mark said as he whipped out his phone to text everyone. "Hey Teddy!" She called out to the woman. She grew up just a couple of hours from Madison and attended college in the capital. But this summer before medical school was going to be about her figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. Arizona knew that wasn't the case."Mark. Culver was so small that a bike was really the only transportation one needed to get around the campus and into town. Arizona was still getting used to the whole being "out" thing. She wasn't looking for anything at the moment. "Fine. was a traditional man and Arizona's sexual orientation did not exactly fall in to the box labeled tradition. I wanted to relax tonight and I don't know. unpack maybe. Arizona didn't know why. She wondered to herself if she had a little crush on Teddy. Her father. her purpose. That. She loved her family and country. She smiled as she saw Teddy peddling on the gravel road. Arizona sat on her bunk bed waiting for Teddy. It had been about twenty minutes. so it didn't come as a shock to her mother. Arizona got off her bed. None of that changed because she told her father she was a lesbian. Teddy continued biking. and while the woman was extremely attractive. but I am not having a million people crawling all over this place. Now Arizona felt free to be herself. so she should be there anytime. "Hey! How was your afternoon?" . and party proof the house. set up the fire pit. sitting down on the steps and looked over the field to the lake. Colonel Daniel Robbins of the United States Marine Corps. She fully intended to figure out more about herself before leaving for Harvard in the fall." "What if I did all that?" Callie waved her hand at him. She had never displayed an interest in men. Sighing. I'd have to go buy wood. She had just gotten out of a long relationship. She headed towards the back of the cabin. and respected those of authority. however. was honorable. "Are you still who I raised you to be?" Arizona answered yes without hesitation. She supposed that was truly the reason for her escaping to Indiana this summer. Arizona highly doubted she'd even know what to do. her father had only asked one question. She often received visits from them and her brother Aaron. All Arizona knew was that she wanted to be a doctor.

but Arizona informed Teddy of her military background. Arizona smiled at the thought of going out tonight. Teddy was surprised at how well she did. "It doesn't matter." Teddy dismissed Arizona's comment with a wave of her hand. I'm sure you'll get along just fine. You'll have a blast. I'll see you then. why don't you come? You can meet some non camp people. They're throwing a bonfire at Callie's tonight. her phone buzzed." "OK bye Teddy. Right before Teddy was getting ready to leave." Arizona blushed nervously. Woodcraft had a military component to it. It gave the kids something for which to strive and Arizona loved it. Arizona was a bit overwhelmed but definitely happy that Teddy had come to help her." Arizona called as Teddy bounded out the door and down the stairs. She's…young. you can just come visit me. the first of the summer." Arizona laughed. I may just take you up on that. She glanced down and smiled. Besides. "I don't know any of them. She actually managed to remember a lot." "OK. Hey. it was part of the leadership system instilled at the camp. got off the steps." "Is it far?" "Nah just up 117 on East Shore. For the next hour." "That's awesome. Everything had to be done a certain way. It'll be fun. Don't worry though. Chapter 4 ." "I count on it. I'll text you. She started to walk up the stairs." Teddy said with a wink. Teddy laughed at the face Arizona made. I've gotta head back to campus now." Teddy replied. if you don't. the point being to teach the kids discipline and accountability. Teddy even drilled her a little bit to make sure Arizona knew the various positions." Arizona replied. I'll pick you up at like 9. so I live in my parents' condo. "Hey let's go work on your folding skills. I'm unattached. Looks like she just found her party. Teddy showed Arizona the ins and outs of the system at Woodcraft. "Good news?" Arizona asked. I met this assistant counselor who is apparently living with me. You know me. They were inspected every day and rewarded through a ranking system that sort of mirrored that of the army. motioning for Arizona to follow her. and followed Teddy inside. "Definitely."It was ok. "They tend to be. "That was my friend Mark. She and her brother used to drill in the back yard for fun when they were kids. her nose scrunching in a mixture of confusion and slight dislike.

but she wanted to unwind before she spent the next few years with her nose in a book. It was a bonfire after all. "Ok. He just graduated from Columbia and is supposedly going to Johns Hopkins for medical school. She was all for having fun. She finally decided on a simple tight fitting Wisconsin Badgers tee. "You excited or just happy to see me?" Teddy quipped. Her best friend is a guy named Mark." . I've known her for a few years. It wasn't long before she saw a jeep flash their lights down by Cardinal Creek. I'm from Chicago and my dad bought a condo when I was 13. Cristina is a little. but personally I think he wants to stay at Columbia. She's from California. "there's a lot to know. Arizona could see the outlines of gigantic houses in the distance. but she lives in Boston. The blonde quickly grabbed her purse after deciding she would wait for Teddy on the back steps. She had never been a big partier. "Both. Next there's Owen. He's my best friend and typically stays with me during the summer. that was a lot of information. a smile plastered on her face. From what she had heard. but she had no idea what top to wear. Teddy would be here in a few minutes and Arizona couldn't have been more excited. Well the place we're going. There's this weird love-triangle dynamic thing going on. I've been coming here for the summers ever since." She said while looking over at Arizona. Finally there is me. I met him while working at camp my first summer. it belongs to this girl named Callie Torres. but no one actually knows what is happening. but Arizona was still focused and driven. "So tell me about them. whatever you feel like sharing if anything at all. jogging across the small field and the bridge." "Holy cow. As they began to drive south of 117." Teddy smiled and pulled into the large driveway of the Torres' home. Arizona climbed into the Jeep. She thought Arizona's curiosity was adorable. "Yeah. Arizona quickly checked her phone. Their parents are doctors. the summer people around here partied hard. plus he's Callie's neighbor. You'll have fun tonight. so they've known each other for quite some time. so she stays with Callie while she's here." Arizona replied honestly. This peaked her curiosity about Teddy and her group of friends. Meredith is Cristina's closest friend. tightly fitted jeans." "About who?" "Your friends. He definitely has a thing for Cristina. You know. I can feel it. it was Teddy. but she's a little young for him. Her family sold their property a few years ago." Teddy laughed. Arizona checked her phone and sure enough. but she still comes back to hang out with us.Arizona frantically searched through her very messy dresser for something to wear to this "bonfire". She had already decided on a pair of dark. and He's from Missouri. She found Culver through Addison and Derek. Oh. but I think we're a great group of people. abrasive spitfire. She hopped down the steps. She's from Florida and has been around the longest of any of us.

"Hi everyone." Arizona was floored. "Let's go inside. much to Arizona's surprise. Arizona stood firmly planted in her spot. Arizona presumed she was getting . Arizona continued down a narrow looking hallway. She turned over her shoulder as she heard the patio door open once again. "this is my half-sister Lexie. This place was huge. The half-sister Lexie had never met was Meredith who was Teddy's friend? How did stuff like that even happen? Arizona had noticed one absence. "Guys this is my new friend Arizona.Returning Teddy's smile. What she saw caused her breath to hitch. Trailing her finger over a countertop. She heard music coming from one of the rooms. "Teddy!" A chorus of people yelled from around the fire. into the kitchen. She bounded over to them and gave them each a massive hug." Teddy laughed. Lexie." Lexie smiled. "Wow. Addison. twilight air." Arizona followed Teddy up the stone path that led to the front door. She works at Woodcraft as a counselor. Latina woman danced around her room clad only in a cami and panties. Teddy opened the patio door with ease. both of which were empty. Arizona could see out onto the patio. too overwhelmed to really make much of a conversation. She walked back to the foyer and turned right. They walked through the foyer and into a living area." Meredith said. "Arizona. but Arizona hadn't heard. She made her way back into the house. It was easily the biggest house Arizona had ever seen and the most beautiful. wandering around relatively aimlessly. Arizona had heard about the houses around the lake. The woman who appeared to be Meredith approached the fire with another person in tow who Arizona quickly discovered was her summer bunkmate. Teddy didn't even bother knocking. She's working at Woodcraft this summer. waving the blonde over to the group huddled by the fire. especially East and South Shore. and Cristina. Arizona thought Teddy might have told her where it was. Arizona smiled warmly at all of them. Derek." Teddy came up behind her. the woman Teddy referred to as Callie. and there was a massive fire going outside and a group of people. but it was probably quite obvious that she was. she exited the Jeep. The door was open. Talk about a small world. so Arizona cautiously poked her head inside. but she hadn't expected this. "Guys. however. "Come on. "Meredith!" The people around the fire yelled. She tried to pretend that she wasn't uncomfortable. awkwardly inspecting a cooler. She excused herself to go to the bathroom. She apparently lived here. throwing an arm over Arizona's shoulder. she simply swung open the door." "Just wow. this is Mark. "I know. allowing them to step back into the cool. but Arizona hadn't seen even a glimpse of her." she said going around the fire." Teddy shouted. Arizona. Her jaw dropped as she took in her surroundings." She said pulling Arizona towards the door. A tall.

I told Mark we could do a bonfire if he set it up and it wasn't big. I never would have come. The blonde froze." Arizona replied weakly." Arizona whispers. "Oh. Big picture: Arizona wanted that girl and she had no idea what she was doing. There were no games or chases. Arizona figured she should make her way back to the bonfire. Joanne had sort of fell into Arizona's lap. After almost getting lost a couple of times. "If I had known. "Are you ok?" "How would you feel if you had just driven from Florida and instead of spending a quiet first night with your friends. Never mind that this girl was probably straight and now thought she was a stalker. 100 people? What the fuck? Meredith brings her sister and Mark invites Alex Karev who just decides to tell fucking everyone!" "I'm sorry. wanted to kiss her and dance with her. Arizona splashed cold water on her face. hoping it would give her some kind of perspective. but it was just so cute. Now she was hiding in the bathroom. She couldn't help but look to see if the girl was still there. She found the girl undoing her boat and lowering into the water. "Um…um." the girl said. but no words came out." Arizona took a deep breath. She wanted to know that girl. but to no avail. Arizona searched around for Teddy." . borderline sexy actually. she left the bathroom. Sighing." Arizona said cautiously. Arizona didn't know what came over her. the small bonfire had erupted into an actual party. leaning against it as she tried to figure out what just happened. suddenly feeling embarrassed and really out of place. and pier." Arizona stammered. she stomped off down the pier. She wasn't. Well. The blonde closed the door. smirking. but those things were all details. but she followed. "Bathroom?" "Right behind you. Then. She turned around and quickly went into the bathroom. She saw a hot girl – no a ridiculously hot girl – dancing in her underwear. "Can I help you?" She asked impatiently. "Um hi. "Hey. The brunette looked at her as if Arizona was nuts. Perfect. staring at Arizona. however. She tried to speak. she knew what happened. unsure of what to do. In the short time she was gone. she finally made it back to the patio. fire pit. After pushing him in the chest. you walk out into a party of about 100 people? I mean I don't know these people. She seemed really pissed off. Her eyes landed on the beautiful Latina from earlier screaming at who Arizona thought was Mark. The brunette seemed pretty annoyed. she panicked and looked like an idiot.ready. Then. Arizona was mesmerized. OK well. it just happened. the Latina stopped and turned around. Her Raven hair flew around her body as she moved. People were swimming and dancing. This was not good. There must have been close to a hundred people crowding the patio. she kind of was a stalker.

It was such a beautiful night. Once Arizona was safely aboard the boat." "Why?" Arizona asked with a laugh. Everything about Arizona screamed adorable." Arizona beamed as she returned to Callie's boat. "Wait. I'm just going to go out for a bit and clear my head." Arizona commented. but truthfully it's the bond that holds us together. Arizona marveled at the view from the lake. but I'm going to Harvard for med school in the fall. Everybody here is going to medical school. She said you were cool. It's literally the one thing we all have in common. Callie guided it away from the pier. Callie reached out her hand to help the blonde in. so are Mark and Derek." Arizona heard Callie call to her. I think I just need to be alone. After spending most of the year in Madison. I'm glad you came out with me. breaking the silence. but she just has something against Harvard. They were surrounded by darkness so the sky shone bright with stars and the moon. Callie killed the engine allowing them to float and be rocked by the small waves created by the light breeze. or Stanford." Callie shook her head. Teddy asked me if you could come. "Don't tell Addison that. Arizona right?" The blonde nodded. Moving slowly over the water. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight. but I'll probably end up at Johns Hopkins. I wouldn't mind going to Harvard." "Where do you go to school?" "I just graduated from UW-Madison." Callie replied with a smile. "I guess it does seem that way. but Callie could also see her blue eyes sparkling." She turned on her heal and began to walk back up the pier. Personally. She had noticed her adorable dimples earlier. For some reason she had been able to calm Callie down in mere seconds." "Would you like some company?" Arizona asked hopefully. "So. she'll kill you. "Oh ok. Callie laughed. "I think I could use the company after all…if you still want to come anyway. "I definitely am. "Don't be sorry.The Latina's eyes softened. Arizona always loved to see a sky littered with stars. Yeah we all hang out here. She looked over at Arizona. "I'm Callie by the way." "Me too." Arizona's face fell. Columbia. "She's going to Johns Hopkins for medical school." "Wow. "Honestly." Arizona said." . but we're so different. perfect for cruising on the water. "are you feeling any better?" "Yeah.

placing a lingering kiss on Arizona's cheek before running down the stairs and back across the grass. the Latina got out of the car along with Arizona. making them about the same height. They climbed the steps. I was the same way with UW for me. It was comfortable. It was just to make sure she didn't lose her. but I still got the separation from my parents. The drive back to Woodcraft was silent. just silent." Arizona shrugged." Arizona said. I'll be a junior at Florida. They walked closely through the small field leading to Arizona's cabin. She felt hopeful as Callie continued to hold her hand until they were to her car that was well beyond the crowd. Arizona blushed as the brunette grabbed her hand. but Arizona couldn't help but feel a small rush of electricity. "Would you like me to give you a ride?" "Sure. . There was something about this girl that made her want to be around her. "I had a great time." "Ok well I'm going to go to bed. I didn't want to be too far from home. She. I'll just steal your number from Teddy. "Yeah. They stood there silently for a few minutes just enjoying the night." "Ok. Callie carefully guided them back to the pier. Much to Arizona's surprise."So you're still doing your undergrad?" Callie nodded. but I didn't want to stay in Miami." "I hope so. I live a couple hours away. helped Arizona as they exited the boat onto the pier. breaking the silence." "I'll see you soon. for everything." "Ok. "I'm sure Teddy will bully me into doing something with you guys." Arizona answered with a smile." "I'll text you tomorrow. "I think I'm going to find Teddy and head back." Callie said suddenly. yes?" "Probably. "you know. She didn't really want to leave." "That's understandable." Callie hesitated. "Thanks. once again." Callie nodded and led Arizona down the pier and into the throng of people on the patio. Callie stopping one short while Arizona stood on the top." They had been out for an hour or so when they decided to go back. She leaned in quickly. Callie parked the car at the makeshift gravel parking lot right off the road.

Café Max would forever remain her favorite. she had kissed them. Culver had tons of restaurants in town. she didn't even know if Arizona was into women. but at this moment it didn't seem like it was enough to keep the guilt at bay. She had a monster crush on a woman whom she just met. they would walk along the lakefront until they reached the Cove condos. She remembered kissing his frail hand before she left to come up to Culver for the summer. After wandering to the bathroom. Callie sighed as she ran a brush through her hair. Her father would drive them in one of the boats and dock it at the public pier. Even though she had eaten there countless times. Callie had done things with women. she just wanted to spend time with her. Callie splashed some water on her face hoping it would do something to wake her up. This afternoon would probably be filled with cleaning her trashed house. but each day was making it increasingly difficult. Groaning. that her father was surely to disapprove of. She'll just pretend she didn't want to kiss Arizona. quite possibly the only bright spot she could cling to. There was nothing Callie wanted more than to wake up in the morning and not feel the pain to which she had become accustomed. Trevor would often just sleep on the couch so Callie wouldn't have to. Truth be told. Most younger brothers would be pissed to find a stranger in their bed. and completely broke her. a fact that never failed to amuse Callie. but what she did know about her kept Callie yearning to find out more. Hopefully her dreams would be filled with images of Callie. terrified her. Callie still marveled at how big. Callie stirred early in the morning. Callie knew there was nothing she could do except enjoy this potentially final gift her father had given her. He was a real sweetheart. Liz had been right when she said that her father wanted Callie to be in Culver. but Callie had slept over enough times that Trevor was used to it. . The initial joy of being back in Indiana had nearly dissipated completely leaving Callie in a wake of sadness and uncertainty. She couldn't help but shake the guilty feeling of being here. but at least she had breakfast to look forward to. Maybe that's why she was feeling so guilty. The brunette quickly hopped in the shower. That's what she planned on doing. how strong his hand had once felt. Did that really just happen? She touched her cheek. Callie didn't know much about the blonde. Café Max was probably her favorite place in town. Besides. Callie pulled herself out of Trevor's bed. It scared Callie. The water beat against her back in a mixture of pleasurable release and painful realization. which was still tingling. but he was away last night. Trevor was Liz's younger brother. woken by her alarm. Her father took her there all the time when she was a kid. As Callie toweled off she thought of Arizona. before deciding to go inside and attempt to sleep. His grip was a far cry from what she remembered as a child. and the sun had only just peaked out from behind the clouds fifteen minutes ago. but only one fast food restaurant. She had a long day ahead of her. Those were some of her fondest memories as a child. Callie didn't know what she wanted with the girl.Arizona stared after her in shock. It was seven. If he was home. even embarked on a very short relationship in high school before her father forced her to end it. hoping the warm water would help to wash away her fears. So Callie decided to play it cool. Then.

It was 9:30. the shower itself. I couldn't bring myself to wake you. As Callie peaked her head in the small counselor bedroom she confirmed her suspicions. her blonde curls splayed across the pillow. Arizona bolted from Legion Memorial. Just maybe not after no friendly kisses on the cheek. Callie found a post-it and a pen. still amazed by all things Arizona Robbins. She hopped on her bike and immediately began peddling to Callie's house. Rain check on breakfast? Try not to kill anyone during orientation and stop by this afternoon if you aren't busy. She was fairly positive her smiling garnered plenty of attention from the other counselors. Callie retreated to her car. All the time. Callie had seen wonder. but since she hadn't said anything. Great start to her morning. Crap. Arizona figured it was still fine for her to come over. She couldn't wait to get to Callie's. Plus. She had orientation in a half hour and she had missed her breakfast with Callie. As she put her hand on her stomach. Thankfully it wasn't far. Friends went to breakfast all the time. A. Callie climbed into her SUV and backed out of the driveway careful to avoid the stone wall behind her. . She tore off the post-it. sticking it on a place Arizona surely wouldn't be able to miss. Finally ready. She scribbled a quick note on the small sheet of paper. Not seeing Arizona down by the creek. Callie opted to go up to her cabin. The cabin seemed really quiet and Callie couldn't help but smile. Callie quickly climbed them. –C Arizona didn't stop smiling during her walk to the showers. Arizona saw the looming form of Callie's gigantic summer home. or even orientation. frowning as she realized a shower was definitely in order. Callie almost laughed at herself. smiling as she read it. and just a hint of lust. Without a sound. Reaching the stairs in a matter of minutes. It was undeniably faster and Callie worried she might be late. smiling as Arizona sighed and pressed herself against Callie's palm. but she just didn't care. Arizona was probably still asleep. She checked her phone. She ran a hand through her hair. Anyone with half a brain could have seen the way Arizona looked at Callie last night. That's what made this game so dangerous. When she had met Arizona's eyes for the first time. well mansion was more accurate. As soon as she possibly could. She climbed up the short hill that turned onto East Shore Drive. so Arizona could just ride her bike. She hadn't heard from Callie in a couple of hours. Arizona was still curled up with her blankets. Arizona woke with a start. She turned onto the long path that led to the door of the house. maybe if she got her legs moving she could distract herself – even if just for a second – from the beautiful Latina haunting her every thought. Within minutes. Arizona felt a piece of paper. she parked the car in the gravel parking lot. After a few minutes. but Arizona didn't really care. curiosity. She drove to Woodcraft the same way she had come to Liz's last night. Callie gently caressed her cheek.As she slipped on her clothes. Callie knew she was behaving stupidly.

and he is weak. He frowned as he stared at Arizona's smile." She faltered. Her eyes pricked with tears as she turned away from the blonde." Arizona stammered awkwardly." The tears. As her arms wrapped around the taller woman. "Who are you?" "Um. Arizona knew her heart would completely shatter. The doctors gave him six months to live." Callie scolded. It's loud and busy. Arizona. She didn't know what else she could do for the Latina. "For some reason Arizona. So Arizona stood their holding her because it was the only thing she could do. however. but it didn't make it easier. "My father is dying Arizona" The blonde enveloped Callie in an emotional hug. stepping behind him." Arizona stepped into the house. . Never mind Mark. "That's my father. Arizona felt Callie release all her pent up emotion into her. waiting to see if Callie would tell her more. "I invited her." she said. Arizona took Callie's hand between hers. "I am truly sorry about your father. For a moment. She followed Callie through the foyer to the living room. he shouldn't be around this craziness. murmuring to him in Spanish. you seem to make me feel better. "I'm Arizona. He came to visit me. She watched intently as Callie went over to him." "OK. and Teddy isn't here anyway. "That. but I'm going to stay in Miami for at least a week. "He's dying. Arizona thought they were going to the patio." "OK Arizona. Callie." Callie was speaking fast now. well now is not really a good time." Callie smiled a genuine smile.After parking her bike. "Are you ok?" She asked tenderly. um. But Arizona couldn't help but pray that Callie would actually return from Miami. Heartbreaking sobs wracked Callie body as she clung to the woman she barely knew. It broke her heart completely. She felt so sad. Callie gently looped her fingers through Arizona's and guided her to the kitchen. one of Teddy's friends. but not wanting to push her. She shot Arizona an apologetic look as she returned to her. Arizona gazed at Callie. She had been expecting that. "So I'm taking him home. but she caught sight of a rather frail looking man on the couch." Arizona said. struggling to get the words out. but I'm going to take him home. so…" "Mark. Arizona knocked on the door. A very stressed looking Mark answered. Arizona placed a reassuring hand on Callie's arm. addressing the now terrified blonde. returned to her eyes and soon they were streaming down her cheeks. still marveling as if it were her first." Arizona frowned. Callie put on a grateful smile. She clasped her hands around his. "please come in. because if she didn't. Arizona. I'd like to talk to you anyway.

so Arizona dealt with it. Arizona couldn't help but smile as she heard the familiar tones of the Spice Girls' hit "Spice Up Your Life" float through the air. Everything pitted her wing. Robbins. She quickly grabbed her towel and made her way to the shower house. She loved her job. She pulled the bottom sheet tight before folding it over to create a "square corner". Arizona just wanted Callie to be back in Culver. Just then. Arizona frowned as she realized a little over a week had passed since Callie had gone back to Miami. "Thanks Lt. so each morning they had to fold their bottom sheets onto the bed. "Of course I will. which was about thirty yards from her cabin. For the last week Arizona had gone to swim meets. "will you help me make my bed?" Arizona smiled down at the girl. The campers weren't permitted to have fitted sheets. Arizona noticed that her cubby and closet were always perfect. her girls ran out of the cabin at a dead sprint to Butterfly headquarters. Lexie was probably up and waking up the kids by now. cabin games and wing games. Arizona made her way back to her cabin. That was their system. It was definitely a little weird being called Lieutenant all the time. Groaning. She was still getting used to the idea of having "rank". Arizona braced herself for the sprinting that was about to happen. but she understood that Culver was establishing authority for the adults. There were two wings that competed against each other for the Marching and Athletic banners: Butterfly Wing 1 (B1) and Butterfly Wing 2 (B2). and Lexie showered while Arizona helped them clean and get ready for inspection. but Arizona recognized that she needed a bit of a breather. but they also laughed and smiled. wrapping her arms around Arizona. Arizona had learned. was the classification of the younger girls. The laughing and smiling made Arizona's job that much more rewarding. Sure enough. Right now. She helped Ryan finish her bed amongst all the craziness of the kids trying to get ready. signaling it was time to line up for breakfast. And Arizona had to admit that . track meets. They screamed and cried. Robbins. They had spoken briefly a couple of times. Arizona pulled herself out of bed. She groggily gazed at the alarm clock that rested on her dresser. but if gave kids a sense of belonging and something for which they could compete. still toweling her hair. but she still felt drained. "Lt. Arizona smiled as she remembered Callie's mother screaming her full name in an effort to obtain her attention. These kids exhausted her to no end. Arizona was met by one of the cutest girls in her cabin: Ryan Brennan. Walking through the door. the bell sounded." the little girl said. and last night they had a real conversation." Ryan called as she scurried to her cubby so she could grab a sweatshirt. B2. against the other. After showering. it was just her bed that seemed to give her problems. Ryan still struggled with her bed. Lexie had made the girls a mix CD of early morning pump up songs that everyone was sure to know. Arizona knew it wasn't the most original thought. Arizona crouched next the girl's bed. Butterflies." Ryan pulled her counselor over to one of the bottom bunks in the corner of the cabin. Even after being at camp for a week.The early morning sun bathed Arizona as she stirred in her bunk. Arizona showered while Lexie woke them up.

