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The CAMBODIA DAILY Volume 39 lssve 32 Friday, April 4, 2008 1,200 riel/30 cents Gov’t Suspends Licenses for Mixed Marriages : By Kuch NarEN anp EMILY Lopist "Me CANBOOA Oa (Cambodian officals announced ‘Trursday that they have lemporari- ly put a stop to all marriages Detween Cambodian women and foreign men, Bith Kimhong, direcor ofthe ant¢human tracking police de- miisy issued a notice Saturday to all ‘municipal and provincal gover: tors ordering them o temporarily cease isuing documentation a lowing Cambodian women i mar- "yfregn men “We have no clear schedule for this marrage suspension it sist fora short while. We wil allow feign marriages very so, he “Not all Cambodian brides have been traficked in marrage...But there are some bad people who use such mariages to commit crimes; he sai, calling the suspension a “yeat ep in combating human vrffcking’ Following the release of an n- ternational Organization for Mi- gration report warning of the heightened vulnerability of Cam- bodian brides flocking to South Korea, the South Korean embas- sy announced Wednesday that it had suspended the issuance of Continued on page 2 About Cambodia + rUpioreertnoh Ker” (Chick Ss sy Nw Yr anSerPeab cern Coem + atin fence . SeetnoredahadaiaS | : hig Tofdebpe Pos US soldiers prepare to bocrd « helcopler in Muxsayab, a predominately Shite neighborhood 60 km souk of Baghdad on Thursday. Traq’s Al-Sadr Calls Million-Strong Anti-US March By Peter Grarr AND AHMED RASHEED LMS BAGHDAD - Iraqi St te cleric ter his followers battled US and ‘government troops. ‘The demonstration would take ploce Wednesday, the ith anniver ‘say of the fll of Baghdad, when the US commander in fra is ako scheduled to brief the US Con- gress about progress in the war. US forces clashed with insur gents be Wednesday and Thurs: day in Hila and Basra, sepping wp raids aller days of relative calm that followed a truce announced by ak Sadi on Sunday. “The ime has come to express your rejections and raise your vic- es oud against the unjust occupier and enerty of naons and humani- ‘y, and against the horrible mas- sacres committed by the occupier ‘against our honorable people,” a sSalement released by alSac’s of fein the holy cy of Naafread. ‘The statement called on Iraqis of al seis to descend on Neji ste of ‘nual Shite pilgrimages that fre- ‘quently attract hundreds of thou- sands of worshippers. ‘The government said it would notaliempt to block the demonstra ‘ion provided twas notvilent. “The right to hold a peaceful demonstration and express opin- jon is guaranteed by the consi ‘ion, and we dont mind as long as the demonstration is peaceful,” Interior Ministry spokesman Ma or General Abdul Karim Khalaf sid. Continued ox page 2 For Better or Worse: Migrating Through Marriage By Euity Lopisit ano Kucit NakEN TE CANBOD DATY aocH cHiIMAR DISTRICT. Kom- Pong Cham province - Kek Tun picked nervously a the pink polsh on her toenails as she recalled in hushed tones how fl of hope she ‘was alr fist meeting her nowex- husband fom South Korea. “He was fendly, and it seemed ‘we understood each other dearly ‘even though we spoke dierent n- ‘guages. He did not seem diferent from other men,” the 18yearold suid lst week, siting onthe for of ber sit house in rural Kompong, (Cham, ber face fish fom a mor ing of dying tobacco eaves under thehot sun, “He promised to take me to South Korea and help my family to havea beter lie," she said. ‘The pair first met at a Phnom Penh restaurant that served both Korean and Khmer food They had ek Tun at her Phnom Penh gar- ment factory in 2005 to see if she \asinteresed in marying abroad. Keke Tun, who hasan older sister who is happily married in South Korea, dressed casually in jeans and Tshirt for the meeting. She worea ile makeup, ‘Among the questions be asked was whether she was a vrgin—a «question tat dd not seem odd to Kek Tun, considering they were trying to eam about one anothers background. “also asked him whether he ‘was singe or akeady mane” she sid. She tried kimchi—a classic Korean dish of pickled cabbage that she care to tera, then ke, Continued on page 25 TASHA PAI UMMANTgIETAAAA SS 2 The CamBovta Daly FRAY AR, 008 AND ALSO NEWSMAKERS Japan Teen Takes Pen for Spin seme Onur ae te 6 i heen om 2a cee ests oie wy aR ntest Organized by the mane pean tng States posi alNeas ‘tegan Pas ac ahs and ou cn pace tombe: besa aM ‘had been taficked outright and ‘most of whom it sid were endka {ng some kind of abuse. Nop Sarin Sreyroth, CWCC. al, said 90 percent of the Cambo- dian women the center inter in Taiwan were from Kompong. Cham province. ‘TORO A pen is spun inthe hand, {ice fom the itl finger to other ‘fingers, then tossed! and bounced off the