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Bodybuilding Fitness for Life

Bodybuilding Fitness for Life

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Published by Gareth Thomas

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Published by: Gareth Thomas on Nov 12, 2011
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• Work with a low amount of weight first.

• Consider working with a physical trainer. This small investment of time and money
will allow you to improve your overall muscle mass faster, and more effectively.
Otherwise you can have a training partner to help with spotting, or with the correct
equipment training alone is OK too.

• Change up the exercises that you do so that the process is easy and fun. You'll
enjoy it and you'll see improvement in the tone of your body quickly.
With strength training, you should add in ten minutes per day three times per week
at least. Again, you'll want to increase this number over time to at least 30 minutes
per day three times per week. Remember to include ten minutes before and after
your workouts for warm up and cool downs!

Key Points to Emphasize:

Train with a partner if possible, This helps to increase motivation, the intensity of
the workout, and safety.

Always breathe when lifting. Exhale during the concentric (positive] phase of
contraction, and inhale during the eccentric (negative) phase.

Accelerate the weight through the concentric phase of contraction, and return the
weight to the starting position in a controlled manner during the eccentric phase.

Exercise the large muscle groups first, then the smaller ones.

Perform all exercises through their full range of motion. Begin from a fully extended,
relaxed position (prestretched), and end the concentric phase in a fully contracted

Always use strict form. Do not twist, lurch, lunge, or arch the body, This can cause
serious injury. These motions also detract from the effectiveness of the exercise
because they take much of the stress off the targeted muscle groups and place it
on other muscles.

Rest from 30 to 180 seconds between different exercises and sets of a given

Allow at least 48 hours of recovery between workouts, but not more than 96 hours,
to let the body recover and help prevent over training and injury.

Progress slowly, Never increase the resistance used by more than 10 percent at a

Alternate pulling and pushing exercises. For example, follow triceps extensions
with biceps curls.

Ensure that every training program is balanced. Train the whole body, not just
specific areas. Concentrating on weak areas is all right, but the rest of the body
must also be trained.

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