She used it to drill her girls with the simple D&B cadence that the girls were used to hearing during the Retreats and Parades. probably only a few years younger than Arizona. that no one has. "It's my understanding. As soon as they walked inside. it was sort of fun. It was probably the most safe and edible group of food in the place. I would probably be offended by her silence. as she reached for a banana." Arizona fidgeted uncomfortably." Liz replied solemnly. though. but Callie keeps things very separate. "Oh." "What do you mean?" . Arizona followed closely behind with the other counselors as they walked the short distance to the cafeteria. Well except for last night. she bumped into a short. "Callie's friend. you know. they made her the bad guy. One day she used her dimpled smile to convince a Drum and Bugle Corps counselor to let her borrow one of their snare drums." "Hey.she enjoyed the competitiveness." Arizona could feel the blush creep her cheeks. you wouldn't happen to be Arizona would you?" Arizona arched her eyebrows. A look of realization crossed Arizona's face as she clasped the younger woman's hand." she replied. "No. "Is that so?" "She's called you hasn't she?" Arizona nodded." Arizona mumbled. If we were talking about anyone else. Arizona made a beeline for the fruit." "You wouldn't have happened to have heard from her have you?" Arizona asked hopefully. Arizona didn't mind though. "Callie hates talking on the phone. We probably talked for close to two hours last night. "How'd you know?" "Um well there aren't very many cute blondes with blue eyes and dimples running around. sticking out her hand out for Arizona to shake." "Yeah. After counting to make sure they had everyone." Liz's eyes widened. The other counselors had put her in charge of the military portion of the wing. Basically. the wing leader led the girls to the Dining Hall for breakfast. "I'm sorry. "And who have you been talking to?" "I'm Liz. On her way to grab a banana. "We've spoken close to everyday…not for long though. blonde haired young woman.

All she wanted was to have her friends be there and support her." Arizona smiled shyly. Callie waited on the tarmac of the ridiculously small Plymouth airport runway. She had no idea what to say. When Callie's father found out she was dating Taylor. The sight of the car made her smile. but she did have a sneaking suspicion. Her eyes peered over the rolling green that made up the field separating the runway and tarmac from U. When she comes home. Right before she boarded her flight. Callie saw Arizona's blonde hair through the windshield and her heart soared. so Callie had reached out to Arizona. It wasn't even an airport. just a patch of grass with a runway.S. Arizona was leaving for medical school in only a couple of months. so Callie doubted she wanted anything serious. 31 on the other side. but Callie knew she was kidding herself. Sure enough. That just wasn't the Latina's idea of a good time anymore. She had missed her smile. she had made sure to text Arizona. a control tower. but we don't really talk during the winter. she doesn't really talk to any of her summer friends during the winter. it would break her. Callie couldn't do that with Arizona. Callie smiled as she saw her familiar Mercedes SUV round the corner." Liz replied as she walked back to the back room. Through that. For her to call you says a lot. She knew it was a long shot thinking Arizona would be able to pick her up. Unfortunately that didn't exactly happen. the twinkling blue of her eyes."I am probably one of her best friends in this town. Callie didn't know if Arizona felt anything. The only reason she even flew in here was because she didn't want to be two hours away in Indianapolis or Chicago. and a hanger type thing. With the exception of Mark and Cristina. Callie had discovered that the blonde was a great friend and even more of a beautiful person than she had anticipated. you'll be the first to know. however. but Callie was hopeful nevertheless. and Callie longed for that emotional connection. That's all I'm saying. So she bypassed that mess by taking her father's jet and landing in Plymouth. he threatened to cut her off unless she ended it immediately. All Callie wanted was to curl up in her bed and watch a movie. She was so caring and sweet to Callie and it simply made the Latina's heart melt. "Thanks I guess. And even then. but at this point in her life Callie didn't want anything serious either. She just loved the feeling of having Arizona around and that's what she truly wanted. But she didn't know if she could ever act on the feelings blooming inside of her because her father clearly disapproved. Arizona made her feel safe. he would have taken his own BMW and not Callie's Benz. If Mark had driven. Callie hated this airport. Callie loved her father with every fiber of her being. they don't talk much. . the gentle bounce of her curls. but she couldn't stop herself from longing for Arizona. Her old high school friends determined the best way for Callie to cope was to take her clubbing." "No problem. She kept telling herself that what she longed for was friendship. Well. Their near nightly chats had kept her sane while she tried to deal with people in Miami. So she had. The blonde had occupied Callie's thoughts from the moment she left Culver. after she spent some time with Arizona.

but Callie didn't want the ride to be over that soon. "when do you have to be back?" Arizona smiled. She took them back on the wooded path that Arizona knew led to the council fire ring. The place was known as the bird sanctuary and the whole area was owned by Culver. but she didn't realize how intimately Callie knew the town and surrounding area. they were headed back down 17 towards Culver. Barns and farm houses dotted the countryside and the sky turned pink and orange with the beginnings of a beautiful sunset. Arizona wondered at the way Callie seemed to know this place. Callie took Arizona's hand. Arizona nuzzled her cheek against Callie's shoulder. intertwining their fingers. the corn and bean fields whizzing by the windows. Sure. Most summer people didn't know anything from what Arizona understood. but that was about comfort. It was the first time they were actually close to one another physically. Callie's hand traveled up Arizona's back and buried itself in her soft curls. She allowed herself to breathe in the smell that was uniquely Arizona as she marveled at the way the blonde's body seemed to mold perfectly into her own. A lot of the counselors with whom Arizona worked had . catching Callie's hand. "So. Arizona all but threw herself into Callie's arms. "Come on. nearly throwing her body out the door from her excitement to see Callie." Callie smiled wryly before turning off the main road." Callie said simply. Arizona was sure Callie felt it too and as she tipped her head to look into Callie's brown eyes. so by my one o'clock curfew. leaving the two women in near darkness as the sun set. The trees completely surrounded them." Arizona replied. Callie finally brought them back to Culver. Soon. Arizona hugged the brunette in the kitchen that one day. Callie stepped back from the embrace." Arizona nodded and followed Callie to the car." Callie whispered against Arizona's hair. She snaked them through the Indiana back roads. This was…something else. Arizona jogged to catch up. Once again." "I missed you. smirking as a smile tugged at the blonde's lips." "I missed you too. "Hey. turning her head towards Arizona. A huge smile manifested across Callie's lips at the sight of Arizona's blonde curls bouncing as she approached the brunette.Arizona parked the car. "We should head back. Plymouth was only fifteen minutes away. "Well Lexie is covering cabin games for me and I don't have duty tonight. After a half hour of weaving through the countryside. As much as it pained her. that feeling was only reinforced. "Hi. allowing the Latina's strawberry scent to completely enrapture her senses. while walking away from the car towards the woods. She knew the Torres family had been coming to Culver for years. She parked the car at Woodcraft. Callie opened the door for her and helped Arizona up into the passenger seat before running around the hood and climbing into the driver's side. She was surprised as Callie gently took her hand. ignoring the confused look on Arizona's face." She said.

but I didn't feel like transferring. grazing and eating. The silent killer. tears still running down her cheeks. nor did they really care to learn past what they could see from the windows of their overpriced condos. I just find driving around the country soothing. Arizona gasped. They were in the large pasture that bordered the entrances to Culver. Callie led them off the path and deeper into the woods. "you wanna get some food? You can make up that breakfast you owe me. "He has six months and I'm spending three of them here. "You know that doesn't mean anything. this May the cancer returned only this time it was through his pancreas. "Callie. Arizona. "You know a lot about this place Callie." Callie replied with a nervous laugh. so he just wanted to share that with us. Their fingers still entwined." Callie beamed. but that only makes the guilt worse." Callie trailed off." A sad look crossed Callie's features. Callie took a deep breath and continued. So I stayed in Florida. When they emerged. Things I know he wouldn't approve of and it just kills me and it eats me up inside. Arizona reached up and wiped it away. . he loved it." "Sure. "Beautiful isn't it?" Arizona nodded. I know he wants it that way and to be quite honest. "Hey. He always wanted us. "My father and I spent a lot of time together out on the back roads. "I was supposed to go to Princeton. Once he visited. Plus to top it off. but she knew they had no idea when it came to navigating the area. Arizona turned and stared into Callie's intoxicating eyes. There must have been a hundred horses out there.spent multiple summers in the small town. "Ditto." Callie murmured. but I found out my father had been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. but a few hours away at UF. "All sorts of things." Arizona murmured in wonder." "I've been coming here awhile." "What sort of things?" Callie turned and faced the blonde. He said it wasn't necessary. but I wasn't going to just up and leave. her smile matching Callie's. Then. I'm…" "You're what Callie?" "I'm feeling things. so I tend to do it a lot…especially lately. to get to know this place." she said as her stomach growled. a tear escaping down her cheek." Arizona replied. I want to be here too." Arizona leaned in and kissed Callie softly on the cheek. my sister and I. We would go on bike rides and drive around to different places. His cancer was in remission by the end of last year. smiling sadly at Callie.

Arizona." "Anytime.After Callie led them back to the car. "Um no actually. Arizona frowned as Callie stole the bill and paid. the distance closing quickly. and her arm muscles tighten as Callie traced her fingertips up them. I was named after a battleship. Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona. finding herself staring at the Latina's full lips. her heart beat quicken. "I can't believe I'm going to tell you this. My grandfather served on that ship during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. deepening the kiss. Arizona decided to order just some simple chicken strips. She let Arizona out of the car." Callie returned. but she didn't know what any of it meant. He saved 19 men before he drowned and everything my father has done in his life has been about honoring that sacrifice." "I like the way you say it. It didn't help ease her anxiety about their impromptu "date" at all." "Calliope. they drove into town and ate at the Edgewater. down by the creek." "That's really cool. "I had fun today Arizona. the USS Arizona. Her tongue slid against the blonde's. while Callie ordered a taco quesadilla. we should. "So. Arizona discovered it was one of Callie's favorite places in town. The rest of the meal passed comfortably. Thanks for picking me up." Callie could feel herself inching towards Arizona." The blonde smiled. but my first name is Calliope. Callie parked. She had a wonderful time. "are you named after the state or what?" Arizona coughed as she stifled a chuckle. ." Arizona nodded. So definitely not the state. standing a respectable distance apart. but what about you? What is Callie short for?" Callie shook her head. The brunette wouldn't even let Arizona pay her half. Callie could feel Arizona's breath against her lips. Their lips brushed together hesitantly." Callie said as she cut a bite of her quesadilla. Arizona felt herself melt into Callie." Arizona said slowly. They drove in a slightly awkward silence back to Woodcraft. Calliope. "We should hang out again soon." The distance between the two women began to close even further. They sat comfortably across from one another making nice conversation and nibbling on their food. and was relatively certain Callie had feelings for her. "Thanks. once again. allowing the pleasurable feelings to wash over her body. each touch send jolts of electricity through their bodies. "I like it. contrary to popular belief. making her body quiver with want. "Yeah.

She saw Mark approaching her from the living room. had totally rocked her world." "Good night Arizona. so she held up a finger to Mark. That kiss. Callie pulled out her phone just in case someone had texted her. With that. They had only been separated for a few minutes. Callie opened the door to her house. Scarring? Exactly where is your dirty mind. "You know Mark. Besides…it's all about the anticipation." . but already Callie ached for her presence. seemed to be magnified as Arizona's lips touched her own. I think we might scar the children .). Callie couldn't contain the smile that adorned her features.Callie pulled away slowly. Callie's heart soared as she opened it. "Yeah. Are you sure you can't just move into my cabin with me? Callie smiled before quickly texting her back. reveling in the way they still seemed to tingle from the gentle caresses of Arizona's tongue. Calliope Torres? Callie smirked in reaction to the text. gently peeling her lips from Arizona's. Callie subconsciously touched her lips. She was about to say something when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Callie had never experienced a moment like that with anyone." "Good night. "Wow. Missing you already." Arizona echoed. Burglaries just didn't happen here. "What's with all the smiles and smirks. Sure enough she had a message from none other than Arizona. every feeling. Torres?" Callie rolled her eyes. Calliope. loving that she never really had to lock the place. It was one of the many nuances of Culver that made Callie fall in love with this town." Callie drove the short distance to her house. I was at least hoping for a hug before you started to grill me. Every touch. Flipping open her phone. I'll pick you up at 9:30. a look not going unnoticed by Mark." She breathed. Her eyes locked with Mark's and he raised his eyebrows questioningly. I just walked in the door after being gone for a week. As she parked her car. her mind completely spinning. that perfect kiss. That's for you to find out later…say tomorrow night. signaling that he should give her a moment. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" "Definitely. Callie closed her phone and returned it to her pocket.

it was only 10:30. "IcalledArizona.Mark smirked. Callie sped down the road towards Woodcraft. "Callie. Just get out. So what?" Mark's jaw tensed. After closing her door. "Of course. eyeing Callie suspiciously. so Callie knocked gently. Callie ran a hand through her raven locks." Mark reached out to Callie. surprised when Callie pulled away." "The blonde girl who showed up here last week?" "Mark…" Callie said in a warning tone. Uneventful." he replied. She quietly slid in the back door and moved through the bunk room. "I just don't get it Cal. enveloping Callie into a strong hug. "I just don't think now is the time for you to be experimenting or becoming emotionally attached. Callie glanced at the clock. I'll talk to you later. She parked along the fence by Cardinal Creek as usual. go back to your house. "Cal…I…" "No Mark." "Callie…" "Leave Mark." Mark crossed his arms." "What is there to get? I asked her to pick me up." "Thank you for your concern. "How'd you get back? You hire a car?" Callie shifted nervously. Just don't! You have no idea what I am going through. Don't act as if I'm being insensitive. Callie headed up to Arizona's cabin. "How was your flight?" "It was fine." Callie said tensely. We hung out for a couple of hours. no idea what I'm feeling. suddenly feeling suffocated in her gigantic house. "But frankly it isn't your business. "just don't. Mark." Callie interrupted. I'm trying to do my job as your friend. I'm just trying to help. . She grabbed her keys and headed for her car." Mark slunk out the patio door and back to his house. Callie figured all the kids were asleep or at least in their beds. The wooded campus was virtually silent. The door to Arizona and Lexie's private room was closed. Don't lecture me. It's not fair to either one of you." "You want to be my friend Mark? Look at me! Do you think I wanted this to happen? Do you think I want to feel this way?" Mark tried to step forward.

Arizona led them across the large field that separated the boys' cabins from the girls' cabins. She was beginning to not like him. The girl whom Callie assumed was Lexie laid on the top bunk with her phone in hand." Arizona said. pulled her out the door. I'll be back later. Callie pushed open the door. "I'm going on a walk. comforting circles with her fingertips." Callie answered honestly. "what brings you out here?" "I got into a fight with Mark." Lexie replied. "So Calliope. "He basically told me that I shouldn't get emotionally attached to you and now wasn't the time for me to be experimenting." Callie brushed a strand of hair from the blonde's face. Calliope. "I'm not sure how to respond to that. "I think that you're the only person keeping me sane right now. A gigantic weeping willow stood next to the camp bell." Callie paused and took a deep breath." Arizona sighed. motioning for the Latina to sit on the rock." "It's not a deal breaker. "Lexie." "I just…I don't know what we're doing or where we're going." Callie placed a hand on the blonde's knee." Arizona swallowed. Arizona joined her. Arizona's eyes widened in shock." Arizona began. Arizona took Callie's hand."Come in. "You're a breath of fresh air. The smile that once decorated Arizona's delicate features." "What about the experimenting?" "Are you asking me if you're an experiment?" Arizona nodded." Callie heard Arizona say. Arizona. Arizona led them under the tree. "About what?" "You. I know I don't have that much experience when it comes to dating women and if that is a deal breaker for you. Arizona sat on her bottom bunk reading a book. standing from her bed." "Ok. "Basically…yes. and continued outside to the crisp summer air. "What do you think?" "I think. fled once she saw Callie's tear streaked face. then we can be friends." . All I know is that I need a person right now. softly curling an arm around the other woman's back and drawing small. her voice barely above a whisper. and I desperately want that person to be you.

" Callie placed a hand on Arizona's cheek. softly probing and tasting her mouth. She pulled Arizona close. 9:30 still ok?" "I'm not sure if I want to wait that long. panting. "Birdie birdie in the sky!" the wing leader shouted behind her to the platoon of young girls. "God. "More than ok. but yeah it'll work. "I need to get back to my cabin. dropping a lingering kiss on her lips. You need someone to be there for you and I am more than willing to be that person. this just became really depressing. And as for where we're going." "Ok. I'm supposed to be helping you. Callie's hands combed through Arizona's hair as she deepened the kiss. They moved against each other with expert precision. their bodies wrapped together and lips and tongues dancing.Arizona smiled. looking down at the grass. Arizona pulled away and dashed back across the field before she could lose herself in Callie's embrace once again. I'm sorry. good even." Callie replied. . The stood there for another couple of minutes. What are we doing?" "It's a surprise." "So we're ok?" Callie smirked before taking Arizona's lips between hers. Callie smiled. Arizona sighed and leaned against the trunk of the tree. You know. This is fine. beaming as she walked back to her car." Arizona said. Callie shook her head. pulling Callie with her. the beautiful blonde never leaving her mind. I just want us to be on the same page. but I go to Harvard in a couple of months. "I'll see you tomorrow night. "You do that. not being all blah. "I like to know where I stand. Callie swallowed a moan as Arizona nibbled on her bottom lip." Arizona stood up. Callie tore her lips away. "Everything ok?" Arizona asked." Callie said. Arizona." Callie replied before once again brushing her lips against Arizona's soft ones. I don't know the answer to that question. "Ok I'm going to go now." "I don't believe in long distance relationships and maybe that's selfish. Arizona slipped her tongue passed Callie's lips. She felt the blonde's hands caress her thighs. Finally. watch the tiny humans and all." "I know. "Can I be honest?" "Of course. turning her so she faced the Latina." Callie murmured. but her lips still inched closer to Callie's. her breaths coming in short pants as well." Arizona nervously bit her lip. "I want to be that person Calliope.

3." everyone jumped and spun in the air." Arizona had to laugh."Birdie birdie in the sky!" the fifty-something chorus of girls echoed. tastes like spit. She figured. "I left!" The wing leader shouted. The cadences were just part of everyday life at Woodcraft. It never ceased to amaze her how excited the girls become over little things like cadences and free swims.4" "Bring it on down now!" "1. 1. "I left!" the girls echoed. where the girls swam in marked areas of the lake. The butterfly unit marched through the tunnel that led under the road. Arizona smiled. "Why'd you do that in my eye?" "Why'd you do that in my eye?" "Looks like water.3. Sure. brought the girls to a halt on the ." "Oh my God it's birdie…sound off" "1. "It was censored!" one of the older girls shouted. They apparently found it hilarious that Arizona so frequently participated in the cadences. It made Arizona's job that much easier. The kids marched everywhere they went as a unit.2. 2. she'd be coaxed to jump off the high dive a couple of times." "Hit it again. screaming and causing echoes as they went. admonished. a certain raven haired Latina also contributed to that fact. Of course. In Arizona's opinion. however. Major Gee." The other counselors stared at the blonde. supervised by lifeguards.. This was one of her favorites. participating with the girls was part of the job and most of the fun. They were heading down for free swim. The wing leader. including Arizona. The B2 girls loved the more dirty cadences as they marched around the campus." "Looks like water. Major Gee simply rolled her eyes." the leader continued in a sing song voice. "whoopdi-do.4!" "Girls!" the head councilor. "3.4. tastes like spit. "I left my wife with 48 children in starving condition with only one jelly bean left. Stacy. it was exhausting at times. 2…. You think it was right? Right? Turn it around and. "Let's keep it clean. Left. remembering how the kids always tried to get their counselors in the water. but she was having the time of her life this summer. She knew it was funny too.

Calliope and I…" "Wait. I was moping. Usually she was at Upper Camp. "Hey!" Arizona called out to the other woman. "At least you admit it. "Long time no see. and she realized exactly how much she missed Teddy. If you must know." Arizona paused¸ "ok." "So you were moping. Speaking of which. one-piece suit. Teddy raised her arm. counselors did as well. but whatever. revealing a deep blue Speedo swimsuit. I was…not in a good place. Arizona cringed and frowned. what is going on with you and Callie?" "I'm not sure how that was a decent connection. especially since it was probably in everyone's best interest not to have the barely pubescent thirteen year old boys ogling her body." Teddy shrugged and smiled. Lately. She wore her standard red. Arizona picked up extra duties so she wouldn't have to think about the Latina's absence as much (though that plan failed miserably). She hoped Teddy ended up over here today. Arizona followed close behind. those random moments were the only ones she had seen Teddy. After dropping her shirt on the pier." Teddy interrupted. but occasionally she had made appearances at Woodcraft free swims and swim meets. She didn't particularly mind. The counselors released the pack of girls. As she reached the pier. "did you just say Calliope? She lets you call her that?" Arizona nodded. "Yes. "I wonder whose fault that is Arizona. Chuckling. "I know. She'd deal with the tan lines. While Calliope had been in Florida. waving Arizona over to her." Teddy wrapped her arms around the blonde's body. she could tan in her bikini at Calliope's. allowing them to run down the path to the pier." Teddy shrugged. or better yet. pulling her into a friendly embrace. Her return had instantly pulled the blonde out of her funk. Arizona headed over to where Teddy stood. "Continue please. The blonde signaled to give her a second before she peeled her sky blue t-shirt over her head. Arizona found it humorous that in addition to the female campers being required to wear one-piece swimsuits." . Teddy actually was working over here today." she playfully replied. She definitely liked the sound of that. "I wasn't moping.gravel path." "So then what would you call it?" "Um." Arizona shook her head. Arizona smiled.

unsure if Callie was even home. "Duty calls. seemed to be having a great time." Teddy watched as Arizona walked hand in hand with the girl. and Cristina were all lounging on the patio. By the end. Arizona more than embraced that part of her job and Teddy admired her for that. "Of course there's something Teddy. "Just make sure you say bye before you leave. she was always hot and sticky." Teddy leaned in close. so mission accomplished." Teddy said. We're just…I don't know. She was encouraged by the sound of music floating from the back area. . so Teddy went around the back to see if the brunette was on the patio or pier." "So there's something?" Arizona rolled her eyes. and other events. seeing her car there. She was fun and such a stark contrast to Addison and Cristina. "So did you kiss her?" Arizona could feel the blush creeping up her cheeks. At least no one had drowned." "Definitely. "will you come swim with us?" Arizona nodded to the girl before returning her gaze to Teddy. "Teddy!" The three women shouted excitedly." a girl said from behind Arizona."There isn't really much to say. "Maybe. She peaked through the window of the garage. "Lt. She grabbed her stuff and walked back along the lakefront to her car. She hesitantly knocked on the door." "I can see that. She hoped the "thing" or whatever it was worked out. because well. participating in the games. The kids seemed to love her and why wouldn't they? She always played with them. enjoying the summer together. After everyone left. she let out a sigh. It was so boring. That was almost enough for Teddy. It was not her idea of a good time. Teddy really liked having the blonde around. Robbins. she seemed to enjoy it. Addison. She pulled into the driveway less than fifteen minutes later. She decided she would head over to Callie's because she hadn't seen her since she returned from Florida. Teddy hated free swim. counselors forget that they are there to serve the kids and make Culver a great experience for them. Plus. Arizona came over and gave Teddy a wet hug goodbye. Everyone else." "The blush says it all. "Hey guys!" Teddy called." Teddy replied with a smile. however. Too often. She jumped as one of the counselors sounded a horn. Callie. signaling the end of free swim. Sure enough. Neither of us are really looking for anything serious at the moment. cadences. She was floored at how easily Arizona embraced her job.

" "Yeah." Teddy said. Teddy chuckled. so we're having fun together." Callie smiled and blushed." "Yeah. "She calls her Calliope?" "Shit." "So what happened Cal?" "Yeah Callie what happened?" ." Callie opened her mouth to say something." Callie cursed under her breath. "that's almost exactly what Arizona said. nudging Callie playfully in the ribs. "You speaking the vagina monologues now Cal?" Addison quipped." "Who is Arizona?" Cristina asked. I'm here."What's up?" "You know." Teddy smirked." Callie glared at Teddy. Spill." "Funny. "I've kissed girls before." Teddy glared at Callie. "But seriously. Addison picked up a cracker that was laying on the table and threw it at Callie. "Ok." Callie shrugged. "Callie's kissed girls before. we're working really hard. Addison suddenly stopped and glared. knowing damn well that her thing with Arizona was different. she's here. "Arizona says hi by the way. hitting her square in the face. flipping her the bird. "Thanks. Teddy flopped on a chair next to them and turned to face Callie. "So it was just an innocent kiss then Callie?" Seeing Callie's face turn crimson. she and Calliope here are pretty tight. "They kissed. Working up a sweat and stuff. At that." Addison answered with a smirk. but Teddy interjected. "That blonde from the party last week right?" Callie nodded." Cristina shrugged. Cristina almost spit the water she was drinking all over the other women. "Your blush says it all Calliope." Callie agreed. and I'm not buying it for a second. obviously confused. "Oh!" Addison exclaimed. everyone burst into laughter. "There isn't much to tell. "That would be her.