thumb before being tired inthepam. Ryu Omura, 16, Japanese high school student, has become the first nationwide pen spin champ wi sch sek rane. ‘ers group devoted to the pas. time said Licenses... CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE ‘marriage visas at the urging of the Cambodian Cambodian officials confirmed ‘Thursday that the suspension is ‘not Imited to any one county. Ministry of Women’s Affairs Secretary of State You Ay said ‘Thursday that the ‘measure com orem nations and does not discriminae “We acknowledge in the past the ositive beets for Cambodian wo. ‘men to many with foreign men. but recently we have seen some Negative inpact. kein Taiwan and Korea,” she said, adding thatthe ‘ministries of Interior, Foreign Aairs and Women's Adis are working together to draft legisla. tion covering te issue and that the ssspensionis Very i “The Cambodian Women's Cris Center, which conducted a tact. finding mission in Tavan lst year, reported 529 women Iiving in Taivan, some of whom Al-Sadr... CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE. AlSadr has milfons of folowers and was able to surnmon tens of thousands of people onto the ‘Steeis of Baghdad for demonstra tions during ast week's fighting, but march to Najaf woukl poten: Lally mobilize entire swathes of Shitelreq, The cleric also called for a ‘Sita in Baghdad today to protest against bombings. ar resis and vehide bans that contin. Uueto seal offprts ofthe capital Iran's wors fighting since the frst haf of st year subsided Sun. dy aller al Sack called his followers off the streets. But his supporters Say government forces are still ‘rounding them up and besieging ab- Sadestrongholés in Baghdad. In Basra, where lst Weel’ ght bodian women: and foreigners in January. before the order from the Ministry of Interior, ities that had ‘whom mentioned having spent time in jail ater an explosion of domestic violence,” he sid adding, that he had denied 20 couples per “Some reported being locked in ‘Buesthouses or hotel aller geting ‘marred to men who did not tum ‘out tobe singl,"he sad. ‘Hun Neng ‘aid that in ly after several months of secur ‘improvements, ‘Hundreds died, making March the deadliest moni for regi cb fans since August, according to ‘goverment figures Nevertheless, the chairman of construed to sugwest that Mr or that fs the chil of migrant parent ants accept that it would be absurd racist oro eto ean ee earn he dense ir oe mnie in Briain. tn cout Thursky, Morrissey’ kepe John Reid sian article in the March edition of Werd “could hereto espousing rcs views They equally ancep that Mr Menisey ota typoewite.” Monrssey. 48, said he was delighted withthe ee ‘Son and vowed to pursue his case aginst NME. (Rader) was a rac, held racist opinions ts) he was ahypoerite.. The defen 10 acuse Mr Monissey of bong a 1.247 Kompong Cham women married foreign men. with 1.12 ‘ofthem marying South Koreans. The South Korean embassy re. Ported 1.759 marriage visas {sued in 2007, up from only 72in 04, all foreign nations, but said he ‘would be meeting with govern ‘ment officials today to discuss the issue, ‘On Wednesday, ‘side thought the ‘mariage visas by the South Kor gan embassy was a good move “uni there isan improved system, {o reduce the vulnerability ofthe women” US embassy spokesman Jett Daigle said the embassy is “gener- ally supportive of Cambodian ef ‘orts to combat human traficing ‘in allits forms” and is seeking adi tional details rom the government (on the suspension of maniages to foreign nationals, ‘McGeoghan he past year'simrovemenis. AlSadr ade Hazem abraj sacl {he Geri had called todays sn to teighbornoods the sass neighborhoods, the random ar ress of Saists and bombing ini centcvians™ Tragifores led a ban on vehi. es in ove neighborhood, Kacht ‘miya, on Thursday but continued to seal off two of alSadr’s other CFF ‘Sought Democracy,’ US Jury Told By Ju Seweawr weures {0 ANGELES-The head ofthe Cal- ‘omiabased Cambodian Freedom Fighters resistance movement ‘went on tal Wednesday, accused oforchestrang a coup attempt in 2000 against Prime Minister Hun Senisgovemiment, Prosecutors said Cambodian ‘American Chun Yasith, 52, fom Long Beach, California, Iiekd meet- ings with exXhmer Rouge mem: bers in Thailand, organized fund risers at the Queen Mary floating hote! in Caifomia and planned the “Operation Volcano” plot in No- vember 2000, which let about a dozen police offcers injured and several CFF members dead, CChhtun Yasits lawyer. Richard Callahan, tolda Los Angeles jury ‘the only goal fthe: pres cracytohis homeland” Calan said Chhun Yasth and Hs flowers were nave but "es Derately concemed about the peo- ble of Cambodisand ther future" “You need to see what he saw and fel what he fel,” Callahan tok] the