After Callie had backed the boat out to the end of her pier. Once the sun began to set. "You up for a bonfire tonight?" Callie frowned. "We made out ok!" "Who made out?" Derek suddenly asked as he and Meredith walked down the pier after tying up their boat." Cristina replied." Mark said as he joined the impromptu gathering. As they passed their friends' houses. Addison smacked Mark on the arm and shot him a warning glance." Addison answered. She hoped it was this nice tonight. talking amongst themselves." Callie said. "The hot blonde from the party?" Derek asked. sometimes stopping by to chat for a bit."Come on Callie." "Just tell us. She dropped them off at the end of the pier before maneuvering the boat back into the slip. speeding them out across the water. his question earning him a punch from Meredith." Cristina arched an eyebrow. "That would be the one. They all made sure to avoid the apparently touchy subject that was Arizona. sipping on sodas and chatting. "No one asked your opinion. "Way to go Torres!" Derek said. When Callie approached them. unable to take the heckling any longer. "How about tomorrow or the day after? I have plans tonight. It was such a beautiful afternoon." Cristina said awkwardly. they slowly cruised around the ten mile lake." Callie scolded. "You have plans that don't include any of us?" "I have other friends you know. "who wants to take the boat out?" "I'll drive. The group gathered on the patio. For the next couple of hours. Callie steered them back towards the east shore and her house. She pushed herself out of the chair and scoffed to her boat. "Please tell me we aren't talking about Blondie. they made sure to wave. quickly defending herself. so she and Arizona could have an enjoyable time outside as well. their friends' houses." "Fine!" Callie screamed. "Shut it Sloan. "Callie and Arizona. Addison turned towards her. the crew piled on." Callie said lamely. and Callie was thrilled to be able to share it with her friends. "Hey Cal?" Addison asked. While they waited for Callie to lower her boat from the slip. He just rolled his eyes and walked down the pier towards the boat." "So. . Callie pushed down the accelerator.

"Don't you ever start shit like that ever again!" Mark's eyes widened in shock before a frown of realization fell on his face. "What are you doing then?" Callie blushed. who we still haven't met by the way. Just as he turned around to say something." "Callie…you have to deal with this. You did that shit already. bull headed father is frail and weak. "You know exactly what my problem is. give it a rest. "What the hell is your problem." Mark pressed his fingers to his temples. and she just flat out asked me about what I thought…what I was thinking. tears beginning to stream down her cheeks. "They don't know do they?" Callie shook her head." Mark stalked off through the patio doors and into the living room with Callie in tow. It's not going to end well. Callie smacked him straight across the face. I've spent ten summers here with that man. Mark?" Callie yelled." Mark scoffed. He made me get on . "My father is dying Mark." Mark wheeled on Addison." Cristina retorted. My strong. "She's allowed to have fun. "You think it's about that? It has nothing to do with that. You can't keep it bottled up inside and make out with some girl you don't know. and I'm not going there again. And you're acting like that doesn't affect me." "So then what is your problem?" "You shouldn't be doing this Callie…not with everything that's happening." Addison reproached." "Then what are you doing?" "I'm dealing with it!" Callie shouted. "No they don't. It doesn't matter if Arizona is a girl. What are you doing?" "Mark. If you had bothered to really talk to me about it. but that's not the point. You passed judgment."You have Liz." "I told Arizona about the fight we had last night. you just assumed you knew what was happening in my head. "Mark. "Arizona is coming over. I don't want that phone call. "I don't see how that is relevant. He may not even make it through the summer. maybe you would have realized that I'm not running from my father's illness. His final gift to me is this summer." "I told her what you said." Callie's blood boiled." "Of course. get your ass inside my house right now.

" They all nodded in understanding. She was giddy with excitement. Can you fault me for that? I just want to feel better. She and Arizona had been texting throughout the day." "Callie…" Cristina started." Mark said excitedly. "Hello to you too. "Did you hear?" "Yes." Callie laughed and detailed her plan." Callie interrupted." Callie blubbered. "Candles…lots of candles. She makes me feel better." At this point Callie was truly crying. They were finished with fifteen minutes to spare. Callie shooed them all away and went to her car. Arizona rushed off the bridge. I'll help you out." "So¸ what are you doing for this date?" Callie smiled. Callie nodded. Upon seeing the Latina. "You were just trying to make sure I wasn't doing anything stupid. "Ok Torres. "I'm so sorry Callie. this pretty blonde caught me dancing in my underwear and for a moment my pain went away. "Cal. they set up the patio and the pier. Callie had Mark and Derek grab the water trampoline from the garage and put it in the water. As she approached the familiar camp. so she could pick up Arizona. Not now. but she managed to maintain their balance. "tell us what you need for this date. Every fucking day. "We can hug and talk about it later." he murmured against her hair. "It'll be fine. Callie could see the outline of the blonde sitting on the railing of the Cardinal Creek Bridge. . Mark enveloped her in his arms and let her cry. Callie pulled in to the gravel parking area and got out of the car. I feel the pain of his life dwindling every day. " Addison answered for the group. but Callie made a point not to go out to Woodcraft to see her today. She wanted the anticipation to build. "Everything ok?" Addison asked. For the next half hour. "Come on." Mark laughed." "It's ok. "I was an ass. Arizona crashed into her arms." "Pancreatic cancer. propelling them backwards." Callie said with a chuckle. Callie smiled as she allowed herself to virtually be tackled. Callie laughed as they nearly fell onto the gravel.the plane to come back." He took her hand and led them back out onto the patio where their friends still stood in a group. But then..

" Callie said before as she dashed into the house. Surrounded by darkness. She pulled her shirt over her head before sliding her shorts down her legs. Once again. they shared the sundae Callie had brought. Arizona whispered. They walked on the soft grass in a comfortable silence. "Your turn Arizona. As they turned the corner." Callie drove them back to her house. She returned with a large ice cream sundae with two spoons. Now it was Arizona's turn to smirk as Callie was obviously staring at her body. Callie's forehead rested against Arizona's. Arizona's eyes bugged out of her head at the sight of Callie nearly naked in front of her. Arizona squeezed Callie's hand as she took in the scene before her. The moon was full and bright. She descended the stairs into the warm lake water. motioning for Arizona to follow her. Callie pulled her towards the patio table. As if reading her mind. "this is beautiful. except for the natural moonlight." she said breathily.Arizona tilted her head in that adorable way Callie loved. . The entire patio was covered with candles and the pier was also lined with them." Callie laughed and dropped a quick kiss on Arizona's forehead. a few yards from the pier. her lips lightly brushing Arizona's. pulling her towards the back instead of going into the house. Arizona's breath hitched as she realized how close Callie was at that moment. "Hold this. Mark had agreed to put them all out once they were on the tramp. Their lips were almost touching and both women could feel the other's breath. "Where are we going?" "Just trust me Arizona. casting the most gorgeous light against Arizona's skin and it was driving Callie crazy. Callie relished in this moment. "I have to tell you something." Arizona giggled." "Well mission definitely accomplished. Callie grabbed Arizona's hand. Arizona pulled the Latina down for a tender kiss. Callie joined her on top of the floating surface. As she pulled her lips away from Callie's. Soon. She sat cross legged across from Arizona. You remembered your suit right?" Arizona nodded and quickly stripped down to her suit. "Calliope. Callie grabbed the blonde's hand. She helped Arizona up the small ladder and handed her the sundae. Once they were finished. After they exited her car. "Come on. She took back the ice cream. Arizona gasped. "I just wanted to make you smile. She led them down the candle lit pier. Her throat became dry and she swallowed uncomfortably. let's get you to my place." Callie smiled and kissed Arizona on the cheek." Callie whispered. "Stay right here. giving Arizona the sundae. despite Culver regulations. Callie reached behind Arizona and placed the empty glass in a box her father had attached to the tramp a number of years ago." With her free hand…Callie took her to the floating trampoline. Then. parking in the driveway. the candles back on the pier began to go out. The area flickered in the darkening night sky." Callie said. She was wearing a deep blue bikini (almost the same color as her one-piece) thankful that she had packed it. revealing a black bikini. Callie found herself longing to taste Arizona's lips. "Now that is a hello. She stared into Callie's eyes and flashed her a trademark dimpled smile. Callie smirked as she caught Arizona staring.

" Arizona smiled at Callie's bold remark. her fingers lightly trailing up her bare thighs. They were different. didn't follow the same path. No matter how much she might have wanted it." Arizona reached up and lightly caressed Callie's cheek. however. but he and her mother deserved to spend some of his last days without interruption from anyone. "Ok. Callie was happy that her parents had this time alone together." Arizona replied. renewing the kiss." "Um I also wanted to tell you. Callie." Callie replied. Aria. she passed the room in which Cristina was staying. "that you're absolutely stunning. Callie had always been driven academically. She arched her back and tightened her muscles in a morning stretch. enjoying the feel of their skin being in contact. It wasn't like Callie didn't have friends because she obviously did.Arizona struggled to maintain her composure. While being intelligent herself." Callie began. She grinned. Aria and Callie weren't very much alike at all. Aria was coming up today and spending the remaining portion of her summer with Callie in Culver. finally closing the gap between them. Craving oxygen. She stopped briefly and . Arizona pushed them back so that she was on top of the Latina. Her lips melded into Callie's eliciting groans of appreciation from both women. including their children. That reminded Callie. Callie woke up to the sun warmly caressing her skin through her window. "I could get used to this. she chose to focus more on her social life than her studies in high school." she said while trying to catch her breath." "Me too. They had kissed for hours under the moon. Heading to the kitchen. Arizona rubbed her naked legs against Callie's." Arizona nodded." "I like you too. Callie blushed. and that was ok. pursuing ambitions of being a doctor and challenging herself in the classroom. "Wow. Arizona pulled back. was happy Aria was going to spend some time up here. "I know it's cheesy. She and Aria just had different priorities. remembering the time she spent with Arizona last night. she wasn't ready and she thought Arizona agreed considering she didn't seem to push the envelope. Callie knew her father loved her. Callie quickly took a shower and threw on her suit. never the less. and those differences occasionally strained their relationship. It had taken everything Callie had to not let it escalate further. "Me too. "I like cheesy. but I was thinking about it and I wanted you to know that. their bodies close and grinding against each other. Callie's tongue darted into Arizona's mouth as her hands trailed down her back." "I like you. Their bare skin burned with excitement as they continued to kiss. Callie this close was killing her. She pulled Arizona back on top of her as they continued to kiss in the moonlight. except that they were both extremely outgoing. She slid on a pair of short denim shorts over her bottoms before putting on a white tank. After getting out of bed." "I'm really happy you came tonight. As much as it pained her to be away from her family.

Callie set her book on the table. and would occasionally throw her for a loop. She went back into the house briefly." Callie's laughter finally subsided as she and Cristina fell into a comfortable silence. Callie loved it because it was quick. but Callie often left it off – even in the mornings – so she could enjoy the feeling of her toes warming up in the sunlight as the morning passed by. "So. It was only 8:30. The sky was blue and the sun shining. though she'd never admit it. She still spent a fair amount of time with Meredith at Derek's. bursting into a fit of laughter. saying it's was where all the parties were anyway." Callie couldn't contain herself any longer. Sure. Callie reveled in the feeling of the cool. book in hand. so she could grab the book she had been reading over the course of the week. Callie took her plate of eggs out to the patio. two of her favorite things. What has you up this early?" "You poking your head in my room and staring at me. After pouring herself a glass of orange juice. Meredith was Cristina's "person". Cristina continued to frown as she ate her eggs. "Stalker. Callie returned to her table.poked her head in the door to find her Korean friend still sleeping and lightly snoring against the soft pillows of her bed. morning air tickling her toes. I'm upset. As she reached into the fridge for some eggs. but she also had a special bond with Callie. but instead she elected to live with Callie. Cristina started to stay with Callie in the summers after her parents had sold their property a few years ago." Callie said. struggling to stifle a laugh at Cristina's disheveled appearance. "Good morning sleeping beauty. She loved the feeling of the sun bathing over her skin as the morning breeze blew threw her hair. fun. The morning was perfect for the Latina. "how was your date with Arizona?" Callie blushed. but the Latina knew better. "Perfect. "you're always upset. Callie decided to make some for Cristina as well. untamed morning curls flash in front of her face." . so she continued towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. She scrambled four eggs. Usually you're still dead to the world. quickly shoveling a bite of eggs into her mouth. so Callie didn't expect to see Cristina for at least an hour. Cristina easily could have stayed at Derek's house on South Shore with Meredith. She relaxed against the cool metal of the chair. flipping open the book as she sipped on her juice. "You guys screw on the tramp?" "Cristina!" Callie scolded. breaking the silence. throwing in some cheese and onions. As she read her book and ate her breakfast." Cristina raised her eyebrows. Imagine her surprise when Callie saw her friend's crazy. "That's none of your business. Callie smirked as Cristina plopped herself into a chair across from the Latina. Callie resumed reading her book and Cristina ate her eggs. but she definitely enjoyed living with Callie. her best friend. Callie figured she probably wouldn't be up for another hour." Cristina returned with a grunt. Cristina liked to pretend she didn't care that much for Callie. "This isn't funny. The brunette glanced at her watch." Cristina began. The pair had spent many a morning like the one they shared now. Her patio was heated. It was once of James Patterson's books." "Oh Cristina.

" Cristina replied."So you did then. Hey! I miss you too. "I was thinking maybe we could have a water day. Callie had finished." "Chicken." Callie sighed. of course we didn't." "Fine. "Massive blowout. What are you up to today? Do you have any plans tonight? I miss you. "No. You guys can swim while I take people out tubing." Cristina leaned in with curiosity. Just thinking of you and wanted to send a quick note. What are you doing today?" Callie shrugged. "I'm going to go over to Mer's and drag her sorry ass out of bed. Bonfire tonight though. or massive blowout?" Callie smirked. Smiling. She was startled by her phone vibrating against the table. her heart still racing from the excitement of the last few pages. ." the Latina answered honestly. but it'll probably be sooner because let's face it. I can't wait that long. You in? Within a few minutes. After a couple of hours. Of course I'm in! I wouldn't miss it for the world. "I am not a chicken. You know. I'll come by around 10:00. "We are so done talking about this. Good morning Calliope. "I will text all the necessary people. And today. "Are we talking little bonfire like the failed attempt last time. "you aren't afraid to…you know?" Callie rolled her eyes. Callie picked it up and hoped it was a certain blonde. swimming and tubing. Then maybe a bonfire tonight?" "I'm liking the sound of this. propping her feet up on the chair next to her before returning to her book." "Oh shut up. "We aren't ready for that. She enjoyed the sounds of the lake lapping at the shore as she flipped through the pages." "YES!" Cristina exclaimed." "So. Callie's phone once again started buzzing." "Since when do you get all excited about people? Usually Mark is the girly one who hops on his phone. Still smiling Callie typed quickly." "Ok. I think we're just going to spend some time on the water." Cristina retorted playfully. Callie's eyes narrowed." Cristina said with a nod." Callie answered.

"Shit Mark! You scared me. I'm sorry about that. but if it was there. but she figured Cristina had probably been distracted. Me either. Cristina had brought Derek and Meredith." Mark rubbed his head. "what is important is that we are going tubing right now. but make sure she knows not to invite her little friends. Callie put her phone in the pocket of her shorts." Mark smiled and gave Callie a hug." Callie winced. but I would prefer it if we kept the guest list to at least nearly 21s and absolutely no camp counselors except for Arizona of course. but what about Lexie?" "Meredith's sister or whatever? What about her?" "Can I invite her?" Callie thought she detected a faint blush on Mark's cheeks. but was interrupted by the door slamming and voices carrying through the foyer. "You ready to go tubing?" . What is important. She got a little excited this morning." "So this party isn't a birthday party then?" "No. That is so not happening. Cristina flipping called me." Mark nodded." Callie smirked and left the kitchen. Those people are crazy." "Sorry. Callie turned around and jumped back against the counter. "Fine. "Happy birthday. "Hey guys!" she greeted the group that had entered the house." "Suck it Mark. surprised to see Mark in the doorway. "Oh. and I would rather that not happen at my house. "That's fair. She took the breakfast dishes into the kitchen.Callie felt the butterflies that were becoming so familiar begin to flutter in her stomach. and Callie thought she would have been back with people by now. but also Addison and Teddy." Mark threw his hands up in the air." "All of that is true. it disappeared just as quickly. but I'm spotting. Cristina had left awhile ago. Cal. I just woke up. They do some stupid stuff." Mark rolled his eyes. "She said something about a party tonight and I had to buy the alcohol or whatever." Callie started. "fine. I think. placing them in the dishwasher. "But Cal! You're 21!" "That's not important.

"You could have just asked them to leave. "Mark. and drive around the lake to invite people. He and Derek headed across the grass to Mark's house and presumably to his car. "you and Derek are going to go pick up supplies for the party. He was going to feel that for the next couple of days. "Mark." she called. Addison. Over the course of the next couple of hours." Mark replied sarcastically. but let's not make a big deal about it please. "Seriously Cal. The two women hopped on the tube and soon Callie had them speeding off across the lake. smaller tube. Their friends had regrouped on the patio." Teddy agreed before adding. They even brought out the second. Callie and Mark joined them after a couple of minutes. At one point Cristina hit the wake so hard that she actually ramped Meredith's tube before falling off." Addison waved her hand in the air dismissively." Addison said. "Thank you." Callie rolled her eyes. Callie gently pulled the boat back into its slip after she disconnected the tube. He instantly regretted it. You didn't need to send them on errands. so they often put more than one person on at a time. just come on. "you really should learn not to ask obvious questions." "Whatever." Addison squeezed Callie's thigh in understanding. while Cristina was on the bigger one. Callie had Meredith on that one. Mark hopped in next to her as Cristina and Meredith scampered down the pier towards them." Mark obliged and rolled the tube down the pier." Callie had been hoping they would all forget. Callie continued to take them all for a spin on the tube. leaving the girls to themselves. Not this year. lowering the boat gently in the water. the girls lounging on the lawn chairs while Derek stood uncomfortably by the patio door. "now we can have some girl time. as she dumped him from the tube and sent him skipping across the lake. Addison was also a good tuber and Callie had to really try to throw her off the tube. her eyes narrowing. Callie climbed in her boat and slowly guided it to the end of the pier. "Please. however. She and Mark exited the vessel and he cranked the boat out of the water. "grab the tube from the garage please. but she knew that wouldn't happen." Callie said before heading outside to the patio." "Yes ma'am. Mark even relented to her pleas and got on the tube. "So is Arizona coming tonight?" Callie nodded." ." "She has a point there."Is that a serious question?" Teddy asked." Addison said. Callie had a large tube. She moved down the pier to her slip. "Oh and happy birthday Cal." Addison breathed as she relaxed back into her chair. at least this way they're useful. "Ahhhh. "That's what she said this morning. rolling her eyes. She hooked the tube to the rope at the back of the boat.

"Aria!" Callie called from the water tramp. I am. but I only speak the truth." a voice called from behind them." . Callie blushed." "Yeah." "Fine. Callie wrapped herself in one of the towels laying around. Just in time for my sister's big birthday bash from what I've been told. Well. so stop avoiding the subject and just talk. if you get what I'm saying." "What?" "You said you wanted to talk. "that was nice of him. let's go inside."So you gonna get her on the dance floor?" Teddy asked." Callie smiled." "Oh. We have to talk anyway." Callie said. allowing it to rest low on her hips. "I'm not sure that would be wise." "Callie isn't calling it a birthday bash. taking a swig of water. until you find something else to do. "You're here!" "Yes. I get it. "Ugh. "Yeah. She enraptured the younger woman in a wet hug. Don't kid yourself. "You and Blondie will dance the night away. "Figures you lazy girls would be out here all day. "When did they get back?" "Right when I got in." Addison whispered. "Now I have to change." Aria followed her sister into the house." Aria nodded sadly." "Cristina!" Addison admonished." Cristina said. "Stop teasing her." The women all burst into giggles. "You were going to change anyway. occasionally taking a dip in the lake. that will probably involve a bedroom. "She isn't really celebrating her birthday. They continued to laugh and relax throughout the day. Come on." At that moment. where's all your stuff?" "Mark took it upstairs. playfully nudging Callie." "Oh please. "So. They relaxed and sipped on their drinks as the basked in the early afternoon sun. Callie was walking down the pier towards her sister." Aria sighed. "Callie spit it out already. Cal!" Aria shrieked." Callie raised an eyebrow In surprise." "It was.

She turned around." By the time the sun had set." "I missed you too." Callie said. pulling her into a hug. I promise. she directed them over to where Aria was standing. her body melting into Arizona's embrace." Aria cursed. there's someone I want you to meet. the dark curls cascading down her back. She wore her hair down." Callie breathed a sigh of relief. I'm um dating someone." "Alright then. but I just couldn't help it. the patio started to fill with bodies. their hands on her hips." Callie breathed. She was definitely excited about tonight and hoped Arizona would show up relatively soon. "Yeah she will be." Locking her fingers with Arizona's. startled by the sudden contact." "Calliope. easily falling into the Spanish." Callie returned. "Aria." "Hi. setting them up in the corner of the patio. this is Arizona. Mark had brought over his speakers. she makes me forget a little bit of the pain I've been feeling. Let's get this place set up. and was met by piercing blue eyes." "Thank you." "Nice to meet you. The Latina was out on the dance floor with Addison." Aria wrapped her older sister into a hug. Let's just focus on having a good time tonight." Arizona said. As Callie went outside. sticking out her hand. revealing just the right amount of cleavage. but when I'm with her. "una mujer…" "¿Todavía me amas?" "Por supuesto Callie. Will she be here?" Callie smiled in spite of her sadness. "I missed you. I don't go to lame parties you know. "Hey. "Hey. "Mierda. dark washed jeans and a red top that scooped low on her chest. She wore tight. I fought it hard Aria.Callie let out a deep breath. Allowing the beat to overtake her body. Callie closed her eyes and moved her body to the rhythm. "you scared me. "Ok. a large bonfire raged outside in the large fire pit. "¿Quiero saber?" "Se llama Arizona. "I've been killing myself about this." Callie replied as she pulled back from Arizona. She felt someone behind her. People danced to the music and swam in the shallow portion of the lake near Callie's pier. And all I can think about is how I can't tell him because then he will die hating me." The blonde wrapped her arms around Callie's neck. her eyes locking with Aria's. . Within an hour. "Arizona. she felt the bass thumping through her chest. "It will be ok." Aria scolded.

"It doesn't look like a sum…" "Aria!" "Fine." "Go by Mark. Arizona tensed under the touch of Callie's fingers on her hips. I'm going to go say hi to Teddy." Arizona returned the younger Torres' smile. "I'm just going to go over there by Alex." Aria rolled her eyes. smiling." "She's amazing. "She's gorgeous Cal. "What?" Callie asked. It was nice meeting you Aria. She caught sight of Teddy as she crossed the patio with a beer. "Even better." Callie cut her off. not wanting her sister anywhere near Alex Karev. Callie has told me about you. "And you as well. She leaned down to her ear and whispered." Callie's eyes returned to the gorgeous blonde laughing with Teddy a few yards away. "Come dance with me.Aria clasped the blonde's hand." "Wow." Aria conceded. "It's just a summer thing and I don't want to talk about it. Fine. It was dark except for the light cast by the fire and the moon. completely confused. Soon the breath was replaced with searing hot lips as Callie planted lingering kisses down the curve of the blonde's neck. Callie's chest pressed against the blonde's back as their bodies moved against each other. You really didn't do her justice." Callie demanded. She was breathtaking even though she wore only the simplest of things. throwing her hands in the air. "Calliope. . She wore just a simple pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt. Aria let out a low whistle." "You sure this is just a summer thing?" "I don't really want to think about it." Aria said as Arizona caught up with Teddy. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a short ponytail. Aria winked as she walked away." "Callie…" "Really Aria. Arizona could feel the brunette's breath hot on her neck and it was driving her insane. Callie smiled as Arizona shuddered under her gentle touch. Callie sauntered over to the blonde and slung an arm around her waist." Arizona followed Callie to the middle of the patio.

but she opened her home for bonfires nearly every weekend. as painful as it might be." "We should get back before I do something stupid. She had grown to love these kids in just a couple weeks." "Ditto. but since her cabin was also comprised of international campers. "You drive me crazy. She knew that perhaps she and Calliope were being foolish thinking they would be able to walk away in four weeks. Arizona was all kinds of excited. and to invite over a school of nine and ten year olds was just brave. not serious relationships. She loved being around them. only going to Calliope's after they were asleep. Arizona helped them make flags to represent their home countries as well. Sure she was generous to the blonde. and a whole lot of sex without so much emotion. and there was nothing wrong with a little bit of a summer fling. slowly regaining control of her breathing. bringing smiles to their bright faces and comforting them when they were sad. "Ok. Not finding Callie's amusement funny. Arizona pressed her against the wall covering the Latina's body with her own. Their smiles warmed her heart and their hugs were something she looked forward to everyday. it was different. though." "Yeah we should. They were flings. but Calliope?" "Yeah?" "Happy Birthday. so it would be fun. and it never failed to bring a smile to her face. . Arizona had decorated her cabin with American flags made by her campers. Arizona didn't ever think she would be able to get over Calliope's generosity. their lips sliding over one another's. clearly amused by Arizona's reaction. She captured Callie's lips in a fiery kiss. While some counselors bolted the first chance they had or didn't spend time in their cabins. however. Arizona spent every waking moment with her girls. Arizona never would have pursued the beautiful Latina. This summer was certainly becoming more than Arizona bargained for.Unable to take it anymore Arizona dragged Callie off the dance floor and into the house. She continued through the living room and into the foyer stopping by the stairs. But Arizona also knew that they were going to have to walk away. There was a problem. But it was summer. allowing herself to be completely consumed by the pleasure coursing through her body. The Fourth of July was her favorite holiday after Christmas. It was a surprise for them." Arizona woke with a smile on her face." she commanded breathily. If she was smart. Callie looked at her. Flings were filled with passion. "Stop. Her kids had Arizona wrapped around their fingers and they knew it too. She couldn't help but smile at the thought of the kids' excitement for later tonight. Callie could feel herself beginning to lose control. heat. With Calliope. Their hands explored one another's bodies. It wasn't feeling like a fling. Arizona felt so much. Calliope had arranged for Arizona's cabin to have a cookout at her lake house." Arizona replied.

Lexie . but there isn't anything else I really have today. but it wasn't right now. her lips tingled with every kiss. Lexie was excited. There would be a time for tears. They had something. If she hadn't found a random photo in an old box huddled in the back corner of their basement." "Ok well I'll see you later then. Still. so as to make their impending separation somewhat less painful. "Lexie!" Arizona called. and her heart soared with every glance." "When when?" "We're leaving here at about 4:30. Arizona entered the bunk room of the cabin. and as far as Arizona was concerned. They still had time. But Arizona tried to deny it every day. but every time Arizona thought of August 6th." Lexie clapped her hands together in excitement. Lexie had awakened before Arizona. Lexie nodded and approached Arizona. You're going to come then?" "Of course!" "Ok. The girls were already up and making their beds in preparation for inspection. Lexie still couldn't believe her father had treated Meredith the way he did. It wasn't helping. she felt a sickening pain in her stomach. When are you going to meet Meredith?" Lexie glanced at her phone. It was the Fourth of July. "Nothing really. Letting the pain and sadness consume her now would be futile. Why?" "Calliope is having the cabin over for a picnic as a surprise. "Oooo that's exciting!" "Yeah. chuckling at the younger woman's excitement. whatever it was. she wore a brave face for Calliope and for herself. so she helped the girls as they did their morning chores. and there was no denying that fact. "Now actually." "Definitely!" Lexie threw over her shoulder as she exited the cabin. a whole month actually. After throwing on her standard outfit of Culver staff green shorts and a white staff tee. "What's up?" "What are you doing today?" Lexie shrugged. it was going to be a fantastic day. This was her third meeting with Meredith and they had been going pretty well at this point. The brunette bounded down the steps quickly and crossed the grass. summoning the bubbly brunette over to her." Arizona said. I'm meeting Meredith for breakfast at the Coffee Shop. "it is.Her heart raced with every touch.

"Is Callie around much?" Meredith asked. Avoiding navigating through main campus. but it had consumed Lexie for weeks. "That's because I have more duties and I'll also cover for her from time to time. passing by Eby's and approaching the Coffee Shop. She wanted to know her name. anything. like the cookout. "Hey." "How is Arizona?" Lexie frowned. didn't seem to be too bothered by the realization. it has been pretty good. Lexie maneuvered through the streets of Culver." . Ellis Grey. she confronted her father who confirmed Lexie's suspicions. She wanted to know who that little girl was." "That's nice of you. She's great with the kids and really loves the job. "Do you like living with her? Is she nice? Those sorts of things…" "Oh. "Not really. Mission accomplished. I've noticed she's able to get out more. where she lived. announcing the brunette's entrance. One day." Lexie replied with a smile. but mostly Arizona goes out there around 9:30 or 10:00 most nights. "What do you mean?" Meredith shrugged." "Summer love." Lexie answered." Lexie said cautiously as she stepped up beside her.probably wouldn't have known she even had a sister." "Yeah. After much pestering by Lexie. so that should be fun. ordering a coffee and her favorite danish. Callie does nice things for the cabin. so that makes it easier to deal with the hours. After a little snooping. "It's been decent. Arizona told me about some cookout Callie is doing for the cabin later today. She turned around the bend. The girl in the photo with Thatcher was her sister. Lexie shook her head. She parked along the curb behind Meredith's blue jeep. Lexie determined as she got into her Mazda. She stops in from time to time." Lexie nodded. "I love living with her. slightly confused. Lexie applied for a job at Woodcraft in the hopes of finding her sister." Meredith replied with a smile as she grasped her coffee. Molly. Her younger sister. Arizona is awesome. He also confessed that she lived in Massachusetts with her mother. Thatcher let slip that Ellis had property in a small town located in Indiana. "How's your morning?" "Actually. The door to the small property chimed. "How about yours?" Lexie ordered quickly before answering. but she also bought the girls blizzards after they won honor cabin last week. though. She found a smiling Meredith in front of her.

but we didn't actually think it would happen. Soon. They had never had a clear cut relationship. but they never pursued a relationship beyond the end of August. Meredith's mother had sold their property last year. She was surprised to find his car missing. "OK. Meredith stood. "Definitely not.Meredith raised her eyebrows in surprise. It . Meredith had met Derek the summer after her sophomore year of high school. and exited the building. We knew that it would be close heading into the final inspection." Meredith replied suspiciously. so their summers were over. Arizona was extremely proud of the kids. Lexie smiled." Lexie nodded in understanding. it was surprising. Meredith highly doubted she would make the trip to the small town." "Tiny humans?" Meredith asked. Meredith parked in the driveway of Derek's small condo. Derek would be in medical school. She turned left onto Coolidge Court. continuing down the old brick road. "Arizona is corrupting me. as she stood from the table. After finishing her coffee." "How so?" Meredith shook her head. This summer had been fantastic. "Don't you have a summer fling going?" Lexie blushed. "Wow. arching an eyebrow. His family had purchased the condo next to hers after years of hassling from Mark's parents." Meredith returned her sister's smile as Lexie waved before the brunette left the Coffee Shop. "What about you and Derek?" Meredith sighed. Without Derek here. but for everyone else it was shaping up that way." "So what about you?" Meredith asked. that's impressive. finding a note on the kitchen counter. changing the subject. however. This was their fourth summer together. It was rare for a first year counselor with no previous Culver experience to have a cabin that does so well." the brunette said. "Thanks for giving me a break from the tiny humans. but was comforted when she entered the building. Apparently he had gone to Mark's. Well I have to head back anyway. Next year. The streets of Culver slowly passed by as she drove through the small town." "Yeah. but deciding not to push it further. Meredith continued to sip on her coffee. She tossed her cup in a nearby trashcan before climbing into her jeep. "We're not going to talk about this. but what everyone had been avoiding was that it was probably their last. It might not be the last hurrah for Mark and Callie." "Uh huh. "Derek and I are complicated. thankful she got a large. so she had only come back to be with Derek. She needed the space to herself.

Pulling in. Meredith hit the throttle." "Oooo me too." Addison chimined in. so she decided to take the jet ski. She waved to Callie and Aria who were sunbathing on Callie's patio." "Don't hate. After backing out gently. "but I knew Mark loved Columbia so Derek and I agreed to make dual deposits and I deposited on Mark's behalf as well. Some people loved water skiing or tubing." Addison smoothed out her clothes after finally being released from Mark's clutches. their bodies glistening in the sunlight. "Clearly. remembering that Cristina would probably be over there. put me down!" Addison squeaked as Mark enveloped her in a massive hug. surprised to hear boisterous laughter and squealing." "We were talking about med school this morning and I lamented my poor choice of leaving Columbia. and propelled herself across the lake. "You are the best person ever!" Meredith looked at Derek who sat on the couch laughing." Mark replied. but Meredith loved the feeling of being on a jet ski. Meredith shook her head.was a nice day and Meredith really didn't want to drive back through town and around to East Shore." Derek replied with a shrug. "What's going on?" "Addison put down a deposit for Mark at Columbia for medical school months ago just in case he decided he wanted to go there." "We were." Meredith said. Addison blinked in the blinding sun as she and Meredith left Mark's. Aria and Callie still laid on the patio. at which point Addison shared that I didn't have to leave at all. "Lazy day?" Addison asked as she ascended the few steps to the patio landing. Meredith crossed the kitchen and the living room. The wind whipped through her hair as the jet ski skipped across the water. obviously confused. Meredith eased her speed as she approached Mark's pier. "I'm going to go over to Callie's. exiting the condo through the back patio door. Meredith gracefully stood up and tied the watercraft to pier before she stepped off onto the hard. "Mark. Meredith made her way to Derek's private pier. plastic surface. Mer. She calmly let herself into Mark's house. It made my day. "Bye Ladies. "But I thought the three of you were going to Johns Hopkins. Shuffling across the deck." Meredith rolled her eyes." Mark called out to them as they walked through the patio door. . She especially loved the convenience of only being a five minute ride away from her friends on East Shore. She lowered the watercraft from its slip before climbing onto it. "It doesn't suit you.

" Callie buried her head in her hands." "Oh yeah." Aria said. complete shock written all over her face. "Aria. "Nope." Aria said. "You are done after this year aren't you?" Addison frowned. "I'm going to pretend you did not just say that." "Are you guys talking about your sexscapades with the man-whore next door again?" A voice asked from the door." Addison couldn't hide the smile that appeared on her face. "You haven't!" "Haven't what?" "Please tell me you haven't slept with Mark!" "Callie don't look so shocked." "Yeah really. "Columbia? I thought you guys were going to Johns Hopkins. "Guilty as charged. Callie. Meredith turned her head towards Callie." "Don't be such a hypocrite. "Where have you been?" "With Owen. "She has a point there. the sunlight dancing along her long legs. "You've all slept with Mark?" Callie blushed. "sleeping with Mark is practically a rite of passage. This was new information for her. a look of shock adorning her features. Let's just say I know Mark better than you think I do." Cristina answered with a shrug. Callie merely gaped at Addison. . waving her hand dismissively." Aria agreed." Addison stretched out on a chair." At the mention of Columbia." Aria spit her iced tea everywhere. Cal. "Cristina!" Meredith squealed." the younger brunette said as she dabbed at her legs with a towel. we're going to Columbia. "I'm going to miss this. "Is there another way to spend a summer day?" Meredith shrugged as she pulled off her tank. I'm pretty sure Columbia is going to own me. sipping on her iced tea. not you too. "Yeah. Callie snapped her head up. revealing a white bikini top.Aria sat up in her chair.

" "No massive party?" Cristina asked hopefully. Mer. We just had lunch over there. I'm not going." "We will have to go shopping."Now there's a name I haven't heard all summer. "Where's he been?" Cristina shrugged. sensing Callie's dilemma." Addison rolled her eyes. "Well…" "Derek and I will do one. "Not happening." "Come on Cristina! You can't leave me with those two. "Anyway. Everyone thinks it's going to be here." Callie frowned. Cristina shook her head." Addison said. "and decorate and all that stuff. "You sure about that? This place is going to be crawling with kids in a couple of hours. "That's fine with me." Meredith stated." Meredith piped up. but don't expect me to enjoy it. "You are an annoying teenager." Meredith arched an eyebrow. "He's been busy over at Upper Camp." "Hey!" "I resent that!" Cristina didn't miss a beat." "Yay!" Addison cheered." "I'm almost twenty. So many annoying teenagers. the two of us would watch fireworks. her eyes silently pleading with her friend. Callie shook her head." "Futre." Cristina scoffed. Cristina shrugged." Addison said. "I'm coming too. it's crazy. "I'm sure there will be parties tonight Cristina." ." Aria chimed in." Cristina muttered. "what are you doing for the rest of the day." "And me." "Nope. "Fine I'll go. Callie?" "Well. I'm hosting a cook out for Arizona's cabin and then I figured after the kids left. Meredith glared at Cristina. forcing a change of subject. she really didn't want to throw a bonfire tonight. "I can and I will.

Derek. Callie smiled into the kiss. though it was hard to keep up with these kids. so Callie felt as if their remaining days were also going to speed by. the kids ran around the patio and played in the water. At the contact. Addison. and Aria. Callie loved the way her blonde curls bounced when she left. She smiled as she heard the squeals of happy children floating through her backyard. They had already been here for three weeks. Callie made sure to keep the grill going. The two women spent the evening stealing glances and sharing hidden smiles. She was completely mesmerized by the blonde. happy to finally be alone with the blonde. and it had felt like nothing. but there was still the nagging feeling of finality in her chest. Put her top back on and the other women followed suit. She made sure. to run her fingertips over the back of Arizona's hand – as she pulled away – in a lingering caress. Callie frowned slightly as she arranged the patio furniture. and the Latina wouldn't have it any other way. Everything about her captivated Callie's senses. all got up from their chairs. however. Without Derek. Every spare moment Arizona had was spent at Callie's. the way she smelled like vanilla and strawberries. covering their swim attire with the clothing they had brought with them. still lounging and enjoying her final moments in the sun before she had to get ready for the cookout she had promised Arizona she would throw for the girls in her cabin. in an effort to make sure they didn't get too out of control. Within seconds. Teddy had also graduated and was going to med school. as she prepared for the cookout. For the next few hours. Within a couple of hours. different flags decorating various places of the patio. the blonde strands coming to just below her shoulders. As Callie passed out the food. Callie highly doubted Meredith would be returning. Arizona had straightened her hair. Who knew little girls could eat so many hotdogs? Arizona was busy playing with the girls and Callie rambled in Spanish to the girls from Mexico or other Spanish speaking nations. She turned as she heard the boom of the . Callie's heart began to race. but most of all Callie loved the adorably cute dimples that adorned Arizona's features whenever she smiled. Basically this next month was it. Callie wrapped her arms around the blonde in a much too short and far too innocent embrace for the feelings she had coursing through her body. Arizona nodded in Callie's direction as she approached the taller woman. Callie forced herself to set those thoughts aside. So much of this summer had been the best of her life. Lexie also helped with the kids. Meredith. Meredith. Addison . twelve girls surrounded Callie clamoring for food and goodies. so was Owen. Things with Arizona were amazing as far as Callie was concerned. Callie knew that Culver would never be the same after this summer. As the sun began to set Lexie corralled the girls leading them back to the minibus. leaving Arizona with Callie. she smiled seeing Arizona round the corner with Lexie in tow.Cristina. Finally alone. which meant Cristina wouldn't be either. Callie thought she looked beautiful. It never failed to amaze her how much one touch of Arizona's lips affected her. Arizona wasted no time in pressing her lips against Callie's for the first time in what felt like days. however. Even in just her camp staff shirt and Khaki pants. Callie had the grill up and running. and Mark were going to Medical school. Callie waved at them as they left.

clasping her hands between her own." Callie faced Arizona. She leaned in." Callie said. desperately clinging to the woman she didn't want to leave. they would have . went for long drives through the Indiana countryside. Callie knew Arizona's feelings mirrored her own. Arizona shook her head sadly. Stay with me. If Arizona stayed in Culver." "Calliope. leading them to the bow." "I'm happy you're here with me too. Pulling away." Callie replied. It was she most intimate moment either of them had ever shared. her lips recapturing Arizona's and her hand never leaving the comfort of Arizona's beating heart. Callie merely looked into Arizona's eyes and saw such emotion in the blue orbs. Callie smiled as she felt Arizona's heart race under her palm. Their lips moved against each other as if engaged in a sensual tango. she grabbed the Latina's hand and placed it over her own heart. their tongues engaged in a beautiful duel. I'm so happy I'm here with you. "I leave tomorrow. Calliope. "Happy 4th of July." Callie murmured in Arizona's ear. Callie grabbed the blonde's hand and placed it over her heart. motioning for the blonde to join her. An overwhelming sadness engulfed Arizona. They went out on the boat. made out on the tramp. In some ways that was extremely comforting and in others it made everything that much harder. in their bubble. "Don't leave tomorrow. "You leave tomorrow. She sighed in realization. that she forgot all rational thought. Arizona's eyes widened at Callie's sudden intimacy. Arizona moved out of Callie's embrace." Arizona breathed in an exasperated sigh. Callie linked her fingers with Arizona's and dragged her to the boat. but in the end. She wanted to stay. allowing her to fully sink into the Latina's body. nothing good would come of it. In that moment. By feeling her racing heart. She turned around so that she was facing Callie before leaning in to give her a tender kiss. She and Callie spent every possible moment together. Arizona lost all coherent thought. Callie wrapped her arms around the woman in front of her. Wordlessly. the muscle beating quickly under her fingers. Callie slowly navigated them out to just off the north shore where the fireworks were set off every Independence Day. splashed in the lake. "This is amazing. She sat against the cushioned seats.first firework go up in the sky. however. As her lips brushed against Callie's however. As the fireworks lit up the sky. She cut the engine before releasing the small anchor. The past month had been the best of her life. her preparation did nothing to quell the ache in her chest. she wanted to stay so badly. Arizona had been preparing herself for this moment since the moment she met the beautiful Latina. and had countless meals at the various Culver restaurants. but they needed a clean break. Sure. her feet dangling in the water off her pier. Callie gently took Arizona's hand. She quickly got it in the water and helped Arizona inside.

"So you're leaving tomorrow. "I can cry tomorrow. her brown orbs begging the blonde to stay. "I…" "No. "The Colonel has already left. I don't want to waste it because I'm sad. but today I really want to enjoy what little time we have left." Callie wiped away the tear that crept down her face. Callie thought she heard Arizona say something. I'm asking you to please not leave tomorrow." Callie interrupted. Her heart raced uncontrollably. or we could leave. "I'm sorry. "I don't care. Arizona brushed away the tear with her thumb before kissing Callie tenderly. He'll be here tomorrow." Callie pleaded." Callie shook her head. No campers. Her father was already on his way. Calliope. hushing Arizona with a tender and yet pleading kiss. her own tears threatening to fall. Callie never imagined that having to say goodbye would be this difficult." Arizona smiled sadly. She pulled away slowly. Why was this so hard? When she and Arizona decided to have this summer together. more time. "You don't go to Harvard for another three weeks. Callie felt some of her pain melt away. Callie's eyes locked with Arizona's. Her chest was tight and she felt like she couldn't breathe. There was no way she was going to call that man and tell him to turn around. As she felt Arizona's lips against hers." Arizona tilted her head. "I can get rid of them. so they could spend some time together before she went to Harvard. The feeling of Arizona's lips caressing hers reminded Callie that they were still in Culver. especially when it didn't have to just yet." Arizona shook her head. her face creased with concern and sadness. They had decided at the beginning of the summer as Arizona left for the airport that her dad would drive her home. relishing having Arizona so close." "And your large group of friends. but it would only make it more painful in the end.a few more days of kisses and fun. I'll take you to Spain. The brunette gazed at Arizona. "I didn't want to cry. but all she just saw her lips moving and didn't register any sound. Callie shrugged." Callie sighed defeatedly. the pulse pounding in her ears." Arizona nodded. and they still had time together. "It's alright to cry. a sad smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. She didn't want this to end. She wanted more hugs. just us. "I'm leaving tomorrow. She would happily whisk Arizona away so they could continue to just be with each other without the cares and worries of the real world. There was a reason she had authority issues. She meant that too." Callie blubbered." Arizona replied with a laugh. The blonde put her hand reassuringly on the Latina's thigh. more kisses. Callie frowned as another tear streamed down her cheek. "So I can't be sad?" . still on the pier. I'm asking you to stay two of those with me. even if it wasn't much. sniffling as she tried to regain her composure.

With Callie and Mark on one side of the lake and Derek. but I want to at least make it bearable for awhile. "Of course you can be sad." Arizona smiled a genuine smile. Arizona arched an eyebrow almost expectantly. Seeing Callie's response. The Latina held Arizona's gaze as the blonde beauty smiled a dimpled smile of her own. whether it was through their hands or Callie's arm around Arizona's waist. "I love pancakes. the water reaching just above her knee. looking deeply into the deep pools of blue that were the blonde's eyes. it was faster and generally more fun.Callie took the blonde's hands in hers. grasping them tightly. and always maintaining a point of contact. As Arizona climbed onto the back of the jet ski. burying her face in the crook of Callie's neck. Callie wasn't exactly sure if she meant her words to have a double meaning. she couldn't helped but continue to smile. white shorts completely dry. Since the time they spent watching fireworks on the 4th of July. pressing their bodies tightly together. however. So…I'm thinking pancakes at Café Max. and Addison on the other. The blonde allowed the taller woman to pull her up. The two women walked together. they could drive their boats from one pier to the next. Teddy. easily getting around the small town without getting into a car. . Callie led Arizona to the end of the pier before dropping the blonde's hand and walking down the stairs into the shallow portion of the lake. in order to swallow her natural response. Their fingers entwined. Callie had them heading towards Derek's condo. So for now." she said to Arizona. Her arms looped around Callie's waist. The Latina hoisted herself onto the watercraft and guided it to the end of the pier where Arizona waited with a huge smile adorning her features. his pier being the closest to downtown Culver. Plus. She held on tightly as Callie maneuvered the watercraft passed the buoy into the open lake. afternoon water. She smiled at Arizona as she laced their fingers together once more before leading them out of Derek's backyard to one of Culver's many narrow streets. but usually they road on separate skis. Arizona loved this feeling. but it sure felt like they did. chatting aimlessly. They were comfortable and that was awesome. but they had never dared to utter those terrifying words. She crossed the sandy bottom in her flip flops. Callie felt increasingly more connected to Arizona. "I love pancakes too. Whenever Callie offered. Callie slowed the watercraft as they approached Derek's pier. Arizona jumped at the chance to ride with Callie and wrap her arms around the lusty Latina. A wide smile crossed Callie's lips. She had gone jet skiing with Callie on occasion this summer. Arizona unwrapped her arms from the Latina's waist before stepping off the jet ski. at least for a little while. I'm sad…really sad." Callie had to bite her tongue. Callie got off the watercraft and tied it up at the pier. Arizona loved the system they had set up. Callie wiped her eyes and stood up on the pier. leaving her short. the houses all but becoming a blur as the two women sped across the lake. lowering one off its slip into the warm. This was Arizona's favorite part of being with Callie. waiting to hear what the Latina would say. She walked towards her small fleet of jet skis. happy that the mood was lightened. offering her hand to Arizona. they loved pancakes. The water rushed under them.

She frowned at the sadness that crept into Arizona's eyes. A month ago. her hand caressing the blonde's. "I can't believe I haven't been here until now. their food came quickly. public and private. Callie may have been unnerved by their lack of verbal discourse. "I'm sorry." Arizona agreed. "Ok. "Calliope?" "Hmm?" Callie grunted as she bent over the booth to grab her purse. It wasn't that she didn't like to experiment or resented change. puffing a couple strands from in front of her face. the smell of breakfast food filling their nostrils. The two women entered the small restaurant. she knew they didn't always need words. Her Calliope. Callie absolutely adored this place." After they placed their order. no one ever gave them a bill when they ate out. She smiled reassuringly at Arizona. The brunette reached across the table to gently caress her cheek. "Pretty amazing. . to pictures of Academy sporting events. she had never ordered anything else. the Community high school class photos. Arizona was going to pick this check up. but now. in fact. In one look. Callie smiled across the table as she cut into her pancakes. In a town that was so divided between winter and summer." Callie whispered." Callie concluded sadly. but her plan was stifled by the lack of bill. sitting down across from Callie. "Calliope.Callie opened the door for her blonde companion. "Well we were supposed to come here for our first date. Named after Lake Maxinkuckee. Arizona looked confused as their server left without giving them a bill. her smile straining as she tried to enjoy her last day with her beautiful Latina girlfriend. a forced smile trying to tug at her quivering lips. ok?" Arizona nodded. Callie just knew what she wanted and she felt no need to mess with a good thing." Callie straightened in her booth. except for their first date. Pancakes with a side of bacon. She loved Café Max pancakes. so it seems that it would be an appropriate place for our last. the restaurant had been around for decades. it was all there. thanking them for their service. It's only leaving you that makes me sad." Callie shrugged. especially as a makeshift final date with the most amazing person she had ever met. the fact that one could enter a place such as Café Max was amazing. her bright blue eyes glistening with unshed tears as a small smile crept across her face. The walls were decorated with pieces of Culver history. you make me so happy. Arizona could convey everything she wanted Callie to know just as easily as uttering a few simple words. communicating in stolen glances and small smiles. But now that she thought about it. Arizona noticed that the walls displayed a balanced story of Culver. The waitress collected their emptied plates. isn't it?" Callie asked as she slid into a booth "This place is awesome. It was so comforting to be able to have pancakes in the early afternoon. "I didn't mean to make you sad." Arizona smiled. "Let's order. from the summer school jackets. They ate in a comfortable silence. She wanted answers.

Begrudgingly. Arizona lifted her head and placed a lingering kiss on Callie's cheek. pretending to ponder the situation. handin-hand down the pier. "Hey. the evening swims. allowing herself to be enveloped by her arms. Arizona smiled as she propelled them forward. caramel skin whenever she wanted. but I just need a moment. The blonde nuzzled into Callie's warm body. She untied the jet ski and climbed on. but most of all. After making sure the jet ski was secured. Hand me the damn key. "Seriously." Arizona said cheekily. "What was that Calliope?" "I have accounts at all the restaurants. reluctant to give Arizona the key. and to always be there for others. They walked. Calliope. She now understood why Callie had been reluctant to let her drive. "I think that'll work. She was going to miss the warm. motioning for Callie to join her. This feeling was electric." Callie grumbled. Her father had raised her to be strong." Arizona rolled her eyes. wrapping her arms around her slim waist." Callie smirked. to hold steady. Arizona was raised to be a good man in a storm and to believe in her own strength as a woman…as a Robbins. which frustrated Arizona. feigning anger. Callie sat in one of the chairs. pulling Arizona onto her lap. It didn't take too long for them to reach the watercraft." Arizona whined."Why didn't the waitress give us the bill? I wanted to pay. "Apparently not. The wind whipped through her hair. "Please just don't kill me." "Fine. Callie even let her steer the watercraft up to the slip. the drunken twister." "I know. Arizona felt like she was flying. it was nothing short of awesome. Callie and Arizona waded through the shallow water to the stairs leading up to the surface of Callie's pier." Arizona smirked as she closed her hand around the key before Callie could snatch it out of her palm. "How about I make it up to you and let you drive us home?" "Oooo. But cuddling with Callie on her last day in Culver threatened to break her resolve. "Come on. being able to kiss her soft. . She was going to miss this. the Latina slid behind Arizona. skimming over the small ripples in the water. trying to ward off the tears as Callie dropped a soft kiss against her blonde hair." Callie murmured against the top of Arizona's head. her beautiful girlfriend riding behind her and sitting extremely close. Arizona squeezed her eyes shut." Callie smiled and took Arizona's hand. but Callie stood on the pier for a few moments. stopping at the patio. summer sun. placing the key in the palm of Arizona's delicate hand." Callie blushed and mumbled something unintelligible. Have we not talked about this?" Arizona shook her head. She knew she had to hold it together. The blonde slowly guided them away from pier and back to the open lake. "you promised. allowing the blonde to lead them back towards the jet ski parked at Derek's pier.