federal cout CChhun Yast has pleaded not sn to four charges of eonspiragy tokilin a foreign coun, conspire to destey propety in a fortgn county, conspiracy to tise a we ones destucton ou he USaned engseingin a mikary ome lin aginst a cory with wich theUSiatpeace He fces He ingrisonment with- coutparclefconvced Chinn was rested in June 2005 afer returning to the US in the ake ofthe fle coup. US proms, sStongholds in the capital, Shula and Sade City. (utors say he orchestrated the 2000 ‘assault on Cambodian goverment >uiklings froma base in Thaland, FRIDAY, APL 4, 2008 be CAMBODIA DAILY INTERNATIONAL Court Sentences Chinese Rights Nepal Maoists To Respect Poll Activist for ‘Inciting Subversion’ Result, Though Threat Remains By Jin Yanoiey sefvies support Chins forts to By SIMON DenveR. “The vote is designed to elect a THE NEW YORK TOMES, institute the rule of law and should anes ‘special assembly meant to write a BUNG-A Chinese court Thursday be applauded, not suppressed or KANMANDU, Nepal They foughtin new constitution for Nepal, but itis sentenced an outspoken human punished.” the mountains for a decade, but also being seen as the country’s first Fights advocate to 31/2 years in Huls wile Zeng Javan, here'aNepals Gamer Macstebelsvowed general deco in ineyears. ‘son afer ruling that his real wellinomblogserand ghtsacvo. Thursday to respect the result of |" Noonerealy mowshow wellthe ‘csxys and comments about Com- cate, was disraight na telephone next week's historic national else Maoists wil fare. A low turnost ‘munis Paty rule ampanied toinck — inesiew Thursizy. tins—cvenifthey kee coal workin the aver ifthey six ing subversion his aeyer sid. “Lfeel hopeless and helpless,” tis one ofthe bast quesions ceed in scaring opposing voters “The conviction ofthe advocate, si Zeng, whois under house ar Nepal faces as it approaches next away ram the pls fax sich tactics ‘Hu Jia, 34, one of the most promi rest with the couple's infant daugh- ‘Thursday’spolls, meantto cement —_coukl also backfire, analysts said. ‘nent luman rights activists in Chi ter in their suburban Belling apart peace deal with the Maoists, re- Either way, most people say the ‘na, quickly brought outside criti- ment, though she was allowed to move a 240yearold monarchy and former rebels are unlikely to do as dsm of China at a time when the visit her husband Thu tsherina republic. ‘well as the country’s mainstream ‘government is aeaty facing infer. Adked why Hu was arested and Maoists have been accused of _poliical hewyweights, Newall Con- ‘national concem overits handling of convicted, she said: “The fndamen- systematic intimidation of voters _gress.and the comnmunst UML. the Tibet crisis, ‘tal reason is to silence him. He had and rival party workers during the Political analysts say the Maoist ‘Hus case has been followed been speaking up, and all he said campriign, and some fearthey could leadership is nervous, but Prachan- closely, especially in Europe, and was plain truth, itmakes them fim more okt ifthe dons go da who sil ues hisnam de guerre ils say his cmvicton is part ofa unhappy. But they can do this to aginst them, meaning ferce oc awesoine, shove government crackdown to silence him because they're unhappy?” But Maoist leader Prachanda, 2 ednosign ofthis ataraly in the cap- dissidents before Beling plays host Earlier this year, US Secretary of 58-year-old former schoolteacher, ital Kathmandu on Wednesday. to the Olympic Gamesin August. ‘State Condoleezza Rice raised Hu's insisted in an interview he was com Addressing a crowd of thou- Diane Sovereign, a spokes- case during a meeting with China's mitted to multiparty competition sands, under a huge arch carrying woman for the US embassy in foreign minister, Yang Jiechi. The and, barring extreme provocation, the faces of Marx, Engels, Lenin, ‘Beijing, described the US govern European Union presidency has said his cadres had left their days of Stalin and Mao, he drew frequent nentsreactiontothewnidas‘tis rized thesuisersoncharyeand varbehind cheers prockiing inminent vico- mayed.” ‘called for Hus release. “We will respect any verdict ofthe ry but waming of conspiracies afoot “Mr Hu has consistently worked Li Fangpiing, the defense lawyer, masses through this election, there to derail orrig the vote, ‘within China's legal system to pro- said the court showed leniency by — isno doubt,” he said. “Even ifweare “Our victory is certain; it only tectthe ghtsofhis How cians” sentencing him for less than the in arainoriy, we wil go with this nowds to he put into the halt bx” Sovereign said. “These types of menimnum iveseartem, cpt pcs” hesid, Now you can have an overdraft from your account held with ACLEDA Bank Plc. 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