Arizona shook her head as she resettled in Callie's arms. but she had no idea how she was going to walk away in the morning." Callie smiled. That realization was something for which Arizona was unprepared. The woman before her had completely captured Arizona's heart." Callie said with a laugh. She had never been so happy in her life." Arizona sighed. "I'm surprising you. leading Arizona up the driveway. Calliope? I've been with you all day. Callie's right hand traced up the blonde's arm before coming to rest over her heart. "I am not perfect." Arizona said before pressing her lips tenderly against Callie's. Even with the sadness of the next morning lingering in her mind. "How perfect this moment is. Her forehead pressed against the Latina's cheek." "To me." "Just so you know. her eyelashes ticking the other woman's cheek.Arizona was going to miss the woman sitting with her. just in this for the summer. "What are you thinking about?" Arizona sat up and looked into Callie's eyes. Arizona had opted to take a nap before dinner. Tomorrow was tomorrow." Callie retorted. "but you sleep harder than you think. Arizona's breath caught as she lost herself in the brunette's chocolate eyes. They pulled away from one another breathless. "so not true." "Nope. irritated from the Latina's antics. pouring her emotions into it. "Calliope!" Arizona squealed as Callie slid a blindfold over her eyes. "What are you doing?" Callie laughed. I'm really not appreciating this. Arizona clasped her hand around the Latina's in a pleading grip." . She captured Arizona's lips in a passionate kiss. The words she so desperately wanted to utter sat at the tip of her tongue." Callie's heart swelled at the blonde's words. Apparently she had been dead to the world if Callie was able to plan something for them." "Damn. how perfect you are. it could wait." Arizona cursed under her breath. After spending the afternoon curled up on the patio. "When could you possibly had the time to set up a surprise. but it had happened against her will." Callie shook her head in disagreement. in this moment Callie was undeniably happy. "Hey yourself. "I always thought I was a light sleeper. She had tried to not let herself fully open up to Callie. "you are perfect. surprising Arizona with a quick peck on her lips. She thought she'd been guarded." "Ah that maybe true tatica.

She draped an arm around her shoulders." Arizona glanced around. "OK." Arizona muttered breathily." Callie suggested. still stunned. totally confused." The blonde wrapped her arms around Callie and pulled her into a hug. But as they polished off the last few remnants of food. pulling Arizona across the road. Arizona. Callie smirked." Arizona murmured." Arizona answered honestly. grabbing her hand. we're in the middle of a golf course. "I just want to know what's going on. and pulling her up off the blanket." Callie stopped at the base of the hill. "Exactly. silence fell between them. pulling her close." "You could start by saying that you don't hate surprises. why don't we go ahead and enjoy your surprise then." "I hate you. The fact Callie picked up on her hint showed exactly how in tune they were with one another. Conversation flowed easily between the two of them. Callie looked up from her plate to see Arizona's lip trembling." Callie conceded. The weight of this being their last true meal together finally sat square on their shoulders. enjoying the feeling of having the blonde wrapped around her. before walking down the hill away from the place that signaled with such finality the popping of their bubble. "Calliope. taking a seat on the blanket." Arizona replied. They ate their food under the emerging stars and the setting sun. . "this is so beautiful." She grabbed Arizona from straying back into the road. "Just like you love pancakes?" Arizona nodded. "I don't know what to say. "Yes you are. She reached over to the blonde. just like it had all summer. "Just come with me. I think I may love them. come on then." "Well. What is going on?" Callie pulled the blonde towards a good sized hill not ten yards away from them.Callie smirked. "Do you trust me?" "Absolutely." Callie led them up the steep face of the hill." "I definitely don't hate surprises. Arizona following close behind her. turning to face Arizona. in fact." "Ok fine. Arizona gasped as she took in the sight before her. "Here you go. There was a blanket with two candles on it and a picnic. "Calliope. hoping Callie would catch her double meaning. though she definitely didn't mean it at all. stopping at the flat top. "You are so appreciating this. taking off the blindfold.

" They stumbled into the house and through the kitchen. They finally reached Callie's room. and the full red lips. pouring everything she felt into this kiss." Arizona shook her head. Arizona reconnected their lips. and the curves. but something held her back." "I love you. Arizona loved her. At a loss for words. but we have tonight. I don't. their tongues dancing. God did she love those brown eyes. so I can have that to remember and to hold onto when I wake up in the morning. The Latina looked at her with pleading eyes. "I know. It felt so much deeper than their previous kisses. I love you so much. Callie pulled back in a daze. her eyes locking deeply with Callie's." Callie frowned." Arizona nodded. Callie arched an eyebrow. it was perfection. nervously kissing each other. In a word. "You're leaving tomorrow. it was genuine love." "I love you too." "Please. "Stay with me. "kiss me. She loved everything about the Latina. There was more there than lust." At that moment. I'm asking you to stay with me tonight. "Me too. She stood in front of Arizona trying to catch her breath." Callie admitted." "I…I…I…don't love pancakes. She loved her. She knew the answer. Those brown eyes." Without another word. Arizona. their moment. though. This was their time. Arizona slipped her hand from Callie's once they reached the front door." Callie interrupted. "God Arizona." Arizona blurted. parting as Callie shut the door behind them." Callie begged. Arizona nervously bit her lip. waves of relief and happiness washed over Callie. I love you too. "What do you love Arizona?" Callie asked as she stepped closer to the blonde. and the mind belonging to the woman standing before her. than serious like. hoping that this would be the moment for which she had been waiting. "I'm nervous. "I love you. their everything. "I'm asking for this night. and the dark hair. She pushed Callie's sweater off her shoulders. or wherever. sliding her hands down the Latina's sides before grasping the hem of her tank and pulling over her . "You don't?" "No. Callie crashed their lips together." Arizona answered. "Calliope…" "I'm not asking for Spain or California.They made the short journey back to the house in a teary silence. Their lips collided over and over.

Callie couldn't help but finally let herself succumb to her emotions and let the tears flow. Callie woke to the sun beating on her skin the next morning. Upon remembering the events from the previous night. she reached over for Arizona. but Callie had silently hoped there was another Arizona Robbins running around Seattle. I'm sorry I left. Arizona (Present Day) Callie always wondered what this moment would feel like. they disrobed and completely opened themselves up to one another. I want you to know that this summer was the best of my life without question. their lips never parting. wordlessly begging for her touch. Her body was on fire. nervously running through her hair. generous beyond belief. who knows what might have happened. but I knew that if I had coffee and breakfast with you that I wouldn't be able to leave. The church was filled with Torres family members and colleagues of Carlos. She grabbed the note. Callie could still feel her body calling out to the blonde. Indiana the summer before medical school. Her right hand instantly went to her head. if we had met at a different time in our lives. . Even after all this time. There was a note taped to her tank. each kiss. much like the one Callie had left for the blonde two months ago. I hope that someday our paths cross again. As her left rested on her stomach. You are truly one of a kind. but I don't regret anything except for maybe the timing. Confused. I never meant to fall in love. wanting to remember everything about this night.head. As their lips met again and their bodies touched for the first time. each touch electrified her skin. Everything about this was perfect. Not the one with whom she had fallen so hopelessly in love over 10 years ago. and I had to leave. Love always. Callie couldn't help but smile. they faded into oblivion. But as it stands. They continued to the bed. My Dearest Calliope. Callie felt her world explode. Beginning the letter. Callie sat up in a panic. hoping it was Arizona telling her she had gone to get coffee. When I walked in on you dancing in your underwear. I will probably be in Illinois. She saw the blonde's name in the formal announcement of the new Head of Pediatric Surgery. Calliope. Slowly and tenderly. and everything I did not expect to find when I applied to be a counselor in Culver. Thank you so much for this summer. Callie gingerly removed Arizona's top. By the time you read this. all clad in black dresses and suits. You are beautiful and kind. but deep down she knew better. you take my breath away. I never thought that I would find a love unlike anything I had ever experienced. and as darkness fell around them. only to find that side of the bed empty and cold. If things were different. Calliope.

however. opting to also stay away from the threesome and their drama at Columbia. and it broke Callie. She felt hollow. Even if a part of her did want to go to Harvard. St. For the last twelve years. Callie threw away the envelope containing the response without even opening it. before burying herself in Aria's embrace. she would see Arizona. so today she sat in the front row of St.So much had changed since they had last spoken. and she needed someplace with trees and water. She had caressed his trembling cheek. Callie remembered Mark nearly losing it on the phone when she called him to relay the news. In the second row sat Callie's Culver friends. He and Addison knew how to comfort her the way that others couldn't. She didn't need to turn around to know who they were from. the blonde has invaded Callie's mind at least once a day. Callie was a completely different woman now. He looked so frail. her eyes. Cristina and Meredith had also shown up. To see him like that showed Callie how final everything was. He had practically watched Mark grow up. so Meredith decided to cope with some of her family problems by following in her mother's footsteps. In the end. they had all come full circle. There would be days that Callie would be staring into space. Dominic's Cathedral was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect place for Carlos' funeral. the tears streaming down her cheeks. Callie smiled weakly as she felt a hand on either shoulder. He. She was over the pretentiousness of the East Coast. When Callie saw them enter the church. they had fallen out of touch. but by the time she made the move to Seattle. Of course she knew that was ridiculous. Though Callie was never particularly close to Meredith. Even if she did reconnect with Arizona. He didn't do frail or weak. The arches towered over her. Instead she attended Johns Hopkins. her dimples. she couldn't breathe. and the coffin at the front of the room reminded Callie why she was here. she had never felt so loved. Callie had attended mass here since she was a kid. and she brought Cristina with her. She did find it funny. so supported. Callie couldn't put herself through that. Of course what no one had counted on was the revelation that Meredith had slept with Derek after a drunken night . Callie did not want to go through that again. how they were both surgeons. Addison too. clinging to her sister for dear life. Dominic's. Aria. Callie. and Mark would gently caress her arm. and their mother. contacted everyone else. it was nice having both her and Cristina around. Her father died. there would be an expiration date. They all made the trip to support Callie when they heard. Somehow. Callie had stayed in touch with Mark and Addison the longest. It was a complete coincidence. Her smile. Meredith's mother had done her residency at Seattle Grace. Callie felt her stomach wretch. Carlos Torres was a bull of a man. Her father had died. if that. As the monitor's solid tone signaled his death throughout the room. she rediscovered her support system. so weak. however. couldn't stand. being the good friend he is. Seattle fit. After that summer. Callie had come to Seattle for her residency because she needed a change of pace. and after how they ended that summer. bringing her back to earth. it was all at the forefront of her mind more often than not. So Callie had gone to Johns Hopkins and thought about Arizona every day. After two years. Maria had all held hands as Carlos took his final breaths. Thankfully. Maria insisted they sit near the family because of how important Culver summers had been to Carlos. they only spoke on Christmas. the stained glass windows surrounded her. Callie had applied to Harvard for med school specifically in hopes that if she went. It meant so much that they had come.

Ten years ago. it was her turn to speak a few words about her father. Callie breathed slowly. She looped her arm through Callie's and joined her in song. He believed in God and family. As Callie opened her mouth to speak. but they had all struggled through it. But she wasn't the young woman who accidentally fell for the perky blonde anymore. Her eyes desperately scanned the room. unsure of what to do. and for that I will always be grateful. Her father never wanted Culver to be an unwelcome place for Callie because of his death. his warm smile and great bear hugs. Culver. rushed to her side." In truth Callie hadn't been back to Culver since that summer. as she stared into those captivating blue eyes. It terrified her. The brunette stood shakily and made her way to the microphone. but her father had asked Callie to speak today. but I know he wanted me to enjoy this place we both called home without him there. She was embarrassed to admit it. Maria stood from her spot in the front row. and most of all. His selflessness gave me a new strength. He loved us and provided for us. to feel her heart flutter like it was now. and hugging. his tenacity. my father. That summer changed everything. The organ postlude filled the room as the palm . Aria. She was trembling. family man. for the love he shared with the world. singing. His final gift to me was sending me back to our favorite place. she was seduced by fear. hell even five years ago. At times it felt empty. His final request.at Joe's. Callie would have killed to stare into those eyes again. The ensuing drama had nearly ripped Callie apart. joined by Mark and Addison. They landed on a familiar set of blue eyes. was a selfless man. and I could not have asked for a better father. "My father was a strong. She couldn't even think about Culver without thinking of Arizona. Then there was that pesky detail that Derek was the new neuro attending. contributing a beautiful harmony. The hymn gave Carlos solace during his last months and he had asked it be played at his funeral. she had a fear of public speaking. The last time Callie had seen Arizona was at her father's funeral. Those of you who grew up with me. so his death would not taint it for me. I know that today is a sad day. They stood frozen. and soon the entire church was standing. a heart wrenching day. The organ began to play the notes to "Be Not Afraid". The service seemed to pass before Callie's eyes and before she knew it. There was no doubting that summer was both the best and the worst of Callie's life. seeing her sister tearing up. Culver is our second home and this summer was the first I spent there without him. mi padre. I've been disappearing every summer to some obscure town in Indiana. but for his courage. She had given Callie the strength to deliver her father's eulogy. but the place held so many memories. having just completed his residency at Mass Gen. but I ask you all to remember my father not by the tears that will undoubtedly be shed today. looking for some kind of comfort. She experienced so much pain and instead of dealing with it. and for Callie to sing it. Even more disturbing was the revelation that he was still legally married to Addison. know that since I was eight years old. too many things she didn't particularly want to rehash. eyes locked. finally finding the strength to speak. Oh how her father would be ashamed. Above all. words simply wouldn't come. it was time for her to reconcile her own past. Now. Callie supposed. The beautiful Latina struggled to not give in to her tears as the words floated from her lips. but it ended up being tainted anyway. who had cheated on Derek with Mark.

bearers walked up the aisle. "Where you going?" Lexie called after her. As she pulled away from him. sobbing. The blonde held her love. her heart aching for her. Arizona thought the Torres home in Culver was huge. Maria. Callie felt bad. shifting their focus to the bottom of her shot glass. the blonde pulled Callie into a long hug. "Arizona. but this place was gigantic. "To the bathroom. at this moment she was rambling about her relationship with Mark. preparing to lower Carlos' coffin into the ground. "Mark called me. Arizona glanced at Mark. Arizona curled up against the brunette's back. Just not tonight. Thank God for Lexie. Her eyes wondered down the bar. Obviously Lexie hadn't seen Arizona. Mark had his arms wrapped around Callie in a comforting embrace." They arrived at Callie's monstrous estate. carrying Carlos coffin. the younger Grey provided a little extra brightness in her day. however. Putting aside her awe. talking Callie's ear off." "Why?" Lexie asked as her eyes followed where Callie's had been. they're fingers entwined. Callie tossed the blonde the keys. Once they settled on the blonde responsible for Callie's current mood she muttered a simple. Little Grey. Callie allowed herself to be led away by Arizona." Lexie responded. As much as she could annoy Callie. immediately returned to her glass. watching helplessly as Callie collapsed onto the bed. They stood closely as the priest spoke. she was the only person who knew about their relationship. but we can talk later. I'm going to stand beside you and hold your hand. much to Arizona's surprise and climbed in next to her. the brunette felt a small touch on her hand. "oh. until they found Arizona squealing and hugging Teddy. They walked hand in hand down the streets of Miami in silence. but she couldn't handle it tonight. She." "Lexie. Arizona spotted Callie's Mercedes SUV. "Sorry. a little hurt. leading them over to it. "I really don't want to hear about you and Mark. They gathered at the cemetery. Callie drained another shot before hopping off the bar stool." Callie smiled and leaned against Arizona. flanked by her two daughters followed close behind. Lexie sat next to her. She moved her lips to Callie's ear. "what are you doing here?" Instead of answering. She moved her head to look passed Mark. communicating with her eyes that she was going to take care of the Latina in her arms. Although. Callie lost it." Callie snapped. Callie tore her eyes from Arizona's. her eyes locking with the gorgeous blue eyes from earlier. whispering." Callie breathed as she took in the sight of the blonde. caressing her dark hair as she nestled into her . She let the brunette lead them into the house and to her room. and it was putting Callie in a mood." "Sheesh Callie. Arizona pulled into the driveway before helping Callie out of the car. Right now. As she placed the flower on her father's coffin. She turned into Arizona's arms.

She knew that this anger was warranted. As she pulled away. They both knew it was the end. irked the Latina to end. holding her. For her to walk out the way she did." Callie spat. "I know you do Arizona. and to be perfectly honest. "You can always call me. brushing her tears from her cheeks." . For the longest time. Callie began to stir in Arizona's arms. in an attempt to take some of her pain away." "Calliope. The blonde's eyelids fluttered open. I won't have the strength to let you go. so just go now. Arizona knew that Callie needed her there. As angry as Callie was with the Arizona. She placed her hands underneath the flowing water before splashing some on her face." Frustrated.neck. She had spent plenty of time being angry at the blonde. no matter how much closure Callie had. the brunette turned on the faucet. "You slept with me. "Don't play dumb Arizona. Closure. she knew she couldn't deny her love for the blonde." Arizona swooped in for one last kiss. but she still wasn't exactly prepared. You're the one who walked out without a goodbye. That wasn't going away. Callie glanced at herself in the mirror. allowing the anger she had felt for the past couple of months seep out of her. The brunette allowed herself to succumb to her true feelings as she indulged in this final moment with the woman she loved." "No you didn't. Allow me to be here for you. coming face to face with a rather enraged Latina. "I did say goodbye. it still stung." "Calliope. Once the initial shock and sadness of Arizona's departure wore off. "You aren't going to call." "Likewise Arizona. manifesting itself as venom dripping from her tone." Arizona replied with a sigh. Shakily." Arizona frowned. told me you loved me. and then didn't have the guts to give me a kiss goodbye in the morning." "Until when?" Callie asked. Calliope. water dripping from her nose and lips. Callie seethed with rage. She needed this. Her lips gently slid against Callie's as she cupped her face. but she didn't want to let the Latina toss her aside. Callie thought she would angry if she ever saw Arizona again." Callie sighed. there was a chance this would happen. "Until you leave again? If you stay Arizona. Arizona ran her hands through her hair. I get that you're sad. and I love you too. "but don't push me away. Arizona whispered. I love you. You didn't even call. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Arizona asked as she rubbed her eyes. It will break me. She knew that by coming down here. Callie pushed open the door to Joe's dingy bathroom. navigating her way to the sink. The blonde draped an arm around Callie. After a few hours.

causing her thoughts and memories to swirl around her already tipsy brain. is that you?" Smirking. Without warning. She leaned in. "Oh I'm sorry. Mark. Arizona?" The blonde tilted her head in that perfect way Callie adored. pulling the blonde back to him. "this is awkward. Like you got married in Vegas…to a man. and I know that I left you. Mark. her long hair swinging over her shoulder as she did so. obviously not happy with the current situation. however. People talk where we work and I've been hearing about this Dr. "Blondie." she whispered. Arizona exited the bathroom and right into the body of Mark Sloan. It was."You aren't either. "that is not the point. Mark. Arizona gently cupped the Latina's face." "Torres know you're here Arizona?" Mark asked. but I can think of a better reason of why I should. That was shocking. "Goodbye Calliope. "You would have avoided me?" Arizona shook her head." Turning on her heel. slipping out to the hall. Torres person for a couple of days now and I know things about you. "Goodbye Arizona." Arizona caressed Callie's cheek one last time before walking towards the door. "I think you know. But. purposely drawing out her name. and it's funny that I didn't realize you work at the hospital too. Callie jumped as the door swung open." Callie whispered. Arizona murmured. the worst day of her life. "Just wait. I just wanted you to know that I didn't stalk you and if I had any idea you were working here then…" "What Arizona?" Callie asked heatedly. Seeing Arizona again had brought it all back. pressing her lips against Callie's softly. without a doubt. that terrible day. Callie opened the bathroom door. . "I know that we spent one summer together ten years ago." Callie barked." "Suck it. was pretty quick. Arizona brushed Mark's hand off of her. He grabbed her elbow. taking a deep breath. Because well." Arizona stopped herself. Her heart stopped as she realized who was present in the bathroom. and I know that there are ten thousand reasons why I shouldn't ask you to dinner. joining the crowded hallway. "No Calliope. "The name is Arizona." Arizona stepped closer to the now panicking brunette. At that precise moment. "Wanna give me a hint." Callie wiped her face with a couple of paper towels." Mark said boisterously. She turned around." Callie chuckled sarcastically. "Well." she mumbled as she tried to walk away. "I've been at the hospital for a couple days. "Arizona." Arizona cut her off. holding up her hand. She hated thinking about that day. people talk. Pulling away before Callie could deepen the kiss. I would have asked you to dinner sooner.

Arizona hadn't just cut ties with Calliope. part of it was planned and others were not. It wasn't until she randomly got a text from Teddy in December of her first year at Harvard that Arizona ." Callie declared. one that she resolved to not let slip through her fingers. but the blonde was hoping for the former. then I will leave you alone." Callie looked at Arizona with tear filled eyes. "Did you see who was he…" she stopped mid-sentence as she realized exactly how crowded the hallway was becoming." Lexie called from down the hallway. a giddy smile adorning her features. The Latina had finally relented and agreed to allow Arizona to take her out to dinner. "Someone might see you drunk and try to take advantage. and things seemed to be going well. "You should be careful Dr." Arizona replied. Teddy. "Tell me you've stopped loving me. downing them easily." "Are you flirting with me?" Arizona rolled her eyes. But I think you feel everything I do. It was the end of her first week. She didn't really have the chance to get to know anyone besides. you've seen her. She picked up a couple of charts. She found it amusing and rather shocking that seemingly everyone from that summer had turned up in Seattle. She was really the only person with whom Arizona had even attempted to stay in contact." Arizona quipped as she slid onto the stool next to Callie's. Mark. and Lexie. From the second she saw the brunette's name on the OR board. I think you're finally feeling that fire ignite inside you that you haven't felt in years. but with everyone. Arizona grinned."Mark. placing a finger over Callie's lips. Torres. "Any big plans tonight?" Teddy asked the blonde." "I'm getting a drink. and for the first time in years Arizona felt genuinely happy. Ok. She decided her plan for the afternoon and was about to leave when she heard someone come up behind her. From what she understood. Arizona came to a halt at the nurses' station. "Our love is all that matters tonight. If you can tell me that you are over that amazing summer. But we're so…" "Shhhh." "Why don't you just leave me alone?" Arizona grazed her fingertips under Callie's chin. It had been two days since she saw Calliope at Joe's. "Yeah. She signaled for Joe to give two more shots. "Of course I'm flirting with you Calliope. Arizona just knew that this was their second chance. marching over to the bar. flipping through them quickly. She couldn't wait to ask Calliope about it at dinner. It was unclear whether this was a date or just dinner. After the funeral. "Of course I still love you Arizona. the Latina. I'm just going to go now. Teddy being here was a godsend." Arizona wheeled down the halls of Seattle Grace in her trademark heelys. but she hadn't really made much effort. that you feel nothing when I look at you.

we still had a fantastic connection." Teddy arched an eyebrow. Even after all these years." Arizona bemused. that I don't even know where to start. Over the years. pushing himself off the couch. "To be honest. but still not the point. "no." Teddy called over her shoulder. but you're going to have to pop the bubble.tried to maintain their friendship." Callie whined as she paced across the floor. "Pop the bubble. "Mark. I know you're in this bubble of lovely 'oh my gosh I just found the one that got away'…ness. however. It sucked to have friends who were intelligent and rational sometimes. "That's not the point. we haven't even spoken. One. She got married." "So then what is the point?" "That's just it. after I cornered her in the bathroom. Teddy. Callie had dinner with Arizona tonight and she was freaking out. and lost her ex-husband in an accident all within the period of a few short years. We're a walking cliché. Mark was grateful. And I asked her out on a date. Arizona. but Teddy." Arizona exhaled." Mark said. was left in a parking lot by Erica Hahn. that it hadn't turned into a Spanish rant. leaving Arizona at the counter. you really need to figure it out. but they were here now. "I'm going to dinner with Calliope. Torres." Teddy chuckled as she walked down the hall." Teddy pointed out not so helpfully. it faded over time. Having Arizona return was both a blessing and a curse from where Teddy stood. It'd be one thing if we just hadn't dated in twelve years. "I have no idea what I am going to do." Mark sat on the couch. "The sex was fantastic." Arizona frowned at Teddy's truthful words. divorced. "I'm not entirely sure" Teddy snapped the chart she was scanning shut." Teddy arched an eyebrow. Of course like with most things. Word. "You're . She knew how hard the past couple of years had been for Callie. Not. "I'll tell you what you're going to do. watching his best friend burn a hole through the floor. "But my bubble is so pretty and pink. I mean it's been what? Twelve years? There are so many things that are screwed up with this. "So the sex isn't worth mentioning?" "Fine. he had picked up a few words because of Callie's outbursts. Arizona waved her hand dismissively." "You're forgetting the sex after the bathroom incident. "You sure that's a good idea?" "Honestly. I'm not sure." Arizona said as her face fell. but not to the point that he was actual help. I'd really hate to see this blow up in everyone's face.

"Hey!" She exclaimed. then you're happy. disappearing magician." . halting the Latina in her tracks. He ran a hand exhaustedly through his salt and pepper hair. Mark pulled the red head into the apartment. He gestured to the still pacing Callie by the couch. blue eyed. She took one look at Callie before tossing a shoe in the Latina's general direction and retreating to her bedroom." Addison shrugged. saying something about the return of the blonde haired. then you're sad. revealing Addison Forbes Montgomery. I'm so freaking confused. tu no sabes nada sobre lo que estoy sintiendo. She's amazing." "Would you listen to yourself?" Mark all but yelled. Mark moved to the door. then you're pissed." Callie gaped at him in shock." Callie replied." he said accusingly. Upon the second and considerably more impatient knock. "Mark. slamming the door behind her. Without a hello. "What are you doing here? I didn't expect to see you for a couple of months. "This is why I was pissed when you moved to LA." Mark swore under his breath as Callie went off on her Spanish rant. Cristina opened the door to the apartment and pushed by the two surgeons already populating the entryway.going to go get all gussied up." Upon seeing her other best friend." "Mierda. "You don't get to be mad at her. Glancing over his shoulder at his Spanish speaking best friend. "Come over here and give me a hug. "You left me with the Spanish ranting quasilesbian and the angry Korean. What was her name?" "Arizona. Try not to be rude. "Whatever. Mark tilted his head towards the sky and said a silent thank you. Of course he would make this about sex. then you're ecstatic. Callie bounded across the living room to embrace Addison. So whatever. eyes wide. "First you're pissed." Mark poked Addison in the shoulder. "I received a distressed call from Mark a couple of days ago. "No sabes nada." Callie retorted. As he heard a knock on the apartment door. "You're just jealous because I can fix it and you can't." Addison smirked. have dinner with Arizona. knowing full well that Addison knew her name." "Can you try to be understanding?" Callie asked. and then proceed to show her all the tricks you've learned in 12 years. You left me with her. He checked his phone. praying to whoever would listen that his back up was near arrival. "Oh and the angry Korean." Addison rolled her eyes. beginning to get angry. the timing just sucked." Mark pouted. he swung open the door. Mark and I put up with the sobbing." On cue. "And now you're here and you get to fix it. Her old friend had a knack for being a bit of a bitch at times. "You know her name Addison." "Calliope!" Addison yelled. just make her stop. "I better know her name.

Arizona. it was that even with the simplest kiss. She was happy to have this shot with Arizona. On one hand she was ecstatic that Arizona was in Seattle. Callie cowered behind Addison as Mark opened the door. but on the other she was unsure and nervous. "I haven't seen or heard from the woman in twelve years and now we're going on a date. not knowing if she should answer that." Addison and Mark chorused. hoping her friend would find the confidence she needed to get through this night. Arizona Robbins still possessed the power to turn Callie's world upside down. "I'm staying at the Archfield. "I have a date with Arizona Robbins. very clever. but also Callie was incredibly nervous. "Ready as I'll ever be. As they walked up the sidewalk. . "Calliope." The brunette ran a hair through her raven locks. The other night had shown that she and Arizona couldn't exactly be within an enclosed space without pulling at each other's clothes. the cool night air tickling their skin. She still loves you and you still love her. She was terrified. Callie was supposed to meet someone who could actually sweep her off her feet and make the Latina forget all about the blonde summer dream from so many years ago. "Is Calliope home?" Mark snickered. What if Arizona didn't feel what she did all those years ago? What if she left? Of course." Callie nodded." Addison pushed Callie towards the door. but she was hesitant to take her hand completely. a panicked look appearing on her face." Callie looked over her shoulder at her two friends as she approached Arizona. The blonde tilted her head. Arizona stood in the hall.Callie collapsed on one of the bar stools." Addison whispered." "We know Callie. Callie's fingers brushed against Arizona's. "Clever. Maybe that was the problem. "Just be yourself. Blondie. "It's good to see you." Addison enveloped the brunette into a long hug. a smile lighting up her features. "Call me later. panic evident in her eyes. delivering her trademark dimpled smile. The other night at Joe's she had given in completely. handing her body and soul to Arizona. "You're confused? Imagine how I feel. Callie was completely torn about how she should be feeling. The rest will work itself out. Callie knew she was being ridiculous. This wasn't ever supposed to happen." "Are you ready to go?" Callie swallowed hard." The three doctors jumped as they heard a knock on the door." Arizona led them down to the street. Arizona freaking Robbins. If that kiss in Joe's bathroom had proven anything. Callie couldn't quite understand her own reaction. surprised to see not only Mark but Addison as well." Arizona said warmly. "You too.

"That night." "So what did you mean?" Arizona sighed." Arizona hinted. The blonde across the table. I was going to say great. grateful that the blonde had picked a place Callie was sure to enjoy. this was what she had prayed for. "Oh. Callie shifted uncomfortably in her seat after she ordered her wine. marveling at the small shock that passed through her body. too. indicating that was where they were headed. trying to fix the situation. She pointed to the sign outside of the restaurant." Arizona finished with an exhale. She had hoped for the better part of twelve years to wake up and see Arizona's ocean blue eyes staring back at her. Erica had curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. and at a loss. very much. giving away her source. Callie grabbed the blonde's hand. She loved that Arizona didn't swear all that much. Don't get me wrong. Callie returned Arizona's smile. if Callie were truthful. Callie had a great time. I've just been nervous and anxious. She wasn't exactly sure how to explain herself or her actions. I just don't think it was the best way for us to move forward. dragging Arizona to Seattle and back into Callie's life. reconnecting in that way was amazing. Deciding to just bite the bullet. a bit of an awkward silence hanging over them in a cloud like haze. it was rare for a curse to leave the blonde's lips. sharing that night with you." Callie conceded. That wasn't what she hoped the blonde would say. Arizona immediately took a long sip of her chardonnay. "No no. and sleeping together on the first night had not been her best decision. "A bad idea. That wasn't what I meant. "You're right. Tracing her finger around the glass. Calliope. Even while they were at Culver together. unsure about everything. However. Callie slunk in her seat. "The past couple of days. it was great. Callie nodded. She supposed it was a habit from working with kids all the time." Callie stared at the blonde across from her. but once I kissed you in the bathroom. I remembered everything I felt that summer. I would have liked to take things slow. a smile gracing her lips. my heart stopped. subconsciously leaning over the table. the blonde finally broke the silence." The women sat down at the table. Once the waiter returned with their wine. it all went to you know what. it easily was the best sex she'd had in years." .Instead. There was so much hovering above them. "About the other night…" "It was…" Callie interjected. she dreamed of Arizona. "I do. "Mark told me you liked this place. Even when she was with George. and I flirted a lot. sat uncomfortably. when I saw you. Arizona looked over at Callie." Arizona's eyes widened as she fumbled over her words. needless to say Arizona had also been on her mind while she had embarked on that awkward tryst. God had played a cruel trick.

smirking as she took another bite of pasta. We've missed so much of each others' lives. Meredith and her mom have always had a weird relationship. If she and Arizona had a chance to actually go somewhere. so I guess we should be figuring out what it is we're doing then. so I want a chance to get to know you. did her residency here. "it depends on what you want from a relationship right now. So what do you want to know?" Arizona relaxed into her seat. but that's only two of them. she returned her gaze to Arizona. but I fell in love with you twelve years ago. She had been feeling the same way. leaning forward and allowing her drop suggestively. lifting the noodles to her lips." She replied as a plate of pasta was placed in front of her. So much has happened since then. We know we have feelings for one another. Callie's eyes widened at the hidden suggestion in Arizona's words. "I thought we decided sex was a bad idea. She savored the flavorful tomato cream sauce as it slid past her lips. glad the stressful portion was over. "So what are we doing?" Arizona swallowed her own bite of food before dabbing at her mouth with her napkin. "Ok. She paused." Arizona nodded in understanding. "Ok. "Ok. I'm just…hesitant you know?" Callie replied honestly as she took a sip of wine." She began as she place her napkin back into her lap. After swallowing. "I said sex the other night was a bad idea. the brunette knew better now." Callie nodded. brushing away a piece of hair. Then. Using her fork. Playing games was not on her agenda at the moment. but without knowing that it has to end." The blonde exhaled. "I want us to have our shot. why don't you fill me in on how in the world I feel like I walked into Culver?" Callie let out a laugh at Arizona's comment. She had just turned 33 and was a newly promoted attending. and I guess moving out here was a way for her to reconcile that." Arizona shook her head. As much as she may have wanted to rush into things with Arizona. or if you want one at all. Meredith and Cristina showed up because Ellis Grey. "I think we need to take it one step at a time. What about everyone else?" ." Callie smiled in agreement. fiddling with her hands as she pondered what to say next. "It's funny actually. I want to fall in love with you again. Arizona. picking up where they left off." Arizona nodded enthusiastically. for starters. "I think we should. still working on her pasta." Arizona said. Meredith's mother. She was happy things were working in the best possible way for which she could have hoped. "I don't know exactly how to deal with this. "Well. "Well. Either way is fine with me. Callie was in. the Latina stabbed at some penne." "I'm not looking for a sex buddy. I came out here for my residency and at the time I was the only one here.Arizona nodded.

She leaned forward. Calliope. Callie shifted her weight nervously from one foot to another. I had no clue until everyone else did." "But…" "No buts. "Talk to her about it. her eyes glinting just a little bit. "So…I um. both he and Teddy enlisted a few years ago. Hand in hand. but she held up a hand to quickly silence her. so Owen enlisting was something for which she was thankful. coming to a stop in front of the few steps leading to the door." Arizona replied strongly. "Before you ask…neither one of them told me. Mark ended up staying as well. "Excuse me what?" Callie took a deep breath before spilling the information. "What?" Callie shrugged. She slid out from the booth and stood next to Arizona." "Oh. but by then Addison was already working here. The women finished their meal in a comfortable silence. Upon seeing this. It was an absolute mess. And Teddy showing up was planned. I'm sure she'd tell you. but the reason Derek left New York in the first place was because Addison and Mark slept together. "If memory serves me correctly." Arizona nodded as a lull in the conversation washed over them. Derek eventually left Addison for Meredith. was still married to Addison. "He's finishing up a tour in Iraq." Arizona coughed as she nearly choked on a noodle." Callie replied." ." "Teddy enlisted?" Arizona exclaimed. Derek moved out here to be the new neuro attending at the same time as Meredith and Cristina. though she felt a sense of pride and gratitude. remembering the various dates she had spent with Arizona that summer. it's crazy. "You aren't paying tonight. however. that's him." Callie said. Mark came out here and got punched in the face by Derek. Lacing her fingers through the blonde's. Derek. "I know." "He's in the army?" Arizona asked. She saw the blonde open her mouth to speak. a little surprised. Her brother died a few years ago because of a dearth of doctors overseas. As Arizona called for the check. recognizing the name. "Yeah." Arizona replied.Callie smiled wryly. I owe you a meal or two. I think she's planning to bribe Owen to come out here too. they made the quick journey back to Callie's apartment building. Callie immediately reached for her purse. she led them out to the evening Seattle air. smirking as she took another sip of wine. and they resumed their previous relationship. He ended up sleeping with Meredith on the first night.. the blonde shook her head. "Owen is Teddy's best friend who was never around that summer right?" "Yeah. "See that's where it gets sticky." Callie blushed.

Me too. "I don't want to go to work. "Good Night Arizona. A smile graced her lips at the sight of wavy. The woman's caramel skin glistened in the sunlight. Callie's breath caught as Arizona's intoxicating scent surrounded her. "Good night." Arizona smiled at the sight of this beautiful woman in bed with her. She stood there panting. "Mmmm." Arizona nuzzled into Callie's body. She still felt the tingling of her lips from the kiss they shared. even though she had often felt the need to be the protector herself. Callie finally tore her lips away from Arizona's." They turned on their heels and walked quickly in opposite directions."I had a really good time. her chest heaving. Even after so many years. As she sped off to her own apartment. Being with the Latina calmed Arizona. "good morning." Callie called over her shoulder as she opened the door to her building. There was just something so equal about her partnership with Callie. opening the door to her car. gently pressing her lips against Arizona's in a sweet kiss. Arizona. "I've always enjoyed it when you held me. They had only been . Her heart swelled as a lazy smile crossed the Latina's face. Callie answered by eagerly capturing Arizona's lips with her own. "Me too." Callie moaned as she turned over in Arizona's arms. Her toes curled as she arched her back off the bed. trying to bury herself further into her lovers embrace. Completely forgetting they were still outside." Arizona hesitantly leaned forward. Calliope. stretching to feel the warm body beside her. she would be hard pressed to do so later. Arizona stirred. "It is a good morning. She knew that if she didn't walk away now. stepping forward and closing the gap between them." Arizona mused. Reconnecting with the blonde had gone as well as Callie had hoped. she turned to face the other body. She loved the feeling. silently asking permission to kiss the Latina. Their night had been fantastic." Arizona gripped the railing. "I'm uh gonna go. Needing oxygen. trying to catch her breath. It amazed the blonde that this woman made her feel so much. "Yeah. She brushed a strand of hair from Callie's face." Arizona said. the two women molded their bodies together. Arizona's hands roamed the brunette's ample curves as their tongues caressed each other. What started as a series of short kisses escalated quickly as Arizona gingerly ran her tongue along Callie's upper lip. Yawning. enticing Arizona's lips to the back of her shoulder. Calliope. The night couldn't have been more perfect." Arizona returned." Callie leaned up. dark hair. the behaved so comfortably together. and Arizona was excited for what tomorrow would bring. Arizona couldn't help but feel hopeful for their future. it made the blonde feel safe and protected. Calliope. Her eyes darkened with arousal as she took in Callie's disheveled appearance.

" Callie replied quickly. her world shattering. Except…love hadn't been enough to keep them together before. To say the blonde was confused definitely qualified as an understatement. She had waited so long to hear those words from the woman lying in her bed. The snarky resident had stayed with Meredith the previous night. At least she didn't have to wait for her girlfriend to finish her solo shower. Arizona suspected that result occurred because of their very complicated past. but Callie was pulling away. Callie still hadn't fully reconciled. and the sun caressed my skin wonderfully. A look of shock crossed her soft features as the shower started. Arizona. this morning. and she knew the reason. throwing the covers from her body. to look her girlfriend in the eyes. "Do you remember our last day at Culver?" Callie frowned.together for a few months. when a certain letter caught her eye. Her spirit was breaking. she forced a smile that most assuredly did not reach her chocolate eyes. So. As Arizona felt the warm water against her skin. That did not go according to plan. but had achieved a level of comfort and equality that neither had ever expected so soon. She made her way back to the room she had basically been sharing with Callie for the past month or so. she was happy. She picked up the open letter from Mayo. That hadn't happened in weeks. Since that hour I spent in your arms. and she highly doubted it would be now. Accidentally bumping into the small table by the couch. returning her lips to Callie's in a lingering kiss." Arizona stared at her girlfriend's retreating form as she disappeared into the bathroom. a smirk danced across Arizona's lips. "I love you too. Sighing exasperatedly. She quickly gathered the envelopes and magazines and was about to put one on the table. she hoped it would help soothe the uneasiness swelling in the pit of her stomach. How could I forget?" The smirk that played on the blonde's lips curled into a smile. "I'm going to hop in the shower because we are going to be late if we don't get ready soon. I've been trying to recreate that feeling." Arizona confessed. but she also knew that she wasn't ready to confront the situation. Your arms were around me. Pulling back. So instead of confessing. She opted for a short shower. Arizona cursed as she knocked over a stack of mail. a past that Arizona both loved and hated. but once again. seemingly in a millisecond. and of course it was getting serious. Unfortunately. The Latina recognized her behavior. She had no idea how she was going to tell Arizona about the phone call she received last night or what it meant for them. exiting quickly and wrapping her signature teal blue towel around her body. the wind from the water wisped over my face. She and Arizona had been together for a few months. That day was the happiest of her life. but it was also dreadfully painful. It wasn't until I woke up in your arms for the first time in twelve years that I felt it again. "I'm in love with you Calliope Torres. that was not the case. which over ten years later." Callie felt like she was going to be sick. "Of course I remember. Her final summer in Culver was wrapped in a myriad of emotions. her eyes scanning its contents. "My favorite part of that day was sitting on your lap by the lake. "What just happened?" Arizona whispered to herself. She didn't even get an invitation. . the blonde grabbed her clothes and made her way to Cristina's room. I was so intoxicated by the atmosphere. Arizona's heart plummeted as she placed the letter back on the table. and all she had to cling to was the love she had for this woman. everything was wrong.

"You went through my mail?" Callie shouted accusingly. Callie's eyes narrowed. tapping her foot impatiently and waiting for its arrival. She took a deep breath. a very large." Callie stomped off towards the door grabbing. waiting for him to get off his lazy butt and get ready. It was open. gesturing towards the letter. The woman with whom she was in love had been keeping a secret from her. stepping into the hallway next to Callie and pulling the door shut behind him. glancing down onto the table. Her life was hostile to her sanity at this moment. "Ok. She opened the door harshly before stepping through the doorway and slamming it behind her. She pushed open the door to the apartment building. "You going to tell me why you're so upset. She turned to Mark." Arizona replied. She felt bad about walking out on Arizona like that. "What were you doing? You look guilty. ignoring the question. Impatiently." Mark replied." When Arizona didn't answer and instead shifted her weight uncomfortably. stepping out into the cool air. Upon seeing the Mayo letter on top. She would tell Mark." . She was hoping to tell the blonde about the Mayo situation on her own time. riding it to the bottom. life altering secret. "Damn Torres. clearly incredulous at her girlfriend's actions.The door to the bedroom opened. "I had no right? I'm in love with you! And this. She wheeled on the blonde angrily. "To work!" Callie returned to the blonde. sounding harsher than she meant to. she just needed a few minutes." "So you read it?" Callie asked. "You had no right. so until she had a whiff of morning air." Callie didn't answer. Finally hearing the ding. but she didn't know how else to deal with it." Now it was Arizona's turn to get angry." Mark pushed off the step to the building in an attempt to keep up with Callie. what's got your panties in a twist?" Callie shook her head. "But don't think you're off the hook. who was practically jogging to keep up with her. but time was running out. as was her relationship with Arizona it seemed. She blushed like she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar." She yelled. "I accidentally ran into the table and knocked off the mail. We're talking about this. Mark opened the door to a stern glare from his best friend. She simply walked to the elevator. her leather jacket along the way." Callie stalked across the road in the direction of the hospital. "I got the job at Mayo. stopping to rap loudly on Mark's door. "Can we just go to work?" "Fine. relishing in the soothing feeling the rush of sweet air brought to her nostrils. "Let's go Sloan!" The Latina shouted. "Let's walk. she and Mark stepped onto the elevator platform. she stood. "changes everything. causing Arizona to jump." she exhaled. "Of course not. Callie stepped forward. I picked up that letter last. Calliope. Callie arched an eyebrow. She stalked across the hallway. she was not discussing this issue. "Where are you going?" Arizona shouted after her. That wasn't there before.

"Altman. remaining steadfast and nonjudgmental." . hopeful that Arizona wouldn't pop around the corner and beat him to Teddy. "No. They exited and began to walk down the hallway. Mark watched his best friend hurriedly leave sadly. but truthfully it wasn't really working." "This is a problem. letting out a low whistle. Cursing under her breath. Apparently Callie fit that description. gesturing between the two of them. he didn't think that the potential promise of a serious relationship. but they called last night to tell me they expected an answer within the next couple of days. They had been friends since they were kids. "we have a problem." Mark said. A ding rang through the elevator. Callie was happy right now. This was an opportunity of a life time. She had applied for the Mayo job on a whim. he couldn't let his best friend turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity because of a still newish relationship. riding it to the surgical floor." Mark deadpanned. At the same time. "How long have you known?" Callie scratched her head before pulling on the door to the hospital. He was trying to be grown up about the situation. Arizona made her happy."Wow. The current Head of Ortho at Seattle Grace was only ten years older than Callie. months ago." he said. "Do you have any idea what you're going to do?" Callie sighed and shook her head. signaling their arrival on the floor. so they wouldn't make a fool of themselves with other people. "I got a letter a couple of weeks ago. Teddy caught his eye over by the nurses' station. he knew that. He was there through the whole Arizona fiasco. so they offered her a contract that gave her the Head of Orthopedic surgery position within two years." The two friends stepped in the hospital elevator. I have no idea what I'm going to do. who did interesting things in the field. however. she gave Mark on last sad look and headed down the hall towards the pit. They were looking for someone young. she still hesitated." she began. But he'd be lying if he said he was thrilled with her presence. and Mark also knew that. so if she elected to stay. And as much as he wanted to keep seeing Callie's smile every day. He approached her stealthily. He held her when she cried about her father. The woman simply had a knack for bad timing. Callie groaned as her pager sounded in the hallway. They lost their virginity together. Not having Callie here would simply be awful. But knowing all that. "And she has to answer them soon." Mark said as he followed Callie into the building. She stood by him even through the Derek and Meredith drama. He was at a loss. his voice barely above a whisper. It was a guarantee of great resources at the second best hospital for orthopedics in the country. "How could we. and her friends should hold the Latina back. she'd be waiting for a while. "have a problem?" "Callie got the Mayo job." Teddy arched her eyebrows in surprise.

but that doesn't change the fact that the woman I love could be moving to Minnesota. That's a little unfair." Teddy cursed. Mark and Teddy looked up to find the blonde staring at them curiously." Arizona confessed. "You mean the job offer from Mayo that I accidentally stumbled upon this morning? Yeah. "Maybe. she gets me. her feet shuffling uncomfortably. She had forgotten about the Mayo job. Maybe Teddy was right. but Arizona had been in love with Callie Torres for a long time. Just after Callie finished the application and interview process. Sometimes the blonde needed to be beaten over the head with some sense. "On that note. My gut says she's leaning towards going." "You love her?" Teddy mused. I'm going to leave. She had seen Callie struggle. "She didn't tell me about the Mayo offer. She understands who I am." Mark concluded. "Go talk to her." Arizona looked towards the ground. don't be a hypocrite. . leaning against the wall with his arms crossed." Arizona rolled her eyes. "I'm sure you know exactly what it was about. She didn't want to pick sides. you're on a six month contract with no guarantee you'll be staying. "What was that about?" Teddy gazed sternly at her blonde friend. pushing himself from the wall. clearly perturbed with the situation. And also. "Do you have any idea what she's going to do?" Mark shook his head. I guess I know what it's about. "What about Arizona?" Mark shrugged. Addison already left. she sound off wheels clicking against the floor filled the hallway. Teddy joined him in leaning against the wall. She applied before you got here. I hate being an adult. but she had been around for the past few years. they all had. or have it appear to Arizona that she had sided with Callie." Arizona sighed dejectedly. but Teddy." "Can you really blame her." Arizona gave Teddy an odd look at Mark's abrupt departure. maybe it was fast. I fell in love with her during a summer twelve years ago. and I've never gotten over it. "Well. I accidentally knocked over the mail and found it by sheer coincidence. "She's mad at me." This was why Arizona loved Teddy." "So then why are you talking to me?" Teddy asked sincerely. it is. "A little fast don't you think?" Arizona shrugged. Teddy ran a hand through her hair in frustration. and it sucks. what about Arizona?" Just then. "No idea. Arizona showed up. "We all forgot about it. She'd had twelve years to mull over her feelings for the Latina. Arizona?" Teddy asked gently. We're getting to the point where we have to think about careers. "You're right. I wish we could all stay together. but we all knew the separation would come eventually."Damn. and she wasn't sure what was going to happen with this decision.

"You know. yet again. Entering the cafeteria. there could potentially be quite a lot of shuffling amongst their group. Only Derek and Mark. slumping into her chair. Teddy set down her tray next to Meredith. sliding into the chair. Teddy knew that within the next few years. along with their significant others. Meredith. Callie's cartilage research would be put to great use there. The cardio surgeon sighed as she walked down the hall towards the cafeteria. but she found that she was distracted by the drama unfolding around her. There was something magical about that place. While caring about hospital rankings wasn't uncommon. . into the Culver niche." "I'm trying. "I have to go. having a feeling that she knew what was going on. But with Callie's impending departure. I told her I loved her this morning. carried an air of finality. All she wanted was to relax and eat some food. with whom she had spent the better part of ten summers. Have a little faith." "You're such a killjoy." Arizona replied. the tubing. It had been a long morning. however." Teddy placed a reassuring hand on the blonde's shoulder." Lexie said. their time together. huddled around a book while they munched on their food. and Lexie sat together. "Mayo is number two in orthopedics and has an emphasis on athlete medicine. so she was wiped. "It will work out. everyone had reached at least attending status. Other than Arizona. Teddy tried to concentrate on her charting. "Hey guys. She had to come in early because a patient needed emergency surgery. Lexie had been integrated. Teddy smiled remembering the parties. Mark and Derek. but it's just not going that well. Cristina. was an odd feeling with which to become acquainted." She told Teddy before rushing down the hall and out of sight. Now that most of them were here in Seattle. Teddy. They had literally grown up together. Teddy had been here for the shortest amount of time. and now Callie would probably leave for Mayo. Addison had left just before Teddy had arrived. and the flings. what are you doing?" "Looking over a book of hospital rankings and profiles. were heads of their department. Seeing the people. Teddy smirked." Teddy began."You know. "Do you want Callie to leave?" Meredith asked. it was all a bit surreal. She cursed as she was paged to the pit. formed a family of their own. spending their summers on a beautiful lake. It was no secret that the various relationships between the surgeons of this hospital were unusual. she made a beeline for the salads. She picked up a packaged chicken ceasar salad and bottle of water before joining the usual suspects at their table. over time. She and Meredith had actually formed a decent bond and they. pouring over a book was. Other than the younger residents. And all I got was a half-assed 'I love you too' and a kiss." Cristina replied.

you covered for me. That was enough to make it ok for now. Callie turned to her left. You took my panties off the bulletin board." she declared.Teddy shook her head." Callie sighed in frustration. Teddy let out a small chuckle. who just stood there confused. so I'm asking you not to leave. "You can't go to Mayo. scooting back from the table. but you've always been there. but also for everyone. Meredith exited the room. leaving a dumbfounded Callie in the exam room. Her eyes met Arizona's. her brown eyes locking with Meredith's. Naturally they fell and banged themselves up. A warm smile spread across Callie's lips. but Callie had communicated her apology through the simplest touch on the blonde's hand. "I'll see you guys at Joe's tonight. "Excuse me. If she decides to stay. I will support her in that decision as well." Callie added. I could call you Little Grey. Callie wheeled around. I'm still bitter about that." She grabbed her tray and walked towards the door of the cafeteria. in a dirty bar bathroom." Meredith stepped forward. "Of course not. but if she decides to leave. . "I'm not sure how to respond to that. loving the fact they could still banter a bit even when things were tense." Meredith blurted. I will support her. asking people if they had seen Callie anywhere." Arizona quipped. Then you made fun of me for getting married in Vegas. When all that crap happened with Derek at prom." Having said her piece." Meredith stopped to take a deep breath. a couple of kids had been riding their bikes down a treacherous hill without hands. As she made her way to the ortho wing. She wandered down the hospital halls. "I'm going to kill Mark. for me. "You can't leave. even though Addison is your best friend. Calliope. She knew exactly how she planned on responding. I know that they're number two in the country and that you can do a lot with your cartilage research there. so Callie had been paged to deal with the broken bones. "It's called wisdom. It was a little awkward after what happened this morning and the talk flying around the hospital. but we can't keep thinking that we're all going to be here forever." "I hate that you're rational." Meredith slammed her hands on the table in defiance. After dropping her tray in the garbage. She had been paged to the pit by Callie a couple hours ago. Meredith pushed the doors open. "Callie calls me little Grey. At first. for the record. catching the door just before it closed. but you're the glue. "I remember you telling me that. "I know that we aren't necessarily close. "I'm going to talk to her. Meredith hustled after her. It could be worse." A look of sadness crept across Lexie's face. Meredith caught a flash of raven hair entering the exam room. looking over the bed near the door to the bathroom." Arizona said from the corner of the room. Apparently. Lexie." "You know people talk." Lexie pouted. "She had no idea I was here.

"I'm Callie by the way. The Latina was at a loss. clutching her cell phone in her right hand as she stared at the voicemail blinking at her. She didn't believe in fate. I never would have come. The tension in the room was palpable. Mayo had called again during her shift. but Callie did think the universe only gave so many chances. "Yeah?" "I'm sorry you found out the way you did. . "Let's talk about it tonight over dinner. there was no guarantee she and Arizona would have another shot. "Oh and Arizona?" The blonde snapped her head up from the chart. Their timing just sucked. despite their banter. She said you were cool. but through the haze Arizona was sure of her feelings for this woman. the whoosh of the entrance allowing the evening Seattle air to rush over Callie's face." "Would you like some company?" Arizona asked hopefully." Arizona heard Callie call to her." The Latina's eyes softened. "Don't be sorry. Take out?" Arizona nodded. throwing her gloves in the trash. "Wait. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. Pizza. And I'm sorry for how I dealt with it." However. "I'm sorry. Callie didn't know if she could survive if she walked away from Arizona. I'm just going to go out for a bit and clear my head. there was still the matter of Arizona. That had to count for something. the door clicking shut behind her. I think I just need to be alone. At Mayo she'd have virtually unlimited resources to continue her cartilage research." She turned on her heal and began to walk back up the pier. Arizona right?" The blonde nodded." "Me too. "Honestly. suddenly feeling embarrassed and really out of place. Callie pushed open the door of Seattle Grace Hospital. "I think I could use the company after all…if you still want to come anyway. "Oh ok. Teddy asked me if you could come. If she left." Callie finished tending to the boy on the bed." Arizona's face fell. "Yeah. but cardio and neuro were their specialties. "If I had known. and Callie was seriously beginning to question whether or not they could actually be together in the long haul." Arizona replied sadly as Callie left the room. Her knowing what was on the table was definitely a relief." Arizona whispered. but it still didn't make the decision any easier. The brunette left the building. again asking for a decision. and if she walked away now.Arizona scanned Callie's body with her eyes." "Ok. Seattle Grace was a phenomenal hospital. she would be on the fast track to a Head of Orthopedics job at one of the best hospitals in the country. "So…about Mayo." Callie replied as she prepared to leave the room.

"Arizona, Arizona!" Callie called from the kitchen Arizona rushed into the kitchen area of Callie's apartment, still dripping wet from her quick shower and wearing nothing but a towel. "What? Calliope, are you ok?" Callie smiled at the appearance of her blonde girlfriend. "Hey!" The Latina squealed. She had tomato sauce on her cheek, and flour all over her t-shirt. "Look what I made!" Arizona frowned as she walked over to Callie. "You interrupted my shower so you could show me a pizza?" The Latina smirked and clapped her hands together excitedly. "But Arizona, this isn't just any pizza. This is our pizza. I made it for us. Isn't that exciting?" "It'd be more exciting if I was dry and had on clothes," the blonde grumbled. Just then, Callie clapped some flour in Arizona's face, the substance sticking to her wet skin and hair. Before her girlfriend could open her mouth, the Latina dabbed a bit of tomato sauce on her nose. "My masterpiece is complete," She declared before running away from her very angry girlfriend. Her walk across the street was quick, as usual, but the brunette couldn't help but wish it took a little longer. Pulling open the door, she stepped into the apartment building. Callie stared at the elevator before turning away from the machine. She only lived on the fifth floor, so she could take the stairs. Callie breathed heavily as she trekked up the stairs, taking two at a time. When she reached the top, she bent over at the waist, gasping for air. Her legs burned; her heart pounding in her ears. The brunette put her hands on her knees before collapsing on the floor against the rough, cold surface of the stairwell wall. The Latina was completely drained. Her body was sore, and she as mentally and physically exhausted. She felt as if her head was going explode if she analyzed the situation. So for now, she was just going to relax against this grungy wall, and let her butt go numb from sitting on the cement floor. The emotion bubbled inside her, threatening to spill over with each thought of Arizona or Mayo. Callie knew in her heart what she had to do, but she didn't know if she could physically do it. Callie wiped her eyes as she pulled herself from the floor. Knowing that Arizona would send out a search party if she didn't make it to the apartment soon, the brunette decided it was best to exit the gloomy stairwell. Even if she was an emotional wreck, the comfort of her apartment was much more welcoming than concrete and a metal railing. The Latina felt as if everything moved in slow motion as she made her way down the hall to her apartment. Her vision blurred from the tears pooling in her eyes. She finally reached the doorknob, staring at the cold metal object. After taking a deep breath and composing herself, Callie entered the apartment. What she saw made her heart swell. The brunette could see Arizona's blonde curls hanging over the armrest. She only stretched out on the couch like this when she's accidentally fallen asleep. Smiling, Callie hung her coat up before kicking off her shoes. Making her way to the kitchen

area, Callie pulled a bottle of wine from the wine rack. She frowned when she noticed the rack was evenly split between red and white wine. Callie pushed open the door to her apartment to find Mark, Lexie, Teddy, Cristina, and Arizona bent all over each other. The living room furniture had been pushed to the edges of the room; the center now populated by her friends' sprawling bodies over a massive twister board. The brunette couldn't help but laugh as Mark balanced on one hand, using Teddy's slender form for extra support, flicked the spinner with his free hand. "Right foot green," Mark called out. They all groaned as they attempted to contort their bodies. Arizona managed to lift her head at the sound of her girlfriend's laugh. "Callie!" she yelled. "Come join us!" "No!" protested Teddy and Mark. Callie arched an eyebrow. "No?" "She wins every time," Mark whined. "Yeah," Teddy agreed. "She even has a special outfit that she's been wearing for twister ever since we first started playing when we were kids." Callie smirked as she retreated to her bedroom. Within a few minutes, she emerged wearing tie-dye tights¸ a paint splattered tank, and short purple shorts. "Ta da!" She exclaimed, striking a pose. At the sight of her girlfriend's ridiculous outfit, Arizona couldn't contain her laughter. She collapsed in a fit of giggles, dragging the group down with her in a heap of groans and twisted limbs. Arizona drank white wine. Arizona followed Callie to the middle of the patio. It was dark except for the light cast by the fire and the moon. The blonde tensed under the touch of Callie's fingers on her hips. The brunette's chest pressed against her back as their bodies moved against each other. Callie smiled as the other woman shuddered under her gentle touch. Arizona could feel the brunette's breath hot on her neck and it was driving her insane. Soon the breath was replaced with searing hot lips as Callie planted lingering kisses down the curve of the blonde's neck. Unable to take it anymore Arizona dragged Callie off the dance floor and into the house. She continued through the living room and into the foyer stopping by the stairs. Callie looked at her, clearly amused by Arizona's reaction. Not finding Callie's amusement funny, Arizona pressed her against the wall covering the Latina's body with her own. She captured Callie's lips in a fiery kiss, allowing herself to be completely consumed by the pleasure coursing through her body. Their hands explored one another's bodies, their lips . Callie could feel herself beginning to lose control. "Stop," she commanded breathily.

"Ok," Arizona replied, slowly regaining control of her breathing. "You drive me crazy." "Ditto." "We should get back before I do something stupid." "Yeah we should, but Calliope?" "Yeah?" "Happy Birthday." Biting her lip to try and keep her composure, Callie poured herself a glass of merlot. She stood at the counter, sipping lightly. The Latina savored the pleasant burn the liquid left in its wake as it slid down her throat. Callie's head snapped up as she heard a knock. Walking towards the door, she turned over her shoulder to check on Arizona. The knock must have woken her up, because the blonde now sat up on the couch, rubbing her eyes. The brunette returned her attention to the door, handing the pizza boy a wad of cash. "Keep the change," she said, taking the pizza from his hands. She shut the door before turning around¸ coming face to face with a groggy Arizona. "When did you get home?" Arizona asked, stretching while she yawned. "And why didn't you wake me up?" "I'm sorry, babe," Callie replied as she dropped a kiss on the blonde's forehead. "I know you've probably had a long day, so I just wanted to let you sleep for a bit before dinner." Arizona furrowed her brow. "Oh ok." Callie smiled warmly before setting the pizza down on the counter. She grabbed two plates from the cupboard by the sink, placing them next to the pizza. She handed Arizona a plate as she rounded the counter. The Latina raised her own slice to her lips after she slid onto the bar stool. They munched on their pizza in a deafening silence, neither sure how to broach the subject looming over them. Callie swallowed a bite of pizza as she hesitantly met Arizona's penetrating gaze. "So um…" Callie stammered. The brunette sighed in defeat. "I don't even know how to start this conversation." Arizona set her jaw, partially in anger, and partially to keep her emotions at bay. Her eyes darkened to deep cobalt, sadness clearly evident in the intoxicating orbs. "You could…tell me about the Mayo job." "Ok," Callie agreed, taking a deep breath, "Well, some months ago I heard whispers of a job opening at Mayo. I applied on a whim. I love Seattle; my friends are here; I've made a home here, but lately I've been thinking about my career. Jameson is only ten years older than me, and I don't want to wait until he retires before I'm the head of a department, so I can stay in Seattle." Callie paused, taking a long sip on her wine. This

but I didn't feel like transferring. smiling sadly at Callie. I'm not kidding. "All sorts of things. As the Latina's sobs subsided. though she wasn't sure if she believed it herself. Her shoulders shook as the tears streamed down her cheeks. I want to be here too. "I know I should have told you and I'm so sorry this is happening. whispering against her hair and kissing the top of her head. my sister and I. There must have been a hundred horses out there. Arizona gasped." "What sort of things?" Callie turned and faced the blonde. then they called last night." Callie trailed off. but I wasn't going to just up and leave. Once he visited. Her voice died in the sobs that began to wrack her body. this May the cancer returned only this time it was through his pancreas. "It'll be ok." Arizona murmured in wonder. "I flew to Rochester for an interview. We would go on bike rides and drive around to different places. grazing and eating. Arizona reached up and wiped it away. "I was supposed to go to Princeton." Callie murmured. "Callie. She wrapped her arms around Callie's blubbering form. but a few hours away at UF. They were in the large pasture that bordered the entrances to Culver. Callie led them off the path and deeper into the woods. Callie couldn't hold it together anymore." The Latina said. but they were up front that this was a very competitive and slow process. Things I know he wouldn't approve of and it just kills me and it eats me up inside." Upon seeing her lover completely deteriorate in front of her. but that only makes the guilt worse. Arizona tucked a . Then. You showed up a week later. "He has six months and I'm spending three of them here. Their fingers still entwined." Arizona murmured. His cancer was in remission by the end of last year. It was going to get messy. and I forgot about it. but the brunette knew things weren't going to stay this simple. but I found out my father had been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. I got the letter two weeks ago. "Beautiful isn't it?" A sad look crossed Callie's features. I know he wants it that way and to be quite honest." Arizona leaned in and kissed Callie softly on the cheek.was the easy part. He said it wasn't necessary. It was as she held her girlfriend that the blonde realized how much of a toll this had taken on Callie. I wasn't expecting any of this to happen. Plus to top it off. he loved it. "Ditto. I was so wrapped up in us and getting to know you that I just forgot about it. When they emerged. Arizona. He always wanted us. tears still running down her cheeks. So I stayed in Florida. so he just wanted to share that with us. a tear escaping down her cheek. "My father and I spent a lot of time together out on the back roads. I just find driving around the country soothing. Callie took a deep breath and continued. Arizona slid off her stool." At those words. The silent killer. and she was prepared for that…maybe. sadness and emotion lacing her voice. which went very well. I'm…" "You're what Callie?" "I'm feeling things. so I tend to do it a lot…especially lately. to get to know this place. I really did.

She stood in front of Arizona trying to catch her breath.loose strand of black hair behind Callie's ear. and as darkness fell around them. but it seemed the universe had it out for her relationship with Callie. wanting to remember everything about this night. Arizona?" Callie pleaded. They both knew what the move meant for their relationship. But this is Mayo. her own beginning to spill over the brim of her eyes. She gently placed a soft. Arizona reconnected their lips. "I love you." Callie begged. Callie's eyes flitted downward. This is your chance to break free. She tilted the brunette's head up. She always thought love would be enough. "But I don't want to do it." she conceded. each kiss." she murmured. Calliope. They continued to the bed. and do something important. The blonde wiped away Callie's tears. desperately clutching the brunette's hand. nervously kissing each other. As their lips met again and their bodies touched for the first time. Slowly and tenderly. They both knew how the other felt." Arizona nodded. Until this morning. lingering kiss on the brunette's full lips. tears again threatening to cascade from her brown eyes. "I'm nervous. lips the blonde loved so much. sliding her hands down the Latina's sides before grasping the hem of her tank and pulling it over her head. so I can have that to remember and to hold onto when I wake up in the morning. Everything about this was perfect. "Have you called them back?" ." "I love you. The blonde's heart broke at Callie's admission. I still remember you talking about Mayo twelve years ago." "Please. She pushed Callie's sweater off her shoulders." Without another word. "kiss me. they disrobed and completely opened themselves up to one another. you probably would. Callie gingerly removed Arizona's top. they faded into oblivion. Callie felt her world explode. so that she was forced to look Arizona in the eyes. "I know. They finally reached Callie's room. Her body was on fire." "I love you too. "You're leaving tomorrow. each touch electrified her skin. but we have tonight. "You know what you have to do. parting as Callie shut the door behind them. their moment. their lips never parting." "I can't let you give this up for me. "Me too. "I know. "I know that if I asked you to stay." Callie admitted. Arizona hadn't vocalized the depth of her feelings since her confession at Joe's. before you even knew you wanted to do orthopedics." Arizona replied." Callie frowned. but it wasn't something they necessarily talked about often. This was their time. their everything." They stumbled into the house and through the kitchen." "But what about us.

" The apartment was nearly packed. but she couldn't quite grasp it. I never meant to fall in love. only to be ripped apart after less than a year? Arizona wanted to scream. generous beyond belief. Indiana the summer before medical school. Calliope. Arizona felt a surge of pride." Callie called from the doorway to her bedroom. and I had to leave. So now. When I walked in on you dancing in your underwear. Calliope. Nothing about this was fair at all. freaking Mayo. "I love you. I never thought that I would find a love unlike anything I had ever experienced. Arizona This sucked. Maybe if Callie had been offered the Head of Orthopedics job for a hospital in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. "Hi" . with a future. Boxes were strewn everywhere. I told them I would give them an official decision tomorrow. Arizona plastered a smile on her face. That was the only way Arizona could even begin to describe the current situation. you take my breath away. she knew that it just wasn't going to happen. her girlfriend had to be a brilliant surgeon. Naturally. Callie's clothes spilling out of most of them. How could she be? The love of her life was moving to Minnesota. Arizona let herself into the apartment. I called them before I left the hospital. but I don't regret anything except for maybe the timing. and everything I did not expect to find when I applied to be a counselor in Culver. Instead. but I knew that if I had coffee and breakfast with you that I wouldn't be able to leave. The life she always saw herself having was right at her finger tips. Thank you so much for this summer. I hope that someday our paths cross again. and now she stood in the doorway of her girlfriend's almost packed apartment. supportive girlfriend. "Hey baby. After twelve years they had made it back to one another. But of course. Minne-freaking-sota. a forlorn look settling itself on her normally bright features. she was the smiling. I'm sorry I left. As badly as she wanted Callie to stay. A week ago they had been happy. Snapping out of her reverie. I want you to know that this summer was the best of my life without question. Calliope. anything that would make her feel just the slightest bit better. who at 32 was tracked to be a department head for one of the best hospitals in the country for her specialty. "Yeah. You are beautiful and kind. You are truly one of a kind. who knows what might have happened. I will probably be in Illinois. But as it stands. If things were different.Callie nodded. She was undoubtedly painted into a corner. Love always. It was Mayo. Who wouldn't? But pride was not enough for her to be truly happy with the situation." My Dearest Calliope. throw things. when Callie told her the news. here they were. if we had met at a different time in our lives. the blonde could have thrown a fit and in good conscience forced the Latina to stay. By the time you read this. Does Callie know how cold it is in Minnesota? The blonde was seriously worried for her lover's Miami blood.

Arizona. "Arizona. "What about the commitment you made to me? What about us?" the Latina asked. "What?" "Come with me. "You can turn in your resignation.. Calliope?" The brunette shrugged." The blonde shook her head. her blue eyes locking with Callie's captivating brown ones. rubbing her temples with her fingers. Arizona lifted her head off the Latina's shoulder." Arizona tried to start. cut her off. "And what isn't making sense?" "I just can't move across the country right now.." "Yeah. . Mayo is 2 hours from the Twin Cities. and move with me. Calliope." Callie replied. "Come on." "2 hours is a hell of a lot better than 1500 miles." "Calliope." Callie reiterated. Arizona. I don't think I could handle packing up your stuff to be honest. trying to make sense of everything that was being thrown at her. however. "Your contract is up in six months right? And there's no guarantee of renewal. I would like to enjoy my last few days in Seattle. apparently. It kinda sucked being home by myself packing. her voice rising as more emotion entered her voice. "She's gone off the deep end.The Latina crossed the open space of the apartment before capturing Arizona's lips in a tender kiss." "But what about my job." The taller woman wrapped her arms around Arizona. "Come with me. Callie. She had held back for so long. You're moving to Minnesota!" "See this is what I hate about relationships. you said so yourself." Callie threw her hands up in resignation." she pleaded. you can just look for jobs in the cities until something at Mayo opens up. "let's not do this please. looking away from Callie's intense gaze. This just doesn't make sense. "Callie. "This is not you." she whispered against her girlfriend's blonde hair. The brunette ran a hand through her raven hair as she let out a frustrated sigh. but she couldn't anymore. I made a commitment to Chief Webber and this hospital. well." Callie deadpanned. "I missed you today. Where is the supportive woman I love?" A sad smirk tugged at the corners of the blonde's lips." "I don't see how you expect me to not be upset." the blonde admitted. pulling her close.

Tears threatened to spill from the brunette's eyes as she fought with the touch pad of the kiosk. they were in their thirties." Callie countered as she retreated to the kitchen to make their dinner. The ride to the airport was tense. Arizona was confused. "You made your choice. "What would you have me do. After Arizona parked the car. Calliope?" "Anything Arizona!" the Latina responded. "I guess so. Callie sat in the car with Arizona. "Ask me to stay. Now."I love you. and you know damn well that I do care. Appearing next to her. sadness lingering in her eyes. She had no idea what Callie was talking about. Arizona? Are you really going to let me go without a fight?" . Arizona waited with the bags as the Latina checked in to get her boarding pass. so don't stand there and try to tell me I don't." Callie said slowly. the bags wheeling behind them. Since their little fight the other night. throwing her hands up in the air." The blonde turned on her heel to exit the lobby. "Doing what?" "You're just going to let me walk away?" Callie all but shouted in the middle of the airport lobby. "So I guess this is it then. and this poor kiosk felt it big time. the blonde grabbed the remaining dufflebag and laptop case. they walked towards the airport entrance. Callie frantically wiped her cheeks in order to compose herself." the brunette said. however. that it was plausible they could cross paths again. The frustration she had been feeling for the past couple of weeks was bubbling over. "You're going to just walk away. Callie. Before." Arizona spat. her own anger beginning to boil over. her luggage suitcases filling the small car to the brim. you know that." "I can't believe you're doing this. In silence. Callie shook her head in complete disbelief. both women had been feeling a certain air of finality. "Apparently it's not enough. they had been so young. Callie retrieved her two suitcases from the trunk. After finally managing to get her boarding passes. and placed them on the ground. The day had finally arrived. The blonde let out a long sigh." the blonde replied quickly. show me you care. She returned to Arizona. there may not be a third chance. so don't try and pin it on me. shaking her head. just do something!" "I can't ask you to stay.

She regretted saying the words the way she did. The woman with whom the blonde knew she was in love. It had been nearly a month since she put her girlfriend ." "Am I?" "I can't just abandon my life here Callie. Each day felt like a hot poker stabbed her in the stomach. Before Arizona could answer. They had left things relatively undecided when the Latina left.on a plane to Minnesota. well aware of the fact that there was no chance of her running into Calliope. And it sucked."What do you want me to do. or anxiety Arizona felt. she spent most nights by the phone. rational part of her was holding back. but it was truly how she felt. The whole situation just sucked. Arizona?" Callie tossed back. waiting for her lover to call." the blonde muttered weakly "Can we?" Callie deadpanned. but she also knew that she couldn't just drop Calliope off at the airport and send her off with nothing but a kiss. most of the hospital was moping. she truly believed she had made the right choice. And yet." she said. but the sane. it would be ridiculous to think they could go months or any other period of time without talking to each other. sad. Sucked. "I'm supposed to be your life. so I'm gonna go. Arizona walked down the hall of Seattle Grace Hospital. though. Now. The brunette had left behind her friends as well as Arizona. however. completely at a loss. sadness." "We can still have forever. pathetic. This was not her idea of a perfect relationship. which did nothing to ease the pain. So here she was. Callie stepped forward. the brunette stopped her by holding up a hand. Calliope. It just wasn't plausible. putting up a perky facade so everyone would think she was fine. That was the only way Arizona could describe it. Plus with the added factor of the PEDs surgeon's contract issue. She moped around the hospital. Royally. something Mark was always quick to mention whenever the blonde let her emotions truly get to her at work. "I'll call you. and just a sorry excuse for a person at the moment. she wasn't so sure. At this point in their lives. leaving Arizona to stare after her." With that. I drove you to the freaking airport.ex girlfriend? . When she made the decision not to go to Minnesota. She always said that she didn't believe in long distance relationships. Calliope? I've tried being supportive. . Is this little outburst about me refusing to move across the country? You're being a little ridiculous. turning towards security before walking away. In truth." "What life. Part of Arizona wanted to just quit and move across the country. We're supposed to have forever. was in Minnesota being a badass surgeon and probably freezing to death. which after the airport incident didn't happen for a solid week. nothing was truly certain. "I really don't want to fight about this right now. Something Calliope clearly pointed out before she left. and pressed her lips against the blonde's in a quick and tender kiss.

" Arizona gasped in shock. After typing out a quick text.She rounded the corner of the PEDs wing." "Yeah." she exclaimed as she steadied herself against the wall. :P Love you and I'll talk to you tonight! After sending a quick reply. you're being an idiot. I don't know how to respond to that. In Minnesota." The blonde scrunched her face in confusion as she continued on her way to the nurses' station. drifted to her girlfriend. "Oh! Sorry. Flipping it open she saw it was a message from Arizona." the PEDs surgeon muttered in agreement. "Look. Arizona." the other doctor said.. She was still floored that she managed to get a job here. with this guy I met on the Internet. Minnesota was very different from Seattle Grace. but walking into the Mayo lobby still amazed her. She reached into her pocket and grabbed her cell phone. Teddy. and she'd been there a month. much less be tracked as head of the department. "I'm being an idiot?" "Yes. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester. she put the phone back in her pocket before rolling down the hall to a patient's room. It survived despite 12 years of separation." Teddy repeated." The blond arched her eyebrows. "I clearly wasn't watching where I was going at all. I hope your day is going well. She grabbed a chart off the rack. and there were sweeping wooden panels over pillars that separated the area into a few initial floors. scanning it quickly for some extra information on one of her patients. She thought SGH was nice. "You are such an idiot. Arizona's thoughts." Arizona said. you're being an idiot. bumping straight into her best friend.Teddy just called me an idiot for the record. . "You should go to Minnesota. Go to Minnesota. I went on a date last night. "You're being an idiot." "Oh don't worry about it. the Latina dropped the phone back in her pocket and continued down the halls of her new hospital. but Teddy silenced her with a hand before continuing. "Internet dating is evil and what you and Callie have is special." the taller blond replied kindly. the ceiling must have been 40 feet high." "Um. The entire front was glass windows.. "I know you've been a little out of it lately. coughing in surprise." Teddy took a deep breath while tapping her foot on the ground. and revel in the fact that you will never have to go on a first date ever again. After her conversation with Teddy. "You need to go to Minnesota." Teddy shook her head as she walked away. once again." "Excuse me. Callie felt the buzz of her phone in the pocket of her lab coat. It was breathtaking. "It's been a little rough.

he was at least tolerable. if she was truthful. but she knew the Latina well enough not to hound her. Of course. most of their conversations had been short. Arizona and I are in total limbo. so Callie had forgotten what it was like to be on her own. Even though she was hurt and angry. Callie pulled her phone from the pocket of her lab coat. They hadn't exactly talked about what had happened at the airport. the Latina still wanted to wake up next to the blonde every morning. it was this massive quagmire with Arizona that killed her. Mayo is fine.I can't help but get the impression that I'm way more excited than you. "The research is going well. In Rochester." "Callie. "I'm just getting the feeling that I made a mistake. Arizona had sent a couple of frantic emails and left one voicemail. and though he was more focused on cardio. ask Bailey for advice. breathing a sigh of relief at her friend's voice. the brunette dialed the number. "Hey you!" Mark said. she stood alone. waiting as it rang. In fact. so she had settled in with a little crew of people.. and being in Minnesota definitely solidified her belief in that. During that time. Wandering into an on-call room. but it was definitely a little worse than she had anticipated." Callie answered. Callie was an outgoing person. Jackson Avery was one of the more senior residents. Callie still found herself ready to run home to Seattle and her lover's arms. Mayo is fine . Quickly. she could lean on Mark. Callie knew that wasn't going to get them anywhere. "Hey. Despite the awkwardness within their relationship at the moment. Most of the people Callie had met were just that: tolerable. but if she had a rough day.. and Callie didn't know what to do about it. Of course. She was completely and irrevocably in love with Arizona. she could exist in a friendship with Mark and Addison using phone calls and emails. excitedly. or spend time with her girlfriend. it had taken Callie a whole week to even pick up the phone. That's not to say that everything was handed to her back in Seattle. Their fight in the airport made the ensuing week absolutely dreadful." The Latina sighed in defeat.Callie's first month had been trying to say the least. she didn't have the support from friends that she was used to. slumping against the bed in the on-call room. that's fantastic! But. There was definitely tension there. and not exactly lively. "How is Mayo?" "Oh. She expected to be homesick. drink tequila with Cristina and Meredith. Being without her Seattle friends was proving to be more difficult than she thought it would be. "Hello?" Mark Sloan's voice asked. In Minnesota. Extremely hurt and furious. She made friends easily. I had a huge break through yesterday. She supposed that's how she knew what she had with Arizona was special. She needed a familiar voice right now." Callie replied lamely.

but it's not Seattle. I like to think I've just found a new edge." Mark hung up the phone. I'm being paged. If you move back for Arizona and her contract isn't renewed or anything else happens." "Ok talk to you soon. She was learning everyday." The plastic surgeon couldn't help but laugh a his friend's last comment." "No Mark. I seriously just ran into Arizona about a half hour ago. "Listen. His thoughts still on Callie." "I blame Lexie. "Besides. "Damn. Mark knew that the Latina missed him as well as their other friends. you'll end up resenting her and your decision. "Sorry Mark." Teddy replied sincerely." "Bye Torres. but you'll work it out. he left his office. and that while at home it was difficult to not think about how lonely she was without Arizona." Callie cursed as her pager beeped on her hip. He was unsure of what to do with his best friend." "Bye. Callie had confided in him on more than one occasion that she wasn't sleeping well. Seriously Mark. As for the crap with Arizona." she said quickly. Mark Sloan." "When did you become such a great guy?" Callie quipped. From what she had told him." "How is she doing?" Mark asked. It was quite clear that her first month in Minnesota had been harder than either of them had anticipated." the older surgeon exclaimed as he rushed over to help her. in regards to her work. and it's freezing. Mark could tell that her yearning for the blonde was becoming unbearable. Torres. "My mind wasn't exactly here. continuing her cartilage research. Teddy. it was going amazingly well. But outside of the hospital. Being on your own for the first time in a while has to be tough. Mark turned to find Teddy scooping up a pile of folders that had spilled on the floor. For the last four years you've been working in a hospital full of people who you've known forever. Just let things play out. things weren't always so great. "You've lost your edge. "I apparently have a thing for running into people today." the other surgeon teased. and also revisiting her interest in Polio. With a glum look on his face. it's snowing and today is October 26th. "I have to go. Mark turned the corner of the hallway. . Just flash them that gorgeous smile of yours and you'll have them won over in no time. Cal. that will either work out or it won't. "Oh crap! My bad. but you can't make a huge decisions solely based on her. but it didn't really compare. and I have a feeling you'll be happy in the end." the other person cursed as they dropped the files they had been holding. it's ok. He found himself suddenly being propelled backwards as he came in contact with another body.

Satisfied that the attention was off them. "Callie's thinking about moving back. Plus stuff is weird between the two of them. I think the earth would crack if they split for good. I doubt they'll break up. Mark nodded in agreement. "This blows." He said. reminded Mark of his upcoming surgery. however. but seeing Teddy's frown. "She's made it a month. Sloan. Mark leaned in close. apparently. They both needed it. causing the traffic in the hallway to cease. "You said that already. I don't think my Arizona doughnut budget could handle it. Teddy." Teddy called over her shoulder after Mark." "No problem. "Didn't I just see you?" "I saw you talking to Mark Sloan. "I've got to go. A pager sounding in the distance. and I'm standing here with you gossiping like a middle school queen bee." Teddy sighed in exasperation. Looking around uncomfortably." "What are you talking about?" the blonde surgeon asked. Securing her folders. "Seriously Teddy. "The Seahawks won a game? Awesome!" The various doctors and nurses looked at her oddly before continuing their work." "You are an idiot. Blondie is moping. Mark nodded. Arizona appeared at her side. "You better be right."She's an idiot. If there was one thing she hated in this world almost as much as war. Suddenly. causing Teddy to roll her eyes playfully. but so is Callie. Callie doesn't feel loved. "Are you pumping me for information. "Thanks for the laugh.. otherwise no one would end up being happy. "Did you just say Callie is thinking about coming back?" Teddy asked in a harsh whisper. he quickly amended. "Oh best friend of mine. it was being put in the middle. she returned her attention to Mark." He admitted. she tried to cover. She hoped Mark was right." Arizona frowned." "WHAT?" Teddy shouted. backing down the hall." Mark couldn't help but laugh along with Teddy." the blonde PEDs surgeon said abruptly. Arizona Robbins?" "Should I be?" Arizona asked hopefully. I was hoping for something better." Teddy blew a piece of hair out of her face. she continued toward the cardio wing. "She is." Teddy replied flatly. so as to not let others hear what he was about to say. "She's dying out there without Arizona. but I don't see her making it for another four or five or whatever. but they'll figure it out right?" "I hope so." .." he joked. "Did he say anything important?" Teddy stopped and glared at her friend.

That's what I was talking to Mark about." she spat angrily. She grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay. electing not to use the elevator. the blonde headed back towards the PEDs wing. she always came home to a place that reminded her of the worst mistake of her life. she collapsed on the floor of Callie's old bedroom..for you. Seven hours. Sure. she had left behind some paintings and decorations. Today had been awful. she managed to regain her composure. unable to make it to the bed. You. Though the brunette had taken the majority of her things. the blonde opened the door to her girlfriend's former apartment. One difficult night. Usually the cardio surgeon wasn't so forward about these sorts of things." Cristina said from the couch. but Teddy had never shown that much emotion or anger in the blonde's presence. Callie's apartment. but who cares? Yes. little. during that excruciatingly painful week when she and Callie weren't speaking. and went to pour another. She drank it in only a couple of gulps. her charts clasped tight against her chest. "I'm sorry for freaking out on you. Using her key. Get your skinny. she misses you. Callie is thinking about moving back here. That night. "Hey Rollergirl. She climbed the stairs quickly. An. the blonde slid to the floor still holding her wine. Arizona was heading across the street to Callie's old apartment building. Arizona stumbled to the Latina's former building." Arizona replied as she grabbed her glass off the counter. Are. in hopes of immersing herself in the work she had left for the day. and lots of charting later. Please.Teddy wheeled on Arizona. "Rough day?" Cristina asked upon seeing the blonde chug her wine. she's miserable. Idiot. She headed towards the bedroom she used to share with Callie. she gave Arizona advice when she asked. so getting into the apartment wasn't difficult. The brunette would always tell her that it was only five floors. "Hi. "And you aren't hearing me. is that what you want to hear? The fact that I even have to spell it out for you is mind boggling. Just go already. and other little things that let the apartment keep it's essence and familiarity for Arizona. but Callie is the love of your life. Closing the door behind her. and poured herself a glass.. perky ass on a plane. She was simply dumbfounded. after a long night of drinking at Joe's. and instead of being able to escape. I can't handle the stress anymore and the super perky facade. a successful appendectomy. Exhaling. walking to the kitchen. taken aback by Teddy's strong words. and not think about the current drama surrounding her life. She sipped on the cool liquid as the tears began to stream down her cheeks. but seriously. She managed to hold onto the key Callie had made for her a couple months prior. She found a forgotten sweatshirt of the . Turning on her heel. what are you doing here? I know you have a contract that's good for a few more months. we are close." Arizona answered. "I don't want to talk about it. She moved in three weeks ago. Yes. Arizona frowned." she finished before storming away.

She really panicked. Wherever Callie was. She lied on the floor and cried herself to sleep. She hadn't been sleeping well at home. She knew she had to make a decision. "Hello?" Teddy's voice questioned. however. and admitting it. She was practically living there before Callie moved to Minnesota. to fall in love outside of the mythical perfection of a Culver summer. As soon as she heard the dial tone. Give me ten minutes. clutching desperately to the only tangible piece of her lover she had. Thinking that. Arizona hadn't been able to bring herself to leave. especially today. she exited the bedroom into the living area. yet another. so moving back to her own apartment had been. but it gave them a chance to truly know one another. They were just starting to get to know one another again. She was an idiot. throwing clothes in a bag. Arizona wanted to be. Arizona had no trouble admitting that she fell in love with that woman during that time. but in all honesty it was already made. she just wasn't able to do it. Draping it over her shoulder." Arizona answered quickly. Yes. Callie was right. She and Callie had spent three wonderful months together twelve years ago. "Get in the car. and loving girlfriend had asked her to move across the country. and at least this place had an air of familiarity. one of Arizona's favorites. but in a way she thought of it as her penance. it was only six months. dialing Teddy's number. or her supposed life in Seattle. were two very different things. She was just so terrified. That day in the airport. If that time. Arizona didn't need Teddy's outburst to tell her that she was an idiot. but she was young and it was summer. Arizona fell more and more in love with Calliope Torres each and every day. but at least she could admit her mistakes. Since that dreadful night. Callie wanted her to make a life-altering decision and take a leap of faith. "We're going to the airport.brunette's. and for twelve years she held onto that fantasy of escaping to the fantasy bubble she had shared with Callie. beautiful. intelligent. She'd come to that reason all on her own the minute she'd left the airport. and come over here. she was Arizona's life. Finding her in Seattle was pure chance. It wasn't the job." "Why?" the other blonde asked. That was a month ago. drastic change in her life. Arizona began sprinting around the room." Teddy replied before hanging up the phone. it was that life without Callie Torres was impossible. Swallowing the rest of her wine. But that was the problem. Her wonderful. Arizona panicked. confused as to why this was occurring. For six months. it was horribly difficult to walk into a space that reminded her of Callie every evening. had taught her anything. "Ok. . Arizona picked up her phone. They didn't exist as a pair in the real world. And they had.

" The blonde didn't even respond." the other blonde said. "Gee thanks. Yang?" Arizona asked as she prepared to leave. Teddy smirked as she pulled away. She just needed to get to the elevator. and the bit of wine didn't help matters. Other than her inner rant about snow and head nodding to the tunes on the radio. speeding to the airport. that . Arizona wasted no time in climbing inside the sleek sedan. "No. Callie was going to be calling soon."Where are you going?" Cristina called as Arizona sped past her to the door. Arizona sat on a plane heading for Minneapolis. This was nerve wracking. She had Teddy call ahead and reserve a rental car for her. so once she exited the plane she had no more hassles. "About damn time. the drive to Rochester was uneventful. So all she had to do was sit. but within the hour. December she could understand. The PEDs surgeon smirked. Arizona could still catch a late flight to Minneapolis. and wait. Waiting for Teddy was like torture. she was so focused. you're a recovering idiot. though the blonde still didn't understand how snow was possible in October. Arizona. Cristina laughed. "Minnesota." Arizona rolled her eyes. the brunette was sure to freak out." the blonde answered quickly. It definitely seemed like it had been more than ten minutes when she finally pulled up to the curb. "Nothing. Travel safely. since it was so late and not busy at all. "Am I still an idiot?" she asked her friend. Thankfully the roads had been cleared from the snow earlier. At this point she didn't give a damn about what it cost to get there or how long it would take. Thankfully her phone had a navigation app. if she hurried. as they continued to motor down the road. The wheels touching down in Minnesota jarred Arizona from her sleep. Teddy smiled from the other seat as she focused on the road." the snarky surgeon muttered. She didn't know if she was going to be able to survive the plane ride without dying of anxiety. The ticket cost her an arm and a leg. "What was that. She had butterflies in her stomach at the thought of seeing the Latina for the first time in weeks. but October was just ridiculous. She said a hurried goodbye and thank you to Teddy. Slipping inside the car. which at this point was much easier said than done. Teddy. MN. The day had exhausted her. She glanced at her phone. Arizona took off for Rochester. before rushing inside the terminal with her duffle still hanging off her shoulder. grabbing her jacket from the coat rack. The airport was nearing and she was getting nervous. She didn't check anything. her eyes still trained out the windshield. Picking up the car was also pretty easy. and when Arizona didn't pick up." "Just be quiet. just as long as she ended up in Rochester in the end.

and godlike cartilage. This was it. I want to grow old with you and have ten kids and save lives. but those could be worked out later. It wasn't supposed to be this way. "Who is it?" A groggy voice came over the intercom. Once reaching Callie's floor." Callie was floored."I love you too. She was taking the leap. There was no denying it. I don't want to be in Seattle if it means I'm not with you. hoping she Callie hadn't fallen asleep. The Latina pulled Arizona inside the apartment. The details were fuzzy. She hit the buzz for Callie's number and waited. otherwise she would have been screwed." "You left. I shouldn't have chosen my career over you. and tears pricked the corners of her eyes. But even if it was by accident. I want it all.. She knocked loudly. Because of adrenaline. I love you so much. Her heart swelled. flashbacks are italics . She was offering the Latina a life together. all that was important was they finally made the leap and allowed themselves to fall. and they weren't supposed to have found each other twelve years later. and she didn't care if her legs would burn in a few minutes. "What are you doing here? I called you like twenty times. it still happened. "You left and I was an idiot. Without another word.." the blonde blurted." Arizona shushed her by placing a finger on the brunette's lips." Callie shook her head. They weren't supposed to meet that one summer. I don't want to be the head of a department. confessing everything she had wanted to hear for the past month. Arizona was wide awake as she marched up to the door of the apartment building. "Arizona. a buzz sounded that unlocked the door. "I'm the idiot Calliope. kicking the door closed behind them." The blonde's heart melted. and I can't live without you and our ten kids and awesome surgeries. and I want it with you. Accidentally in Love. The love of her life stood on her doorstep at some ungodly hour in the morning. She pulled into the parking lot a little after three in the morning. "It's me.directed her to the address of Callie's apartment. if it means I can't see your beautiful face every morning. Tonight. she jogged down the hallway until she came to the door of the Latina's door.s. They were finally together. "No." Arizona replied. however. "Arizona?" a tired Callie questioned as she opened the door. p. Arizona elected to take the stairs because it was probably quicker. I'm the idiot." She didn't get to finish because Callie's lips were on hers in a passionate kiss.

" The house was listed as having five bedrooms. Her feet shuffled across the Maplewood floors as she tried to find Sydney. Callie smiled at her now wife. they turned one of the bedrooms into a playroom for the twins and their friends. Callie loved this house. of our love. the brunette turned around at the sound of tiny feet shuffling against the pavement. The brunette rolled her eyes. "Sydney!" she called out. where Sydney usually liked to hide. Her son." "I brought down my suitcase. The Latina gently pushed open the door to the playroom. you're only one minute older than Sydney. Arizona. Cursing under her breath. "What you got there." Alex rationalized as he climbed into his seat of the SUV. Callie ran up the stairs to the kids' playroom. finding it to be completely empty. Not wanting any of the rooms to go to waste. You're my everything Calliope Torres. carrying two little suitcases. and dashed back into their home. dropping a kiss on her cheek. and our never ending bond. "I also brought my little sister's."I'm so excited. I give this ring to you as a symbol of my love…. she closed the trunk. Buddy?" " Calliope. walked towards her. After counting the suitcases. She was the last thing that needed to be loaded into the car for their road trip. I can honestly say that I've never been more sure of anything in my life than I am of my love for you. Alex. and our never ending bond. I thank God every day for you stumbling into my life. committing my life to you. She ." she said. Seeing you at Joe's twelve years later was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.our love. but both Callie and Arizona had decided they didn't see themselves with a gaggle of children. "Alex. "Arizona. and one of them was one of Sydney's favorites. She glanced up at the lofted bed in the "tree house". but she wasn't there. "Me too. I still remember the first time I saw you. She and Arizona had purchased it after they decided to have a child together. I give this ring to you as a symbol of my love…. Callie turned to face Arizona. Hearing nothing. "He's so your child. Callie went to shut the door. despite the fact that Arizona did once tell Callie she wanted ten kids. you are the reason I wake up every morning. never did I imagine that I could be standing here with you fifteen years later. There were plenty of nooks and crannies in which they could hide. Giving Sydney and Alex each their own rooms was a given." the five year old replied as if it was the dumbest question in the world his mother just asked him. And though it was a hard road." Throwing her own bag into the car. You have hair that shines so brilliantly that it doesn't take a genius to understand why you're my sunshine.our love." "Still older. I'm so glad we went through everything we did." Arizona practically squealed as she put her bag in the trunk of their Acura SUV." He said. I'm so happy I found you again and Teddy knocked some sense into me. hoping the little voice belonging to her daughter would answer. When we went out on your boat that night. giving Arizona's hand a light squeeze. and I've never been happier than to stand here with you. thrusting the other suitcase towards Callie. You were dancing in your underwear and about to be super pissed at Mark for throwing a big party at your house. because today.

putting her head on Callie's shoulder. and put the child on her hip. "Come on. "They're going to love you. "What are you doing in here. dark hair. "Mamacita." The engine roared to life as Callie turned the key. and pushed in a concealed button. You'll get to swim and meet new people. Callie and Arizona couldn't contain their laughter as she car rolled out of the driveway. She tickled her stomach and kissed her cheek. It's going to be a blast. placing a quick kiss on her head." "I hate you!" Callie shrieked as a contraction rolled through her body. Kneeling down. picking Sydney up." Sydney looked up at her mother. Callie smirked. Callie buckled Sydney in. "Who's ready for an adventure?" "Me!" Alex and Sydney chorused from their seats. and quickly got into the driver's seat. "I'll make it up to you later. She turned to the back of the car." Sydney said. beginning their trip back to Culver. her big blue eyes staring back at Callie. however. The brunette smiled. and you're going to see Uncle Mark. knowing Arizona was playing." the girl said. "Uncle Mark?" she asked excitedly." Arizona coached by Callie's bedside as the Latina worked through childbirth. kiddo?" Callie asked. She reached into the cavity." Arizona grumbled. "Will Aunt Addie be there too?" "How about we call her from the car and ask her?" "OK. Callie made her way to the back corner. . Callie smoothed down her daughter's long. "Took you long enough. Her pouting was still cute. when she heard a tiny voice singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". she pressed her hand against the wall. using her nickname for Callie. "I'm nervous. Baby." Sydney perked up at the mention of her mom's best friend. "what if they don't like me?" The Latina's heart just melted. "I'll hold you to that." Arizona took the brunette's hand. "We're getting ready to go on our big adventure. once she realized where Sydney was hiding. A portion of the wall opened to reveal Sydney." "Why are you nervous? We're going to have so much fun. grazing her lips across her knuckles. Depositing her in her seat. She carried Sydney down the stairs and back out the door to the still running SUV. "Just a few more pushes.stopped." The young girl clutched her teddy bear as she sat in the small space. Tiptoeing across the room.

She and Aria paid for upkeep over the years. Arizona threw her hands up in the air as she reached for another bag. Addison was handing the other baby off to another nurse. "I love you so much. Callie laid against the bed completely spent." She handed the two small suitcases to her daughter. it wasn't fun for their mothers. things became much more complicated. a new energy spread through her. "You're miraculous." "Ok…" Sydney said with just a hint of confusion mixed with annoyance. Callie and Arizona managed to come back for a romantic weekend a year or so after the wedding. the pain was the only thing on her mind. Arizona handed her the big suitcase. Clutching Arizona's hand. Hard." Callie said. "Alexander…my little Alejandro." Eight hours later. so you are going to be handling that 'tude' as she grows up. the baby was finally out. "Look for the room with all the beds. cursing herself for choosing to do a natural birth. she looked back up at her dear friend. Callie wanted to wait until the kids were old enough to fully enjoy the Lake without the constant supervision of their parents. "We really shouldn't let her watch Hannah Montana. trying not to let the pain from Callie squeezing her hand manifest itself in her voice. Calliope. and sat back down." Callie was about to answer. In only a few moments. I want you to take them up ok?" "Ok. "You ready for round two. "come here. soothing the small bundle in her arms. but neither of them made it to Culver as often as they wanted." she whispered. As Callie and Arizona unloaded the car." Glaring playfully at the brunette. Sydney and Alex ran into the house. "I tried to tell you. so neither Callie nor Arizona had problems with them splashing around in the shallow end. yet another contraction. It'd been a rough car ride." Callie called. "Since Alex brought these down from the house. she pushed. She handed him over to a nurse. After they were properly prepared. Callie had truly missed this place." . Alex and Sydney had behaved most of the time. Cal?" Callie nodded. shaking her head at her daughter's attitude. "Sydney. A soft smile appeared on her lips as Arizona stroked her cheek. the nurses gave the two babies to their proud mothers. With one last push. Addison held up the little boy." the blonde replied. but you watched one episode with Sydney and then sang 'Best of Both Worlds' in the shower for a week." the blonde murmured against Callie's sweaty hair. when she felt. but as she received her son from the nurse. but right now. "Hi Sydney. "That child has you wrapped around her little finger."I love you too. Both Alex and Sydney were strong swimmers. but after having Alex and Sydney. but when they got antsy. which room is mine?" Arizona smiled behind her wife. who immediately began to cry. Cracking her neck and loosening her shoulders. while the parents sat on the patio. Arizona accepted her little girl with tears in her eyes. She knew she'd be happy she did tomorrow. they pulled into the familiar driveway of the Torres summer home.

Callie tugged Arizona's hand. Sighing deeply. "Sydney!" He called. "Para encontrar a Sydney. looking for his sister. "Callie? Arizona?" Mark's booming voice called through the house. and was happy that she and Aria decided to do very little to change it. "Why don't you go say hi to your Uncle Mark?" The kids dashed down the stairs to go see Mark and his family. he gazed out the window. "Gracias." Arizona said. Calliope. dropping her bag next to Callie's. "Alex!" He heard his sister's enthusiastic voice call from the room at the end of the hall. but this place was huge. Arizona. "I'm so happy we're here." Callie said in a huff. and took a deep breath as he took in the sight of Lake Maxinkuckee stretching out in front of him. Mama. She turned as Alex came scampering around the corner. the brunette took in the sight around her happily. He looked for Sydney. "You gotta see this. "She's upstairs."You know…you aren't that funny." After dropping another sweet kiss on the Latina's lips Arizona said." "You like the room?" Callie asked from the doorway. surprising her children." Alex replied with a nod of his head before bolting up the stairs." "I love you too. "Wow." Alex pushed open the door and was greeted by a room full of bunk beds and toys." "I love you." . finding her on the window seat at the very back of the room. pulling the suitcase behind her as she entered the house. He walked down the long hallway. "Adonde vas?" She asked him as he skidded to a halt at the bottom of the stairs. pulling her back before she could leave the room. She captured the blonde's lips in a tender kiss. "Yeah!" Sydney shouted. amazed at how big the house was. Their house in Rochester was big. "Me too. nearly running into Callie. She loved this house. Sitting next to her." he responded in his typical singsong voice.

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